The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

II. Memories – Chapter 1

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This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 16 April 2661, Tuesday

“Cut! That’s a wrap!” shouted the director.

The actor and actress in the scene heaved a sigh of relief. They were in the middle of a love scene. It must have gone well because the director did not say anything to the contrary.

The actor was a young man in his mid-twenties. Depending on what he wore, he could easily become a younger or older man. He was gifted with brown hair and green eyes. His body was well-defined, not muscular like the body builders, nor thin like a scarecrow. He was more in between the two extremes and his well defined physique made him very popular with his fans. Without his clothes, his youthfulness could be seen.

The actress was evidently older, looking like she was in her late thirties, though she was already in her mid-forties. She also had a great looking body but the lines around her eyes betrayed her age. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was just a little shorter than the actor. The star was obviously Danny. She was merely a co-star in this production. She was grateful to be able to be in this movie because she was already past her prime and getting acting jobs was not easy.

“See you tomorrow, then Ruthie,” said Danny when they were in the dressing room. “I hope I wasn’t too heavy there …”

“No,” smiled Ruthie, “I was fine. I won’t see you tomorrow. We’ve finished all my scenes. I’ll be going back home.”

“Oh yes! You did yours for the last two weeks. I’ve got a few more scenes to do before I’m done. Guess I won’t be seeing you then.”

“No, you won’t.”

Ruthie had changed into a very beautiful dress and Danny gave a whistle.

“Guess you’re seeing someone special tonight.”

“I am,” admitted Ruthie. “Aren’t you going to change?”

“Yes, of course!” Danny answered as he put on a pair of briefs. “I was just marvelling at your wonderful figure!” he teased.

“I know I’m not your type, Danny,” Ruthie said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Danny blushed. “Get going, girl. Your friend might get impatient!”

“No he won’t. Bye!”

“Bye!” Danny answered in a relieved tone.

Danny removed his briefs and put on only a long leather coat, covering his nakedness. After checking all the pockets for his identification papers and putting on a pair of sandals, he left the dressing room.

He walked out of the studio and saw that Ruthie was gone. The sky was dark but he could see the stars twinkling above. He walked to the the third vehicle parked from the door and got in. He took his seat and pressed a few buttons on the dashboard.

“Vehicle activated. Good morning Danny,” the onboard computer said.

“Good morning,” Danny replied. He realised that the filming had taken more than five hours for that ten minute love scene.

“Where shall you be going to?” the computer asked. Danny liked his on-board computer to be in the ‘speaking” mode.

“Erik’s,” answered Danny.

“Please wait a moment.”

The vehicle shook a little but it stopped after a few seconds.

“Destination reached.”

Erik stepped out onto the pavement and walked towards Erik’s apartment block. It was daytime at this part of the world. He went to the foot of the building and walked into a reception booth. The door of the booth closed behind him. He looked for Erik’s name and pressed the buzzer. Within moments, he heard Erik’s voice.

“Yes, Erik here.”

“It’s Danny.”

“You didn’t bring your key again?”

“No. I forgot.”

“Come on up then.”

The inner door of the booth opened and Danny walked through it. He entered a lobby of some sort and there was a simple cubiodal cubicle waiting for him. Its walls were made of wood and on the door there was a small display console. It wasn’t the latest in intra-building transportation devices but they were elegant.

A voice greeted him, “Good morning. Please wait.”

Danny could feel himself being moved. He chuckled to himself. It had taken longer for him to get from his vehicle to Erik’s apartment than to travel halfway across the planet.

The wonders of modern technology, he sarcastically thought to himself.

The display console indicated that he had reached Erik’s apartment. Before he could reach the door, the door opened itself and at the doorway stood the tall figure of Erik.

Danny gave a wide grin. Erik was looking very young for someone in his fifties. He had straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. His hair reached the back of his neck and his ears couldn’t be seen: in all, it looked like he had a very elegant mop on his head. Though already in his fifties, Erik did not have wrinkles, except for the smile and frown lines. His physique was nothing compared to Danny. He was on the thin side. He wasn’t well defined but he wasn’t flabby either. He was wearing a silk dressing gown. To Danny, he was perfect.

