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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #3

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Tony's heart nearly jumped out of his chest. His mouth got dry and he very nearly pissed his pants. He held back a flood of tears as he realized his reckless sexual curiosity had resulted in his capture.

"What have we got here?" the tall skinny one said. "Aren't you a deliciously mouth watering tidbit?" he sarcastically seethed as he held his wadded up T-Shirt tightly against Tony's mouth.

"A nice sweet young morsel to suck on I'd say," the short pudgy one said, his voice reeking with innuendo.

"Come on, you both know this one's too young for either of you," the eldest one said, "but I think I know someone who would find this tender morsel appetizing."

Tony started shaking as he realized he was in more trouble than he imagined.

"I'm going to remove the gag from your mouth now," the eldest one said. "If you yell out anything at all, I promise, you'll be sorry. Understand?"

Tony shook his head `yes' as his eyes nervously blinked in terror. The eldest one slowly removed Tony's gag but continued to hold it near his mouth as a precaution.

The one holding the gag was tall and muscular with jet black hair and a mustache. His eyes were deep set and he had a crooked nose. The two holding each of Tony's arms were younger, maybe 18, and not quite so sinister looking. Tony actually found the round faced boy holding his right arm to be a little less threatening and kind of cute.

Tony reached deep inside and found the courage to take control of his fear. He needed to focus his attention on what he was going to do next if he was going to save himself and his brother from the predicament they both found themselves mixed up in.

"What are you doing sneaking around here in the middle of the night anyway?" the eldest one asked.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out," Tony stammered.

His questioner glared and grabbed him by the crotch and squeezed increasingly harder as he asked him, "Will this help me find out, you little shit?"

"Okay! Okay! I was following my big brother here, as if it's any of your business," Tony answered. "If he finds out you're holding me against my will, he'll kick your asses, all three of you at once."

"Is your brother, Donavan Bradley Marsh?" the tall skinny one asked.

"Yeah, h-h-how did you know that?" Tony wondered.

"He's not in any position to save you I'm afraid," the short pudgy one holding his left arm informed him. "In a few minutes, he's not even going to be able to save himself."

A tear rolled down Tony's face out of frustration from not being able to see a way out of his current situation. He promised himself he wouldn't cry but that was turning out to be a pretty tall order.

"Come on guys, we're going to have to put this little one over there with the other tasty tidbits," the eldest one said.

Tony struggled to escape with no success. These three guys were bigger and stronger than him. They had very specific plans for Tony now that he was in their custody. Whatever they were going to do to him, they were determined to follow through with it. They brought Tony over to the holding area where twelve other kids ranging from sixteen to nineteen years old had been rounded up and were being detained for the community to feast on after the initiation ritual was complete. They were all sitting still and quiet on two park benches that were permanently attached to the concrete, side by side. These twelve kids had been found wandering around at night and were approached by the senior squad and offered to attend a kind of sex rave and these twelve had eagerly taken the bait. They were gathered as a kind of banquet for the minions to feed on as payment for their services rendered once the community had fulfilled their duties at the midnight ceremony which was about to commence.

These twelve boys didn't seem to be worried and none of them looked like they were even contemplating escape. In fact they seemed to be unaware of the fate that had befallen them and they certainly had no clue what was coming. They spoke in soft tones and several of them rubbed their crotches. Two on the end were making out with each other.

They had all been given a neurotropic inhibitor similar to a spermpire's serum but much stronger that guarantees a resistance-free cooperation from its recipients. Because it was a pharmaceutical grade drug, it was not subject to the limitations of its biological counterpart that was naturally produced by spermpires and it worked more effectively to eliminate inhibitions. The subject still had to be somewhat willing, but once they agreed, the drug kept them from changing their minds. This injection would allow them to have full control of their physical abilities. They could walk and talk and do just about anything. The only thing the drug did was render them easy to manipulate mentally, doing pretty much whatever they were told as long as it didn't violate some deep inner moral code, which obviously was not the case with this group. The important thing was that the process of ejaculating sperm would remain uninhibited. Once their sperm had been consumed and the drug wore off, these victims would have virtually no recollection of the events that occurred while under its influence.

Tony was led to the spermpire attendant in charge of administering the injections. Tony judged him to be in his mid twenties. He had short blond hair and dressed very sharply in a pair of tight jeans and a collared white shirt. He had a gold chain around his neck and an expensive looking gold watch. He looked over his new patient from head to toe and estimated his age and weight and then injected Tony with what he believed to be an appropriate dose while the other three boys held him still. Tony lost the promise he made to himself and started to cry as he watched the needle go into his arm and the plunger empty the powerful solution into his bloodstream.

