The Path's End

Revised Version

By Vic James

Copyright 2017 by Vic James



This story has been heavily revised, beginning with chapter two.


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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.


This story takes place in the same universe as my stories Plan of the Shusheen, Son of a Wolf, Being Pack, Protecting Pack, and A Winding Path. It is a sequel to Protecting Pack and A Winding Path. You should read those two stories before you read this one. Plan of the Shusheen explains how three genetically-engineered shifter races were created.


Warning: this story contains scenes of incest.



"We need to get you a professional movie camera," Nicky said to Chris, eyeing the two very hot men.

"What made you think of that?"

"Look at Lobo's cock. Is that a porn star cock, or what?"

Chris chuckled. It was.

"Show Alephin some of your videos," Nick said to Chris. He was proud of Chris' talent.

"Uh. I don't think he..."

"If they're nasty, I want to see them. If they are videos of sunsets, rainbows, or puppies, I don't," Alephin said.

Chris laughed.

"That's an idea! I can shoot video of Bobby sucking cocks in front of a rainbow!"

"Let me see what you can do," Alephin said.

Chris took out his phone and looked for one. He picked one of his father's favorites. Chris handed the phone to Alephin. It was a shot of Nicky and Chris shooting their loads on Bobby's face, while Bobby held his mouth open and tried to get as much in it as he could. Alephin smiled.

"Ed and Lobo, you may not know that Bobby and his brothers are cum addicts. There's nothing they like more than the taste of hot man cream."

Nicky nodded. It was sure true about Bobby.

Ed knew how much Jack and Tom liked his cum. He knew his mate would love it, too.

"He ate my cum off a plate, once," Nick said.

Alephin nodded.

"You'll be living with him, so I guess it's OK to tell you that Tom likes his mates to ejaculate on his salads. It's his favorite salad dressing."

"Oh, fuck, that's kinky!" Nicky said.

Nick remembered Jack licking cum off a bread roll during his job interview.

Chris nodded his head.

"Jack likes me to fill a glass with my spunk," Alephin said. "He sips it slowly. He calls it his cock-tail."

Bobby stared at Alephin, who winked at him.

"Really?" Bobby asked.

"Really," Rince said.

"Are Jack and Tom still going to suck you?" Bobby asked Ed. Suddenly, the thought made him angry. It hadn't before.

Ed bent down and kissed Bobby.

"No, baby. My cum goes in you. You're my mate. I didn't have a mate, before."

Bobby smiled at Ed. Then he leaned forward and kissed the head of Ed's cock. Ed took Bobby's head in his two hands and pushed his cock against Bobby's lips. Bobby opened his mouth and Ed pushed inside it. He began fucking his mouth, slowly. Ed sighed. Amazingly, it was by far the best blowjob he'd ever had, and he'd been sucked by both of Bobby's brothers. That was because it was his mate sucking him. Bobby tilted his head up and looked into Ed's eyes. Ed was filled with love. Part of him thought how strange it was that Alephin could make him instantly fall in love, but Ed had been in love many times. He knew the feeling. And this was as real as any love he'd felt. Bobby got up out of his seat, while he continued sucking. He moved back towards Nicky, while he held onto Ed's hairy thighs. He reached behind him and found Nicky's cock. Nicky knew what Bobby wanted. He pushed his cock inside his Bobby's ass. Nicky reached around and wrapped his hand around Ed's swinging nuts. Ed groaned and Nicky felt Ed's nuts twitch as he pumped semen into Bobby's mouth. Nicky started fucking Bobby. It was even more pleasurable than before. Nicky knew that his father and brother weren't very enthusiastic about the situation. But Nicky loved it. He thought Lobo and Ed were very hot. Life would be full of six-man orgies, and they could have sex anywhere they wanted. He planned to shoot on Bobby's face, in public. He wanted everyone to see his Bobby like that.

Ed pulled his cock out of Bobby's mouth. He was still hard as a rock. He rubbed his wet cock all over Bobby's face, while Bobby tried to kiss it. Ed laughed, joyously. Alephin chuckled.

