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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #9

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

The incident was over and the five of them began their walk to Vladimir's house.

"So dad, you're the Vladimir everybody is talking about?" Tony asked looking up to his dad as if he were now some sort of immortal superhero come to life.

"Shhh, keep your voices down now, it's pretty late and we're not in the park anymore. We don't want to wake up the whole neighborhood." his dad responded. "Can we wait and have this discussion later? When the time comes when I can get everybody together, I'll tell everyone at once. It will be a while before that happens though."

"Oh, okay," Tony said a little disappointed with his dad's response.

They all walked together in silence the rest of the way. When the five of them reached the house, they all entered and Vladimir immediately gathered everyone together in the living room to have a quick meeting.

"Okay, right now I have to go check on Donny at the hospital and then I'm going to check on Marcus and make sure they are both getting the best possible care," Vladimir began. "While I'm gone, I want all you guys to get along. Is that clear?"

"No problem dad, we're all friends here, right guys?" Tony asked as the others readily shook their heads in agreement.

"All right then, I'm glad to hear it," Vladimir said. "David and Dylan, you guys sleep in Donny's room for tonight and Jonas, you stay with Tony. Please watch after him, he'll need your help tonight."

"Excuse me sir, I'm David and he's Dylan," David said as he corrected Tony's dad.

"And I'm Jonah,"

"Oh, what did I call you?"


"Oh, sorry about that guys," Vladimir said. "I promise I'm going to get to know all of you better, starting tomorrow. Right now I have to go see my son. You guys get some sleep now. Don't be staying up all night, all right? You've all been through a lot tonight and I'm going to need your help tomorrow. Are you all going to be okay with that?"

"Yeah," Tony said speaking for all of them.

"All right then. I may not come home tonight. I'm going to stay by Donny's side until he's out of danger. I'll see all of you in the morning. Tony knows where everything is so if any of you need something, just ask him. Any questions before I leave?"

They all looked at each other but no one said anything.

"Okay then, I'll see you all later," he said and then walked out to the garage where his little compact car was parked.

He was going to be relying on this little baby now that his utility truck was out of commission. He drove to the hospital where they had taken Donny to and he managed to get in to see Donny right away. He stepped into Donny's room and saw the horror of his son's condition in the brightly lit, cold and sterile surroundings. He was barely recognizable. His dad paused to pull himself together so he wouldn't completely fall to pieces in front of his son. Once he gathered his strength, he walked the rest of the way into the room and took Donny's hand into his. It was one of only a few places that hadn't been all bandaged up. Donny's eyes fluttered open at his father's loving touch.

"How are you doing son?" his dad asked.

"I hurt everywhere," Donny softly responded. "Even my hair hurts."

"I'm so sorry all this happened to you," his dad said as he fought off the tears. "I tried to keep this from affecting you but I failed miserably. I hope you can forgive me."

"Forgive you? When I woke up in the ambulance, the medic told me that it was you who rescued me," Donny said as he winced in pain from his many contusions. "I knew you would save me. I knew that no one else in the whole world could. You're not just my dad, you're my hero too and I love you so much. I'm sorry I haven't been a better son."

Donny's dad had been holding back his emotions for the past couple of hours, keeping everything bottled up inside while he calmly took care of business. When Donny called him his hero and then thought he hadn't been a very good son, everything came flooding out.

"Donny, I couldn't possibly hope for a better son than you and I love you just the way you are. It's me that wishes I could have been a better father to both you and Tony. There's a lot of stuff you don't know about me and I've discovered that it has put you and Tony both at risk unnecessarily. I can see now that it was a mistake not telling you, a mistake I intend to remedy."

"What are you talking about dad?" Donny asked with a confused look.

Just as his dad was about to begin his long overdue confession, an orderly and a technician came in to take Donny downstairs to run some tests and take a few X-rays. They told him that these tests would take around two hours or more and when they were finished, Donny would be brought back to his room. They encouraged him to go home and get some sleep and suggested he could return in the morning. Since he couldn't be with Donny during his tests, he took the opportunity to go visit Marcus who was located just a couple of blocks away at County General.

