The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book VII

Chapter 3
The Birth of the Pellegrine

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NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 20 October 2674, Tuesday

“What do you mean that this is not the ship you ordered?” the shipyard manager asked. He had been contacted by Jorg regarding a problem in the ship that was just delivered.

“Mr. Slate. Please examine the contract we had. The ship that was supposed to be delivered is registered as the ‘TT Peregrine, SC 267436’. All documentation refers to the ship as so.”

“So? I see it?”

“Look at the registration on the ship that was delivered …” Jorg moved his communicator to show the words printed at the bottom of the bow of the vessel.

“It says right there …” Mr. Slate went on, “T … H … E … The … P … E … L … L … uh … I see what you mean.”

“I want to know what you’re going to do about it?” asked Jorg. He was quite annoyed at this development. “We have an inspection and tests due in a couple of days and if it doesn’t happen, the company will have wasted a lot of money!”

“I could redo the ship and send it back as soon as possible.”

“Could you be ready by 0800 hours, Thursday?” Jorg asked.

“I’m afraid not. It’ll take at least a whole day to travel to and fro, provided we can get relay transfer immediately. We’d need at least another 24 hours to correct the mistake.”

“Time we don’t have Mr. Slate!” Jorg complained.

“We could file in a change of the name …”

“Whatever you do, Mr. Slate, this ship must be validated and fit for testing on Thursday 18th June at 0800 hours Standard Greenwich Time. I’ve contacted Mr. Wagner, owner and CEO of Titan Tours. If the ship or the registration isn’t in order, he’ll withhold payment and start legal proceedings. It’ll be a breach of contract.”

Mr. Slate could be seen to be sweating profusely. “Captain Brown, I’ll get to this immediately! Your test will continue as scheduled. You have my word.” He stressed the last four words very carefully and emphatically. Then he cut off communications.

Jorg was a little disappointed not being able to reach so far to Earth to see what was happening in Mr. Slate’s office. He was certain that there was pandemonium. The manager’s job was on the line. He would probably start by finding out who made the mistake in the first place. He would probably fire that person. Then he would get his secretary to make some calls to the Solar System Vehicle and Vessel Registry to try to make the change within the thirty-eight hours still remaining. The new information would then be uploaded into Uranus’ port computers. Once uploaded, the ship could leave the holding dock. The holding dock was a platform three hundred kilometres from the actual port for vessels with irregularities and for those which were impounded by the port authorities.

“Thank you, lieutenant, for the use of the dock communicator,” said Jorg to a red haired lady officer standing at the entrance of the dock.

“No thanks needed. It’s awful luck, isn’t it? Except for that printed name, the whole ship checked out.”

“I can’t believe that they sent the ship out without realising the mistake!” said Jorg shaking his head.

The officer grinned, “The ship’ll probably have this strange name in the renewed records. I believe it could work towards your favour.”

“How?” asked Jorg.

“With a strange name, the ship’ll be remembered. If you give good service, the customers will be flocking to ride her. Just remember to polish up the services for if they stink, your company might just fold up. No one will come because everyone will know.”

Jorg nodded. “I admit that there’s some value in what you say. Let’s hope the future is positive.”

The lieutenant adjusted her cap. “She’s quite a beauty, isn’t she?”

Jorg looked at the huge ship in front of him. She had a very simple design, shaped like a disc that was elliptical rather than round. There were four engines, two attached to the main body at the back and two more powerful engines that were attached at each side of the ship. These engines were connected to the main body by two spokes. Each of the two spokes was actually two decks high. The spokes were where most of the engine and service crew lived. In time of emergency, the spokes could be detached and used as life boats.

Most of the ship was a pale bluish green colour. There were red, yellow, white and black markings on the exterior. The red markings indicated emergency exits and life boat areas. The yellow indicated fuel entry and containment areas. Behind the white markings were where most of the other technical and mechanical areas are found. The black markings were meant for port workers and docking.

Up close, Jorg could see the windows of the cabins, there were 2,500 guest cabins that were capable of housing 5,874 guests at full occupancy. Together with the crew, the ship could carry 6,680 people. From the bow, about halfway towards the centre was the bridge. Jorg realised that he would be spending much time there. The dimensions of the ship were quite modest. Including the external engines, the ship was about 400 metres long and 360 metres wide. It was about 100 metres high spanning 16 decks.

Jorg remembered that the shipyard promised a maximum speed of 550 million kilometres per hour sustainable for two days before the main engines burn out. Cruising speed is at 25 million kilometres per hour. With the fuel tanks full, the ship can cruise at that speed for four months with a minimum ration of energy for all crew and passengers.

