Chapter 7

**WARNING** This story, like all my others, is full of gay sex, diapers, boys, and men, if none of this is what you are looking for then I suggest now that you leave. This story takes place mostly on a boat, and while I love boats, I am not a hundred percent certain on all the terminology, so forgive me if I make mistakes in boating terms. This story also contains violence, so be warned, but one of it is highly graphic. This is obviously a fantasy and for obvious reasons it has never happened. As always I appreciate feedback, but I do not require it. I like to write for myself and share it with others, however if you would like to write, please leave all flaming behind and give only constructive criticism, feel free to email me at I also have a site at should you wish to read the full story or any of my other stories. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy.

It was almost exactly a month to the date that they had arrived for the second time to the lost city of Atlantis, and all seemed to be going just fine. Everyone had settled in nicely, Sam, Danial, Jamie, Ben, Matt, and Timmy had taken the house that they had stayed in the last time they were here, and the others all split up and took houses. They did a count and found an even hundred houses, and like they already suspected each had two to three bedrooms. At first almost all the boys took separate beds, but within a couple weeks they had all found partners that they really liked, a few were in groups of three, so soon they all moved in together. Even though each and everyone seemed to have their partner, or partners, it was not uncommon to have an orgy going on at any given point in time, and there was many of them. The Atlantian water seemed to have the same effect on the newest boys in that it gave them incredible sexual stamina, and more than one night there was an all night orgy.

Even though each house had its own little kitchen, it was far more common to have a group of ten or so boys in the main kitchen preparing the meal for the entire group, and everyone had fun doing even that. It was noticed by Sam that their supplies, while still doing well, would soon need to be replenished, and he was thinking that having some self replenishing supplies might not be such a bad idea. There were huge gardens that had looked as if they had once upon a time supported good sized crops. There was a large barn to store many animals in as well, and it had a milking parlor, so fresh milk would be possible again once they got some cows and goats. There was even a chicken coop, so fresh eggs might even soon be possible, freeze dried eggs just were not the same. Sam started making a large mental list of everything that they would be needing, and he was even surprising himself with how long it was getting. Every time that he saw pop up in one of the others minds that they wished they had something, he added it to the list.

It took Sam a week to get up the desire to go, and only Ben, Matt, and Timmy wanted to go. Jamie had been thinking of it, but Danial wanted to stay behind to watch over everything, so Jamie decided to stay as well. All the other boys really had no desire to go back on a boat any time soon, and that was fine with everyone. Sam said that he was going to transport himself up to the ship to get it started up and ready to go, whereas the boys wanted to go for a swim. They had all been swimming out of their home cave many times, the surrounding waters and caves had all been thoroughly explored by everyone, and they all loved it. It was especially awesome to just freely swim, no suits, no masks, nothing to stop you from enjoying the water on your bare skin. By the time the three boys made it to the ships, Sam had them powered up and ready to go.

“We may as well get the rest of the treasure up here as well and get it organized and stored huh!” Sam said.

“May as well.” Ben said with a warm smile to his lover.

And within only a few seconds the entire treasure was weighing down the ship and they were on their way. The trip was going to take them another ten days to get to the port they wanted to go to, so they had plenty of time to sit back and relax, get all the work done that they needed to do, and anything else they desired, but Sam did want to call in his huge orders, because that was going to take some time to get ready. The computer was also checked to see what all was sold, and he found that there was lots, so it was also gotten up and ready to go, easier that way, made more room for the new treasure to get stored. No matter how much had sold though, there just was not enough room to store it all, so it was set back in the boxes and crates they had come out of and set aside until later. Sam had decided that he was going to call a number of his best customers and make some real good offers to, to relieve some of the excess stock he had, and he managed to find a few extra buyers. Seventy more people were very happy to be getting real treasures at real good deals, and Sam was happy to have a little more room to work with as well.

They finally made it to port ten days later and docked in their usual spot and everyone was already there and waiting for them, they had been called a few hours before to say when they were going to be in. As everything was being loaded and offloaded the four boys were sitting around and watching the guys work and talking to Danial. It had come as only a small amount of surprise that as they got further away the amount of telepathy did not change and they all had full communication with each other, even though they were a few thousand kilometers away. Finally the specially designed floating barn Sam had to have made for him was attached to the boat and all the animals were loaded inside, and they were ready to take off.

This time the trip back took six days, they were able to go a lot faster without the extra ship attached to them, and even with the extra weight behind them they would have been able to go top speed, but everyone doubted the animals would cope with that very well at all. The trip back home though was not so uneventful as the trip out was. Almost half way home they picked up a tail, and instead of running like most people would, Sam and the boys grinned and just let the idiots come and get them. There were no prisoners aboard this ship, they had all been killed or sold already, the struggler's killed, the rest sold of course. Ben took over the pirates minds and they stopped their ship and let the pirates come right up to them, all their goods were transported over to their ship, and then they did something Sam had never thought of before, let them go. They did not feel like wasting time and taking them back, but the pirates would be going back to the same port they had just come from, and they would turn themselves in instead. All this was done without even a word being said by anyone, the pirates were now as good as dead, and they knew it, but could do nothing to stop it.

The next few days of their trip was uneventful though and they made it back. All the new goods were transported down and then Sam joined the boys and dove in the water and swam back home.

“What is all this stuff you sent down dad?” Danial asked.

Sam had kept much of what he bought secret from everyone, something they had found was they could keep stuff secret if they really wanted, but it was a chore.

“Well, the huge thing there is a monster power storage system. It is fully charged already so that it can be used right away, but to keep it charged we have a bunch of high output solar panels. We are going to rebuild the theater as well and I have all the equipment necessary to make an awesome theater.” Sam grinned.

