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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #5

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

The gauntlet had been thrown down by Donny who was taking charge like he'd never done before. He was formulating a plan to utilize one, if not all three of these hot basketball buddies, who Marcus had successfully scouted out for him. As he surveyed his potential donors, Donny knew the sweet taste of victory was now within his grasp.

Brandon, who was clearly the leader of their pack, called his two friends over and huddled with them. Donny followed his lead and asked Marcus and Tony to huddle up with him.

"Okay guys we have to win this game," Donny said. "Tony, you're good at defense and I need you to get the steals. Don't try to shoot unless you're wide open, just pass it to Marcus and me."

"Donny, did you forget why we're really here?" Marcus asked with a tone of annoyance. "It's not to win at basketball. Why are you pissing off the guys we came here to try and seduce? These are the best prospects in the park. I don't think we'll get another chance today."

"Don't worry, I got a plan. Just trust me. We have to win though." Donny broke the huddle and gestured to his opponents, "Let's play! If you got game, let's see it!"

Brandon threw the ball at Donny hard and said, "You get first outs."

Donny reacted quickly and caught the ball. He tucked it between his knees and pulled his shirt off, tossing it onto the grass behind the basket. He moved to the midcourt line while Marcus exposed his nice upper body and Tony pulled his shirt off to display his small chest and flat tummy. Donny inbounded it to Marcus who dribbled to the right side while Donny broke to the basket. Tony moved to the top of the key and he was guarded by a cute, but quiet, smaller kid with brown hair named Kirk. Marcus faked a pass to Tony, then he bounced it past the blond kid in the red tank top named Steve. Donny, who had outrun Brandon, took the pass in stride and went up for a nice lay-up to score the first two points.

"Yeah! Nice pass, Marcus," Donny said as he reached up to high five him.

Brandon scowled and took the ball out. He passed it to Kirk, the cute quiet kid and Tony covered him on defense. Marcus matched up with Steve, the hot blond, and when the blond took a pass from Kirk, he started to dribble and push backward into Marcus trying to push his way into the key near the baseline. Marcus spread his arms and pressed his body into Steve to hold him out and he actually felt the sweat bleed through Steve's red tank top. Purposely, Marcus pressed his dick into the butt cheeks of the blond kid and made a small humping motion into him while he sniffed heavily for any reaction. Marcus smiled as the fragrance of Steve's pheromones flooded his sinuses. The blond kid pulled away and turned to face Marcus with a mystified look. Marcus shot him a silent hypnotic suggestion with his eyes and Steve, the blond kid, smiled slightly and lobbed a pass back to the brown haired kid, Kirk that Tony easily read.

Tony jumped ahead of Kirk and snagged the pass. He quickly dribbled a couple of times to get behind the three point line, taking it back and clearing it after the change of possession. He then whipped a pass over to Marcus who was wide open after Steve moved away. Marcus took the pass, turned, and shot an easy six foot jump shot for a 4-0 lead. Brandon cursed as his ears turned red. Donny cheered again and pointed at Tony.

"Nice pass little brother!"

Tony smiled. "Thanks."

Brandon took the ball out and passed into the smaller kid, Kirk, again and then took off on a sprint to the baseline where he curled and moved outside. He made a spin move and Kirk delivered a perfectly timed pass. Brandon stepped back behind the three point line and put up a shot. Donny got there just in time to get couple fingers on the ball deflecting it off course and out of bounds.

It was a clean block but Brandon cried, "Foul! He fouled me."

"No way. It was a clean block," Donny objected. "Marcus? What was it?" Marcus just shrugged.

"I saw it," said Steve, running his fingers through his sweaty blond locks. "It was a clean block. It's our out of bounds anyway."

"Whose team are you on, Steve?" Brandon reprimanded.

"Yours, but we don't have to cheat to win," Steve said as he collected the ball to inbound it. Brandon scowled at his blond teammate. Steve inbounded to Brandon and he spun right, then quickly back to his left. Tony left his man and came over to double team Brandon. As Brandon spun back left, he was shocked to see little Tony appear and snatch the ball away for a steal. Tony dribbled out and cleared the ball. His teammates were covered so he kept the ball. Marcus came to the top of the key and Tony used him for a screen, just brushing past Marcus, and headed in for an easy lay-up to make it 6-0. Kirk ran hard into Marcus while trying to chase after Tony and he actually fell flat on his butt after he did so. Marcus reached down and offered Kirk his hand.

"Let me help you get it up," Marcus said reaching out a hand.

Kirk reached to take it then pulled it back looking puzzled at Marcus.

"What? Do you want me to help you up or not?"

Kirk slowly reached back for Marcus's hand and as Marcus pulled him upward, he made eye contact and delivered another silent, sexually suggestive message. Once again, the pheromones confirmed that Kirk's interest level was higher than Steve's. Marcus smiled slightly and gave a little squeeze to the boy's hand. Once he was upright, Marcus gave the boy a small slap on the ass.

"You okay?"

"Yes." He said then offered nothing further.

Brandon dissed his demure buddy saying, "Come on Kirk, he's just a little kid. Don't let him do that to you." Kirk just ignored his friend's abuse.

Brandon inbounded the ball to Steve and moved to the baseline. Donny covered him and stayed between him and the basket. Brandon got frustrated, spun and hit Donny with a cheap elbow shot and moved in under the basket for a pass and lay-up.