When he arrived at the second hospital, he learned that they were not able to treat Marcus beyond basic emergency care because he was unwilling to give them any of his personal information other than his first name. Subsequently the hospital was unable to call his family or verify his identity. They were just about to call social services when Vladimir arrived. He took care of all the paperwork for Marcus and told them he was Marcus's guardian and would be paying the bill. Once that was taken care of, he went in to see Marcus.

"Hey there Marcus, how are you holding up?" Vladimir asked.

"Hello sir," Marcus weakly answered. "I'm okay. I'm glad to see you sir. You saved us all from Malik the madman. I have to thank you for that. Have you been able to see Donny? How is he? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?"

"Slow down there partner," Vladimir said as he noted Marcus's deep concern for Donny. "Donny's having some tests run right now but he's conscious and stable over at St. Joseph Hospital. Right now, we have to concentrate on getting you taken care of. They haven't done anything with you yet because you refused to cooperate with them. What was that all about?"

When they find out I don't have any parents or legal guardian, they're going to put me in the system and that just won't work for me, you know, being a spermpire and all."

"Well, you almost got social services involved anyway," he said. "I got here just in time to prevent it."

"Thank you Mister Vladimir sir," Marcus stammered.

"Well Marcus, if I'm going to be your guardian, you'd better start calling me Nick."

"Yes sir, I mean really? Do you mean it? I mean thank you sir, I mean Nick sir."

Tears of joy started running down Marcus's face to learn that he wouldn't have to spend the remainder of his lost childhood as a stray orphan. He was indebted to Vladimir, which he now learned was Nick, Donny's dad. He had already given him the opportunity to live in his cabin with his close friends David, Dylan and Jonah but this was way beyond what he expected could ever happen to him.

"I'm going to take care of you from now on, so the only thing you need to worry about is getting better so you can get out of here and start living with your new family.

"Oh I like the sound of that," Marcus cooed. "But can I ask you, exactly who is going to be my new family?"

"Well, there's me and my two sons, Donny and Tony. Then there's you and Jonah. Wait... did I get that right... yeah Jonah. Then there's David and Dylan. So I guess that makes seven of us. How does that sound?"

"I've always been worried about David, Dylan and Jonah. They're like me. They have no family either. We live each day in fear of getting caught and getting thrown into some orphanage. Just going to school is a huge risk. And there's another thing too. I'm not just worried about David, Dylan and Jonah. I'm worried about all my spermpire brothers."

"You are?" Nick asked with a look of dismay. "Why?"

"Well, don't get me wrong sir, I'm glad we're rid of Malik, but all of us spermpires were counting on him to protect us from the Sybils."

"Sybils?" he asked. "What is that?"

"Malik told us that `Sybils' were old women who were like witches. He said they were ancient, possibly hundreds of years old. He said that they hunt spermpires with their magic and have powers that control special spermpire hunters who track down and kill any spermpires they find in order to preserve the human race.

"Did he say how killing a spermpire preserves the human race?"

"He said, if we turned all the males in the world into spermpires, there would be no one left to fertilize a woman's eggs. A spermpire's sperm is not capable of conception. Malik told us that he discovered the presence of a `Sybil Coven' in the area and that they are gathering here in greater numbers. He warned us to watch out for them and avoid them at all costs. I think that Mrs. Cornwalt down the street from your house might be one.

"Marcus, I've been a spermpire longer than anyone and I can tell you, I've never heard of such a thing."

"Are you saying that they don't exist?" Marcus asked with a hopeful look. "At a spermpire meeting a few weeks ago, Malik passed around some pictures to prove that they were real. I wasn't there, but Jonah was. When Malik wasn't looking, Jonah took a picture of each photo using his cell phone. When Jonah showed me the pictures he had taken, it scared me. They showed some of the horrible things that Sybils do to their victims.

"I promise, I'll look into this `Sybil' thing for you and find out for sure. Until then, don't worry about it. If they exist, I'll take care of them. You're part of my family now and I won't let anything bad happen to you or any of the others from now on!"

"You're the greatest sir, I mean Nick."

"Remember, all spermpires are brothers, so none of you were ever really without a family, but now, we're going to actually live like one."

