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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #4

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

"What...? What were you going to say?"

"Forget it," Marcus said. "You'll never go for it."

"Come on Marcus, tell me," Donny begged. "I'll consider almost anything. At this point, it appears I have very little to lose."

"Okay, here's how it works," Marcus said as he laid out his perfectly logical explanation. "You're seventeen years old and as a spermpire, you can feed on boys who are roughly as young as fifteen and as old as nineteen, two years in either direction. There's someone very close to you who's fourteen and recently mature. I was able to smell the evidence so I know he's ready. He's not the perfect choice but he can save your life."

"Someone close to me who...," Donny said thinking out loud. "Oh no, not Tony, I would never ask him to do that, ever!"

"You would be very careful not to turn him of course," Marcus continued as he tried to help Donny see the logic in it. "As long as you don't allow him to suck you, he could provide you with what you need with little or no danger to either one of you. You'd be able to harvest his sperm every three months or so for the next several years."

"No, absolutely not," Donny insisted, "No way!"

"Okay," Marcus conceded. "If you want to survive, you're going to have to go out and hunt for a willing sacrifice tonight if at all possible. I need to go with you and offer my knowledge and experience to assist you. The problem is, having a second person present can make your contact uncomfortable. Unfortunately, you don't have enough time to fail. Once you gain the refined skill, you'll find that sperm hunting is a `mano-a-mano' sport, face to face, one on one."

"I get it, you really don't want to do this," Donny growled.

"No, you don't get it, you don't get it at all," Marcus elaborated. "If you were a full blooded and experienced spermpire, we wouldn't be in this crisis. As a full fledged spermpire, I'd be teaching you the fine points and subtle tricks to attracting a donor. We could afford the time to experiment and weed through all the cute and attractive guys until we find the ones that are one hundred percent with us. We would be having fun helping each other out, meeting new people and forging new sperm friendly relationships, the kind that you could come back to and feed on, again and again. The thing is, you're not a full fledged spermpire and you won't be until you complete the first cycle and consume your initial primary feeding. Because a turned spermpire's initial feeding is so critical, and has to be performed within twenty four hours, it's become a traditional part of the ritual ceremony. You were to have your pick of donor's from the dozen or so that had been assembled for the feast. Because you and Tony liberated our guests, you put yourself in a dire situation."

"So, you're saying this is my fault then," Donny said.

"I'm saying, now we're on our own," Marcus elaborated. "It's just you and me. It's after one o'clock in the morning and you're running out of time. If we don't succeed by five o'clock tomorrow night, you're going to be history and I care about you way too much to let that happen. So..."

"So what?" Donny asked.

"So, are you ready to go hunting?" Marcus elaborated.

"Marcus, I hate the idea that I have to hunt for sperm boys. It makes it sound like I'm out to shoot a deer or something. I can't force someone to do this with me. I think I'd just rather die."

"Maybe hunting is a poor choice of words. Just think of it as searching, searching for the ones out there who are willing. They're out there all right. We just have to find them. It's a skill you'll have to master as you go along. Spermpires don't use force anyway, that much you should already know."

"This is just way too much to think about and right now I'm having trouble concentrating. Man, I gotta do some soul searching. Can I call you in the morning?"

"Sure, but don't take too long, your time is incredibly short. In the meantime, I'll try to smooth things over with the community and with Malik regarding our little fiasco tonight. I'll try to explain what happened and get us both off the hook. Right now, those guys are out there trying to find some new sex rave partners to replace the ones that you and Tony liberated from the ceremony."

"Thanks Marcus..., for everything! I'm sorry I've been giving you so much grief. I'm just really upset over all this crap."

"No problem. I totally understand, believe me. Talk to you tomorrow then."

Donny pressed the `end' button on his phone to terminate the conversation with Marcus and stared into space as he contemplated the word `end' and how it had a whole new connotation for him now.

"Donny," Tony said as he tried to pull his brother back from outer space.

"Yeah, sorry, you better get to bed, it's really late."

