The Quest for Yolo

by Larkin

Fantasy fiction story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2008


The Quest for Yolo

By Larkin

I. Brent's Journey

"You must not take pity, he has been cast out for what he is, a creature of evil influences. I would even go so far as to say that he is the child of the devil. 
Brent, you are a smart boy and I'm worried and your parents are worried. 
You can not go out there again. 
There is nothing to be done and you can only put yourself in the greatest of all danger. You risk becoming an outcast like him. 
All contact with him must stop now."

He had the ability of always looking like he was about to loose his temper but rarely did.
Merlow was the Father of our village and I had to accord him respect but I knew inside that I was going to disobey him.

He went on. "Brent, I would prefer if you worked in the weapon shop here in the village instead outside in the harvest. 
It will help you resist temptation."

This last suggestion did not go over very well with me. 
My meeting with the Village Father was an effort to take me in hand. 
I and maybe everyone else had already considered me a lost cause and since I had already gained the reputation of being uncontrollable, I didn't see the point.
This bit of trouble started after a journey to the foothills. 
It was there that I discovered the ruins. 
It was evening and I bedded down for the night in the very center of the immense collapsed structure. 
It took the better part of the day to get there and it would take as long to get back. 
These ruins were from an empire long gone and no one knew anything about it. 
They just carried tales about the existence of the ruins. 
I suppose it was a worship place but since I did no worshipping on my own, I couldn't tell you.
I built a small fire and prepared to sleep. 

I considered myself brave for a twelve year old until something happened to scare me and at that moment something did. 
A small figure approached the fire. 
His face was ghostly white and at first sight, very frightening. 
His hair was half black and half white in strange sections. 
When I recoiled so did he. 
He withdrew from the flame as if he was going to run away. 
It was then that I realized that we were both afraid. 
When I relaxed, he slowly came back into view.

The boy slowly sat down in front of the fire. 
Gradually using small one word comments he introduced himself as Yolo. 
His voice was high and musical. 
I offered him some bread. 
He moved close to my side of the fire and took the bread. 

He said, "Thank you. Not just anyone would do a nice thing like that."

Looking more closely at him, I noticed his hands were little and pale, delicate and girl like.
On his fingers were a few odd hand-wrought rings of different metals. 
One ring had a stone in it that glowed.
His face was cute and mischievous. 
He was dressed head to toe in black patchwork suede. 
He smiled and continued to talk. 
The brightest thing in his dark composition was his eyes. 
They were a strange sort of light green and looked larger than they should be.
When he smiled, I saw them for the first time.
Two canine teeth were extended and pointed sharp.
When he spoke, occasionally his tongue stuck out between them.
The impression was startling as if he was an animal from the Wildlands.
He must have no longer believed me to be a threat because he moved up and sat even closer to me. 
His talk sounded uncommon and poetic. 
I was both fascinated and put completely at ease. 

He said, "Are you from the village?"

I nodded yes.

"I used to go near the village until they came after me. I don't go there anymore."

He moved so that we were touching. 
I had the urge to put my arm around him as if I wanted to protect him from harm. 
Before I could, he put his arm around me as if we had always been very close brothers. When he did, I was filled with a sensation of pure happiness.
He pulled himself closer so that we were in each others arms. 
I have no idea why this was all happening but as if under a magic spell. 
His body had the scent of sweet hashish.
It made me want to kiss him. 
We kissed.

My cock erected so stiffly that I had to take it out of my pants for I was that close to cumming in such a short time. He took hold of it and gently tugged.
He was giggling as waves of pleasure continued through my body.
We kissed and embraced.
I pulled him under my blanket and began to take off his patch work.
I pulled his dark vest off over his head revealing a few raw hide necklaces with charms and talismans hanging round his neck.
He was only half my size. 
His skin was featureless and pale white.
Completely naked, we kissed again. 
Both his legs and arms clung to me in an exotic embrace.
Never having been in love before, I had nothing to gauge what love is supposed to be like but I was definitely under a changeling's spell.
My hand traced his under arm, his smooth chest, warm belly down to his penis and scrotum.
It was so small and delicate and even though it was erect and standing, it was barely two inches. 
His scrotum was the only skin that appeared darker from the rest of him and it contained two robin's egg size balls.
Climbing on me and taking hold of my cock, he encouraged me to push it up his butt. 
I had never done anything like that before.
Looking his smiling eyes the desire to do so became irresistible.