Marcus started to cry real tears of joy, not so much for himself, but for the others who were going to benefit from what started out to be a cold blooded tragedy.

Back at the house, David and Dylan asked Tony if he thought it would be all right if they took a shower. They had gotten quite scuffed up from the fight and wanted to get cleaned up before using Donny's bed. Tony agreed it was a good idea if they all took one. Tony laid out several towels for everyone and dug into Donny's dresser to get enough clean underwear that should fit his three house guests.

Once they got the okay, David and Dylan casually stripped naked in front of everyone and darted into the bathroom together. Jonah lived with David, Dylan and Marcus and they all got used to seeing each other roaming about the cabin naked most of the time. Tony, on the other hand, had not seen David and Dylan naked before and seeing their beautiful nude bodies inadvertently got him sexually aroused. He had been sporting an unwavering boner ever since he'd gotten infected by Jonah at the park. Unfortunately, getting aroused when he saw the naked, older boys triggered a reaction in him that got him both horny and hungry. He took off his shoes and socks and then tossed his shirt aside. His spermpire `need to feed' flared up again and he found himself following David and Dylan into the bathroom. They had already explained to Tony how and why spermpires cannot feed on each other. That didn't seem to matter now. His blind hunger was slowly ripping the logic away from him.

"Oh boy, where do you think your going Tony?" Jonah asked.

Jonah recognized the craving in Tony's eyes as he pursued his two naked playthings into the next room with the intention of increasing their twosome into a threesome.

"I'm just going to check and make sure David and Dylan have everything they need," Tony answered too readily.

"Yeah, and I bet you think that what they need is you!" Jonah answered sarcastically. "I'll just come with you if you don't mind."

They entered the bathroom and David and Dylan were already together in the shower stall, squirming as they waited for the water temperature to get a little warmer. They had gotten very used to being extra frugal with their utilities since they needed to keep the costs down to a level that they could all afford at the cabin.

"Do you guys need anything in there? Some shampoo... conditioner... washcloths... a helping hand?" Tony asked as he rapidly started losing his inhibitions.

"We're good," a voice answered from within the stall.

"I better make sure," Tony said as he stripped off the rest of his clothes and prepared to enter the shower stall with David and Dylan.

"Whoa, slow down there Tony," Jonah said. "You're starting to lose it again."

"Jonah, I'd love to rip all your clothes off right now, but you keep saying no!" Tony said. "You used to be fun, but you're no fun anymore! Get out of my way!"

"Look," Jonah sternly said as he blocked Tony's path. "We'll have lots of opportunities to play after we take care of your immediate needs first," Jonah reminded Tony. "You have to learn how to control yourself or you'll drive yourself crazy. Then you'll do something you'll regret. You just have to focus. After you receive your community inoculations and then solidify them with your first feeding, you'll feel better. In fact, you'll feel so much better that you'll soon forget you're a spermpire at all, that is, until the proverbial `need to feed' comes around and kicks you in the ass again."

"Listen to Jonah," Dylan warned from the other side of the frosted glass shower door. "He's turned and mentored many more spermpires than David and I have, put together."

"Between the three of us, he's the master-mentor," David added. "Come to think of it, he's a pretty good master-bator too."

All four of them heartily laughed at that and the laughter was exactly what Tony needed as it helped him break free from the trance he was caught up in.

"Jonah, I think I got control of myself now," Tony confessed. "Thanks for keeping me from making an ass of myself. Now I feel kind of stupid standing here all naked with this boner that won't go away."

"No problem," Jonah said. "David, Dylan, you two are just about finished, right guys?"

"Right!" came the sound of David and Dylan's voices in unison.

"I'll get naked along with you so you don't have to feel stupid and the two of us can shower together next, how's that sound?"

"Thanks Jonah," Tony grinned. "That would be great."

"Okay guys," Jonah said as he stripped naked, encouraging them to finish. "When you come out, leave the water running."

A few moments later, the frosted glass door creaked open and two, sweet smelling boys emerged sporting two very erect boners. Tony's eyes widened as the soft ambient light in the room glistened off their wet bodies. They each grabbed a towel that Tony had put out for everyone and started drying their hair as they slowly sauntered out of the room. Tony watched their cocks bouncing along as they sauntered past him and Jonah.