"Yes," said Brandon. "Rally time!"

Donny inbounded the ball to Tony and in his aggravation threw it too hard. The ball went over Tony's head and right through his outstretched hands.

"Come on Tony, we need you to catch our passes." Donny growled.

"You threw it way too hard," Tony complained.

"Donny, he's right, calm down," Marcus agreed.

"Okay. Sorry, I'm just a little pissed right now because I don't like how that Brandon guy plays dirty."

Brandon and his team scored the next two baskets and the game was tied. Tony missed the next four baskets that he attempted and Donny's team fell behind by four points. Donny was starting to get worried. He called time out and huddled up.

"Look Tony, since you've been missing your shots, they are double teaming me and Marcus. I need you to get the ball and drive toward the basket and when one of them drops off us to cover your drive, pass the ball our way."

That worked for a while and Donny's team pulled ahead again by six points. Then Brandon caught on and faked a move to cover Tony and started stealing the passes. Then Tony got an idea and called for a timeout.

"Guys, I'm totally open outside when you drive in while they double team you. I've been practicing my jump shot from the spot that's just to the right of the foul line. If you see me open there, pass it to me and I can hit it."

The next play, Marcus made a move to the basket and Kirk dropped off Tony and went to Marcus who dished it off back towards Tony. Tony caught the pass and took the set shot bouncing it off the backboard for two points. That worked three more times until it was game point for Donny's team. Brandon was really pissed off. Donny, who Brandon had been guarding, was slowing down as his need for sperm was taking its toll on his body. The initial adrenaline rush from the hunt was starting to wear off.

"Switch me. You guard big mouth and I'll shut down the little kid," Brandon snapped. He gave Kirk a little push toward Donny.

The ball changed hands a couple of times on missed shots or steals until Donny got a rebound and cleared it to the left side, then fed it to Marcus clear out by the half court line since Kirk was guarding Donny well. Marcus passed it across to Tony who was in his favorite shooting spot but Brandon was right there on him. Tony turned and set his feet for the shot and Brandon smiled because he knew he could block it. Instead of shooting, Tony pumped a fake shot and got Brandon to bite so hard on it, he practically left his shoes on the court. Tony sidestepped while Brandon was in the air and then took his shot from a couple feet to the right. The ball glanced off the backboard at exactly the right angle and dropped in for the win.

"Yes!" cried Donny and Tony at the same time.

"NO!" yelled Brandon as he sunk to his knees.

"Like I told you. Don't dis the little kid. You just got schooled by a fourteen year old," Donny said with his chest puffed up. Donny high fived Tony and then added, "Good game, little bro."

"That's crap. He hasn't got game, all he has is one bank-shot off the backboard. And you're slower than a turtle having sex in a sandbox. Marcus is the only one with game and Steve covered him good. Let's play again and we'll kick your butts. Best two out of three."

"Nah," Donny said, "we need to find some real competition. Unless..."

"Unless what?" Brandon questioned.

"Unless you want to make it worthwhile to us, maybe put your money where your mouth is and losers pay the winners twenty bucks each."

"What are you, stupid? We don't have money with us. You're just scared to play us again." Brandon glared in defiance.

Marcus and Tony watched in shocked awe while Donny seemingly blew his chances with these guys over some arrogant pride. Kirk and Steve just stood aside silently watching the drama unfold.

"All right, if you can't put your money where your big mouth is then how about you put your mouth where your mouth is," Donny said.

Marcus and Tony immediately saw where Donny was going and smiled to each other.

Brandon looked confused and asked, "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Here's the deal. If you're so sure you can beat us, we'll play one more game, but losers have to give blowjobs to the winners."

"That's sick. You're fucked up, dude. We aren't doing that." Brandon hissed.

"Just as I thought, you know you can't beat us. You're chicken and you got no game," Donny said as he started to become concerned that his strategy wasn't working. To top it all off, Donny's body was slowing down and the stress was becoming slightly detectable in his voice.

"Fuck you. We aren't chicken," Brandon barked. Then turning to his teammates, he asked, "What do you say guys, wanna kick some ass and get a blowjob out of it from these little fags?"

Steve and Kirk both lost their tongues over that question. While Marcus could immediately tell they badly wanted to get blown, neither wanted to look eager for it in front of their friends.

"Wh... wh... what if we lose?" Steve asked.

"We're not gonna lose to these fags, huddle up," Brandon ordered.

The three of them put their heads together and Brandon gave them his game plan. The others nodded in agreement. They broke their huddle and Brandon snarled at Donny.

"All right, smart ass," Brandon said, "but one thing first. When you lose, you'll have to suck us until we cum, squirting our entire loads in your fucking, smart ass mouths. And no just giving us a couple quick sucks and then quitting either."

Donny broke into a huge smile. "Bring it, cum breath."

Donny confidently called his own huddle. "Okay guys, we obviously don't want to win this game but we shouldn't make it too obvious."

"Wow! That was brilliant. You've totally got this," Marcus complimented. "I've been spreading around some hypnotic suggestions and all three of them want it. They're primed and ready. They're all teetering on the edge right now but they can go either way. It's up to you now Donny to tilt the scales in our direction."

"You guys are so smart, how did you think of all this?" Tony wondered.

"I don't know about Marcus, but I'm kind of winging it. It just sorta came to me when Brandon started giving you shit about being too little," Donny said as he grinned at Tony. "Anyway, let's get this over with so I can feed. I'm hurting bad now."

