The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book IV
The Prophecy

Chapter 7
Jacques’ Confession

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This story is of an adult nature. It is not intended for minors nor for those whose law in their land forbids them to read this material.
This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 31 July 2671, Monday

It was lunch time at the Academy. There were many students in the cafeteria. Jacques couldn’t believe the change of mood. It all happened when Heath decided to tell the truth to his classmates.

There were very few seats and Jacques saw some of his classmates seated near a window. He moved quickly there and sat with them. What he didn’t realise was that these were members of the group that had avoided Heath when he came out to his class. There were about twenty men and five women in the class. All the women applauded Heath for his honesty and courage to come out. The men were less enthusiastic. Some felt that what Heath was did not matter to them; some took some time to warm up to Heath and there was this group of five men who were hostile towards him. They dared not do anything outwardly because of the anti-discriminatory stance of the Academy. So they boycotted class activities that included Heath.

As the two friends agreed, Jacques spent less time with Heath at the Academy. He saw the wisdom of his friend when he realised that he was actually able to make more friends than tagging along his big bro. They were still good friends, talking over their communicators after school. The only thing that Jacques had not told Heath was his adventure with the doctor.

“I see that you haven’t been too pally with Williams after the truth came out,” said Sparky, one of the five who had boycotted Heath.

Jacques realised too late who he’d chosen to sit with. He wanted to take his tray and go but another of the five, Harold, sat beside him.

“Answer Sparky. Why aren’t you following him around like a puppy anymore? We thought you were fucking each other but when we heard what you said to a group of girls some time ago, we realised we were wrong.”

“Uh,” Jacques started but nothing seemed to want to come out.

“He has a loss for words, probably to enraged to talk about it,” said Sparky. “We understand. How could a man possibly want to have sex with another man? It’s unnatural!”

Harold put his arm behind Jacques’ neck. “I’m sure you hate his guts. You thought that he was your friend when he probably wanted to jump you and force you into sex with him.”

Jacques wanted to laugh. He decided to have a little fun with these guys. “Harold, why are you putting your arm like that? Heath used to do that, and he would then pull me close. Don’t tell me you have that kind of feelings for me, too?” Then with a shudder, Jacques put on a face and pushed Harold away.

Sparky laughed at Jacques’ reaction to Harold. “Harry’s cool. He’s straight as an arrow.”

“Are you sure? If he were that straight, he’d be trying to score with girls more. I know that you adore Kelly, Sparky. I’ve seen you scribbling her name on your comtab.” (computer tablet) Then turning to the guy sitting next to him, Jacques continued, “Harold, you I’m not sure. You don’t seem to have an interest in girls at all and the moment I sit down, you have your arms around me.” Jacques stood up, “Sparky, I don’t know how well you know your friends. They seem to be quite attached to you. I’m only eighteen and so too young to realise many things but you’re all twenty-two at least and, I’m sure, have more secrets to hide. I’m not going to end up getting hit on by Harry. Thank you very much!”

Jacques took his tray and deposited it at the disposal area for trash and quickly walked away, with his shoulders slightly raised, looking strangely at the five guys. They were also looking at each other strangely. Jacques had put enough suspicions into them so that they would be too wrapped up with themselves to bother Jacques or Heath.

As he walked towards his next class, he saw Heath grinning at him.

“I saw what you did to Sparky and gang. You’re a dangerous fellow Jacques Robinson. I’d better stay away from you.”

Jacques pretended to look hurt, “Anything you say, big bro,” and turned slowly to move to another seat.

Little bro, I didn’t mean it that way …”


Heath grinned. He felt so comfortable with Jacques. He wondered if he had made the mistake of not being a couple with his little bro.

He carried this question home with him. He stared at his work, distracted. He had been thinking about Jacques. He wished that Jacques would call him because he wanted to tell Jacques that he loved him deeply. Then, as if Jacques heard him, he received a visual call from Jacques.

