The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book IX
The Ambitious Magus

Chapter 8
Home in Uranus

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This story is of an adult nature. It is not intended for minors nor for those whose law in their land forbids them to read this material.
This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 2 April 2676, Sunday

“Two more days before the Pellegrine sails again,” said Jacques.

“Your voice sounds as if you’re tired of sailing with the Pellegrine,” said Heath.

The two men were lying in bed. They had had a very long session of sex and had cleaned up by having a shower together.

“I’m not tired. It’s just that the events from a few days ago are still fresh in my mind. The Council still doesn’t know who we are,” said Jacques, cuddling up to Heath.

“I’m just glad that we don’t have White around anymore,” said Heath as he hugged Jacques a little tighter. “I don’t mind if no one knows that we’re magi. First of all, we can still train under Master Jorg, and second, no one, except White of course, has died after all that fighting.”

“I wonder how Matthew is …” said Jacques at Heath’s mention of Matthew’s biological father.

Heath gave Jacques a squeeze. “I’m sure he’s okay. Are you still worried about him and Lelia?”

Jacques replied, “Well, one of my sisters have already done some damage to one of the Keith brothers. I wouldn’t want another Keith to be affected.”

Heath gave a start, “Do you think Lelia is as fickle as Stephanie?”

“No, but …” Jacques trailed off.

“But you’re afraid that she may reject Matthew?” Heath asked raising his eyebrows. Jacques kept silent and Heath continued, “Lelia is a nice and considerate girl. I don’t think that she’d lead Matthew on and then dump him the way Stephanie did Mark. If she thought that Matthew wasn’t the right one, she’d tell him from the start. Matthew will undoubtedly be hurt but it wouldn’t be in the same way as Mark was hurt.”

“I guess …” said Jacques irresolutely.

“Come, let’s get up,” said Heath as he untangled his arms from Jacques and lifted himself off the bed. “We haven’t had breakfast yet …”

“Breakfast?” laughed Jacques as he wateched Heath’s naked form standing up. “It’s close to noon. Lunch, Heath, not breakfast!”

“Okay. I guess we’ve to skip breakfast then …” Heath said, his eyes filled with laughter as he proceeded towards the door.

“Oh no! I almost forgot!” said Jacques in horror.

Heath turned back. “What?!” he asked.

“We’re supposed to meet with Jorg and the gang for lunch,” replied Jacques as he hurriedly got up and moved towards the wardrobe. “We’re going to be late!”

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Jorg and Kean were sitting in their living room looking at the stars in the sky.

“Lunch today was interesting, wasn’t it?” asked Jorg.

Kean just gave a grin. “I suspect that Jacques and Heath forgot the appointment.”

“You know what I think?” asked Jorg.

“What?” Kean asked still wearing a grin.

“They spent the whole morning in bed and they weren’t sleeping,” Jorg said with a chuckle.

Kean’s grin became wider. “They were hilarious when they arrived, weren’t they? They all looked calm outside but were anxiously calling to us psychically. And the fact that we weren’t sitting in the dining section made them panic even more.”

“I admit that I was so tempted to answer them,” said Jorg. “It was fortunate that we decided to wait for them at the bar instead of sitting at the table. We’d have kept a table occupied for half an hour.”

“What about the fact that Stephanie was there with Mark?” asked Kean “That was unusual wasn’t it? Jacques was so sure that Mark had lost his sister for good.”

“Well, Stephanie called Mark to apologise and Mark took the opportunity to invite her for lunch. It was a chance to assure Stephanie that there’re no hard feelings any more. Stephanie’s call was just a friendly one and a different level from what Matthew did.”

Kean laughed. “Did you see how red Matthew went when Mark told us what he did?”

“Yes,” laughed Jorg, “but I do think that he is taking it really seriously.”

“I thought it was just a teenage crush but I was wrong,” said Kean.

“Actually, like Jacques and Heath, Matthew and Lelia were meant to meet. There were psychic markers in their genes,” Jorg revealed.

“You mean that they were programmed to meet each other?” asked Kean in surprise.

Jorg shook his head. “Not really. The magi initiators placed psychic markers in certain genetic makeups to attract each other. The attraction is manufactured but the continuing of the relationship isn’t.”

“This has got to do with the special genetic makeup that Jacques, Heath, Matthew and Lelia has, right?” asked Kean.

“Yes,” answered Jorg.

