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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #2

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Marcus pulled his pants back up and Donny scrambled to get dressed.

"My little brother just got home and I'm not supposed to let anybody in the house when my dad's not home." Donny confessed as he slipped on his underwear. "Tony always gets a snack when he first gets home, so I should be able to sneak you out the back door while he's in the kitchen eating."

Donny pulled on his pants next and then closed the JackinWorld website page. Just in case Tony would come into his room looking for him, he loaded a video game he would normally be playing at this time of the day. Donny finished putting on his shirt and now, both boys were fully dressed.

Donny poked his head out his bedroom door and checked to see if the coast was still clear. He turned to Marcus standing behind him.

"Follow me."

With the precision of a stalking cat, both boys quietly exited Donny's room and headed silently out the back door and into the backyard.

"Sorry to have to do this to you," Donny apologized.

"Donny, I have to talk to you about what just happened," Marcus insisted.

"Oh, don't worry about it Marcus, I'm cool with it. I wanted to do it. I've wanted to for a long time. I was just too chicken to try. It was freakin' amazing! I thought it would feel more like jacking off, but it was way better."

"No, you don't understand, I have to tell you something. It's important!"

"Shhh... Tony will hear you. I'll call you later."

"Wait, we don't have each other's numbers," Marcus persisted but in a quiet hushed tone.

"All right, give me your phone."

Marcus pulled out his phone from his pocket and handed it to Donny. With the skill of an electronic prodigy, Donny added his phone number to Marcus's contact list. Then he opened the back gate and escorted Marcus out. Marcus continued to stammer about needing to explain something, but Donny ignored him.

"Okay, you've got my number, call me later and we'll talk then," Donny softly said. "See you later."

Donny waved goodbye to Marcus and turned to go back into the house. Before he reached the door, Oscar and Mayer came out of their hiding place once Marcus had left and both dogs began to hump Donny's legs.

"What are you guys doing?" Donny said out loud.

Donny tried to walk to the door but Oscar and Mayer both continued to hump his legs as they both hopped along, maintaining their grip on his legs as Donny walked towards the door.

"What's wrong with you guys, Donny said to his two pets. "You guys never do this. Quit it!"

Donny shook his legs and gave both dogs a little slap on their behinds.

"Go lay down," Donny commanded and then continued into the house.

When he got in, Tony was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms crossed.

"Where were you?" Tony said as Donny closed the back door behind him. "And who were you talking to?"

"I was just in the back yard and if it's any of your business, I was talking to Oscar and Mayer, why?"

"Because I was calling for you and you didn't answer," Tony said. "Then I went into your room and you weren't there either. It smells funny in there too. What have you been doing?"

"Nothing that concerns you," Donny hissed. "What do you want?"

"Nothing, I just thought we might skateboard together but if you're going to be mean, forget it!"

"I'm sorry, I'm just tired," Donny said. "Maybe we can have a BMX race a little later, okay? Right now, I'm going to go take a nap."

"A nap, you never take a nap after school." Tony said.

"Yeah, I know. I had a hard day at school today, is that okay with you?"

"Gee, what a grump," Tony said, getting his feelings hurt. "Fine, take your nap, see if I care."

"I'm sorry," Donny apologized again. "I'm not trying to be mean, really!"

"Yeah, whatever," Tony said and walked out the back door, alone, slamming it behind him.

Donny went back to his room. He flipped his shoes off and flopped face up on the bed. "Maybe I really will take a nap," Donny thought to himself. He was exhausted.

The first stages of infection had started to manifest itself in Donny's body and he began to feel physically nauseous. He pulled up his shirt to look at himself and got the scare of his life because he was actually able to see his own stomach moving on its own like there was something alive in his belly. The next thing he knew, his balls started hurting and he pulled his pants and tight briefs off to find his balls had swollen and discolored.

"Oh shit! What's going on?" Donny asked himself out loud. A few moments later, Donny started to feel lightheaded and then passed out.

Marcus waited about an hour after he had left Donny's house and figured he'd be more in the mood to talk once it became apparent that something was going on in his body that he didn't understand.

