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The Magician

Part 1

I'd always loved going to Vegas, even since I was a kid. I was never much on gambling, but the sights, the food, and of course, the amazing stage shows – always made for a good time. This time around it was a little bit different though. I had a relationship, and not with one, but two of the best guys in the world. The three of us are inseparable. We do everything together, and I mean EVERYTHING. Jake is tall, skinny, with curly-brown hair and blue eyes. Mike is shorter, blonde, with green eyes. And then there's me, Rich. I'm kind of in the middle, long black hair, and brown eyes.

Jake and Mike had never been to Vegas before – so naturally they wanted me to show them the sites. And we saw just about everything I could think of. Then, one night, Jake had found this magazine ad for a new Magician that had started doing shows on the Strip. The ad said it was an Adult Only show – and of course it was more expensive than the others. But, Jake convinced us to go, and so we did.

So, that evening, we made our way to the hotel where the theater was. It was a very small theater, not much more than 50-70 people in the audience, but every seat was taken. There was a lot of buzz though, everyone was very excited. I kept hearing people say how amazing this guy was.

The lights in the theater dimmed, the show was about to start. There was a musical fanfare, the audience applauded, the stage lit up, and out walked a tall, well built fellow, in an old-style tuxedo, complete with bow-tie, top hat and tails! He started off the show with some 'classic' magic. The old linking-rings trick, made a bunch of flowers appear from his wand, that sort of thing. He even had a few people from the audience on stage to do the 'guess your card' trick, the levitation trick, and even the sword-box.

I was starting to get a little bored. I'd seen all this stuff a hundred times. Jake and Mike were enjoying themselves, but I wanted something more. In my boredom, I looked around, I realized the entire audience was all guys – there wasn't a single girl in the whole place. It was at this point that the Magician ( we still didn't even know his name ) started a new trick. Only THIS time, it was pretty amazing.

From behind the little table in the center of the stage, he took out what looked like a dildo. He set it on the top of the table. It looked very life-like, it even had a ball-sack, and it was flaccid. He spoke some magic words, waved his hands in the air over the dildo, and suddenly I felt this tingling sensation in my groin. I looked at Jake and Mike, they must have felt it too. In fact, the whole audience seemed to have the same look of surprise on their faces.

The magician proceeded to stimulate his penis model. He stroked it with his hands, he even started sucking on it. And sure enough, we could all feel it. Everyone started moaning as if we were all getting the best blow-jobs of our lives. At this point the Magician encouraged us to make ourselves comfortable. Guys started dropping their pants and letting their cocks fly free. We all did the same.

Then, the magician started doing something else to his magic phallus. He spoke a different incantation, waved his hands around it, and it started growing right there on the table, getting longer and thicker as he passed his hands around it. Jake gasped, and, looking down, I saw that our cocks were getting bigger too! Before we knew it, the entire audience had become a forest of cocks, each of us trapped underneath and moaning in pleasure.

As if that wasn't enough, our balls had grown proportionately too. The entire theater had become a sea of flesh, pressed together. And then the Magician started gently sliding his hands around the giant phallus on stage, all the time saying some unintelligable words under his breath. His hands glowed, and wherever they passed over the giant cock, we could feel it too.

At this point, he just stood still, his hands pointing, palm outwards, at the giant cock. It started glowing, shimmering colors danced over its surface. And the same thing happened to us. The theater started looking like a disco-hall, only with giant cocks in it instead of flashing lights. And the rainbow stuff felt so incredible, it was as if hundreds of tongues were racing over our giant cocks, licking our balls, making us even more stimulated and sensitive.

Finally, the Magician touched the base of his magic cock, and drew a circle around the base of it. It glowed bright white, as did our cocks. He slowly raised his arms, and the white light started to rise, replacing the rainbow. As the white light engulfed our ginormous rods, it was the most incredible sensation I'd ever felt. The entire audience was moaning in pure ecstasy. We could feel the tension rise in the room as we were all brought closer and closer to having an orgasm with the biggest cock we'd ever imagined. The white shimmering light danced over our prics, engulfed our huge balls, and filled the theater with an eerie glow. It kept us on the edge, bringing everyone to the highest peak.

And then, at last, the Magician said one more magic word, and we all came. I was screaming with the pure pleasure of it, and drenching the entire theater in gallons of cum, raining down on us from every direction. It was as if we had all become giant cum fountains – forget the dancing waters!

Our giant balls finally emptied of their huge loads, we came down slowly from our orgasmic highs. As we returned to normality, so did the size of our cocks and balls. And, with a sweep of his hands, the amazing magic cum disappeared as though it had never been created. The Magician left the stage, and there was an intermission while we all put our pants back on...

END OF Part 1