The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book II

Chapter 5
Meeting Erik

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This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 30 April 2661, Tuesday

Jorg arrived at a parking space about half a kilometre from Danny’s house. He located Erik across the street from where he was parked. Erik was sitting in a little cafeteria waiting for him. When Erik saw Jorg, his face fell.

“I thought Miriam was coming. Why did she have to contact you?” Erik asked the moment Jorg joined him.

“Erik, I’m surprised!” said Jorg with a hint of laughter in his voice, ”Is that the way to talk to your great uncle?”

“I’ve always lived in your shadow. This is not the first time you’ve come to my rescue. You must think that I’m still infantile.”

“Erik, you’ll always be my great nephew but this time, it’s not because I insisted nor because I think you’re not capable. What you’re planning to do is risky. Miriam would’ve been able to handle it if you were going to talk to a friend or to a woman. She called me because of three reasons. None of them has to do with you directly. First, Miriam was doubtful that she could handle your emotions because she’s not gay, not even of the lesbian persuasion. She was afraid that the reading may be wrong and disaster may result. Secondly, she has to read Danny as well. If reading you was something that she was not confident in, reading Danny would’ve doubled the risk. She needed someone who had handled gay minds before. She did ask someone and that person suggested me, not knowing that we were related. The third reason is that I was available and with enough experience to handle the situation.”

“So now, you’re going to save your faggot great nephew?” Erik asked in disdain.

“Careful Erik, you should not use that word to describe what your great uncle is as well.”

Erik’s eyes grew wide. ”I never knew …”

“Was there a need to know? You never told me either but I’m not shocked. Surprised … a little but not shocked.”

“But …”

“Erik, in all the ninety years that you’ve known me, have you seen me with a woman?”

“Yes! Whenever the family met for the Winter Solstice festival, you always had a beautiful woman in your arm. I always envied you. I always wanted to be like you but never was able to live up to my great grandfather’s expectation.”

“Erik, oh Erik. You’ve lived ninety years and you still are stuck in your teenage years.”

“Is this where I get the lecture?” Erik asked with a groan.

“If you are going to act like a teenager, then yes,” said Jorg emphatically. Then he added, “You know, I have the greatest respect for you, Erik.”

Erik looked at his great uncle questioningly.

“Yes, great nephew. You’ve done very well in the movie business. In this age, it is not easy. You did it without any trickery. It was hard work.”

“You mean you were checking up on me?”

“No, not me. The council checks up on everyone. You should know that. I’ve read their reports. You know that our abilities should never be used for our own advantage. A little here and there is allowed but if there was a hint of a major transgression, the council would’ve taken action. You’ve done well, Erik and I’m very proud of you. I’m not trying to be condescending. I’m saying this: that in all the six hundred odd years that I’ve been alive, you’re one of the few in our family to make it big without any use of our special abilities. Of course your human talents helped but you did everything as a human would do.”

Erik could not believe his ears. His great uncle was one of the greatest magi alive and he was proud of him!

Jorg grinned. ”Erik, have you never wondered why I’ve never settled down? I’m as gay as you. As with the women, they were dear friends that mostly had nowhere to go during the solstice celebrations. I can’t go into the reasons for that because it’d be breaching confidences. What about you? Every holonewscast that features you, you’re with several gorgeous women. I never thought that you were gay, nor the type that falls in love.”

“I never thought that I’d fall in love either,” Erik said. ”I met Danny at a fashion presentation. We just clicked. At first, I thought it was going to be a one-time fling. Then when they were looking for some new actors, I mentioned it to him. He auditioned but never mentioned my name. I’d thought he was just sleeping with me to get his acting job. That was three years ago. I’d thought that once he’d become successful, he’d leave me and look for someone younger. This is the way of the movie business nowadays. Anyway, he’s finished five movies and he wants us to become closer. Last year, I finally admitted to myself that I was in love with him. I’d stopped going out looking for guys once he became part of my life …”

“You’d also realised that he filled a void that those other boys couldn’t fill,” added Jorg.

“Yes! That’s it. That’s when I understood what falling in love was all about. Did you ever fall in love?” Erik asked.

“Three times to be exact,” Jorg said in a more serious tone.

Erik didn’t notice the change in Jorg’s demeanour. “What happened?”

Jorg kept silent. He didn’t think that it was Erik’s business, but then realised that it would be a good opportunity to tell Erik the possible outcomes of the encounter he’d be having.