“Neat! We didn't really need it, but it might be nice at times. I see you have all the animals and bags of seeds and grains, so we should be set for food there for a while. Exactly how many cases of diapers did you buy though, it looks like a thousand?” Danial asked.

“Yep, sounds about right. I also have a thousand fifty kilo bags of flour, sugar, oats, rice, and such for us, and a few thousand bags of grain for the animals as well as a shitload of hay for them. I also got every item that everyone thought that we needed, so for the foreseeable future we should be set for everything we could possibly need. Now all we have to do is get it all organized and put away. I am going to go start on the garden though if the rest of you want to go ahead and get that going.”

“Okay, sounds good to us.”

Sam went to the first of the five large gardens and wondered how he was going to till the soil, then thought about it, and then thought at it, and was amazed to see the soil almost tilling itself at his thoughts, all he had to do was tell it to do it and it got done. In only three minutes the huge garden was nicely tilled and ready for planting. Sam figured that the garden was more than large enough to support a good crop of potatoes, corn, beans, peas, and carrots, so he transported the bags with those seeds in them over and told the seeds to plant, and they did.

'Man this is so easy,' Sam thought to himself. 'But how to water it now?'

Sam figured that he would use the same method as he had been using, so just thought for the garden to be watered, and all of a sudden a nice shower of rain fell over only the garden and watered it perfectly. Sam sent those seeds to the storage shed next to the garden and then headed to the next garden and did the same things all over again. This time he planted tomatoes, cucumbers, five different varieties of peppers and lettuces, as well as onions. The next garden had a mixture of different grasses for the animals, it was right next to the barn, so it made perfect sense to be there. Another garden was adorned with berries of every sort. The final garden, the smallest one as well, was planted with every herb that Sam knew about and was able to get seeds for. All in all he figured that they would have enough in these gardens once they took hold to feed them for years to come.

Finally he went around and planted a variety of different fruit trees in different locations. He ended up with two of each type of tree, banana, mango, kiwi, coconut, orange, lime, lemon, apple, cherry, plum, peach, and even three different nut trees. He even planted a couple nice maple trees for the syrup. Should be lots Sam figured.

By the time Sam had finished gardening, the boys had taken care of everything else, not that it took them long at all, with all of them doing it, it only took a minute to send all the different things to their proper homes. The animals had even all been herded to their new homes and fed and watered. The Atlantian water seemed to agree with the animals as well, for when they took their first drink, they instantly became calm and seemed very much happier than they had been.

The next few days went by quite suddenly, not surprising really since they had another all night orgy that went almost two days from start to finish. Sam, Ben, Danial and Jamie had all went about getting their new power and entertainment system all hooked up, and in a few hours it was ready to go as well, and that night they watched movies until very late.

Five days after Sam had planted everything, he went to check on them to see how the plants were coming along, if they were. He had not bothered to check at all since he planted, just watered them every day, because he figured there would be nothing to see, but when he got there he found there was lots to see. The tallest plants were the corn and they were nearly one and a half meters tall already, nearly full grown, and the ears of corn on them looked like they were going to be perfect. The rest of the plants also looked as if they only had another day or two left before they would be ready. The same held true in all the gardens, and some of them were already ready to be eaten. The fruit trees were also getting very close to producing fruit, even though none of them were that terribly tall yet.

Of course the boys had all walked past the gardens and the trees many times, but they had not really paid any attention to them, so Sam had no idea, he had not been anywhere near any of it, so it was a surprise. He had also not been in to see the animals, the boys had been doing the milking and the collecting of eggs, so when he went in to see the animals, he was happy to see that they were all looking very happy and healthy, well as happy as an animal can look.

By the next day, all the gardens were ready for the picking, and for their dinner that night they had fresh fruit and vegetables from their very own gardens, and it was the absolute best tasting food they had ever had. It was so good in fact they nearly gorged themselves on it all.

Over the next few months it was noted that the gardens just kept reproducing, there was never any need to replant, what they picked off, just regrew. The trees were the same, and by the three month mark, the trees were to their full height already and the branches were weighed down they were always so full of fruit. Sam and Ben had gone on two more trips in the past three months, to send off their sold treasures and get more supplies that they could not grow, and each time they came back with a few more new Atlantians who became very happy inhabitants.

It was this way for the entire year after they officially moved in, once a month Sam would go on a trip, and sometimes others would come with him and Ben, sometimes they were alone. Sometimes they came back with more boys, other times they didn't. Finally all the treasures were sold off and the web site was shut down, everyone being told that Sam was out of the business now and they would have to get their treasures from other sources. There was a lot of sad people at this notification as Sam always had the best stuff, he was the best there was after all. The authorities also missed him bringing in pirates, but others took over for him capturing pirates. Sam even sold his boat, something he had sworn he would never ever do, but he really did not have much need for it any more, a nice young gay treasure hunter and his partner bought it, and because Sam liked them so much, he nearly gave the boat to them and taught them everything there was to know about it. Atlantis was once again almost totally self sufficient and almost full of horny young boys, and the only time Sam ever needed to leave was to get the few supplies that they could not make themselves, but they were all so good at transportation now they could go anywhere they wanted in the world, but very rarely did any of them ever leave.

It was also a year later that they all began to notice another property of the Atlantian water, none of them were aging or growing, they were all staying the exact same size. How long this would last, they could only guess, and if it only slowed their growth down, they would soon find out. One thing for sure was that none of them minded any, they were all happy, healthy, horny, and everything was perfect, how could life get any better. The partnerships that had formed at the beginning miraculously stayed together for many years to come, and while they all enjoyed a good orgy party every so often, they preferred soft and tender love between their partners more. And for many more years than anyone could write about, they lived happily ever after.