Donny's phone started ringing the theme from the Addams Family and he slowly started to come to. He pulled the phone out of his pocket and squinted to see the caller I.D. but couldn't focus his eyes. Giving up, he pushed the talk button.

"Hello," Donny weakly groaned.

"Are you feeling queasy?" the voice asked.

"Who is this?" Donny inquired.

"Do your balls ache?" the voice continued.

"Is that you Dustin?"

"It's Marcus!"

Donny was still groggy and had to think a minute who Marcus was.

"Oh, Marcus, this is not a good time dude," Donny struggled to say.

"Have you vomited yet?"


"Yeah, you know, thrown up... puked... heaved... hurled... barfed... upchucked... spewed... ralphed... blew chunks... tossed your cookies..."

"Stop, stop, stop... I know what vomit is."

"Well, have you?"


"You will, and soon."

"How do you know, did you give me AIDS or Crabcakes or some other nasty crap that Mr. Matthews warned us about? Are you HIV positive or something?"

"Worse, I'm afraid... much, much worse!"

"WORSE? What could be worse? What have you done to me you bastard? You knew you were infected and you let me... Oh My God!"

Marcus heard the phone drop to the floor as Donny raced to the bathroom. The feelings of guilt returned as Marcus heard Donny heaving. His cell phone was able to pick up the faint sound in the distance. Sometime later, Donny returned to his bedroom and picked up his phone from off the floor.

"Marcus, are you still there?"

"I'm here Donny, I'm so sorry I didn't get to warn you about this ahead of time. I just ... I mean you just jumped into sucking me and I was so confused, I didn't even realize it was happening until it was too late."

"Okay, spill it. What's going on?"

"Are you sitting down?"

"Don't fuck with me man `cause I'm not in the mood. I wanna know what's happening to me and I want to know right now!"

"Donny, I'm a spermpire."

"A what?"

"A spermpire, you know, a Lamia de Sperma, Un Garçon Vampire Sperme, a sperm vampire!"

Malik had taught all his spermpire brothers the Latin and French terms and encouraged their use. He envisioned his small spermpire community would one day reach global proportions.

"Shut up. This isn't funny, you asshole. When we kissed, I didn't see any fangs in your mouth, you didn't bite me or nothing."

"I'm not a vampire, I'm a spermpire. I require sperm to survive."

"Then why am I sick?"

"Well," Marcus explained. "When you swallowed, your body needed to get rid of it. Our sperm is indigestible. Even a spermpire can't feed on another spermpire."

"So if I got rid of it, then I'll get better, right?" Donny surmised.

"I wish that was all there was to it, but no, there is no getting better. When someone swallows my sperm, even the littlest bit of pre-cum, it turns you. You're one of us now. You have to feed on the sperm of another boy close to your age within twenty-four hours or you'll die a horrific death."

"Marcus, cut the bullshit. This isn't funny. I never thought you would be cruel like this. I thought what we did was fun and I like you and I thought you liked me. Now I see you were just setting me up to make fun of me."

"Dude, no. I do care about you. I didn't want this to happen to you. I hoped we could be friends, but now we're spermpire brothers. I need to help you learn about it and avoid some things you'd otherwise have to learn the hard way. The way I did."

"I'm hanging up now. I don't know what you gave me to make me sick but it's really a bad practical joke. Good-bye Marcus."

As Donny was looking to find the `end' button, he heard Marcus cry out.

"Don't. This is no joke. The next time you pee it will sting like crazy and be dark orange. Call me back!"

Donny dropped the phone on his pillow and cursed. He pulled his pants back down and stared at his balls. They had returned to their normal size but were still a bit discolored and the dull ache he experienced in them earlier, persisted. His dick was erect and throbbing. Even though the worst of the nausea was over, Donny still felt queasy. The anger and pain of what Marcus had done to him broke his heart and spirit. He imagined Marcus and his cohorts were probably rolling on the floor and laughing at what a grand joke he'd pulled off. He felt like the ultimate fool. He didn't realize how long he'd been lying there exposed on the bed until he was startled by Tony's cracking voice.

