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The Kingdom of Fromunda

An Adult Fairytale

By Paul S. Stevens

Based On a Short Story By Denice Person

It was the fourth night in a row that Emrick had been plagued by a series of inexplicable noises in his bedroom that had prevented him from getting a good night's sleep. Night after night, Emrick endured a continuous wave of bumps and crashes, rumbles and knocks that shattered his otherwise quiet and still nights. Each night that the noises persisted, the disturbances escalated, and by the fifth night, Emrick was totally afraid to even go to bed.

On the morning of the sixth day, he made a thorough search of his room, tearing his bedroom apart, piece by piece, to locate the source of the frightening sounds. He pulled the bed away from the wall and even dismantled the wrought-iron frame in his thorough search for an answer. Unfortunately, nothing could be found, and by the light of day and his apprehension turned to fear when his bedtime hour once again drew near.

Emrick was at his wits' end as he was no closer to uncovering the mystery of his nocturnal plunge into chaos. He had just turned fifteen years old and told himself that he was too old to believe that there were monsters lurking in the shadows of his room. He wasn't about to let a little noise throw him into an irrational state of panic.

As Emrick retired on the sixth night, he stripped naked and turned off the lights as usual. He decidedly crawled into bed and slipped under the soft covers with all the confidence he could muster. The minute his head hit the pillow, the creepy sounds immediately commenced once again. As he listened closely from atop his bed, a streak of fear consumed him. He pulled the covers tightly under his chin as he clutched them for safety. He was convinced that the sounds emanated from behind the bed, or more specifically, under it. His fear escalated as he sprang out of bed to turn the lights back on, getting goose bumps as he silently tip-toed across the carpeted floor.

Oddly enough, while the lights were on, the mysterious sounds stopped and Emrick's fear slowly subsided. He returned to bed with the lights still on, and did some reading to pass the time. It wasn't long before Emrick found his eyes closing and once again, turned the lights off. He was so tired from his recent lack of sleep that when he returned to bed, he quickly slipped into a blissful slumber before the sounds could rouse his attention and keep him up a second time tonight.

Then, somewhere in the middle of the night, something that could only be described as an enchanted goblin suddenly appeared in the darkness and cast a wicked charm on Emrick that rendered him completely immobile. His eyes sprang open but he couldn't move or speak as the goblin took control of him. He felt the covers slip off his rigid frame as he felt his naked body levitate off the bed and was slowly lowered onto the floor.

Once on the floor, through the darkness of his bedroom, Emrick was able to get a faint look at his captor.

He had a face that was pitted with deep lines and age spots. His nose was overly bulbous and his ears were pointed with stiff, wiry white hairs growing from the tips. Although his skin coloring was fairly normal in human terms, it offset his hair and beard coloring that was unusually green with streaks of blue and white. Relatively speaking, he was short and stout and he stood slumped over with his weak shoulders barely able to support his proportionately large head. He wore a thick gold chain around his neck with some sort of cryptic pendant attached. He too was naked, sporting a very small and uninspiring set of genitalia.

At the very same time that Emrick was looking over the goblin, the goblin was getting a better look at Emrick. He slowly examined his charge from head to toe as he had Emrick magically pinned and sprawled out, face up on the floor before him. Emrick was unable to recoil or repel the ogling stares of his hideous captor as Emrick lay paralyzed, his body openly uncovered and on display in all its glory.

The goblin found Emrick's darkened bedroom to be similar to the bleak dungeons where he resided. Murkiness and obscurity was the goblin's natural environment, so he had no trouble seeing all the glorious details of Emrick's naked body in the gloomy shadows of Emrick's bedroom. As the goblin's eyes scanned Emrick, he noticed the casual style of his dark brown hair as it stood in striking contrast to his twinkling blue eyes. His masculine shoulders depicted a symbol of strength as they filtered down to his smooth hairless chest. His abdomen showed signs of an impressive set of developing abs that seemed to ripple with each breath. Then Emrick's treasure trail led the goblin's eyes to his glorious endowment. While soft, his flaccid five or so inch penis lay languidly over his perfectly proportioned balls that were dusted with delicate, light brown hair, causing the goblin to smile widely, showing all his repulsively misshapen teeth. The vision of Emrick's perfect package made the goblin's own penis inflate to an unrealistically large erection that seemed to defy the laws of nature. Once the goblin scanned the rest of Emrick's body, making note of his muscular thighs, calves, feet and flawlessly sexy toes, his eyes returned to Emrick's crotch to discover that Emrick had sprouted a full-sized, six inch erection as well.