"You have to feed now don't you?" Tony pried. "You have to feed now or you're going to die. Is that right?"

"What, No!"

"Come on Donny, I was sitting right here. I could hear what you two were saying. There's no one around right now for you to feed on, right?"

"Right," Donny answered cautiously.

"Wrong!" Tony exclaimed. "I love you Donny. I don't want you to die. I can save you! You can suck on me!"

"No, you're my brother, I would never ask you to do that!"

"You're not asking, I'm offering!"

"You're my brother. It would be..., weird wrong even."

"Brother's donate kidneys to each other, right...? Brother's can donate blood for transfusions, right...? Brother's save each other's lives all the time, right...? I can donate my sperm to you, right...? Besides, as you've already discovered, I've done this before and I'd rather donate my sperm to you than some sperm sucking stranger any day."

Donny was stunned. Marcus had just suggested that Tony might fill his immediate need and here was Tony, making an unsolicited offer. On top of all that, his little brother was offering a sound argument and wielding wisdom far beyond his years. Donny was beginning to think that this indeed might be his only option.

If Donny did attempt to procure a seventeen year old boy to feed upon tomorrow, where would he find such a boy on the weekend? Even if he found someone, how long would it take to get them into a position to where they would allow Donny to feed? Donny didn't have the experience or the inclination to seduce another boy. He wasn't even sure how to make the gland under his tongue deliver the spermpire serum when needed. Had the spermpire infection incubated in Donny's system long enough for him to be able to make it perform on command? Donny had a dozen more questions just like these and at one o'clock in the morning, Donny was running out of options and the way his craving for sperm was escalating, thinking logically was becoming increasingly more difficult.

The longer Donny sat beside his brother, the more Tony's scent began to overpower Donny's senses and he suddenly realized he was beginning to lose control.

"Well," Tony said trying to bring his brother back down to earth again. He could sense his brother was distracted and in pain and simply running out of time.

"Well what?" Donny said, forgetting he hadn't given Tony his answer yet. "Oh yeah, don't worry about me Tony, I can take care of myself!"

Donny tried to put on a brave front for his baby brother so he wouldn't think there were no other options to consider. Nevertheless, the growing pain in Donny's abdomen acutely reminded him that he was only seventeen, vulnerable and in dire need to feed. Also, strangely enough, he was horny as hell right now and little Tony, whose close proximity and overpowering scent of fresh sperm was filling his senses. In Donny's confused state, Tony was starting to look pretty good and in his weakened state, Donny was starting to falter. Even so, Donny remained steadfast and declined his brother's kind, generous and dearly appreciated offer. Donny wanted to maintain the respect and admiration that Tony held for him and he wasn't ready to relinquish his big brother status just yet. He was supposed to be the protector and take care of Tony, not the other way around.

"Honestly Tony... you better get to bed," Donny said, knowing that if his brother didn't leave the room soon, he was going to lose the willpower to resist and he had very little willpower to begin with. He put his arm around his little brother's shoulder in the same tender manner his father had done to him when he and his dad talked earlier and said, "If you really want to help, you could come with me tomorrow and help Marcus and me search for a willing candidate. I know it'll be weird. It'll be like helping me look for a date, you know..., a guy date!"

Tony and Donny both laughed quietly and then Tony scooted off to his own room.

"Love you," Tony said as he was leaving the room.

"Love ya right back bro," Donny said as Tony silently drew the door closed.

According to the way Donny was feeling right now, he knew he was going to be in for a rough night. He undressed, hit the bed and fortunately fell asleep quickly clutching his swollen erection. Contemplating feeding on his little brother had triggered it to re-inflate. As he slept, Donny's subconscious began to replay all the erotic imagery that had been implanted in his mind, unaware that he was squeezing and pulling on his boner the entire time he was asleep. About three o'clock in the morning, he was awakened by a wave of pure pleasure followed immediately by a severe pain in his groin. The intensity of his short lived nocturnal emission caused him to bolt upright into a sitting position.

