Chapter 6

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

The next few days just seemed to fly by, and considering just how fast the ship moved, it really was like they were flying. Sam, Danial, and Jamie taught the other three what type of research they did, looking for anything related to treasure, and those three days were dedicated almost solely to them pouring through books, reading all sorts of very interesting information. No one found anything further, but they learned tons. Most of they time they downloaded whatever it was they wanted to read to one of the hand held pads and they would lay back and relax somewhere, and it seemed everyones favorite was the uppermost deck of the ship. Its cozy benches up there and the sun beating down on them was just too relaxing.

On the fourth morning after leaving the island where the boys were taught how to scuba dive, they reached the island that they were looking for. The ship was stopped and anchored right above where the undersea entrance to the cave they were looking for was. The excitement in the air was palpable at the least, and everyone was nearly vibrating. All four of the boys had decided amongst themselves that whatever they found in the pirates treasure store was to be split between them, and Sam and Danial encouraged this, it was rightfully theirs really. They all went down and suited up, getting ready to go. All the extra tanks were attached to their unmanned submersible as well as a number of other supplies they could possibly need, up to and including virtually any type of mining equipment that they may need. When everyone and everything was ready to go, they either jumped or were thrown into the water. Not even Ben or Jamie could stand with the extra tank strapped to themselves, so they too had to be thrown in. Once they were in the water of course, they were all the same again.

“Well boys, let's go make you filthy rich, not that you aren't already.” Sam grinned.

“What do you mean already, we have nothing!” Ben asked.

“Well you think that when we found all those diamonds that Danial and I were going to keep all the money from it, no, from now on everything is split six ways, we are a team here, and it is only fair, you help to find or retrieve it, and you get some of it, simple, it's the way of the water.” Sam said simply.

He had never really thought about it, it was just the way it was, so the others really had no idea, and it seemed to come as a bit of a shock to all of them.

“But then that should mean that whatever we find down here should be split between us all as well!” Ben said firmly.

“Normally I would agree with you, however it is you guys that this really belongs to, and honestly, we really don't need it.” Sam smiled warmly at his young love.

“No, we split six ways then, no arguments.” Ben said with finality.

The others of course agreed instantly, and Sam and Danial could both see from the looks on their faces and the feelings they were projecting that it would be futile, and not like they would really notice the difference with the amount that was likely down here anyways, so they just nodded their agreement.

“Well, follow me then boys.” Sam called out.

They swam towards where the entrance was and the submersible followed them like a loyal puppy, programmed to go where either Sam or Danial went. The cave entrance was really not that deep, only about fifteen meters down, so the swim was easy enough. They entered the cave in only a few minutes and it was large enough that they could all swim side by side with ease, and even the submersible had no problem following them, but it really was not that large, less than half the size of its manned counterpart. They knew from the scans of the area that the tunnel stayed the same size the entire way in and was quite long, so for fifteen minutes they followed the cave as it twisted and turned, until they reached a sort of ante chamber. They had been going steadily down, and when they reached the chamber, they were surprised to find that it was not filled with water, it was higher than the water level.

“Well this is a surprise, I figured the entire thing was flooded.” Sam said as he pulled himself out of the water and he and Danial started pulling the others up.

“My scanners say the air is fine in here dad, must have a fresh air intake somewhere on the island above us, probably just fissures in the rock, but enough to keep it fresh down here.” Danial called out as he took off his mask, his oxygen supply automatically shutting off.

As soon as everyone was out of the water and their masks off, they detached their tanks and removed their flippers and piled them up for the time being. Sam quickly checked to make sure his emergency pack was still with him and that his gun was in easy reach, and the others all followed suit as well. With nods all around that they were ready, they started walking. This section of cave was only slightly smaller, but they were still able to all walk comfortably, and the cave walls and floor were all nice and smooth, well worked, certainly not the work of pirates. Pirates were careless and did things quickly and usually roughly, and this had to have taken far more work to do, no this was done by someone, and many years ago as well Sam figured rightly. It was a further ten minute walk before they came to anything, and it was another chamber, and it had sixteen tunnels leading from it, this of course was not a surprise, what was though was how light it was. Sam looked up to find the light source, and the others followed his gaze, and they were amazed to see what appeared to be a huge crystal in the ceiling, and what could only be sea water above it, and the daylight above was shining through it all, lighting up the cavern as if it were day.

“Wow, now that's real cool.” Sam said n surprise, something of which was very rare, Sam had seen so much in his life that very little surprised him anymore, but this did.

“Who the hell could have done something like all this, it would have taken dozens of years to carve all this out, and we sure as hell know no pirates could have done it?” Danial asked.

“I don't know, but I know we stumbled into something far more than just a pirates treasure. I have that weird feeling that we are in something real big here, and I don't mean just the tunnels.” Sam said in awe. This was what made Sam such a good treasure hunter, he could feel things sometimes, and he was tingling now far more than he ever had, but he did not think it was the treasure they were looking for, a mere treasure this surely was not.

“Well you have the maps dad, which way from here?”

“Fourth from the right, but the second from the left is where we're going next, I have a feeling something far greater is down there.” Sam answered.

The walk was quite short, only a couple minutes before they entered a very large cavern, lit by another of the large crystals in the ceiling, and what they saw when they stepped into the large cave, was an amazing sight to behold. Even Sam was surprised by the sheer quantity of boxes and crates in there. If even half of them had anything worthwhile in them, then this would be a huge haul.

“My god, those pirates had to have been out there plundering for a lot longer than was ever suspected, look at all this.” Danial exclaimed.

