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"The Littlest Spermpire"

Chapter #10

By Paul S. Stevens & Hans Schreiber

Tony stepped up to the front door and rang the bell. Kirk and his dad opened the door together.

"Hello, I'm Nick Marsh and this is my son Tony," he said as he extended his hand in greeting.

"Gemson Fielder and this here is Kirk. You look familiar to me," Kirk's father stated as he shook Tony's father's hand on the doorstep. "I just can't quite place it."

"Same here," Tony's dad said. "I hate when that happens. Anyway, thanks for letting Tony come over to play. Call me when you're ready for him to come home."

"No problem," Kirk's father exclaimed. "I'm glad that Kirk has made a new friend."

Before leaving, Tony's dad admonished him to behave himself and then left wondering whether Kirk's father would still be glad if he knew that Kirk's new friend is a little spermpire. On the drive from Kirk's house to the hospital to check up on Donny, Vladimir racked his brain, trying to remember how he knew Kirk's father.

Tony and Kirk went outside to shoot some hoops in the driveway. As Kirk worked up a sweat, his odor grew stronger until Tony could smell every fresh, vibrant sperm in Kirk's small little ball sac. It was like teasing a hungry dog by dangling a piece of steak over its nose. Tony just wanted to grab Kirk and rip his shorts off and start sucking away. Tony's little dick was sticking straight up in his shorts. Kirk tossed the ball to Tony and it hit him in the head. Tony was caught in a stupor and made no attempt to catch it.

"What's up with you?" Kirk wondered. "You don't seem to be into this at all. Is there something else you want to do instead?"

"Huh? Oh yeah," Tony said as he broke out of the trance he was in. "I'm not that into basketball right now. I was kind of thinking maybe we could do something like we did over at the cabin with the other guys. Like when we lost the bet."

Kirk smiled. "I wondered when you were going to bring that up. That was fun and all, but I don't know if I want to do that again. I felt kind of weird about it later on. Besides, where could we do it?"

"We could find someplace," Tony said as he started to panic. "What about your room?"

"No way," Kirk insisted. "We could get caught way too easy there."

"Maybe we could go back to the cabin," Tony suggested. "It's empty right now. See if your parents will let us go to the park."

Kirk hesitated but relented to go ask. His mother said no and told the boys to find something around the house to do. They went to the family room and played Monster Truck Jam for a while until Tony set the controller down and doubled over in pain. "I think I need to call my dad to come get me."

"Why, are you sick?" Kirk asked and then he started to wonder. "Are you just mad that we can't mess around together?" he asked accusingly. "I was hoping you really wanted to be friends, but I think you just wanted to come over for sex stuff."

"Let's go outside where we can be alone," Tony motioned. "I have to tell you something really important."

From the desperate look on Tony's face, Kirk could tell that it was really important. He led Tony outside and they went on the side of the house between the tall fence and the house, behind some large flowering bushes.

"So what's so important?" Kirk asked.

"This is going to sound crazy, but it's all true, I swear it," Tony began. "Remember when we went to the cabin to pay up on our bets? We lost the game on purpose. My older brother needed to get sperm from boys around his age or he was going to die. He's what we call a spermpire. His friend, Marcus, is one too and he's the one who turned my brother into one. That was my brother's first feeding after he became a spermpire so Marcus let him do both of your friends at once since Marcus had already fed recently on my brother and didn't need more at the time. Because it was my brother's first feeding, he needed a lot to satisfy his cravings. If he didn't get it, he'd get so sick that he would simply die."

"You're right, that's crazy." Kirk said. "Although, Brandon and Steve haven't been able to stop talking about how intense getting sucked off by your brother was."

"That's because when we suck someone off, we drain every single drop from them and leave them completely wiped out."

"Hold on. You just said `we' like as if you're one too," Kirk said.

"Well, that's because I am one now too," Tony confessed. "I wasn't back then at the cabin, but I got turned into one last night. Now I need to feed or I could get sicker and even die. That's why I need your help. It won't hurt you besides making you a little sore down there, but it can save my life."

"This just sounds like something you made up so you could suck on my dick," Kirk said.

Tony took Kirk's face in his hands and forced him to look into his eyes. Once he did, he could feel the connection between them and suddenly felt he could persuade Kirk to do anything he wanted. Then he remembered his father's words about not forcing Kirk to do anything. Tony wondered if doing this to Kirk was what his dad was talking about. He went ahead and spoke to Kirk as he controlled him, but he made sure not to cross the line.

"I swear to you that everything I just said is one hundred percent true and I'm really scared of what might happen to me if you turn me down."

Kirk bit his lower lip and then slowly pulled away from Tony's hold as he became more cooperative and understanding.

"All right, I can tell you're not lying. Let's go to my room. C'mon, hurry."