"You two have fun," Dylan smiled.

"We certainly did," David added as Tony continued to watch their two bubble butts disappear around the hallway.

"After you," Jonah said, breaking Tony's reverie. Jonah motioned for Tony to go in and the two of them entered the perfectly warm haven together.

Tony was very comfortable being naked around Jonah, having sucked dicks together. They were closer in age to one another than they were with David and Dylan and they had much more in common as well.

"Now that we're in here and alone," Jonah whispered, "you wanna fool around?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Tony said as his stiff dick pointed at Jonah.

"Remember, no sucking, okay?" Jonah reminded Tony.

"No problem," Tony said. "Besides, I don't need to. I already know how great your cock tastes."

"I know you do," Jonah remembered. "And I remember yours. I'm gonna miss feeding off you, little dude."

"What do you mean?" Tony asked.

"We won't be able to suck on each other anymore," Jonah said. "I really liked your cock too. It was the perfect size for me to guzzle your sperm down with. It always tasted so sweet. You were always one of my top favorite feeders. I'm really gonna miss that."

"Maybe we could find a way," Tony said optimistically.

"David and Dylan do it all the time," Jonah revealed. "They suck each other like madmen and then they get violently sick afterwards and have to hurl their brains out. It works for them because they love each other. The one thing I've noticed about that is, no mater how often they do it, they still get just as sick every time. It never gets any easier. Fortunately, there are still a whole lot of other things we can do instead that can be just as much fun."

"Really?" Tony innocently asked. "Like what?"

"Like this!" Jonah grinned.

Jonah soaped up his hands and began playing with Tony's stiff pulsating boy boner as well as his burgeoning, albeit slightly discolored balls. Tony began to coo and moan as Jonah explored all the contours of Tony's well defined boyhood, taking rounded strokes across his sensitive dickhead and swollen balls. Tony soaped up his own hands and began to return the favor. He wrapped his left hand around Jonah's balls and rolled them around his fingers, encouraging them to empty their plentiful reserves into Jonah's firing chamber. With his right hand, Tony grasped Jonah's shaft. He massaged it, making long, slow strokes up and down the length of his shaft making love to Jonah's cock. Jonah began to moan, duplicating Tony's soft cries of erotic delight. Tony moved in closer to Jonah until their wet soapy bodies touched in the gentlest, most seductive way possible as they continued to guide each other toward a mutually explosive orgasm.

With their bodies in such close proximity to one another, it seemed only logical to go for an all inclusive kiss. Other than preparing Tony for feeding with a spermpire kiss, Tony and Jonah had never romantically kissed each other before. In the past, their sexual relationship was strictly a symbiotic one where Jonah got to feed off of Tony's sweet delectable young sperm and Tony would receive the most spectacular mind blowing spermpire induced orgasms he could ever hope for. Without thinking, Tony and Jonah's lips merged. As they connected, something happened that they both had not anticipated. Tony's body was primed and ready to accept his spermpire inoculations and when Tony's tongue touched Jonah's, it triggered Jonah to instinctively release his spermpire serum into Tony's mouth. As the serum entered Tony's system, he experienced a kind of numbing sensation. Both boys instantly felt their bond for each other intensify and blossom into something deeper and more meaningful.

Then, to Tony's surprise, he saw in his mind's eye, the images of several boys he did not know. As the visions manifested themselves in his mind, he saw each boy naked with their erections hardening beyond their normal capacity. The visions were so vivid that it was as if Tony were present and in the moment. Then he felt his dick twitch as he experienced their imprinted orgasms. Then Tony's heart started to race as he saw himself through Jonah's eyes and experienced his own orgasms through Jonah's imprinted memory of the times when Jonah fed on him. The extreme intensity of his own orgasms locked away in Jonah's memory made Tony appreciate how much he meant to Jonah and his growing bond for his friend increased even more.

Both Tony and Jonah started squeezing each other's cocks tighter as they started to become more aggressive. They began rubbing their chests together as they ground harder against each other's bodies, building up to a powerfully erotic climax.