A few moments later, Tony settled down, stopped crying and became sullen as he stood there with a blank expression on his face. The spermpire administering the drug had a second dose ready to inject him with since he was so upset and determined to flee. Once Tony was completely under the drug's influence, he was ordered to sit quietly on the nearby park benches with the other twelve guys who were all biding their time until the ritual concluded. The spermpire attendant watched Tony for a minute and then drained the second syringe back into the vial since it didn't appear to be needed. Apparently the dose Tony received was sufficient to overcome his fears and let his deep curiosity take over. Now with his inhibitions taken from him, Tony became just another docile member of this bizarre cacophony of sperm laden vessels sitting and waiting to be fed upon.

Meanwhile, in a darkened corner of the park, things were about to come alive as the bizarre spermpire ritual commenced. It had been several months since a ritual such as this had taken place. Now that Donny was about to go through the gestation period of the spermpire transformation, Marcus would have to sponsor him in a ritual conducted by Malik, the current reigning Community Master or who's commonly known as the CM.

There were twelve members of the community present to participate in the ceremony, Marcus made thirteen and Malik made fourteen. Malik stood on a small but ornate platform and his twelve clan members stood around him in a semicircle, six to his left and six to his right. This small group of mostly young teenage boys made up the tribunal that would inure and desensitize Donny's infection, essentially inoculating him against the harsh runaway effects of the spermpire contagion.

This ritual was not meant as a cure, as none was known. It was intended solely as a therapy to provide a mellowing of the harsh effects of the infestation that the community was able to assist one another with.

Malik and the tribunal members donned their ceremonial robes that Malik had implemented to provide the proceedings with an air of legitimacy and authenticity. Donny no longer believed that Marcus was playing some kind of a prank on him. There were too many people involved and the ceremony was being held with too much seriousness to be a practical joke. Besides, Donny was becoming more agitated as his hunger for sperm started to become an obsession. He fought to stay rational in the presence of the CM and his trusted high ranking disciples. Everyone was now in place and the ceremony officially began.

"Approach us," Malik instructed as he held out his arms in reverence.

Malik stood there on the podium looking very much in control and oozing with confidence. He was tall and broad and immensely handsome with flowing and slightly curly blond locks. His lack of a smile and deep set eyes left a somewhat sinister appearance as well.

Marcus ushered Donny up to the ceremonial arena. Just as Jonah had done with Marcus when their CM was Brock, Marcus now stood by his new spermpire progeny.

"Get naked," Marcus said to Donny.

"What? No. I can't," Donny objected.

"You have to. It's an important part of the ceremony."

"No, you don't understand. I can't. I still got a boner and it won't go down."

Marcus snickered, which kind of pissed Donny off until Marcus explained.

"No one will be shocked by seeing your boner. When a guy first gets turned, his dick gets stuck in the boner position. It's part of the whole process. Once you get the secretions from all of us, it will go down. It's kind of the opposite of what you've been used to. Just trust me and do it, and hurry, Malik doesn't like to be kept waiting. He's got a nasty temper."

Donny scowled and reluctantly kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, dragged his T-shirt over his head and then dropped his pants and underwear at once. He stepped free of the clothes at his feet and covered his boner with his hands.

"Let's get this over with. I swear if this is some kind of practical joke, I'll tie you to a tree and cut your dick and balls clean off!"

"There's no need for threats. It's no joke. Come on, let's do this!"

Marcus donned his own black robe with the white piping and took Donny's elbow and guided him up onto the platform. The two stood perfectly motionless in the presence of Malik, the highest authority of the teen community. Malik reported to the adult master, Vladimir, who ruled a community made up of all adult spermpires, but Marcus had never met Vladimir. Malik handled all of the meetings for the teen group and he was the only one who met with Vladimir and the adults. Marcus had never met Malik before tonight either. He always found an excuse to avoid the meetings after Brock was killed but Jonah attended and filled him in on what happened there. Marcus had heard rumors that he was a hothead and ruled with an iron fist. Jonah's descriptions of Malik's tirades during the meetings confirmed Marcus' dislike for their new leader. He began to suspect that Malik had something to do with Brock's demise and didn't believe the rumors that were circulating that it was the work of the Sybils. The more he heard, the less impressed he became with their CM.

"Who comes before me on this mystical moonlit night?" Malik began.

