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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #7

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

For Donny, the prospect of leaving his family was unacceptable.

For Tony, being left behind without his brother by his side was equally unacceptable.

For their dad, gaining the long awaited financial stability for his two sons' future was finally becoming a reality.

When the family arrived home from dinner, Donny went straight to his room to gather a few essentials that he knew he wouldn't be able to do without, followed by Tony who stood by, tearfully watching his brother pack.

"If you let me come with you, I won't be any trouble, I promise. I'll be on my best behavior... forever!" Tony sniffled.

"Believe me, I want to take you with me, but there's this guy named Malik who is the local spermpire leader and everyone says he's very dangerous. I might not be able to protect you from him. He might try to have you turned into a spermpire and I'm not going to let that happen. You have to stay here with Dad where I know you'll be safe. Trust me, I'll find a way for us to be together again once I find a safe way to do it."

Tony didn't find much comfort in his brother's words and ran over to hug him, possibly for the very last time. Donny hugged and squeezed his little brother back with equal intensity and both of them started to sniffle.

"Okay now, we have to be strong for each other, squirt," Donny said. "Don't make this any harder than it already is. I'll figure out a way to get back to you somehow, someday. Tell Dad, I'm okay. Once I get to wherever it is we're being taken to, I'll send you an e-mail."

They both sucked it up and tried to look strong in front of each other and then slowly released their hug.

"Don't ever forget that I love you dude, no matter what happens, I'll always love you!" Donny said as his own heart teetered on the breaking point.

Tony wanted to tell him just how much he loved him, but he was so distraught that he couldn't will himself to speak. So instead, he just stood there staring at his hero with his shoulders slumped in defeat while tears trickled down his cheeks.

Donny gathered the rest of his things and tossed them all into his backpack and then headed for his bedroom door. He stopped at the doorway and turned to give Tony a reassuring wink goodbye. Tony couldn't hold back any longer and rushed to his brother, hugging him and pleading for him to stay. His tears turned to a downpour as they wretched from within his very soul. Tony was already feeling lost and alone as a huge hole opened up, swallowing him whole.

Donny pulled himself free and held his brother at arm's length. This was his best friend and confidant he was looking at and he knew that nothing he said was going to soften the blow.

"I have to go," Donny said. "At least until I find out what it really means to be one of these spermpire things and what that Malik guy is really capable of doing. I have to make sure he won't, or can't, hurt you or Dad. Once I know more, I'll contact you, okay?"

"Promise?" Tony elicited from his brother.

"Promise!" Donny answered swallowing hard. He closed the door behind him and in a matter of seconds, he was gone.

Tony wondered if he should go tell their dad even though he was told not to. He collapsed onto Donny's bed, not knowing what to do. This was the very same bed he'd sought refuge in when he would hear scary noises, or have a bad dream in the middle of the night and his big brother would offer him comfort and safety within his private sanctuary. He buried his face in his hands and wailed in his destitution. A wave of excruciating pain so severe swept over him that he felt like crawling into a hole and die. He wanted to be able to rescue Donny from his plight the same way his hero had done for him so many times in the past. He knew he had to do something but right now, he was too shaken and distraught to think straight.

Walking out the front door, Donny got as far as the sidewalk and took one last look at his house. The onslaught of emotions nearly made him pass out and he steadied himself against the nearby street lamp. Then he embarked on a cascading wave of changing emotions as he took the first step from overwhelming grief to uncontrollable anger.

"Why should I be made to leave my home, my family, my life?" Donny incoherently mumbled like a homeless man ranting and raving to himself. "Why should anyone have to leave? Why doesn't anyone stand up to that Malik fucker? It's all him. Marcus said he doesn't even have permission from the Grand Master, whoever the hell he is. Just because I'm a spermpire, doesn't mean I have to follow this Malik guy's rules or even that Grand Master dude's for that matter. Where do they get off ordering me around? Who in the hell do they think they are?"

Donny turned and started walking down the street towards the park and as he walked, his anger multiplied exponentially.

"I'll bet I could talk Marcus into joining me. Maybe together we could take down Malik," Donny said, continuing to talk to himself as he walked the familiar route to Mangelson Park. "I have to do something. I'm not going to let this bastard ruin my life. If he kills me, he kills me. I don't have anything to look forward to anymore anyways. Being a spermpire and being without my family is no life at all."

But then his thoughts turned to Marcus and he realized how strong his feelings were for him. He gave Donny a reason to live and a small glimmer of hope.