"Oh boy, here it comes," Tony announced.

Jonah stepped up to high gear and pounded Tony's perfectly shaped boy boner. He caused Tony's cock to increase in size, making it grow and expand within his grasp. Jonah knew that Tony was about to explode and start gushing his virgin spermpire load everywhere. His dick got hot to the touch and started pulsating as it prepared to launch its lusciously large load. Tony's impending climax caused his own stewing pot to boil over. Both boys pounded each other as if they were trying to make their partner cum first before themselves as they both crossed into the realm of orgasmic bliss.

"I'm coming too," Jonah remarked. "Don't stop... Keep going... Keep..."

Both Tony and Jonah were now beyond words. Their hot spermpire semen filled their inner tubes and vesicles and their balls pulled up tight against their bodies. A massive buildup of sexual energy created a pressure that triggered them both to expel their sperm loads into each others hands with the force of a fire hose. Jonah's spermpire serum had caused Tony and Jonah's individual orgasms to psychically bond together into one massive blast. Tony and Jonah's climactic explosion was so intense that their legs began to quiver and they leaned against each other even harder as they struggled to remain standing within the shower stall. The two of them experienced a combined climax that catapulted them both into nirvana where they experienced a moment of sheer ecstasy.

As they slowly descended back to reality and into a soft comfortable afterglow of the most incredible orgasms of their lives, they heard two voices emanate from the other side of the frosted glass door.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am!"

"Okay, let's do it!"

Tony and Jonah opened the shower door and looked out just in time to witness David and Dylan bust a nut together. They were sitting side by side on the countertop, reaching across to each other and furiously stroking one another. They had been listening and watching Tony and Jonah's silhouettes through the frosted glass door and got totally aroused by their erotic activity.

Even though Tony had just emptied a sizable load in the shower, his dick still jumped as he watched David and Dylan shoot their fiery loads clear across the room.

"Holy crapola!" Tony exclaimed. "That was off the scale! You guys rock!"

"You two are pretty awesome yourselves," Dylan praised.

"Awesome enough to make us cum," David added. "And Tony... dude... you are one hot little sexy ass spermpire!"

"Thanks guys," Tony said as he turned slightly red.

"Well, thanks to you two, I think we're ready for bed now," Dylan said.

"Yeah, thanks for the steaming hot show you guys," David said. "I hope you guys aren't mad at us for watching you."

"If I knew you guys were watching, we could've put on a real show for you," Tony said.

"The fact that you didn't know we were watching made it much more real for us," David said.

"But we would be up to doing a four way strip show for each other sometime if you want," Dylan said.

"All right you guys get out of here now," Jonah said as he turned the knobs to shutoff the water. He grabbed a towel for Tony and himself and began drying off. "We all have a full day tomorrow and I want to go see Donny and Marcus in the hospital. I feel kind of guilty right now enjoying ourselves and jacking off and all, knowing that our friends are sitting in the hospital right now because they were trying to save all of us from Malik."

"Yeah, you're right Jonah," Tony spoke up. "Let's all get to bed." Then Tony turned to Jonah and whispered, "Way to kill the mood, dude."

"Sorry," Jonah said. "I was just feeling ashamed of myself that we were having so much fun here while Donny and Marcus are fighting for their lives within the hospital walls."

"I know!" Tony agreed. "One of those guys within the hospital walls is my brother. We are far from out of danger ourselves right now. Even so, we shouldn't pass up any opportunities for a little personal relief."

"Wow, you're pretty wise for your age," Jonah complemented. "Let's go hit the bed."

In very little time, all the lights were out and the house became quiet as everyone quickly fell asleep from the unbelievably long and hard day they all had.

When Vladimir returned home from the hospital several hours later, he checked Donny and Tony's room and found everyone asleep except for Tony. Then he noticed a faint light coming from a crack in the bathroom door. He opened the door and found Tony sitting on the bathroom floor in his underwear and socks, hugging the toilet.

"Tony what's wrong?" his dad asked.

"Oh, dad, I'm glad you're home," Tony weakly answered. "I feel yucky. I've been throwing up for like an hour now."