He was prone to have a flair for the dramatic and thrived on the sense of power he gained from his position.

"I'm Donavan Bradley Marsh," Donny answered, still covering his privates.

"And who sponsors your admission into our community?"

"I'm Marcus Nathan Hollister. I petition for admittance on behalf of Donavan Bradley Marsh into our community with your gracious acceptance and blessing... my liege."

That last part of Marcus's oration played right into Malik's delusions of grandeur as he responded with an evil grin.

"Do you accept full responsibility for your charge and commit to teaching him the ways of our community?"

"I do," Marcus said without hesitation.

"Do you, Donavan Bradley Marsh accept the terms and conditions of the spermpire order as taught to you by your mentor, Marcus Nathan Hollister?"

"I do," Donny said with equal dispatch as he and Marcus looked deep into each other's eyes, recognizing the commitment to one another as they made their pledge. The penetrating gaze from Marcus told Donny that he would be there for him and that disarmed the mistrust that Donny had been feeling about this whole situation.

"Donavan Bradley Marsh, I hereby acknowledge your membership on a probationary period of ten days at which time you will stand before me once again and prove your loyalty to me and the community. Once you are fully pledged, you will not be allowed to stray from our association wherever it may reside and you will be subject to the established rules and laws in exchange for our protection. The time is soon coming that we will need to leave this place. We have knowledge that the Sybils are gathering here in greater numbers. They have learned of our existence and plan to expose us and even kill us to preserve the race. When we leave, you must go with us. We cannot leave anyone behind to be captured, exposed or tortured by medical researchers."

There was a sudden uproar amongst the crowd and one brother spoke up against Malik.

"I don't want to leave my home and family. How do we know there's really such a thing as Sybils? I've never seen any!"

The crowd murmured and grumbled over similar misgivings. Malik seemed to be prepared for this and pulled out photos of young teenage boys that were bound and stripped naked on an examination table. Old, ancient looking women stood in the background overseeing some sort of medical procedure being performed on the boys' testicles.

He passed the photos around and said, "This is what happens when a leader fails to take action. If you want to become a lab rat, then fine. But I'm warning you, Vladimir will hunt you down and eliminate you if you stay behind. He will not permit you to fall into the hands of the authorities and expose our kind and threaten your fellow spermpire brothers' survival."

Turning back to Donny he asked, "Do you accept the terms of coming into our community brotherhood and receiving our help and protection?"

"I do," Donny acknowledged.

"Brothers of the community, I officially proclaim that Donavan Bradley Marsh is now a brother of our spermpire order." Malik said with pomp and circumstance.

His thirst for power intensified from the inclusion of yet another new recruit. Then he continued, facing the small crowd of anxious looking spermpires.

"Brethren," Malik announced. "Marcus is a shining example to us tonight. He has brought us a new member and is willing to sacrifice his time and share his feedings to help us grow stronger. Each of you should follow his example. I challenge each one of you to bring a new member to the community before the end of your next spermpire feeding cycle. Whoever you feed upon next, you should try to turn. There is strength in numbers."

Malik turned to speak to Donny.

"It's now time for you to officially receive the community's special communion which will temper your cravings and allow you to live a less difficult life," Malik proclaimed. "Marcus, you will begin."

Marcus turned to Donny and knelt in front of him. He took Donny's hands and pulled them away from his bulging erection. Then Marcus looked up at Donny.

"Trust me." He whispered.

Marcus closed his lips and Donny watched as Marcus thrust his chin forward three times, apparently filling his mouth with saliva. Then, Marcus sucked Donny's penis into his mouth and clamped his lips firmly around the circumference of his friend's rigid dick. Donny momentarily glanced in embarrassment at the crowd of onlookers and then focused his attention back on Marcus.

Marcus began applying pressure while teasing Donny's slit with his velvety tongue until the liquid inside Marcus's mouth was forced into Donny's slit and began flowing in reverse of the normal process back into Donny's body. Donny gasped and quivered as an explosion of sensations made their way up through the sensitive passageway through the seminal vesicle and beyond until it reached his empty balls and danced about within them. The only thing Donny could relate it to was, eating that candy called `Pop Rocks', which were popular when he was a little kid. When he thought about `Pop Rocks', he started to giggle and he couldn't stop. When he started giggling, the crowd cheered as they remembered their own experience of receiving their first serum in this manner.