“The first was when I was in my twenties. I’d just begun my training and I fell in love with one of my training mates: my best friend. He was my first taste of being in love, but he was straight. I never dared to tell him because I didn’t know how he’d react. We did everything together. He’d said that we were a team. That was enough for me. I lived the illusion of mutual love until he asked me to be his best man at his wedding. I was shocked but I couldn’t refuse. I’d never said anything to him and he never realised that I loved him. I agreed to be his best man. In fact, you’ve met him when you were little.”


“He married your great aunt, Eva,” Jorg said quietly.

“You mean … ” said Erik as he realised who Jorg was talking about and how difficult it must have been for his great uncle.

Relationships between Jorg Vengrom and Erik Letkens
——— Eva
| |

Jorg nodded. “I couldn’t continue in magi training. I left the rescue school. It was during this time that I met someone else. His name was Martin.” He then told Erik about his second love and how his father had disowned him and how he died. Jorg left nothing out, including how Ivar, Erik’s great grandfather, and Marie had blamed Jorg for the death.

“That was tough!” remarked Erik. “I can only remember the last three encounters with my great grandfather. He was quite a bitter man, even to the last. I think that it was his severity that prompted my father to decide to stick more to the Letken side of the family.”

“Whatever it may be, your handling of your present situation is important. Your great great grandfather’s death had an adverse effect on my relationship with Martin,” said Jorg.

“What happened?”

Jorg began to relate his story.

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 12 January 2090, Thursday

Jorg and Martin had just finished cleaning their new flat. They had moved in a month before Christmas and were still settling in. Jorg quickly went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for Martin. He was less prone to conversation since the farm was taken away from him after Mrs. Krueger passed away.

It was a gruelling affair. The Magi Council had ruled against the last testament of Mrs. Krueger. An obscure article of the Magi Consititution was cited to deprive Jorg and Martin of their home. As Jorg had kept the fact that he was a magus secret from Martin, Martin was totally in the dark with regard to the eviction. Although Jorg had the support from his mother and some friends, he essentially faced the problem alone when he was at home. He longed to speak to Martin about it but he could not. When the Magi Council made its final ruling, Jorg had to lie to Martin regarding the farm. He told Martin that there were too many sad memories and he wished that they could move to the city. Martin was happy, of course. His interior decoration business was healthy but it would be better in the city. The Magi Council got people to pose as buyers for the farm, Martin found a flat that was on sale and the move was made with few complications.

As Jorg came into the living room with a tray of tea, he spoke to Martin who was seated on the couch, “I need to look for a job. It’s okay to stay at home at first but I’m sure that I’ll be clawing the walls in no time.”

“If that’s what you want, I’ll go with it. Do you need me to help you find a job?” asked Martin.

Jorg smiled. “I’m not asking you to give me a post in your business. It’ll be unfair to Olga and Cris. I know next to nothing about interior decoration.”

“Well, we could start looking at the classifieds,” suggested Martin, reaching for the remote control to turn on the television set.

“That’ll work but it’ll mean that we’d have to endure a mess during the week and house chores during the weekends. If I could find a job with no fixed hours, it’ll be a ideal.”

Martin caught sight of a small advertisment on the television screen. It was a small flower shop for sale. “Look, Jorg! This would be perfect for you …” he stopped abruptly as if he had said something wrong. “Sorry. I know that the farm gave you bad memories and this would probably cause you anxiety as well.”

Jorg looked at the advertisment and said, “Nothing to be sorry about! It’s a great idea. The farm gave me memories but farming doesn’t. There’s even a small plot of land behind the shop for cultivation. I could even start an organic cultivation craze in the city, don’t you think?”

Martin regarded his mate in such an enthusiastic state and did not have the heart to tell him of his doubts. Jorg was happy and they had some money left over from the sale of the farm. Furthermore, Jorg would be the owner and he could close any time he wanted to. Martin began to think of having a clean house and hot food when he came home. He liked the idea. He did feel a tinge of guilt for dumping the house chores on Jorg.

“Do we have enough money?” Jorg asked.

“Let me check,” said Martin as he picked up his telephone. After about two minutes, he turned to Jorg and asked in a soft tone, “We’ve more than enough. Are you sure you want this? I’ve the flower shop owner on the line. If you say yes, I’ll seal the deal.”