"Bobby, Lobo is big, as you know. If it's painful getting fucked, you can shift to make your ass looser, just by concentrating on doing that," Alephin said.

"Oh. Good. I was a little worried about that."

"I wouldn't hurt you," Lobo said.

"I believe you, but you are big."

"He's huge!" Chris said.

"Can I feel it?" Nicky asked Lobo.

Lobo was surprised. He didn't realize the young pup was gay. A lot of wolves his age hated homosexuals. But Lobo loved gay men, because they loved his cock. When Lobo was feeling down, he often headed for a gay bathhouse. He could always find men who wanted to worship his cock and body. A couple hours and six or seven orgasms later, he was always in a much better mood. He preferred pussy, but dating women was a lot of work and it was time consuming. He used whores occasionally, but gay men were grateful for sex with him. They thanked him. He remembered the first time he was rimmed, in the late sixties. The man spent forty-five minutes eating Lobo's ass and then thanked him for the privilege.

Lobo smiled as Nicky wrapped both hands, reverently around his cock. Nicky began stroking it.

"Does this bother you?" Lobo asked Bobby.

"No. Why should it?" Bobby said, as he began fondling Lobo's huge nuts.

Lobo bent down and kissed Bobby while Nicky stroked him. Lobo wrapped his hand around Nicky's and speeded up the stroking. A minute later, Lobo was surprised to feel Nicky's tongue lap at his cock head. It pushed him over the edge. Lobo stood up quickly and pulled Bobby's mouth to his cock. Nicky kept stroking.

"Oh, shit. Make me feed our mate," Lobo said.

"Fuck, yeah! Feed him!" Nicky said, as streams of hot spunk shot into Bobby's mouth. He felt the underside of Lobo's cock pulse with each ejaculation. Nicky grinned. He thought it was terrific! He'd wanted to do this exact same thing to Chris, but he was afraid he would shock his little brother, if Nicky tried to jack Chris off. He continued stroking Lobo, milking him. He wondered if Senior would let him do it to him. They'd watched Alephin have sex with his son. Maybe he would. If not, he'd milk Ed this way to feed his Bobby. Bobby pulled off Lobo's cock and immediately kissed Nicky. Nicky groaned as Bobby pushed some of Lobo's cum into Nicky's mouth. Nicky swallowed it while they kissed. Bobby climbed onto Nicky's lap and wrapped his arms around him. Their kiss continued until they both heard someone clear their throat. They pulled apart, smiling at each other.

"Love you," Nicky mouthed.

Bobby hugged him tightly, and then rested his head on Nicky's shoulder. Nicky let out a long breath. Everything was perfect. And the sex, which had been incredible, was going to be even better.

"I need to get you settled," Alephin said.

Bobby sat up and nodded his head.

Alephin gave them a brief description of the pack's stores and eating places.

"We'll go to the pack store, first and get what you need. Do you need anything from your house for tonight?"

They all shook their heads.

"Don't forget, you don't need to worry about clothes. This is a private town and nudity is practically the norm.

Alephin got up and left the room. They followed, gathering their clothes as they went. As they entered the town, proper, Bobby pointed to a large brick building with small windows only on the second floor. It looked a little like a prison.

"That's Tom's house. It's practically a fortress, which is why it's so safe. Inside, there seem to be windows on the first floor, but in fact, they are display screens which show the view from the other side of the exterior wall."


Alephin nodded.

"I don't remember those," Lobo said.

"They're new," Alephin said.

Lobo and Ed hadn't bothered to dress. Bobby saw that Alephin was right. No one paid any attention to them. He didn't think he was ready to walk down the street naked, though.

Bobby could sense Chris was unhappy. He moved next to him and took his hand.

"What's wrong?"

"It's too much. I'm getting lost in—" Chris spread his arms. "all of it," Chris said.

"Well, we'll be lost together. You and me and Nicky and Nick and Lobo and Ed and Alephin and Jack and Rince—"

Chris laughed. "Enough!"

"We'll be together. Being lost will be fun."

Chris smiled and wrapped his arm around Bobby.

Nicky smiled as he listened. Bobby knew how to make people happy and he wanted to do it. They were so lucky.