Marcus finished giving Donny the first part of the spermpire inoculation, (a glandular cocktail of fluids produced from under the tongue and imparted into the penis) and then broke the lip lock on Donny's tingling dick. Marcus then stood up and delivered the second part of the serum with a kiss. The serum didn't have the same `Pop Rocks' effervescence going into the mouth as it did going down his hypersensitive cock. If anything, it had a kind of numbing sensation. Their lips came together and both boys instantly felt the bond for each other that had been growing between them from the very beginning but remained yet unspoken.

As the serum flowed into Donny's system, a peculiar thing happened. Donny saw in his mind's eye, the images of eight boys, some of whom he recognized from school. As the visions manifested themselves in his mind, he saw each boy naked with their erections blazing in all their glory. The visions were so vivid that it was as if Donny were there at the time they occurred. Then he felt a kind of wetness on his own dick and experienced an abbreviated imprinted orgasm as experienced by each boy that Marcus had fed on.

Donny marveled at the variety of how each boy's body had been affected by the feeding. He had to hold on tightly to Marcus for support as these erotic sensations proliferated in his consciousness, making him weak at the knees. The last image was the one of himself, still fresh in his mind. He saw his own naked body and experienced a feedback loop that amplified a kind of erotic echo of the event that defied description. He quivered and teared up as he relived the amazing orgasm he had encountered when Marcus fed on him previously that evening. Then Donny became consciously aware, as he and Marcus bonded, that Marcus felt differently about him than he felt about the other eight boys he'd fed upon.

No words needed to be uttered between them for they could feel the sparks of passion that existed between them, amplified through their communal embrace. Of all the crazy events that had unfolded over the last eight hours, Donny's emerging feelings for Marcus was the only thing that seemed real. Donny now unequivocally accepted the fact that this was no joke and he knew in his heart that he was now bonded with Marcus for life.

What started out as a spermpire inoculation between Donny and Marcus, slowly morphed into a passionate kiss between two lovers. Donny and Marcus's arms began to roam about each other's body as they prolonged their embrace. Marcus felt Donny's dick expand even harder than it had been as though it might burst as their kiss entered into the erotic zone where passion turned to lust. Soon, Marcus matched Donny's solid erection and Marcus's erection strained to escape the confines of his tight fitting clothing. If they weren't standing in front of the spermpire tribunal, they would have sought out a private place where Marcus could shed his outer barriers and indulge in a carnal pursuit of massive proportions. The twelve tribunal members shattered Donny and Marcus's reverie when they burst into spontaneous applause over their unimpeded display of affection.

The community was growing stronger and Malik became intoxicated with a sense of power as his congregation continued to endure against insurmountable odds. The opposition to his plan for moving the group to another location was disturbing to Malik and he began to consider the need to strengthen his power over the teens under his leadership.

Donny had never kissed or sucked with any boys before today and now he had the good fortune to kiss and get both sucked and blown by Marcus for the second time in the same day. In addition, he was about to get kissed and blown by Malik and twelve more teenage boys in the next few minutes. Donny suddenly felt quite nervous with that thought, but at the same time, it prevented his boner from softening. Slightly embarrassed and caught off guard from his unexpected exhibition of passion toward his new charge, Marcus escorted Donny forward and presented him to Malik for him to impart his blessing onto Donny. Once again, as a gesture to obtain reverent silence, Malik lifted his arms and began his oration.

"No single spermpire among us is capable of dispensing an adequate amount of serum effective enough to control the spermpire infection," Malik explained as he addressed the congregation. "It typically requires no less than ten inoculations to assure a successful dosage. I thank you twelve willing donors for coming out and attending tonight's ritual and celebration. Your donations will be richly rewarded later on this evening."

Then Malik turned to Donny to address him personally.

"Donavan Bradley Marsh, now that your mentor, Marcus Nathan Hollister, has imparted his special gift of inoculation into you, I will now impart my blessing. Then your brothers will follow with their blessings, making fourteen doses in all. This should guarantee a sufficient dosage to make your new life as a spermpire bearable."

"Thank you for accepting me and giving me the gift of a tempered existence," Donny said.

"Please understand that `tempered' is a relative term in this case," Malik explained. "Marcus will be guiding you through this crucial time and you must take what he tells you seriously. He will teach you our rules and you must learn them and live by them. Your life may depend on it. The next twenty-four hours will be critical. If you survive them, you should be able to enjoy many years of successful living as long as you maintain a regular ongoing diet of fresh sperm. Other than the fact that they must feed periodically, most of our spermpire brother live normal lives. They go to school, they hold jobs, they play sports, they eat what they want and stay healthy so long as they abide by the rules."