They let Brandon's team have first outs and Steve started it off with hitting a three pointer from the far right side. Tony made a couple of his favorite spot shots and Marcus contributed some lay-ups. Donny's team always managed to stay just 3 to four points behind the whole game. Then Brandon's team went cold and Marcus and Donny purposely missed a couple shots and Tony let Kirk steal the ball from him. Kirk drove for a lay-up but missed, giving Donny an easy rebound. Donny cleared the ball out to Tony who dribbled over to the top of the three point arc and just threw it up with all his strength. Shockingly, the ball bounced off the rim, then the backboard and dropped in to tie the game at 19. Next basket for either team would win it. Tony looked over at Donny, who was perplexed, and mouthed "Oops."

"Shit!" Brandon yelled and called his team over. Everyone could hear him say, "I'm not losing to these faggots and sucking their dicks, you hear me? Stick to that little shit like glue, Kirk. My guy, that big mouth faggot, can't do shit and I can see that he's getting really tired."

Brandon looked up and saw Donny, Marcus and Tony all listening with big smiles. He turned away and lowered his voice. They all nodded and did a fist pump before breaking their huddle.

Steve took the ball out so Marcus had to come out to guard him. He passed the ball in to Kirk after Brandon lined up way to the left in the corner of the court. As soon as Kirk got the ball, Brandon spun around Donny and sprinted along the baseline while Kirk delivered a perfect bounce pass. Brandon caught the pass in stride, took two more steps, and laid it in for the victory. Brandon, Steve, Kirk, and Donny all jumped in the air in exuberance and shouted, "Yes!"

Donny caught himself as everyone turned to stare at him and he said, "Wait, no, that was game? Damn! We lost? Holy crap, we lost. Best two out of three?"

"No way faggot, that wasn't the deal. The deal was, loser of this game had to suck the others off. You lost, you suck," Brandon insisted.

"But, that's not fair. We won the first game so it's tied," Donny argued.

"Tough shit, asshole," Brandon cursed. "You made the deal, now pay up."

Donny turned his back to the other team and faced Marcus and Tony. He shrugged his shoulders broadly and winked as he said, "Sorry guys. I guess he's right."

Marcus and Tony acted mad but inside they were so happy for Donny.

"So where we gonna do this?" Brandon asked.

"I guess we could go in the shitter and take turns in the stall," Donny said.

"That's gross. Besides what if someone comes in while we're doing it? I don't wanna get caught and have everyone think I'm a fag like you guys," Brandon complained.

Marcus sensed a shift in Brandon's resolve and knew Donny needed to give a strong hypnotic suggestion, but he also knew Donny probably didn't even know how to do that. He needed to act fast before Brandon decided to just forget it. Marcus knew that `The Fear of Getting Caught' was one of the biggest reasons that potential victims backed out. Then the perfect solution came to him and he quickly made the suggestion.

"I know about this cabin in the woods that's not too far from here. It's always empty at this time of the year. We can go there," Marcus said as he assisted Donny with the save and took over. "It's safer than the shitter and more comfortable too. Follow me!"

"Cool!" Brandon agreed.

Brandon grabbed his ball and water bottle. His teammates followed behind and Marcus led them out of the park and up a seldom used deer trail. After about a half a mile, he peeled off into the woods and in about five more minutes, came upon the cabin where he lived with Jonah and two other spermpire roommates.

"Let me go check it out and make sure it's empty," Marcus said. "Wait here."

The group settled in amongst the trees while Marcus entered the small clearing and pretended to cautiously approach the front door of the cabin. Jonah was gone but David and Dylan were there just leisurely hanging out in their boxers and doing some light reading.

"Guys, I need the cabin for a bit," Marcus said. "My new trainee needs to use it for his first feeding."

"Nice! You got it," David said.

David was 17 and Dylan was 16 ˝. They were both on the high school baseball team together. David turned Dylan in their freshman year. They were totally into each other and would suck each other off a couple times a month and then spend the next couple hours throwing up together out back behind the cabin. Then they'd come back in and crawl into the same bed and make out and cuddle for the rest of the night. Marcus wondered if he and Donny would ever have a relationship like that.

"You said it's his first feeding. Would this guy happen to be the one who chased off the buffet last night?" Dylan asked.

"Yeah, that's him," Marcus confessed.

"Everybody in the community is talking about it," David said. "How's Malik taking it?"

"Well, I think I've smoothed things over for now but nothing like this has ever happened before. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of it."

"Well, good luck with that. Let me get some shorts and a shirt on. I'll put the rock on the porch so Jonah will know a feeding is going on if he comes back before you're done," David offered.

Dylan followed suit and quickly dressed.

"Go out the back door. The others are waiting for me in the front," Marcus explained. "I'll take care of the rock."

They smiled and wished them a happy feeding and headed out the back door as instructed. Marcus locked it behind them and then opened the front door and waved the others in. They looked around and then bolted across the clearing into the small one room cabin. Once everyone was inside, Marcus set the rock on the front porch and then locked the door. He directed the three to sit together on one of the two bunk beds in the room. They obeyed. Everyone looked really nervous, especially Donny.

"Who wants it first?" Marcus asked.

"Do us all at once," Brandon responded.

"No, I'm not doing it. I didn't make this fucked up deal, Donny did. He has to suck you all by himself." Everyone looked at Marcus in shock, even Donny. "I'm just here to watch. So who's first?"