“Yes she is,” Jorg replied. “I certainly hope everything’ll be fine by Thursday.”

“Yeah!” said the lieutenant as she patted Jorg on the shoulder. “Don’t you worry. She’ll get to fly.”

As Jorg was leaving the port with Brin, he wondered if fate was playing a hand again.

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 22 October 2674, Thursday

Jorg had guided the ship out of Uranus port and moved it to orbit around one of the moons. The tests would begin when the preliminary onboard inspection was over. That part of the examination was done by Professor Robinson. Once he was satisfied that the power generator and engines were safe, and that the ship engineers knew what they were doing, they could start on the next phase of the test.

Jorg did not have to wait long. His chief engineer, a magus named Iris, made a report.

“Captain,” she informed him over the intercom. “The professor has just finished with the inspection.”

“Thank you,” replied Jorg.

General Evers heard the message and smiled. “Good, we can start moving …” the general said.

“Sir,” Jorg said, “perhaps it would be wise to wait for Professor Robinson to give the okay to move.”

“I trust Professor Robinson. If he has finished without any comments, we can move,” said General Evers, sounding a little irritated.

“Yes, General. I didn’t mean any disrespect,” said Jorg.

“See that you don’t do anything to the contrary,” a voice came from behind. It was Jacques. He had just entered the bridge. “I’m sure the General outranks you, Captain,” said the young man cheekily. “It’s good to see you Aaron,” said Jacques.

“Jacques Robinson! You’ve changed since I last saw you!” The General was smiling but both Jorg and Jacques could see some irritation in his eyes.

“As you can see, Aaron, I have not joined the forces though I do have to wear a kind of a uniform,” said Jacques with a smile.

Jorg noticed that there was a tensing of the general’s face when Jacques called him by his name. “I didn’t know that you and the general were on a first name relationship.”

Jacques gave a small laugh. “When I first met him, I called him General and sir but he insisted on me calling him by his first name. He even commented that I might join the army!”

The general seemed to relax a little. “Yes. Yes.”

“It’s very good to meet you Aaron,” another voice joined them. It was Professor Robinson. He moved forward and shook hands with the general.

“Frank. When I heard that you were the engineering examiner, I knew I had to come on this test. It’ll be a good way to catch up on old times.”

“Yes indeed,” said Frank with a smile. He turned to Jorg and said, “Captain, your engines are sound. I suggest we move to the first check point.”

“That’s what I told him,” said the general. “He said to wait for you first.”

Frank smiled but both Jorg and Jacques caught what he was thinking: Aaron? Boy have you changed. You would never do that!

“Yes, Professor,” answered Jorg. He turned around and consulted his display. He called up the charts of the positions of Uranus and her satellites. “Helm, set a course 0890-8794, speed half-c.” Turning to the General and the Professor, he said, “General, Professor, we have about an hour before we reach our first check point. Why don’t you let Jacques bring you for coffee and I’ll inform you when we’re fifteen minutes from our destination.”

“That’ll be fine,” said the General.

“Coffee sounds good,” said Frank.

“This way please,” Jacques announced.

Jorg got up to the bridge. After ascertaining that the course was correct and that the ship was clear of Uranus and her satellites, Jorg sat down and started thinking. He had a nagging feeling that something was not right. He called Mark to the bridge.

“Mr. Keith, I’ve got a simple task for you.”

“Yes Captain,” said Mark.

“Normally, this would be the job of the Cruise Director. However, he is currently entertaining our Engineering and Security consultants. We need also to entertain the other consultants but I don’t think we should bother Professor Robinson and General Evers. I need you to check on the other three consultants and bring them to the Port Lounge for their rest when they’ve completed their tests.”

“Sure thing, Captain,” answered Mark. He was glad that he did not have to see the professor. The professor would no doubt ask him about the situation between him and Stephanie and Mark was not sure he was ready to talk about it yet.

“Thank you,” said Jorg as he patted Mark on his right shoulder. Then he turned to face the black expanse of space that the ship was going into.

Mark took it as a sign that he was dismissed and went off to look for the consultants. Mark took out a little handheld computer. Each member of the crew had this device. Their level of access to the main ship computer depended on their rank in the ship’s chain of command. Mark had access to locate passengers. He used his to locate the first consultant.

The first consultant on Mark’s list was the energy and environmental conditions expert. The computer located him at the environmental control station. The man was already done. He did not want to follow Mark around and so he agreed to meet Mark at the Port Lounge in ten minutes.