“You’ve finished the movie?” Erik asked in surprise.

“No, we’ve finished just for today. I’ll have to be back at the studio in about ten hour’s time,” said Danny as he walked towards Erik.

Erik looked a little disappointed. “You’ve just come here to sleep.”

Danny grinned, knowing that Erik was just teasing. “Well, I was hoping that I could do something more.”

Erik brought Danny into his living room and locked the front door. He looked at Danny, guessing what Danny was talking about, but pretended not to know. “What else is there to do except sleep?”

Danny grinned and slipped his coat off, revealing his aroused state.

Erik gasped. “You need some servicing, don’t you? Why don’t we adjourn to the bedroom and see what we can do about this.” He gently led Danny to the bedroom.

♣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♣

“Danny! It’s time to get up,” Erik shook Danny, trying to wake him up. After a 90 minute session of love making, Danny finally fell asleep. Erik managed to get some work done and decided to wake Danny up a hour before he was due at the studio.

“Uh ... good morning darling,” said Danny quietly as the image of his beloved formed in his eyes.

“You’ve only about an hour left before you report to the studio. Get to the shower or you’ll be late. Bob expects everyone to be punctual. You’ll have to get there in time if you want to work with him again.”

“Erik, you worry too much. I know I must get going.” Then he yawned and stretched himself. He continued to speak to his lover standing there like a mother hen, “I must be getting old, I feel rested but I still feel a little tired.”

Erik was a little concerned. He knew why Danny was feeling tired. “Get your butt out of bed young man ...” Erik began.

“The same butt you like so much eight hours ago?” Danny asked cheekily.

“Yes, Danny. Though I’m the producer of the movie, I don’t have to tell you that I can’t be pulling strings for you,” Erik explained as Danny got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom.

“I love it when you pull,” Danny said, “especially when you pull me with your mouth.”

Erik decided to let it pass. “I’ll have coffee and croissants waiting for you.”

“Okay!” yelled Danny as he turned on the water.

Erik got to the kitchen and turned on the coffee brewer. He took out three pieces of croissant pastry from the larder and popped them into the oven. It would take just twenty minutes for everything to be ready.

In the meantime, Erik started to work out a strategy. He cared for Danny, but the sex was causing Danny more harm than good. Up till a week ago, they had been using condoms. That provided protection, but everything changed when Danny wanted to drop the protection, knowing that each of the both of them were not seeing others. For Danny, he wanted to show his fidelity to Erik. For Erik, he agreed to the move because he was afraid of hurting Danny. However, this last sexual encounter proved to Erik that he was harming Danny more. Danny had been one of the most loving people Erik had met and his heart was attached to the young man. However, Erik knew that he had to detach himself from Danny to save him.

Danny was all smiles when he came into the kitchen for his coffee and croissants. Erik noticed that his face was paler than usual. It will pass but if their barebacking continued, Danny will be more than just pale. He knew when Danny had asked him to ditch the rubbers that he had to act quickly. The preparations he had made ten days ago were in place.

“Hi gorgeous,” Danny greeted, flashing his beautiful smile.

It was the smile that melted Erik’s heart but Erik knew that he had let Danny go.

“Drink up and eat. Bob is not a director to play around with.”

“But I’d rather play around with you,” Danny said with a leer.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a month or so before we can play around some more,” Erik said as calmly as he could.

“Uh? Why? You’re going somewhere?” Danny asked, surprised.

“I’ve to review some stuff personally at Neptune. I’ll have to make a trip there.”

“Can’t it wait? I’m finishing the movie in five days” time. We can make the trip together.”

“This can’t wait, Danny,” Erik said seriously. “I really wish you could come with me, but this Neptune matter can’t be delayed.”

“Why don’t I meet you there when I finish? At least we won’t be lonely on our way back.”