Even though everything about the goblin repulsed Emrick to no end, just knowing that the goblin was impressed and sexually aroused by Emrick's young, athletically developed, and sexually-matured naked body aroused a sort of pride in him that made him boned to the hilt.

The goblin would have liked to revel in the glory of Emrick's body for hours on end, but he was sent on a mission to fetch Emrick expediently, and he had already spent a dangerously long amount of time in Emrick's domain and needed to get back to the task at hand.

As quick as a wink, the goblin whisked Emrick under the bed. He opened a kind of inter-dimensional portal at the apex of the floor and the wall under Emrick's bed, and slipped inside first, pulling Emrick into the dark emptiness with him. Once they were completely through the portal, the doorway between the two worlds closed, leaving Emrick's bedroom vacant and silent.

Everything went black as they passed through an area called the null-void, (a place where `nothing' is all there is), that existed between the real world and Emrick's unknown destination. When the two arrived at the goblin's destination, Emrick's body was still under the influence of the goblin's spell, hovering about an inch off the ground. The goblin then waved his hand and removed the charm that held Emrick captive. As Emrick sensed his release, his body suddenly dropped to the ground and the coldness of what may have been a solid stone floor beneath his bare bottom shocked his unsuspecting system. Emrick quickly sat up and looked around. Since he could sit up with no obstructions, he realized he was no longer under his bed. In fact, he realized he was no longer in his bedroom at all. A wave of fear and panic consumed him, making him question his uncertain fate. He was very tempted to jump up and flee while he had the chance, but in the darkness, there didn't seem to be anywhere to go.

As Emrick's eyes got accustomed to the darkness, he could start to see the goblin's eyes as they faintly glowed with a frightful green hue, shifting about as if he were looking for something. Then he noticed his star shaped birthmark on his right hand begin to pulse and glow with a faint iridescent luster. He had lived his whole life with that birthmark on his palm, but it never glowed like this before. Emrick assumed that it was just another odd occurrence that was happening to him and he promptly disregarded it as he suddenly got distracted.

The goblin found what he was looking for and a spark ignited a match that the goblin used to light an old lantern. The lantern then illuminated the goblin's horrifying face with devastating detail. He smiled frighteningly as he turned to walk away, beckoning Emrick to follow. The room was indeed laden with stone masonry like a castle or a fortified stronghold, and it was overloaded with what seemed like discarded items, abandoned keepsakes, and antique and vintage battle armaments.

"You're in the antechamber of my Master's abode," the goblin spoke as his crackling voice echoed coldly against the stark stone walls.

Emrick followed the goblin as he illuminated the way. Emrick had no idea his captor could speak. He thought to himself, if he could keep him talking, he might be able to distract him long enough to escape.

"Who's your Master?" Emrick inquired with his voice quivering with fear.

"Oh, you'll meet him soon enough," the goblin replied. "He so loves to surprise his guests!"

"Guests?" Emrick exclaimed. "Is this how you treat your guests?"

"Well, if I had shown myself to you, do you really think you would have just blindly followed a goblin like me to the land of Fromunda?" the goblin questioned. "Now that you're here, you might as well relax."

"Relax," Emrick growled.

"I am bound to do you no harm. It would greatly displease my Master!" he replied. "My name is Manknob, the Master's head goblin and the goblin king of all Fromunda. My master has sent me, his most trusted aid, to fetch you."

"Man Knob?" Emrick asked. "Seriously? Are you named that because of your grotesquely huge knobby man dick?"

"Not Man Knob," he corrected. "Manknob, and yes, as a matter of fact, I was nicknamed for that very reason!"

Emrick could see Manknob's face turn red as he tried to hide it from Emrick. He held the lantern high above his head and far enough away from his face to draw Emrick's attention away from him and his over inflated endowment as he then quickened his pace. If Manknob could be so easily embarrassed, he couldn't be all bad. Emrick then decided he would go along with Manknob willingly until he could meet his unseen Master and find out what this was all about. It had been years since Manknob was reminded of his embarrassing nickname and he was shocked and surprised that a total stranger would guess upon it so quickly.

