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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #1

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber



It was Friday and Marcus Nathan Hollister was filled with trepidation as he watched the clock count down the last few minutes of the school day. All of his potential victims would be escaping to the security of their homes and he desperately needed to feed.

Marcus was officially a `Lamia de Sperma', Latin for sperm vampire. The name spermpire evolved from something Vladimir, the original spermpire, supposedly told his victims roughly a decade ago. He said it was like being a vampire only instead of lusting for blood, the lust is for sperm. That's where the similarities ended. Besides, it wasn't really like a vampire since there is no such thing in real life. Being a spermpire, however, was all too real for Marcus and the others who shared his sad state of existence. At any rate, a spermpire is what Marcus had become while surviving as a runaway orphan. Being a spermpire was even harder than being a mythical blood sucking vampire in many ways. Living a spermpire's life had been a living hell for Marcus, so much so that he wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy.

The bell hadn't rung yet but the teacher ignored the class as they began to leave early. Marcus stepped away from his desk and walked towards the exit, dropping his test into the basket on the corner of the teacher's desk with the others. It was the beginning of a relaxing weekend for everyone else but not for Marcus. Starvation was beginning to take its toll. His recent failure to find a willing host to feed upon was starting to make Marcus have that pale look of malnutrition. The longing for a satisfying meal of boy cream starts to gnaw at a spermpire every thirty to forty days depending on the success of his inoculation. When the urgent need to feed hits a spermpire, he has roughly 24 hours to feed or he'll die in agonizing pain. The pain initiates in the balls and Marcus's were already very sore. Most try to head that off by finding a victim ahead of time. The longer he waits, the weaker he gets. The lack of a decent meal so far this month while living in a cornucopia of plenty was making Marcus feel anxious and fraught with desperation. There was enough freshly matured and viable sperm hanging between the legs of the school's male student body to populate the world ten thousand times over, yet Marcus was at the end of his rope trying to fulfill his own modest needs.

As the bell rang, the hallways and corridors overflowed with an abundance of teenage inmates who were being remanded back into the custody of their individual families. Marcus lost his family at the beginning of the school year in a house fire. He escaped the system that would have placed him in an orphanage or foster care and fled to a different community where nobody knew him. He survived a while in the wooded area surrounding Mangelson Park and used the restroom to wash up in and ate from scraps in the trash can. Little league day was the best because of the snack bar leftovers. Marcus was a survivor. That's when he met Jonah, the spermpire who changed his life forever. In exchange, Jonah arranged for the community master, Brock, to provide a place to live and the basic necessities of life. It had not turned out to be a good trade. Knowing he had no family to go home to, Marcus walked slowly down the hallway towards the heavy steel doors, consumed by the pain of his tragic life. He hated going alone each day to the dingy cabin outside of town where he and three other spermpire brothers lived together, including Jonah.

Marcus was quickly deteriorating into a state where his darkest animal instincts were beginning to prevail over his better judgment and this was scaring him. Some spermpires grew callous to the results of their actions but not Marcus. It had gotten down to the wire and Marcus had to make some kind of a choice and he had to make it today. He'd always managed to satiate his needs without forcing himself on a victim and had promised himself never to do that. Unfortunately, every attempt at enticing one of his classmates to willingly submit to a feeding had been thwarted.

His last supplier had been a boy in his biology class named Kyle. Kyle was a very willing supplier and Marcus wished it didn't take so long for boys to recover after he drained them. He couldn't even count how many boys he had solicited this semester and had failed to entice even the most effeminate acting boys into trying a little fun. He blamed Mr. Matthews, in part, for his candid and somewhat gory health class lesson on STD's. He showed his classes several disgusting images of diseased penises that had become the talk of the campus. These latest images earned Mr. Matthews a trip to the principal's office. It definitely scared the hell out of some of the impressionable young minds even if most of what the teacher described was extreme. Whatever the reasons, Marcus had finally run out of candidates.

Normally, Marcus targeted the hot cuties for his victims and groomed them for a while first. He'd recently become so desperate that he'd even offered a new X-box, that he planned to steal, to a zit faced gamer geek, who spent his lunch breaks in the computer lab searching out computer game cheat codes. Marcus tried to entice him with a few X-box codes he had acquired in exchange for a little taste of his creamy nectar. His desperation nearly resulted in disaster. The gamer geek freaked out on him and threatened to report him to the Vice-principal, Ms. Thorn. Then the little geek wasted no time spilling his guts amongst his fellow geeks, who were often Marcus's best source of victims since they had little chance of satisfying their burgeoning sexual urges with the babes. His body was painfully reminding him that it was time to feed and now there was precious little time left to waste. He knew and deeply feared the consequences of pushing the limits. The very thought of it made him shudder.