Kirk took Tony by the wrist and pulled him along out of the bushes as he suddenly got a rush of courage. He pulled him past Kirk's father who was weeding the small garden and then brought him in the house and into Kirk's room. Kirk closed the door. He wished he had a lock on it but at the moment, it didn't matter.

"Let's make this quick before someone gets suspicious and checks up on us," Kirk said.

Kirk was quivering where he stood as Tony kneeled beside him and jerked his shorts to the floor, followed by his boxers.

"I think you better lay down for this," Tony suggested. "It could get a little crazy."

"Wait," Kirk ordered. "Pull my drapes closed."

Tony pulled the string and drew the sheer curtains closed. The thicker blue drapes only covered the sides for decoration. Tony moved quickly back over to the bed and climbed up onto it and took his position right between Kirk's legs. Kirk was nervous and shaking. Just before Tony slipped Kirk's erect little member into his mouth, Kirk stopped him.

"Is this gonna hurt?"

"No, there's nothing to be afraid of," Tony assured him. "Your balls will be kind of sore after but I think your going to really like it. I think you'll find it better than at the cabin."

"Okay then. Go ahead." Kirk said, blindly giving his permission even though he was still somewhat unconvinced.

Tony started shaking as well, both from being nervous and from being weak as his twenty-four hour window of opportunity was quickly closing. Just before he dove for Kirk's dick, he remembered something that Jonah did each time Tony allowed Jonah to feed on his dick.

"Okay, I'm supposed to kiss you first and squirt some juice stuff in your mouth. Is that okay?"

Before Kirk could answer, Tony placed his lips tentatively on Kirk's and he pressed his tongue upward like Jonah showed him in the shower. Nothing happened.

"Yuck!" Kirk exclaimed and wiped the kiss off his lips with a swipe from the back of his hand.

"Please, let me try again. It's important." Tony pleaded as he looked into Kirk's eyes to give him a little hypnotic nudge.

Kirk nodded his approval and Tony tried a second time. This time a stream of serum squirted into Kirk's mouth causing him to jerk and squeeze his eyes shut. Tony moved back down between Kirk's legs and slipped his tender lips over Kirk's quivering shaft and Kirk shuddered from the unexpected pleasure. Kirk moaned softly as Tony caressed up and down over his new friend's sweet shaft.

Tony took it slowly at first, somehow knowing that Kirk wasn't completely ready yet. Once Tony began to notice the signs that Kirk's body was surrendering to his serum, there was no reason to hold back any longer. He knew how to optimize his performance to achieve the greatest amount of sperm extraction from observing Jonah's technique. He also learned how to be careful and watch his teeth as to not break the precarious trance that both boys were now enraptured in. He began to swirl his tongue over Kirk's bulging dickhead and was able to sense that Kirk's reproductive organs were yielding to the spermpire process. Tony loved the feeling of having a hard dick in his mouth. Soon, Kirk was breathing hard and pumping his hips to meet Tony's sucking action.

"Oh, dude this is so awesome. I can't believe I was afraid to try this. It's just amazing!"

Tony looked up and smiled with his eyes without stopping his pumping action on Kirk's tingling dick. He remembered how good it felt getting sucked by Jonah and knew that the spermpire serum he'd shot into Kirk's mouth was probably also having an effect on him as well. Tony sucked rapidly, burying his nose deep into Kirk's mound and then pulling up to the very tip of his dick only to plunge all the way back down again. Both boys had worked themselves up to a heavy sweat. Then without warning, a powerful surge of endorphins exploded within Kirk's head and he gasped from the unexpected sensations.

"Holy crapola!" Kirk exclaimed. "Suck it harder. Suck it faster. Wow! Wow! Wow!"

Tony pulled off and shushed Kirk.

"Careful, dude. We don't want your rents to hear us."

Just before Tony went back down on Kirk's dick, he thought he saw a shadow pass by the window. Tony returned to his rapid sucking on Kirk's rigid stem and Kirk spun quickly back out of control. Then the orgasm burst over him and Kirk cried out.

"Holy Frijole!"

Kirk felt a swelling at the base of his dick and the seminal vesicles filled almost beyond capacity with watery semen. Kirk literally felt every tender, virile little sperm being evacuated from every fold of his young testicles.

Tony mentally connected with Kirk and felt the power of his intense orgasm causing Tony to begin humping the bed frantically like Oscar and Mayer would do when fucking a bitch in heat. Tony's infected fluids burst from his own hard little dick and spread into his shorts and onto the bedspread. The experience was beyond description.

Tony hungrily gulped down each spurt of sperm laden semen expelled from Kirk's red hot, exploding dick.

"Holy Crap!" Kirk cried out with each body shaking spasm that shook the bed.