He was still clutching his dick but his hand was covered in a mixture of sweat, spermpire resin and blood. The vision of his hand covered with this messy conglomeration of discolored fluids scared Donny so severely, he flew into a panic. He quickly hopped out of bed to open the window for some fresh air. The cool night air felt welcome on his hot sweaty body. He grabbed a handful of tissues from the side of his bed and attempted to wipe the mess off his hand. The stickiness of the substances caused the tissue to disintegrate into his hand, making things worse. Then Donny got startled from a sudden knock at his door. Donny jumped back into bed and pulled the sheet over the lower half of his body. Then he slid his tissue embroiled hand underneath the sheet and answered the knock.

"Come in!" Donny said, totally expecting to see Tony enter, seeking comfort from having had some kind of nightmare over his horrific capture by the spermpires.

His dad unexpectedly opened the door and stepped in.

"Are you okay Donny?" his father asked.

"Sure... why?" Donny casually answered as if nothing was wrong.

"I was hearing some whimpering and groaning coming from your room," his dad said. "You're sure you're all right?"

"Oh, I'm sorry I woke you up. I didn't realize I was being so loud."

"I wasn't asleep. I was up late working on some blueprints for a bid on an upcoming job. It will be far from home but the money will be good. I was just making my nightly rounds like I always do, checking on you and Tony before going to sleep myself. So, enough about me, I came in to see how you're doing. By the sound of things in here, she must've been pretty hot!"

"DAD! I wasn't making noises over some girl."

"Okay, he must've been pretty hot!"

"Oh my god. Dad!"

"Sorry, nowadays, you just don't know.

"Can we stop talking about this, please!"

"It's all right son, I understand. I was young once too ya know," his dad said as he turned to leave. Before he made it to the door, he stopped and spun back around clearly catching a whiff of something familiar. "We need to have a long talk together very soon."

"Yeah, about that..."

"Yes son."

"It's okay, never mind."

"Are you sure? You can ask or tell me anything Donny. Whatever is on your mind, you can come to me. I'll never judge you. There is nothing so bad you can't talk to me about it, you know that right? Remember, I'll always be here for you."

"Yeah, thanks dad."

"Good night son. Maybe you can get back to that erotic dream you were having with... whoever!"


"Okay, okay. Good night."


His dad closed his bedroom door and Donny could hear him walk across the hall and knock softly on Tony's door. When there was no response, Donny heard his dad open the door. Apparently, his dad saw that all was seemingly well with Tony as no words were exchanged. A few moments later, Donny heard Tony's door close and once again, all was quiet.

Donny waited a while longer and when he figured the coast was clear, he crept to the bathroom and washed off his sticky hand and freshened up from being drenched in sweat. The pain Donny was experiencing was more intense than ever and it took all the willpower he could muster to walk past Tony's room without rushing in and satisfying his overpowering urge for sperm.

As great as his dad was, Donny felt all this spermpire stuff wasn't something he wanted to confess to his dad, at least not yet. He was in deep trouble all right. His logic was, since he had gotten himself and Tony into this mess, then he and Tony were going to have to get themselves out of it without putting anyone else at risk.

Donny was now wide awake. He needed to talk to someone to help him get his mind off the turmoil that was consuming his every thought. The only person he could think of to call was Marcus. He opened his cell phone and stared at it as he contemplated whether or not to bother Marcus with his problems or if he should just let him get some sleep. As he felt another wave wash over him, it convinced him to make the call.

"Yeah-ello," Marcus said as he answered the call with a yawn.

"Marcus, it's Donny," he apologized. "I'm sorry for bothering you but I just had a kind of panic attack and I didn't know what else to do."

"It's okay Donny. I know what you're going through. I went through it too and so do most of the newly turned spermpires. Let me fill you in on some of the history of our spermpire community. Maybe the sound of my voice as I explain more of what's going on might calm you down and relax you enough to help you get back to sleep. There really isn't much else we can do until morning anyway. Does that sound okay?"

"Yeah, that sounds great," Donny said. "Go ahead."

