The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

A Brother’s Secret

Chapter 6
Heath Assailed

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This story is of an adult nature. It is not intended for minors nor for those whose law in their land forbids them to read this material.
This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 25 May 2675, Tuesday

The Pellegrine was in dock for two weeks for the usual maintenance. The crew were given a week off to cover the weekends that they worked. Jacques had called Mark to the office on the pretext of doing some work so that they could claim extra time off just before their next journey. After work, Jacques took Mark out for dinner.

“Isn’t Heath joining us?” asked Mark.

“No. He’s packing for his trip to Neptune tomorrow. He’s meeting his father and I’ll join him on Friday. He wanted some time alone with his father before I joined him.”

“His father knows about the both of you, surely?” Mark asked.

“Yes. I think Heath wants to see if his father is okay when he sees us together. I’ve agreed that we won’t be holding hands or doing anything that his father might think is improper. Though George Williams is no longer active as a politician, he’s still an important figure in politics. Heath’s father is in Neptune to try to solve an industrial dispute between the Neptune government and one of the unions.”

¤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¤

In reality, Heath had an appointment with Matthew. He was supposed to have sex with Matthew so that he would have the full complement of the special genes needed for helping out with the psychic advancement of humanity.

“Okay, Matt, I will go with whatever you want,” said Heath nervously.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” suggested Matthew, feeling nervous as well.

Heath nodded his head and followed Matthew into the bedroom.

“We decided that you should give me a blow job, so what do you want me to do?” asked Matthew.

“Whatever you’re comfortable,” said Heath. Matthew could clearly see that Heath was not comfortable at all. He knew for sure now that Jacques and Heath were not out to seduce him.

“Relax, Heath. Your nervousness isn’t helping me,” said Matthew finally.

“Sorry,” Heath mumbled.

“Okay. Why don’t I lie on the bed and then you do what you need to do?” suggested Matthew.

“That sounds fine,” said Heath shortly.

Matthew lay on the bed with his legs hanging over the side. He unbuckled his pants and pulled down the front of his underwear.

Heath approached the younger man slowly and then knelt between Matthew’s legs. He opened his mouth and forced himself to have oral sex with Matthew. After twenty minutes, Heath’s jaw began to ache. Matthew sat up and said, “I don’t think that this is working. Maybe having my clothes on is not good for the circulation. I know I need to jack off without my clothes.”

Heath stood up, still fully clothed. Matthew took off his clothes in front of Heath, revealing a very toned body. Heath marvelled at Matthew’s toned body. It was a little more well-built than Jacques’ and Heath noticed that he was actually getting attracted to Matthew.

“Okay, let’s try this again,” said Matthew flopping onto the bed again.

Heath resumed what he was doing more earnestly because he found himself attracted to Matthew. However, the young man was not able to get fully aroused.

“I’m sorry, Heath, this isn’t working,” said Matthew gently pushing Heath away. “I guess we’ll have to use the other method.”

Heath stood up, feeling very anxious. He was already a little aroused and he was afraid that Matthew might get the wrong signals. He hesitated a little.

“Aren’t you taking your clothes off?” asked Matthew. “How am I to do it with you fully clothed?”

Heath jumped a little. “Sorry, I’m just a little aroused by your nakedness. I hope you don’t take that in the wrong way.”

Matthew laughed. “Heath! You’re gay. If you don’t get turned on by guy’s bodies, how can you claim to be one? … Are you saying that I’m not a hot guy?”

“No … yes … um … I mean … I mean … that you’re hot,” Heath said that quickly. “I just hope you aren’t offended.”

“Take off your clothes already!” laughed Matthew. “You’ve seen me in my birthday suit. It’s time I get to see what Jacques like so much about you!” he teased.

This actually made Heath more nervous. He was so nervous then that he lost his erection.

“Woh!” exclaimed Matthew. “You’re built! I can see why Jacques is attracted to you.” Heath turned pale. Matthew saw it and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not gay and not turning into one. Lighten up, will you? If we want to do it right, you’ve got to relax. Your tense arse is not going to take me.” At that, Heath relaxed visibly. “Okay, what must I do?” asked Matthew.

Heath picked up his coat and took out a tube of lube. “I have to be lubricated.”