They all rushed forward and started opening boxes up, and each one they opened was packed full of everything from small single jewels to large pieces of jewelry. They all opened three or four boxes each, all to find much the same in each one.

“My god, this is incredible, these pirates should have quit years ago while they were ahead, split up all the profits and just quit, no one would have ever found them and they would have been rich beyond their wildest dreams.” Ben said.

“No, they enjoyed what they were doing, it wasn't about the money, it was about the thrill, and they loved to kill.” Sam said sadly, thinking about all the poor souls that died to donate this treasure.

“Oh, never thought of it that way.” Ben said.

“Now we have a bit of a problem, how the hell do we get all this back to the ship?” Jamie asked.

“I would say that it is pretty safe here, I doubt they ever told anyone this place was here, and we sure the hell won't be, so really we can leave most of it here, but we can worry about that later. Come on, I'm itching to see that other tunnel.” Sam said.

The boys were torn between wanting to search out all the rest of the boxes and following Sam to see what had him so excited if this was almost nothing to him. Curiosity won out of course, they figured that if Sam was barely excited about all this treasure, that he must be thinking something real good was waiting for them. They all secretly hoped that whatever it was they were searching for was not going to kill them though. Sam just smiled warmly at the boys and told them with his mind that this was a good thing, not bad.

They walked back out to the main cavern again and then went to the cave that Sam wanted to go down. The cave was just as big as the others had been, but it started sloping down quite suddenly, and twisting around and around, and for over fifteen minutes they followed the cave. What they found though when they reached the end was just that, an end, nothing was there, but Sam was nearly vibrating now. Other than the lights they had with them it was dark, so they could not really see anything. Danial happened to point his light at one of the walls though and noticed something odd, writing, or sort of, it was more like ancient hieroglyphs, but more advanced.

“Dad, I think I found something, look at the walls, closely, it is very small, almost not noticeable, and I recognize it, but I can't remember why.” Danial said calmly.

They all pointed their lights to the walls and searched out what Danial was looking at, and they all saw it, and none of them, including Sam, could tell what it was.

“Quick, I want all the mind readers to dive into my mind and search for these symbols, I know I have seen them.” Danial demanded.

“That could give you a huge headache.” Sam warned.

“I know, I don't care, but I can't find it, and I know it's real important, just hurry up, I will deal with the pain if I have to.” Danial demanded.

So everyone did as they were asked, and five people were searching Danial's memories, looking for the odd writing. Matt, the only one who was not able to read minds, just stood and watched and waited patiently for ten minutes, and he could tell by the look on Danial's face that he was starting to hurt, but before he could grow concerned, they broke away. Jamie had just found the memory.

“Holy fuck, I knew it was important, but I had no idea it was this important, this is what the ancient Atlantians were said to have written, and I can even read it now that I know where the memory is.” Danial said excitedly, and if he had a headache, he didn't show it, he was too excited to even feel it himself.

The others just looked at him in shock, even Jamie who had found it. He found it, but didn't take the time to look at it, so he had no idea what he had found, just something that looked like what they were looking for. Danial went to the wall and started in one place and while racking his memory, trying to read what he was looking at, found what he was looking for.

“It is Atlantis, it says so right here. Friends may enter, just ask, all others will die a horrible death for stepping onto our sacred home. That is the main thing, it is written in a few places, and there is much more, but that was all I was looking for.” Danial said in shock.

“Okay, so how do we ask, just cause you can read it, doesn't mean you can speak it?” Sam asked.

“That would be true if the Atlantians spoke, they seem to have used telepathy as their sole source of communication, one of the other things written here, so as I see it, telepathy is only one language, so all we have to do is ask to be allowed in, and the door will open if they deem us worthy, if not, well we won't have to worry about how to get the treasure out of here.” Danial said dryly.

“I can't believe we finally found it, we thought it was a myth, but we searched so long and hard for anything, and nothing, nowhere, ever said anything about any of this, not even a whisper.” Sam nearly cried out.

In his mind Danial asked to be allowed entrance, and all of a sudden he, and the others, could feel a whisper in their minds as something almost felt as if it were searching them, and then all of a sudden the end of the cave started parting down the center and opening up like a double swing door. What met their eyes was the most incredible sight they had ever had the glory of witnessing.

To describe it would not do it justice, but the entire place was massive, simply huge. One humongous crystal in the ceiling of the cavern lit up the entire place as if they were in the real day light. There were large buildings and winding roads all over, everything was as clean and as beautiful as if it was kept spotlessly clean by someone, but that was not the case. They could tell, feel really, that no one had been here in many centuries, it was eerily quiet. In the very center of the cavern was the largest building, it was situated under the huge crystal, and a beam of light seemed to shine directly onto it, in an almost inviting way.

They had entered on a shelf well above the ancient city and they were overlooking it, and they stood there in pure awe for many minutes, just staring at everything. Finally they gained control over their muscles and they all walked forward as one, as if they were being controlled to do it. As they passed through the doorway, the doors silently closed behind them. There was a long flight of stairs leading down to the main level of the city, and they all walked down it, restraining themselves from running.

“Boys, I think it very important that we take nothing from this place at all, nothing from here must ever be seen anywhere else, and we must never tell anyone of this place.” Sam said, knowing that this was true.

The others just nodded their heads as if they already knew this, and really, they did, they all felt it too. They slowly made their way down, and their first destination had to be the largest building, but they did not know why, they were being drawn there though.

