The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book IV
The Prophecy

Chapter 5
Jacques’ First Experience

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This story is of an adult nature. It is not intended for minors nor for those whose law in their land forbids them to read this material.
This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 22 July 2671, Saturday

Jacques had been checking the incoming calls every day for a week. His mother had sent a message to his father telling him of Jacques’ kidnapping. He was glad that his father actually took some action. However, he had not called at all since that day. He did not understand why his father could not just give a call to see how he was or how his mother was.

“Your father knows that you’re okay. That’s why he didn’t call. He already knows,” his mother tried to explain.

“He doesn’t know if I was traumatised or not. He doesn’t know if I was psychologically affected. Doesn’t he want to affirm with his own eyes?” said Jacques with a quivering voice.

“It’s Saturday evening. Why don’t you go out with your friends?” suggested his mother. “Stef’s out too.”

Jacques did not say anything. “Mama, I think I’d rather be alone.”

It was difficult for Geraldine. She felt neglected too but she knew how her husband worked and she knew of his problems. After all, she was trained in psychology. She knew how to help others handle their problems but she just couldn’t handle her own.

Jacques felt his tears coming into his eyes. He felt ashamed. Why was he crying? Why was he crying over someone who did not care for him? Then Jacques began to feel indignant. Why should he waste tears on someone like his father? He dried his tears, got on to his terminal and tried to contact Heath.

“Hi there Heath!” he said when he made the connection

“Hi there little bro. How’s it going?” replied Heath. There were many sounds coming from the background.

“Do you have time to talk?”

“Not right now. I’m at the disco with Jeremiah and the gang. Why don’t you come down now?”

“I don’t feel like dancing. I need to talk,” said Jacques softly.

“What did you say little bro? The music here’s loud. Why don’t you come down and have a ball with us?”

“No,” said Jacques a little louder. “Maybe next time.”

“Okay little bro, I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“Okay big bro,” replied Jacques a little dejectedly.

Heath did not notice anything with all the noise. “Good night,” he wished.

“Good night,” replied Jacques. He was disappointed but was aware that he could not blame Heath because he had declined Heath’s offer.

Jacques looked at the walls of his room. He felt trapped. He suddenly decided to go for a drink. After all, he was eighteen already and could drink whatever he wanted. He put on a jacket and walked out of his room.

“You’re going out after all?” his mother asked.

“Yes. I need to get out,” came the soft but audible reply.

“Good. Just don’t get home too late, okay?”

“Yes mama,” replied Jacques with a small smile.

With her eyes earnestly on Jacques, Geraldine said, “Have a good time.”

“Thanks, mama. Bye,” said Jacques as he began to open the door.

“Bye,” his mother replied as Jacques’ figure disappeared through the shutting door.

Geraldine was glad that Jacques had decided to go out. He was an eighteen year old and should be socialising. She felt a little happier that Jacques was out and not brooding like his father would. She went back to her needlework. It kept her busy and kept her from becoming too depressed.

Not even two minutes had elapsed when the family communicator sounded. Geraldine got to it and called out to her two daughters in their rooms, “I’ve got it!”

The terminal indicated that it was a visual communication. When the image came on, it was her husband, Frank.

“Good evening Frank.”

“Good evening dear.” Geraldine noticed that her husband’s face looked distinctly haggard.

“On a break?” she asked.

“No,” Frank replied. “I’m sorry for not calling earlier. One thing after another, one crisis after another. I know it’s no excuse. Sorry!”

“Stop apologising,” said Geraldine. She was amused with Frank’s manner. He reminded her so much, at the moment, of his younger days when they were at the Academy together. “I’m happy you found the time to call. You’ve just missed Jacques. He’s been waiting every day for your call. He misses you.”

Frank didn not look pleased. “He’s a grown boy, Gerry, for crying out loud. He sounds like he’s been waiting like a love-sick puppy.”

“Don’t say that Frank. He’s had so little time with you,” said Geraldine in Jacques’s defence.

“Well, he’ll have plenty of time to see me for the next three weeks. I’m coming home,” announced Frank suddenly.

Geraldine widened her eyes in surprise. “You are? That’s wonderful. I must tell the girls. You mean the project’s completed?”

“No. Our probe got destroyed by some asteroids. It’ll take three weeks at least to get the preparations made for a second launch. Until then, it’s in the hands of the mechanical engineers and so I’m free.”

“Good. I’ll have supper ready when you arrive,” said Geraldine. She was definitely in higher spirits.