Yo! Big bro! What’s happening man?”

“Hi Jacques! Why the sudden accent?” Heath enquired with raised eyebrows.

“It sounded good at the time.” quipped Jacques.

Heath laughed. “You called just in time.”

“I had a feeling you needed to talk to me,” Jacques said enigmatically.

Heath felt the little hairs on his back stand. This was so uncanny. It was as if Jacques had really read his mind.

Jacques noticed Heath’s change of expression. “What’s wrong Heath? You look a little distracted.”

“Well, … mmm … I can’t seem to handle the work that old Barrister handed to us.”

Old Barrister was the nickname the class gave to their classical physics lecturer. He was always telling them to remember “the laws of physics” that the class called him a lawyer, and so the name old Barrister.

“Well, if you …” Jacques proceeded to explain what old Barrister wanted. Then he noticed that Heath was not paying attention. “… and so, Heath, I’ve decided that you should just take off your clothes and wank off in front of me.”

Heath suddenly snapped to attention. “What? What did you just say?” he asked.

“Didn’t you hear?” asked Jacques mischievously.

“I just caught the part about wanking. What did you say?” Heath asked sheepishly.

“I saw you so distracted and so thought I should say something to grab your attention. Why are you so distracted?”

Heath opened his mouth but something prevented him from revealing his true feelings. “I don’t know. Exams are around the corner and I don’t think I’m prepared. I was so distracted during his lecture today.”

“Okay. I’m going to mail you my notes and the links to where you can find the answers to your work, okay?”

“That would help a great deal.” replied Heath.

“Is there anything else you’d like to ask me?” Jacques’ tone was one of expectation.

Heath was actually at a loss but he managed to think of something. “Yes. I heard from my father that your father has left the project.”

“Yes, he said he needed time with the family and so he resigned.” Jacques then told Heath what had happened.

¤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¤

Date: 29 July 2671, Saturday

Jacques’ terminal sounded as he was trying to finish his homework.

“Who is it?”

“There is a visitor. Identification indicates that it is a General Aaron Evers. He has requested to see Mr. Frank Robinson.”

Jacques got up and went to his father’s study. His father was also busy working over his terminal.

“Dad, a General Aaron’s here to see you.”

“Let him in, let him in,” said Frank without even turning to face his son.

Jacques opened the door to see a handsome man in uniform. He had silvery grey hair and looked as if he was in his late fifties.

“Good morning. You must be Jacques.”

“Yes General. Please come in,” invited Jacques.

“Please call me Aaron,” requested the General.

“Yes sir, thank you.”

“You called me ‘sir’,” chuckled the General. “Are you planning to get into the military services?”

“I haven’t thought about that possibility, sir … I mean … Aaron,” said Jacques.

The General laughed. At the same time, Frank entered the hallway to see the General.

“Good morning Aaron. I see that my son has entertained you.”

“I asked him to call me by my first name but he insisted on calling me ‘sir’,” chuckled the General.

Frank smiled and said, “You must admit that you’re quite imposing figure when you’re in full ceremonial uniform.”

The General smiled and asked, “Can we speak in private?”

“Of course,” said Frank. The General was shown into Frank’s study and the door was locked.

Thirty minutes later, the General came out from the study. Geraldine, who was informed of the General’s arrival by her son, came scurrying into the hallway to ask the General to stay for lunch.

“Sorry Mrs. Robinson. Under other circumstances, I’d gladly stay but I’ve to get back to work. Your husband has tended his resignation from the project.”

Geraldine looked at her husband in surprise.

“Don’t look so surprised Gerry. I’ve realised that I’ve neglected the family long enough. I think it’s time to take up a teaching post, for a while anyway. I’m sure that I’d feel the itch of going back to projects after some years. Now, I just want to be with you and the kids.”

“I couldn’t convince him to stay. He’s given me some inconvenience. I’ve now to go look for another project leader.”

