The Protector

By: Chris Candler

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Jacob: 300 years old \ brown hair \ green eyes \ 6’4” \ 205 lbs \ 9” uncut

Chris: 16 years old \ blonde hair \ blue eyes \ 5’4” \ 130 lbs \ 5” cut

~Chapter 1~

Chris Adams was a seemingly typical 16 year old high school student. Unlike most teenagers, however, Chris held many secrets. Chris was very beautiful and called attention from many girls and guys alike. Even some of the “straight” guys in his school were caught catching glances.

Chris was 16 years old with blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes anyone has ever seen. Standing at 5'4” at 130 lbs he was slender with curves and an ass that would rival the hottest girl. Every guy has hit on Chris at one point or another and most girls were either in love with him or were jealous of him.

He was the head cheerleader on his school's varsity squad and spent many hours training and developing routines to prepare the team for national championships. Chris was in his back yard one afternoon working on some new routines when he felt like he was being watched. He lived in a private area just in front of a dense forest and instantly knew the source of his discomfort lay within the woods.

Chris had several abilities that no one, not even his parents, knew about. He could sense the feelings of others, hear their thoughts, and move things with his mind. He didn't want to be put in a lab to be studied so he kept his gifts to himself. Chris stretched out his mind to sense who or what was watching him. He felt a presence, but the mind was blocked from him. Never before had he found something that he couldn't read and it made him nervous. Chris made his way quickly toward his house not wanting to find out what could possibly block his power.

Jacob was fascinated by Chris. He was the most beautiful person that he had ever seen in his 300 years. As Jacob watched Chris from the safety of the trees he sensed something probe his mind. There were only a few things that could possibly use such power and a mortal was not one of them. As a vampire he was impervious to such intrusions but he was sure that Chris couldn't be the source of this intrusion. Jacob decided it would be best to leave before the source of the probe could locate him. Disregarding his feeling of discomfort Jacob couldn't shake the vision of Chris from his mind.

Over the next few weeks Jacob followed Chris in an attempt to learn more about this beautiful young boy. He decided to take the next step and he enrolled in school just to be close. He used his ability to make sure he got the same class schedule as Chris. Jacob was determined to know the boy. He was compelled by Chris; fascinated beyond anything he had ever known.

Jacob waited in the hallway to “accidentally” run into Chris. He didn't have to wait long. After a few minutes Chris rounded the corner and Jacob bumped into him.

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. I just started here and I am lost. Can you tell me how to get to the Chemistry Lab?”

Chris openly gaped at Jacob. He had a strange ethereal look to him. Chris gently probed his thoughts in order to get an idea of what this guy was like. When Chris met an unfamiliar block he quickly pulled back in a panic. He didn't want to let on that he was searching his thoughts but he had to find out how Jacob was able to block him from his head. He decided to play along.

Uh, sure. I am on my way there now. Just come with me and I will introduce you to the teacher.”

Jacob felt the probing just as he had felt in the forest. Jacob now knew what had caused the invasion and was intrigued as to how a mortal could wield such power. He decided the best thing to do was just act normal and he would investigate Chris's power just to see how strong he actually is.

I'm Jacob by the way, Jacob Desari, but you can just call me Jake. I just moved here from Seattle.”

Nice to meet you Jake, I am Chris Adams. Come on and I will show you to class.”

Jake and Chris made their way to the Chemistry Lab where Chris introduced Jake to the teacher who assigned him as Chris' lab partner. The boys took their seats where they eyed each other wearily.

Let me see your schedule and I can tell you where your other classes are.”

That would be great! I get lost easily so any help I can get is appreciated.”

Chris gazed over Jake's schedule and found that he had the exact same schedule.

Well, it looks like we have the same classes so instead of telling you where the classes are you can just follow me.”

As the day went on Jake could hear the thoughts of the other students who mostly lusted after Chris or were completely jealous of him. He knew that Chris was the object of lust for many people. The boys had physical education as the last class of the day. Once the class was finished Chris and Jake were the last people in the locker room. Jake couldn't take it anymore and decided to probe Chris again to see if he could get a read on the boy.

Chris felt a tug on his mind and felt confusion coming from Jake and he decided to find out who he was and how he had the same powers. Chris cast his hands out and flung Jake against the lockers and lifted him into the air.

Who are you and why are you here? You have been trying to read my thoughts the whole day. How are you able to do that?”

Jake was shocked and even a little frightened. In his 300 years, he had never found anyone who could match his powers and had never known anyone who could wield such telekinetic strength. He was hit with the invisible force that caught him off guard. He decided it was best to tell the truth before Chris crushed the life out of him.

I am sorry for probing your thoughts. My name really is Jake but I am a vampire from the Carpathian mountains. I am not here to hurt you, but I have been watching you and I couldn't help but to get to know you better. In 300 years I have never found anyone like you and I just wanted to know you. Please believe me. I will drop my defenses so you can see the truth in what I am saying.”

Chris was shocked at this revelation. He released his hold on Jake but for some reason he felt he could trust him. It was like he had known Jake his entire life and knew that his instincts always led him in the right direction.