They went up to the large building, and to the doors, and Sam pushed them and they opened as if the hinges had been kept well oiled, not even the faintest of a squeak could be heard. It appeared that the roof of the building had another of the crystals in it and the main crystal outside was aiming the light directly onto it, and lighting up the whole place, except the crystal must have been cut specially to shine a strong beam of light onto one place in the center of the large hall, and that was what it was, it was the main meeting hall in its days. In the beam of light they found a stone basin, and in it was flowing water, but how it was flowing was anyones guess. They were all drawn to it, but again, they did not know why, they were all wanting to drink of it, but again they did not know why.

“I feel that we have to drink, but I don't know why, and as scared as I am to do so, I know that I have to do it.” Timmy said it best.

The others just nodded. They gathered around the odd basin and just stared at it for a long while, and as one again, they all cupped their hands and dipped them in and scooped up the water and drank heartily of the water. And sweeter water they had never tasted, it was so pure and light that they could feel it as they drank. As soon as they finished drinking, they knew that something was different, everything felt new, raw almost, they could sense everything far better than they ever could, and they all found that they could now hear and see each others thoughts as if they had thought them themselves, they could all feel each others feelings as if they had felt them, and they all knew that they all shared each others powers, plus more than that.

“What just happened to us?” Matt asked, he was the one feeling the most change, he alone had never felt any of this before, whereas the others were at least familiar with some of it, but not all.

“I know, but I don't know why, we are now Atlantians, what they could do, we can do. I can see all of my own mind now, whereas before I could only see about ten percent of it, and I can see yours all as well. I feel like there is nothing that I don't know or can do. I also feel stronger and faster.” Danial said.

“Me too.” Everyone said as one.

“Wow, this is going to take some getting used to.” Matt said, not really sure what all he was seeing and hearing.

“Yeah.” They all agreed.

“At least you guys knew what it felt like to be able to see others minds.”

“Never like this though.” Sam admitted.

“No, I now know that I can read anyones minds and they could not stop me at all, that no secret is safe from me, but we can hide anything we want from others not like us, because we are now very different.” Jamie said this time.

“We don't ever have to drink the water again, but it tasted so good that I could not stop drinking it.” Ben said with a smile and cupped his hands for another drink, and the others followed suit as well.

One thing they all noticed was that the water quenched their thirst, and they had been thirsty, and it quenched their hunger, they had not really realized how hungry they were before. Another thing that they had failed to really notice before, but ever since they drank the water, they had switched to mind speech completely and had not spoken a single word to each other verbally, but it just felt so natural, so easy, whereas before they had to try and do it. Another thing that they failed to notice was their strength and their stamina had increased ten fold.

They decided that it was time now to go and explore the rest of the place, it was huge and very intriguing. Who hasn't dreamed of finding the secrets of Atlantis, and now they had, but those secrets would stay with them. For the next several hours the six of them toured everything that they could, looked at everything they could see, and there was lots to see. No real treasures, not in the normal jewel style at any rate, but the entire place was a treasure. Sure they found many valuable objects, but the most valuable thing they found was not a treasure store, but the Atlantians library. Hundreds of thousands of books, all leather bound in the oddest looking leather, it looked like octopus skin. They each strode forward and grabbed a book, and although it was all written in Atlantian, they all understood it perfectly, as if they were reading English.

“Oh my god, look at the information in here, this book tells you everything you ever need to know about mental powers.” Sam said happily.

“And this one has rare fish species and their uses.” Timmy added.

And they went so on and so forth, saying what they found. They realized that they were able to hold a full conversation while reading, and it took hardly any extra concentration at all. They had taken hours to find the library, and they spent hours more in there, sitting in the large comfortable chairs that were scattered around for patrons to sit in to read. It was nearly three am by the time they even noticed the time.

“My god, look at the time, it is extremely late, but why do we still have light, and why am I not tired in the least?” Sam asked, sounding puzzled.

“I think that the crystals in the roof hold the daylight, it's the only reason I can think of, and I know I'm right. And I even think that we will not need as much sleep any more, I think the water has changed us all.” Ben said.

“Yeah, I think you're right too.” Sam said.

“But what all is different, it feels like everything?” Jamie asked.

“It is, but I don't know what all it means yet.” Danial said, sounding puzzled. They could all feel it, they were different, and they could sense it, but they had no real idea as to what all was different.

“So will we even need to sleep do you figure?” Jamie asked again.

“I don't know, but I think we can if we want, but we could go for days without it.” Sam said.

“Well I don't know about the rest of you, well I do, but I want to go find a bedroom somewhere and have some fun.” Danial grinned, he knew that this very same desire was in each of the others minds as well.

They had found earlier in their tour of the place that the houses were nestled into smaller caves in the perimeter of the cave, and some of them many stories high. Each home appeared to have two or three bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room, a small kitchen and eating area, everything that you could hope to have. And amazingly enough the places they had seen were still all tastefully decorated, curtains in the windows, painted walls, nice carved ornaments, the works. The only thing that set it apart from a modern home was that there were no electronics. The Atlantians had been highly advanced, they had many of the modern amenities, but nothing like electricity. They had hot and cold running water, large bathtubs in the bathrooms, a working toilet, but it took a while to figure them out because they worked far more differently than what they were used to, and each room had a light in its ceiling that seemed to be channeled in by crystals, and there was even a switch by the door that opened and closed a shutter to block out the light. And the beds, the beds were some of the most comfortable beds they had ever had the pleasure to lay upon, it was like laying on a cloud. Even the blankets were so soft and cushy that it defied logic, and more often than not each and every one of them wondered how all this could still be here and in such nice condition. The only thing that seemed at all strange was the fact that not one of the places had a door on them, not an outside door, not an inside door, nothing. So far the only doors they had encountered were leading into the place and into the large hall. They all walked into one of the places that they had seen earlier that they had seen to have three bedrooms with three huge beds, claiming this for their evening, or early morning as it were.