“That sounds like an idea,” Erik said. “I’ll leave a message for you when I’ve made the arrangements.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be waiting for your message.”

“Then, don’t forget this,” said Erik as he gave Danny his personal communicator.


After Danny left, Erik heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad that everything was moving as planned without any problems. He immediately got onto his network and got in touch with Miriam, his main contact. Miriam had assured him that all the arrangements had been made and he did not need to worry.

♣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♣

Date: 17 April 2661, Wednesday

Danny arrived on time and the whole crew was shuttled to Florida. There were some action scenes that needed to be shot at the beach. The crew set up their equipment and started preparing for the shoot. After five hours, they managed to finish two sequences. There were four more scenes for the next two days and then they would finish the final few scenes at the studio.

It was tiring for Danny. He was already tired when he reported for work, the running and climbing needed for his scenes had tired him out. He stretched himself out on a beach chair that was part of the props. Someone came up to him and asked him for his autograph. Danny was surprised. Usually, the company was very discreet and secretive about where the shoots were going to take place. It helped to reduce the disturbances the fans posed. Danny was even more surprised to see that it was not a girl but a man who asked for his autograph. He smiled and took the picture the young man had presented to him. It was one of the pictures that was posted on the net as part of the publicity for his last movie.

“To whom?” asked Danny gently.

“Me, Mr. Myers,” replied the young man shyly.

Danny smiled. “I can’t write ‘To me’, can I?”

The boy blushed a very deep red, “Sorry. I’m Al … Al Cohen.”

“To Al,” Danny said as he started writing. It was then that he began to notice certain things about the boy. The boy was fairly good looking. His build showed that he was probably a swimmer. Black eyes and a very prominent jawline. He looked like he was in his late teens or early twenties at the most.

“Thank you, Mr. Myers!” the boy said when Danny returned him the picture with his signature.

“Call me Danny. I’m not much older than you.”

“Thanks Mister ... uh ... Danny. I’m twenty-one.”

“Yep, you’re just three years younger than I. I’m twenty-four.”

“But, you look more like twenty-eight or so ...” Al said and suddenly shut up, “... sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude.”

Danny gave a chuckle. “I’m not angry. Anyway, I’m curious. How did you find me?”

“I’ve just started work in the motel that you’re staying in. I’ve come to bring you there.”

“Me? What about the others?”

“The others in your group need to set other things up for tomorrow and so I would’ve to come later. I’ve come in my roadster to bring you to the motel. The scenic ride is part of the package.”

Danny was curious about the boy. He remembered the terrible time he had when he was fifteen. His father had found out that he was gay and gave him the silent treatment. Though homosexuality was legal throughout the solar system, some people’s attitudes did not correspond to that of the twenty-seventh century. Seven centuries after the gay movement surfaced, there was still bigotry. Thankfully there were not many instances of discrimination, but it was very unfortunate that Danny’s father was one of them. Danny’s father didn’t condemn him but was just cold towards him. His mother was afraid of his father and so tried in secret to give him some affection. He left home at nineteen after he got a modelling contract. His mother still replies his mail, but his father had not sent him anything.

When he was seventeen, Danny was so afraid that other people may find out he was gay. He had got into his school’s volleyball team. His friends in the team were all straight. Whether or not he was part of the team was very important to him and so he hid the fact that he was gay and tried to avoid situations where he might be discovered. He dated a girl in school and even got into heavy petting sessions. When he was with the girl, he often pretended that he was touching boys so that he would remain hard. His efforts paid off because none of his mates ever confronted him regarding his sexuality. They all knew him to be quiet and shy but because he was a good player, they did not tease him too much. They had been afraid to lose him as a player.

This boy, Al, reminded him so much of his earlier days. Before he realised it, he vocalised a question in his head.

“Al, tell me, are you gay?”

Al turned pale. He started trembling a little.

“Woh! I’ve nothing against you being gay!” Danny said, realising that he had just caused Al to panic. “I’m cool with you being gay. Just don’t faint on me!”