"Hi, Jack," a woman called.

"Jessie, this is Bobby," Alephin said.

"What? You're joking!"

"Nope. He is Tom and Jack's brother. He and his mates just joined the pack."

They kept walking as the woman stared at them with her mouth open.

"That's as good as broadcasted," Alephin said.

Lobo moved next to Alephin.

"I want to give the pack a billion dollars," Lobo said, softly. "For accepting me and my mate into your pack."

Alephin grinned.

"Thank you, Lobo. That's generous of you."


They walked until Alephin led them into another building. It was obviously the pack store. Bobby looked around. It was a department store, although not a large one. He saw food, clothes, sporting goods, and even computers. Alephin took a cart.

"Just pick out what you need," he said. "The sex toys are on aisle ten."

The Kostas and Bobby laughed. They thought he was kidding.

"We have a big selection. You won't need any dildoes, though, Bobby."

Bobby and Nicky laughed.

"I guess not!"

Nicky took Bobby's hand and led them to aisle ten. He wanted to see what they had. The others followed them.

"Look at all this stuff."

After they looked at the sex stuff, they picked out things they needed.

"It just occurred to me how little I actually need from home," Nick said.

His sons and Bobby nodded.

"If they have a gym with gloryholes, that's better than my workout machine," Nicky said.

Bobby laughed.

"What are we going to do with all our shit?" Chris asked.

"Put it in storage until you are sure you don't need it. You don't. If you brought furniture, where would you put it? Ditto with kitchenware and appliances. Nobody wears much any time of year. I haven't put on a pair of socks in, I guess around thirty years," Alephin said.

"Besides, I have all this money I want to spend," Lobo said. "And you're my only family. Who else can I spend it on? Get new stuff."

Nick wasn't comfortable about that, but if he had twenty-five billion dollars, he would want to spend some of it, too.

"How about if I pay half and you pay half?" Nick said to Lobo.

Lobo shrugged. "If that's the way you want it. But I want to pay for the new house."

Nick sighed. Then he nodded his head.

"So what do you think we need?" Nick asked Alephin.

"Toiletries and casual clothes. Fishing gear, if you plan to do it often. There's no point in buying food, other than snacks. Tom has plenty. Computers if you want the Internet. Cell phones if you want to call each other."

"I've been cooking most of the food," Bobby said. "What are we going to do if I want to cook one thing while Tom wants to cook something else?"

"Neither one of you need to cook. Tom has several cooks who work for him. There aren't a lot of jobs for pack members, so he employs a lot of them for things like cooking, cleaning, yardwork, and so on," Alephin said. "Your family is enormously wealthy, Bobby."

"But I just met my brothers. I can't spend their money."

"I was referring to your...husband, Lobo," Alephin said.

Lobo nodded his head.

It was one more adjustment for the Kostas and Bobby to make.

Nick wondered if he would be needed. He was needed, before. Would Bobby even notice him, anymore? Nick moved next to Bobby.

"Do you still want me?" he asked, softly.

Bobby wrapped his arms around him.

"I'm in love with you."

Nick could see the love in Bobby's eyes.

"Please don't ever mention the promise, again. It will only make us unhappy," Bobby said, as he pulled Nick's stiff cock out of a leg of the loose shorts he was wearing. Bobby began stroking him.

Nick sighed.

"I won't mention it. I—"

"Promise?" Bobby said.

They both laughed.

Bobby bent over and began sucking Nick. Chris moved behind Bobby. He pulled Bobby's shorts down and pushed slowly inside him. Chris began fucking him.

Alephin smiled.

"That's it, Chris. Fuck him in public. Let people see it isn't disgusting."

Lobo nodded his head. He approved of the way Alephin was trying to broaden his pack members' minds. A lot of old-timers thought of sodomy as a type of rape. They didn't understand that some men, bottoms, wanted to get fucked. They thought no man would want to suck another man's cock. They needed to see cocksuckers and bottoms were just like everyone else. Lobo had known a lot of Alphas in his time. He thought Alephin was probably the best. The other Alphas resented him for his success, but they weren't willing to embrace his methods.

Alephin's phone rang.

