The Pellegrine

Soul Lark

Book IV
The Prophecy

Chapter 8

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This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental and unintentional.

NB: Words found between asterisks (*) refer to words exchanged in psychic or telepathic communication.

Date: 31 July 2671, Monday

Jorg was in his real home when Jemma, his computer, alerted him.

“Yes Jemma, what is it?”

“I have a message from Brin.”

“Put him on.”

“Jorg. I’ve just detected a few psychic spikes in Jacques’ mind. I think the measures we took weren’t enough.”

“They were not a permanent solution. I’d hoped that his abilities wouldn’t show up until he graduates. What was he doing when it happened?”

“I think that he was talking to a friend: the one he’s attracted to.”

“Heath Williams?” Jorg asked.


“Continue monitoring. Did you manage to get a genetic sample of Heath Williams.”


“What were the results?”

“We’ve ascertained that they contain magi fragments,” reported Brin.

“Are they from the sequences that I gave you?”

“Yes, but they are different from Jacques.”

“Brin, you’ve got to make the acquaintance of Heath. I want your Charles Brown persona to make a visit to the Robinson household and find a way to get Jacques to introduce you to Heath.”

“All right.”

“One more thing, is your Charles Brown persona related any way to my Michael Brown persona?”

Brin grinned. “Jorg, you’re supposed to be my nephew.”

“Perfect,” said Jorg with a smile. “Good bye, Uncle Charles.”

“Good bye.”

§ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ §

Date: 22 November 2672, Friday

“Now what can I do for you two gentlemen?” Dr. Brown asked Jacques and Heath as they entered his consultation room.

Heath was a little apprehensive about seeing Dr. Brown. He had met the doctor slightly more than a year ago when Jacques invited them both for his father’s birthday. He had found the doctor very friendly and Heath liked the doctor very much. Heath felt very comfortable around the physician. However, what Jacques had in mind when he made the appointment for both of them made Heath very nervous and anxious.

“Charles, Heath and I have decided to become a couple,” Jacques announced.

“It’s about time!” the doctor replied.

Heath blushed slightly but Jacques was all aglow.

“You didn’t have to make an appointment to tell me that,” said Charles.

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” explained Jacques. “We’ve a slight problem …”

“Problem?” asked Charles. “I could see the love you two had from the moment I saw you two together.”

“Well, except for that time that we did it, I really haven’t had much more experience,” Jacques explained.

Charles’ face went pale. His mouth fell open and he did not know what to do.

“Calm down Charles,” said Jacques. “I told Heath even before both of you met. He knows about our little encounter.”

Charles took a while to calm down. “Jacques, we didn’t have a little encounter. As I recall, I took away your virginity. I’ve dreaded this moment from the time I met Heath. He didn’t say anything about it and so I took it that he didn’t know. It’s not a good thing to stand in front of the lover of the man whom one has slept with, especially if it concerns true love and virginity.”

Heath had been very nervous and anxious thus far. The outburst of the doctor was so comical that Heath started to laugh. His laughter actually removed the tense moment that passed.

“I’m glad that you found this quite funny, Heath. You don’t know how harrowing my position was, not knowing how you’d react to the revelation,” Charles said, wiping his brow.

“Let’s come back to the situation at hand,” Jacques said impatiently. “You see, Charles, I’ve only a vague recollection of what happened that night. Since Heath is also a virgin, he doesn’t have any idea either. We’ve scoured books and the net and got an information overload. We don’t have the experience to sieve through the fact from the fiction.”

“So you come to me?” asked Charles. “I’m a doctor, not a sexologist. I don’t deal with issues regarding sex.”

“Charles,” said Jacques calmly, “we’re not here because we have a problem with sex. No, that’s not right. We have a problem with sex, but we don’t have a problem with sex …”

“Our problem is that we want the sex but we don’t know how to start,” Heath spoke for the first time since they entered Charles’ consultation room. “Jacques wants our first experience to happen without a hitch. We don’t want to discover that we did something wrongly and then suffer some discomfort or pain afterwards. Since he cannot remember, we thought that you could help us by giving us some pointers about it. We’ve even got some porno and we still couldn’t make head or tail of the situation. I tried to get two fingers up my arse and found it difficult and these guys in the show take a whole dick in without any problems!”

Charles nodded his head. “As I recall, Jacques was very horny that night. I didn’t even expect to be picked up.”

“What do you mean picked up?” Jacques asked suspiciously.

“You were very drunk and it was you who decided that we were going to have sex. You were quite bold, as I recall. You insisted that we go back to my place and then contacted your mother and convinced her that you were quite okay and that you couldn’t go back and needed to stay the night. I had to pitch in to say that I saw you drunk and offered to put you up. When I mentioned that I was a doctor, she allowed me.”