"Okay, kick back and try to relax," Marcus began. "Back when I was first turned, Brock was the CM in charge. Shortly after I became a full fledged spermpire, he was killed somehow, possibly by a Sybil. At least there are rumors over that. Maybe it was Mrs. Cornwalt who did it."

Marcus chuckled, but Donny didn't. Donny's lack of a response caused Marcus to drop the reference to Donny's neighbor and he quickly continued.

"Malik, who was the highest ranking subordinate in the community, was already engaged in a vicious power struggle to take over the local territory from Brock. Brock was in his early twenties at the time the hostilities took place. Brock had a reputation for being fair and level headed whereas Malik, who is in his late teens, is more aggressive and leans towards militarism. Things are very different now that Malik is in charge. When Brock was the community's leader, he ruled with a more humanitarian style and was interested in keeping the spermpire population down, whereas Malik's power hungry nature encouraged the spermpire population to grow, increasing the number of members. Malik feels he needs a larger community to control and manipulate for his own personal agenda. At least that's what I think. That may be the driving force that ultimately led to Brock's demise, allowing Malik to rise to power virtually unchallenged. If he had been more aggressive, the Sybil's might not have gotten to him. Even though Malik encouraged the turning of more spermpires, he faced considerable resistance to the idea. The turning of innocent feeding victims into spermpires meant a whole lot of extra work for each mentor to have to guide and educate their new subordinates. This led to a higher reluctance on the part of each mentor, increasing their responsibilities with each new recruit. Not only was this more work, each new pupil would continue to be a burden on their mentor until such time that each pupil could become successful and ultimately self-sufficient. It would take several months to train their charges before they could be set free as an independent spermpire. Are you still with me? You're being awfully quiet Donny. You didn't fall asleep on me now, did you?"

"Oh, no, this is fascinating, please continue," Donny said. "You're a great story teller and I think this is helping me relax. By the way, you just said that new pupils are a burden to their mentors. Am I being a burden Marcus?"

"Heavens no Donny," Marcus assured him. "I care about you deeply. If I didn't, we wouldn't be talking right now."

"Okay, thanks Marcus."

"Sure, so anyway, Brock became my hero after Jonah turned me. Jonah was just a kid and a fairly new spermpire himself so he wasn't much help to me as a mentor. I remember clearly that it was Brock who brought me my first two feedings after Jonah failed to be there for me. When Brock discovered I had no family, he arranged for me to live in a small cabin with a couple of other turned brothers who had fallen upon similar hard times. Brock protected me, provided a home and made sure I had plenty of food to eat. He cared for me like a father. He found a way to get me enrolled in school and back to doing things a normal kid does. Brock had been kind to me in particular and paid a lot of attention to my education. He taught me about the many hard facts and subtle truths that a spermpire needed to know to survive. He also taught me that it was my responsibility to do the same to those I initiated into the spermpire life, whether I did it intentionally or accidentally. He once told me that he would like for me to be the one to replace him as the Community Master someday and tried to prepare me for the unlucky day that anything should happen to him. So once Brock got killed and Malik assumed command, I've been purposely avoiding Malik. I know Malik could likely sense my inner turmoil and extreme dislike for him and I sort of blame him for Brock's death because of all the trouble he's been stirring up. It was almost like losing my family all over again when Brock was killed. I really miss him."

"So, all this time, you've been secretly gunning for Malik?" Donny asked.

"Well, yes and no," Marcus said and then clarified. "Once Brock had been killed, I kind of died a little myself. I had to turn to Jonah to finish off my spermpire training. Like any seventeen year old guy, I was very wary of taking orders from someone younger than me, even though that kid held my future in his hands. I had no choice because I didn't want to go to Malik. I didn't trust him from what I heard about him. Unfortunately, Jonah hadn't been a spermpire all that long himself and his teachings were spotty and unreliable at best. I felt the need to put nearly everything he ever told me to the test. Jonah was a horny fifteen year old sex addict and he was a great friend to me, but he was a poor teacher. Therefore I took nearly everything Jonah ever told me with a grain of salt. I eventually figured out, through excruciatingly painful trial and error, that Jonah turned out to be right, at least about the things that really mattered.