His eyes remained peeled for that elusive boy who would fit the bill and allow him access to their personal cum-feteria. A simple snack would normally suffice to tide him over but he had gone far beyond that point and needed a full banquet to appease his cravings. Marcus's standards began to plummet as the scent of maturing sperm emanating from the balls of every boy within a hundred yards filled his senses. He had to act quickly for in the next few minutes, the school would become deserted as the youthful hoards began their mass exodus for home.

As he followed the mob outside, he watched prospect after prospect leave the school grounds. In a fit of desperation, his eyes locked onto Donny from across the school parking lot. Up to now, Marcus had been avoiding Donny out of personal deference. Marcus had secretly been crushing on Donny for a long time and he even had a hot fantasy about the two of them hitting it off and becoming lovers. He figured someday he might have a shot with him and he didn't want to spoil that chance by turning him into a random victim of his voracious spermpire appetite. Marcus was almost as desperate for an emotional relationship as he was for the taste of sperm. Living the life of an unattached spermpire at the tender age of seventeen, without a family to call his own, was becoming burdensome and lonely for him. Even so, his cravings were powerful, his defenses were down and in a moment of weakness, he found himself being drawn to Donny like a moth to a flame. He caught up with Donny and casually struck up a conversation, all the while struggling to keep his urges under control.

"Hey, that was some math test today, wasn't it?" Marcus asked as he tried to break the ice with Donny in the most laidback, non threatening way possible.

"It wasn't too bad, but I can't believe what a witch Ms. Schitz is for giving us a test on a Friday afternoon," Donny answered. "You're Marcus right?"

"Right. And you're Donny, right?"


"Well, at least we know each other's names," Marcus observed.

"We should. We've been in the same math class together all semester," Donny said.

"Are you walking home?"

"Yeah, just like every other day at this time, but you already know that. I've seen you watching me."

"You have? Well, is it okay if I walk with you today?" Marcus said, feeling more than a little nervous and trying not to appear too forward.

"It's a free country, do what you want!"

There was something about Marcus he found mysterious and compelling and at the same time dark and foreboding. Donny had sensed Marcus's furtive glances since the beginning of the school year, but he was just too shy to approach him about it. Now it seemed more than a coincidence that just last night, he'd dreamed about the two of them finding each other alone on a deserted island, naked and horny, making love amidst a thunderous storm, and suddenly here was Marcus, essentially introducing himself and making the first move. Donny was beginning to understand that he was different from the other boys. He didn't share the almost hysterical fascination with girls and their lumpy chests. His fascination lay in between his male classmates' legs and he had spent many a boring lecture about equations and square roots, pondering the cubic dimensions of Marcus's equipment. Now that they had gotten past the basic introductions, they walked on in awkward silence for a while, neither one of them sure what to say next. Marcus sensed Donny's racing heart and fresh secretion of pheromones which was Marcus's first indication that he had made a real connection with Donny.

As the two boys rounded the corner by the large oak tree onto Donny's street, they finally spoke.

"Well, this is my block," Donny said.

An elderly woman in a faded blue house dress was watering her petunias. She looked up from behind her white picket fence and smiled at Donny as he approached, then glared at the new, young stranger he was with. Her small dog, which was sound asleep by her side, was awakened by Marcus's presence and growled in a deep reverberating tone.

"Hey, Mrs. Cornwalt," Donny said with a small wave.

"Hello, Donovan," she said with a cautious glare. "Who is your companion?"

"Umm, this is my friend from math class, Marcus."

Marcus smiled and gave a small wave, but Mrs. Cornwalt didn't wave back or even crack a smile. She simply intensified her glare. Marcus worried that she was a `Sybil', a prophet of the oracles that the new spermpire master, Malik, had warned all the spermpires about. Malik had taken over for Brock after Brock's untimely demise. Marcus wondered what happened to Brock. Some rumors said that a Sybil had gotten to him. Marcus feared that Mrs. Cornwalt was easily seeing into his corrupted soul. This lady was old but not old enough to be one of the few things a spermpire fears. After looking at her more closely, he dismissed the idea and shoved his hand back into his pocket. He wasn't all that sure about the whole Sybil thing anyway. He took a deep breath and broke eye contact just as a precaution while the two of them walked past.

"Here we are," Donny said pushing the gate open. "Wanna go in the backyard and see my weenies?"

Marcus blinked and froze in his place. A momentary thought crossed his mind about how amazing it would be if Donny actually had more than one penis and he was willing to show them to him just like that, without any effort on his part at all. Then he thought of something even better. If he had two sets of balls, he could suck one set one month and then do the other set the following month. That would make Donny the perfect donor.

"Umm, did you say weenies, like plural?"

"Yeah, I got two of them."

Marcus actually started to sweat and stammered a bit. Donny sounded completely serious. Marcus started salivating and gnawing slightly on his lower lip and said, "I g-g-guess. Sure."