As Donny's anger intensified, so did his determination. As thoughts of having a deadly confrontation with Malik and his crew seemed inevitable, his `fight or flight' instinct triggered the release of a dormant spermpire hormone like a massive adrenaline rush. As it became active, it caused Donny to begin building up a kind of superhuman strength.

Meanwhile, over at Mangelson Park, the first members of Malik's spermpire community were starting to arrive. An old retired school bus was parked at the north end of the facility waiting to transport the forty or so members to their new home. Vladimir had purchased the vehicle at a school district auction in the event that anything like this should ever happen and made the mistake of leaving Malik in charge of the keys. Two of Malik's senior squad members were logging in each name as they arrived. Once they were checked off the list, they were directed to board the bus and wait until the rest of the members were accounted for.

Malik had been very busy over the last twenty-four hours. He had the bus serviced and fueled up. He located, generously bribed and then assigned a driver who was a spermpire trucker with an appropriate A class driver's license, to execute the evacuation. He'd organized the summoning of all the members under his rule. Finally, he confirmed arrangements with this other, smaller spermpire community sixty miles away which agreed to help out their brothers in need by helping them relocate everyone with open arms.

Malik was sure he'd successfully implemented all the right moves. He thoughtfully made all the right decisions and took all the appropriate steps worthy of a beloved spermpire leader. On the surface, it appeared that Malik was the ideal leader. The problem was that he did all the right things for all the wrong reasons. Malik was thinking far into the future. He plotted that once his community had been successfully integrated into their new location, he would do away with their gracious new host.

Malik had killed a spermpire leader before and he had no qualms about doing it again. Once eliminated, Malik would take over his new congregation, adding the indigenous Coalsville spermpires to his own, furthering his plan to lead the largest spermpire community that he could spread throughout the world. It was within his means to do so, since most of the known spermpire communities were small and thrived inconspicuously in the shadows. The larger his dictatorship grew, the easier these smaller groups could be assimilated. The long arm of Malik's influence was indeed growing as was his thirst for power.

It was this single minded lust for power that blinded Malik to the immediate threat that was right under his nose.

As Donny was approaching the park as ordered, he turned the corner about two blocks from the park entrance and saw Marcus standing with a small group of guys congregating on the street corner up ahead. He recognized Jonah as one of the guys but there were two others he didn't know. He wondered who they were.

As they saw one another, they all started walking toward each other in a quickened pace.

"We've been waiting here for you like, forever," Marcus said. "Let me introduce everybody. You already know Jonah."

"How could I forget?" Donny scowled.

"Be nice Donny, he's on our side!" Marcus said.

Jonah apprehensively held out his hand as a gesture of truce. Donny shook his hand as he realized that Malik was the enemy, not Jonah. He needed as many friends as he could get right now.

"Oww! What the fuck, dude?" Jonah exclaimed as he withdrew his hand in pain from Donny's grip and rubbed his knuckles.

"Oh, sorry, man," he said. "I didn't mean to hurt you. Honest."

Jonah tried to shake the pain off as he shot Donny a halfhearted smile.

"Donny, this is David and Dylan," Marcus said.

"Oh yeah, I heard about you guys. You're Marcus's roommates over at the cabin," Donny said.

He shook hands with both of them as well, paying attention not to squeeze too hard. David and Dylan looked at each other wide-eyed as they too felt Donny's amassing potency in spite of his attempt to hold back.

"Well, anyway, we've been waiting for you to get here," Marcus reiterated. "Jonah has something important to tell you. Go on Jonah. Tell Donny what you told us."

"Last night, when you went ballistic on me, Malik assumed we were enemies. He approached me and told me that if anyone asked, I was to lie and say that one of the boys that was rounded up for the post ceremony feeding had gone to the police and that the police had hauled me in for questioning about it. That's why the Grand Master wasn't informed. This whole evacuation is all bogus. This is just Malik's way of taking over without confronting the Grand Master. Once he takes over at some new location and his community grows, he'll do it again and again. When his community grows large enough, Malik's power will be so great that even the Grand Master won't be able to stop him."

"That's it!" Donny fumed. "This guy has got to be stopped right now! This is really important. Why didn't you call me and tell me about this?" He scowled at Marcus.

"I have. I've been calling you and texting you for an hour," Marcus said.

Donny patted his pants pockets, both front and rear. "Oh shit, I left my cell phone at home."