My eyes opened to bright sunlight. I sat up and accessed my surroundings. This strange place looked completely different in the daylight. Tall columns along with trees reached for the sky.
As things got clearer, I remembered Yolo. 
He was gone. 
For some reason the thought that he was gone, filled me with despair.
Why did I feel such a sense of loss about a boy I had just met?
I prepared my stuff for returning to the village.
I must have cut myself in the night because there was dried blood that ran across my breast. 
I had run out of food and had to return but I vowed to myself to return. 
Yolo had already begun to haunt my thoughts.

II. The quest for Yolo

The Village Father's attempts to reform me were in vain because I had already made up my mind to go back and find him. When I first returned from the foothills I told a few friends about the boy I had found.

Lothar's eyes got big and he blurted out, "The evil one! I hope you had the good sense to stay away from him? Stay as far away that creature as you can. He will steal your very eyes. I know someone he done it to."

They were talking about him like he was some sort of witch.
After that, I wisely kept my mouth shut but as the tales of my journey spread around the village and people began to distance themselves from me. It was as if they assumed that I was tainted just from seeing him or worse.
As I lay in my loft trying to sleep, I was conflicted about how afraid everyone seemed. It upset me to see friends and neighbors treating me with mistrust and suspicion.
I closed my eyes and imagined Yolo. In my mind, I saw him as I first saw him and I heard his voice. The same feeling swept over me and it caused me to cuddle in my blanket as it he was there with me. I fell asleep and in my dream I heard him calling me. 
It was still dark when I woke up. I made up my mind. I had to go back and find him.
It was still dark when I snuck into the back of the weapon shop. I stole a small bow and some hunting arrows. I took a dagger in a sheath. I would have left Oden a note knowing that he would understand, but I was afraid that they would come looking for me.
I had gotten a pouch of flour and four small silver coins.

Feeling liberated, I headed down the valley path towards the foothills. Beyond the foothills lay the mountains and beyond lay the Wildlands. 
I had never seen the mountains or the Wildlands, I had just heard people talk. 
There were also rumors of a great sea that lay beyond the Wildlands. 
Maybe Yolo and I will go there together.
I figured I get to the ruins by midday. I was excited and not at all afraid of traveling by night. The only place I might get lost was in the woods just before the ruins and it would be light by then.
The old ruins looked so different. I discovered a small stream that ran right through part of it. First thing I did was to call Yolo's name. There was no answer. I called again. 
It was the first time my heart sunk at the thought of never finding him. It was hot and I decided to bathe in the stream and then explore the ruins thoroughly. Maybe there is a little village around here where he lives with his parents?
I criss-crossed the ruins that proved to be much bigger that I had imagined and found no signs of Yolo or anyone else. 
Are these ruins so haunted that no one comes here?

By the afternoon I was hunting rabbit. 
It was the distraction I needed to keep my mind away from the gnawing feeling in my belly. 
I couldn't help it, I thought, he's gone! 
The urge to cry fell upon me. He's dead! 
Or even worse, he's doing what we did with some terrible ogre! 
I was in despair. 

I lay down in the center of the ruins and cried out loud. 
It came from the bottom of my soul and echoed through the relics of the lost empire. 
As the sun began to set, I considered ending my life.
I would climb to the top of the arch and throw myself off. 
I would open my belly with the dagger. 

For the moment, I put those thoughts out of my mind and gathered wood for the fire. 
You can't kill a rabbit and not eat it, it's not right to do that.
I set tasks up to occupy me.
In the morning, I will go home and try to get people to respect me again.
I'm not really a bad person. 

Into the evening, wrapped in my blanket, I stared into the fire until it went out.
When I woke up I didn't know where I was.
There were no stars and I heard rustling. 
Suddenly I was very afraid. I thought, Wolves!
I jumped to my feet.
I heard it again and I pulled my dagger from it sheath. 
It was circling me and I kept turning towards sound.
A dark shadow came through the air and with it, I crashed to the ground.
The shadow wrapped its arms around me and giggled.
It was Yolo.

Even in the dark moonless night I was filled with joy.
We kissed and I felt his hands go down into my pants.
He pulled on my cock and brought it out into the open.
We did everything we had done before again and then again.
I was in a state of intoxicated bliss.
He guided my cock up his behind and we kissed and embraced.
He was licking my neck and it sent chills throughout my body.
When I felt a sting, I came flooding his bottom with my first seed.
Little by little it began to get light.
It was sometime before the sun was to come up but gradually I began to see features in blacks and grays.
In this light Yolo looked so fragile. I really wanted to protect him.
I asked him, "Where are your parents?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Dead."

