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I. Sven - Chapter 4

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Date: 2 August 2077, Monday

It had been a tough summer for Jorg. His best friend, Sven Sklerer had decided to leave Rescuer Corps Training after graduating as a Junior Rescuer.

“I don’t understand why you want to get out of the Rescuers,” said Jorg in exasperation. “You were one of the best graduates from RCTS. You scored far better than me in your assessments.” Jorg had confronted Sven on their way to the cafeteria for their lunch break.

Et tu, Jorg?” asked Sven in mock surprise. “I’d thought that my best friend wouldn’t be using the same line that my instructors had been using on me.”

Suddenly Jorg snapped his head, “This has nothing to do with me, has it?”

Sven could see fear in his best friend’s eyes. “Why should it have something to do with you?” asked Sven with a frown.

“Nothing,” said Jorg quickly. “It occurred to me that I might had unknowingly done something to cause you to want to leave the Rescuers. I can be quite dense, you know?”

“I assure you that you had nothing to do with my decision to leave. After all, I'll still be a Rescuer. I just won’t be doing any high profile rescues – that’s all. Furthermore, this was a decision I couldn’t make with you.”

“Why not? Sven, we’re best friends! We’ve always consulted each other when we were going to make big decisions … or have I stopped being your best friend?” This time, there was a slight bitterness to Jorg’s voice.

“You’ve got me there. You’re still my best friend but this was a decision that I had to make with my future wife. It doesn’t make sense that I talk out a question affecting my married life with my best friend instead of the one I intend to marry, right?”

Jorg’s face fell a little.

“I know I should’ve mentioned this earlier but when you jumped me with the question of leaving, I didn’t have a chance to tell you,” said Sven calmly. “I’ve asked Eva to marry me and she said ‘yes’!”

All Jorg could come up with was “Wow! When did this happen?”

“Last weekend. It was the natural thing to do.”

“Don’t tell me it’s because she’s in the family way,” asked Jorg. “She’s already an Admin Corps member. You, on the other hand, have just graduated as a Junior Rescuer.”

“Of course not!” replied Sven, annoyed that Jorg could even think such a thing. “Neither did I ask her on impulse. We talked over it for a long time.”

“A long time … meaning?” asked Jorg.

“You know that we’ve been going out for almost two years now. We’d been talking about this for the last nine months. So it was the natural progression of our relationship. Let me tell you that it wasn’t as romantic and earth-shattering as what we see in the movies though I did get down on one knee and officially asked her.” Then Sven grew a little anxious, “Don’t tell me that you disapprove of our plans?”

“No, I don’t disapprove …” began Jorg.

“But …?” prompted Sven.

“But I do feel that it’s such a waste for you to stop training at this stage.” Then before Sven could say anything more, Jorg concluded, “However, you’re my best friend. I won’t stand in the way of what you think makes you happiest.”

“That means that you’ll be my best man at the wedding, right?” asked Sven hopefully.

Jorg nodded his head with a smile.

“Then, it’s time to tell the whole world!” said Sven with eyes full of joy. “I haven’t even told my parents yet. You’re the first person who knows of our plans!”

Jorg merely smiled. He was actually devastated but he hid his feelings well. Sven’s happiness was important to him. Jorg knew that he could not blame Sven. Sven was different from him. He understood that to blurt out all his emotions would have caused a rift and then he would lose Sven totally. At least, he still had Sven as a friend. He also understood too well that Eva was now Sven’s best friend and soul mate.

♣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♣

Date: 20 November 2077, Saturday

Sven was excited and nervous. He was waiting with Jorg on one side of the wedding hall. In a few moments, the two of them would enter the wedding hall where Sven and Eva would make their solemn vows to each other. He looked calm with his hands by his side but his heart was beating rather quickly.

“Would it help if I told you that everything has been prepared and that you look brilliant?” asked Jorg.

“No,” Sven replied. “Knowing that you’re trying to get me calm doesn’t help me, but thanks for trying. I guess the Rescuer slogan: alert and prepared, is still ringing at the back of my head.”

The wedding tune started and they could hear the assembly stand up in the wedding hall.

“Let’s go,” said Jorg, “That’s our cue.”

There were different ways of conducting a magi wedding. However, the most important part of the magi wedding was the joining of minds. All other parts of the ceremony was dependent on local culture and customs.

The bride and her bridesmaid entered from the left of the hall, whilst the bridegroom and the best man entered from the right. The assembly started clapping their hands when the four entered. The bridesmaid and best man were closer to the assembly. Jorg passed by and smiled at Sven’s parents and sister. The bride’s family were seated on the other side.

The four people, who were the centre of attraction, had not seen the decorated hall. They had rehearsed a few days before but the decorations actually took Jorg’s breath away. In the centre, where the main ceremony was supposed to take place, the walls were decorated with the bride’s favourite flowers. On the aisles, where the four were walking, there was a red carpet and rails that were decorated with beautiful paper cuttings and foldings. They were in sky blue, Sven’s favourite colour.

The four stood in front of Europe’s representative to the Magi Council, Boris Peltrich.

