The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book V

Chapter 4
Jorg’s Secret Training

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NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 21 July 2673, Monday

“Congratulations, Jorg,” said Patrick. “You’ve reached level fourteen.”

Jorg had been training with Master Patrick Feehan, a former rescuer corps trainer, for the past two years. Training sessions were usually held at the Feehans’ homestead somewhere in the range of mountains in what was once known as central Japan.

“It’s all because of you that I’ve been able to advance two levels in less than two years,” replied Jorg.

“No, you had the potential, and I only guided you. In my opinion, Jorg. You could reach level sixteen easily, looking at the strides that you’ve made in these two years. Most people take six months to a year to move from level ten to eleven. You took just three weeks!”

“You forget, Master Patrick, I’ve been level ten for at least the last four hundred years. Though I’ve not trained, my psyche must have been expanding itself.” Jorg then told Master Patrick of his brush with permanent injury when he fused his hand with rock. “So you see Master Patrick, I was in the rock for at least half an hour. In normal circumstances I would’ve lost my hand but I didn’t.”

“I see what you mean. Please Jorg, for the last time, please call me Patrick. I’ve retired from training magi.”

“But you’re training me?” countered Jorg.

“I’m helping you to train yourself,” corrected Patrick. “You were wise to know that you needed someone to guide you as you go beyond level fourteen.”

“What was the greatest level any one magus had attained?” asked Jorg.

“I do believe that in the seventeenth century, there was a magus who achieved level nineteen,” replied Patrick. “Theoretically, the maximum is twenty, but on the whole, most magi make it to level twelve. A few of us make it past level fifteen but very few ever reach nineteen. The number of years in which we can live make it difficult for anyone to each even level eighteen. After the twelfth level, I took another hundred years to reach level sixteen at six hundred and fifty.”

“I will never reach sixteen, in that case …” said Jorg quietly.

“Nonsense!” said his trainer rather severely. “You’ve potential, Jorg. You may be in your six hundreds but you still have lots of potential in you. I can sense it. Whether you reach sixteen is not the question, it is how much higher you can go.”

“But surely, if a Master like you, when in your five hundreds took a century to train four levels. What can I, in my six hundreds hope to achieve?”

Patrick looked down and shook his head. Then he looked up and placed his hand on Jorg’s shoulder. “Look here, Jorg. I have confidence in you. The question is how much confidence you have in yourself and how determined are you. Tsui has the determination but not the potential to go higher. Yet, she continues to try. You must also have that determination. From what I read of your powers all this time that you’ve been training with me, you will surely surpass me.”

“Thank you. I do feel a lot more powerful,” said Jorg, “but at the same time, more afraid.”


“Didn’t you get afraid when you reached level fifteen, Mas… I mean Patrick? I’m afraid that I’d lose the control of reason as I become more powerful, then getting out of control as a result.”

Patrick gave a small smile. “I was never afraid because I had a love.”

“A lover?”

Patrick seemed to be thinking of something and then snapped out of his thoughts. “Do you know why I left the training school?”

“I just thought you wanted to start a family,” Jorg replied.

Patrick nodded his head. “Yes. Michio waited for me. When I was climbing up the levels of training, she was there for me. She was only level eight and couldn’t rise further. She knew that. She was always there to talk. She was the centre of my life and she became my conscience of sorts when I became a little ambitious. You know that I’m already seven hundred and eighty-four years old. About half a century ago, Michio said that she didn’t have many years left. She was only about five hundred years old. She told me she could still have my children if I wanted. After consulting a magus physician, she was put on psychic monitoring so that we could have the smooth delivery of my children. In the end we had five children.”

“Five in fifty years … Wow,” said Jorg in wonder, “you’ve been active!”

“Actually, we had five in twenty-five years,” said Patrick with a smile. “Michio died twenty seven years ago and my youngest is already thirty-two.”

“I’m sorry,” said Jorg.

“There’s no need to be sorry,” said Patrick. “She’d lived a happy life and I’ll join her in death when it is my time to go.”

“You don’t look as if you’ve aged,” said Jorg truthfully. Patrick looked just a few years older than he did when Jorg was in the rescuer corps more than two hundred years before. “I’m sure you’ve quite some more years to go.”

“Jorg,” said Patrick softly, “you know that that’s not going to happen.”

“I’m sure I’ll need your guidance to advance,” Jorg said politely.

“Jorg, I still have some of my powers. I have a level seventeen ability but the strength of a level three at the moment. I’m ageing. Because of the concentration of having my children, the ageing will occur geometrically. The physicians are keeping mum, but I do feel myself getting weaker.”

“I guess that I’ll have to remain a level fourteen,” said Jorg.

“Not necessarily,” replied Patrick. “Once you reach level fifteen you’d be able to go higher on your own. All you need is an anchor. Furthermore, someone has been observing you. In my weakened state, I don’t know if I can continue to shield you.”

“You’ve detected him?” asked Jorg in surprise. “I take special care not to leave a trail. I haven’t detected my nemesis all this time. He must be really powerful.”