Kirk had his legs wrapped tightly around Tony's back and was practically squeezing the air out of poor Tony with each glandular contraction. When the very last sperm cell from Kirk's balls got whisked from his body, Kirk dropped his legs and arms to the bed and he fell into a stupor, gasping for air. His balls started to ache from the suctioning they had just undergone, but the pain was insignificant compared to the earth shattering experience of a genuine spermpire induced high.

At that moment, Kirk's father burst through the door.

"Aha! I thought so," he shouted. "You're going home right now, young man."

He took Tony roughly by the arm and pulled him off the bed and away from his son. Kirk could do little more than to lay there with his eyes rolled up into his head, heaving for air.

"Get up Kirk. You are in such big trouble young man," his dad seethed. "You are grounded until you turn 21. Whose idea was this anyway?"

Tony licked his lips and said, "Mine sir. I'm sorry. Don't blame Kirk. I talked him into it."

"No dad, I agreed to it," Kirk blinked and gasped. "Listen. He needed my help or he'd get sick and die."

Tony expected Kirk's father to get angry or laugh at that, but instead he stopped squeezing Tony's arm and directed him back onto the edge of the bed. "What did you say son?"

Kirk tried to regain his breath enough to explain.

"He has some kind of sperm disease thing and he needed my sperm or he'd get sick and die," Kirk said, getting emotional to the point of tears. "Can't you see? I had to help him."

Kirk's father turned to Tony and asked, "Is that true? You didn't just make that up to get Kirk to let you suck him did you?"

"No sir, I didn't make it up. It's true," Tony testified. "I'm the littlest spermpire. I needed to feed or I could have died. Kirk agreed to help save me."

Kirk's father reached over and gently took his son's testicles in his fingertips and Kirk whimpered in pain and retracted away from his touch.

"My god, it's true," Kirk's dad said. "Now I know where I've seen your father before. He was the foreman on the construction project to build a secure enclosure for the infected chimps and experimental waste."

"Infected chimps? Experimental waste? What are you talking about?" Tony asked.

"That's not important right now. I've got to speak to your father. Right now!" Kirk's dad insisted. "Kirk, can you get up and get dressed?"

"Can't I just lay here for a little while longer?" Kirk weakly pleaded. "I'm really sore and exhausted."

"All right," his dad conceded. "I'll take Tony home. Before I go, I have to know something. Did you suck on Tony's penis or get any of his semen on, or in you?"

"No dad. He didn't even take his shorts off," Kirk explained.

"I did cum in my shorts though," Tony offered without being asked. "I stained the bedspread there," Tony admitted, pointing to the wet spot on Kirk's bed.

Kirk's father had Tony stand up and then pulled the bedspread out from under his son. He carefully wadded it up and stuffed it in the closet.

"Don't touch that and don't let anyone else touch that until I get back," his father commanded.

"Okay," Kirk agreed.

"Come with me, Tony. We need to go see your dad. Can you call him and tell him we're on our way?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Let me speak to him when you do." Then he turned to Kirk and added, "At least put some clothes on before your mother sees you lying there like that."

Tony called home and his father immediately picked up.

"Tony, are you all right? What happened? Did you feed?"

"Yeah dad. I fed on Kirk all right, but his father caught us at the end of it and he wants to talk to you. He knows about me being the littlest spermpire." Before he could say more Kirk's dad took the phone.

"Hello, I know how we know each other now. Were you a contractor at the military research facility at Camp Darwin?"

"Yes," Tony's dad answered.

"I must speak to you in person," Kirk's dad said. "We'll be there in five minutes."

He handed the phone back to Tony and drove like a madman to Tony's house. When they arrived, Tony escorted Kirk's dad into the living room and he wasted no time with his questions.

"I have to ask you something," Kirk's dad began. "Did you encounter any unusual creamy white substances while you were working on the premises? You must be honest with me."

"Well, I don't know. I was working there late one night doing inspections when I discovered a vial of something. Is that what you're talking about? It was wedged tightly between two beams that converged at the foundation. As I tried to dislodge it, I squeezed it a little too tightly. I think it was already cracked because it simply broke in my hands. I instantly felt nauseous. I tried to recover the pieces but it had pretty much disintegrated. Do you know something you're not telling me?"

"That vial mysteriously went missing and the unofficial cover story was that it had been stolen by enemy spies. The truth was that it went missing due to negligence. The entire program was a secret experiment gone awry from the very beginning. We were under orders to develop an agent that was intended to sterilize a combatant population. The trouble was that it was too powerful and it created the need to feed on other sperm carriers. We were concerned of the dire implications of a worldwide population crisis. I personally regret having been part of such a program but when it comes to the military, you just have to follow orders. When the report of the missing vial was officially filed with the top brass, it caused us to shut down the program and quietly develop an antidote to it. That's the good news. The bad news is, the antidote has complications."

"What kind of complications?" Vladimir asked, getting hopeful for a possible cure.