As Manknob continued to talk, Emrick relaxed a bit, letting his fears ease. Emrick's fate depended on Manknob's loyalty to this Master of his, so he put his faith in him even though his Master was a person he knew nothing about.

As the pair reached the end of the long and dark corridor, Manknob held the lamp up to the wall and illuminated a pictograph of some sort. It was a representation of a large star with a heart inside of it.

Emrick was relieved that at least the symbol wasn't demonic in any way and wasn't being led to the Dark Lord for some kind of sacrificial ceremony.

Manknob then took the pendant from around his neck and used it like a key to activate the device. The glyph began to glow, barely perceptible at first. As the wall began to glow, Emrick's birthmark on his palm also began to glow, as if they were somehow connected. Then, as it began to glow brighter and brighter, his palm turned white and got very warm. Emrick's star, and the wall both lit up until the pendant key illuminated the entire wall, spreading from ceiling to floor, and Emrick's palm began to pulsate. It didn't cause any pain, but it startled him nonetheless.

The room became so bright that some of the more shiny objects in the room reflected into Emrick's eyes and he once again got distracted. He could now see that there were even more miscellaneous objects strewn about along with a fair amount of rubbish and clutter. It dawned on him that it was Manknob fumbling in the dark, trying to cross into Emrick's world to fetch him which explained the mysterious noises that had been plaguing Emrick's sleepless nights.

There was no apparent way in or out that Emrick could see within the range of the glowing wall or Manknob's lantern. Emrick had no idea how they got in, and could not see or sense any way of getting out either.

"It acts as a portal," Manknob said, anticipating Emrick's next question. "It's sort of a gateway between the `Realm of Upabove' and `The Kingdom of Fromunda'. Only a `Fromundian' can open the portal from this side, so I am going to have to be your guide."

"So you're saying that there's no getting out of here without you, is that right?" Emrick wondered.

"That's right," Manknob declared as a matter of fact.

A rectangle below the star began to open over the wall like a doorway. It appeared to be another inter-dimensional portal. Unlike the one under Emrick's bed, it opened wider and wider until it was the size of a typical door, large enough for the two of them to walk through. Once it was as big as it was going to get, the bright light from the other side lit up the area like a sun filled afternoon.

Manknob put out the lantern and set it aside. He squinted as he was temporarily blinded from the flood of light streaming in from the other side. Then he beckoned Emrick to follow. Emrick was hesitant to move into such a bright environment since he was still quite naked.

"Are you coming, or do I have to levitate you like before?" Manknob complained.

Without saying a word, Emrick covered his genitals with his hands and slowly ventured through the gateway and into the light. To his surprise, he had followed Manknob into a sunbathed meadow of green foliage and colorful flowers, surrounded by a thick forest that was so dense, he could only see a few feet beyond the tree line.

As Emrick looked around the clearing, he quickly realized it was populated by an abundance of townspeople, all going about their business. Every single one of them was naked and unconcerned about the presence of Emrick as he walked naked amongst them. He started to feel more at ease as his eyes wandered about his strange surroundings. Then, when he felt comfortable enough, he lowered his hands that were covering his genitalia and opened himself up to his surroundings. He began to realize that everyone had a perfectly lovely set of genitalia. That was to say, it was an all male society that was just like the erotic fantasy world of his most vivid dreams.

Once he had gotten his fill of checking out the townspeople and their arousing lifestyle, he focused his eyes ahead as Manknob escorted him to a large grassy mound. It began with an exquisite pathway that was lined with fragrant white flowers, the likes he had never seen before. That then led to a lavishly gilded throne that was adorned with silk, satin and old-fashioned tapestries that were encrusted with shiny jewels, rare golden threads and other types of rare ornaments. As they continued along the steep winding pathway closer to the throne, Emrick was startled to see someone sitting on the lofty perch. As they arrived at the steps of the throne, Manknob formally introduced Emrick to his Master.

Out of a show of respect, Emrick instinctively kneeled and bowed his head.

"Your majesty, this is Emrick of Upabove," Manknob announced with dignity and decorum. "And Emrick of Upabove, this is Feliwyn, prince of all Fromunda!"