"The more I hear about Jonah, the more I think he's a dick!" Donny said.

"Oh, Jonah's not a bad guy at all," Marcus said. "It's just that his priorities are all messed up. You have to understand where he's coming from too. He's a runaway. His father mentally and physically abused him and his mother just let it happen. For him, the spermpires were like a family he never had and he thought he was doing me a favor by turning me since I was on my own too like he was."

"So you guys were kind of like the lost boys from Peter Pan," Donny gathered. "I get it now, I guess. I've always wondered what it would be like to be one of the lost boys for maybe just a day, but now I'm kind of getting an understanding of the reality of it all. I'm feeling kind of lost over this whole spermpire thing myself but at least I have my dad and Tony. I'm really sorry Marcus. I didn't know things had been that bad for you. I can't imagine what you're going through. The one thing about all this that really freaks me out is that Malik talked about us having to leave home and leave our families behind. I can't do that. I just can't. I know you don't have a family to leave, and I'm so sorry for you, but you get how I feel, right?"

"Yeah, sure," Marcus sighed. "Ya' know, that lost boys thing is a good way to look at it. The only thing was, Peter wasn't always there to fight the pirates for me. Sometimes the pirates got me. For example, one of the things I had to learn on my own was that as a spermpire, I needed to feed upon the sperm of boys in my own age range, a fundamental truth that I thought should have been at the top of the list of the ten most important things to know about being a spermpire. So after trying a wide-ranging diet of sperm from guys of varying ages, I found their sperm lacked the proper proportions of nutrients my body required, not to mention the unpleasant side effects such as causing my balls to painfully swell to the size of softballs, massive diarrhea, vomiting and profuse sweating just to start off with. After learning that lesson, I began to focus in on boys of the appropriate age group. The sperm my body depended on for survival was only effective and risk free when it came from boys no younger than fifteen and no older than nineteen. I hope you're paying attention because this is part of your training. I want to make sure that none of the bad things that happened to me ever happen to you."

"Yeah, I'm listening to every word," Donny assured him. "I appreciate that you're trying to spare me the horrors that you've been through."

"Good," Marcus said as he felt assured he could continue. "You will discover that at our age, finding other age appropriate boys that we might find both attractive and appetizing is a constant challenge. In addition to that, any boy we choose has to be willing to submit to boy on boy sex in order for us spermpires to feed. Most boys at this age are still trying to figure out what their sexual nature is and you can't rely on just a gut feeling or what people call `gaydar'. I will help you obtain your first few feedings until you can stand on your own. It is not easy learning to be aggressive and forward enough to engage your peers in suggestive sexual conversations and solicit them. Unfortunately, this will be one thing you'll need to master for yourself if you are going to survive on your own in the future."

"Yeah, and that's the one thing that scares me the most," Donny confessed.

"No doubt," Marcus agreed. "It's the same for all of us. Nevertheless, you'll have to become an expert at it. For example, with older men, things are easier. College boys are easy targets. They're always horny as hell, even the straight ones. Rarely will you be rejected, but I've been there and I swear I'd suffer a firing squad, as frightfully horrible as that would be before succumbing to feeding on older men again. Because of this, I've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to secure willing victims my own age. I'm constantly hitting on guys at school in subtle ways, just to test their reactions. You'll find out that when a guy has interest, we can detect it by a change in his posture and hormonal secretions. It's weird and hard to explain, but after a while, you'll catch on. You have to be subtle or you'll likely gain a reputation as either being gay, a boy whore or worse, and that would thwart your efforts to maintain a good steady diet. Even though I have the spermpire powers at my disposal to put my victims under hypnosis, my donor has to be at least curious and have an inclination towards boy sex, not to mention at least a small amount of sexual attraction for me personally, in order for him to submit to my will. Without these key components in place, a spermpire's suggestive powers and chemical assets fail as they lose their effectiveness to project their will upon the victim."

"So you're saying it's not like shooting ducks in a barrel?" Donny said.