“Um, I have a question guys, what are we going to do about diapers, I sure as hell don't feel like going and getting them?” Jamie asked.

“I don't know, but I have not even had the need to pee since we drunk the water here, odd.” Sam said, sounding more than a little puzzled.

“Yeah, none of us has peed or anything have we.” Danial said, just realizing this as well.

“Wait a minute, that book I read earlier about mental powers, it said something about making things appear at will, you had to know where to get it from, but you could do it according to that book, let me try.” Sam said and concentrated for a second.

What Sam accidentally did though was bring in their entire stock of diapers from the supply closet on the ship, and in only a few seconds as the others watched, both physically and mentally, the large supply appeared out of thin air.

“Wow, that was really cool.” Timmy said in awe.

“That could prove very useful for sure.” Sam said.

“Yeah, now we don't have to worry about how to get all the treasure up to the ship, we can just think it on the ship, that will make things tons easier.” Danial said, also in shock.

The boys had all watched to see what exactly Sam had to do in order to do that, essentially teleport things, so now they too knew how to do it. They all grabbed their diapers for the night and each broke off, saying their good nights and dragging their lovers into their bedrooms for the night.

Because everyone was still in their wet suits, they all had to help their boyfriends skin out of them, and as soon as they were naked, and each and everyone of them painfully hard, the love started pouring.

Sam and Ben fell onto the bed in a nice 69 position and sucked each other for a total of four mind bending orgasms, neither of them tired or drained yet. Satisfied with the oral work, they switched and Ben sat astride Sam and rode him like a prized pony, each firing off a further three orgasms. They then switched positions again and this time Ben was making love to Sam with Sam's legs bent back and spread as far as he was able to, and they each shared another four orgasms, and they still weren't tired or drained. Each shot of cum had been as strong and copious as the first.

“What the hell is this, I like it, but my god, eleven orgasms each and we could continue all night at this pace the way I feel.” Ben sighed out, and then gave Sam a nice tender loving kiss.

“I don't know, but did you notice we can see, feel, and hear each of the others movements as well, as if they were in the same room as us?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, but I was already starting to get used to that.” Ben said.

“Yeah, well I sort of was as well, but now we are separated, whereas we were not the rest of the day, I didn't figure it would feel this clear with a couple rooms between us.” Sam said.

“I have the feeling that we can go a lot further than just a couple rooms before this even starts to degrade any.” Ben said.

“Me too, now would you too kindly shut up, you are interrupting a great fuck fest.” Danial snapped.

Sam and Ben just giggled, knowing full well that Danial was teasing them and that they too were finished and now just cuddling. They had beat Sam and Ben in total number of cums at sixteen, but the winners clearly had to be Matt and Timmy who were still going at it and had a count of twenty already, and were still going strong, and they giggled to the others they were going to try for all night long.

Danial and Jamie had drained each other in twelve different positions and enjoyed it a great deal, after almost every cum, changing positions. Well drained each other was not quite correct, because like Sam and Ben, they felt they could have kept going had they wanted to. They all chatted amongst themselves, all in their bedrooms still of course, and Matt and Timmy still going, and reaching twenty four orgasms each, but talking with the others as if they were sitting in the same room talking about the weather. The others all thought this quite comical. Far from going all night though, Matt and Timmy decided to call it quits after thirty orgasms, and four hours later.

“Man that was incredible, and I am not even tired. I know the one time I was used that many times with the pirates I slept the entire rest of the day and the next.” Matt said.

“I feel like I could stay up for three or four days and still not feel tired.” Timmy responded.

“Me too.” Everyone else agreed.

“And considering its already eight am, I don't think we should even bother going to sleep now. Let's get diapered and explore the rest of the place.” Sam suggested.

And that was what they did. Once they were all diapered and ready to go, they ran down to the hall giggling like little boys all around and joking. They each took a nice drink from the basin and felt as refreshed as if they had slept a perfect nights sleep and ate the best meal and drank the best drinks. Such was the power of the Atlantian water. For the entire rest of the day they wandered around and looked at everything, marveled at it all. They explored every nook and cranny, and saw things that amazed them. The technology that they had rivaled some of the technology that they had now, but totally without electricity, they could have done virtually anything. The underwater city had everything from a school, to a theater, and even to a mall of sorts that still had merchandise all through out it. They found clothes in it that were of the softest materials they had every felt, and all very brief, very sexy almost, and all male clothing by the looks of it, but then it could have been worn by females as well if they went topless. They had not even really been paying attention to the time at all, they had just been searching and talking, and it was with no small amount of surprise that Sam checked his watch and found that it said seven am on the following day. They had been looking around for more than twenty hours, but what they had learned of the Atlantians civilization was priceless in comparison.

“Well guys, I think that we should head back up to the ship, we have been here long enough for now, but I promise that we will come back, maybe for longer next time, and now that we know where it is, we can come back anytime we want.” Sam smiled.

They all headed back to their sex shack they had stayed in the previous night and grabbed their wet suits, shucking out of their still surprisingly dry diapers and skinning themselves into their suits. Timmy sent the pile of diapers back to the ship, saying he wanted to try it, and then they were off. To get out of the main entrance was easy, all they had to do was ask to exit, and the doors opened up silently. They all ran joyfully to where the rest of their gear was stored, pushing and shoving and just having fun the whole way. It was not until all the boys put their tanks on and then stood up, without thinking, that they realized the little strength boost they all had had.

“Did I just do what I think I did?” Timmy asked skeptically.

“If you think you just stood up with more weight on your back than you yourself weighs, then yes, you did.” Sam said, mouth hanging open wide in shock.