“I’m not coming back tonight. There’s going to be a debriefing tomorrow but I’ll be released at eight in morning on Monday. Considering traffic, I should be back for lunch.”

“Good. I’m sure the children would be happy to hear that you’re coming back.”

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 23 July 2671, Sunday

Jacques awoke with a huge headache. He opened his eyes and was surprised to see that he was in unfamiliar surroundings. If he did not have the hangover, he would have started to panic. He wondered if he was dreaming. His head had hurt when he was considering the possibility of being in a dream. No, he was certainly awake with a headache. The next thing he realised was that he was naked.

“Here, take these. They’ll help,” said a voice. He looked up and saw a pleasant looking stranger speaking to him.

“Do I know you?” he asked groggily.

The stranger laughed.

Jacques closed his ears, “Please don’t do that. Your laughter isn’t helping me …”

“Go on! These will help you clear your head. You’ll remember when your head clears.”

Jacques took the two pills the stranger handed to him and swallowed them with a glass of water the stranger had in his other hand. It was then that he realised that the stranger was also naked. The stranger then took the empty glass and left the room. Jacques sat up and the headache slowly left him. The stranger came back and sat beside him.

“Feeling better?” he asked.

“Yeah,” mumbled Jacques. As his headache disappeared, his memory of the previous night came back. He had decided to go to a pub for a drink. That was where he met the stranger. They had talked and they returned to his home for his first experience of sex. As he remembered the feelings that he had, he became aroused.

“I see the man is still interested,” said the stranger.

Jacques suddenly remembered that his mother would be very worried and his state of arousal was lost. He quickly got out of the bed and asked, “Where are my clothes?”

“Where are you going?”

“I’ve to got home. I’ll need to explain my absence to my mother,” Jacques said anxiously.

“All taken care of.”


“Don’t you remember that you called your mother last night and told her not to worry. She seemed relieved to know that you were fine. You told her that you were staying the night.”

“I did?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can replay the message you sent.”

“There’s no need.”

“Good. Last night was very good for me.”

“Last night,” Jacques repeated, remembering the night before. He found himself getting aroused again. “Help me experience it again.”

The man smiled. He leaned towards Jacques and gave him a kiss.

Jacques savoured the sweetness of being in contact with another person at the mouth. He welcomed the lingual gymnastics that went on inside the joined mouths. He also enjoyed the experience of the sexual intimacy with the man. When he reached his climax, it was sheer ecstasy.

After disposing of the rubber Jacques had on, the two of them took a shower together. Jacques felt liberated. His eyes explored the man’s naked form. Jacques suddenly felt guilty when Heath entered his thoughts. He had slept with a complete stranger. He didn’t even know his name!

The man noticed the change and said, “Are you sure you’re all right?!”

Jacques began to feel afraid and worried. His face turned pale and he began to shake. He began to cry uncontrollably.

“Here,” the man said as he wrapped a towel around Jacques. Jacques wanted to run away, but he felt somehow safe in the man’s arms. He was confused. He wanted to be as far away from him, and at the same time, desired to be in the arms of this man.

“I think I’d better take you home. I knew I shouldn’t have brought you home. You weren’t ready. What a bloody sod I am?”

Jacques didn’t really blame the man. However, he was still shaking and his heart was pumping fast. He started hyperventilating and he passed out.

‡ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ‡

“He can hear us but he cannot respond physically,” he heard a voice. He was drifting between sleep and wakefulness. He felt very weak and was drifting back to sleep. “Don’t let him get back to sleep or we’ll lose him.”

“Foolish idiot!” he heard someone else say. “Wait! He’s sensing thoughts! What’s happening here?”

“I don’t know. We’ll need Jorg. I’ll get him. You keep his thoughts company. That’s the only way to keep him from slipping back into unconsciousness.”

“Hi Jacques! I’m Charles … you know … the man you spent the night with? I’m a doctor. I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you’d react to the medicine I gave you in this way. Please keep awake. Are you afraid?” the doctor said aloud.

*Charles … Yes … I remember meeting you at the pub. I’m a little scared of what’s happening* Jacques thought.

“Good, you’re responding. What do you remember from the pub, tell me,” the doctor asked aloud.

*I remember the dim lights and you sitting alone. I got a mug of beer and you were three seats from me. You smiled at me and I smiled back. The music was nice. There was a girl singing. I finished my mug and ordered another. I’d a feeling that you liked me …*

“You had a feeling?” the doctor’s voice went a little higher than normal.