Once the introductions were complete, Emrick rose from his genuflected position, opened his eyes and gazed upon the Prince. Perched regally upon his ornate throne was the most beautiful boy Emrick had ever seen in his entire life.

Feliwyn then stood to welcome his guest.

Feliwyn's eyes were a brilliant emerald green that rivaled the very clover that grew in abundance all around the base of the throne. His flawlessly smooth skin sparkled like gold in the warm Fromundian sun. He had an eminently regal mane of snowy white hair that swept past his shoulders and halfway down his back. His chest was firm and stately that unquestionably bolstered his noble decent. His rippling abs displayed the strength and courage of a classic warrior, though Emrick could see no battle scars. The young Prince's generous penis was circumcised with exacting precision since only the heirs of the throne received such a royal honor. His superb organ comfortably lay over his magnificent balls that were surrounded by the most delectable looking white hair that resembled the soft white powder of the first virgin snowfall. His legs, arms and feet confirmed that Emrick was indeed in the presence of a Prince. In essence, his body was perfect. If there was such a thing as love at first sight, then Emrick had just been hopelessly smitten.

Feliwyn extended his arms and beckoned Emrick to him. Emrick stood entranced. His feet began to pull him forward, almost as if they had a mind of their own.

As Emrick regained his composure, he stopped just within arms reach of this most attractive and seductive being. His heart soared and his dick grew as his mouth got dry and his knees buckled.

"I have been waiting a long time for you," Feliwyn said.

"Wait a minute," Emrick said, taking a deep breath. "Just hold on a minute. What? You've been waiting a long time for me? How do you know me?"

"I'm sorry to begin our union in such a way," Feliwyn began. "You must forgive me, but it was necessary to do things this way. Please... do not be angry. We were promised to each other at birth, almost like a betrothal. We were each born on the same day, but to very different lives. You were brought up in the `human' world, to learn the ways of the Upabove, while I was groomed to rule here, in the land of Fromunda. Together, we will form a sacred union that ties together the bonds of our two worlds, and, in fact, the very essence of all existence."

"Me?" Emrick questioned. "But I'm not royalty."

"Oh, but you are," Feliwyn explained. "We were both born at precisely midnight at the beginning of the summer solstice, a phenomenon that occurs only once in every generation. Did you not wonder about the star that adorns your palm on your right hand?"

"Well, kind of," Emrick confessed as he looked at his palm which was still glowing, even in the bright afternoon sun. "It's always been there, and I suppose that after fifteen years, I sort of forgot about it."

"You hold the star, and I hold the heart!" Feliwyn explained further as he held up his right hand and showed Emrick the heart that adorned his palm. "It is the symbol of the union of our two worlds, and that's what makes you royalty. It is our destiny. I'd know you anywhere, even without looking at your hand."

"But I've never met you before," Emrick stated as he shook his head in disbelief. "How can you possibly know me? This is an awful lot to process."

"But you do know me," Feliwyn confirmed. "Since you were five years old and old enough to understand, I've been coming to you every night in your dreams. For ten years, we've frolicked together in love, piece and harmony. Sometimes, I would come to you as your loyal dog that ran at your side while we bonded like brothers. Sometimes I was the wind that kissed your face as your spirit ran free to have countless adventures. Most often, I just watched over you, holding off the nightmares with my very life to keep you safe. Did you ever wonder why you always had pleasant dreams? Did you ever notice that you never had a single nightmare? It was because I was always there with you, sharing our lives in the realm of `nocturnal visions'."

"Well, I suppose, now that you mentioned it," Emrick confessed. "I just thought I was blessed or something."

"You were blessed," Feliwyn said. "You were blessed with the opportunity to live among both worlds, the world of the living and the world of dreams. You have experienced the realm of Upabove and now you will experience the land of Fromunda. It's now time to embrace our fates. Join me and together we can explore all that our two worlds have to offer. Join me and my kingdom as we rule our two worlds with fairness, understanding and most of all, love!"

Emrick thought for a moment as everything fell into place. As he thought back, he subconsciously knew that Feliwyn was correct. He knew his benefactor even better than he realized and just like that, it all made sense. Every dream that Emrick ever had, bore the presence of Feliwyn's amazing spirit.

Feliwyn pulled Emrick into an embrace and for the first time, ten years of carefree dreams became reality as his dream lover now became flesh and blood.