"Well, the serum has to be injected directly into the testicles. It can be very uncomfortable for the patient while the serum works to attack the infected sperm. Then the only way for the serum to eliminate the virus permanently is for the infected person to ingest his own sperm without it ever being exposed to the air. The only way for that to happen is if the infected person can perform autofellatio."

"What's that mean? Tony asked."

"It means you have to suck on yourself," Kirk's father explained in simpler terms.

Tony thought about that for a minute and then gave it a try. He got on the floor and backed up against the wall. He let his legs drop down over his head. He doubled over and experimented on how close he could get and realized he had a problem.

"But, I can't do that," Tony complained. "I'm too little. Do I have to stay the littlest and maybe the only-est spermpire forever? That's not fair!" He quietly protested at first and then started to whimper and cry.

"We'll have to think of something," Kirk's father said reassuringly, then added, "I just don't know what that something will be yet."

Tony had no choice but to leave things the way they were for the time being. He decided though that he was going to make this problem his personal project and go on a quest to solve the one and only thing that stood between him and a normal life. He'd only been a spermpire for less than a day but he knew it wasn't the life for him. He was going to do this, not just for himself, but also for the other spermpires who would not be able to perform this difficult task. After all, they deserve to have a normal life too and they have been spermpires far longer than him.

Three days later, Marcus was able to leave the hospital and join the other boys at Vladimir's house. In the meantime, Vladimir had an attorney friend, with a fondness for intense, semi-annual blowjobs, to put together the necessary paperwork for the legal adoption of the lost boys from the cabin. The final adoption would take twelve to eighteen months. Until then, his attorney arranged for interviews and background checks to be conducted by child services so that Vladimir could be granted full custody as a foster parent.

Two weeks later, Donny was able to come home where his every need was attended to by a devoted group of young male nurses and soon to be adopted brothers. That is, all but one very personal need. That was reserved for Marcus alone. As Jonah saw the loving devotion that Marcus showed Donny, he realized that he had been replaced in Marcus's heart and backed away. Jonah, and the cute boy who had turned him, started dating and the chemistry between them quickly developed. Tony and Kirk continued to text and chat, but in respect to Kirk's father's wishes, they didn't see each other until the cure could be administered to everyone.

One day, when Tony was alone in the house with Marcus and Donny, he wandered into the bedroom, looking for someone to play with or at least talk to. He walked in on Marcus stroking Donny's erection while they kissed. He watched for a minute until Donny moaned and bucked his hips under Marcus's grasp and spilled his infected semen into Marcus's cupped hand. Tony tried to leave but bumped the door and his presence was discovered.

"What the..." Donny began. "How long have you been standing there?" he asked, a bit annoyed.

"Not too long," Tony apologized. "I'm sorry. I couldn't stop watching. I started remembering about the time Marcus..."

"What? Marcus? You did stuff with Marcus?" Donny started getting agitated. "Did you guys mess around while I was in the hospital or something?"

"NO!" Marcus responded firmly. "Explain to Donny what you mean."

"Not anything like that," Tony began. "I just had a freaky dream on the night I got turned by Jonah. I saw a bunch of guys like having sex I think. The only parts I really remember are the parts where I imagined I was Jonah getting the good feeling. Then I dreamed I was Marcus getting the good feeling from Jonah sucking him off. It was just a weird dream, but it seemed so real. Don't be mad at me. It was just a dream."

Tony seemed on the verge of tears. Both Marcus and Donny visibly relaxed.

"Oh, don't worry," Marcus said. "We get that. It was caused by your inoculations... from ah... Jonah. It's cool though. Isn't it Donny?"

"Yeah, that's cool," Donny reiterated. He remembered his own experience in feeling Marcus's intense orgasm from Jonah's imprint. He even remembered feeling Tony's powerful, mind blowing orgasm from when Jonah sucked on his little brother and then passed the experience along through his serum. First of all, it's weird to experience other guys' orgasms, and second, you can't help but compare them with your own personal experiences. "Sorry I accused you, bro." Then he added, "I love you Tony. I love you tons."

Tony took a deep breath and said, "Whew. Thanks. I love you too, both of you! We're all brothers now and not just spermpire brothers either. We're like a real family now."

Tony smiled wide and rushed off to his own room where he climbed on the bottom bunk that he now shared with Jonah. He pulled out his phone and his little dick and called Kirk. Kirk answered, smiled and slipped into the bathroom with the door locked. The two young boys tossed quick-pics to each other of themselves in the mirror as they talked each other through a satisfying orgasm. They ended with a promise to do it in real life as soon as they could.

Once Donny was able to get up and around on his own, Vladimir called a meeting of all the spermpires in the community. He managed to get the others from Coalsville as well. They all gathered in Vladimir's equipment shop that he emptied out for this special meeting. Each person brought a small rug to sit upon as instructed and they spread them out across the floor as they gathered together. Vladimir's boys were nestled close to each other, taking up the front row. Everyone in attendance was quiet and attentive as they all were about to discover why they had been called together like this. The rumor was that Vladimir was going to reveal something of great importance. He cleared his throat and prepared to explain how the whole spermpire thing had gotten started and why he had turned over the management of the community to Malik.