“Let me,” said Matthew. “You just lie down and I’ll do it. You’re too tense.”

Heath obediently went to the bed and lay on his front. He let his legs hang down the side of the bed. He then instructed Matthew on the preparations for what they were about to do.

About ten minutes later, a very aroused Heath said, “I think I’m ready.”

“Okay, I’m coming in,” said Matthew. Heath was thankful that he could not see Matthew’s face. He was sure that Matthew was really disgusted with the finger job he had given him. In reality, Matthew was fascinated by the fact that the sphincter muscles could be stretched in that way.

Matthew was so aroused that he barely bucked twice when he ejaculated. Heath could feel the semen entering his rectum. He clamped his anus shut when Matthew withdrew.

“Turn over, Heath,” said Matthew. Heath turned around and faced Matthew. “Let me return the favour.”

“No,” said Heath. “As a magus, I will drain your life energies if I were to enter you. I can’t allow that to happen.”

“You didn’t get off. It felt so good when I was in you,” said Matthew.

Heath looked alarmed. “You aren’t thinking of switching camps, are you?”

“I think I’ll still prefer pussies,” said Matthew thoughtfully. “I had some before, you know. I think girls feel good but your behind wasn’t bad either. I managed to get off, and I think I should return the favour.”

“You don’t owe me anything. We did what we needed to do …”

“C’mon. Don’t tell me you’re satisfied. As far as I can see, the experience wasn’t a good one at all,” remarked Matthew noticing the absence of arousal on Heath’s part.

“No, we’ve done what was supposed to be done,” Heath said quite firmly.

“C’mon, if you consider yourself my friend, you’d allow me to return the favour,” said Matthew.

Heath considered for a moment and said, “If you want to wank me, I’ll have no objections.”

Matthew smiled. He squeezed some lube onto his hands and started masturbating Heath. Heath felt good and started to moan. Matthew started to get aroused again. He did not know why he was getting aroused but he was not about to complain.

“I’m getting hard again. Let me in …” he pleaded.

Heath was lost in the pleasure that Matthew was giving him. He lifted his hips a little and spread his legs. As Heath reached his climax, he tightened his sphincter muscles. That provided a harder stimulation of Matthew and brought Matthew his second orgasm.

“Wow! That was wicked!” exclaimed Matthew when he caught his breath.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” said Heath between pants. “Could you please take out the funny shaped plastic object in my coat pocket?”

Matthew went to Heath’s coat that was hung on the back of a chair. He found the object that Heath talked about. “What’s this thing?” he asked as he handed it to Heath.

“It’s a special butt-plug. It’ll keep the semen in until the genetic exchange is complete.” Heath inserted the plug into his orifice and walked to the part of the room where he had dropped the rest of his clothes. He picked up his briefs. They were a pair of special briefs made to hold a butt-plug in place. He adjusted himself as he wore the briefs and the rest of his clothes.

Matthew watched with interest as Heath walked over to his pile of clothes. He wondered if it was the butt-plug or the stretching of the anal muscles that made Heath walked that way. He also stared at Heath when he adjusted his underwear.

“There’s no leakage?” he asked.

“No,” Heath replied. Then Heath closed his eyes to contact Jacques.

*It’s done,* Heath informed Jacques.

After a few moments, he received a reply from Jacques, *Process activated, Heath. See you at home,*

“I’ll be going, Matthew,” Heath said as he put on his shirt.

Matthew felt a little cheeky. “You’re just going to go like that? What? No cuddle?”

“What?” asked Heath as he buttoned up his shirt. Matthew kept quiet as Heath finished buttoning and reached for his coat.

When Heath had put on his coat, Matthew said, “After today, I’m looking at gay sexuality with a different light. You may’ve converted me. Call me anytime you want.”

Heath went pale and quickly disappeared from Matthew’s view.

“No sense of humour!” mumbled Matthew as he got into the bathroom. He washed up and got into bed.

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 25 May 2675, Tuesday

It was about ten in the night when Jacques returned home. Heath was neither in the living room nor in the study. Usually, Heath would be sitting up waiting for him. Then Jacques panicked. If Mark found Matthew and Heath, it would be terrible. He mentally reached out for Heath and found him in their bedroom. That surprised Jacques. He wondered what was the matter. Heath did not seem like himself.