*Yes … I somehow knew you wouldn’t hurt me …*

*If I’d only let you go home then this wouldn’t have happened. Some doctor I am …*

*Don’t blame yourself … Wait, your voice … it’s different.*

*This is my thought voice. You’re now hearing me with your mind and not your ears …*

*How is this possible?*

*Please don’t over-exert yourself. There’s only one reason for this but I’ll let Jorg tell you.*

*Jorg? Who’s Jorg?*

*He’s the man who’ll save you.*

*Why can’t I hear more from you? You must be thinking thousand of thoughts when I asked about Jorg.*

*When Jorg comes, he’ll explain it to you. Now you’ve got to tell me what else you remember about last night.*

*I’m feeling very tired. Please let me sleep …*

*NO!* the doctor’s thought boomed into Jacques’ mind.

*You didn’t have to shout. All right, I’ll not sleep …*

*Last night …*

*Last night,* Jacques continued. *The singer sang something about the North Star and I started to giggle. I said something that the North Star wasn’t in the North or something. Then we started to talk about astrophysics. You seemed to know quite a bit about astrophysics. I made the comment that you were a scientist like my father and you said … you said … yes, I remember now. You introduced yourself as a medical doctor: Dr. Charles Brown. Then, quite unashamedly, I said that I was Jacques the gay student. I’d expected you to stand up and take off but then you stayed. I asked you why you were staying and you asked why I expected you to leave. I said that my father would throw me out if he found out that I was gay. Then you said that you weren’t my father. Then I gulped down my third mug wishing that you were.*

*… And I made love to you with you wishing that I was your father. Was that the reason why you were repulsed by me this morning?*

*No, I didn’t think of you that way. I was ashamed of myself … Wait a minute. If you could read my mind now, why didn’t you read my mind then? …*

“Because he was not allowed to,” another voice sounded.

Jacques could no longer hear anything. He fell gently asleep.

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Jacques opened his eyes. He was at home, in his own bed. He remembered the stranger and what happened in the morning. He remembered the shower and then everything else was a blank. He turned to his side and saw his mother asleep in a chair beside his bed.

“Mama!” he called softly, “Why are you sitting here asleep? Go to bed!”

Geraldine opened her eyes. Her son was awake. She was very relieved. The kind doctor had said that he had to sleep his drunkenness off. He had administered some drugs into his system so that he would not suffer the effects of a hangover.

“Good! You’re awake young man! You had the whole family worried. Luckily this kind doctor brought you back home. He just said to let you sleep it off. Being your first time drinking and your first experience of being drunk, he said you’d sleep longer than usual. I’ll now have to tell him that you’re awake.”

When his mother left, Jacques started thinking about the doctor. He was quite an attractive man. Jacques’ dick moved a little, thinking about the morning before he passed out. His thoughts came to an abrupt halt when he heard his mother coming back into the room.

“The doctor was pleased that you’re awake. He’s asked me to give you his contact information. He’d like to speak to you.” Geralding handed a small square tablet to her son. “Call him now if you like. He’s at home.”

“Thanks mama. I’m sorry that I put you through so much.”

Geraldine sighed. “Actually I can understand how you must’ve felt yesterday. However, you need to practise more self control, young man.”

“Yes mama. Did Dad call?”

Geraldine smiled “Yes. He called barely five minutes after you left last night. He’s coming back on Monday for three weeks.”

“Three weeks? Maybe we can plan a trip somewhere. Perhaps on one of the planets?”

“Young man. I know that you’d like more than anything to have the family together but don’t forget that the four of you have school. If you want a trip, we could plan a weekend thing, one night on the moon but that’s it.”

“Now that’s an idea, mama,” said Jacques as he got out of bed to talk some more. It was then that he realised that he was in a strange set of clothing.

Geraldine smiled when she saw her son’s puzzled face. “Dr. Brown had to change you and his clothes were a little small for you, so he took one of the delivery gowns and used it on you.”

“Delivery gowns?”

“You know … the gowns that women in labour wear when they are in the hospital to give birth to their children.”

“You mean he dressed me in women’s clothes?!”

“Cut him some slack Jacques. You were drunk and needed to spend a night at his place. He was nice enough to nurse your drunkenness and bring you home at his own time. He didn’t accept any payment from me.”

“All right mama,” groaned Jacques. His mother made perfect sense except that she didn’t realise what had really happened.

“I’ll leave you to talk to the doctor.” Geraldine said.

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