"Welcome everyone and thanks for coming," he began. "Many of you here today have never seen me before but you know me by reputation. I'm Vladimir."

A small amount of chatter broke out amongst the members as they vocalized their surprise.

"But dad, your name isn't Vladimir," Donny said. "Your name is Nick. Nick R. Marsh. Where did Vladimir come from?"

"It is part of your heritage son. It traces back to our family name from the old country. It kind of got changed when my grandfather came to America. The United States government did that to most of the immigrants at that time. My Grandfather's family name was Vladimirovich which means, `to rule with greatness'. In their attempt to Americanize our name, the immigration department took Vladimirovich and changed it to Marsh. Your Great Grandfather's full name was Nicodemus Reginaldo Vladimirovich. Quite a mouthful isn't it?"

"Yeah, how do you even remember that?" Tony wondered.

"It's important to know where you come from son," his dad attested. "Back then, people chose the name of their children very carefully. Grandpa's name `Nicodemus Reginaldo Vladimirovich' means `Mighty victor of the people who rules with wise counsel and respected greatness'. So anyway, my dad wanted to name me after him in honor of his father, so I became Nico after Nicodemus, Reginald after Reginaldo and Marsh, the one part we couldn't really change. This way, my grandfather's legacy could carry on in me even if it was somewhat modernized. So, over the years, Nico Reginald Marsh became Nick Reggie Marsh. When I became the Grand Master of the order of spermpires, I took on Vladimir, short for Vladimirovich in honor of my Grandfather. That way, I could stay mostly anonymous and only the people who knew me intimately would know my secret identity."

"Wow, I never knew any of that," Donny said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that," his dad sighed. "I've been remiss about a great many things lately. I promise you that things are going to change around here. For one thing, I promise I'll be a better dad."

"Are you joking?" Tony said. "You're the coolest dad ever! What could be better than that?"

"Yeah, and if you're going to be our guardian and we're going to be a family, you'll be our dad too," Marcus added.

"And we couldn't ask for a better dad in the whole world," David said.

"Plus, with you being the number one spermpire daddy, we couldn't be in safer hands," Dylan said.

"I think it's unanimous," Jonah said. "We're the six luckiest boys in the world."

Nick got momentarily choked up and was at a loss for words. He simply reached out to his six boys and gave them all a much needed and long overdue group hug, father to son style whether they were his own flesh and blood or newly adopted.

"I don't know what I did to deserve such fine young men as yourselves, but I sure do love you all, each and every one," Nick said.

"So, who was your mentor dad?" Donny asked.

"I had none," he explained.

Nick was about to divulge the secret side of himself that he kept hidden from most of the world. Nick had the entire room enthralled as he revealed, `The Vladimir Story'.

"Before I begin, let me welcome all of you. I'm so glad that each one of you could be here today. You may find this hard to believe, but I know each and every one of you here today even though I've never met most of you in person. All spermpires are brothers and all of you are spermpires because of me. I gathered all of you here today because I feel that each one of you deserves to know why spermpires exist and how you came to be in this wicked family of sorts."

Nick stopped long enough to see that, despite his fears that he was boring everyone to tears, they were all quiet and strangely captivated. They were waiting to have their many questions about the origins of spermpires finally revealed. He drew in a deep breath and continued.

"Our story goes back a few years after I lost my wife and I became a workaholic. One day while I was working late at the job site, I got very sick. After everyone else had gone home for the day, I was by myself inspecting the work that had been done that day at the construction site where I was working as the lead foreman. I was taking notes on some sloppy work that I discovered that I had planned to follow up on the following day. When I was finished, I began securing the site so I could go home. It was then that something got my attention that didn't look like it belonged at this construction site. It was a vile containing a viscous white fluid of some kind that had gotten wedged between two support beams. I tried to wiggle the vile free from its jammed position without success. Then I used a pry bar to free it. Apparently, I used too much force and caused the glass to fracture. As I pulled it out, it ended up shattering in my hand, cutting my finger in the process. Suddenly, I smelled a foul chemical-like odor so intense, I almost passed out. Whatever it was that was in that vile, not only smelled bad, but it had gotten into my bloodstream through the cut on my finger. Moments later, I got an excruciating pain in my gut that I'll never forget. It had gotten so bad that I drove myself to the nearest hospital and checked myself in. The medical profession was no help at all. They had never run across anyone with my specific symptoms before and didn't know what to do to help me. As I wasted the following day away in the hospital doing one test after another and getting sicker by the minute, I got some company. They wheeled in another patient, a companion if you will."

"A companion?" Tony asked.