“Have you made up your mind regarding adjusting their memories?” asked Kean. He knew that Jorg had been thinking seriously what to do.

Jorg looked down for a few moments before looking back up. “I’ve decided that I’d need to protect Matthew’s memories. He’s a semi-magus and I believe that adjusting his memories won’t be the just thing to do. With Heath and Jacques’ memories, they’re already magi. I don’t think adjusting their memories wouldn’t serve the mission. I think the news broadcasts of White’s death shook Matthew a little. I saw something in his eyes but he remained outwardly stoic during the news broadcast.”

“I wonder how Matthew would feel if he found out the real manner in which White had died?” asked Kean thoughtfully.

“I wonder too,” replied Jorg. “Though Matthew had claimed that he didn’t want to have anything to do with White, I wonder. White was his biological father. If White was just nullified, there could’ve been a chance that both father and son could reconcile. Anyway, I doubt we’d have the need to tell him how White actually died. Furthermore, I’ve already gotten a few magi working towards re-uniting the Keiths. If all goes well, we’d be able to re-unite the Keith family as one. The only thing tainted would be the unstained reputation of the doctor.”

“I feel sad when a man wants to kill his own flesh and blood,” commented Kean.

“White was ambitious. Nothing could stand in his way. I suspect that he was afraid that if Matthew’s genetic record as proof of paternity would dig out what he did to Matthew’s biological mother. That would definitely be damaging to an aspiring President. Furthermore White was power-hungry,” Jorg surmised.

“Speaking of power, Jorg,” said Kean remembering something, “during your meditation yesterday, I sensed something different about you. You seemed stronger somehow and yet not just stronger …”

Jorg smiled, “I was wondering when you were going to detect that.”

“Detect what?” asked Kean curiously.

“The relics did something to me …” Jorg stopped when he notice Kean beginning to look anxious. “Don’t worry, I don’t think it was harmful.” When he saw Kean relaxing a little he continued, “Do you remember that at the night of the bombing, Jacques didn’t have a relic even though I had an extra?”

Kean nodded. “Yes. I didn’t think too much about it. I trusted that you knew what you were doing.”

“Actually, I’d wanted to give the ring to Jacques to increase his strength but it wouldn’t budge,” explained Jorg. “I thought that maybe it was too tight and so didn’t waste time trying to get it off. The box that carried the relics showed me how the relics may be used but it didn’t say that each relic had it’s own psychic instructions. I learnt about that a few days ago. It seems that the ring and the medallion are a pair and that if I wore them together, I couldn’t move the ring unless I removed the medallion first.”

“Why is that? Isn’t the ring to be used for magnification of energy and the medallion for shielding?” asked Kean.

“I only found out about the psychic instructions when we came back from Earth. There’s a use when they are together. They absorb the energy from an attack and transfer the energy to the magus. In the process, the magus increases in his powers. In some cases, they actually extract powers from an attacker and transfer them to the one attacked. You’d remember that Liliana or Agent Jade was considerably weaker and that I took Gilbert or Agent Gold easily after he attacked me. The reason I was out was because I was developing new powers. After subduing them, I found out that I was able to do and sense new things. I found I was just a little short of level seventeen,” said Jorg

Kean arched his eyebrows in surprise. “You mean you jumped from fifteen to sixteen during the attack?!”

“Yes,” answered Jorg, “and more. When White attacked Iris and I took the blow for her, I reached seventeen instantly. I almost didn’t make it to your side when he took a shot at you. Of course, I didn’t understand what happened at the time. I thought that wearing the relics together gave me a new level of power. I didn’t think that I was actually moving up the levels.”

Kean’s eyes grew large. “Wow, that means that in your last standoff with White, you were actually absorbing his powers?”

“No, I was also attacking and so the relics didn’t absorb anything. However, when he launched that attack on me after Tsui appeared and mentally screamed at us, the relics did their work.” After a pause Jorg continued, “I reached level eighteen and more.”

“And more?” asked Kean.

Jorg nodded. “From the way I feel psychically, I’m halfway between eighteen and nineteen. There’s more. When I nullified Jade and Gold, I found out that they were only level three. I found that strange because I knew that Jade was at least a level twelve. It was only after I discovered the psychic instructions on the relics that I realised completely what had happened. The relics didn’t just give me new powers; it took from the attackers and gave the energies and potential to me. Thus, their level of power was reduced whilst I increased.”

“That means that White’s powers must have been decreased too,” reasoned Kean.

