The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book VI
Magi at Work

Chapter 7
An End on Uranus

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This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 13 February 2674, Friday

The next morning, I woke up early and took another shower. When I came out of my room, Jacques had just finished preparing breakfast.

“Good morning. Had a good evening last night?”

“Good morning, Max. I had a considerably good evening if you dismiss that strange thing that Heath laid on me.”

“What thing?” I asked innocently.

“You know, he just freaked out when I said I was going out with Chuck,” Jacques said with a frown.

“Oh that! I wondered, too. Does he do that often?”

“No. That’s the first time I’ve seen him act that way.”

“Maybe you should talk to him about it,” I suggested.

“Should I? He blew up, you know. He should be the one who should bring it up,” Jacques replied.

“Yes, but Heath is the quiet type. He’ll probably apologise and give you some simple reason for the outburst. You’d have to have a real serious talk with him to try to get him to open up to you. I don’t know how long you’ve been friends and then house mates but it’s not healthy for friends not to understand each other, especially when they’re living together.”

“I guess you’re right,” mumbled Jacques who looked deep in thought.

I heard a door open and I quickly whispered, “It’ll be better if I’m not around.”

“Yes, of course,” whispered Jacques.

We had breakfast in silence. It was very strange. Both Jacques and Heath looked very uncomfortable. When I finished my breakfast, which was actually some kind of oatmeal with fruits and bran added, I announced that I needed to go to the resort. Heath volunteered to bring me there. I left the table to get my things and when I came out of my room, Heath was waiting for me with the keys. Jacques was clearing the table.

When we reached outside, the lighting was still on as the sun was too dim.

“You told him about what I said?” asked Heath when we got into the vehicle.

“Of course not.”

“Then why was he looking at me strangely?”

“Perhaps it was because you treated him badly. He told me that he was affected by your outburst last night. I advised him to talk to you about it.”

“Guess we’ll have to lay the cards on the table, eh?”

“Yes. I suspect he’ll want to talk when you return.”

During the two minutes travel in the vehicle, Heath was quiet. He was in a pensive mood. He did not look sad, of which I was glad. I certainly hoped that things would work out for them. We arrived at the drop off point for the resort.

“Good bye and good luck,” I said to Heath as I came out of the vehicle.

“Thanks,” he replied.

When I walked towards the resort’s main entrance, I had a feeling of uncertainty. I really wanted to know what was going to happen to Heath and Jacques. However, the determination that I had when I set out for Uranus three days ago was still strong. I resolved to let the two of them work out their problems and not get involved. It was their problem, not mine.

Checking in was relatively simple. I could not choose the room I wanted because I had no reservation and the resort was almost full. I was told that my room would only be ready at noon. The clerk at the counter suggested that I make use of the various facilities until that time. I was walking around, looking for the video room. It was at the video room that I would be able to find the woman, Rita, who would give me what I wanted.

When I got to the video room, I discovered that it was closed. They serviced the equipment on Friday mornings and it was, of course, Friday. The video room would be opened from two onwards. I looked at my chronograph and saw that it was only eleven. I had to while away sixty minutes. I hate waiting, especially when there was nothing I could do because I did not have the mood to do anything else. After some aimless wanderings, I found myself at the lounge where there was a very pretty girl singing. I did not pay attention to the music at first but then I started noticing the voice and then the music. She must have sung quite a few numbers before I started paying attention to the words. The song she was singing went something like:

I saw a lone figure standing there
He turned around and caught my stare
Never knew
It could be you
That turned my life around

There’s only one life we lead,
There’s only one thing we need,
It’s love that opens my heart wide,
When you’re with me by my side.

We’re two strangers that have met
Together now with no regrets
I have found
And I am bound
To you my love and life.

There’s only one life we lead,
There’s only one thing we need,
It’s love that opens my heart wide,
When you’re with me by my side.

The things that we both go through,
The heartaches that come our way
To make a better me and you
To make us stronger everyday.
I know our love will never end
I know the tests that we must pass …

A hand tapped me on my shoulder and I saw a familiar face looking at me.

“Max, fancy meeting you here! You didn’t say that you were staying here.”

“Hello, Boris. I just checked in.”

“I understand. The two lovebirds need to spend time alone. With you there, it would be … shall we say, difficult?”

I laughed. He simply smiled.

“You didn’t tell me that you were staying here either,” I said.

“Well, you never asked and as I recall, you were quite afraid of me and couldn’t wait to get away from me.”

I must have blushed because I felt a little hot under the collar. “You’re the first person to have made a direct approach,” I defended myself.

“I’m going to be more direct. How about some lunch now? I’m buying.”