"Dude, what the heck! If you're gonna jack off, at least close your door," he said as he stepped into Donny's room to get a better look. "I don't mind but Dad will be coming home soon. We need to get our chores done before he does."

Donny jerked into consciousness and shot up into an upright position, covering his boner with his pillow.

"I wasn't ... I mean it's not what it looks like. Why am I explaining this to you? Get out of here! Now!"

"Wow, you're really being a jerk-wad today. It's not my fault you left your door open. I'm not doing your chores for you so you better hurry up and finish or just skip the happy buzz and get up now. If you don't get them done, you'll catch hell."

"Go away!" Donny hissed.

Tony flipped him the finger and marched out. When he got to the door, he spun around and flipped Donny off a second time, this time rubbing his protruding middle finger a few times while he mouthed the words "Bite Me!"

Donny reached down and flung one of his tennis shoes at Tony's head. Tony dodged it and left laughing.

Donny scowled and got up. He flipped his annoying boner a couple of times and it snapped right back up to attention. He cursed at Tony, then he cursed Marcus and then he cursed himself as he pulled his pants up and went outside to mow the back lawn.

Halfway through, he had an urgent need to take a piss. As if he were running to save his life, he rushed to the bathroom and peeled down his pants and briefs and let out an audible moan as his dick sprung free of the waistband into a full erection. It seemed like the damn thing was stuck in a perpetual hardon. He forced it down and groaned as a forceful, dark orange stream of rank smelling urine emerged from his slit and splashed into the bowl.

"Noooo!" Donny stared in utter shock. The burning sensation caused by the dark urine was excruciating. He gritted his teeth while his bladder drained its contents."

When the stream finally faltered and then turned to a drizzle, he milked the last of the nasty substance out and pulled his pants back up. He washed his hands and pulled the phone from his pocket. He dialed Marcus.

"Okay, you were right about my piss, so what happens next?" Donny asked in a subdued and defeated tone.

"You must go through a ritual conducted by our Community Master. His name is Malik."

"Ritual? Community Master? What's a Community Master? This all sounds crazy."

"The Community Master, called the CM, is our leader, the head honcho, numero uno, the one who controls all the vassals in the community. We have to rely on him for our safety since we are bound to being spermpires for the rest of our lives. There are women called `Sybils' who we have to be careful of. They hunt us for fear of preservation of the race. They are always old women, usually ancient looking. If we turned all the males into spermpires, there would be no one left to fertilize a woman's eggs. Our sperm is no longer capable of doing that. Malik discovered the presence of the Sybils and warned us to watch out for them. I have a feeling that Mrs. Cornwalt might be one. Rumor has it that one of them killed the last CM. The CM is an older teen and the most powerful and aggressive member in our spermline. He is given the power to defeat a Sybil from the Grand Master himself, Vladimir. In addition, the CM's secretions are strong. When combined with a heavy dose of secretions from the other spermpires, it can help limit the frequency of our need to feed on others. Without receiving this, you would have to feed daily and that would be downright impossible!"

"That's almost unbelievable," Donny interjected. "What does that mean for me?"

"Well," Marcus continued. "At midnight, you will appear before the community and receive the essential secretions from each of us, including the CM. These secretions will temper your need for sperm. After you receive them, you can go for as long as a month between feedings as opposed to daily. The need to feed daily is dangerous to you and every boy around you. Even your little brother would be at risk, not to mention being a threat to the entire spermpire community by possibly exposing us with your rampant sexual behavior."

"Anything else?" Donny wondered.

"Yes," Marcus said turning to the gloomier side of his ominous disclosure. "Malik has informed us that we'll have to leave this place soon and if you join us, which you must, you will be considered a runaway by your dad. The spermpire community will see to it that you get the appropriate papers and documents to register in a new school as often as is required. The CM will act as your father from here on. You can't tell your real father what's happened to you. He would take you to a doctor and we would be found out. Every Sybil in the world would be alerted to you and they would come after you and then through you, they would find and expose us."

"How do I get these secretions in me?" Donny asked, fearing the answer.