Donny tossed his backpack on the whitewashed, front porch and practically skipped around the side of the house to a chain link gate. He gave a quick, two tone whistle. Two well groomed Dachshunds scrambled up the dirt path, racing to be first at the gate, hoping for a treat. "The dark brown one is Oscar and the lighter one is Mayer."

Marcus started to laugh at himself for his ridiculous misunderstanding.

"What?" Donny grimaced.

"Oh nothing, I just... thought... umm, those are funny names for weenie dogs." Marcus said, thinking fast on his feet. If Donny only knew what it was he was thinking, they'd both be laughing.

"Thanks. I came up with it on my own. We got them when I was fourteen." Donny squatted down and poked his long fingers through the fencing and scratched at the two dogs' muzzles.

"Hey guys, have you missed me?" The two little dogs wiggled their behinds in excitement.

Marcus stepped up toward the fence and knelt down next to Donny. His sinuses were overwhelmed with the smell of dog semen. Both dogs stopped wagging their tails and locked their gaze on Marcus as they slowly backed away three or four steps. "What the heck?" Donny said in a puzzled tone.

"How come they haven't been fixed? Aren't you afraid of unwanted pups?" Marcus asked.

"Heck no, these guys are both purebred studs. I make like 500 big ones every time we rent them out to stud. How could you tell they weren't fixed?"

"Holy crap, are you serious?" Marcus exclaimed, ignoring the question of how he knew about the dogs' virility. "500 bucks? What lucky dogs. I wish I could get paid 500 bucks to breed." That statement made Donny laugh. Marcus laughed too and started making a humping motion with his hips then held out his hand and said, "That'll be 500 dollars if you please, and tips are graciously accepted as well."

"You're funny" Donny said. "Come on. Let me show you my backyard."

The dogs kept a wide berth around Marcus as Donny opened the back gate. Marcus was used to animals avoiding him, but that was the second thing he'd promised never to do. He wondered though just how far desperation could drive him. According to Jonah, some spermpires had resorted to using animals to survive, but the aftereffects weren't pleasant.

Donny had a boy's wet dream for a backyard. There was a tree house perched some 12 feet in the air with a knotted rope hanging from a trap door in the floor. In the middle of the yard was a tall swing set with two large swings on it like they have at Mangelson Park. A covered sandbox was in a corner that appeared to have become Oscar and Mayer's outhouse. The crowning touch was a BMX track around the perimeter, wide enough for three bikes with jumps and bermed corners. To the side of the swing set was a six foot tall skateboard ramp and other obstacles formed out of cement with steel rails embedded into the concrete edges.

"Wow, you got some gnarly backyard, dude."

"Thanks," Donny said. "My dad's a contractor. He specializes in concrete work but he's good at building all kinds of stuff."

The two of them skated for a bit and then sat in the swings and swung lazily back and forth. The conversation started to flow as they found more and more in common.

"What you got planned for the summer?" Marcus asked.

"Not much. Just hanging out pretty much."

"That sounds kinda boring. Plan on going to any camps or anything?"

"Nah, I never do that. I'll probably have to go help my dad on some jobs, but I get some money for that too," Donny offered.

"What you planning to do with all this bank you're making?" Marcus asked.

"Saving up for a truck."

"Serious? Cool. What kind?"

"Whatever I can afford," Donny sighed. "I'd like to get a Ford F-150 and get it raised a bit with some kickin' rims and mud tires. If I get a truck, I might start breeding pigs."

"Isn't that illegal in this state?"

"What? Why would it be ill ..., shut up! Oh my god, that's sick!"

"Sorry. I couldn't resist," Marcus laughed. "But seriously, I'd love having my own truck. I probably won't get to drive until I'm a lot older and can get a real job."

Even though Marcus was hitting it off with Donny, a wave of pain shot through him as a rolling cramp erupted from his balls, ripped through his stomach, up his spine and into the limbic system of his brain. His hunger was reminding him that he didn't have much time, so he reluctantly turned on his spermpire charm and began wearing down Donny's defenses before the rents got home. Marcus went and sat on Donny's back doorstep and Oscar, who had been resting there, scampered away. Donny came over and sat next to him. Marcus had charmed him right where he wanted him. He looked deeply into Donny's eyes and implemented his perfectly timed hypnotic suggestion.

"Are your parents at home?" Marcus asked.

"No, my Dad gets home from work around six o'clock," Donny reluctantly revealed.

Donny reached into his pocket, and in an act of inexplicable compulsion, pulled out his keys and stared at them.

"What about your mom?"

"Haven't got one."

"Oh, sorry man. Divorce?"

"No, she died when I was like three."

"Wow. That sucks," Marcus sighed and then changed the subject. "Well then, are you going to invite me in? I'm kind of thirsty," Marcus boldly asked as he artfully manipulated Donny's free will into submission.

"Yeah, I guess so," Donny said and irresponsibly unlocked the door.