"Well, I guess that's why you didn't answer me."

"So what have you got planned?" Donny asked.

"The four of us are going to go AWAL!" Dylan said.

"AWAL? What's that?" Donny wondered.

"You'll have to forgive him, he comes from a military family," David said. "AWAL means `Absent Without Authorized Leave'. That's sort of what he is from his family. When he announced that he was gay and in love with me, we both had to go AWAL and disappear. That's why we're in the homeless cabin with Marcus and Jonah. So, in other words, the four of us are going to strike out on our own and we all agreed that we want you to go AWAL with us."

"There's no one I'd rather go AWAL with than you guys, but if we do that, Malik will hunt us down, and that could also put my family in danger. If Malik gets to Tony, he'll use Tony to get to me. I can't let that happen. None of you guys have families to worry about, but I do. Malik has to be stopped right now! I'm willing to fight him if that puts a stop to all this."

"Are you stupid?" Jonah said. Then he realized what his words must have sounded like to Donny. Out of fear that he just insulted him, he began to stutter. "I, I, I mean we're just t... teenagers. Malik, he, he's got grown men on his side helping him. Malik's a spoiled, rich kid and has money that he uses to bribe the older spermpires with to help him. You're pretty strong but no one has ever stood up t... to Malik and his goons before."

"Relax Jonah. I'm not going to hurt you anymore. We're cool," Donny indicated. "You're right about Malik. I don't like the idea of fighting at all, but with your help, I might at least have a chance. Someone has to do it and it has to be done now before Malik starts to accumulate any more power than he already possesses."

Just then, Marcus's cell phone rang. He looked at the caller I.D. and turned white as a ghost.

"Oh Fuck!" Marcus exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" Donny asked.

"It's You!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"This call, it's coming from your cell phone!"

"Let me see that!"

Marcus handed Donny his cell phone. Donny quickly looked at the caller I.D. and a cold chill ran down his spine. He punched the accept button and hesitantly answered, "Tony? Is that you?"

"No, it's not your precious little brother, asshole," the voice said.

"Where is he? What have you done to him?"

"Why nothing... yet!"

"If you do anything to him, anything at all, I swear, I'll kill you, you mother fucker. I want to hear his voice, you hear me? I want to hear him say he's okay. Right now!"

"Your brother wants to talk to you, you little shit," the voice said and then a short pause followed as Tony's abductor held the phone to Tony's ear.

"Donny, they got me again, I'm sorry," Tony said as he struggled to sound brave. "You left your cell phone at home and right after you left, Marcus started calling and leaving urgent text messages. I tried to bring your phone to you when I got..."

"Shut the fuck up! That's enough talking. As you can hear, he's just fine," the hostile voice said.

"So what do you want?" Donny apprehensively asked.

"There's a bus seat with your name on it waiting for you and your four little buddies," the voice indicated. "Be on it in ten minutes or I'll be getting myself a sweet little blowjob."

Then the caller terminated the conversation.

"That's it, it's `on' man!" Donny growled.

Donny's anger fueled the hormones that were coursing through his body like wildfire and he could literally feel himself pumping up as his scolding hot blood fueled his passion.

"This fucker is going to haunt me for the rest of my life if I don't do something. It has to stop now!"

David, Dylan and Marcus stood by Donny and they could feel the energy radiating from Donny's body as his face turned red from a spermpire equivalent of `Roid Rage'. Just being near Donny pumped them all up and filled them with a kind of spermpire confidence.

"What do you want us to do?" David asked. "We're with you one hundred percent."

"My issue is with Malik. I need to call him out and confront him alone so that this doesn't turn into an all out war and even more people get hurt," Donny said. "Marcus, David, Dylan, you three can make sure my fight with Malik stays fair and just between the two of us. You can help by keeping any of the others from interfering."

"You've got it Donny. Please be careful, I don't want to lose you," Marcus said, as he pulled him into a hug.

Donny hugged Marcus back a little too tightly and then immediately let him go when Marcus let out a yelp.

"Oh my God Donny, Marcus exclaimed. "You damn near broke my ribs. You got spermrage!"

"Spermrage? What's that?" Donny asked.

"I've only heard stories about it," Marcus began. "There are tales about spermpires who, when they get mad or scared, can summon superhuman strength. They call it `Rage du Sperme' or `Sperma Ira' and I even heard it called `Spermfire' once. I always thought those were just made up stories to perpetuate spermpire lore, but Donny, you've really got it."