Malik held out his arms, motioning Donny to come forward. Donny stepped up to embrace Malik and accept his next inoculation. Donny thrust his hips slightly forward in anticipation as Malik knelt before him. Donny's nervousness gave way to anxious curiosity as to how being engulfed by this handsome and slightly older teen would feel. Donny placed his hands on Malik's caped shoulders as Malik engulfed Donny's bulging dick, locking his lips tightly around it. Another rush of energized spermpire fluids blasted through Donny's genitals and he immediately recognized the increased intensity of Malik's serum. Once captured in his balls, Donny could feel the CM's powerful serum causing his balls to physically bounce like Mexican jumping beans within his sac. Then Malik stood and smiled as he approached for the kiss.

Donny felt strange moving in to kiss a total stranger full on, lips to lips, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue and then allow him to secrete a questionable bodily fluid into his mouth. Extreme trepidation consumed him as Malik opened his mouth wide and pulled Donny into him. Malik's gesture was more aggressive than Marcus's, almost like the mythical blood vampire from the old horror movies and Donny suddenly felt like he was about to get bitten. Donny closed his eyes, not out of pleasure but out of apprehension. Malik put his hand behind Donny's head and pulled him in tightly against him and administered his serum straight away.

Malik held Donny against his lips for what seemed like an eternity. Malik was taking great care to assure his gift had been sufficiently ingested and allowed enough time for all the feeding victims to play out in Donny's mind. Malik's feeding record was extensive, both from having been a spermpire since he was fourteen and from having a hearty appetite necessary for a CM. Donny went completely weak in the knees again and Marcus wrapped his arms around Donny from behind to help support him while he experienced flash after flash of Malik's documentary style feeding history.

Then Donny experienced the sexual feedings as hot well hung teens his own age gradually gave way to maturing, more masculine young men. Malik obviously had a penchant for large dicks. Malik's prolific memory included a seemingly endless parade of boys, dicks and orgasms over the last half decade so vast that Donny found it difficult to endure. One orgasmic explosion after another coursed through his mind and body until the final victim, a tall red haired young man with a large uncut penis, flashed in and back out. Malik broke the kiss and Donny gasped for air. Malik released Donny into Marcus's arms and Marcus carried Donny to one of the many park benches to recover. Donny was taken aback by the bitter, unpleasant taste of Malik's offering. Malik was nearly three years older than Donny and his maturity left a bad taste in Donny's mouth.

Once Donny had rested and recovered, his twelve new brothers got in line behind Malik and Donny began his community bonding procedure, receiving his twelve remaining allotments of serum, one at a time from each remaining brother.

As he went down the line, each injection blown into him became less sensational as the newness of the experience with Marcus and the powerful effect of Malik's serum began to wear on. Each kiss, however, resulted in a new experience and Donny marveled at the continued uniqueness of each orgasm relived.

By the end of the process, hoards of nameless boys and images of their naked body parts had orgasmically surfaced in his mind. At first, he found them arousing and titillating. Each sperm sucking brother was passing along their experiences of all the different boys they had fed upon. As they neared the end, however, the sheer volume of the experiences was beginning to dull Donny's interest and he began wishing for it to end.

Then his exhilaration turned to concern as he started to recognize more and more of those nameless faces as fellow students he'd seen around school. He began to realize he would have to seek out and victimize his own classmates in the same manner if he was to survive.

As these images continued, his concern turned to anger as he began to recognize friends and classmates he'd known for years. Seeing all these victims through the eyes of these spermpire thieves began to upset Donny to the core as more and more images of his new spermpire brothers voraciously feeding upon their naked and exploited victims overwhelmed Donny's sensibilities.

By the time he got to the last brother in line, he seemed to know and understand a lot more about what it would mean to be a spermpire and he didn't like what he was discovering.

As he received his last inoculation from the last robed brother in line, he received his most startling revelation. Without using words, Donny somehow knew who this last guy was. He instantly knew he was the one who turned Marcus and why. Donny began to pick up on this information the second this young spermpire looked into Marcus's eyes and then Donny's.

Much like Donny, Jonah had some hidden feelings for Marcus but had never revealed them to him. They were great friends but neither one of them explored their passionate feelings for each other. Marcus was unaware of Jonah's feelings and was a little bitter over Jonah turning him. Jonah feared rejection from Marcus and was taking it slow in revealing his feelings. Donny felt Jonah's subdued jealousy from the passionate display between Marcus and Donny earlier on the podium. Since that was the case, Donny was ready to fight for Marcus's affections.