"From a gland we already have that's under our tongue. I gave you a small dose of them earlier when I kissed you. When you get a heavy dose from a bunch of spermpires at once and especially the very potent shot from the CM, your body reacts to it. The secretions include dopamine and oxytocin and some other things mixed in I can't ever remember. Dopamine makes you crave sex so that you will be prompted to feed when you need it and oxytocin tempers the effects of dopamine and creates bonding emotions. You will start to create bonds with the spermpire community and with every boy you feed upon. The memories of your feedings are imprinted into your cell structure and become a part of you."

"So I have to kiss a bunch of spermpire guys to get this dopey stuff in me? Yuck."

"Well, not exactly, but just trust me, it's not bad and you don't even want to think about what you'd go through if you didn't get this done."

"When does all this ritual stuff happen?"

"I have to take you tonight."


"Yes, I've already made the arrangements."

"I can't go tonight, I'm sick remember? My dad will be home soon anyway. He won't let me go anywhere."

"You have to go. It's not an option."

"What if I refuse?"

"Oh, you don't want to do that, trust me."

"How can I trust anything you tell me?"

"Don't worry. I'll explain everything you need to know. I'll try to make this as easy as possible for you. I'll be there right by your side. I care about you. I lo..."

Marcus stopped himself from blurting out his feelings for Donny and changed the subject.

"I'll come by and pick you up at 11 o'clock."

"Why so late?"

"Will your dad be in bed by then?"


"That's why," Marcus pointed out. "Because we need to do this with no questions asked. The ritual will begin promptly at midnight."

"Okay," Donny agreed. "I'll meet you at the end of my block near that large oak tree on the corner at 11 o'clock. That way, we won't get Oscar and Mayer to start barking and alert the whole neighborhood to what we're doing."

"Okay, I'll see you then," Marcus confirmed.

"Oh, and Marcus," Donny warned. "This better not be some kind of sick joke where you take me out in the woods and abandon me or get me naked in front of all your friends so they can laugh at me or something like that. If it is, I swear you'll be sorry."

"No Donny. I wouldn't do that. It's not a joke. Unfortunately, it's all too real. I'm sorry I got you into this. I never meant for it to happen. I'm really sorry. I mean that sincerely."

They ended their bizarre conversation and Donny went back to his bed. He pulled up his shirt again and watched his stomach. Now that he had purged Marcus's semen from his system, the alien in his belly seemed to be nothing more than a long past and distant memory.

His flat stomach simply faded into the waistline of his jeans like it always had. He dropped his shirt and went back outside to finish his mowing. He was just putting the mower away as his father drove into the driveway. He commented on the poor quality of the mowing job Donny had done and gave him a stern and disapproving look. That was unlike his father and Donny groaned. The last thing he wanted to deal with was his dad being disappointed in him.

Once his dad was home, Donny started feeling better, so much so that he almost felt like nothing at all had happened. As dinner was being prepared, the smell of his dad's baked chicken and rice filled the house and Donny became extremely hungry. Abnormally so. When he and Tony were finally called to the dinner table, Donny could hardly contain himself.

As he walked out of his bedroom to join his family at the dinner table, he walked past Tony's room and was bowled over by the fact that he was able to detect the scent of his little brother's maturing sperm emanating from virtually everything he'd spilled it on in there. Immediately, he remembered Marcus making a comment about Tony's dirty socks and instantly made the connection. He chuckled as he imagined Tony pumping his little brother-load into one of his socks. Marcus's secretions were surging through Donny's body now and his transformation was well underway. What Donny had forgotten but was going to soon be reminded about was, he had twenty-four hours from the point of inception to ingest his first feeding or he would die a horrible death, even with the ritual ingestion of secretions from the community and the CM.

When Donny came to the table, he was annoyed to find out they had another unexpected dinner guest. His father often had strange men over for dinner. Sometimes they were drifters and before dinner, his dad would let them shower while he washed their clothes. Other times, it was people he met at work who were widowed, divorced or alone for some reason. His dad was a very generous person. His dad was also a leader of some kind of men's service club.