"Ducks in a barrel?" Marcus asked.

"Sorry, it's a twisted and mangled saying that my dad makes up," Donny said. "It means..."

"That's okay, I get the idea," Marcus said.

"So Marcus," Donny inquired. "As you walked home with me after school, did you detect one of those hormonal changes from me?"

"Wow. Did I ever."

"So you knew I liked you then?"

"Oh yeah," Marcus exclaimed. "At least, I knew you were sexually excited by the idea of me. What a turn on!"

"Wow. That's crazy," Donny said in awe.

"So, how are you feeling now?" Marcus asked.

"Much better now, thanks Marcus," Donny yawned. "I think I might be able to sleep now. I'll call you in the morning so we can find someone for me."

"Okay. Later," Marcus said and they both ended the call.

Donny was able to go back to sleep but he only got a few snippets of fitful rest until the sun began to rise.

Once Donny realized he wasn't going to get anymore sleep until this feeding issue got taken care of, he picked up his cell phone and pulled up Marcus's number on his caller I.D. This time he added it to his contact list and then dialed the number. Even though it was extremely early in the morning, Donny hoped Marcus would forgive him for calling at the crack of dawn, especially since he had kept him up most of the night. Donny prayed that Marcus would still be willing and available to help him avert his escalating crisis.

"Ah..., yeah," Marcus mumbled as he answered his phone.

"Hey Marcus, its Donny again," he began, trying not to sound too alarming. I'm sorry for calling so early. I hardly slept at all last night and I'm going out of my mind with spermpire hunger pains," Donny confessed.

"I don't doubt it," Marcus yawned.

"Are you still willing to go hunting, I mean searching with me today?" Donny asked.

"Of course Donny, I'd love that. I'm here for you, I told you that and I mean it. You'll find that I'll be more helpful to you than Jonah ever was to me. I have a responsibility to help you and I take that responsibility very seriously. I'm glad you've asked me for help, I want to help you, I care about you. I just wish this wasn't such an emergency but that's okay, we'll make the best of it."

"Thanks," Donny sighed with relief. "Can I bring Tony with us?"

"Tony, your baby brother? How old is he again?" Marcus asked, making sure he was right about his age.

"He's fourteen even if he looks like he's twelve," Donny said. "I kind of promised him I'd let him come with me on my search. He's very worried for me and since he knows about my condition, I felt I could use all the help I could get."

"I don't know," Marcus hesitated. "He might end up complicating things."

"How about for a little while," Donny suggested. "If it looks like it's not working out, I'll send him home. How's that?"

"Okay, but remember, we're on a race against time here. I'm just worried for you."

"I know, thanks Marcus. How do we proceed?"

"Well, how good are you and Tony at basketball?"

"I don't know. Pretty good I guess. Tony and I practice lay-ups with his friend Sammy at his house whenever we get the chance. We're getting better at it. What does that have to do with anything though?"

"You and Tony get ready and meet me at Mangelson Park in an hour. Wear those sexy white shorts you have. You know which ones I mean, the real short ones that are almost too small for you. Meet me near the basketball courts. The neighborhood boys are usually there on Saturday mornings playing pickup ball. We'll ask if we can join them. If we're lucky, they might even be looking for more players to start a full game. If they happen to get enough guys together, we're in. Once we gain their respect, we'll be half the way there. That might be our best hope. We need to make sure your team ends up being skins and when you take your shirt off, I'll be able to detect if any of the guys react by emitting a rise in pheromone levels. If they do, we can target them."

"Okay, we'll be there. I appreciate this, a lot."

"No worries, I like hanging out with you, and if Tony is anything like you are, then the three of us will get along just fine."

"Thanks Marcus, see you in an hour."

Donny ended the call and immediately went to wake Tony. He knocked on the door and waited. When no answer came, he knocked again. This time when Tony didn't answer, Donny's horrendous pain caused him to lose his patience and he entered Tony's room.