"Wait," Tony said. "I didn't make the deal either but I went along with it. I'll pay up. I'll suck Kirk since he guarded me so closely." The eagerness to participate was obvious in Tony's anxious tone and mannerisms.

"All right then, which one of you two want to go first?" Marcus asked Brandon and Steve.

"Me," they both said simultaneously and then nervously looked at each other and laughed.

"Umm, Marcus, can I talk to you alone for a second," Donny whispered.

"No backing out asshole!" Brandon said overhearing what Donny said.

"I'm not. I just have to talk to Marcus for a minute. Chill out dude."

Donny pulled Marcus to the farthest side of the cabin by the small wooden table with four rickety chairs around it. There were food scraps and wrappers scattered on it. Donny got right up close to Marcus's ear and whispered, "What about the kiss and the serum? How do I get them to kiss me and how do I make the stuff squirt?"

Donny sounded desperate since he and Marcus hadn't had time to discuss that part of Donny's spermpire training.

"Yeah, sorry," Marcus apologized. "You'll definitely need that to get their balls to drain all the way. Here's what you do. Close your lips and press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Now thrust your chin forward a bit. Feel it?"

Donny followed the instructions, grinned, and nodded yes.

"Good," Marcus continued. "Now, as for getting them to kiss you, try a hypnotic suggestion. Just before sucking him off when he's all ready for it and quivering with anticipation, look him straight in the eyes and suggest kissing first. Think about planting the words directly into his brain when you say them. That part of it takes practice but you should be able to do it. I'm sure it'll work out just fine. Good luck."

"Good luck?" Donny gasped. "Wait! What do you mean good luck?" Marcus just grinned.

Donny and Marcus returned and Marcus took charge and got the ball rolling for Donny whose confidence was fading.

"Brandon, I think you should go first," Marcus ordered. "Get naked and lay down on that other bunk bed."

Marcus pulled up a wobbly, wooden chair and positioned it strategically between the two bunk beds. Marcus shamelessly peeled his shorts and boxers off proudly revealing his six inch boner. Other than his high top gym shoes, he was completely naked in front of everyone.

"Best seat in the house," Marcus said as he grabbed his super-hard dick and started stroking. He smelled the excitement level from the three potential victims and even more so from Donny's little brother Tony. All eyes were focused on Marcus's dick as he sensuously stroked himself.

Brandon, Steve and Kirk continued to sit frozen in place, side by side on the one bunk bed and just stared in disbelief as they realized that what they were there to do was actually going to happen. Their own dicks overcame the awkwardness and sprang to life in anticipation of getting sucked as they started squirming in their seats, trying to rearrange their imprisoned boners.

Brandon, after a brief hesitation said, "I don't want everyone to be watching me."

"Tough shit!" Marcus said. "Either we all watch or we all walk. We all have to be in on this together so no one can tell on the others about it later. That's why Steve here is gonna be jacking me off in front of you while Donny blows you. We'll all be equally exposed. That way, no one can go around blabbing and saying that `so-in-so' did it without incriminating themselves at the same time."

"Whatever," Brandon complained. "Let's just get started. I'm gonna gag your smart ass mouth with all my hot cum, dude," Brandon sneered at Donny.

"Bring it," Donny said.

Donny kicked off his shoes, pulled off his socks, and peeled off his shorts and boxers. Brandon mirrored Donny's moves, stripping naked at the same time revealing their mutual erections. Brandon propped the pillow up against the wall so he could comfortably watch the show himself.

"The rest of you get naked now too," Marcus ordered, implanting the command into their easily manipulated, oversexed brains. Without hesitation, they all quickly complied.

Steve, the hot blond kid, had an amazingly tight body and the cutest little ass. His five inches stuck straight out beneath a small patch of blond pubes. Marcus pulled a chair opposite him and patted it, indicating to Steve that he was to sit on it while he jacked him off and Steve gave no resistance whatsoever to the idea, actually checking out Marcus's equipment with a look of excited anticipation. He actually licked his lips and that worried Marcus a bit. No way did he want one of these guys, especially Brandon, to try sucking him or Donny and getting themselves turned.

Kirk surprised everyone when he somewhat shyly pulled off his grey briefs and was actually smaller than Tony and had a very small patch of pubic hair and totally smooth balls. He was unbelievably cute but apparently a very late bloomer.

"Dude, can you even squirt yet?" Marcus inquired.

"Yes," Kirk answered indignantly.

He sat down on the bunk opposite of Brandon's bunk and next to Tony who was sporting his own nice little erection. Kirk and Tony's smooth, white, hairless legs touched as they sat hip to hip. Kirk tried to casually cover his privates with his hands as he nibbled on his own lower lip in nervous excitement. Tony's cute little tongue was darting in and out between his thin lips in anticipation of what was about to happen. Tony reached over and put a hand on Kirk's milky white thigh and smiled at him. Kirk actually reciprocated and moved one hand away from his privates and gripped Tony's thigh. Tony had only been sucked by Jonah and he was really excited to try being the one to do the sucking instead of just the one getting the blowjob. Tony slid his hand up Kirk's leg and pulled his hand away from his privates. Then he stared down at Kirk's small throbbing bone and started salivating. Tony was quite proud and very titillated to see that he was actually more developed looking than Kirk was, even though Kirk appeared to be older. As it turned out, he was only six months older, but other than the dick and pubes, Kirk appeared much older than Tony.