When Jacques entered the bedroom, he found Heath in bed and facing away from the door. From what he sensed, Heath was still awake and was keeping a shield around himself. Jacques was concerned. Heath was not like himself at all. He reached out his hand towards Heath and shook him.

“Heath, are you okay?”

There was no response.

“Please Heath, say something, you’re scaring me.”

Heath turned slowly and Jacques was surprised to see that Heath’s eyes were red.

“What’s the matter, Heath?”

“I feel so dirty!” he sobbed.

“What happened?”

“I … I …” Heath sobbed again. This time it was more violent.

“Hush,” Jacques said, “you don’t have to tell me now. Everything’s going to be all right.”

“No!” Heath pushed Jacques away. “I’m the dirtiest pig in the world. I don’t know how you could love me!”

“Why are you thinking like this?”

“I enjoyed it, Jacques! I enjoyed it! I enjoyed sex with Matthew! One session wasn’t enough, I had two. I’ve been unfaithful!” Heath turned away and started sobbing again.

Jacques was getting worried. Heath was the strong silent one. It was not like him at all to break down like that. He decided to send a message to Jorg.

Both Jorg and Kean appeared in the bedroom.

“Why did you have to call them?” wailed Heath. “But perhaps you’re justified. You need some support for all that I’ve wronged you.”

“What’s happening?” Kean asked very concerned. He had never seen Heath in this condition before.

Jorg kept silent. He reached for Heath and said, “Open your mind to me, Heath. This is your Master talking to you.”

Heath bowed his head and said quietly, “Yes Master.”

After a few moments, Jorg said, “Rest now Heath. Lay down and try to sleep.” Turning to Kean, he said, “Reinforce me Kean, I need to keep him tranquil.”

Kean moved and placed his right hand on Jorg’s right shoulder. Then he shuddered a little before removing his hand.

“Thanks,” said Jorg. His face was grim and he said, “We need to bring Matthew Keith here. Kean, keep watch on Heath. I’ll go to get Matthew. Jacques, I want you to come with me.”

Kean knew that Heath was very vulnerable at the moment and could be targetted for psychic attacks. He built a psychic shield and held it in place.

A few moments later, Matthew, Jacques and Jorg appeared.

“We’ll be in the living room, Kean. Shout if there is anything!” Jorg said quietly.

Kean nodded.

Once in the living room, Matthew sat down in the spot where he had sat two days before.

“What’s this about? I gave what you asked for and that was the deal, wasn’t it?” he said sleepily.

Jorg spoke, “I’m Master Jorg. I’m in charge of training Jacques and Heath in their magi training. I know that you had sex with Heath this evening but something’s gone wrong. I want to know what happened. You may not be comfortable with describing what the both of you did but unless I know exactly what you did, Heath is in great danger.”

Matthew sat up when he heard that. “What do you mean danger? He was okay when he left me.”

“Heath has kinda like gone off the deep end when I saw him just a few minutes ago,” explained Jacques.

“I don’t think Jacques should be here. After all, I just did his boyfriend …” said Matthew with some embarrasment.

Jorg nodded his head. “Jacques, go into the bedroom and stay with Kean. He’s right. You may have agreed to what was done but hearing the details may not rest too well with you. Don’t let your emotions control you. You’ve got to be strong for Heath, understand?”

“Yes,” Jacques said. He trusted Jorg completely.

Ten minutes later, Jorg and Matthew entered the bedroom. Matthew was very pale.

“Okay, Jorg,” said Jacques, “what’s wrong with Heath?”

Matthew made a move to say something but Jorg held him back. “It isn’t your fault and you’ve got to remain strong. If not all is lost.”

Jacques grew concerned, “What’s the matter?”

“White,” was all that Jorg said.

Jacques realised that their adversary had done something. This was serious. Jacques began to get very agitated.

*Stop that Jacques,* Jorg’s mental voice sounded in his mind. *That’s how Heath was affected! Listen, there’s a way out but you’ve got to calm down and listen to all that I’ve to say. You need to think through the things I say and then ask questions, agreed?*

Jacques nodded. Matthew did not hear any exchange but he could tell that some psychic communication had just passed between Jacques and Jorg.