“I’ve already recommended Hernandez. He’ll make a good project leader. After all, they just have to send the probe to the last relay and continue from where the Aurelia ended.”

“You only have to make the recommendations; I, on the other hand, will have to deal with the paper work,” smiled the General.

Seeing the smile, Geraldine realised that the General was just teasing.

“Seriously, Frank. I think you’ve made the right decision. You need a break and what better break than to help your wife in the bringing up of two teenage children and two pre-adolescents. You know, Frank, I’m glad I’m not married,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Thanks Aaron,” said Frank as he shook the General’s hand.

“Thank YOU,” said the general with the emphasis on YOU.

¤ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ¤

Date: 31 July 2671, Monday

Heath looked a little puzzled. “That’s not what my father told me.”

“No?” It was Jacques’ turn to be puzzled.

“I don’t know how sensitive the situation is, but my father’s sources said that General Aaron Evers suggested removing your father from the project,” said Heath.

“I’d better ask my Dad for the truth,” said Jacques.

“No, don’t,” interjected Heath. “My information to you is only for you. I don’t want to end up being guilty of giving out sensitive knowledge.”

“Was’t there anything else you wanted to ask?” Jacques’ tone was as expectant as before.

“Not really,” Heath said slowly.

“Oh.” Jacques’ face fell a little.

Heath’s uncanny feeling returned. “Wait a minute, little bro, you’re expecting me to ask something. What am I supposed to ask?”

“If you don’t have anything to ask, you’ve nothing to ask. No big deal,” said Jacques trying to hide his disappointment.

“I think it’s a big deal for you. What would make you more excited … excited … Oh Jacques, you don’t mean … “ Heath could not continue. There was a look of surprise and he said, “You didn’t, did you?”

“Did I?” Jacques asked innocently. “What are you asking, Heath?”

“You did it, didn’t you? You actually lost your cherry …” said Heath sadly.

“I thought that was what you wanted,” Jacques said anxiously because he noticed Heath’s disappointment.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d pull it off. I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it. So you’ve fallen in love with him, haven’t you?”

“Fallen in love? Well, he’s kinda old for me, you know, in his forties. He’s a nice friend but no, he’s not my type.”

“How did you meet him?” Heath asked, curious as to how his supposedly still in the closet little bro of his managed to get into bed with an older man.

Jacques told him what happened that night a week ago. Heath was in awe of his little bro. He had achieved something that Heath would not have dared to do.

“Wow! You know, what you did was extremely dangerous. You didn’t know him that well and yet you went with him. What if he’s one of those who hump and kill? You could’ve been the first victim of a serial killer!”

“Don’t get melodramatic, Heath. Nothing of that sort happened?”

“You were drunk! … Promise me you’ll do nothing of that sort any more, please,” pleaded Heath. He was afraid for Jacques. He was afraid that Jacques might get hurt.

“You mean it doesn’t count as my first experience?” asked Jacques.

“It does! It does! … but don’t try sleeping with anyone else anymore.”


“Because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“So, when are you going to get your first experience so that we can get together?” asked Jacques. He really wanted to be with Heath.

“I don’t know. I’ve not made any moves towards any one. I mean I can’t go and tell someone, I think you’re gay and I want to have my first experience with you, can I?”

“Why not? I did.”

“No you didn’t. You got drunk and got lucky. You could’ve ended up kidnapped and got forced into a rent boy syndicate.”

Jacques reminded himself to find out what rent boy meant. “Okay, Heath, I promise I won’t.”


“What about you?”

“You’ve got to be patient.”


“That’s good little bro. Let’s get back to studying. I don’t want to lengthen my stay in the Academy.”

“All right. Good night.”

“Good night, little bro.” Heath turned off the communication programme and said softly, “Jacques, I love you.”

Jacques saw the screen turn black and then he distinctly heard the words “Jacques, I love you.” It was Heath talking but he had turned off communications. Perhaps he had been imagining things. He certainly hoped that things would work out between Heath and himself.

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