"Nelson!" Alephin said. "I was just thinking about you."

Lobo chuckled. He had just been thinking of Nelson, too.

"Oh, I'll bet!" Nelson Lombardy said. "Is it true? You have another one?"

"Another what?"

"Don't play this game, Alephin!"

Alephin sighed.

"Another brother showed up at the pack entrance earlier today. He wasn't invited. I didn't even know another one existed. What would you have done? Turn him away?"

"How did you arrange it?"

"I didn't. I wanted to hire his stepfather to work at our new hospital. He's an anesthesiologist. You know I've been looking for one. His sons and the stepson followed their father. They wanted to see where they might end up living. How was I supposed to know?"

"You always sound so reasonable, you bastard."

Alephin sighed.

"I have two ideas on how to get pups for couples who are not in my pack. I'm not ignoring the problem, Nelson."


"Yes. One method they will hate, and the other they will hate even more. But if it was easy, well, there wouldn't be a problem. And if some of them refuse to do what is necessary, it just helps narrow the list."

"Hmm. Why will they hate it?"

"Homosexuality. Sodomy. Men getting fucked in the ass. You know how the old-timers feel about it."

"The clone brothers can shift into women for the sex."

"They won't."

"Why not? It's simple for them!"

"Why should they? To make it easier for people they don't know and won't like to get them pregnant? Really, Nelson! Would you get pregnant for some asshole who just wants to use you? Would you put on a wig and makeup and bend over for one of them?"

"Well, I'm not gay."

"And the brothers all have mates. They don't want to have sex with strangers."

"The new one has a mate?" Nelson asked.

"The new one has five mates. He didn't know they were mates until he shifted the first time."


"Well, since you are being so helpful," Nelson said, sarcastically, "what's the other way. You said there were two."

"Yes, I did. Four of my Vin-Ta males can get pregnant if they get fucked in the ass and concentrate on getting pregnant."

"Four! I only knew about Rince and Hephin. The other two are Vin-Ta?"

"Yes. They're young and they can only shift into wolves. Now, I don't know the percentage of Vin-Ta who are capable of that—"

"Are the other two related to Rince?" Nelson asked.

"Not closely, as far as I can tell. There isn't a family resemblance."


"Exactly, Nelson! You want a pup so badly, go get fucked!" Alephin said, as he disconnected the call.

Nicky watched his father and brother with Bobby. He was very happy his father had lost his inhibitions. This all seemed very natural to him. He wondered a couple of times why he wasn't jealous. Bobby was his. Was that why? He walked over to Alephin.

"Do you have a second?"

"Of course."

Nicky led Alephin away from the group, his family.

"I have this weird desire," Nicky said.

Alephin laughed.

"Just one? What is it?"

"I don't want Bobby out in public unless he has my cum on his face."

Alephin grinned.

"Dried or fresh?"


Alephin nodded his head.

"It's weird, isn't it?"

Alephin shrugged.

"You should only worry about it if it makes Bobby unhappy. If you both enjoy it, it's great."

"He'll love it," Nicky said.

"I don't doubt it. You'd been chewing on his neck. It's the same kind of thing. What about the other mates? What if they want to do it?"

"That's OK, except, well, he has to be able to see," Nicky said.

Alephin laughed, loudly. People turned to look.

"Anyway, I have a feeling he's just going to want mine."

"Go for it, pup!"

Nicky smiled. He paused a second. Then he hugged Alephin. Alephin hugged him back. He liked Nicky a lot. He liked Nick a lot, too. He needed to get to know Chris.

Nicky walked over to Bobby.

"What were you talking about?"

Nicky whispered to Bobby.

"I told Alephin I didn't want you going out in public without my fresh cum on your face."

Bobby moaned. Nicky was sure Bobby loved the idea. Then Bobby's cock just started shooting. Nicky felt powerful. He made his Bobby come, just by talking to him.

"Oh, you like the idea!"

"Oh, god, Nicky!"

"Anytime you want to leave Tom's house, you need to come to me to shoot fresh cum on your face."

"Oh! I want that! I do!"

Bobby hugged him tightly.

"Oh, Nicky, I love you! I love you so much!"