Al regained his composure. He looked around, there was no one but Danny and him. “Please don’t breathe a word of this to anyone. I’ve just got here and I’m not sure what the place is like. I don’t want to lose my job.”

“Okay. Let’s drive and tell me a little about yourself.”

Al opened the door to the roadster, a vehicle that moves physically across the terrain instead of through a ‘space gap” like the vehicle Danny had. Danny got in and Al went to the other side and started the vehicle.

“What do you like to know about me, Danny?” Al asked.

“Well, from the things you’d said back there, you seem to have left home in a hurry to come to work here. I’d say that you weren’t accepted at home and so you came out here to escape.”

“You’re very perceptive, Danny. Yes. I came out here from Indiana to escape my family.”

Al then told Danny about his eldest brother who was gay and how his parents, uncles and aunts had disowned him when they had found out. His brother disappeared. That was when he was ten and his brother was seventeen. When he began to realise that he was gay at eighteen, he tried looking for his brother. When he finally found his brother, he managed to meet up with him and began to tell him of how he felt. His brother told him that he had three choices: pretend that he was straight, get married and have children; get himself treated to remove his gay tendencies; or get out of the house. His brother had suffered a lot because he worked very hard and earned little. Fortunately, he met an old lady who took pity on him and took him in. Her son was also gay and was living with his partner within the city. With their encouragement (the lady and her son), he managed to get a college degree and continued with life. After listening to his brother being so bitter, Al decided that he did not want to end up like his brother, so he kept the secret from his parents. When he finished school, he applied for jobs that was out of his state and he got the job in the motel. It was a kind of a compromise. He could be free to live his life without the shadow of losing his family.

Danny pitied Al because his explanation sounded very naive. Danny wanted to tell Al that he could not possibly keep the secret forever. His parents would come to know and the reaction he would get was inevitable. However, Danny could not bear to sadden this boy whom he had just met. He consoled himself that Al would be able to stand on his own feet when it happened but Danny knew that Al would feel terribly alone at the time. Suddenly, he felt very sorry for Al. He wanted to be there for the young man when his family found out. Danny decided there and then to try to help this man whom he had just met.

Danny succeeded in getting the motel manager to allow Al to be his guide around the place. He promised that if the service was good, he would let his fans know about the place. That seemed to have swayed the manager’s decision.

Danny and Al spent an hour by the pool. Al was a good swimmer. The two of them swam for about twenty minutes before Danny decided that he would like to sit by the pool sipping drinks. Al asked what Danny wanted and wanted to serve the drinks but Danny stopped him.

“Al, you’re to be with me, not serve me. Just call one of the busboys around and we’ll order, you don’t have to wait on me.”

“Yes, Danny,” said Al. He signalled to a girl who came and took their order. She tried to hang around longer because she recognised them as two great-looking boys. Danny made the order short but she lingered around a little more than she should have.

“When she finds out you’re working here, she’ll be hitting on you,” Danny remarked with a grin.

“Naaawww, I think she has the hots for you. After all, you’re the movie star,” countered Al.

“That may be,” Danny admitted without any hint of conceit, “but you have quite a decent body yourself; don’t sell yourself short.”

“You think so?” Al asked in a slightly higer pitch than his usual.

“Yeah,” Danny replied. “Anyway, I’ll be gone in a few days, but you’d still be here and ripe for the picking!”

Al’s face dropped.

“What’s the matter, Al?” Danny asked.

“Nothing,” he replied.

“Look Al, I may be gone in a few days but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends?” Danny said.


“Of course,” Danny said with a smile. “We could mail each other and we may even be able to meet for a meal. I’ve got my own vehicle and moving here and there is just a snap away!”

Al cheered up considerably.

After drinks, they made their way to the lobby of the motel where they met the movie crew. Danny wanted to go out to town for dinner, but the crew members were too tired to go out and so Danny made plans to have dinner out with Al.

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