Donny knew he shouldn't be inviting anybody in. He had strict instructions from his dad that no guests or strangers were allowed in the house until he got home. Nevertheless, Donny discovered he didn't have the power to deny Marcus his bidding. Donny didn't realize it but he was now under Marcus's control as they both crossed the threshold of Donny's inner sanctum. Even though Marcus had only been a spermpire since the beginning of his junior year, he was naturally good at projecting his will onto his potential victims. Some spermpires with years more experience had to rely strictly on the use of their venom, which required a kiss.

"You have a nice house," Marcus observed as he checked everything out. It was clean and orderly, although very modest.

"Yeah thanks," Donny responded. "My bedroom is at the end of the hallway."

"Wow, okay. Are you suggesting something?" Marcus said.

Donny looked puzzled and then he blushed. "What I meant was, we can hang out in there for a while if you want," Donny clarified as he realized what he'd just said must have sounded like. He wondered to himself if part of his brain had let that slip intentionally. "That's where all my stuff is at. We could watch a movie, play video games or mess around. On my computer I mean."

"Sure, sounds like fun," Marcus said. "I hope you know I was just messing with you."

"Yeah, I know. It's cool."

Donny felt anything but cool. His heart rate was ramping up and his palms were starting to sweat. Donny gave Marcus a smile and then opened the door to the fridge to check out the sparse choices. He spied some SunnyD and poured them each a tall glass and then led his new friend down the hallway to his room.

As they passed an open door on the right, Marcus caught a muted scent of another young male. It was different yet comparable to Donny's scent, younger but teetering on the verge of maturity. When they entered Donny's room, Marcus took a good look around. He quickly read the spines on all the DVD movies Donny had lined up on his bookshelf and noticed he had a fondness for Disney Animation. He had pictures of Gaston and the Beast from `Beauty and the Beast' as well as Eric from `The Little Mermaid' on his dresser along with two crossed swords hung on the wall above them. The oddest feature of all for a teenage boy's room was a small diorama of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. He also noticed the cleanliness and proclivity for order as everything was categorized in groups, leaving nothing out of place. Marcus's gaydar was right on the money with Donny as the word `BINGO' flashed in his head.

"So, what do you want to do?" Donny asked.

"Let's surf," Marcus suggested.

"Okay," Donny said as he booted up his computer. "What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know," Marcus said. "We'll figure that out as we go."

Once Donny's computer was ready, he relinquished his desk chair to Marcus. "She's all yours, Captain!"

"Thank you, Corporal!" Marcus remarked.

Donny sat at the edge of his bed just behind Marcus and Marcus graciously sat down in the command chair. He grabbed the mouse and clicked the icon to open the Internet Explorer. The program loaded and a dialog box immediately appeared.

`Your last browsing session closed unexpectedly'. Then he was given a choice. `Restore Your Last Session' or `Go To My Home Page'.

Marcus's inquisitive nature took over and he moved the mouse over and clicked on `Restore'.

"Nooo..." Donny shouted out in a panic, but it was too late.

A second later, a website called `JackinWorld' opened, revealing to Marcus what Donny had been viewing on the Internet on his last session.

"Oh, JackinWorld, I love this site!" Marcus gleefully exclaimed. "There's like hundreds of masturbation techniques with directions on how to do each one of them."

"You know this site?" Donny questioned.

"Sure, it's one of my favorites," Marcus bragged. "I've tried about twenty different techniques so far. They're all great. Eventually, I'm going to try every one of them. So far, my all time favorite is number four – the `Stop and Go'. Most people call it edging. It can be quite a challenge learning how to control yourself and not allow yourself to blow your load for like an hour at a time. I do that one a lot! How about you? Have you tried that one?"

Donny stared at Marcus in amazement. His shyness prevented him from answering. They had found yet another thing they had in common and of all things, it had to do with sex and masturbation.

"Come on, admit it, you've tried some of these techniques, haven't you?" Marcus asked.

"Ah... yeah... a few," Donny answered as he averted his eyes away from Marcus.

"Don't be shy," Marcus said. "All boys jerk off from time to time. If you don't, your body will make you have wet dreams and that's just a waste of a perfectly good orgasm. If you whack off regularly, you'll at least get to enjoy it while you're awake rather than letting your body do it to you while you're asleep."

"Yeah, I suppose," Donny said, still looking away.

"Which one is your favorite?" Marcus boldly inquired.

Donny was mortified that Marcus would bluntly ask such an awkward question and now he was even more embarrassed because this line of questioning had caused Donny to pop a boner in his pants that was impossible to hide.

"I guess the `Rosy Palm'," Donny squeaked.

"Yeah, I like that one too, in fact, I like all of them so far," Marcus revealed. "They're all great if you're stuck doing it all by yourself. I think it's more fun if you share it with a friend, don't you agree?"