“Okay, that's sorta what I thought I did.” Timmy grinned.

“And you feel fine, you don't even feel like you are carrying any weight at all.”

“No, it's like it's weightless almost. I can feel it's there, but that's it, it's not heavy at all.”

“I wonder what else that water did for us?” Danial asked warily.

“I don't know, but I guess we will find out. Let's head back home boys.” Sam grinned.

Problem was that none of them was feeling that the ship really was home now, it was now their home away from home, Atlantis had all of a sudden become their home, but none of them wanted to admit it. They would all always love sailing the seven seas, but they all yearned to be be back in the large cave again already, and they just left.

One by one they dove into the water and started swimming back out the tunnel and to their ship. They reached it in surprisingly little time, each finding that they had far more power in their kicks than was normal, and the younger boys kept up to the older boys with ease. In almost half the time than it had taken for them to swim down, they swam up, and before they knew it Sam was opening the cargo door and each of them hoisted themselves up without help. As soon as they were safely inside the ship they quickly stripped out of their wet suits and washed everything off. This time it was Jamie that thought about their diapers, this time only wanting six in the right sizes, and in a few seconds six clean diapers were on the floor in front of them.

“It's funny how it is easier to bring a whole bunch rather than just a few of a bunch.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, but now we know how, so the next time won't be so hard I bet. Now we have piles and piles of treasure to bring in, I don't think the cargo bay is large enough, so we should probably go up top and bring the treasure there.” Sam said.

“Why not just bring some of it for now and leave the rest for another time, not like we have to take it all now right?” Ben suggested.

“No, I guess you're right, and if we were to bring it all here, there would be no way for us to fit it all anyways, so we may as well leave it there, it is safe I think. I doubt very seriously that anyone else even knows this place exists.”

“My thoughts exactly, and not like we need the money any, so even if someone wanted to come and take it, they're welcome to it.”

And Ben took the honors this time and transported an even dozen crates up to the ship. It only took a little over an hour to get everything scanned and bagged and then stored in the storage system. It was then decided to go get some lunch, even though none of them were really all that hungry, none of them figured the Atlantian water could sustain them for forever. So up to the galley they went and made themselves lunch. It was amazing how much they actually ate, they ended up being far more hungry than they thought that they were.

A couple days later found them all up on the bridge of the ship reading and talking while they were slowly heading away from Atlantis. It had been decided that they would go out for a little more hunting, and they were all eager to find some pirates to take in. They were of course going a lot slower than was necessary as they were acting as bait, heading straight into some of the worst waters for pirates, almost no boat that passed through them was ever left untouched. Of course the poor unsuspecting people rarely ever knew that.

They were about half way through the pirate infested waters when they all felt the imminent strike, they had been spotted. They had been able to feel at least four ships in the area, and were just waiting for one of them to take the bait. And when one ship finally did take the bait, they changed course to lure it further away from the others, but in such a fashion as to make it look as if they were not doing it, it was slow and smooth, not fast and jerky like someone who was scared. Everyone was able to feel the pirates minds with ease, and thirty six pirates would soon be taken down, they just had no idea of it yet.

An intriguing thing was that they had forty three prisoners with them, and they were all fearful that they would be murdered at any minute, but that was not their fate, they were slaves and these pirates were slave traders, and why would they kill or damage any of their precious cargo. It did seem though that the pirates liked to rape them, many of them daily, and almost all the prisoners were young boys. The oldest was fourteen. These boys were chosen for their good looks and because they were boys, apparently their was a brothel that bought them and would use them or would sell them to rich clients. This was of course scheduled to be looked into. A funny thing was the pirates picked very well, all the boys except three, were gay. Not that any of them wanted to be raped or sold into slavery, but it would help them to cope with their lives. Apparently all the female slaves were given to a different ship in their ring, and all the adults were sold to a large mine. Of course being pirates they did steal anything of value as well, and they had a few things of interest on the ship.

“I think it's about time we had some engine troubles boys, let's reel in our catch.” Sam grinned.

And with that the engines were cut and they were dead in the water, and in under five minutes the pirate ship was in sight. They threw up their flag requesting help, and the pirates all thought how wonderful, they are dead in the water and ripe for the picking, and Sam and the boys were thinking how stupid can you be. Less than five minutes later they sidled up to the side of the boat and cut their engines, and then just as calmly as can be, one of the pirates called over and asked if they could be of assistance.

They were obviously hoping that they could do this with as little damage as possible, as they wanted as much out of this run as possible. With a wave of thanks they were informed that some help would be appreciated.

“So what seems to be the problem?” The captain of the pirate ship asked as he stepped aboard.

With as friendly a smile as he could manage, Sam replied “You are pirates, and we feel that you need to be removed from the sea, so we lured you out here and will steal everything you have and then take you to the shore and hand you over to the local authorities, and before you even think of raising the alarms, you should note, you cannot even move at the moment.”

The captain tried to respond, but got nothing more than a grunting type of groan.

“Think your response to me, I can read your mind, not that I really want to.” Sam said, switching to mind speech.

“You're a mind reader and can speak like this, that's impossible, and what are you going to do to us?” He asked fearfully, knowing full well that with what was happening to him at the moment, he was really screwed, if only he knew how screwed he was about to be.

“I assure you nothing about us is impossible, and what all is going to happen to you is going to be a surprise, but have no fear, I think you will hate it deeply, and may give you a final glimpse into what you have caused all those poor boys on your ship, and all those poor boys you sold to slavery, to be nothing more than toys. We will be sending people to rectify that little business as well. I know your entire business network, and it will be given to the right people. And if you think I am ruthless with what I am going to allow your former slaves to do to you, it will be nothing in comparison to what they are going to get.” Sam grinned evilly to him.