“Matthew wasn’t able to be stimulated orally,” said Jorg aloud this time, “so the both of them had to try the other method. After everything was over, Matthew, wanting to let Heath know that there was no ill feelings over the incident joked with Heath a little. He said he might decide to become a gay man, causing Heath to leave rather abruptly. I’ve discovered foreign influences in both Matthew and Heath. For Matthew, the influence reinforces an implanted suggestion. It was implanted rather recently. In Heath’s case, it could have been there for months as it only disappears after it’s activated. It plays on a strong negative emotion causing the subject to think negatively and sinks the person deeper and deeper into depression.”

At this juncture, Iris and another magus appeared.

Jorg smiled and said, “I’ve asked them to help us to strengthen the psychic shield. I need Kean and Jacques to help me to help Heath and Matthew.”

Once the psychic shield was in place, Jorg explained further, “White’s not here, this is the work of anyone with a level eleven and above. Since the technique is usually used for normal humans, we can assume that Heath and Jacques’ secret is still safe. Unfortunately, White has found out Matthew’s true identity. I’ve sent another two magi to Mark’s place just in case.” At that, Matthew looked more relieved.

“Matthew was very susceptible to the suggestive thought. He started to enjoy the sex and flirted with Heath. Heath, on the other hand, had felt guilty about enjoying sex with Matthew. He took it as a sign that he had betrayed his relationship with Jacques.”

“That’s silly!” Jacques remarked.

“Remember that the original plan was to let Matthew have the pleasure,” said Jorg.

“I would’ve understood …”

“Yes, but there was a further complication which no one had thought of, including the magus who placed the suggestion. Heath has a passive power. One of the characteristics is that it’s able to heal. I sensed a lot of the hurt of being rejected within Heath.”

“You mean he has somehow taken my hurts?” asked Matthew in surprise.

“Yes. I’m sure you’d notice that you felt a lot better after being with Heath. It wasn't just the sex, Matthew. Heath is a very feeling person. I’m sure he sensed your hurt and he wanted to heal you. His ability to heal took away some of the hurt you had. What usually happens in healing is that the hurt dissipates slowly. The healer usually helps himself by relaxing and tuning in actively to happy thoughts, allowing the positive psychic energies to push away the negative. Tonight, because of the influence placed in his mind, these negative psychic elements are working even stronger. That’s why he’s so depressed. This is going to get worse. If we don’t do anything, he may commit psychical suicide.”

“What’s that?”asked Jacques, suddenly feeling cold.

“Remember the condition you were in when you looked into yourself and got lost?” Jorg asked Jacqes.

“Yes, it was a horrible experience,” said Jacques with a shudder.

“One form of psychic suicide would be to enter into that situation and no one would be able to bring that person out because it isn’t because one gets lost by accident but because the magus chooses to be lost and remain lost.” Jacques shivered at the thought. “Yes,” agreed Jorg. “It’s much worse because the torment carries on as long as the person is alive.”

“What should we do?” asked Kean.

“As always, Kean, I need you to sustain my strength,” said Jorg with a certain regret in his voice.

Kean shot a thought to Jorg, *Jorg! I’ll do it, don’t feel that you’re doing me wrong. Don’t get dragged down by the negative energies that’s already around.*

*Thanks.* responded a grateful Jorg. *I’m still quite worn out by this afternoon’s training.*

*That’s why I’m around. Don’t forget that I’m to be used. Not sitting pretty,* reminded Kean.

Jacques caught the negative tone when Jorg spoke to Kean but said nothing. He was more worried about Heath.

Jorg then proceeded to explain, “Jacques, you and I will enter Heath’s mind. I would be able to remove the suggestion from Heath just as I have done to Matthew but I’ll have to do more for Heath. I need to help him to push out the negative psychic energies that he has taken from Matthew. You, Jacques, will speak to his mind, show his mind with your happy thoughts and your love. Don’t transfer anything or else the negative thoughts would enter your mind and I’ll have another person to worry about.”

“What about me?” asked Matthew, “I feel like shit that I was the cause of all this.”