Donny looked Marcus in the eyes to see if he was being serious or if he was just messing with him again. Marcus seized the opportunity, locked eyes with Donny and initiated another hypnotic suggestion.

"Let's pick out one of these techniques and do it with each other." Marcus suggested. "We could have a little fun before your dad or little brother comes home. What do you say?"

After a brief pause and against his nature, Donny consented through a cloudy mist of confusion.

"I guess I want to try doing one with you. But how did you know I had a little brother?"

"I smelled... umm, his dirty socks in his room. I have a powerful sense of smell."

Donny just looked at him quizzically and continued to shiver inside.

Getting naked with Marcus and choosing to do something from the long list of techniques on the JackinWorld website was erotic and exciting but at the same time petrifying. Donny had fantasized many times about doing sex stuff with Marcus but now that it was about to happen, Donny got scared and froze.

He knew he had disobeyed his dad's rule about not having anyone in the house while he was away. He also knew that his little brother, Tony, was due to come home soon from his after school activity. Nevertheless, knowing this wasn't enough to stop the events that had been set into motion. If Tony found out that Donny had allowed a guest in the house against his dad's wishes, there was no telling what he might do. Still, the thrill of what was happening was overpowering as it started to look like Marcus might actually jack his dick and he might get to touch Marcus's too.

"I know," Marcus offered. "I'll pick something and we can do that for a while and then you can pick something and we'll do that one for a while, how's that sound?"

Donny shook his head yes and allowed Marcus to make the first choice. His stomach was fluttering in anticipation. Marcus moved the mouse over to the `JackinExpert Collection' and chose `Fun for Two'. Then Marcus chose `69 Mutual' and read the directions out loud to Donny.

"In a variation on the classic `69' sex position, the two partners face in opposite directions and masturbate each other. This can be done in many imaginative combinations." Once he finished reading the directions, he looked over his shoulder to Donny sitting behind him and said, "Imaginative combinations, I like the sound of that!"

Marcus got up out of the desk chair and turned to face Donny. Donny looked at Marcus with a bewildered look of a deer caught in the headlights, frozen in place. Marcus reached over and began to pull Donny's shirt off over his head. Donny reacted as if he had no free will and slowly raised his arms to allow Marcus to proceed.

Donny was being systematically stripped and he was offering no resistance even though his heart was racing and a thousand thoughts flashed through his mind about why this shouldn't be happening. He was even more petrified now as getting stripped naked in front of someone else was becoming a reality. Marcus slowly moved both of his hands over Donny's chest and then around to the back of his neck. He supported Donny's head and leaned down to give him his first kiss. Donny closed his eyes as Marcus came closer, drawing their lips together.

The delicate touch of Marcus's lips as they met in divine splendor caused Donny's body to shudder. He'd never been kissed on the lips before, by a male or female, romantically or otherwise. It was a first that would forever be etched in his memory.

Time was running out and Marcus knew he had to initiate his feeding ritual now while Donny was still under his influence and home alone. Marcus parted Donny's lips with his spermpire tongue and pried open his oral cavern. Then he pressed the tip of his tongue to the roof of Donny's mouth and shot a stream of concentrated dopamine and oxytocin and an organic form of gamma hydroxybutyric acid from under his spermpire tongue, directly into Donny's unsuspecting mouth. Donny's physical reaction to the substance being shot into his mouth was mild at best. He was already under Marcus's hypnotic mind control and now with the addition of Marcus's bodily controlling secretions, Donny was essentially helpless to resist. With the serum planted, Marcus's initiation of the feeding ritual was complete. Marcus's cocktail of secretions would now ensure that things would go smoothly from this point. Marcus and Donny were bonded together physiologically and there was no turning back. Donny melted into complete submissiveness and both boys fell into a mutual trance, Donny, from the dopamine cocktail in Marcus's spermpire serum and Marcus, from the anticipation of getting an intense infusion of fresh sperm. Donny had now entirely forgotten about the `no visitors rule' and the fact that Tony would be coming home soon. Donny was completely in another world as Marcus continued to guide him down the road of willing surrender.

While still locked in their embrace, Marcus guided Donny's body up and off the bed. He unbuttoned his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. Marcus gently fondled Donny's balls and stiff erection through the fabric of his briefs. Donny gasped at the sudden sensation of Marcus's sensual touch and drew in a difficult, deep breath through their lingering kiss. Once Marcus got the reaction he was expecting from Donny, he gave himself the green light to continue. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of Donny's ultra-tight briefs to eliminate the last barrier between him and his meal. With the skill of a pickpocket, he wiggled them down until they dropped on top of his pants, landing in a clothes pile at his feet. Donny was now nude down to his ankles. Marcus intentionally maintained his oral embrace with Donny to discourage him from offering any resistance. Still locked together at the lips, Marcus gently lowered Donny back onto his bed and laid his head upon his soft pillow.