“Dear friends, Eva Letkens and Sven Sklerer have asked to be joined in marriage and the Magi Council is satisfied that there’s no cause to prevent their wedding as there has been no objections filed with the Council since their intention to marry was made 90 days ago. Therefore, the Council decrees that Sven and Eva are to be joined in mind and heart in marriage. I now ask Sven Sklerer to make his matrimonial vows.”

“I, Sven Sklerer, welcome you, Eva Letkens, into my life as my wife. I will no longer live a life as a single person but have one life with you. All my happiness will be yours, all your hardships will be mine. There will no longer be two lives but one life together.”

“I, Eva Letkens, welcome you, Sven Sklerer, into my life as my husband. I will no longer live a life as a single person but have one life with you. All my happiness will be yours, all your hardships will be mine. There will no longer be two lives but one life together.”

“Let the Joining of Minds begin!” declared the Councillor.

The room became silent as the bride and groom faced each other. The two of them opened their minds to each other and joined their minds for a brief moment. Then they joined their minds to the Councillor. Then the Councillor showed the state of their joined minds to the bridesmaid and best man. All this took place in less than 30 seconds. When their minds were joined, Eva and Sven became totally opened to each other and saw their love and committment to each other. They also saw the acceptance of one for the other despite each person’s weaknesses. The Councillor saw the authenticity of their consent when they joined minds to him. The bridesmaid and best man were shown the Councillor’s approval and the state of the joined minds of the bride and groom, though not being able to see the inner depths of the couple’s love and committment.

“The Joining is complete!” stated the Councillor.

This was followed by the affirmation of the bridesmaid and best man by the audible reply of “Yes!”

After that, the couple willed their wedding bands onto each other’s fingers. Then they held up their hands to show their wedding bands. The crowd applauded at this gesture to congratulate them.

♥ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ♥

Date: 18 February 2078, Friday

Emptiness. That was all that Jorg felt. He had thought that he would feel better after he left the Corps. Being in the Corps without Sven was distracting. He felt lonely. He could not train and he could not focus. His father was devastated. Lars Vengrom had been told that his son had a promising future as a Rescuer. To Lars, Jorg had just thrown away the most important thing to many a magus. Lars could not understand what had come over Jorg. Home had also become impossible for Jorg. His father had harped on and on about failure. Lars had used several ways to get Jorg to go back. He had given his son the nagging treatment. Dinner would be nothing but monologues about the importance of being a Rescuer. Then Lars embarked on a program of silence. It had brought some relief to Jorg and the family but Jorg could feel the anger of his younger sister and brother whenever Lars clammed up in the presence of Jorg. Lars then tried persuasion but Jorg kept silent and gave no reply. Marie and Ivar began to persuade Jorg as well, leading Jorg to further depression. It was his mother that suggested a stay at the Krueger farm. Old Mr. Krueger had a touch of the lumbago and needed some help during the winter months. So, after Christmas, in 2077, Jorg had some respite when he moved into the Krueger farm. However, the emptiness did not leave him. It was with this depressive mood that Jorg set out to the market to shop for the weekend.

“Could you please help me?” a voice came out from behind him.

Turning around, Jorg’s eyes made contact with a pair of deep brown eyes. He was frozen for a moment because he caught the man’s thoughts. God! He has such beautiful eyes!

“Uh … uh … I’m sorry. What can I do for you?” replied Jorg.

This time it was the stranger who paused. He has such an attractive voice, not too high and not too much bass … and Jorg caught his thoughts again.

Giving a small smile, Jorg asked, “You must be new around these parts. Do you need some directions?”

“Yes. I need to know how to get to the Norag farm,” replied the man.

Jorg blushed as he caught the man’s thoughts again. He has such a cute smile.

“I know the Norags. I can take you there,” replied Jorg. “This way …” Jorg continued as he pointed in the direction behind the man.

“Oh! You were walking in the other direction! I shouldn’t keep you from where you were going. Just point and I will be on my way. I’m driving and it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Well, if you take that direction and make a right turn at the third junction, then make a left at the next junction, you won’t miss it. It’s the second farm on the right …” Jorg paused at this point in some thought. “It’s winter and the second junction is not very prominent. You might miss it and then you might end up at the entrance to the motorway. If that happens, you’ll need to take the next exit …” Jorg shook his head. “I’d better guide you. You might get lost and then never find your way back here.”

“You’re too kind. I don’t want to keep you from anything important.”

“I was just going to get some groceries. It wasn’t anything important,” said Jorg with a smile.

“Look,” said the man. “I’m not in a real great hurry. Why don’t I drive you to get your groceries and then you show me the way in my car. It’s the least I should do for your help.”

“No,” protested Jorg. “It’s no trouble at all. The market will be there after I show you the Norags’ farm.”

“I insist. My name’s Martin … Martin Rohm,” said the man extending his hand.

“I’m Jorg Vengrom,” replied Jorg, accepting the hand and shaking it.

For the first time in many weeks, the emptiness did not seem to faze Jorg as he walked with Martin to his car.

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