“It wouldn’t take long for him to find out how we’ve been able to thwart him every time,” remarked Patrick.

“You must have a special shield then,” suggested Jorg. “How is it that your shield is so strong? I know that my nemesis is at least a level fifteen.”

“There are two people maintaining this shield,” explained Patrick. “One is my sister-in-law, Sakura, and the other is my youngest son, Kean. My sister-in-law is a level ten and is using my son’s psychic energy to augment her strength when you’re here. The shield has to seem penetrable and yet not show too much when you’re here. She has had one visit from your nemesis before and she had to let him enter the shield and yet not realise that you were here.”

“She cannot only be a level ten to achieve all that with him?” asked Jorg in amazement.

“Her strength is that of a level thirteen because of my son. When your nemesis entered, I used her strength with my level seventeen power to create an illusion that it was a lady that was with me. Then my sister-in-law called out to him and he fled.”

“She had no more intrusions from him?”

“No. He was convinced that you weren’t here. Furthermore, Sakura hadn’t let her guard down. She’s also feeling the start of ageing and will soon not be able to shield you,” Patrick added.

“I guess that I’ll have to remain a level fourteen and hope that it is enough for my task,” said Jorg with certain resignation.

“Sakura and I have discussed a way,” said Patrick. “It’ll solve the problems that we have.”

“What is it?” asked Jorg curiously.

“Once you reach level fifteen, my son, Kean, will be able to help you self-train. He has a very strong potential. Like you, he may even surpass me. His tolerance is great. That is his strength. He may be able to be your guide out of your mental exercises after you reach level fifteen.”

Jorg was taken aback. “But he is only … what … thirty-two? He must have a life of his own and I think I’ve burdened your family enough.”

“No, Jorg. Listen,” said Patrick seriously. “Both Sakura and Kean know is that you’re one of my favourite students and you’re also one of the most upright. When I mentioned my plan to Sakura, she was all for it. When I asked Kean if he was willing to help you train to your full potential, he was willing.”

“I don’t know what to say. Your family have done so much for me already!” Jorg said with great gratitude.

“Say yes. Once you reach level fifteen, I’m sure he’ll be able to assist you in self-training. He has the ability to absorb twice as much energy as his body is supposed to be capable of holding. He should be able to be your anchor with a level five power at a level ten strength.”

“If so, Patrick, shouldn’t he be getting to the rescue training school. Such capabilities are always in demand.”

“Jorg, my son doesn’t want to go to the school. He has a good friend there who grew up with him and …” Patrick said hesitatingly.

“Fell in love with her?” offered Jorg helpfully.

“Well,” said Patrick with a smile. “It’s somewhere along that line …”

“Pardon me, Mas … uh … Patrick, but there aren’t any rules that say that a rescuer and his wife can’t be in the corps together. If I remember well, they could even be assigned to the same squad.”

“Ah, yes,” replied Master Patrick, “but my son has a situation that’s more similiar to yours.”

Jorg realised what the trainer was implying. “I take it that you know that I’ve had the nasty experience of being in love with a straight magus.”

Master Patrick nodded.

“In that case, Patrick, I must admit that I wasn’t as wise as your son. I chose to believe that he could also be in love with me. He loved me, of course, but as a friend. When he finally asked me to be his best man, I was heart-broken.”

“You kept being friends, didn’t you?” asked Patrick gently.

“Yes. I suppose that when he knew how I felt about him, he took it that I’d worked through the pain since I didn’t kick up a fuss,” explained Jorg.

Patrick gave a small sigh. “Actually, Sven came to see me just after he told you about his decision. He wanted to inform me that he wouldn’t be continuing training after the wedding. I'd noticed that he was distracted and I asked him about it. I thought that he was having second thoughts. After all, Eva was the daughter of a very high official. He then told me about your reactions and asked if he had been too presumptious to ask you to be best man. You see Jorg, Sven knew all the time that you had feelings for him. He loved you like a brother and didn’t want to lose such a good friend. So, he never let on that he knew about your feelings.”

Something showed Patrick that Jorg had just realized something. “Now I understand why he wasn’t so shocked when I introduced Martin to him. Eva seemed more relieved than shocked.”

“I suppose Sven would have told Eva about your feelings towards him,” remarked Patrick.

“No,” said Jorg. “You don’t understand. After his marriage, I never kept in close contact with Sven. It hurt too much. It was Sven who often called me and asked me out. Eva was always there but there seemed to be some discomfort on her part. I wonder if she thought that Sven was unfaithful to her. When Martin came into the picture, she relaxed, knowing that Sven and I were just friends. Eventually, when Martin died, both she and Sven were the friends I turned to.”

“Ah,” remarked Patrick, “it seems that Sven and Eva didn’t get a good start in their marriage. Michio and I had no secrets. That was the secret of a good marriage.”

“I supposed so,” said Jorg thoughtfully. “However, their relationship grew stronger again. When Eva had that accident that prevented her from having children, I knew it was very hard on her. I think Sven bonded psychically with her again and showed her how much he loved her. She was even glad to see me when I went round to see them. Sven loved her to the end and was a great friend to me.”