Marcus finally broke their seemingly endless lip lock and stood up to take a good look at Donny's naked body. Marcus was extremely pleased with what he saw. Donny had the most perfect seventeen year old boy boner he'd ever seen. His balls were impeccably plump and as appetizing as a juicy ripe plum, sweetened on the tree just waiting to be picked and devoured. Initially, Marcus felt bad for what he was about to do to Donny, especially after how well the two of them were getting along. Then a few seconds later, his rapacious desire ripped his logic away from him and he reverted to his primal instincts once again. Marcus began to think only about how Donny was going to taste to him as he feasted on his magnificent, fully loaded balls.

Marcus pulled Donny's pants and briefs off from around his ankles and kneeled down between Donny's legs. His cock was as stiff and engorged as a cock could be on a boy of his age. Marcus began to drool as the vision of his victim's flawless package caused him to experience a rash of ravenously inhuman cravings. Marcus's voracious appetite for what Donny's perfectly formed balls concealed within them began to consume his thoughts as he struggled to maintain his composure. Marcus had to be careful. He didn't want to spook his young prey now that he had successfully charmed the pants off him. The hearts of both predator and prey were pounding together as one now as Marcus prepared to perform the most essential part of the feeding process. He leaned down an inch above Donny's pulsating cock and inhaled its fragrance. The pheromone rich aroma of Donny's young developing manhood shot waves of desire throughout every inch of Marcus's sperm starved body. He found the hormones that coursed through Donny's bloodstream to be excruciatingly intoxicating. It had been too long since his last feeding and his lust for sperm had escalated out of control.

Marcus extended his tongue and licked the underside of Donny's balls and allowed the two, sperm engorged testicles to cascade over his tongue while Marcus watched Donny's cock pulsate to the rhythm of his beating heart. He paused for a moment, mesmerized by Donny's dancing dick, and then continued his ritual. Marcus wrapped his tongue around the base of Donny's cock just above his balls and sensuously tongue bathed his cock as he traversed the length of his shaft, ending at the tip of his circumcised dick. Donny remained frozen and spellbound as he watched Marcus lick him in the most intimate and erotic way.

This was beyond Donny's wildest fantasies. He had expected to get stroked and instead he was being licked. He lifted his head and watched as Marcus's tongue traversed his precious dick. The sensation was similar to the time he'd spread peanut butter on his dick and let Oscar and Mayer lick it clean. But this was so much more sensual and emotionally charged compared to the other experience, which was kind of creepy and disturbing. Marcus hovered over Donny's small piss slit with great anticipation. It was here at the apex of Donny's cock where Marcus's much anticipated meal would ultimately be delivered. Marcus's body shuddered at the smooth fleshy texture and pungent flavor of Donny's boy boner and in that moment, he knew he was about to win the sperm lottery. All thoughts of the 69 position went out the window for both of the boys at this point.

Marcus's emotional and physical attraction to Donny was everything he'd hoped it would be. Marcus dreamed of having someone in his life like Donny. Unfortunately it all seemed unlikely now. What he was about to do, had to be done as a matter of survival. As Marcus involuntarily got caught up in a feeding frenzy, his victim let out a sensuous moan through his spermpire induced, hypnotic fog and Marcus experienced a profound transformation that had never happened with any of his prior victims. The need for the life giving sperm was mixed with the need for an emotional attachment. It wasn't just about sucking the victim dry and discarding him after use. Donny had now surrendered his heart, body and soul to Marcus and Marcus sensed it. He realized that Donny wanted more than a simple, meaningless blowjob. He felt Donny's emotions and sensed his intense desire for bonding. Donny's emotions mixed and commingled with Marcus's, leaving Marcus shaken and confused. In the connection, Donny lifted his head and watched Marcus intently, suddenly understanding that this was not casual sex play between boys for Marcus. He recognized he was providing something to Marcus that was desperately needed. Exactly what was being required of him, he was not certain, but in that moment, Donny granted Marcus his permission. He ceased being Marcus's victim and became his willing sacrifice, freely giving Marcus the sustenance he required by forfeiting his virile, life giving sperm, which Donny considered to be the ultimate symbol of his burgeoning manhood.

By giving himself over to Marcus at this time, an unbreakable bond formed between hunter and prey, causing them to transcend the boundaries of their unconventional relationship. It was a very different kind of bond than the one shared between Donny and Tony as siblings. As Donny surrendered himself and powerlessly watched Marcus perform his spermpire ritual on him, he remembered how proud he felt when he'd finally started producing cum about two years ago. Then he also remembered how annoyed he felt when his little brother started to cum prematurely, even though he had barely turned fourteen. They both had been late bloomers, but Donny had been extremely late and it had been a source of severe embarrassment to him. So much so, that Donny had never allowed anyone, ever, to see him naked until now. Donny played it down when his little brother Tony came to him and revealed he'd started shooting. He could tell it hurt Tony's feelings and he felt sort of bad about it afterwards since he knew Tony idolized him. He knew Tony relied on Donny to talk about certain things that he didn't feel comfortable discussing with their father. He always turned to Donny when he was feeling sick or sad, not wanting to appear weak to their father, whose favorite saying was `suck it up and get over it'.