"I do?" Donny shrugged. "How did I get it?"

"I've heard that it takes three things," Dylan interjected. "First, it's genetic. You have to have overactive adrenal glands that the spermpire induced hormones activate. It runs in families, which means your dad would have it too if he were a spermpire and Tony probably would also. Second, you have to double up on your very first feeding. The excess nutrients from the initial double feeding seem to trigger the reaction. Then third, it takes several hours of growing rage for the dormant gene to build up and become active in your bloodstream, flooding your body with massive doses of some hormone I forgot the name of, that fills your muscle tissue with a long lasting form of an adrenaline like substance that sometimes can last for days."

"Hey Marcus, didn't you tell us that Donny did a double feeding on his first time?" Jonah asked.

"Shit, that's right, he did," Marcus confirmed. "Very few virgin spermpires do a double feeding on their first time. Most of us spermpires have ample time between feedings to nurture relationships and gain trust amongst our donors. It's very difficult to find one willing donor within twenty-four hours notice, let alone two."

"Hey yeah, and since you're planning to confront Malik, you must be having massive amounts of that hormone stuff pumping through your body right now," David added.

"Okay, okay, all that may be true, but my dad can't possibly be a spermpire," Donny insisted.

"He wouldn't have to be. The genetics portion is all about the overactive adrenal glands. Like, does your dad work long hours and then stay up late at night?" Dylan asked.

"Yeah, he does. I've heard people say he's capable of working like a crew of three or four workers on a concrete pour all by himself," Donny answered. "All the stuff he's created in our backyard, he did all by himself."

"I've heard rumors that Vladimir gets spermrage now and then as well. That's why Malik is avoiding him. Anyone who did two feedings and has the human adrenal gland thing could get it," David said.

"Hey David, how do you know all this stuff?" Donny asked suspiciously.

"Well," David explained, "I heard it from a spermpire from Coalsville. Apparently, Vladimir was working at a secret government lab there and he accidentally got exposed to some experimental chemicals that changed him, making him the original spermpire. A research scientist was trying to help him and got turned accidentally. Ever since then, he's been researching ways to change us back, but there doesn't seem to be any hope. Not yet anyway. According to this guy from Coalsville, the scientist studied the rage aspect and came up with those conclusions."

"We could argue about this and discuss it for hours," Jonah said, "but we are running out of time. This whole area is crawling with adult spermpires on Malik's payroll. Malik's posse is out rounding up stragglers. I can smell their fowl stench. I have a wildly strong sense of smell when it comes to detecting sperm, especially if I've fed off them before. Having such a powerful sniffer has proven to be both a blessing, and a curse."

"You can smell them? Shit, that's it!" Donny said. "Jonah, I have a special job for you. Find Tony. Find my brother for me. Sniff him out. Find out where Malik is holding him. Do what you can to keep him safe."

"Don't worry Donny, I'm on it. I'll find him, I swear," Jonah assured him. "He's as good as rescued."

"Thanks Jonah, I really appreciate this," Donny said.

Jonah walked swiftly away with his nose in the air, sniffing the area for even the faintest scent of Tony's whereabouts. He was glad Donny wasn't still pissed at him over sucking off his little brother, especially if he really had the spermrage. Even though Jonah had a keenly developed spermpire sense of smell, he had something else going for him that no one else had. Jonah had the memory of Tony's body scent along with the sweet lingering memory of his delectably sweet, youthful tasting sperm. Tony's intimate attributes were deeply imbedded into Jonah's consciousness. Tony had made a long lasting impression on Jonah since the time that Tony had provided Jonah with that unforgettably luscious meal.

"Now the rest of you, get into your positions," Donny instructed. "I'll get as close as I can. Once I see Malik alone, I'll make my move."

"Good luck," David said.

"Semper Fidelis," Dylan said.

"Don't be afraid to knock that mother fucker into next week!" Marcus said as they all bumped fists. Then the three of them crept off to get into their respected positions where their presence would be of the most use.

Donny got closer to the area where Malik was stationed and was able to see the bus that the voice on the phone had made reference to. Then he saw Malik scurrying about as the last few remaining spermpire passengers boarded the bus.

According to Malik's checklist, everyone except Donny, Marcus, David, Dylan and Jonah were accounted for, less four senior squad members who Malik had promoted as his personal bodyguards.