I believe you. You don't have to lower your defenses. I have never met a vampire before but at least the mystery of your mental shields is solved. Over the years I have learned to trust my heart and my instincts. Every feeling I have tells me to trust you. I want to know you but don't keep secrets from me from now on. I know it was necessary at first but please I ask that you tell me the truth. Let's get together after school and we can talk about it... I really do like you and I am interested in who and what you are.”

Jake had just told Chris that he was a vampire and he didn't even flinch. How was this young man so accepting. It was as if this was an every day occurrence for Chris. For once in his very long life Jake felt that he could actually get to know someone without fear that they would reject him. The prospects hit him and he was elated at his new found friend.

If you feel comfortable I have a car and you can come to my house. I live alone so we can talk without being disturbed. Are you okay with that?”

Like I said, I trust you. Let's get to know each other and see where it goes from there.”

By this point Chris and Jake were interested in each other and there was a connection that spanned more than one lifetime. For the first time in Chris' life he liked a guy not just because he was gorgeous but because he didn't see Chris simply as an object for sexual release. Chris could possibly like this guy; vampire or not.

Once Chris and Jake were dressed they left the building to head to Jake's car. They were stopped by another girl on Chris' cheer squad. Sarah walked up to Jake and barely acknowledged Chris. She was very beautiful and turned on her full charm while talking to Jake.

Hi, I'm Sarah. I've never seen you here before, are you new?”

Uh... Yeah. I just got here today” Jake said with annoyance in his voice.

Oh, well I am throwing a party tonight and only the most popular people will be there. I would love if you could come.”

Sarah had her hands all over Jake's well muscled arms. Chris was a bit jealous thinking Jake must be straight, looking as good as he did. He wanted to pull Sarah aside and just smack the bitch.

Sarah, I am sorry. I don't mean to seem rude but you are not my type and I don't do parties.”

What do you mean? I am everyone's type. I can see you are attracted to me so you might as well not fight it.”

Look, unless you have a cock hidden it those cheap ass panties you are not my type. I really have no attraction toward you and I am not interested in your party.”

Chris was stunned. Did Jake actually just come out to Sarah? Now he might actually stand a chance. He had been saving himself for the right person and something inside was screaming that Jake was that person.

Oh, well there is no need to be rude. I guess I don't have what you need. Anyway, the invitation to the party still stands.”

Both Chris and Jake could feel her jealousy and disgust at Jake's revelation. Chris, however, was ecstatic that Jake stood up to Sarah. She decided it was time to make her exit and started to storm away. Chris decided to use his power to give her a little bit of a push. As Chris sent his invisible force it caught Sarah in the back and she fell in a giant mud puddle.

Chris and Jake both snickered at the humiliating sight before them. Jake had never seen such power much less power that was just used to humiliate a stuck up slut who thinks that everyone wants her. Jake couldn't reconcile Chris' ability, but at the same time he was very amused at what he had just done.

I can't believe you just did that. That has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen and that is saying a lot since I am 300 years old.”

Chris just chuckled at Jake's amusement.

Well there are some advantages to being a “freak.” She does that a lot and doesn't care about who she hurts to get what she wants. So I just figured a little nudge wouldn't hurt.”

Jake just laughed as they approached his car. Chris' jaw dropped at the sight of an obviously expensive car. Jake noticed and felt Chris' awe.

Come on Chris it is just a won't bite.”

Sorry, I just can't believe it. This car must have cost a quarter million dollars.”

Well, give or take a few $10,000 yes it did. You would be surprised at how much money you can save over 3 centuries.”

Chris never stopped to think about how old Jake actually was, and then the expensive car made sense.

I supposed you can save quite a bit of money in that time.”

Jake drove Chris toward his house which was a three story mansion set on several acres of land. Chris was amazed at the magnitude of Jake's estate. As the boys entered the house he followed Jake to a wall and pressed a hidden panel that opened up into an elevator. Jake placed his hand on a glass plate that scanned his palm and started upward. As the doors opened Jake and Chris were greeted to a very large bedroom with a king sized bed, large plasma television, office with state of the art computer systems, and a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and glass enclosed shower. Needless to say Chris was overwhelmed.

This place is amazing! It is so comfortable and inviting.”

I am glad you like it. You can come over anytime you want to. There is something about you that I really like. I won't lie and tell you that I wasn't attracted to you, but there is something more. I have never brought anyone here. I really do care about you and want you to feel welcome.”

I feel the same way. I have never felt like this towards anyone before. I would like to get to know you. I don't care what you are, just as long as you don't hurt me and I don't mean physically. I don't think I could handle being hurt by anyone. That is the reason I have never been with someone. I know what they are thinking and I have never found anyone with pure intentions. You, however, are different. I want to spend time with you, get to know you, and see where things go. It is like I have known you my entire life and there is a pull toward you that I just can't explain.”

I know what you mean. I feel the same way about you. I would like to be with you. Something tells me to just hold you, comfort you, and protect you. I hope that makes sense. I just can't explain it. I have never felt this way.”

To Be Continued...

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