As Emrick finally touched Feliwyn, all the times that Feliwyn had come to Emrick in his many mystical and cryptic forms, came flooding back to him, and no matter what form Feliwyn took on, he now recognized his warm, protecting presence that he came to love without question. Not only did Emrick remember all those dreams, he also remembered all the times that Feliwyn had come to him as his fantasy lover. Emrick wondered why he had experienced so many more nocturnal emissions than all of his friends combined would admit to. It was Feliwyn coming to him as his fantasy lover, giving Emrick all the astronomical wet dreams they both could handle.

Then, Feliwyn held out his right hand and Emrick instinctively held out his. Feliwyn's heart and Emrick's star began to flash, alternating between each other. Just before their hands joined, Feliwyn's heart turned red, and Emrick's star turned white. As their hands connected, Emrick felt Feliwyn's heart beating underneath his star embellished palm and he instantly knew that everything Feliwyn had told him was true.

Symbolically, the star holds the heart, but in reality, Emrick had always held Feliwyn's heart in his hands and never knew it until now. Feliwyn freely gave his heart to Emrick and Emrick knew it was truly where it belonged, sharing one heart between the two of them.

Emrick felt that all his dreams had finally come true. Not only did he feel at home with the free-spirited people of Fromunda, he also felt he finally connected with the long lost brother that only could come to him in his dreams. The bliss of being welcomed and becoming royalty with his soul mate and lover filled Emrick with warmth and great joy. Feliwyn showed Emrick all the tenderness and respect that was due a man of royalty. Feliwyn was so mature and stately himself that he made Emrick forget that they both were only fifteen years old, but the importance of their ages seemed to disappear as Feliwyn stood and led Emrick into his private royal garden, hand in hand.

Emrick got another instant boner as he recognized the beautifully situated, flower lined gazebo where he and Feliwyn had engaged in wild and passionate lovemaking in Emrick's many erotic wet dreams. It was further proof that the dreams Emrick experienced were indeed real. Feliwyn also got excited and sported an amazing erection as well, as he escorted Emrick to their well-established place of passion. What Emrick and Feliwyn had done numerous times in their shared dreams, they were finally about to do in the flesh. Knowing that they were about to consummate their unique union together made both their hearts race and their spirits soar. As they climbed the four stairs to their special sanctuary, Emrick saw the immaculately decorated bed that had been meticulously prepared for this momentous occasion. Feliwyn took Emrick into his strong and loving arms, gently picked him up and carried him to the bed in a symbolic gesture similar to carrying one's lover over the threshold.

As Feliwyn lowered Emrick onto the bed, Emrick pulled Feliwyn into bed with him, having him fall on top of him. The two boys pulled each other even closer until their lips touched, turning into a sweet, gentle kiss. Their chests and bellies made contact as they felt each other's strength and virility. Their fully inflated erections slowly dueled, sending surges of electricity through both their bodies while their toes curled and intertwined, completing their passionate indoctrination from the world of dreams, into the world of the flesh.

Their physical connection was just as magically fulfilling and electrifying in the flesh as it was in their dreams. They moved into a sixty-nine position and drew each other's cocks into their mouths. In addition to the erotic feeling they derived from that, they could readily taste each other's manhood as they suckled down. It was a sweet touch of reality that they now realized was noticeably missing from when they made love in their dreams.

Also missing from Emrick's dreams were some other small, yet essential details that aroused Emrick's senses, such as the soft furriness of Feliwyn's snowy white hair that adorned his sexy pubic region. It tickled Emrick's nose as he deep throated Feliwyn's cock down his receptive throat. Another thing Emrick noticed was missing from his dreams was the thrill of inhaling Feliwyn's intoxicating masculine fragrance that sensuously fueled their passion.

Feliwyn was equally enamored with Emrick's many sexual attributes. There were also many details about Emrick that Feliwyn couldn't experience in the dream world as well. One thing was, Emrick's human tongue was shaped differently and had a texture to it that Feliwyn did not expect. The papillae on Emrick's tongue abundantly stimulated Feliwyn's smooth cock, causing his body to twitch and spasm. His tongue also provided more surface area, creating more tongue-to-cock contact with Feliwyn's organ than a Fromundian tongue could, sending Feliwyn soaring into the clouds. The two boys had brought each other to near explosion in record time. The anticipation of sharing a real world orgasm between them for the very first time was overwhelming and the slightest touch of each other's bodies was electrifying. Their cum-loads were locked and loaded, and had them both teetering on the edge of an epic eruption. They both heaved with laboring breaths as they prepared to offer each other their tasty prize, the most valuable gifts their naked bodies could produce for each other.