By that time the boys had all gone into the ship to rescue all the prisoners from the belly of the ship, all the pirates of course having been immobilized already. The fear on all the pirates minds was wonderful, and none felt guilty for causing this small amount of fear in them for what they caused to others. Sam had turned the captain so that he could watch what was happening, and one by one each and every pirate marched out onto the deck of their ship and sat down, and did not move again. And then all the slaves were brought out, and they each spat on the pirates as they passed, having been told what was happening of course. They all looked very happy to be free.

“Hello boys, I know that the others told you that you have been freed and that the pirates who took you are going to be dealt with, but one thing they did not tell you was that you are going to have a bit of a treat. You will get to do to them what they have been doing to you. We have them under our full control, so they will be very obliging, but we will allow them to scream and plead just as you did, and we will let if fall upon deaf ears as they did to you. The captain is to be as roughly fucked as he fucked you, and by each and every one of you, and we will do this until we make land. So for the next five days, because that is how long it will take us, you will get to rape them worse than they raped you.” Sam called out to the boys.

At first the looks on the boys faces registered as shocked, then a small amount of wonderment, and quickly it spread to full on understanding and they all broke into cheers. The captain was instructed to join his crew, and he walked over to join them, sitting down as the others were.

“As you have already noticed, we have complete control of their minds, and they will do as we tell them, but they will also do what you tell them to do too, so you can have them in any position that you like, and you may have them go to a bedroom to be more comfortable as well. Now before you all go about choosing who you want to rape first, I have a couple more things to say. First is that we will be heading back towards the shore where you will be allowed to get off and do as you please. You will be given some money to get you started, and get you to your family or friends. The other option, if you do not wish to leave us, is to come to our private home and live there, and trust me when I say that you will love that very much, but the catch is, you have to be gay. I know three of you are not, or at least you do not think you are, but you are swaying towards bi, so it will be your choice, because no girl will ever set foot there. The other thing is no violence, whatsoever, not here or at our home when we get there. So what that means is that you may not hurt the pirates, other than raping them in the way they raped you. Another thing is, we are going to join you, we don't mind raping pirates either, and in fact four of our number were rescued from pirates just like you boys have been, so believe me when I say, we do not like pirates either.”

The boys all stood there for a second longer before they realized that they were free and that they could now take their first prisoner and rape him, and they all did. Of course given the fact that there were more boys than there were prisoners at the moment, a few boys doubled up and took one of the pirates. It had been quite common for a pirate to take two boys previously, so why change how it had always been.

Sam and his boys got the two boats secured together and started on their merry way back to the shore and then went and stripped, getting ready to join the boys that were all already having their fun. They could see each and every one of them, and the pirates were all bent over beds or in other prone positions, and were being roughly fucked by every boy. A few of course were getting double penetrated, one of them being the captain, dicks in mouth and ass. And each and every one of the pirates was screaming their pain out, begging the boys to extract themselves. More than a few of the pirates were of course lucky being that they were being fucked by a fairly young boy that did not have much to speak of in the size department, but they were vigorous little fuckers, and there was still pain. The youngest boy in the group was seven, and the oldest were fourteen, yet they were not the largest, one of the thirteen year olds had a dick on him that had to be nearly eight inches long, and he was thoroughly enjoying himself.

“Mind if I join the party in here?” Sam asked the two young boys doing the captain. One of the boys was a cute little eight year old boy, and the other was a fourteen year old, and he was pretty good looking as well, just long and gangly.

“Sure.” The older boy happily grunted as he was plowing the ass of the captain.

“Great.” Sam said happily.

“I'm almost finished in his ass, you can have it next.”

“Oh I was thinking something a little more fun for us and more than a little painful for our dear friend here. Lay down on the bed and we will have him sit on your dick, and then I will let the rest be a surprise to both of you. As for you, you can just stick your nice looking dick right back in his mouth as soon as he's in position.”

Both boys nodded and then did as they were instructed. When the pirate captain was impaled upon the older boys dick again, the younger boy moved in and placed his knees either side of the older boys head and stuck his hard little cock back into the warm wet mouth. This position left the younger boys ass wiggling right over the face of the older boy, and this boy being a hundred percent gay, felt that such a cute ass would surely taste very good, so started giving the young boy an incredible rim job. This made the young boy moan deeply as he loved the feeling, he had never been rimmed before, and it felt so incredibly good. It was then the older boys chance to moan as Sam had been busy lubing himself up real well and then positioned himself for entrance, and in one very swift, very brutal move, he too invaded the ass of the pirate captain. The scream that followed was only just barely muffled by the dick in his mouth, but none of them cared at all.

“I can't believe how incredible that feels.” Gasped the boy on the bottom, taking his mouth away from the tasty little boy ass for just a second.

“No need to take your mouth away to speak to me, just think it, and we can talk mind to mind.” Sam said perfectly clearly.

“Wow, that feels real weird.” He said.

For the next thirty minutes, the three of them raped the captain repeatedly. The younger boy having dry orgasms of course, but having no fewer than four. The older boy had three powerful cums as well, and so did Sam. Sam though was the only one that was not tired and getting sore, whereas the poor boys looked as if they had been through a meat grinder.

“You boys go ahead and have a rest, you deserve it. I though am going to fuck his ass for a few more minutes and you're welcome to watch.” Sam grinned at the boys.

“I would prefer it if you would fuck me instead sir, you seem so kind, and it has been so long since I had a nice mans dick in my ass.” The older boys said.