"I was afraid this would happen." His dad said, being visibly shaken. "We need to get you inoculated and then we need to get you a feeding. But you're the littlest spermpire ever. Where will we ever find a boy that you could feed on? This is a real disaster."

"Wait, dad. There is someone," Tony reluctantly confessed. "I sort of... well... met someone already and we kind of... you know... did some stuff together and he liked it and so did I. I'm sure I could get him to do it with me. His name is Kirk. I met him when... Uh-oh!"

Tony scrambled to his knees and dry heaved into the toilet bowl while his dad held his small, trembling frame.

"I'm not thrilled that you and Donny are messing around at such a young age, but I'm glad you may have a solution," his dad said. "I knew I should have spoken to you boys long before this to warn you of the dangers of messing around with so many spermpires around. I had no idea this spermpire thing could spread to my own boys. What a nightmare this has all turned into. Tony, I want you to crawl into bed with me so I can keep an eye on you until morning. Then, we'll see about assembling a small inoculation team to get you inoculated and then fed. Let's hope your friend is willing to help you out with that part."

Tony's father picked him up and carried him to his father's bedroom. Tony crawled under the covers and stuffed his hands under the pillow. He pulled his knees up to his chest and thankfully fell asleep.

Once the little guy was sleeping soundly, Tony's father pulled back the sheet and inspected his son's small erection. He knew it wouldn't recede until he got inoculated, which needed to happen before his first feeding. That posed a problem. Gathering a group to perform an inoculation would be tough enough, but after tonight's ordeal, it was going to prove to be even more difficult than usual. He didn't have any of the necessary contact information for the community members since he relinquished that list to Malik. Besides that, the idea of Tony enduring that kind of experience at his tender age violated his protective, fatherly instincts. He considered administering the serum himself in hopes it would be sufficient, but that was even more revolting to him.

Then he had an idea. Quickly, he slipped out of bed and woke the other boys and explained his plan. David, Dylan and Jonah happily pitched in and phoned some of their closest spermpire brothers that they had numbers for in the hopes of enlisting their assistance. When David, Dylan and Jonah explained it was for Vladimir's son, Tony, they immediately received their unwavering support. All three boys were able to enlist one volunteer each. Fortunately, they were all the right age.

Each of the enlisted volunteers crawled out of their bedroom windows and within minutes, converged at the Vladimir home to demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices everyone had recently made on their behalf. Two of them had been turned and mentored by Jonah and the third one was actually Jonah's mentor. They all assembled in Vladimir's bedroom. Tony's dad pulled the sheets down, exposing Tony's small, naked frame and everyone surrounded the sleeping boy.

Vladimir explained his plan for getting Tony inoculated. He pulled a box out from the top shelf of his closet. In it were some old baby things that he had kept for no good reason except that he'd just never gotten around to throwing them away. He pawed through the stained burp cloths and the baby toys until he pulled out a small baby bottle and a syringe. One by one, the boys squirted as much of their spermpire serum into the baby bottle that they could produce by pressing their tongues against the roof of their mouths. Vladimir contributed his own serum to the mix and then added just a touch of water to make it easier to handle.

"I think that by virtue of Tony's smaller size, seven of us should be enough to sufficiently inoculate him. Even though Tony is mature enough to produce viable sperm, I want to shield him from the possible physiological trauma that the physiological experience can produce, especially on someone so young. I think this will work." David, Dylan and Jonah kept quiet about Tony's lust for sexual experiences, deciding it wasn't their place to break it to Vladimir. They felt that taking this approach to inoculate Tony was unnecessary. From what they could tell, Tony wasn't traumatized by his sexual exploits at all, but they understood Vladimir's need to look upon his youngest son as his baby.

Vladimir put the syringe into the baby bottle and extracted a cylinder full of the effervescent serum laden cocktail. Then he took a tube of Orajel and applied some of the cream to the tip of his son's erection, including some just inside the piss slit to numb it. Tony stirred slightly but didn't wake. Then, Vladimir carefully inserted the tip of the syringe into Tony's piss slit, sounding it down about three inches. Once it was seated in place, he slowly injected the inoculating serum into his reproductive system. The fizzing juices easily flowed backwards into the tubes and down to his still swollen testicles. Tony began twitching and squirming as the serum started having its desired effect. Tony softly cried out and grasped his tender balls with his right hand. Fortunately, he still did not wake.