Donny's attraction to Marcus was now equally as agonizing for him. There was something far more than hormones at work here. There was even something different about Marcus's tongue that defied description. It suddenly had an unearthly, supernatural quality to it. The slightest touch from it propelled Donny into a world of illicit sexual desire. The feel of it, the texture, the heat, the very way it gracefully slid across his dick was different than anything he'd ever experienced in his young life. Nothing on earth could've prepared him for the overwhelming flood of sensations and lustful desires that would ultimately take command of his boyish innocence and utterly plunge him into the realm of what the French called "Un Garçon Vampire Sperme" (A Boy Cum Vampire).

Marcus couldn't hold off any longer. He impatiently devoured Donny's cock whole, easily taking it all the way to the base. Donny's entire body shuddered as the infectious hormones and amino acids in Marcus's saliva, which he had imparted earlier as they kissed, finally reached Donny's limpid system behind the frontal lobe of his brain and created an indescribable response in his reproductive system. A heightened sense of euphoria was induced causing a rush of endorphins to explode within his head. The resulting stimulation induced an orgasm so intense that it would ultimately force Donny's body to produce ten times the amount of semen that would normally be generated by a healthy boy of seventeen. Once the chemicals in Marcus's saliva triggered the brain's reaction and sent the message to Donny's testicles, they would trigger his epididymis to release virtually every single mature sperm in one massive ejaculation. It was the equivalent of a mythical blood vampire opening a vein.

It was working perfectly as it always had for Marcus. Donny's reproductive organs started to unload all the sperm cells stored in them and began to mix them together with the extra large portion of seminal fluids in his painfully expanded vesicles, producing an extra thick white ooze of gelatinous cum that required twenty-seven contractions to fully ejaculate.

Donny experienced an orgasm like no other. His balls felt like they were being squeezed dry as they were unnaturally forced to excrete their prized holdings in one massive climax. The process took his breath away as his body was manipulated into performing a task it was not designed for. His orgasm surged as his muscles contracted over and over again to force out the multiple waves of heavy cream past his tiny piss slit.

Initially, it was exceptionally powerful and exciting, but as it continued, a dull pain started and grew from deep within his tortured testicles. It spread up into his stomach and lower back. The thrill and excitement of the unnatural and unholy act gave way to fear and uncertainty. Donny began to sweat and whimper.

Marcus feverishly lapped up every precious drop, sucking on Donny's cock an extra two minutes to coax out every possible stray cell. Donny's body had to work extra hard to accommodate the extreme number of ejaculations required to expel this unusually large load. The sensation of Donny's balls purging all their sperm at once was as painful as dry-heaving. The feeling of his balls purging and the flood of endorphins in his brain caused an erotic blend of pleasure and pain that sent Donny and Marcus both into erotic overload, leaving them momentarily drained but blissfully contented.

As Marcus's physical demand for sperm became appeased, he again was able to feel the commingling of emotions from Donny and he felt sorry for the distress and pain he had to inflict on him. The experience had been so emotionally powerful for Marcus that it left him with a significant wet spot forming in his boxers and pants from his own oozing pre-cum.

"Don't worry. The worst is over. Thank you for giving me this gift," Marcus whispered in a hushed tone. He knew he had gotten the better part of that exchange as he licked his lips.

Now that Donny had forfeited every last viable sperm cell in his body, it would take Donny seventy-two days, the normal regeneration time for an average human male, to replenish a mature supply of viable sperm once again. Marcus had not only taken all of Donny's precious sperm, he also awakened a sexual desire within him so profound that Donny now felt he wasn't the same person anymore. This initial sexual experience had far surpassed his wildest fantasies. He sensed a new maturity and confidence within himself.

Donny's hazy fog was beginning to lift a little and he began to realize that over the course of the semester, he had been falling for Marcus in a big way. In what he believed Marcus really wanted all along, Donny took Marcus by surprise and yanked his pants and briefs off in one quick tug and began to voraciously suck on Marcus's erect cock in a gesture of friendly reciprocation and intense sexual desire.

No one had ever done this to him before. All of Marcus's prior victims had slowly come out of their trance not knowing what had truly happened to them. They were just happy they got a free blowjob of immense proportions. Troubled by a lingering dull pain, they went quickly on their way, confused and exhausted.

What Donny didn't know was that sucking a spermpire's dick is contagious. Marcus had been very careful up until now not to allow that to happen to any of his victims, but Donny's impetuous actions were so quick, and the emotional confusion between the two of them was so intense, it couldn't be stopped. It scarcely registered with Marcus what was happening as he was basking in the glow of a satisfying meal and the emotional high that had been attached to the physical gratification. Before Marcus even realized that Donny was infecting himself with his spermpire cum, it was too late.