"Any of you been sucked before?" Marcus asked as Donny crawled up between Brandon's legs.

Kirk and Steve shook their heads to indicate no, but Brandon claimed he'd been sucked by his girlfriend once.

"Well, it's better from a guy, you'll see." Marcus declared.

Then he turned to Steve and said, "Whatever you do, don't lick or suck my dick. Do you have any cuts on your hands? Let me see."

Steve held his hands up. "Okay, good. When we're done, wipe your hands off on that towel and then use that disinfectant on the shelf. Got it?" Marcus concluded.

Steve looked concerned and wondered if he should be doing this, but he nodded that he understood. He wondered what the big deal was. Marcus took Steve's hand and placed it on his leaking dick and made his declaration.

"Let the games begin!" Marcus announced to everyone at once.

Steve's eyes widened and his heart rate quickened as he stroked someone else's dick for the first time ever. He often wondered what it would be like and now he had his answer, he loved it. The soft flesh within his grasp was mesmerizing. The feel of Marcus's engorged head slipping into his fist and then back out as he stroked him was thrilling. If Marcus hadn't warned him against it, Steve would definitely have tried to lick the hot, throbbing dick he held in his grasp. He reached over with his other hand as he pulled the skin down all the way and traced along the ridge of the corona with his index finger, smearing the pre-cum across it, sending waves of pleasure through Marcus's body. Marcus began to wish he hadn't made the choice to let Donny do all the sucking. He was letting a perfectly good opportunity to do a little feeding of his own go by, since there was more than enough sperm in the room to go around. Marcus then put that thought out of his mind and resolved himself to enjoy Donny's first feeding experience. He reached out and took Steve's balls that were pulled up tight in their sac and tenderly caressed them. Steve moaned his approval making Marcus forget about his trivial objections.

Donny recognized that Brandon was now at the stage where he was physically quivering with anticipation as Marcus had predicted he would when Donny moved in between his legs to suck him. Donny realized he had to move in quickly to make his very first official spermpire hypnotic suggestion. He looked up into Brandon's eyes and said in a firm but convincing voice, "Before I start sucking you, I need to kiss you once to get me in the mood. You will let me kiss you now, Won't You?"

Brandon initially appeared to want to argue against it but Donny's hypnotic suggestion took hold and Brandon quickly formed his lips into a small pucker. Donny slid up over Brandon's body and pressed his lips into his. Donny pushed his tongue into Brandon's mouth and after a second of hesitation and a small degree of resistance, Brandon opened his mouth, allowing Donny to inject his serum. It was now inevitable that Brandon was about to become Donny's first feeding subject. Brandon reacted to the surprise of Donny's serum and jerked away to keep from choking. It broke the temporary hold that Donny's hypnotic suggestion held over him and he instinctively pushed Donny away and wiped the kiss off his lips.

"Just suck my dick, asshole," Brandon ordered.

Donny sarcastically grinned and then complied. It didn't matter anymore now. Donny had successfully planted the serum into Brandon and in a few minutes, Brandon was going to willingly forfeit his entire sperm reserves to Donny despite the bad blood between them. Brandon's sour disposition was about to give way to the most incredible sexual experience he would ever have. It was almost like Brandon didn't deserve the life changing experience that he was about to receive.

Donny plunged into his first feeding subject's dick, coaxing the life sustaining cum from Brandon's abundantly full balls with a vengeance. He was sucking and bobbing like a wild man on Brandon's quivering dick.

Marcus saw the fury of Donny's hunger and realized he'd better give Donny some subtle instructions without revealing their spermpire identities in front of Steve and Kirk. Marcus reluctantly pulled Steve's hands away and walked over to the bunk bed.

"Slow down and let the `magic' work before he only gives you a partial load," Marcus cautioned quietly into Donny's ear. Donny pulled off, looked back at Marcus, and nodded his understanding. He slowed his pace and began caressing Brandon's balls that were drawn tightly up in their crinkly pink sac and Marcus returned to his chair to allow Steve to continue. Brandon was moaning and thrusting into Donny's mouth to match the rhythm of Donny's suction. Donny struggled to maintain a nice slow rhythm as he got continuously teased with small drops of pre-cum that drizzled onto his tongue, igniting his desperate craving for sperm.

Meanwhile, Kirk reached over and started stroking Tony's dick and Tony returned the favor while they watched the show. Then Tony slid off the bed and knelt in front of Kirk, took him by the hips and started licking Kirk's small sweet dick and balls. Tony sucked the quiet boy's thin shaft into his eager mouth and relished the taste of a dick on his tongue. He slithered up and down the quivering twig as Kirk leaned back on his elbows and whimpered like a puppy. The two of them seemed to be made for each other. Kirk raised his legs and draped them over Tony's shoulders as Tony increased his sucking motions.

Marcus watched Donny and Brandon closely so he could continue to give subtle instructions to Donny. Marcus began to recognize the signs that the serum had reached the desired effect with Brandon and he got Donny's attention and signaled him a `thumbs up'.

"He's about ready now. Go ahead and feed the need." Marcus openly suggested to Donny now that everyone was deeply immersed into their own worlds.