Bobby planted kisses on his neck and shoulder. Nicky sighed. He was completely happy.

Bobby knelt in front of Nicky.

"I'm in public," Bobby said to him.

Nicky smirked.

"What's going on? What were you whispering about?" Chris asked, as his brother stroked himself.

Bobby explained the new rule, while he looked expectantly at Nicky's cock. He told them how much he liked it.

"It applies to all of us, doesn't it?" Nick asked.

"Well, I can leave the house without yours, but you can shoot on my face as much as you want. And I want cum massages. Jack said they were great!"

The other mates looked at each other. It was obvious to all of them than Nicky ranked higher than they did, in Bobby's mind. Chris and Nick weren't surprised, but Lobo and Ed were.

Lobo decided that things could change. He could rise to the top. But then he sighed. Or maybe not. He remembered two different girls who told him he was the least romantic person either of them had ever met. When the second one said it, he realized it must be true. It didn't mean he couldn't love. But he thought romance was the trappings, the wrapping paper. Love was the gift. And removing Edward Cucco was the gift. He wanted Bobby to look at him adoringly. He decided he needed to learn how to be romantic. It was a damn shame his mate seemed uninterested in money, just when he finally became wealthy. But then he took that back. He was glad he had a mate who didn't care about money. Lobo never had. If he couldn't be the sweetheart in the relationship, at least at present, he could be the best possible protector to his mate.

"I hate this," Nick said to Ed.

"What?" Ed asked.

"Being young. I didn't like being a teenager. Now I am one, again. My emotions are all over the map."

"You're getting a double-whammy," Ed said. "Your body is completely different and you have a mate."

"How long am I going to be a teenager? Forty years? Fifty?" Nick wondered.

Ed chuckled and Nick got mad. He remembered getting mad very easily when he was a teenager. And he was terribly jealous of Nicky. There was nothing new about that. He'd been jealous for months. But now he was angry, too. Why should only Nicky get to display Bobby that way? He knew he shouldn't be angry. And he was sure he wouldn't feel this way if he was still in his forties.

"You'll adjust in a few days. You're thinking it will be like it was when you were a human. There's no high school, no hoping for dates, no having to decide what you'll do with your life, none of that. You have a mate who loves you. You have your family. You even have me!" Ed told him.

Nick laughed. He felt better.

Nicky felt the others' eyes on him. He pushed his cock into Bobby's mouth to get it wet and then continued stroking. The stroking felt amazingly good. He had no idea why. He could feel his orgasm building. There was a tickle in his groin. He groaned as a stream of cum shot out of his body. He was amazed as the single stream lasted four or five seconds. By the time it ended, Bobby's face was almost completely covered with a glaze of Nicky's spunk.

"Well, fuck!" Chris said.

Then the second spurt began. Nicky grabbed Bobby's hair on top and turned his head to cover him. He was still coming when it was done. He shot on Bobby's hair, covering it, too.

"It'll be like mousse," Nicky said.

Chris thought that was very funny. He laughed hysterically. That started Bobby laughing. Ed and Nick chuckled. Lobo wondered if he was too old.

Bobby was very happy, but he could somehow sense that someone wasn't. He wiped the cum out of his eye sockets and ate it. He looked at each of his mates. Ed and Nick were talking to each other. They seemed happy. He looked at Lobo. The man looked so sad. Bobby was fairly sure he was the cause. He looked at Lobo's cock. It was half hard. As he watched, it stiffened up completely. Bobby didn't understand why, but suddenly he knew Lobo felt better. The cock was breathtaking.

"Don't be afraid of it," Lobo said.

"I'm not afraid of it. I'm falling in love with it."

Lobo chuckled in a deep voice.

"It won't ever leave your side."

"But I want it in front of me and behind me," Bobby said.

Nicky laughed.

"It is a beauty," Nicky said.

Lobo made it bounce. Lobo' mood vastly improved. He could smell lust from Bobby and Nicky.

"I would love to have both your mouths on it," Lobo said.

"You want to do it?" Bobby asked Nicky.


Lobo grinned.

"I want to suck Ed together, too. If you want," Nicky whispered.