The second consultant was the expert looking into the hospitality, food and beverage aspect of the ship. She had just finished inspecting the kitchen and was checking the food storage area. When Mark reached the store, he found the assistant store supervisor, Kean, talking to her. It seemed that Kean was making a good impression on the lady. They were laughing and telling each other jokes. She also decided to make her own way to the lounge.

“You must tell me your secret about talking to ladies,” said Mark to Kean.

“There’s no secret involved,” replied Kean looking quite amused.

“I guess it’s each man for himself,” sighed Mark. He turned to leave the store when Kean called out.

“Wait! I didn’t mean it that way.” Kean ran forward and put his arm round Mark’s neck. “I was just being myself and somehow both of us clicked. If I was really interested in her, I’d be probably too nervous to speak,” he ended with a laugh.

“Well, I tried being myself and I ended up losing my girl.”

“Look …” Kean leaned forward as if to look at Mark’s name tag, “… Mark, we all win some and lose some. The lady was too old for us anyway …”

“What do you mean? She couldn’t have been more than thirty?” Mark asked in surprise.

“She’s married with three kids,” said Kean. “She’s close to forty!”

“Wow! Her husband is one lucky man,” remarked Mark.

“Perhaps. And I can’t really help you with your problems with girls …”

“You have girl problems, too, huh?” Mark asked.

“No. I’m gay,” said Kean cautiously.

Mark’s eyes widened. He was wondering why he kept bumping into gay men.

Kean knew what he was thinking but pretended to panic. He slid his arm off Mark quickly and asked, “You aren’t a gay-hater, are you?”

Mark started laughing, “No! Sorry if I scared you. It’s just amazing. You’re the third gay man that I know. I have very few good friends. Two of them are gay. I was just wondering what the probability was of having two very good friends who are gay and bumping into a third.”

Kean looked relieved. “For a moment there …”

Mark’s computer beeped. “Sorry,” he said. “I have one more consultant to meet. Perhaps when we’re off duty, we could grab a pint or something.”

“That’s a good idea.”

As he looked at Mark walking off, Kean smiled. He had noticed a psychic message tagged physically to Mark’s right shoulder. He had picked it up when he put his arm around Mark’s neck just now.

He examined the message and realised that it was Jorg asking him to run some errands.

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 24 October 2674, Saturday

Two days had passed since the beginning of the test voyage. The intensity of the tests and inspections had been very hard on Jorg and his crew. General Evers was particularly strict with the Security element of the cruise. He had given four security scenarios to be acted out. The chief security officer of the ship was not a magus, though two of his seven subordinates were. The chief security officer was able to handle the scenarios without the magi officers resorting to their unique powers. Jorg was glad that he had such a capable security team.

The Robinsons were having a wonderful time on board the ship. Whilst their men were at work, the Robinson women took their time to enjoy the facilities of the ship. There was an artificial beach with non-burning light for tanning. There were many forms of entertainment. Stephanie took her time to teach her younger sisters Lelia and Chiara the finer points of contemporary dance while their mother watched. Chiara enjoyed the virtual game room where as many as five hundred games were loaded in for play. She had played seven different games during her two-day stay so far. She enjoyed the virtual drag races, the virtual armed combat contests and, of course, the haunted castle.

Due to the alertness of Lelia, Stephanie did not see Mark at all. Mark had been relatively successful in avoiding the family. There was one time, however, when Mark had to run an errand for Jacques, he forgot to check if the Robinsons were around the corner. Mark was reading his instructions when he suddenly heard Lelia’s voice. She was shouting for Stephanie to hurry up. When he looked up from his handheld, he saw Lelia smiling at him and waving her hand to tell him to move in the other direction. Mark smiled back and mouthed, “thank you”, to which Lelia smiled and gave a nod.

The ship was approaching one of the relay stations for inter-planetary travel. Jorg would be using the relays to go to Pluto. The crew were to be given a twelve hour rest before going through the relays. Then, they had some more drills to do as they orbited Pluto. Following that, they were to have another rest at Pluto’s main relay station. Jorg had planned to make use of the time at that relay station to bring Frank Robinson to the site of the Aurelia.

Jorg was resting in his cabin when he sensed Kean come in. He sat up immediately, a little anxious regarding the outcome of the process that he had started three days before. Together with Kean, he set up a mirage shield. A mirage shield was what Kean’s father, Patrick had set up when he was training Jorg to reach his fourteenth level. It yielded an image of something else when it is penetrated.

“How goes the stuff Kean?”

“First, you were right, there’s magi power being projected from within the Pellegrine. Jemma’s narrowed it down to the general. He’s at the receiving end. I dared not go further than that because I feared that I’d be detected.”

“Knowing that I was right was good enough. What else?”

