The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

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Welcome! Dear Readers,

In 2002, I started a project, which would take me more than a year to complete: The Pellegrine. The idea was simple but my enthusiasm to add depth into the story had made it into a confusing and convoluted mess. I lost my computer lately and the latest work I had written. I had, of course, not backed up my new story. Angry and frustrated, I decided to take a break from writing and started reading. When I finally got a new second-hand computer, I took out the backup of the stories that I have already written and was aghast at the many inconsistencies in the plotline of The Pellegrine.

As I reflected on the way I wrote the Pellegrine, I realised that I had been too ambitious. I was also very affected by the poor response I had received in the form of email. After reading the whole story again, I resolved to fix up the story. After some thought, I have decided the following:

First, the story would be told in shorter chapters. With most of the material already written, the new chapters should emerge faster.

Secondly, the story format would be in html format, like this preface. Though it is a little bit more work, I think it would make reading the work a little more pleasant, at least from the visual point of view.

Thirdly, I will be adding more material and reworking the plot as a whole. I was not satisfied with the way the story went in the last few parts.

I am making an appeal to all my readers. To the readers who have been reading this story and bearing with the total mess that it was, please give The Pellegrine a second chance. To the readers who have just begun to read The Pellegrine, I hope you have an interesting journey with all the characters. The Pellegrine is a story of a group of people who are journeying together in a mission. The majority of the group are from a hidden race of humans who have amazing abilities. They are the magi. I will let the story reveal who and what these magi are.

As always, constructive criticism is welcome as it would help me in my writing. If not for your help and support in the past, I would not have dared to embark and continue this gigantic work. One thing I have learnt through your comments was the fact that many readers do not write and so I should not be affected by the number of emails I get. So, I promise that if I get a small number of emails, I would try not to let it affect my writing.

As I take the plunge into writing again, I would like to thank three people who had helped me in editing the Pellegrine from the moment it began: Christian, James, and David. I have lost your email addresses when I lost my computer. Please contact me if you are reading this.

Thank you,

Soul Lark

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