“Yes. However, he was lost …” Jorg trailed off as he looked down.

Kean put his arm around Jorg’s shoulder. “You feel guilty?”

Jorg held the hand at the end of the arm draped on his shoulder. “I feel sad. A magus died. I wish I could’ve saved him but he jumped in himself. I wish that he could’ve seen the light and in the process save himself.”

“Jorg,” said a frowning Kean. “I’ve never known you to be overly sentimental nor romantic but I honestly don’t see that happening to White. Even if he were nullified, he’d still probably find some way to get rid of Matthew. That was the kind of man he was.”

“You think that there was no chance of change?” asked Jorg.

Kean shook his head. “No, I don’t think so,” he answered firmly.

Jorg paused a while and then changed the subject. “About Matthew, I found out something new today.”

“What?” Kean asked, knowing that the firm answer he had given had affected Jorg. He wanted to ask Jorg about it but kept quiet because he knew that Jorg would address the matter when he was ready to.

“Brin sent a coded message,” Jorg informed.

“Yes?” asked Kean a little anxiously.

“Well, I think Matthew must have swallowed some of Heath’s semen during sex,” answered Jorg.

Kean looked puzzled. “But Matthew didn’t use his mouth, did he?”

Jorg gave a small smile. “No. If I remember what he said correctly, Heath came just before he did. I suspect that some of Heath flew into Matthew but he didn’t realise it because he was also reaching there.”

Kean still looked a little puzzled. “So you mean …?”

“Yes, Matthew now has all the parts of the genetic fragments. However, I think we shouldn’t tell him. We should just keep an eye on him. If he marries Lelia, and I think that it’s a very good possibility, they’ll have a family of those with all the genes our initiators intended.”

“Well, that makes our work easier … I think,” remarked Kean.

“There’re still quite a number of years yet.” Jorg moved closer to Kean and kissed him. “For now, I think I owe you something that was denied you because of White.”

Kean smiled. “What about your training to level nineteen?”

“That can wait a little while. I don’t think that we’re in much danger anymore.”

Jorg wrapped his arms around Kean and kissed him deeply. Kean opened his mouth and received Jorg’s tender and gentle tongue. For many minutes, their tongues explored each other’s mouths like they had done many times before; only this time, they knew they would be able to reach their activities’ natural end.

They released each other so that they could move to the bedroom. The living room floor was not heated. They held hands and mental contact as they moved into the room where they would consummate their love.

With hands caressing backs and arms, they resumed their kissing whilst seated on the bed. Slowly Jorg pulled Kean down and the younger but heavier man was on top of the older. Kean, not wanting to lay his full weight on Jorg, supported himself with his left elbow, right hand and both knees on the bed. He felt Jorg’s hands pulling out his polo from his pants. Kean thought that it would be easier to will the clothes away.

*No, Kean* Jorg’s thoughts told Kean. *This is more stimulating.*

And so Kean allowed Jorg to slowly peel away his polo shirt whilst the both of them were still intertwining their tongues. Kean realised what Jorg meant when he felt Jorg’s fingers caressing his skin as the polo came off. When Kean’s polo was off, he took the cue to start removing Jorg’s shirt. Like this the two of them slowly removed their clothes, stealing glances and caresses as the items of clothing were removed. Soon they were naked on the bed, each with full erections.

Connected intimately in their psyches, Jorg and Kean felt what the other felt and that brought them to new heights of pleasure. Both felt loved and in loving the other, each was assured of that the affection given was received. Jorg moved towards Kean’s engorged organ and started to lick it. Kean moaned in pleasure and went for Jorg’s as well. Licking became soft kisses and soon a combination of tongue and light sucking was elevating the need for release.

Kean knew that if they came in each other’s mouths, there would be a draining of their energies. He was about to release Jorg when Jorg stopped him.

*No! Kean. This is our first time. Let’s go all the way. I can still build up my energies when we’re on the ship.*

Intimately in tuned to each other’s thoughts and feelings, the two came together. The burst came from three areas: the mouth, the groin and the heart. It seemed to Kean that the bursting forth of the dam of emotion was strongest in the heart. They were very tired in the end.

After giving Kean a short kiss, Jorg whispered, “C’mon, let’s get cleaned up and get to sleep.”

Thus they ended sleeping in each other’s arms, feeling safer because the danger had passed and new but more manageable challenges faced both normal and magi humans as they journeyed towards a better future.

End of Book IX

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