Donny was relieved because, so far, holding back was only aggravating his hunger. Brandon's oozing precum, though copious, was torturous and only serving to taunt Donny into a wild frenzy. He resumed his furious pace as Brandon got louder with his moans and groans. He clutched the bed sheets tightly with both hands and cried out in ecstasy as the most powerful orgasm of his entire life overtook him, shaking him to the core. His eyes rolled up into his head and he felt like he was about to black out from the intensity of the chemicals flooding his brain. Brandon actually gasped as he felt the cum leave both of his balls and travel up through his internal plumbing until it furiously exploded out of his tip and into Donny's hungry mouth.

"Mmm," Donny sighed as he gulped down shot after shot of Brandon's hot cum.

It was like eating hot cream of wheat on a cold morning. It warmed him all over from the belly up and radiated outward. A funny thought hit him when he thought of the Cream of Wheat. It was too bad for spermpires that you couldn't just go to the store and buy `Cum of Wheat' to satisfy even the most demanding spermpire connoisseur. Brandon shook and cried out as the sperm was drawn from every little spot in his young balls and mixed with the semen being unnaturally produced in large quantities for delivery to Donny's suctioning receptacle.

Finally, Brandon felt the dull ache of having more than a natural quantity of cum drawn from him. When there was absolutely nothing left, Brandon jerked upward and pulled Donny's head off his oversensitive dick. Then he collapsed backwards in complete exhaustion, panting and moaning. Brandon's orgasm was so intense, it caused him to change his attitude and soften his hard core bęte-noir for Donny. He was even thinking about possibly becoming friends with these three guys, especially if it meant being able to do a repeat performance of this again.

Donny slid from the bed and approached Steve, licking his lips. Donny's face was flushed and he was starting to feel intoxicated. He knelt in front of the chair that Steve was sitting in and took his nice tender flute in his fingers as he prepared to play it like a virtuoso. Marcus stood next to them allowing Steve to continue stroking his dick. For Marcus, watching the show was exhilarating, especially seeing his love interest, Donny, feeding on these virile sexy young guys he had selected for him.

Donny leaned down and kissed Steve's expanded red mouthpiece of his tender flute. It was hot to the touch. Then Donny stood and kissed Steve on the lips. Steve welcomed the kiss and even made the first move by thrusting his tongue into Donny's mouth. Donny chased Steve's tongue out with his own tongue and administered the serum into his second subject. Unlike Brandon, Steve welcomed the event and sucked on Donny's tongue while he continued jacking Marcus off.

To their left, Tony was continuing to tease and play with Kirk. He would alternately lick his balls and then suck his dick while he rubbed his hands up and down along Kirk's sweaty inner thighs and across his chest. Tony loved doing it to Kirk and Kirk seemed to be totally into having it done to him. Then Kirk scooted back on the bed and pulled Tony's arm up to indicate that he wanted Tony to join him on the bed. Tony climbed up next to Kirk who directed him to spin around and they started doing a 69 together. Tony was in heaven. Sucking and getting sucked at the same time was something he'd always wanted to do. He'd seen it many times on the internet over at Sammy's house. Tony and Kirk's exuberant motions caught Donny's eye and he pulled free of Steve's dick just long enough to peek over at the younger boys. Donny smiled as he glanced at his horny little brother and Kirk getting into it together.

Donny discontinued the kiss so he could start teasing Steve's cock and balls with his tongue. Steve began fervently leaking cum and Donny noticed how distinctly different it tasted from Brandon's or Marcus's. It was very sweet in comparison. It was like having dessert after the main course earlier. Donny forced himself to go slow so the serum could take effect. Then when he estimated that Steve was ready, he plunged down over Steve's beautiful piece of boyhood and sucked him for all he was worth, burying his nose in his pubes and taking the entire length into his hot mouth. As Donny approached his second feeding, it all started to feel like second nature to him. It didn't take long for the explosion to take place in Steve's brain and he was so overcome, he was unable to continue stroking Marcus. In reaction to the ultimate orgasmic event, Steve just held tightly to Marcus's dick and squeezed it like a lemon. Marcus clenched his teeth and let him squeeze. There was a unique erotic sensation to being linked to the whole episode in that way and having his dick under such pressure.

After a minute or so, the pressure caused the blood to exit out of Marcus's dick, temporarily making him lose his erection. Marcus was forced to pry Steve's hand away. Steve moved his hand to the back of Donny's head and pulled him into his groin so tightly he could hardly breathe. Even so, Donny gulped every drop of semen as he siphoned out the glorious contents of Steve's spewing balls until he finally let go, too weak to hold on any longer.

Marcus regained his erection and slid around, still desperate to be a part of the experience and knelt behind Donny. Marcus pressed his oozing erection along the outside of Donny's crack and humped against him while he reached around and jacked Donny off. Marcus used one hand to stroke Donny's dick while he used the other to hold Donny's body against his aching boner, pulling himself firmly into Donny's sweaty crack. Steve was now groaning loudly and crying out as the process of total extraction took place. It felt to Steve like his balls were going to get sucked inside out as every last viable sperm evacuated his tender balls, providing Donny with a euphoric supercharging he had not expected.

As the life sustaining cum slithered down his throat, the euphoric feeling, coupled with the nerve prickling stimulation of Marcus's stroking hand, sent Donny into an eruption of his own which in turn, triggered a similar reaction in Marcus. The three of them moaned and gasped in an eclectic chorus of pleasure as they spewed their hot collective loads. Marcus spread his seed over Donny's back while Donny sprayed Steve's legs and feet while the last of Steve's sperm ejaculated into Donny's mouth.