Jacques blushed. He really did not have any recollection regarding the circumstances that led to his being with Charles, he only remembered being pleasured and giving pleasure in return.

“Jacques, we had sex once before you fell asleep and another time in the morning. Both times I was the bottom and you were the top.”

“Okay, we know about bottom and top but I don’t remembering you doing anything to get my dick up your arse,” said Jacques.

“I can see that this is going to be a long session,” mumbled Charles.

“That’s why we wanted to be last on your list of patients,” said Jacques. Heath just smiled.

Charles reached towards his intercom, “Joo, I think we can close up. My patients are about to leave.”

“Yes doctor,” his nurse said.

“What do you mean?” asked Jacques. “You haven’t given us anything!”

Charles smiled. “I think it’s better if I show you at home.”

“Wait a minute doctor,” said Heath. “You’re a nice guy and all, but I don’t think I’m ready to have sex with you.”

Charles gave a chuckle. “Neither do I want to have sex with both of you. Don’t worry. I’m bringing you home to show you how one does certain things. It is not convenient in the clinic. I won’t even ask you to take off your clothes. Is that acceptable?”

Heath blushed, “Sorry, I didn’t mean …”

“You said what you felt,” said Charles, “and I treasure that kind of honesty. You didn’t offend me. Let’s just get to my place and I’ll be able to explain things in a less restricted fashion.”

Charles took them home and gave them a quick instruction on how to use lube and even used a holographic model to show them the little details that porn movies conveniently forget to show. After about forty five minutes, it was clear that all the explanation had affected the three of them because they had erections.

“Okay boys, I’m going to ask you to leave so that I can take care of something that just came up,” said Charles.

The two other men grinned at the obvious pun.

“Thanks Charles. You’ve been a good friend,” said Heath.

“Are you sure we can’t take care of each other here,” teased Jacques which made Heath’s heart skip a beat. His dick lost some of its rigidity.

“No Jacques,” said the doctor. “Unless you plan on being unfaithful to Heath, you need to practise a little restraint. You’re giving Heath and me a different picture of yourself.”

Jacques looked at Heath and realised what he had done. “Sorry Heath, I was just teasing. I had no intention of …”

Heath just took Jacques hand and said, “You’ve said quite enough. Let us leave the doctor before we do more damage to the friendship we have with him.” Turning to Charles, he said, “Jacques has managed to talk himself into trouble. I apologise for that. Thank you for your instructions. I know they were very useful.”

“You aren’t planning to have sex immediately, are you?” Charles asked.

“No, not tonight,” said Heath and the two of them walked out of the doctor’s apartment.

Brin, or Charles, mentally followed the both of them as they exited his apartment building. The two men separated at the public transport terminal, each going home. He noticed that Heath had some misgivings regarding Jacques’ behaviour but had not expressed it. Jacques seemed to have picked it up but said nothing. Brin followed Jacques home. When Jacques got home, he went straight to bed.

Brin then went to his communicator and contacted Jorg. He related the strange circumstances that led to the night’s activities.

“So, you were sure that Jacques is tuned to Heath’s thoughts?”

“Yes, all indications seemed so. I monitored Heath’s mental waveforms but they showed nothing,” replied Brin.

“Did they tell you when they’re going to do it?”

“No, but I sensed it was sometime soon. I caught something from Jacques that indicated a festivity of some sort and I suspect that they’ll do it then. Perhaps at Christmas?”

“I don’t think it’s that far away. No, not Christmas but I’ve a fair idea when it is,” said Jorg thoughtfully.

“When is that?”

“I’ll tell you when it’s time.”

After Brin had ended the conversation, Jorg sat at his desk contemplating all the things that was happening. His first meeting with the Book of Dorianus had put him into contact with the prophecy. He had learned very much when he touched the stone in the sunken portion of the island of Celebes. Things were occurring according to what had been foretold and yet there were differences. The pairing of Jacques and Heath were just one example of several thousand pairings that were engineered to happen. Yet there was something different in the case of Jacques and Heath. The latest developments were an anomaly. Jacques should not be developing powers and yet he was.

How were his powers activated? Semi magi don’t activate themselves, do they? Jorg wondered. The prophecy is being fulfilled and yet more than what the prophecy had is happening. Can the prophecy be trusted?

‡ ~ ~ ¤ ~ ~ &dagger ~ ~ ¤ ~ ~ ‡

Yes read, yes man,
yes lead, yes can.
From on high a fading flower,
at the highest is the answer.

‡ ~ ~ &dagger ~ ~ ‡

The eleventh prime will start the count,
Every eight hours the numbers mount,
It is complete when it reaches a week,
In years not days is the man you seek.

A man born on the longest day,
A man who veers from the normal way,
A man who is like a cup half filled,
A man in which hope is fulfilled.

‡ ~ ~ ¤ ~ ~ &dagger ~ ~ ¤ ~ ~ ‡

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