Jorg nodded enthusiatically. Moments later, Martin turned with a triumphant look on his face. Jorg jumped up and hugged him.

“You’re the proud owner of a flower shop in the old city,” declared Martin.

“Oh Martin, you’re the greatest! Let’s shower and then I’ll thank you in a very special way in the bedroom.”

¤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¤

Date: 27 March 2102, Thursday

Jorg slipped out of bed. It was about half-past five. Farm life had given him the habit of rising early. He stretched his lithe figure. Martin had made passionate love to him the night before and he was feeling a little sore. His cramped muscles needed loosening and stretching immediately after leaving the bed seemed to do the trick of him. He got to the bathroom and started cleaning up. He remembered that Martin had an important meeting with a client. Soon it was time to make breakfast and get Martin to look his dashing self so that he could clinch the job.

Once he had finished, he put on a bathrobe and went to wake Martin. Martin opened his eyes and gave a smile. He liked being woken up by Jorg.

“Get cleaned up and I’ll get breakfast going. I’ll get back to help you look your sharpest.”

Some minutes later, Jorg came back and helped Martin get into his clothes.

“You look good, Martin. I’m sure that you’ll get the job.” Jorg knew that Martin had not been doing too well in his business. There was more competition in the interior decoration market and the younger designers were getting more and more of the lucrative projects.

“How’s the flower shop?” asked Martin.

“It’s okay. There’s more demand for flowers instead of the whole plants these days.”

“When I came to pick you up yesterday, there was a boy who spoke to you at some length.” said Martin.

“Boy … boy? Who?” asked Jorg trying to remember.

“You know, the one with the straw hat?”

“Terry? Terry isn’t a boy. He’s close to thirty! He’s one of my regular customers. He’s very interested in organic cultivation and helps in the old folks home down the street.” Then Jorg smiled mischeviously, “Is my husband jealous?”

Martin kept quiet and frowned.

Jorg saw some suspicion in Martin’s eyes and he did not like it. He wanted to reassure Martin. “There’s only one man in my life: You. There’s no one else. Terry is married. His wife’s expecting their first child and so he was asking me on tips on how to delay flowering until the child is born. Please don’t be jealous. I love only you and I gave my heart to you.”

Martin looked a little uncomfortable and changed the subject. “I’ll be home a little later tonight. I’ve taken up a membership at a health club and I want to do some working out.”

Jorg had wanted to ask to join him but Martin’s telephone rang.

“It was Olga. She said that she was coming to pick me up in ten minutes,” Martin said a few moments later when he ended his call.

“The bacon and eggs are just a minute away. The coffee is already brewed,” said Jorg. “Let’s go and have breakfast.”

After Martin left with Olga, Jorg noticed that Martin’s breakfast was largely untouched. He only took a piece of toast and only a third of the bacon and eggs.

Just nerves, I suppose, thought Jorg. I’d be lacking appetite too if I were in his shoes.

¤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¤

Date: 14 February 2105, Saturday

Jorg got up at half past three in the morning and left the house at four. It was Valentine’s Day and he had a lot of orders to fill. As he walked he thought of the scene the night before. It was a far cry from the scene several years ago when he had first gotten the shop. For some reason, Martin was exceptionally irritable. He had come back home late the night before after going to the gym. He had looked terrible. Jorg guessed that he had overworked himself with the treadmill. Jorg knew that Martin was very concerned with his health and fitness but the man should have known that over-exercising was counter-productive.

Jorg had suggested that he give Martin a massage. Martin mumbled something about being alright and fell asleep almost immediately after hitting the pillow. Jorg was really worried this time. Martin had had a string of bad luck lately. He lost several of his contracts to younger firms. Cris and Olga had to leave his employ because he was no longer able to pay their salaries. Fortunately, the proceeds from Jorg’s shop was able to pay for the office rent. Jorg wished he could have stayed in and helped Martin. However, Valentine’s Day was the most profitable day of the year and the takings would greatly help to ease any future financial burden. Jorg reasoned that he could close the shop for the next few days to be with Martin.

Business, as expected, was brisk and he lost all track of time until about noon when his neighbour, Mrs. Christiansen came running up to him.

“Jorg, please come back. Something’s dreadful has happened!”

“What is it?” asked Jorg fearfully.

“We heard a crash of one of your windows and heard some screams on the street. We saw Martin on the pavement below.”

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