Bobby grinned and nodded. He thought about suggesting they suck Nick and Chris together, but he wasn't sure that wasn't a little gross. Maybe someday.

Bobby was happy and he could sense his lovers—mates were happy, too.

A middle-aged man and a woman walked up to them. They were both just wearing shorts. The woman had large breasts that sagged.

"Douglas and Kate, I'd like you to meet Bobby and his family," Alephin said. Bobby was a little embarrassed. Jizz was dripping off his face, but the couple didn't seem to be paying any attention to it. Bobby tried not to stare at her boobs. He thought she definitely needed to wear a bra. "In case you can't tell—right now, Bobby is Jack and Tom's brother. They all shifted for the first time this afternoon."

Nicky put his arm around Bobby's waist. He could tell Bobby was embarrassed. Nicky was embarrassed. It would take more than two or three hours to adjust.

"Pleased to meet you," Bobby said.

"This is Nick, Bobby's stepfather and mate. He will be the anesthesiologist at our hospital."

The couple were visibly excited about Nick.

"That's wonderful!" Kate said. Douglas nodded his head.

"It doesn't seem like there will ever be much work for me," Nick said.

"It isn't that. It's one less thing for people to worry about," Douglas said. "Our bodies sometimes automatically shift in a crisis. If we need surgery, it's a crisis."

Nick suddenly understood why he was needed so badly, when there was so little work for him.

"Oh, lord!"

Douglas nodded. "Vin-Ta have been killed by hysterical humans during surgery."

"Alephin, I had no idea!" Nick said.

"It's true. People will be very glad you're here."

Nick thought for a moment about a patient shifting in the middle of a surgery.

"I need to research what drugs are safe for dogs—wolves, I mean," Nick said.

"There's no need," Alephin said. "I'm told that internal organs and body chemistry remain human."

"Really? That's very interesting," Nick said.

"A pack member, a woman, told me that our wolves' semen tastes like human semen, not canine semen—"

"Yuck!" Bobby said laughing.

"Exactly!" Alephin said. "I didn't ask what kind of canines she'd been sucking."

Nicky and Chris laughed.

"It's true," Kate said. "Douglas' tastes the same in either form."

Bobby's mouth dropped open.

"You've sucked him when he's a wolf?"

"Yes. We're mates. I want him just as much in either form. He breeds me as a wolf, too."

Bobby was amazed. He looked at Nicky and wondered if he wanted Nicky to do that.

Douglas pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them. His cock was erect. He then pulled Kate's shorts down. Once she was out of hers, he pushed inside her from behind. He began fucking her while he felt her tits.

"Let's finish our shopping," Alephin said.

"Have fun, you two," he said to Douglas and Kate.

Alephin insisted on paying for their things. Both Nick and Lobo wanted to pay, but Lobo didn't say anything. Arguing with your Alpha was just not smart. Nick gave up when Alephin frowned at him. The prices were very low. Alephin explained that the store didn't need to make a profit. The total came to under sixty dollars.

Alephin told the clerk to deliver the things to Tom's house.

"I want to show you the pack canteen. That's what we call the biggest restaurant. We also have a coffee shop that sells donuts, and a bakery."

Ed moved alongside Bobby.

"My balls are full for you, baby," he said into Bobby's ear. Bobby groaned. Ed was naked and hard. Bobby stopped and took Ed's erection in his hand. Bobby got disturbed by something. He looked around and saw Nick was looking at him. He looked unhappy.

"Let's keep it moving," Alephin said to Bobby. "I've called a pack meeting."

"Save it for me, will you?" Bobby asked Ed.

Ed chuckled.

They continued walking. More people were out and about. They were headed in the same direction.

"Does the pack have a tennis court?" Nicky asked Alephin.

"You stopped playing," Nick said to his son.

"I stopped because I couldn't talk to the person I was playing with," Nicky said.

Nick instantly felt sad. His son hadn't told him that. But how could he, when he couldn't talk? It was tragic, but thankfully, over.

"Yes, we do," Alephin said. "It's behind the gym."

"I play there all the time," Ed said to Nicky. "We can play, if you want."