“There are several ways that the power could be used in the way that you’d suggested to me. I’ve checked through my father’s journals. Originally, this can be done by a level fourteen power but to continually use magi power in this way for a period of two days requires at least a level eighteen strength or at least some supplementary help.”

“Heard anything from Brin?”

“Yes, he called yesterday. He’s getting close but there’s evidence of at least five magi setting up security nets. He may not be able to get anything until he gets reinforcements.”

“I gave him the relic so that he didn’t need to wait for reinforcements,” said Jorg. Jorg had asked the Custodian of the Magi Relics for one of the several ancient magi artifacts for use. Benedict, the Custodian, as well as the President of the Magi Council gave it to him.

“He said that he needed reinforcements to be distractions for the five magi.”

“Did he say when he expected to complete the investigation?”

“No. The appearance of the five magi has become a factor that cannot be ignored. Brin wants to make sure that the chances of success is as high as can be.”

“Thanks Kean, I owe you.”

“You owe me big time, Jorg,” said Kean with a smile. “I know that my profile these few days have been terrible. Any casual observer would think that I’m a sex-starved slut!”

Jorg smiled. He had devised several mirage shield scenarios for Kean when he ran his errands. Because he had to work with both Jacques and Heath, the scenarios usually involved the three of them in sexual romps.

“In the last two days,” Kean continued, “I had sex twice a day with Jacques and Heath. No doubt I’m having animal sex with you right now!”

“You sound as if you don’t enjoy it,” Jorg teased.

“I don’t know. I’m still a virgin.”

Jorg smiled gently. Since he had met Kean a year ago, the most they ever did was kissing. They had been sleeping in the same room but in different beds. The rigours of training together meant abstinence, at least until Kean had reached level five. Jorg’s urgency to reach the higher levels of power also meant that sex was out. Kean reached level five at the beginning of the year. Jorg had kept his promise to Kean’s father to train him. Patrick had died two weeks after Kean reached level five.

“What are you thinking of?” asked Kean.

Jorg snapped back to the present. “Us,” he said quietly.

“You were thinking about Daddy too, weren’t you?” asked Kean.


“I miss him too.”

Jorg moved forward to give Kean a hug. Kean held tightly as he remembered the night that his father had passed away.

† ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ †

Date: 21 September 2674, Monday

Patrick, Kean’s father had been aging rapidly and was nearing the end as what was left of his magi abilities gradually left him. During the last month of his life, he was bedridden. Though Patrick was suffering, he never made a single complaint. He accepted that that was the way things was. Whenever Kean entered his room, Patrick had a smile for him. The night he died, Patrick asked for Jorg.

When Jorg came, Patrick revealed his hopes.

“Jorg, you’ve been a good student and now an extremely good friend,” he said slowly because of the difficulty he had in speaking.

“Patrick, you shouldn’t tire yourself …” Jorg interrupted.

“I have to do this, Jorg. There may not be time left …” Patrick coughed slightly. His breathing was slightly faster. “Jorg, you’ve managed to get Kean to level five. That was good. Now he’ll have the strength and endurance to help you train higher.” Jorg nodded. “You must forgive an old man’s curiosity. When I introduced Kean to you, I’d hoped that the two of you’d click.” Patrick gave a weak grin when he saw the two men with puzzled looks. “I’d hope that the two of you’d end up as a couple. I do realise that this is difficult when you’re helping each other to train but the both of you have a great internal motivation to go higher, so there’ll be no complications when in training. How goes the relationship?”

Kean’s face reddened. Jorg’s face was stoic. He was thinking how to respond to his ex-master.

“Patrick, we’ve talked and realised that we’re indeed attracted to each other. However, I feel that the age difference is a factor that we’d need to work on. I’m past six hundred and fifty and Kean is only in his mid-thirties. Though we’re physically compatible, it’s a totally different ball game emotionally. Kean needs to live his life first. I’ve given him the liberty to choose. I’ll be introducing him to other people who are gay and allowing him to make the choice. Because of my training, we’re not having sex. We are affectionate with each other but the relationship is an open one.”

Patrick’s smile dropped a little. “I see,” he said.

“Daddy, why are you sad?” Kean asked softly.

“I’m not sad. Just that one of my hopes wasn’t fulfilled. But I understand why it is so. Jorg had made the right decisions. I’m glad that he’s the one training you. Any lesser magi would’ve taken advantage of you straight away.”

“Patrick. I don’t like to predict the future but there’s one thing that I’m sure of. I’ll do whatever I possibly can to look after him. If he meets someone else, I’ll still look after him like a son or a nephew. If he chooses to stay with me, he needs to know patience; he needs to wait. My task at hand is very important. I can’t give myself totally to him until I reach at least level eighteen. I can love him but I can’t be sexually intimate with him until then. We’ll be living like monks until I reach my target.”