One guard was keeping everyone contained in the bus, two guards were out searching the park and nearby woods, and the last guard who had been stationed at the bus earlier had been reassigned to hold Tony hostage at some undisclosed location.

All the eyes on the bus were on Malik. He usually projected a calm and collected image of a fine leader in spite of his youth, but right now, he was pacing back and forth and losing his cool. He was impatiently waiting for time to run out so he could give the order for Tony's captor to turn him.

On the opposite side of the bus, after creeping through the shrubs, Marcus and Dylan swung around and surprised the guard. Dylan was pleased to see that the guard was Cooper. They were friends of sorts and had worked together to acquire feeding victims for each other in the past.

Dylan played the guitar and got to know Cooper through a mutual musician friend. As it turned out, he was a fellow spermpire. Shortly after that, Dylan and Cooper formed a mutual alliance to help each other find willing feeding victims. Dylan would use his hot teenage body to lure in older guys intended for Cooper with the promise of a spectacular blowjob. Then he would kiss the potential victims and administer the drug along with a hypnotic suggestion. At that point, Cooper, the older spermpire, would take over for the actual feeding.

Cooper would reciprocate by introducing Dylan to potential younger victims. Since he was a private music teacher and band instructor, Cooper would purposely expose the young teen boys taking lessons from him to a few seconds of gay porn, claiming it was an accident. Then he would inconspicuously sniff the air for increased pheromone levels. When he identified a potential target, he would introduce those students to Dylan.

Dylan's all time favorite was this one ultra horny accordion player named Carlos who produced so much protein rich cum that Dylan could feed on him and then be able to go almost three months without feeding again. That was more than twice the average feeding cycle for a spermpire of his age.

"Hey Cooper, we made it. Where's Malik?" Dylan asked, stepping up to the bus and talking as if everything was just fine.

"Looking for you guys," Cooper said. "Where have you two been? Malik's pissed. He's still waiting for David, Jonah and that new kid to show up too. Now that you and Marcus finally showed, maybe he'll calm down a little bit. He's so impatient."

"Screw Malik," Dylan said. "He'll get over it. We're not leaving until ten o'clock anyway, right? So, we're here in plenty of time. Besides, if we're a little late, what difference does it make? I hate Malik's power trips. This evacuation came at a really bad time for me. I needed to get one last feeding in from Carlos, that accordion playing sperm buffet you found for me, before we leave."

"You're still sucking on Carlos? How many times is that now that he's let you drain his balls?"

"Today makes four. He's like a freaking fountain of youth. He's like addicted to the pleasure and pain of it. The time before this one, he was calling me and texting me to get sucked again, even before I needed it. I'm definitely going to miss him. Going to a new location will mean at least a week or two of scouting out the locals and finding a donor. I would have run out of time long before that, so I had to go do Carlos one last time. Anyway, I was hoping I'd find you here. Since we're friends and you found Carlos for me, I got another horny fool out in the woods right now, just waiting for you. He's already naked and waiting to get blown. He thinks that I went to take a piss and that I'm coming right back to suck him off. I convinced him that it would be more fun if he pulled his shirt over his head and pretended I was a girl sucking him off. When I bring you to him, he won't have any idea that it's you doing it. He's a little gay phobic. That shirt idea totally won him over and he lost all his inhibitions after I suggested that. What do you say? One last meal before we go. No telling how long it will take to find new donors wherever it is we're headed. Marcus can watch the bus for you until we get back."

"I don't know. I better check with Malik first," Cooper shrugged.

"Dude, grow some spermpire balls man. He'll say no just because he's in a bad mood right now and lash out at you just to demonstrate his power over us. That's such bullshit. Look, if you don't want to feed, fine. I'll just go send the guy home." Dylan wheeled around and headed into the thicket.

"Wait, I'm coming."

Dylan held up a moment and let Cooper catch up to him.

"Thought you might change your mind," Dylan smiled, and took off on a jog into the woods with Cooper right behind him on the twisting narrow trail.

"How much farther?" Cooper panted after a couple of minutes of running behind Dylan. "I'm not in as good a shape as I used to be."

"Almost there." Dylan answered. In the moonlight, he saw David sitting on a fallen log with his pants down and his shirt pulled up over his head. David was stroking his erection and keeping himself right on the edge of cumming.

"I'm back! Are you ready to get yourself sucked?" Dylan shouted at David.

"Mmm-hmm," David answered, disguising his voice in a low bravado.