Tony was sound asleep atop his sheets, naked and sporting some considerable morning wood. Donny didn't know that Tony had been sleeping in the nude ever since he hit puberty. Donny was a little put off that he didn't know that. He realized that his dad apparently knew since Donny became informed last night that their dad routinely checked in on them every night.

As Donny gazed upon his brother's naked body and raging hardon, his body reacted like he had found his host and the automatic feeding trigger caused a cascade of spermpire reactions to begin. Just like the way trout struggle to swim upstream to spawn or die, Mother Nature was calling and Donny's instincts were compelling him to feed or die. From all the way across the room, Donny could smell the delectable aroma of Tony's pre-cum as it gently oozed from his persisting erection and in a trance-like state, Donny approached the feast that was calling to him. As Donny stepped closer to Tony's bed, Tony's eyes fluttered open.

"Donny, what are you doing in here?" Tony asked as he realized his brother had just caught him asleep and quite naked. The sound of Tony's voice temporarily broke the trance Donny was in and he slowly came to his senses. He was breathing heavily and sweat covered his brow. Instinctively, Tony threw the sheet over his boner which tented through the fabric, drawing even more attention to his predicament.

"Sorry squirt, I knocked a couple of times and you didn't answer. It's just ... just ... about what we talked about last night."

"Oh. Do you need me to help?"

"Yes if you're still willing."

"I told you I was and I meant it." Tony tossed the sheet off and closed his eyes. "Go ahead then."

"Oh no, no not that! I mean if you're willing to help me find someone else."

"Oh, okay. Umm, sure, yeah I want to help. Sorry I misunderstood. You just don't look that good so I thought you were desperate."

"Dude, you're the best brother ever. Thanks for your willingness, but I don't want us to do that together no matter how much I need it. That's just the easy way out. That would forever change things between us and I don't want that." Donny looked at Tony's boner and forced himself not to lick his lips. "By the way, I think it's cool that you sleep in the buff. I do it too, but you should know that dad opens our doors and checks in on us every night to make sure we're all right. I just found out last night."

"Really? Oh crap!"

"So do you still want to help me?"

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, we need to meet Marcus in less than an hour at Mangelson Park so get up and get ready."

"Okay," Tony said as he yawned and stretched, causing his boner to recoil and spring to full attention. This time Tony was not embarrassed by his brother seeing him naked since he knew all this spermpire business between himself and Donny was now all out in the open. On the other hand, Donny knew he better get out of Tony's naked presence and leave his room quickly before his instincts rebounded, making him do something that, so far, he'd managed to avoid.

"When you're ready, meet me in the backyard. Wear stuff for basketball because Marcus thinks there might be some guys playing pickup games that can be enticed to do something with me." Donny said to Tony as he turned and walked out of his room shutting the door behind him.

Donny stood outside Tony's door and groaned as another spasm of horrendous pain swept through Donny's entire body. Donny recognized the severity of his problem was worsening because these spasms of pain were occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. He began to wonder how he was going to even make it through the day, let alone play a rigorous game of basketball. At this point, Donny had no alternative but to reach down deep inside himself and find the will to survive as he made his way out to the backyard.

Donny always found Oscar and Mayer to be a comfort to him when he was down and in need of a smidgen of unconditional love and friendship. He stepped outside, sat down by the doorstep and called to his companions.

"Oscar, Mayer, here boys, where are you guys?" Donny called out.

The two Dachshunds emerged from the far corner of the yard and ran toward their buddy as fast as their short little pudgy legs could carry them. As they got closer, their energetic run slowed to a saunter as their enthusiasm waned. Once they got within three feet of Donny, they stopped dead in their tracks. Then they started walking around in circles in a bewildered fashion being careful not to get too close as they whimpered from confusion. Donny's changing scent had his two dogs totally baffled.

Donny's scent was not as it should be nor was it completely foreign. It just wasn't sending a clear message that Oscar and Mayer could understand. Donny was in limbo, somewhere between being human and being a spermpire. Donny would not become a full fledged spermpire until he completed the spermpire transformation by consuming his first sperm feeding which would trigger the cascade of chemical reactions that would biologically complete his DNA transmogrification process.