Donny put aside his mixed emotions about this last brother and stepped up to get it over with. Jonah tenuously pressed his lips against Donny's lips and Donny began receiving images. In time, Marcus's image appeared in Donny's mind. He recognized Marcus's beautiful boner he had just recently sucked on himself and then felt the unique quivering up and down the spinal cord that Marcus experiences during his orgasms. As much as Donny wanted to be done with this process, he wished that particular image and experience could have lingered on. It was exhilarating to feel what Marcus felt and what he had likely felt when Donny had sucked on him earlier. Then Donny received a disturbing connection with Jonah revealing Jonah's purposeful encouragement for Marcus to return the favor in order to turn him.

As this last spermpire brother administered the last drops of serum into Donny's mouth, Donny nearly suffered a psychotic breakdown. In the last few moments of contact with Jonah, he very clearly witnessed him feed off of Tony, his baby brother. He saw Tony's surprisingly underdeveloped erection with a small patch of dark pubic hair to either side of it, quivering in anticipation. As his brain was being filled with Tony's orgasmic reactions from the draining of his young balls, Donny's mind erupted in a fiery rage and his blood began to boil. Donny forcibly broke the kiss as the last drops of serum flowed over this last brother's chin.

"I know who you are!" Donny seethed accusingly. "You're Jonah aren't you? You purposely turned Marcus without telling him what would happen."

"Yep, that's me," he freely admitted.

"You bastard," Donny said as he threw a sucker punch aimed straight at Jonah's nose, sending him hurtling to the ground. "You fed off my baby brother you cocksucker! How could you?"

These ceremonial proceedings were usually very dull and boring for the spermpires supplying the serum, which is why Malik liked to provide them with a feeding reward afterward. But tonight, it appeared that a real fight was about to break out and everybody was caught off guard. Just like at school, someone yells `fight' and everyone within earshot comes running. In seconds, Donny and Jonah were surrounded by spectators as Donny hovered over Jonah with his fist poised to deliver a second blow.

Marcus stood frozen in place, not knowing what to do. He was falling in love with Donny but at the same time, he had feelings for Jonah as well. He was emotionally paralyzed as the only two people in the whole world that meant anything to him at all were at odds with each other. The tribunal stood watching in anticipation of a good brawl and all the guards and lookouts that were patrolling the grounds, left their posts to come see the spectacle. Even the attendants, who were keeping watch over the detainees, left their charges unattended. Since these boys were still well under the influence of the drug, they believed there was little chance of them going anywhere on their own.

"Oww, man that hurt! What are you talking about?" Jonah said holding his bloodied nose with both hands while he tried to get up off the ground.

"My baby brother is Tony..., you sucked him man... you sucked him dry! He's just a kid." Donny said as he trembled so fiercely a tear escaped his control.

"Oh yeah, I know who you mean, he was great! For your information, he wanted it. He asked me for it. He's one hell of a horny little boy slut just like his little friend Sammy," Jonah remarked.

"What did you just say about my brother you piece of shit?" Donny seethed.

"Don't worry, I didn't turn him, he's perfectly fine. Hell, he even begged me to do it again but his fuel tank was empty and I didn't want to waste my time and get nothing for my trouble."

Donny grabbed a hold of Jonah by his robe and yanked him back to his feet.

"He's only fourteen years old you ass bite, isn't that too young for you?"

"I'm only fifteen years old man. I can feed off guys from thirteen to sixteen. The age doesn't have to be exact because it's more a matter of similar maturity."

Jonah was right about one thing, Tony was mature enough to be producing sperm and at that moment, Donny realized his little brother was sexually old enough to be vulnerable to these indiscriminate sperm robbers. Then he became aware that this was going to be his future from here on and with that thought, the fight suddenly left him and Donny just wanted to die.

Meanwhile, from across the way, Tony was able to see a flurry of activity as everyone raced over to witness the fight. One of the angry voices sounded like his big brother's and that got his attention.

The attendant that had given Tony his injection had underestimated the appropriate dosage and Tony was already coming to his senses as the drug was prematurely wearing off. He stood up from the park bench and looked towards the crowd that had gathered across the field. His mind started to clear and as the fog lifted, he instinctively got drawn to the commotion and began walking towards the noise like a moth to a flame.