"I got a roommate," his dad elaborated and then continued. "A college aged young man who was admitted for a football injury got brought in. He was a hot virile stud in excellent physical shape despite his knee injury. Being in the hospital didn't stop this guy from getting horny and he began to jack off right there in the bed next to mine. I started to perceive an odor that affected me in a very profound way. It was like ringing the dinner bell and I started salivating. I knew what it was he was doing and normally, I would've just kept quiet and let him enjoy himself and let him have his privacy. The more he quietly stroked himself, trying not to draw attention to himself, the more his actions stirred a reaction in me. The longer he stroked, the more I became driven to feed off of him. I'm sure it must have been the scent of his precum that was affecting me. I'd never had any interest in that kind of thing before then, but suddenly it was all I could think about. Before I knew it, I was out of my bed and had pulled open my neighbor's curtains. He was momentarily startled and angry. Somehow I instinctively knew I would be able to befriend him and obtain what I was craving. I was mysteriously able to hypnotize him into wanting to help me out. Once I had him in my power, he was easily persuaded to let me suck him."

"Wow, you sucked him right there in the hospital bed?" Marcus asked.

"Yep, that's how it happened," he continued. "Other than a couple of childhood experiences, I had never sucked on a penis before and certainly not a fully grown one, but my body was on automatic and we both got what we needed. I got my first feeding within twenty-four hours and he got the greatest orgasm of his life, the type that only a spermpire can provide."

"Boy was he lucky!" Jonah exclaimed.

"We were both lucky," Nick confessed. "I immediately started to feel better, better than I had felt in a long time. My recovery was so swift that the hospital released me that same day. At that moment, I became the world's very first spermpire. I had gotten past the first deadly hurdle, totally by accident. I was okay for a little while after that, but I had no one to turn to for answers. I had no one to warn me about what to expect next or how to deal with all the unexpected dangers that were lying in wait for me. I had no one to instruct me or protect me from all the pitfalls that plague all spermpires. I had to learn it all for myself, guessing and stumbling through an endless series of mistakes that very nearly killed me ten times over as my trial and error methods failed at almost every turn. I sought help from the medical system, but they were completely baffled. As my need to feed grew desperate once more, I was again admitted to the hospital and underwent multiple tests. I very nearly died until I was rescued by a wonderful, gay orderly. Somehow, my instincts told me that I needed to feed on sperm again and I convinced this kind, young man, using my spermpire charm, to let me enjoy one last sucking before I died. He compassionately relented and I immediately recovered. I realized right then that I was going to need regular feedings if I was going to survive. That's why I set up the spermpire buddy system that we use today, to help each new brother get through all the trials and tribulations that go with this blasted curse."

"Excuse me Nick, but if there were no spermpires before you, how did there get to be so many of them now?" David asked.

"Being the first one carries its own curse," Nick replied.

"What does that mean?" Dylan questioned.

"It means that no one told me that sucking a spermpire's dick is contagious," Nick explained. "It wasn't until my tenth feeding that I became aware of what was happening. I had turned four other men into spermpires. Men who wanted to suck me first before letting me suck on them. I didn't realize there would be any harm in that as long as I got what I needed afterwards. Then they in turn, unknowingly turned two men each and suddenly I was one of a dozen or more spermpires. When a spermpire is deep in the process of feeding and is caught up in the moment, it's very easy to fall into the social convention of `I suck you you suck me' syndrome and before you know it, your partner is returning the favor and becoming another victim for their troubles. When I realized what was happening, I knew it was my responsibility to warn these new spermpires of the consequences of their actions and educate them, first, to survive and second, to stop the exponential explosion of more innocent victims."

"What an awesome burden that must have been for you," Marcus praised.

"I basically had to create a community from scratch and had to become a self appointed grand master of sorts. I had to fashion a set of rules and laws to keep spermpires from producing an epidemic all the while keeping the government authorities from getting involved. I knew what kind of ramifications could come from that and I wanted no part of becoming a government lab rat. As much as some people think that being a spermpire is cool, it still is a disease and if there were a cure, I'd be all for it, one hundred percent."

"So there's no cure then?" Jonah wondered.

"Well, Donny might be old enough to remember," Nick recalled. "When he was about six years old, one of my regular sperm donors was a doctor specializing in reproductive medicine. We were talking one night after one of my ritual feedings and he convinced me to let him try to come up with a course of treatments to combat the spermpire effect. I spent a week in the hospital being poked and prodded and made to ingest the doctor's experimental elixirs that only proved to put me very close to death several times. Needless to say, it was all for nothing."

"That was awfully brave of you," Jonah said. "I'm not sure I'd be that brave. Besides, I love having all the boy sex I could ever... oh wait, forget I said that."

Everyone laughed, even Nick.