“You move fast, Boris. If I didn’t talk to you last night, I’d say you were trying to get a date with me,” I teased.

“If you consider lunch a date, then dinner must be something else,” grinned Boris.

“I’m here alone. I guess having lunch with you won’t be that bad,” I said.

“Especially when I’m buying, eh?” he teased.

“I’m hurt Boris. You’d think I said yes because I wanted a free lunch,” I protested.

“Seriously, would you care to have lunch with me. I’d really could use a friend right now.” His voice had an earnestness and yet calm. There was a certain amount of seriousness.

“Of course.” I said quietly.

“Do I have hope for dinner as well?” he asked without changing his tone.

I asked in surprise, “You’re that lonely?”

“Yes,” he replied in the same calm tone.

“Let’s talk about it during lunch and after that, I’ll decide if dinner would be fine,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

To that, he merely gave a smile.

Lunch was quite a fantastic experience. I learned a lot about Boris’ life, that is if he was not lying. He was a very charming fellow. He did not push when I did not offer much information about myself except for my early life before my parents split up. He smiled a lot and I was really comfortable with him. I began to wonder if that was what friendship was all about. Back on Earth, for about the last fifteen years, I had been afraid. I had been afraid to even make friends. I had acquaintances of course but I was never close to any of them. I led a very lonely life. Then two weeks ago, I decided to end it all. My life had no meaning. As I grew older, life became harder and harder. Meaning in life had totally disappeared.

Boris had to get back to work after lunch and so I decided to get to the video room to see if it was open. It was.

“Good afternoon, I was told that I could speak to Rita,” I said.

The lady at the counter smiled, “Rita is at the back. I’d call her.”

I was told the drill. I needed to talk to her in the back and so I said, “There’s no need. I’ll go to the back to see her.”

“I don’t know … the rules …”

“I’m sure that Mr. Frank won’t mind.”

“All right,” she said. “You can go in.”

“I’ll come straight out,” I replied. The conversation I just had with the counter girl was a compulsory one. In it were many of the passwords that would give people access to Rita.

She handed me a small blue carrier with the pills after I gave her payment. Then I went to look for my room.

The room was very nice. It had to be with the kind of prices that I was paying. I set the pills on the top of the dresser and decided that I would take the pills after dinner with Boris. He would be returning to Earth in the morning. I had avoided giving him an affirmative answer when he suggested that we should get together.

I decided that I should live it up a little. I had a little money left from the purchase. It had been cheaper than I expected. I decided to get a show: the latest by Danny Myers. His earlier movies were more flesh shows banking on his good looks and physique. I remember using his earlier works for wanking sessions after I left Rick’s group. They were not really anything specifically pornographic but one’s imagination can really help when one is horny. He grew to be a very good actor, getting into dramatic roles. His long-time liaison with Erik Letkens has led to speculations about their relationship. They had never affirmed nor denied rumours. Even Letken’s movies have now shown more maturity than before. I bought the ticket and got the movie code.

Just as I was going in, I met Heath coming out. In his hands was a very familiar blue carrier. My heart started to beat very fast. I knew what he had in his hands but I couldn’t let on.

“Hi Heath!” I called out to him.

He nervously nodded to me as I walked towards him.

“Hi there, Max. Didn’t expect to see you so soon.” His eyes were fully of anxiety as he tried to remain calm in my presence.

“So you caught a movie. I didn’t realise that non guests could use the movie room,” I said casually, hoping that he wouldn’t catch on that I knew what was going on.

Heath was looking pale. “Uh … yes. Uh … we’ve to pay a higher rate.”

I thought very fast for the next line. “I see that things are working very well between Jacques and yourself. You even bought him a little gift. That blue bag should remind him of your eyes.”

Heath became even paler. I placed my hand on his shoulder and I could feel him shaking.

“Let’s go outside, Heath. We need to talk.”

I led Heath to a small corner table where there were not so many people.

“What’s happening, Heath? You’re shaking!”

“It’s all over Max. As you said, Jacques talked to me. I opened myself up to him and came out to him. He also came out to me. He’s also gay.”

“So far so good.”

“Jacques said that he saw me as a friend and not as a lover. He said he needed time to think. He didn’t know how to react to what I had said.”

“Well, that’s not bad, Heath.”

“Max, I know Jacques. He just said that to ease the rejection. I don’t think he’s ever wanted me as a lover. I know that he’s found Chuck. Chuck’s his love. I’m not. I don’t want to live anymore!” he broke down.