Dylan smiled and gave a sweeping wave with both hands and a small bow offering his gift to Cooper. Cooper gave Dylan an appreciative grin and bumped knuckles. Then he knelt down and pulled David's hand off his dick and sucked him in. Cooper hadn't been sucking more than a minute before David unloaded his tainted sperm into Cooper's unsuspecting mouth. He'd been edging so long, that the moist warmth of Cooper's mouth quickly triggered his orgasm. No sooner had Cooper sucked and swallowed the last bit of David's tainted ejaculate than he pulled off and crawled aside, clutching his stomach.

"I don't feel good," he said. Unlike David and Dylan, Cooper had never fed upon another spermpire before. He had never experienced the painful consequences that follow that most taboo of all spermpire acts. He'd only heard about them and heeded them no mind as he was always so careful to avoid such a blunder. He began sweating and then his body genuflected as he crawled off a few feet farther away to hurl violently against a nearby tree.

"Sorry dude, we had to do this. We'll explain it all later."

Dylan noticed a bundle of rope that was clipped to Cooper's waistband and seized the opportunity to take it from him.

"Hey David, I've got an idea," Dylan said and handed David one end of the rope. "Tie this to his hand."

David tied Cooper's left hand and Dylan walked around the trunk of the tree and tied Cooper's other hand while Cooper remained powerless to do anything but vomit. Then David and Dylan sympathetically watched a moment as Cooper quivered and heaved uncontrollably, having personal knowledge and empathy for what Cooper was going through. Unable to stand it any longer, they made a hasty retreat back toward the bus leaving Cooper alone to deal with his predicament.

"We'll come untie you later," David promised, yelling over his shoulder as he and Dylan disappeared into the thicket.

Meanwhile, once Dylan and Cooper had taken off into the woods, Marcus climbed on the bus, shut and locked the door, and tossed the ignition key out the window.

"If you would all be kind enough to give me your attention, we have a slight change of plans for your entertainment pleasure," Marcus informed the passengers. "Get ready for the show to begin!"

Now the odds had evened out some but it was still Malik and three adults against four teens. The score was Malik and his two goons in the woods, plus Tony's captor, against Donny, David, Dylan and Jonah.

Unaware of what was happening on the bus or in the bushes behind him, Jonah's keen senses led him to the girl's bathroom. Since it was late at night and the park was relatively dark, he was reasonably sure the girl's bathroom would be vacant. Even so, Jonah instinctively hesitated for a moment before quietly sneaking in. His stealthy approach had surprised the guard who was in one of the stalls with Tony. He had Tony on his knees in front of him and had his legs and arms zip-tied to prevent him from escaping. The guard stood in front of Tony with his pants down around his feet and his dick bobbing just inches from Tony's mouth in anticipation of the phone call. His swollen purple dickhead throbbed and ached with anticipation. In one hand, he was clutching Donny's cell phone that he had confiscated from his little captive. In his other hand, he stroked his crooked cock to maintain a stiff perpetual erection. He kept his short, twisted boner poised and ready, hoping that at any moment, Malik would issue the order to turn his hostage. This sick bastard was the slimiest of Malik's hired goons and had been turned into a spermpire by Malik himself after Malik found him on the sex offender's registry.

Jonah snuck up behind the repugnant guard and forcefully yanked him away from Tony. As the guard was pulled backwards, he tripped on his pants that were pooled around his ankles and he fell backwards onto the concrete floor with a cold slap. To Jonah's surprise, the guard laid motionless as the force of his skull striking the concrete floor had knocked him out cold. At this point, Jonah really didn't care if he'd simply knocked him out or killed him dead. He figured this guy deserved whatever he got. Jonah and Tony both watched in amazement as his boner deflated almost instantly to a flaccid little one-inch nub.

"Are you okay?" Jonah asked.

"Boy, am I glad to see you," Tony exclaimed.

"Did that bastard turn you?" Jonah asked as he pulled out his Swiss Army Knife to cut the zip cords that bound Tony's arms and legs.

"No, he was standing there ready to though. He was just waiting for a phone call so he could do it to me."

Just then, Donny's cell phone rang. Jonah picked it up off the floor next to the unconscious guard and answered it as if he were the sleazebag who had been threatening Tony.

"Yeah," Jonah grunted.

"Get ready to turn the little shit on my command," Malik sneered.