"It's okay Jonah," Nick confessed. "All of us here have the same sexual cravings as you do. It's one of the things that define us as spermpires. Still, it would be nice to not be compelled to have to `feed or die', don't you agree?"

The boys put out a scattering of yes answers.

"What are we going to do about the Sybils?" Marcus wondered.

"Yes, about that," Nick said. "You said that someone had some pictures. Who was that?"

"Jonah, sir," Marcus answered.

"Do you have those pictures here with you?" Nick asked Jonah.

"Yeah, I'll show you," Jonah said as he grabbed his pants from the corner and fished out his cell phone from the left pocket.

He flipped through his `electronic picture folder app' on his phone and cued up the pictures he had taken of Malik's photos. Then he handed his cell phone to Nick.

"Oh my goodness. This is horrible," Nick gasped as he thumbed through the series of ghastly images.

"Can I see them dad?" Donny asked.

Nick handed Jonah's phone to Donny and Donny couldn't believe his eyes.

"No way! I've seen these pictures before!" Donny exclaimed. "These are the same STD pictures that Mr. Matthews showed us in health class of disgusting looking diseased penises, except these pictures have some old ladies superimposed in the background making them look like Sybils. They're Photoshop phonies, totally fake! Just more lies that Malik fabricated to scare us into doing what he wanted."

"I think it's safe to say that there are no Sybils," Nick declared. "All of our lives are about to change for the better. And that brings me to the next order of business. We have a guest with us today, who is truly going to change our lives for the better. Let me introduce to you, Dr. Gemson Fielder."

A very small scattering of applause was courteously given since no one really knew who this guy was.

"Thank you everyone," The doctor began. "Let me explain the reason why I'm here today. My expertise is in research and development. I currently work at a military research facility. Several years ago, my team was working on a special top secret toxin using male sperm as the delivery agent. As part of the rigid testing procedures, we had intentionally infected a community of male chimps in the lab with the virus and then let the pathogen take its course. Once the subjects were exposed to the toxin, we used the semen from the infected chimps to create a super, weaponized version of the virus. Over time, the test subjects started becoming more aggressive and difficult to control. That's when we knew we needed a better facility. That's when we got approval to begin construction on a high profile, secure enclosure for the chimps. One tragic night, before the construction of the new enclosure was completed, there was an unfortunate incident. The graveyard shift had arrived to relieve the night crew. As the changing of the guard was taking place, one of the chimps managed to escape his habitat. As the liberated creature led the two crews on a wild chase, the crafty beast grabbed a handful of vials and randomly started tossing them at his captors who dove for them before they could hit the floor and shatter. Once the chimp gained an advantage, he made a beeline for the exit. The chimp was finally taken peacefully back into custody after climbing to the pinnacle of the construction site like King Kong. They managed to reclaim all the vials but one. They searched every inch of the lab for days, searching for that one missing vial. They never realized that the escapee had one more vial in his possession and had discarded it once he gained his freedom outside the lab where it disappeared, having landed deep into the tiny recesses of the unfinished construction site."

Everyone was dumbfounded that their spermpire troubles began in such a way.

Once the doctor explained about the experiment that had gone awry and how Nick had the misfortune of becoming the world's first spermpire, he told them all about the cure, and its one significant complication. He advised them that the injection of the antidote would have to be made directly into their testicles and it would be extremely painful. He explained the need to perform autofellatio in order to complete the cure. He also informed them that all of the chimpanzees that had been successfully cured had also been rendered infertile. Then he asked if there was anyone who wanted to leave rather than undergo the cure.

Nick was proud to see that no one did. He was extremely relieved as well since even one remaining spermpire left uncured could eventually start another spermpire epidemic somewhere down the road.

The doctor warned everyone that they must not talk about the experiment or the cure since it was still classified information and that he would completely deny any knowledge should there be any whistleblowers. Marcus and Donny took hold of each other's hands and squeezed tightly.

Then, the doctor requested that everyone get undressed from the waist down so they could make an attempt to suck their own dick and see how many of them could successfully do it. Sadly, only a couple of them were versatile enough to make it. Marcus would have normally been able to do it, but his recent injuries prevented him from attempting such a strenuous maneuver and Donny just barely missed being able to. Marcus slid over and pressed both his hands on Donny's butt cheeks and that made the difference so that he could just manage to get the tip in his mouth. He was elated and immediately popped up to kiss Marcus right in front of his father and everybody else. Jonah had the most impressive record in the room. He was able to go down almost half the length of his long, narrow shaft. Everyone else let out a chorus of moans and groans from being utterly disappointed, including Vladimir himself as they watched the fortunate few who could. Tony started to tear up and cry. He knew he would never be able to be friends with Kirk if he couldn't get cured. Kirk's father recommended toning and stretching exercises for those who could not achieve it.

"Excuse me," Tony asked, raising his hand. "Why do you have to be able to suck yourself for it to work?"