Donny ate his dinner with his family but Tony and his dad both noticed there was something different about him, they just couldn't figure out what it was. His father stared at him and seemed to be wrinkling his nose as if he could smell what he'd done and it left Donny feeling self-conscious. Donny ate like he had never eaten before and he still couldn't seem to satisfy his hunger. The stranger seemed uncomfortable and the conversation seemed awkward and strained. Then Donny's sense of smell started to kick in and he found himself focusing in on Tony. The scent of Tony's fresh sperm started to overwhelm Donny and suddenly, the smell of it began to overpower even the aroma of his dad's delicious dinner. His young erection continued to press against the confines of his jeans and he felt incredibly uncomfortable and extremely self conscious over it.

Soon it became the only thing Donny could smell at all. Then he started to smell his dad's sperm as well. It was stronger and more potent with a pungent aroma that was worlds apart from his brother's. He started to wonder what they would taste like and how they might differ. He even smelled the stranger's sperm and it had a similar dour smell like his father's. He found himself obsessing about his little brother and dad's sperm and even the stranger's sperm as he sat there across from them at the dinner table. Then suddenly he realized what was happening and the very thought of it grossed him out. He felt he couldn't trust himself to maintain his composure any longer. He needed to do something.

"May I be excused from the table please?" Donny asked.

"Are you sure?" his dad replied. "We haven't even had our dessert yet. Are you feeling ill?"

"I'm not sure," Donny answered. "Can I go please?"

"All right Donny, you're excused."

Donny left the table and went straight to his room.

Now Tony was absolutely sure something was up with his big brother. He never passed on dessert before. Tony decided that he'd better keep an eye on him for a little while until he figured out what was going on. He was convinced it had something to do with sex. Maybe it was just about catching him jacking off in his room earlier. Maybe it had something to do with that smell in Donny's room earlier. He thought to himself that if Donny snuck out tonight and had a hookup with some girl, he wanted to be there to see it and maybe get a chance to watch them. After all, wasn't it every fourteen year old boy's dream to watch a real live sex scene unfold in front of their eyes? Especially with their big brother involved?"

Tony loved seeing his big brother naked and relished the few times he'd ever gotten the chance to see him that way. He'd peeked on him in the shower or dressing in his bedroom through a crack in the door before. Tony really liked what he saw.

Catching him on his bed naked and doing the nasty earlier kept popping into his head. The image of Donny's boner standing tall and erect with his hanging balls surrounded by all that curly dark pubic hair kept making his own smaller boner grow. While Tony was finally into puberty and started producing sperm, he was still smaller down there than the only two friends his age he'd seen, and he was definitely smaller compared to his older brother. One of his friends, Sammy, was a year older because he'd been held back in second grade and they had compared dicks and jacked together in the tree house before. Tony had been jealous of Sammy's ability to shoot cum when he could only dry heave. Recently, Sammy introduced him to another boy who had sucked him off at the park and Tony was an instant fan.

Since Donny was three years older than him, it was like looking in a time traveling mirror and seeing what he might look like in three years - good looking, hot and hung! Well, Donny was horse hung when he compared himself to his brother. Tony had no real idea if Donny's dick was normal size or not. He'd never really seen anyone else Donny's age naked, and he'd only seen two boys his own age and they were both smaller than Donny and one was completely undeveloped at the time. He was pretty proud that his balls had actually started to sag some, his dick had finally gotten thicker and that he'd finally started shooting the real thing.

Sammy came over after dinner to spend some time with Tony. He and Tony hung around in the backyard and eventually ended up in the tree house with the rope pulled up. His father and the stranger washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen before leaving together. As they were preparing to go, Tony's dad called up to the tree house and told Tony to come in for the night, finish his homework and to send Sammy on home. Then around 8:00, his father returned from taking the stranger home, came inside and then went in to talk to Donny. He was in a much better mood than when he'd first come home. He sat on Donny's bed and they had a small father-son moment.

"So, when I asked you if were ill, you said you weren't sure. How are you feeling now?"

"I think maybe I caught one of those 24 hour things."