“That’s not a reason to stop living!” I said feeling very much for this young man. “I don’t believe that Jacques would lie to you like that. He’s a very straight forward man, from what I see. He doesn’t mince his words. He would’ve tried his best to let you down gently if he really wanted to reject you. Perhaps he’s confused over the sudden change of the relationship status. He said he needed time; he needed time to think all of this through. He hasn’t given up on you, and you’re going to give up on him?”

“But what if the final decision’s to remain friends?” Heath asked through his tears.

“You’d have a true friend,” I said trying to be as convincing as possible. “You’d be able to share many things with him intimately. You’d have a friend. The only thing that wouldn’t happen is the romance and the sex. Heath, you’d have a friend who’s gay! A friend who’ll understand the ups and downs of your life. I never had such a friend. You’re the lucky one, you have a friend!

“What’s the use of having a friend when you long to smell his hair when you wake up in the morning and you know he’s never going to wake up in your bed? What’s the use of having a friend when you know you can’t taste the sweetness of his lips because kissing’s out of the question? What’s a friend when you can’t give your heart totally to him?”

“A friend,” I said, “is one who stays with you in the night when you’ve been sick and had a tough time sleeping. He’s the one who’ll give you a hug when you wake up the next morning. A friend will be there to hug you when you feel down and hold your hand when you’re afraid. A friend is happy when you’re happy and would also be down when they can’t get to you to comfort you. The heart of a friend may not be given in the same way as the heart of a lover, but the love of a friend can be as committed as that of a lover.”

Heath asked in frustration, “Why can’t he love me the same way that I love him?”

I gave a sigh. “Heath, you’re speculating again. What makes you think he loves you differently? Has he said or done anything to tell you differently?”

“No,” said Heath softly.

“Then think. What if he decides that he wants to give both of you a chance and finds that you’re gone? How are you going to make him feel then?”

Heath looked at me with his red eyes. “I didn’t think about that eventuality.”

“That’s just it. You’ve only been thinking of yourself. You never even thought about how your actions may affect the people around you, especially those who love you,” I said.

“What do I do now? I bought pills to kill myself,” he asked in despair.

“Just throw them away!” I said.

“I can’t,” he said with fear in his swollen eyes. “The waste disposal will detect the substance immediately and the authorities will come after me.”

“Give them to me. I’ll find a way of getting rid of them.” I wanted to separate Heath from the package as soon as possible.

Heath gave me his blue carrier and I told him to come back with me to my room. I had to think fast. I needed to be with him and yet I knew he would see my own blue carrier. When I reached my room, I removed my jacket before I unlocked the door. I opened the door and went in first and threw my jacket on the dresser, effectively covering my own carrier. Then I placed his carrier on my jacket.

“Come in,” I said to Heath. “Close the door and go and wash your face. Use the spare towel to clean your face. As Heath was in the bathroom, I shoved his carrier into the dresser drawer and then hung up my jacket. I reasoned that if I were to take twice the dosage, it would do no more damage than what I intended.

When he came out of the bathroom, Heath looked considerably better. “Thanks Max. You made me see the stupidity of my actions. If you didn’t meet me like you did, I’d be dead by now and Jacques … oh no!”

“What is it?” I asked. Things couldn’t get worse, could they? I thought

“I left a suicide note for Jacques. After our talk, he took the vehicle out for a while. He said he wanted to think. I’d already made up my mind. So whilst he was out, I wrote a note to tell him not to worry about me anymore since I won’t be existing after today. Then I took the public transport here.”

“We’ll got to get Jacques at once,” I said.

Jacques was relieved that nothing had happened to Heath. He was going to come at once to see Heath. I told him to meet us at the resort ground level cafe in half an hour.

Jacques was waiting for us when we reached the cafe. He immediately grabbed Heath and gave him a big hug. His eyes were wet with tears.

“You made me very worried. What was I going to do without you?” Jacques said.

“I’m sorry Jacques,” said Heath still hugging Jacques. “If I hadn’t met Max, I would’ve done something stupid.”

Jacques released Heath and said to me, “Max, you’ve my deepest gratitude. Just know that you’ve made a lifetime friend in me.”

“And me, too!” said Heath.

“I’ll let you both talk alone,” I said. I was a little disturbed by their words. I retreated to a small couch just outside the cafe. I could see them talking from where I was seated. I sat facing their direction and the words they had spoken gestated in my mind. They had called me friend. They had referred to me as friend for life. It was not fair! I was going to end this almost friendless life and in comes this couple. I hardly knew them! I wanted to find a reason for continuing what I came here to do. I put them out of my mind but there was another person that came in: Boris. He was a fascinating person. I found myself thinking a lot about these three people. I found myself looking for reasons to stay on living instead of leaving. What had these people done to me?

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