Patrick nodded his head. “I’m glad that you’ve made a decision to look after him. Even though he’s all grown up, being gay is still difficult in the world, and more so within the magi circle. He needs a guide. I’m glad that you’ve decided to be that guide.”

“Patrick, I won’t lie to you. I’m very attracted to your son. I care for him a great deal. However, I don’t think I’ll be fair to him if I expect him to wait for me to reach level eighteen. Only he can make that decision but whatever the decision, my heart goes out to him.”

“Thank you, Jorg. I’m now at peace. Kean, I think it is time to summon your brother and sisters. I feel the end is near.”

Gilbert, Asako, Yoko and Kayomi came when summoned. They were not surprised to see Jorg there because Patrick had spoken highly of him. Patrick died some two hours later with his five children, Jorg and his aging sister-in-law, Sakura by his side. They talked of old times and happy times.

“Don’t cry,” Patrick struggled to say when he was nearing the end. “I’m going to be with your mother. It’s a happy thing.” After receiving hugs and kisses from his children and Sakura, he breathed his last. Jorg did not have his chance even to hold his hand.

† ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ †

Date: 24 October 2674, Saturday

Kean knew that Jorg was affected but kept his feeling really deep inside him. Kean could sense the emotions during training sessions with Jorg however he kept mum because his knowledge was a privileged one. He did not feel right talking about it, not even with Jorg.

A small chime came from Kean’s coat pocket. Kean was jolted out of his memories and released Jorg, “Sorry, I asked Jemma to inform me when the results of the analysis you asked for were ready.” He took out a small device from his pocket and handed it to Jorg. Jorg closed his eyes as he held on to the device.

Suddenly Jorg opened his eyes and the device was gone. Within a second he had willed away both his and Kean’s clothes. Kean found himself on Jorg’s bed and Jorg took Kean’s limp dick into his mouth. Needless to say, Kean was surprised but his dick began to grow in Jorg’s mouth.

“What …?” he began but he felt Jorg’s left hand squeezing his right buttock. Three quick squeezes followed by three slightly harder squeezes and then three quick ones in succession. The pattern continued. At first, the squeezes excited Kean even more. Fortunately, Kean had learnt ancient Morse code from Jorg during his training, and, after about ten seconds, recognised the message. He understood why Jorg was doing what he was doing but it did not make things easier. He was feeling more and more aroused. Jorg was giving him extreme pleasure.

*Hold on, Kean, don’t come yet. Hold on!* he heard Jorg telling him mentally.

Suddenly Jorg released Kean’s dick and turned towards the window. As Kean turned towards the window, he saw a shadow move away. He saw Jorg closing his eyes trying to locate the shadow. Kean put his hand on Jorg’s shoulder to try to augment his strength.

“It’s no use. He’s gone,” Jorg said. “Help me to augment the shield.”

After it was done, Jorg said, “Sorry for that. When I linked with Jemma, I was warned that there was someone outside the ship. Our adversary is very smart. When all other electronic and magi means of surveillance doesn’t work, use the old fashioned way: physical spying. Whoever it was wanted to make sure that what was being seen in our shield corresponds to the reality.”

“Wow! I understood your message on my arse-cheeks,” said Kean, “but if you’d carried on some more, you’d have given me a lot of your life energies.”

“It was quite close. I just had you completely in my mouth when our intruder came to the window. I had to then do what the shield was depicting and then make the the shield truly transparent. Once the shield was transparent, I got up to confront the intruder.” Jorg seemed to have ignored Kean’s remarks.

“What a waste! We didn’t get a chance to see where the intruder went.”

“Actually,” smiled Jorg. “I knew who he was before he reached our window.”

“You do?”

“Yes. I’m sorry if you’re going to feel frustrated because of this. I could give you a hand job …”

“I could return the favour,” Kean replied noticing that Jorg was also aroused.

“Sorry, Kean. I’d love for you to do that but you know that any sexual activity will be detrimental to my training,” Jorg said softly and gently. “For you, it would make very little difference.”

Kean was disappointed but he knew what Jorg meant. Jorg had to sacrifice a lot for his task.

“No, Jorg. If you have the control, I must also practice that control if I hope to be a worthy partner of yours.”

Jorg gave a small smile. He was happy that Kean felt this way. “Thank you, Kean. I don’t think I say I love you enough.”

“You do, Jorg. And I love you too.” Then Kean changed the subject, “About the intruder?”

“The next few hours are crucial for us …”

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