"I'd like that," Nicky said.

They walked into a building that looked like an ordinary restaurant. Alephin greeted people as they came in.

"Go ahead and grab a table," he said to Nick.

Nick nodded. They all sat, except for Alephin, who remained by the door.

Bobby looked at his lovers. Mates. They all looked at him, expectantly.

"I—I love you all."

They all smiled at him.

"I don't know how this will work. There are so many of you."

"May I make a suggestion?" Lobo asked.

"Of course."

"Hephin, who is Alephin's grandson and an alpha, too, has a lot of lovers. He spends some time alone with each one of them, every day."

Bobby smiled. "That's a great idea!"

The others nodded their heads.


The restaurant was filling up. Everyone was looking at Bobby's table. A woman walked up to Lobo. She was fairly attractive, with long black hair. Until Bobby saw her, he hadn't noticed that was unusual. Looking around he saw the rest of the women had short hair.

"My name is Anne."

She held out her hand. Lobo shook it.


"Hi, Ed," Anne said.

Ed smiled.

"How've you been?"


She turned back to Lobo.

"Have you joined the pack?"

"Yes, I have."

"Are you single?" she asked, hopefully.

"No. I have a mate."

Anne seemed disappointed.

"Oh. She's in this pack? Who is she?"

"He is." Lobo stood and walked over to Bobby. "This is my mate, Bobby."

"Another one?" she said.

Her face fell. Bobby felt sorry for her. She walked away.

Ed had mixed feelings about Anne. She was pretty and she seemed like a fairly nice person, but she was clingy, oh so clingy. He'd gone on one date with her at the coffee shop down the street, and before five minutes had passed, she was planning their future and where they would live. Minutes into the date, she introduced him to someone as her lover. It was like she thought he was her mate, and he definitely wasn't. He told her that. But she said Alephin could fix that in about two minutes. Then they would be mates for life. Ed was shocked, saying they didn't know each other. She said that didn't matter; mates were usually strangers. He realized she was desperate for a mate. He only knew he was desperate to be somewhere else. The date ended right then with a fake emergency. He avoided her after that until she cornered him. He lied and told her he was gay. She wasn't ready to give up, though. She explained that once Alephin mated them, that wouldn't matter. The next day, Ed talked to Alephin about Anne.

"You want to be the pursuer. I understand. And there is nothing romantic about it. Maybe you want that." Ed shrugged. "Do you want to fuck her?"

"I did, but she'll expect us to buy a house the next day."

Alephin laughed.

"Nah. She's my daughter. The house is free."

"That's even worse, Alephin."

Alephin nodded his head, slowly.

"The fact is, you're a real catch, Ed. You are handsome, have a good job, and you are single. If she played hard to get, another woman might get you."

"I'm not sure I want a woman."

Alephin's eyebrows raised.

"Or maybe I should say I don't want a relationship," Ed said. "Not right now, anyway."

Alephin nodded.

"I think if you tell her that, she will lower the pressure. Tell her you just want to be friends. Believe me, she'll let you fuck her."

Evidently, Alephin spoke to her. The next time he saw Anne, she was friendly, but she stopped pursuing him. He hadn't fucked her. He was getting blown a couple of times a day by Tom, Jack, and Les. Just the day before, Les had sucked two loads out of him at the pack movie theater, while Ed watched straight porn that Les picked out. It was a three-way with Les, his sister Anne, and Alephin, filmed several years earlier. Les fucked her in the ass while Alephin fucked her cunt. It was very hot, but it still didn't make Ed want sex with Anne. He was more comfortable having sex with Les. It was weird. He wondered if he was becoming gay. Then today, he got a man for a mate. There was no romance, no pursuing and, unlike with Anne, he wasn't bothered at all by that. Ed decided he was gay.

"Attention folks. Let's get started," Alephin said. He walked over to Nick.

"Stand up, Nick." Alephin looked around the room. A lot of people had shown up, despite the short notice in calling the meeting. "This is Nick Kostas. He joined the pack today with his sons and stepson. Nick is an anesthesiologist."

The room got noisy. Everyone seemed happy.