"Sorry, asshole. Your creepy guard is laid out cold. You've lost control. Tony's free, and he's under my protection now," Jonah replied.

Immediately, the line went dead and Jonah realized Malik would still be playing it up and using it against Donny as long as Donny was kept in the dark. Thinking quickly, Jonah used Donny's phone to take a photo of the flattened guard. He had Tony stand over the guy with his foot placed prominently above his shriveled dick. He immediately sent the photo directly to Marcus's phone. Moments later, Marcus received the picture and then texted a reply back to Jonah:

"Got it. Thx."

"Well, you're safe now," Jonah said, turning back to Tony and beaming with pride. "Let's get you home."

"No. I'm not going home," Tony insisted. "I'm going with you guys. You have to turn me into a spermpire right now!"

"No way," Jonah chuckled. "Donny has turned into some sort of spermpire freak and he's got something called `spermpire rage'. I want no part of it. If I turn you, he'll turn his spermpire rage loose on me. He's so juiced up that he's actually talking about confronting Malik all by himself so he could put a stop to all this madness."

"I'm not surprised," Tony informed him. "That's exactly what Donny would do. I've been listening to this creep's phone calls. Malik and his bodyguards are expecting something to happen since Donny didn't show up on time, along with all you guys who live in the cabin, they just don't know what exactly."

"Well, I know that if I go turning you into a spermpire, Donny will kill me right after he finishes off Malik. He loves you more than he loves his own life. So that's just not going to happen." Jonah said, turning his attention back to releasing Tony.

Once Tony's shackles were cut, Tony wrapped his arms around Jonah, who thought he just needed a comforting hug after everything he'd been through. As the two boys embraced, Tony drove himself into Jonah, forcing him backwards, tripping past the unconscious guard and into the opposite wall between the two wash basins.

The force of impact as Jonah's head bounced off the cinderblock wall stunned him. Seizing the opportunity, Tony grabbed Jonah's pants and yanked them down as fast as he could, exposing Jonah's privates. He grabbed his flaccid, dangling penis and flipped it into his mouth. Tony proceeded to vigorously suck him off. Even in his semi-stunned stupor, Jonah started to bone up and leak precum from getting sucked by one of his favorite donors he'd come to care about deeply.

"Tony!" Jonah shrieked as he quickly regained his senses. "What have you done?"

Tony did not respond, he just kept sucking on Jonah's dick and wouldn't let go until Jonah got rock hard.

"Tony, you've got to stop!" Jonah yelled as he collected himself and physically pulled Tony off him, making an audible popping sound as he broke the powerful suction that Tony was hysterically applying. As Jonah held him back at arm's length, Tony freaked out.

"You have to cum in my mouth and turn me Jonah. Think about it. They aren't going to just let me stay behind. If Donny loses to Malik, they'll kill me. I know too much now."

"I can't do it, I just can't."

"Right now, they're using the threat of turning me to keep Donny from attacking Malik. If that works and they get Donny under their control, I'm dead. But, once I'm turned, Donny won't need to back down from Malik just to try and save me. It will inspire him and fuel his rage if I'm a spermpire. No matter what happens, I'll be able to go with Donny wherever he goes, since I'll be a spermpire too. They won't have to kill me, but they will have to take me along. Once I'm a spermpire, Donny and I can help each other find sperm buddies for feeding. I know Donny is in trouble right now and they can't force Donny to do anything if I'm already a spermpire and I think two spermpire brothers are better than one, don't you agree?"

"You're smart for an eighth grader. I guess you're right, we really do have to do this."

"For your information, I'm a ninth grader, and I need to be a spermpire. It's going to happen to me sooner or later and I'm choosing you to make me one. I know you, I trust you, not some assbite like him over there. But if you won't let me suck yours, I'm going to go suck him."

"Wow, you must really love your brother," Jonah said. "That's the bravest thing I've ever heard. You win."

Jonah started pulling his pants back up and Tony stopped him.

"What are you doing? I haven't finished your blowjob yet," Tony said. "You just said that I won, so let me finish you off."

"You don't have to," Jonah informed him. "Just taking a spermpire's cock into your mouth for a split second when he's leaking cum is all it takes to infect someone. Even handling a spermpire's cock with your hands can do it too if your hands touch your mouth. You don't need to go any further with me. The deed is already done. If you keep going and make me cum in your mouth, you'd only get sick from it later, really sick, and right now, I have a hunch we may be needed over at the bus."

End of Chapter #7

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