After a bit, Tony settled back down into a normal breathing pattern. Vladimir added a little apple juice to the remaining serum in the baby bottle to make it more palatable and replaced the nipple onto the bottle. He gently rubbed the rubber nipple across Tony's lips until Tony instinctively suckled it into his mouth. As the juice was drawn into his mouth, he began hungrily sucking it until it was drained dry just like he'd done as a tiny infant. Immediately, he was plunged into a series of jumbled and bizarre dreams. He saw images of men who he remembered coming to dinner with his father mixed with teenage boys about Donny's age.

Once again, Tony started squirming and moaning as he began dreaming of boys and their naked bodies, getting caught up in all those good feelings. They whirled and swirled around in his sleeping consciousness. A cascade of erotic images all jumped around in a wild frenzy, beginning and ending in oddly disjointed places. Then he saw Jonah being turned and recognized Jonah's unique quivering boner. In his dream, he felt what Jonah felt when he sucked on him in the park restroom earlier. He quivered and shook as Jonah had his first orgasm induced by his mentor. The final dream sequence was that of Donny's new friend Marcus, getting turned by Jonah. Tony thought Marcus's naked body was extremely beautiful. He slipped into the powerful experience that Marcus had experienced on his turning. It was different from the rest. It had an emotional aspect to it that the others did not have. The other dreams were purely physical, performed strictly for the sake of feeding. As Tony experienced Marcus's ultimate, climactic eruption, he shot a load from his own small dick onto the bedding. A few of the onlookers were turned on by Tony's reaction. The group silently held their breath as Tony navigated the most dangerous part of the procedure. Tony was panting and gripping the sheets in his small hands until his knuckles turned white. Then, all at once, he relaxed and his erection slowly shrunk down to its normal flaccid state, resting comfortably against his tender shrunken ball sac. Everyone in attendance breathed a sigh of relief.

When his breathing slowed again to the rhythmic breaths of a deep sleep, all the surrounding spermpires hugged each other and smiled in sweet satisfaction. None of them had ever witnessed an inoculation ceremony so informal yet so grippingly sensual. Everyone felt a huge sense of pride to have been part of such an important mission executed so lovingly by everyone. Vladimir covered Tony with a sheet and blanket and then quietly thanked the boys for their invaluable help. They all filed out of the room, leaving Tony to enjoy his newly acquired imprinted visions as his inoculations took hold and his body settled into a deep sleep. Tony was now able to rest peacefully through the rest of the night until morning would come and the `need to feed' would rise again.

Early the next morning, Tony was awakened by the sun as it filtered through the drapes of his father's bedroom. He was well rested and yet miserable from the gnawing pain that was centered deep within his gut, a not so friendly reminder that he needed to feed, and feed soon. He nudged his sleeping father until he woke.

"Dad, I'm aching. I need to get some sperm in me I think," Tony informed his dad. "It's like all I can think about. Can we try and call Kirk now?"

"Yes," his father agreed, "how did you sleep?"

"Okay, I guess," Tony said as he started recalling. "I had some really weird dreams I think. I only remember the last part of it though. Jonah and Marcus were in it. It was crazy but kind of cool at the same time."

"Dreams can be strange things, can't they?" his father asked, trying not to raise any unwanted questions in Tony's mind.

"For sure," Tony acknowledged. "So can we call Kirk now? Please."

"Sure. Let's do it." his dad said, giving his full permission.

Tony ran to his room and found Donny's phone. He immediately called Kirk to ask if he could come over. Sadly, his parents refused to let him since they didn't know Tony's family. Kirk suggested that Tony could go over there instead and Kirk's parents thought that was agreeable. Tony's father drove him over to drop him off and possibly meet Kirk's father. Before Tony got out of the car, his dad reminded Tony about his personal rules.

"If Kirk doesn't want to do this with you, don't try to force it. We'll just think of something else."

"I got it. You told me that, like three times already." Tony got out of the car and walked to the front door with his father close behind.

End of Chapter #9

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