"What's the matter? Come on guys, it's me!" Donny said using the voice he always used when talking `doggy talk'.

His two babies approached Donny, slowly and suspiciously with their tails between their legs, whimpering and whining all the way. When they got close enough, Donny reached out to pet them and they both cowered in fear.

"Fuck man, I hate this spermpire shit. It plain sucks!" Donny said out loud right as Tony opened the backdoor.

"All ready to go," Tony said.

A few moments later, their dad came to the backdoor.

"Where are you two off to, so early on a Saturday morning?" their dad said as he looked at the two of them.

"We're going to play basketball," Donny said figuring the truth was as good of an answer as any.

"Basketball, I didn't know you two were into basketball! When did all this happen?" their dad wondered.

"Today!" Tony cheerfully answered. "Donny's new friend from school invited us to join in and he's even letting me go with. Cool, huh?"

"I see," their father said. "Yeah, that's pretty cool all right. I'm glad you're making some friends. I have an important meeting later this afternoon but I have some time right now. I'll tell you what, give me a minute to get dressed and I'll come with you."

"Nooo..., I mean, we might not even get to play. They might not invite us to join them yet. We might just end up watching." Donny said trying to discourage their dad from tagging along.

"Oh, I get it. You don't want your old man embarrassing you in front of your new friends."

"Ah, yeah, thanks for understanding dad, see ya later," Donny said as he stood up and signaled Tony to follow, leaving dad with a bewildered look on his face.

"Donny, those shorts you're wearing should really be thrown away. They don't really fit you anymore," their dad called out as they headed off.

"Okay, I will, as soon as I get back," Donny answered back.

The two of them exited their backyard and headed towards Mangelson Park to meet up with Marcus and do what they were going there to do, and do it as quickly as possible.

"Shit that was close," Donny exclaimed. "By the way, that was smart mentioning our new friend."

"Thanks. That helped to keep Dad from tagging along with us." Tony added.

After that brief exchange, Donny's pain became so intense and distracting that he became preoccupied and self-absorbed, so much so that the two of them ended up walking the rest of the way to the park in utter silence.

As they entered the park, they were able to hear the sound of a bouncing basketball echo from one of the far courts and then saw Marcus waving them over. They were in luck. There were three very cute and perfectly aged guys who were tossing around the ball wearing nothing but shorts, high top shoes and loose tank tops. As if that wasn't enough to get Donny's heart pumping, their body sweat sparkled and glistened off their smooth arms and shoulders in the early morning sun.

As soon as Donny laid eyes on them, he popped an instant boner and his spermpire instincts flew into overdrive. He became instantly charming and cordial as his spermpire induced persona suddenly came to life. Donny's body became supercharged with more energy than if he had consumed three or four Red Bulls at once. He brusquely took on an arrogance that made him believe that he could easily convince at least one, if not all three of these hot sexy guys to enthusiastically forfeit their entire sperm reserves to him just for the pleasure of knowing him. This was a spermpire's biological way of giving an all out, last ditch effort to entice a donor to succumb to what Marcus called `The Spermpire Charm' before his body shut down all together.

The game two of the boys were playing had just ended, so Marcus spoke to the `odd man out' standing next to him.

"Here's the other two I told you were coming. Mind if we join in and make it three on three?"

"Yeah, I guess. But you never said one of them was a kid. I don't want him on my team," the boy responded.

Donny jumped in and said, "You'll be sorry about that when he embarrasses your ass by outscoring you."

"Ohhhh! In your face, Brandon," laughed one of his buddies.

"How about Brandon and the trash talking new kid be captains," said a hot blond kid as he lifted his red tank top and wiped his brow with it. Seeing the smooth, but sculpted, sweaty chest with two small, pink nipples sent Donny into overdrive.

"I'm up for that. But how about this," Donny suggested, "us three against you three. We'll be skins and you be shirts."

"Yeah. You're on. Bring it, smartass." Brandon said.

End of Chapter #4

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