His dad lifted an eyebrow and felt for a temperature. "You're not warm."

"I just need to sleep it off, I think."

"All right. I'm proud of you. You're a great brother to Tony. He told me you were kind of grumpy towards him today after school. If you aren't feeling well, that explains it. I'm sorry I was so grumpy when I came home. I wasn't feeling very well myself," his father apologized.

"Maybe I caught whatever I got from you."

His father smiled and said, "I don't think so. Get some rest and I'll see you in the morning."

Then his father did something he'd never done before. He leaned in really close to Donny's face and seemed to be trying to smell him. Donny thought for sure that somehow his father could smell Marcus's cum on the sheets or something. He was nervous and his heart was racing. His father got a puzzled look on his face and then kissed his forehead. As far as he can remember, Donny had never been kissed by his father before. It was kind of nice and weird at the same time. For now, Donny chalked it up as just one more unexpected thing that happened that day.

After everyone had gone to bed, Tony kept his clothes on and stayed silently alert in a perpetual vigil, listening for any activity coming from Donny's room. At 10:45, Tony had almost fallen asleep when he heard the telltale sign of Donny's door opening. Donny was being perfectly quiet and if Tony hadn't been listening out, it would've gone totally unnoticed by everyone in the house.

A few moments later, Tony came out of his room to tail his unsuspecting sibling. He stayed out of sight and heard the latch on the front door softly click. He waited a few seconds and then continued his pursuit. Tony darted in and out of the shadows, behind bushes and parked cars, keeping Donny in his sights yet staying completely undetected as he followed him down the street. Donny stopped at the corner and appeared to be waiting for someone. Donny kept sniffing the air and straining to see where the smell was coming from. The swirling breeze left him confused about the source's location. Tony got as close as he dared and then waited.

As he waited, he started fantasizing about what kinds of girls Donny would find attractive. He'd never brought home or talked about anyone before so Donny's taste in girls was somewhat of a mystery. A couple of minutes later, someone approached Donny. Tony was dismayed because Donny's rendezvous was with another guy. The stranger was about Donny's age. The stranger walked up to his brother and the two of them started talking. Tony was too far away to discern what they were saying but it didn't sound good and Tony got a bad feeling about it. It looked more like an argument. Tony started worrying that maybe Donny was doing drugs.

Tony had never seen this kid before and he got a little scared and concerned for his brother's safety. After a short conversation, Donny and the stranger headed off. Tony thought for a moment whether he should follow them or not. He thought about going back home to tell his dad, but explaining to his father why he was following his brother in the first place was something he didn't want to discuss. He didn't want to get Donny in trouble if he really didn't need to. Not only that but at this point, Tony didn't know where they were going, so how was that going to help Donny?

In that moment of indecision, he figured at the very least, he'd better find out where they were going and then perhaps he could go and get help. Honestly, though, his curiosity was overpowering. So with that in mind, he continued shadowing the pair. Every couple of blocks, the stranger would stop and turn around. Tony thought for sure he was going to get caught. The stranger would lean forward and make a motion like he was sniffing the air or something. Tony allowed a little bit more space between them now just to be on the safe side. After successfully tailing the two for several more blocks, they finally arrived at Mangelson Park. In the far corner of the park in a darkened area was a group of guys who appeared to be waiting for Donny and the stranger. Everyone there, including Donny, began sniffing the air as if they were all checking each other's scent like Oscar and Mayer do when they come upon other dogs in the park.

Tony found a spot to observe what was about to transpire from a safe distance and contemplated whether he should stick around and watch for a while or leave right then and get help. By the look of the crowd, there was going to be trouble. If a fight broke out, Donny and the stranger would be greatly outnumbered and severely outmatched. Tony decided to leave and get help before anything bad happened to his brother. As he turned to leave, three older guys who looked like college students grabbed him from behind and muzzled his mouth to prevent him from screaming out for help. He had been apprehended by the security patrol of spermpires that had been stationed around the perimeter of the site to ensure privacy and maintain the crucial secrecy of the event about to transpire.

End of Chapter #2

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