Their years of making love with their `nocturnal vision' had not even begun to prepare them for the real world climax they were about to experience. They both had brought each other so close to their orgasm that they now moved side by side on the bed as close as they could get to each other. They quickly reached across to each other's cocks, boldly finishing one another off using broad, deliberate and exquisitely sensual strokes.

Their noble chests rose and fell with each breath and their muscular abs rippled with delight as they stroked each other to a stellar grand finale.

Feliwyn gazed over at Emrick's cock to watch him blow and Emrick did not disappoint him. Emrick took two deep breaths and then held it as his entire body shook and shuddered. His cock finally spewed his liquid essence in a wild display of teenage virility, pumping numerous squirts of his thick, white boy juice high into the air. Emrick's erotic performance of flying sperm excited Feliwyn. He had never seen a human male shoot sperm before and he was greatly impressed. Emrick continued and flung away every drop of semen his balls could produce, leaving his body to buck and convulse. Feliwyn then doubled his efforts and stroked Emrick mercilessly. Feliwyn derived great pleasure from being able to make Emrick's body react this way, although he truly did not understand what he was doing.

Feliwyn did not know that the human penis becomes oversensitive once they orgasm. Feliwyn only knew what he could gather from their dreams. The second Emrick would climax in the real world; he would wake up and sever the connection with Feliwyn in the dream world. Therefore, Feliwyn never learned about this fundamental difference between them.

On the other hand, unknown to Emrick, Fromundian male physiology is quite different from humans. First off, Fromundian males don't shoot their loads into the air as human males can. They kind of ooze their load slowly, allowing the Fromundian male sperm to be more mobile and aggressive, sensing their destination and racing to it for all they're worth. Therefore, when a Fromundian male ejaculates, their orgasm is only at the halfway point, so they continue to stimulate themselves long after they ejaculate their semen before a complete orgasm can be achieved. Their orgasms may not be as intense or explosive as human climaxes, but their orgasms last significantly longer than humans. They come down from their orgasmic high more sensibly too, creating a more gentle, and fulfilling experience.

Now that Emrick had spread his noble seed half way across the bed, Feliwyn collected as much of Emrick's creamy offering as he could and savored it, not wanting to waste a single drop of his precious gift.

It was now Feliwyn's turn to climax. Emrick was more curious than ever to taste the sweet nectar of his Fromundian Prince. He repositioned himself between Feliwyn's legs and crawled up to his cock. Then, he once again drew Feliwyn's luscious cock into his mouth as it swelled just prior to releasing its abundant contents. Emrick did not know about Feliwyn's special Fromundian physiology, but when Feliwyn released the first of his load, Emrick instinctively sucked him more vigorously as Feliwyn continued to release small batches of his warm and sweet milk for his partner. Emrick easily swallowed Feliwyn's measured offering as it drizzled out in an annoyingly slow fashion. For Emrick, it was like drawing a triple thick milkshake through a straw. Feliwyn's body stiffened and his muscles rippled and trembled under Emrick's unusually assertive technique. He continued to suction out Feliwyn's delicious load from his cock as fast as he could draw it, creating a vacuum around his cock and coaxing the contents from his balls until he had drained every last drop from his partner. When Emrick realized he had siphoned every ounce of juice that Feliwyn had to offer, he stopped, looked up and grinned as Feliwyn's body collapsed in a heap, having endured the most intense orgasm a Fromundian can have.

After Emrick and Feliwyn's consummation, a very sexy and erotic coronation ceremony was performed as the citizens of Fromunda gathered to celebrate the sanctified union of their Prince to his champion from the land of Upabove.

Emrick considered himself blessed. Not only had he grown up with his benefactor, protector, savior, friend and lover in his dreams for the last ten years, but now he got to have the living, breathing, genuine article in the flesh. Everything about Feliwyn and Fromunda felt right to Emrick as the two boys embraced their destiny, the star and the heart, as one.

The End

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