“If that's what you'd like, then sure Ken, we can do that.”

“How did you know my name?”

“I can read your minds, so I know almost all there is to know about each and every one of you boys, and yes you are welcome to come to our home, both of you.” Sam smiled warmly.

Sam could tell exactly how Ken wanted him, so laid on his back so that Ken could ride him slowly. Ken grabbed the lube, prepared himself, and then sat upon Sam's still hard cock. As tired as Ken was, he still managed to ride Sam very slowly, very lovingly. Less than five minutes later, the scene got too much for the younger boy and he instructed the captain to get up on his hands and knees. And with begging moans of requests to not fuck his sore ass any more, he did as he was told, and unceremoniously the young boy shoved his entire seven centimeters into the captain. With another cry of pain from the captain, the young boy started pounding the shit out of him, really giving him what for, and Sam knew why. The captain had not been at all nice to his young inexperienced little bum not even three weeks ago when he was captured. Sam had not been surprised that the young boy actually wanted to come stay with them because he was not really liked by his family anyways because he was gay, and even though Sam knew they were still alive, the boy did not believe them to be, and Sam was not going to tell him, because he was happier, which was kind of sad. Then Tony, the little boy, rode through two more dry cums before he collapsed, and Sam was trying his best to hold off his orgasm, because Ken was very much enjoying the tender ride, as his mind and moans stated. Sam managed to hold off his impending cum for over ten minutes, really starting to hurt, and not even realizing that he was doing it, he had been holding his breath for the entire time, and as soon as the damn was going to burst, no matter how much Sam wanted it not to, his dick erupted, and his breath exhaled.

“Wow sir, that was incredible, I have never felt someone cum like that before, and how did you hold your breath for so long?” Ken sighed out a few minutes later.

“No kidding, that was wicked.” Tony said, having been laying and watching for the past few minutes in awe.

Sam's body had been bent nearly in two and was vibrating so badly near the end that both Ken and Tony had thought he was going to have a heart attack.

“Not too sure, never done that before.” Sam answered, but knowing how he did manage it.

The other five had all gone around and joined a few of the others, and all seeing what Sam was doing, all did much the same thing in the groups they were in, and they also saw how long he held his breath for, and how incredible his orgasm was because of it. So of course, they all tried it. Sam knew the others were trying it as well, of course, and he smiled. They had been learning a lot more about what they could do recently, and it almost seemed that there was nothing they could not really do.

For the next five days it took them to make one of their favorite ports, the ex slaves were kept on the brim of total exhaustion, but loving every second of it. The six original crew members of course just kept right on going, not sleeping or anything, and other than seeing to food and other ship business, they continually fucked the pirates. By the time they did make port, the pirates had all been fucked so many times that they had all lost count, and they were raw and numb because of it. But then again, so were more than a few of the boys' dicks, but they did not seem to care any, they just applied cream before they passed out for the night and then were raring to go by the next morning. The boys all slept very well when they did, more than a few of them taking diapers, either for comfort or for need, it mattered not. The pirates though were not allowed to sleep, they were kept wide awake for their torture, and as much as they wanted to pass out, they couldn't.

When they reached the dock and were parked in their allocated spot, they saw that all the arrangements that Sam had made were all there and waiting for them. A ton of new supplies was waiting for them, they were going to need them. The courier service was waiting for them, they had lots sold while they were away. There was a bus of kids waiting for them, the brothels had all been cleared and as many of the sold boys as they could find had been rescued, and all boys under fifteen were offered to come live with Sam at his place. For all the rescued children that did not decide to come stay with Sam, he had had his people give each child a card with a hundred thousand dollars on it, they were very secure and could only be used by that child, so that they could get their lives back together. And there was only one boy on the ship who decided to go on his own, one of the boys that was not gay, he was not bi either, and he did not ever want to see another dick in his life except his own, so he was given the same card, but not told what was on it. He thanked everyone for everything and was off. All the supplies were transferred and the new boys were left in the bus for the time being. And for the very first time ever, the new ship was not disengaged, it was going to be needed. Sam's ship, while quite large, was nowhere near large enough to hold everyone, it was designed to hold cargo, not people, whereas the other ship was designed to hold lots of people. Once everything was ready for their new boys, Sam and Ben went to greet them and tell them what was happening.

“Hello boys, I hear that you are happy to be coming to live in our place we have set up. There are a few things to know, and if you decide not to come, or I feel you are not suitable to do so, then you may leave with some money. First is, you have to all be gay, which I can tell all of you are, except two of you that are bi but are happy with living in a no girls allowed resort. Next is where we are going there is to be no violence at all, but I can tell that none of you are violent, so we are good there. And finally you must all be willing to come with me, which I can tell that you all are, so we are all set.”

“Um sir, how can you tell all that about all of us?” A skinny little Spanish boy near Sam asked.

“Because I can read all your minds, among other things.” Sam told them all in mind speech.

“Will you be able to teach us how to do that as well?” Another boy asked, this one a little bigger all around, but still quite cute.

“No, what I can do I could not teach you, however, there is a surprise waiting for you that covers this nicely, but it is a surprise, so no more questions on that.” Sam grinned at them.

“Oh, okay then, when do we get to go?” The same boy asked.

“We have all the supplies ready to go now, so we are set. It will be a little crowded on the ships until we get to where we are going, but I am sure that you will all be just fine, so follow us.” Sam said, and all the boys broke into cheers and they followed Sam and Ben.

They followed in single file and the entire fifty seven of them herded onto the ships and dispersed where they were told to go. It was a zoo at first as everyone tried to find their way to where they were supposed to go, but Danial let the others worry about that, because as soon as everyone was on board, he got them heading out.