When there was no more to be had, Donny reluctantly slipped off Steve's dick. Steve was so weak, he couldn't sit up straight and was falling off the chair. Marcus helped Donny lift him and put him on the bunk bed next to Brandon. Brandon was still wallowing in the aching afterglow of Donny's aggressive harvesting. He was still moaning softly as he continued to lie exhausted, deliriously drained and sore, but totally satisfied. Steve lay flat on his back next to Brandon. He tried to regain his breath while his dick continued to jump and twitch. His tender balls were sucked completely out of their sac. They looked like they had disappeared as they got pulled up over his pubic bone.

Marcus laid himself down on the floor, face up and pulled Donny on top of him. The remnants of their cum-drenching creating a thin layer of lubrication that allowed them to press their sweaty bodies erotically together. The feeling of skin on skin as they sensuously gyrated against one another continued to fuel their passion even further.

"Kiss me," Marcus pleaded. "Let me taste them."

Donny understood Marcus's request and eagerly complied. He pressed his lips onto Marcus's and shot a stream of his serum into Marcus's mouth. Marcus closed his eyes as Brandon's imprinted orgasm played out in his brain. When Brandon crested and the enormous stream of endorphins filled his brain, Marcus became elated, knowing his Donny had done that. He grabbed Donny's firm ass cheeks and began humping his dick against Donny's dick, grinding in a wild frottage dance. Even though he had just cum, Marcus immediately hardened again.

As the record progressed to Steve's amazing orgasm, Marcus observed the sweeter taste of Steve's offering as his own climax lunged forward. Marcus felt proud that he could offer Donny such a remarkable choice of volunteers who offered such a fervent diversity of experiences for Donny's first feeding. The double orgasm Donny had just shared with Marcus was more than enough to send him over the edge of a better than average human type orgasm of his own. Before he knew it, Marcus shot his hot, infected spunk between their sweaty bodies and their psychic connection to one another triggered Donny to do the same. When it was all over, they both lay panting in a sweaty heap, enjoying a kind of euphoria that neither of them would ever forget. Donny lifted his head and smiled into Marcus's eyes. Then Donny kissed him on the lips without any serum. Marcus closed his eyes and savored the tender loving moment between them.

Kirk and Tony were lying side by side now, having spilled their small but sweet offerings into each other's mouths, staring into each other's eyes and slowly tickling their naked bodies as they drifted slowly back to earth. Donny and Marcus's post orgasmic bliss was further enhanced as they watched Tony and Kirk discover their innocent, uncomplicated affection for each other, free from guilt or worry.

Eventually, Brandon and Steve started emerging from the effects of the serum and the lingering pain of being drained set in. Their balls ached and caused them to experience some mild nausea and one hell of a headache.

"You guys get dressed and head home. You need to sleep this off," Marcus suggested. "But first, Steve, you need to wash up."

Marcus handed Steve a towel and helped him clean his hands and legs off real good and then squirted a healthy portion of the disinfectant on his hands. Steve slowly rubbed them together to distribute the disinfectant. Steve was feeling so weak that even this small task seemed like a huge effort. Slowly, Brandon and Steve got dressed and stood up upon shaky legs. Kirk assisted them by supporting them around their waists as they walked. Once outside, they slowly made their way across the clearing and down the path toward the park. Marcus, Donny and Tony stood naked in the doorway watching them until they disappeared through the trees.

"Are you feeling better now?" Marcus asked as the three of them went back inside the cabin and closed the door behind them.

"I feel better than better, I feel great. In fact, I feel better than I've felt all year," Donny revealed.

"Enjoy it while it lasts," Marcus explained. "You're experiencing what we call `The Spermpire High'. It should last for several days and then slowly dissipate. After that, you'll enjoy several more days of peaceful calm as your body metabolizes the billions of life giving sperm. Then eventually, you'll start to deteriorate and begin to get sickly and painfully ill again. That's when you'll know it's time to feed once more and the whole cycle starts over. You'll ultimately learn through experience when you're nearing the end of your cycle and that way, you can get an early start on the process of selecting a new donor. Just like what happened to you today, I recently waited to the last minute and I really don't want either of us to be in that position again."

"I think I already get all that," Donny boasted. "I'm telling you, this was so incredible. I never knew it could be so good. Doing Brandon was like enjoying a Thanksgiving feast. Then when I did Steve, it was like eating the most delicious dessert ever. It was like I was gorging myself without the worry of getting fat. It was as if I had total control over them and it gave me a real sense of power. Even at the basketball court, something just came over me and I felt like I could control anything."

"I know," Marcus agreed. "I got all that when you shared your memories with me just now. It was unbelievably hot, especially doing two of them in one feeding. You made me cum real hard over it. But be warned, there are a lot of pitfalls to being a spermpire. One thing is, when you believe you've narrowed down your donor, your body releases a hormone that makes you sexually aggressive and activates your spermpire charm."

"Yeah, that happened to me today with these guys."

"Well, that can make you overconfident. Our spermpire charm doesn't work all the time or with everybody. Many things can get in the way. The boy you select has to like boys or at least have a strong curiosity about it and that alone makes the process difficult. Not every cute looking boy is gay or even curious you know! Then, both of you have to have at least a little sexual attraction for one another which can sometimes take a while to cultivate. Then they have to be willing to get sucked. Some guys want to try it but their religious beliefs or fear of getting caught gets in the way which causes tremendous inner turmoil, the kind that our spermpire charms can't overcome."