"It turns out Nick's stepson, Bobby, is the brother of our Tom and Jack. Stand up, Bobby."

Bobby stood, feeling very nervous. He was suddenly glad he was wearing clothes.

"Can he get pregnant, too?" an older woman asked.

"We assume so."

Bobby bit his bottom lip. That was just so weird.

"Bobby is the Kostas' mate. Some of you know Ed, here. He is also Bobby's mate and has joined the pack. Lobo here, has taken a weight off my mind. He brought news that Edvard Cucco, who wanted to abduct Tom and Jack has died. Lobo is also a new pack member and is Bobby's mate."

"Just how many mates does he have?" a man asked.

"Ask the Shusheen, not me," Alephin said.

Several people chuckled, but not everyone was happy. Alephin could smell anger. And some faces displayed open hostility. That was disappointing. He looked out at his pack members. Tom and his brothers were one of the best things that had ever happened in his pack, but they also had the potential of destroying it. The problem was, Tom and his brothers each had multiple mates, were fertile, and even worse, were very young. When a person has been hoping for a mate for a hundred years, they're bound to resent anyone with more than one mate. Heck! Some of them resented people with a mate. With Lobo and Ed handling security, Alephin could stop worrying so much about that and deal with this problem. He needed to defuse the situation here, and soon. And he needed to do something about the situation with other Alphas. He sighed. His work was never done, but he had to admit, it was the challenges that made having his pack so rewarding.

"Bobby and his mates are going to be living with Tom for now, but they plan to build a house next to Tom's." Several men cheered. Alephin nodded. "That's right, that means work for some of you. The timing is good, since the work on the hospital is nearly complete. Once their house is done, we are going to build a school. The pack will be needing it."

Bobby was surprised when he heard someone gasp. He looked around. Lots of people seemed shocked. Alephin nodded his head.

"I don't understand," Bobby said. "What's so strange about a school?"

"Vin-Ta have so few babies that large packs may only have one or two children of school age at a time," Lobo said. "Even if there are four or five, you don't need a dedicated school."

Thinking of school got Bobby thinking about how old some of these people were. Lobo fought in the Civil War! He wondered if anyone in Alephin's pack was around in 1776 during the War of Independence.

Alephin still saw angry faces in his pack. He had resisted offering to make mates of his pack members because he wasn't sure how long an Alpha-created mating bond lasted. But he decided he could make some folks happy by offering.

"Now, everyone, I have reached a decision about creating mates," Alephin said. "Any couples wishing to become mates, should let me know. After a sixty-day waiting period, I will perform the ceremony for you. But you better be damn sure it's what you both want. That's why there is a waiting period."

"And they will seem like our mate?" a woman asked.

"They will be your mate, as long as you are in my pack. Some of you are aware that Dutch and Eddie asked to be mates. I joined them and they tell me they feel like natural mates, with all the advantages that gives them," Alephin said, grinning.

"Dozens of orgasms a day!" Dutch said from the back of the room. Eddie cheered.

Several people laughed.

"Why'd you pick them?" a man called out.

"Would you rather I experimented on you, Stu?" Alephin asked.

People chuckled, while Stu shrugged.

"Seriously, I'm not sure what will happen if you leave my pack. I'm also not sure the bond will last for hundreds of years."

The room suddenly got noisy as people discussed what Alephin told them.

"You could re-mate us, couldn't you?" a woman called. "I mean, if it didn't last."

"Yes, I believe so," Alephin said.

There was more loud discussion.

"Quiet, please. I have one other big news item," Alephin said.

Alephin had another idea. He wasn't sure if it was brilliant or stupid. It was risky, but it might kill two birds with one stone. Defuse hostile Alphas and help people find their mates. He had an unexpected windfall of a billion dollars from Lobo.

"I have been talking to the alphas of Bridgewater, Sanfos, and Lombardy packs. We are going to be holding one or more singles parties. You single folks will get a chance to meet singles from those packs. Who knows? You could find your mate. Even if you don't, you'll make new friends and have some fun. We haven't decided where it will be held, but we have decided the first one will be held on October 28."

Alephin got a standing ovation.




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