“That’s a negative thought not needed, Matthew,” replied Jorg. “You weren’t the cause. If not for the suggestion that White’s agent placed in his mind, Heath wouldn’t be in this state. He would’ve been able to handle all the negative energies properly. You can help by talking aloud to him. Tell him the truth. Tell him your suspicions of him that was turned into trust …”

“You know about that?” asked Matthew, realising for the first time that evening what was happening to him.

“I had to remove the suggestion in your mind,” explained Jorg. “As I was doing that, you had much in your mind and I couldn’t help but pick them up.”

Matthew’s tone was one of worry when he said, “Then you know about …”

“What I know is not important at the moment, Matthew. Heath is more important. If you feel you need to talk to me, we can do it after Heath is out of danger,” Jorg proposed.

Matthew nodded.

“As I was saying,” continued Jorg, “tell him positive things. If you had negative thoughts that turned positive, tell him. Tell the truth, his mind can tell if it is a lie. Lying would worsen the problem. Repeat as much as you can. His mind needs it and Heath needs to hear it.”

Two hours later, Heath was out of danger. He was sleeping soundly.

“What time is his flight to Neptune?” asked Jorg.

“Noon,” replied Jacques.

“Is he packed?” asked Jorg

“Yes,” replied Jacques.

Jorg looked relieved. “Let him sleep till nine. He should be fresh then. He will remember much of what happened. Please tell him not to think too much of it because we’re all fine.”

“Thanks Master Jorg,” Jacques said respectfully.

“This is the first time you’ve called me Master outside training,” Jorg remarked.

“This night has been a kind of training for me, Master,” responded Jacques, still not using Jorg’s name.

Jorg grinned. “I hope you’re not changing your ways, Jacques.”

“You have my word that I won’t. I’ll drop your title when you come for dinner next week when Heath and I are back from Neptune,” Jacques replied.

“An invitation?” asked Jorg. “Invite Matthew and Mark. Six for dinner is definitely a better celebration,” he suggested.

“Yes,” replied Jacques thoughtfully, “That’s a marvellous idea.”

Jorg then changed his appearance for Matthew who realised who Jorg was to his brother.

“One more thing …” Jorg said. “You’ve school tomorrow and Jacques has to be alert for Heath. C’mere.”

Jacques and Matthew went towards Jorg. Jorg placed his hands on their heads and closed his eyes. They disappeared. Matthew was back in his bed. Jacques was sleeping beside Heath. Jorg was pale and Kean noticed it. The activities had taken a lot of his energy.

“You need to rest,” Kean said.

“I know,” replied Jorg. “I’m glad that we have two weeks off. I’ve just one more thing to do.”

Iris appeared in his midst.

“Iris, I obtained a psychic print of the magus who affected Heath and Matthew,” Jorg informed her and sent her the information psychically. “Please see if Rocky can find out where this magus is right now. Observe him.”

“Why not just get rid of him?” asked Iris.

“That would just alert White to our strength,” Jorg explained. “I don’t want White to send stronger magi here. We’ve our hands full as it is. White will act quickly if he discovers that we know about his intentions and our real mission will be in jeopardy. We can only act if the magus makes the first move. At the moment, I don’t think he’ll make any moves until he realises that the psychic print on his subject has been changed.”

Kean was surprised. “You mean you haven’t removed …”

“No. I’ve just moved Matthew’s to another area where it is harmless. If I remove it totally, it’ll cause suspicion. I’ve removed Heath’s because it was dangerous. Anyway, it’ll make him think we’re concentrating on Heath and not on Matthew. It’ll work in our advantage.”

“I see. You’re devious, Jorg,” smiled Iris.

Jorg smiled. “Please give my thanks to the magi that have helped us tonight and ask them to rest well.”

“I will,” Iris replied.

“Thanks again,” said Jorg.

“It was our pleasure Jorg. We know that what you were doing was important. Please don’t hesitate to call on us again. Please take your rest, your energy levels are very low,” Iris answered.

Jorg’s face was grave. “Our adversary is forcing our hand. We need to push him back until we’re all ready and the time is right.”

“Yes, Jorg,” said Iris. She disappeared after giving a slight bow to Jorg.

“Let’s go home, Kean,” Jorg said, leaning a little on his love.

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