“You were present when he died?”

“Yes. Watching his life slipping away wasn’t easy. I was Magi President then and there was that scandal which revealed itself during the funeral,”said Jorg.

“I was there at the funeral. It was a nasty business. Your family must have really hated you.”

“Not really,” said Jorg. “Only Ivar and Marie were bitter towards me. They shared my father’s hatred of gay people and blamed me for his death. Their children and grandchildren don’t really hate me. They just avoid me because of the things they’d heard and simply because they never had the chance to get to know me. I guess how Sven treated me helped me to look forward instead of looking backwards.”

Patrick gave another of his characteristic small sighs. “When Kean came out to his friend seven years ago, this friend started avoiding him. Kean found it extremely distressing. I noticed his sudden depression and managed to coax it out of him. He said he didn’t want to go into rescue training because it’d make him miserable knowing that his friend was there and avoiding him. I said I understood and started to train him myself. It was not easy because I found his mind very distracted. No doubt it’s because of his friend. He took about eighteen months to recover. After that, he went into his training with full force. He went through the first two levels within two years. He is now close to reaching level five.”

“Do you really want to put him at risk by training with me?” asked Jorg. “My nemesis isn’t someone to be trifled with.”

“Yes. To be frank with you, Jorg. I was hoping that you would be able to be his mentor after I’m gone. I know this is selfish of me but I don’t want him to be alone when I die.” said Patrick.

“There’ll still be his older brothers and sisters …” said Jorg.

“They don’t know about his sexuality,” explained Patrick. “Although I know they’ll still love him, I’m afraid that Kean will clam up. He needs a confidante and I was hoping that that confidante would be you, since you’re gay as well.”

Jorg was silent for about ten seconds. “Patrick, I believe that only he can decide if I can be his confidante. As much as I would like to accept this responsibility that you’ve presented to me. It would be unjust for me to presume that he’ll accept me.”

Patrick smiled. “I concur. That’s why I’d like the both of you to get to know each other. I thought that you training him to reach level five would be the perfect opportunity to get to know him. Would you, at least, meet Kean?”

Jorg nodded.

“Good.” Patrick sent a message to his son who promptly appeared.

Jorg was taken aback. Kean was a very good-looking man. He had a sharp angular face with oriental features. He had dark eyes and dark blond hair. He had the best of the Irish and Oriental features in him.

“Jorg, this is Kean,” said Patrick making introductions, “and Kean, this is Jorg.”

“It’s good to finally meet you, Master Jorg,” said Kean as he offered his hand.

“It’s my privilege,” said Jorg as he took Kean’s hand. As soon as they contacted, Jorg felt a feeling that he had not felt for at least a hundred and fifty years.

Patrick noticed the change in the way Jorg looked at his son. He was glad that all that he had hoped for was happening. “Jorg … Kean …” he said, “I’ll leave you both to get acquainted.”

Kean was looking very uncomfortable and so Jorg asked, “What’s the matter Kean?”

“Well,” Kean started. He hesitated a little but within a few moments, seemed to be a little bolder, “I was wondering if training with you was such a good idea.”

“You are free to choose another instructor. I can ask Councillor Tsui. She is a good trainer as well,” answered Jorg with a hint of disappointment.

“I’m sorry if I’d disappointed you, Master Jorg. It’s just that … I … don’t know how I can train when I’m … I’m … so … so …”

“Kean. Don’t doubt yourself. Come out and say what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to offend me if it’s the truth.”

“Yes, Master Jorg. It’s just that … I’m … attracted to you,” said Kean trailing off with the last three words as he looked down.

Jorg was taken aback. He placed his hands on the young man’s shoulder. “Just as I’m attracted to you?”

It took a while for the words to sink in. Kean could not believe his ears. He looked up and said softly, “You mean you felt it too?”

Jorg nodded his head. “It’s not going to be easy to train with someone you love, but I think that’s the reason that you’re now at level four. I didn’t reach level four until I was thirty-five and I started my training at fifteen. You’re only thirty-two!”

Kean looked a little puzzled and so Jorg explained, “Your father certainly loved you and you cared a great deal for you. Love can be the catalyst that allows the speeding up of learning and training.”

“That’s different. He’s my father. It’s not the same kind of love.”

“True. But if love makes you give your best, how can you say that it’s not the same.”

“Well, I might be distracted …”

Jorg smiled. “I’m patient. I’ve fallen three times in the past and I know what it’s like. Yet, with you, I feel like it’s the first time all over again. If we truly love each other, we’ll find a way. It’s only attraction now. Why don’t we get to know each other better before we decide whether it can lead to love?”

“That sounds like a good idea.”

“Good. When can you come to my home. You’re working somewhere in the human world, I assume?”

“Yes. I’m a logistics assistant in a supermarket chain. Well, the hours are flexible. How does next Friday sound?”

“Sounds good. My place I presume,” said Jorg with a smile.

“Yes, your place.”

“And one more thing,” said Jorg.

“Yes?” asked Kean.

“Let's drop the title Master. Call me Jorg,” came the reply.

End of Book V

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