In the center of the crowd, Donny released his hold on Jonah and with a defeated heart, started to walk away leaving Jonah bloodied and humiliated. The crowd parted like the Red Sea as Donny emerged from within the circle. As his eyes focused ahead, he saw what he thought was Tony walking towards him. A dozen thoughts raced through Donny's mind about why this couldn't be his brother. Tony's mind started to improve with each step he took and the two boys simultaneously realized they were indeed walking toward each other. Donny got a sudden surge of adrenaline as his `fight or flee' response kicked in.

"Run!" Donny yelled.

Tony stood motionless for a moment as his brother's command registered in his mind.

"Tony... Run!" Donny yelled again.

Tony turned and backtracked to the benches and yelled to the other detainees as he ran towards them.

"Everybody... Follow Me!"

The heavily drugged group had been sitting idle like a computer awaiting a command. They began to follow Tony all right but without any sense of urgency.

"Run You Guys... Run As Fast As You Can... Follow Me!"

Marcus's mentor, Jonah, was left dazed and confused and more than a little angry. Malik watched with interest at the aggressive display and purposely didn't interfere. He wanted to see if Jonah or Marcus had it in them to challenge their Master. Malik quickly realized that neither posed any threat. Jonah clearly had no aspirations to become a CM. As for Marcus, Malik got no indication that he was interested in becoming a CM since Malik and Marcus's paths had never crossed before tonight and Marcus had shown such deference to Malik in the ceremony. Donny, on the other hand, needed to be watched. Malik quickly determined that Donny's little brother Tony could be useful in controlling Donny if the need should arise.

The twelve detainees picked up speed and followed Tony who was out in the lead. The community, which had been slow to react initially, had now turned into a mob and fallen further and further behind. Donny, who was taking up the rear, continued to shout at the detainees to run faster. All those who were involved with the ceremony were now beginning to realize that their post ceremonial feast was getting away and tried to command them to return. The pursuing spermpires were too far back for their voices to command any authority. As the congregation fell farther behind, they angrily watched as their feast dispersed one by one, running off in several different directions. Once they realized that there was no longer any chance of regaining control of their runaway celebration they were chasing, they gave up their pursuit and returned to the site where the ritual had taken place. Even though these misled boys were still drugged, they had enough presence of mind to run home and soon Tony and Donny were the only ones left. Eventually, Donny caught up with Tony and the two of them took some little known shortcuts home, leaving the spermpire mob, angry, defeated and without a celebratory meal to feast upon.

Once Donny and Tony were safely back home, they quietly snuck back inside the house and went straight to Donny's room. The two of them sat side by side on Donny's bed, sitting in silence while they gathered their thoughts and recovered from having run all the way home from Mangelson Park. Donny was now in serious pain as his spermpire drive to consume fresh sperm started to escalate. He couldn't imagine how much worse it would have been without the mellowing effects of his recent inoculations. After everything that happened to him and Tony that night, he knew he didn't want to live that way anymore. He still had deep feelings for Marcus but all this spermpire business was something he wanted nothing more to do with. He was starting to get scared for the safety of himself and Tony both.

"Tony, are you okay?" Donny asked.

"I'm still feeling a little strange," Tony said.

Donny reached out and gave his baby brother a quick hug and then realized what he just said.

"What do you mean, you're still feeling strange?" Donny questioned.

"When they caught me, they gave me a shot of something."

"Those fuckers gave you a shot, no way, a shot of what, where?"

"I don't know what it was but they put it here just like the doctor does and it made me feel all weird," Tony explained as he pointed to the main artery in his forearm.

Donny grabbed Tony's arm and examined the injection site where the evidence confirmed Tony's story.

"What were you doing there? How did you get there?"

Ashamed of what he'd done, Tony sat beside his older brother and looked away in silence.

"Tony, answer me. What were you doing there?"

"I followed you, all right!"

"Followed me? Why?"

"Because you've been acting weird all day and I wanted to know how come."

"Go on," Donny prodded.

"I thought you were going to meet some girl and I wanted to see what she looked like."

"So you were spying on me."

"I'm sorry Donny. I thought you were going to meet someone in front of the house but then you started to walk down the street and..., I don't know why but..., well, I followed you. Then when you met that guy at the end of the block, I started to get worried because the two of you looked like you were arguing with each other."

"Go on," Donny persisted.

"I love you Donny! I didn't want anything bad to happen to you so..., I followed you, you know, just in case you needed help or something."

"Go on," Donny said as he mercilessly prodded Tony further.

"Once you got to Mangelson Park, I got caught by a gang of spermpires!"

"Spermpires, what the hell do you know about spermpires?"