Donny's desire to please Marcus was so strong that he turned the tables on him and Marcus temporarily froze as the sensation of being sucked overwhelmed him. The idea of Donny offering himself to Marcus in this way out of real desire and compassion caused him to quiver. Feeling loved and wanted had been missing from all his encounters as he purposely deprived himself of it for the sake of his victims. Not only had Donny forfeited his entire sperm reserves, he was now forfeiting his chance for normal human relations as well. Marcus wept inside as he watched Donny transform his existence. There was no sense in stopping him at this point. The damage was done with the first taste of pre-cum which Marcus had produced in copious amounts. Donny's entire life was about to change now and there was no turning back.

Marcus watched with mixed emotions as the cutie he'd admired for so long was lovingly giving him reciprocal head. Having no prior knowledge of the peril he was putting himself into, Donny proceeded in earnest. His vigor and determination to please Marcus was so genuine that if told of the dangers ahead of time, Donny may have chosen to proceed anyway. Once again, Marcus felt guilty that he had shamelessly used Donny for his own selfish needs. As it turned out, Donny was not under Marcus's spermpire control any longer and his actions were now of his own free will. Once a spermpire's victim ejaculates his goods, the neurotropic serum in their systems begins to wear off. Like a tranquilized animal in the wild, once the drug runs its course, the animal usually comes to its senses and then scampers away unharmed. That's pretty much the way things went with Marcus and his victims, until today.

He realized he was going to have to report this unfortunate turning to Master Malik and the thought severely dampened his enjoyment. Even more discouraging was that he knew he had to confess what he'd done to Donny. That, of course, had to wait until they finished.

He struggled to push that reality from his brain and focused his thoughts on the thrill of getting the virgin blow job of a lifetime from this hot looking, and soon to become, spermpire brother. Donny was now completely back in command of his own senses again and proceeded to suck Marcus with even more lust and fervor. What Donny lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm. Twice, Marcus had to remind him to watch the teeth. Even though Donny's technique lacked any real skill and finesse, Marcus began to feel his orgasm approach like a speeding comet headed for earth.

The fact that Marcus had self imposed a kind of one way celibacy (feeding on numerous boys but not letting them return the favor) had taken its toll on him. Even though it had been a long time since his last feeding, it had been even longer, almost a lifetime ago that he'd felt the velvety soft touch of someone's tongue wisp across his dick. The last time had been with Cole, his best friend from the old neighborhood. He'd spent the night over at Cole's house and they sucked each other off on the night of the fateful fire. The act carried a degree of unfounded guilt for Marcus after that up until meeting Jonah. Marcus figured being made into a spermpire from doing it again was God's punishment.

Right now, however, Marcus was having an astronomical encounter that was culminating into a climax of galactic proportions. Marcus slid down on the bed opposite Donny and finally got into that `69' position they had originally intended from the JackinWorld website and the two of them really started to go at it. Because Marcus routinely consumes sperm as a spermpire, the taste of it turned Marcus into somewhat of a sperm connoisseur. Donny, on the other hand, was about to taste his first offering of sperm and it was about to come from a seasoned spermpire no less. Marcus hoped that Donny would have no trouble taking to it because soon, he was going to have to live on it.

Both boys started breathing heavily and they both managed to climax together. Donny had his second orgasm of the afternoon and because he had been totally purged, it was a dry one, but the spasms, though fewer, were even more intense than the first ones were. Donny was propelled mentally back to a time when his body hadn't begun to produce sperm yet and he would stroke himself in bed at night to the mystical conclusion of a dry orgasm.

Because there was still some lingering effects from Marcus's venom in his system, Donny experienced eighteen dry contractions that seemed to go on forever. Donny endured the abdominal and groin pain for a second time in order to share the emotional experience with Marcus. At this point, Marcus passed the point of no return for himself and shot his spermpire tainted load deeply into Donny's throat, causing him to choke on the first few shots. Donny immediately regained control and bravely consumed the remaining blasts of Marcus's load. There was something in the flavor and texture of Marcus's semen that Donny subconsciously perceived had done something to him physically, though he didn't know what, he just felt different.

"I did it, I didn't think I could do it but I did. I swallowed the whole thing!" Donny said with a great deal of pride in his voice.

"You shouldn't have done that," Marcus sighed. "Don't get me wrong. I appreciate what you did and it felt flipping awesome."

Donny's exuberant demeanor was suddenly dashed.

"All right then," Donny asked. "What's the problem?"

"I have something to tell you," Marcus began. "Donny... you see... I'm a..."

At that moment, the boys heard a noise come from the front of the house and then the door close.

"Oh no, I've got to get you out of here," Donny gasped.

End of Chapter #1


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