"We found, by accident, that the chimpanzees that did this were cured and discontinued their habitual sperm feeding. Those who did not, continued to be infected even with the injections of the antidote. We ultimately determined that the subject had to ingest his own sperm in order for the curing process to complete. Nick tells me that a spermpire's feeding ritual consists of a two-step process, the serum shot into the mouth of the subject and then the consumption of the sperm. In the same way, the cure is a two-step process as well. Regardless of whether the spermpire who is feeding realizes it or not, they draw the sperm directly from the penis of their host without coming into contact with the air. It is done this way because we've determined that any exposure to oxygen in the air counteracts the effectiveness of the sperm being ingested. Exposure to any oxygen in the air counteracts the effectiveness of the antidote as well, rendering it inert. Unless the test subjects could or would perform autofellatio, the cure did not take hold. We found that the need to perform autofellatio on one's self was almost instinctive. Almost immediately upon receiving the injection, the infected sperms begin to die off rapidly. This initiates an extreme reaction in the testicles. It falsely triggers an overwhelming need to feed so it can replace the dying sperm. The sensation is so great and so immediate that the test subject turns to the closest source of available sperm, themselves!"

"Well, I have an idea," Tony said.

Kirk's father rolled his eyes in a condescending manner but conceded to entertain Tony's idea.

"And what might your idea be?" the good doctor asked.

"Well for science class, we put some rubber tubing over a test tube and hooked up a pump that sucked all the air out of the tube to make it into a vacuum chamber. Couldn't we do kind of the same things to our dicks and then pinch off the rubber tube until it's full of our cum, then let it flow into our mouths?"

Kirk's father stared at the little Einstein for a full minute before he said, "That's so brilliantly simple. I can't believe we never considered something like that. I think that should work. Absolutely!"

After a quick run to the drug store to purchase an assortment of condoms, everyone manipulated themselves into a state of arousal. They rolled their condoms over the tips of their erect dicks and down the shaft a bit where they held them securely in place. A small hole was cut in the collector tip and each spermpire sucked all the air out of the condom until it was fully collapsed over their dicks. Kirk's father went around in his white latex gloves injecting each person in both testicles with a small amount of the antidote, extracting loud moans from his patients as he did so. When the boys were injected, they had to concentrate really hard not to break the seal on their condoms by crying out from the intense cramping pain in their balls. Once injected, each one began jacking themselves as the compelling feeling to feed intensified. Marcus and Donny, along with David and Dylan made no pretense about being straight and jacked each other's dicks for their partner to help speed the process along and comfort each other at the same time. Jonah looked at Tony and nodded toward two other couples across the room helping each other out and then flashed his eyebrows as if to suggest that they do the same. Tony quickly slid over, hip to hip with Jonah and they grasped each other's dicks firmly and happily assisted each other in the cure.

One by one, the spermpires in the room groaned with anguish as the burning hot sperm mixed with the semen and expelled from the tip of their makeshift rubber vacuum chamber tubing and straight into their mouths, over their tongues and down their throats to effectuate the cure. It was as if they were drinking pure jalapeno juice. Most of them gagged and coughed after the initial spurt was swallowed. It was no problem though, since only a small amount of the treated sperm was needed to start the body on its way to the purging process. The injections tainted the sperm in the body with a tag virus that the body's immune system immediately recognized as a threat and attacked. Once it was ingested into the stomach and then into the circulatory system, the body mounted an intense attack on every sperm cell in the entire body destroying the spermpire virus along with the tag virus, resulting in a cure.

For the next several days, all the spermpires were subjected to various flu-like symptoms including fevers, chills and nausea until the purging was complete and entirely washed out of their bodies.

In the end, every spermpire was cured and able to resume a normal life again. They all remained friends and to this day have a special bond. Many of them gather annually to share and relive their unique and crazy experiences as spermpires. Marcus, Jonah, David and Dylan were all adopted and lived happily together as a family with Nick and his two sons, Donny and Tony. Naturally, David and Dylan shared their own room and a common bed. Donny and Marcus also shared a room but with separate beds that very often were found to be pushed together. Tony and Jonah shared the third room with bunk beds. While they enjoyed playtime occasionally, Tony spent most of his time and sexual energy with his best friend, Kirk. Eventually, the two of them became an officially announced couple while seniors in high school.

Surprisingly, Jonah met and married a beautiful woman named Sarah, who he met in college. Boy, were his kids ever spoiled.

Malik was transferred to solitary confinement after being repeatedly caught sexually attacking other inmates and performing fellatio on them. Once confined in solitary he became extremely ill and in spite of medical efforts to try and determine what was wrong with him, he died in the prison medical facility four months after his incarceration, thus ending the threat of spermpirism the world over.

Immediately upon being paroled, Malik's last bunkmate took a cab to the local gay bathhouse and told the cabbie to `step on it'.

End of Chapter #10

The End

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