"Yeah, I see what you mean."

"Well, all that aside, you were pretty awesome today sucking those two guys. You won't need to feed again for a while having gotten a double dose. That's also part of the reason your feeling so good right now."

"Earlier today, I didn't think I could do this thing at all and I was preparing myself to die a miserable spermpire death like you talked about."

"Yeah, I've been there and felt that way myself! Now we have even more in common," Marcus pointed out.

"And that would be...?" Donny asked.

"Sweet Misery!"

"Hey, that's a name of a song my dad likes to play," Donny said. "Do you know it?"

"Maybe," Marcus confessed. "Who sings it again?"

"John Denver. My dad even has it on karaoke. He thinks he's like an American Idol sometimes. That's how he met our mom, in a karaoke bar. Weird, huh?"

"I don't know, I guess it kinda is. Who is John Denver, did he used to be with Guns and Roses?"

"NO! He was like a famous folk singer from the seventies."

"I know, I was just messing with you. I don't pay much attention to that old stuff but I like to sing and I think I might know the song if it's the one I'm thinking of."

"Then let's head back over to my house and we can pull out my dad's karaoke machine and sing it!" Donny suggested.

"Cool. Sounds fun. I think my roommates would like to have the cabin back now anyway."

"Roommates, you mean you live here?" Donny asked.

"Yeah. You sucked Brandon on my bunk. Jonah bunks above me. David sleeps where Tony and Kirk were working it and Dylan bunks above him, that is, when he's not cuddling together with David."

"So, Jonah lives here too? You share bunk beds with him?"

"Yeah, none of us have a family. My first master Brock, arranged for us to have this cabin to live in before he was killed. Now, the senior Community Master, Vladimir, continues to allow us to stay here since the cabin actually belongs to him. I've never met this Vladimir guy, but everyone says he's awesome, not a jerk like Malik."

"What happened to your family?" Tony asked innocently.

"I'll explain on the way over to your house. Let's go."

Marcus tied his shoes and unlocked the back door. He moved the privacy rock and then closed and locked the door again. Then Donny, Tony and Marcus all left out the front door and Marcus moved that privacy rock off as well. On the way, Marcus shared his sad tale of losing his family and escaping the orphanage and foster system to come here. Then he explained how he met Jonah. Tony was most interested in this part of the story and he started bonding with Marcus now as they spent more time together and started learning more about each other. It left Donny feeling sad and appreciating the fact that he wasn't the only one who had lost a parent. Marcus had lost his whole family and Donny now felt an even stronger bond for Marcus than ever.

When they reached the house, Donny stopped Marcus on the side of the house, just past the gate where his dad or the neighbors couldn't see them and pulled him into an embrace. He kissed him and stroked his cheek softly.

"I'm sorry for your loss," Donny said. "But I will always be there for you from now on. We are spermpire brothers forever."

Marcus let a tear trickle from his eye and wiped it with the back of his hand as he pulled Donny in for another sensual kiss. Tony rolled his eyes and pulled on Donny's sleeve.

"Enough kissy-kissy you two," Tony said. "Let's go do karaoke. I want to see if Marcus here can carry a tune or not."

They all went inside and Donny opened the media cabinet and wheeled out the karaoke machine, then thumbed through his dad's CD library. He went straight to the "S" section and flipped through the sounds of the seventies. Once he found the right disc, he configured it for two singers. He plugged in the two microphones, flipped on the monitor and handed one of the microphones to Marcus.

"You start." Donny said as he selected the appropriate song title and pushed the start button.

The monitor displayed the title:

Sweet Misery by: John Denver

Marcus sings:

"Heard you had some trouble - thought I'd try to help you -

In my time I've had a little trouble too.

If you let it get you down - you know I'll bet you -

It will get you down and walk around on you."

Marcus and Donny sing together:

"Sweet misery - he loves your company -

He's in a crowd when he is all alone.

He doesn't care - follow you everywhere

He is most happy when he makes you moan."

Donny Sings:

"Oscar had some puppies - would you like to have one?

He will be your friend and he will lick your face.

He will never cheat you - he won't try to beat you -

Help you be a winner in the human race."

Marcus and Donny sing together:

"Sweet misery - he loves your company -

He's in a crowd when he is all alone.

He doesn't care - follow you everywhere

He is most happy when he makes you moan."

Marcus sings:

"Heard you're feeling better – I'm glad you found some happy -

In my time I've had a little happy too.

If you let it get you up - you know I'll bet you -

It will get you up and keep you smiling through."

Marcus and Donny sing together:

"Sweet misery - don't need your company –

He's in a crowd when he is all alone.

He doesn't care - follow you everywhere

He is most happy when he makes you moan."

The song ended and Marcus and Donny slowly lowered their microphones and leaned into each other, slowly and tentatively. As their lips touched, they each closed their eyes and swapped fluids.

Tony rolled his eyes again and switched CDs.

"You two old geezers had your fun," Tony playfully insulted. "Since we're stuck on the seventies, let me show you how it's really done."

Tony configured the machine for one microphone and lifted it to his lips and got into a rocker's guitar stance. He selected `Crocodile Rock', pushed the start button and wailed away.

End of Chapter #5

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