The next ten days as they made their way back to Atlantis was a mad house of activity. With over a hundred active boys on board the two ships, it was an undertaking and a half just to make meals. It was decided on the very first day that it would be two meals a day and they would be simple and filling, so oatmeal and toast and hard boiled eggs was breakfast, and a big stew and fresh bread was dinner. As many of the boys that could fit in the two galley kitchens would help to make their meals, and it rotated every meal as well, and while they did alter the menu slightly every day, it was mostly the same thing. Also with so many active young boys on board, it was not uncommon to enter virtually any room and see two or more boys engaged in some form of sexual activity, it was nearly non stop raw sex the entire way. For the first time in a long time the boys were able to enjoy sex, and they were enjoying it with vigor. Finally they arrived at their destination, and nearly all the boys looked very puzzled.

“But their's nothing here but a small island, and there is nothing on it.” Muttered through the crowd.

“But alls not what it seems.” Sam called out.

“Um Sam, how exactly are we going to get everyone down?” Ben asked suddenly.

“You know what, I have no idea, never even though about that. I suppose we just go down a few at a time in the scuba gear.” Sam shrugged, sounding embarrassed that he over looked that minor issue, but then so did all the others as well.

“How about we try transporting them down, it works for other things, maybe it works for people as well?” Matt asked.

“It's pretty risky, what if we cannot do that but try anyways and we kill someone?”

“I don't know, but we may not have a choice.” Jamie said.

“Let me try something.” Ben said.

He concentrated for a minute and then all of a sudden there was a large fish thrashing its way over the deck. Ben quickly transported the fish back into the water so as not to kill it, no point if they were not going to eat it.

“Well, I guess that works. I say we do one at a time then and take everyone to the first chamber and then we can walk from there. Transport all the supplies we need to the main hall though.” Sam said happily.

“I want to try something as well.” Timmy said.

“You want to see how far you can swim, you have been wondering ever since you were able to hold your breath for thirty minutes during that orgasm.” Sam said simply.

“Yeah, and I will just stay down there to re-ensure everyone as they come down.” Timmy said happily.

All the poor boys surrounding them had no idea what the hell was happening, the guys were talking with their minds, and all they saw was a fish appear and then disappear, the worried and then the relieved looks on all six faces, and the looks of curiosity. They watched in amazement as Timmy stripped off his diaper and ran up to the edge and climbed up on the rails and dove into the water and disappeared, and they watched and waited, waited and watched, but he did not reappear, yet the others did not look worried, on the contrary, they looked positively giddy. Timmy kept up a running dialog the entire swim, saying that this was so cool, swimming naked and free and not having to breath at all, telling them when he reached the cave, and then the cavern and when he got out of the water.

“Okay boys, Timmy made it, so now we are going to send you down to meet him, six at a time, do not be afraid, and all will be explained to you soon enough.” Sam said.

Before any of the boys could protest, the first six boys were sent down. As soon as Timmy said they were all there and very puzzled as to what the hell just happened, they sent the next six. It took almost half an hour to transport all the boys down, and then all the supplies were sent down as well, and then stripping off their diapers, they too all dove off the edge and found the feelings even better than what Timmy had told them and they had felt. A few minutes later all five of them pulled themselves out of the water in front of the astonished boys.

“Well what are we waiting for, follow us boys, I think that you will find the surprise waiting for you is the best thing you could possibly imagine.” Sam said, sounding extremely happy now. The boys were all still in shock as to what was happening to them, and even a little scared too, even a few of the boys that were empathic were still a little frightened even though they could feel there was no danger at all.

“Guys, there is nothing to be scared or apprehensive about, you are perfectly safe, and the surprise that awaits you is so awesome you will not believe it.” Jamie whispered into all their minds.

They all followed, still unsure as to where they were headed, but trusting their saviors none the less. The walk was long and silent, the only talking going on was in the heads of the six leaders. Finally though they made it to the door leading into Atlantis and Sam told it to open. It took a few moments to examine each mind to make sure they were all worthy, and then silently it opened up.

“Wow, what is this place?” The entire group seemed to mutter as one.

“Welcome to the lost city of Atlantis. I trust you are all familiar with the legend, well as it turns out, it was real, and we found it. We are going to use it as a home for the people without family or home. All gay boys of course, it seems that was who used to reside here anyways, so why mess with tradition.” Sam called out.

The mutters that now ran through the crowd were fast and furious, everyone exclaiming that that had to be impossible, and that they couldn't believe it, so on and so forth.

“I assure you that this is real, you are in Atlantis, and it has to stay a complete secret. Follow us and we will take you to your next surprise.” Danial called out happily.

They led the way to the central hall, the boys all following closely behind as if they would disappear if they strayed to far from the others. When they reached the hall they entered and all gathered around the stone basin containing the water of Atlantis. Sam and his five all took a nice long drink of the water, and then invited the others to share as well. One by one they all took a small drink, and then a much larger one, enjoying the sweet water and the warmth that it caused to spread through their bodies, and then one by one, they felt something very different about their bodies. Once each and every one of the boys had had a good drink and Sam could tell the changes to their bodies had been made, he spoke up.

“Now you all know what we were talking about, you now have every power that we had, you can talk amongst yourselves using only your minds, you can do it all. Welcome to Atlantis, your new home.”

The cheer that erupted was huge, they all knew that what Sam and the others had been saying was all very true, they could tell, and they also knew that everything that they could do, they could do as well.

“Well, what are you waiting for, go explore your new home.” Timmy called out and the entire group sprang as one and ran and cheered and explored.