"Well... about four months ago... when I first started to shoot sperm... I kind of got... sucked!"

"Kind of got sucked? Holy crap Tony! Why didn't you tell me?"

"Really? You're asking me that?" Tony shot back. Then he looked at his big brother accusingly and called him out on it, "You got sucked today, didn't you? Were you going to tell me about it?" Tony asked, turning the tables on his brother.

"Okay, I get it. So you got turned into a spermpire four months ago?"

"No, I didn't get turned. I was hanging out with Sammy and this guy named Jonah and we kind of messed around together one day. Sammy introduced me to him. After he sucked me, he asked if I liked it. When I said I did, he told me a few things about how he was this spermpire. He told me he made sure he didn't turn me so we could mess around again soon. He always kept his clothes on so I couldn't accidentally get any of his cum in me."

"Why would you do such a thing?"

"Because I liked it Donny, I liked it a lot! Why did you do it?"

"Right, you got me again. I'm sorry you got dragged into this but we have to stick together because we're both in big trouble now."

It was Tony that hugged Donny this time and they held their embrace until Donny's cell phone started vibrating in his pocket. His heart skipped a beat since he hadn't completely settled down yet from the harrowing ordeal that he and Tony had just experienced and it was already past one o'clock in the morning.

"Who could be calling me at this time of night?" Donny said out loud as he looked at the caller I.D. on the display. "It's Marcus," Donny said as he turned to Tony. "I'd better take this." He said as he answered the call.

"What do you want?" Donny snapped.

"What the hell happened back there?" Marcus barked.

"Why are you asking me that? Do you think this is my fault?"

"I'm just asking what happened."

"Your mentor, Jonah, fed off my baby brother about four months ago. Did you know?"

"No, I have no way of knowing what he's done, I'm not his keeper. What he does on his own time, he keeps to himself. Spermpires rarely relate their experiences with each other, verbally anyway. I haven't kissed Jonah in a long time to know his recent experiences."

"Did you know your community hoods had rounded up about twelve or thirteen guys and drugged them so they could feast on them?"

"Well, yeah, that I knew."

"That's offensive man! Did you also know they captured my little brother tonight?"

"No, how could I know that? I was with you the whole time, wasn't I?"

"Well, he followed us to the park and got captured and drugged! My baby brother, Flippen Drugged Man! That's Unacceptable!"

"Donny, I'm sorry. I really am," Marcus said. "There's a lot about being a spermpire that sucks."

"Are you sorry about what happened tonight at the park," Donny asked. "Or are you sorry that you turned me, because if it's that, you should know, I sucked you of my own free will, so you don't have to be sorry for that. I understand why you had to suck me. I felt the overwhelming urge for sperm before the ceremony began and I'm guessing that was just a small taste of what it must be like when you really need it. I'm feeling the need for it right now and it scares me. I saw my future in the faces of all those boys that had gotten fed upon. Then, I saw the naked boners of every boy that every brother ever fed on and felt what they felt. I saw you when Jonah infused me. I felt what you felt when you shot your load into me. I know exactly what you felt when I sucked you and I'll never forget that, even as brief as it was. It makes me happy that I made you that happy."

"I'm beginning to understand now," Marcus acknowledged. "I wish all this could've gone better. What I'm calling about is that one of those guys that got rounded up for the feast was supposed to be for you."

"Don't worry," Donny said. "You don't have to do me any favors!"

"You don't understand," Marcus said as the sound of concern resounded in his voice. "You have to feed within twenty-four hours of your primary exposure or you'll die. It's been over eight hours already and its Friday night. That means that most of your appropriately aged prospects are going to be out of reach until we get back to school on Monday. You simply don't have that long. You'll have to perform your first spermpire feeding within the next sixteen hours or you're just not going to make it. It's not a pretty sight when a spermpire starts going crazy and begins to lose their mind as the final hours approach. It's no joke Donny. You will die a spermpire's death. I've heard about it from Brock who witnessed it happen. I'm being deadly serious about this."

"Okay, so what do I do now?" Donny asked.

"I wish I could help you but as you've already found out, even a spermpire can't feed off another spermpire," Marcus pointed out as he tried to fulfill his promise to educate his new subordinate. "I would so love for you to suck me dry again but unfortunately that would only make things worse."

"Well, you've been doing this a lot longer than me," Donny said. "What do you recommend?"

"Well, there's one thing you can do but...," then Marcus hesitated for a moment. "No, forget I said that!"

End of Chapter #3

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