I couldn't imagine loosing him again.

I said, "I want to take you home with me so I can take care of you."

He smiled and cuddled up.

"I can't go there."

The horizon was turning orange.

He stood up. "I have to go."

I was puzzled. "Where?"

He hugged and we kissed again.

"I just have to go. If you stay, I will come to see you in the evening."

I watched as his small form ran off into the shadows.
It was now my second night without sleep.
I covered myself with my blanket and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
I dreamed about Yolo.
I awoke feeling incredibly content. I looked around for traces of Yolo. There were none.
Was this whole thing in my imagination?
I lay out in the sun and dozed some more.
It was late afternoon when I went to the stream that I noticed it.
Dried blood down my back and all over my neck.
A terrible chill came over me.
I looked off in the direction of the village and thought about the people there.
Were they right?
I thought about what Yolo and I did when we were naked.
I felt my neck and looked at the traces of blood on my fingers.
I decided that I just didn't care.

III. The Escape

The sun had become uncomfortably hot so I sat in the shade. 
The realization that Yolo was sucking my blood in exchange for the pleasure he was giving me had finally sunk in.
How did he get this way?
Where does he go in the day?
I also knew that I would never be able to go home again. 
Without even realizing it I had become an outcast like the Evil One as they called him.
I was becoming a shadow with no one in the world to turn to except him.
I found myself praying that the sun would go down.
I thought about my family and the villagers.
At first I was worried that they would come to bring me back.
Now I knew that if they came it would be to kill us both.
I began to think of a life of hiding from the rest of the world.
If I could be with Yolo, I didn't care.
I took out my cock and handled it just to give me comfort.
Yolo's image came to mind and my cock stiffened.
I lay waiting,
I watched the sun slowly go down.
When it finally had gone down below the horizon, I saw the small figure coming towards me from out of the shadows.
My pulse ran quickly.
Yolo was dressed in his black patch work.
He came up along side of me and we lay together.
He stroked me while we talked.
I was content and happy just to be in his company. 

I asked him a question that was contrary to my aroused mood. "Yolo, I know you are taking my blood."

He smiled and nodded yes.

"Yolo, I love you and I give my blood to you as a gift."

He climbed on me and we kissed.

I looked into his face and into his pale green eyes.

I said to him, "If you keep taking my blood will I die?"

Still smiling, he shook his head, yes. 

He started licking my neck where I had bled the night before. 
I wasn't afraid and I wanted to make him happy.
My cock had become incredibly stiff.
I felt the sting of his teeth again and for the first time I felt him sucking at my neck.
I wrapped my arms around him and let him do what ever he wanted.
I turned him over so that I could penetrate him as I had done before.
He pulled himself up so that he could continue to feed.
I don't care if I die so long as I am under his spell.

Yolo cocked his head. "Did you hear that?"

I sat up. "What?"

He was suddenly panicked. "They're coming! The villagers, I can hear them."

He grabbed at me, terrified. "They'll find me. They know where I sleep. They are still far off, but they will be here within the hour."

He ran up an embankment at the edge of the ruins and I followed.
His fear shortened his breath and caused him to stop.

"Yolo, climb up on me, I will take you."

I ran as fast as I could.
I felt his breath and voice at my ear. "You have to find somewhere to hide me before morning. Please help me."

We decided that we should flee far from the old relics.
We ran most of the night and gradually the sky began to lighten.

"You have to find some place to hide me. 

If I am left out in the day, I become weak and I can fall prey to almost anything."
I vowed to myself to save him and protect him from anything even if it meant my life.
We ran through an open field occupied by a small herd of sheep and a sleeping Shepard boy.
By the time the sheep started a commotion we had past.
We went into some more woods that led up rocky hills.
We were exposed and out in the open and the sun started to rise.
I heard Yolo behind me, beginning to sob.
I headed for rockier slopes knowing that it was less likely to see other people there.
I had to rest if only for a moment.
Yolo's face was a ghastly white that pinched his eyes into hopeless squints.
When he stood up he reeled with dizziness. 
I pulled him up on my back and continued running.
The cliffs and rocky crags that looked so far away got closer.
The sun was beginning to rise in the sky when I found it.
It was under and out a crop of rock. A small opening that only led back ten paces, but that was enough. 
I lay Yolo down and tried to make him comfortable.
He appeared to be unconscious but when I began to cry, he raised his hand and let it fall on my arm.
I stood guard all day, ready to die, protecting him from harm.
How did all this happen to me?
I knew my life would never be back the way it was.

I had a fitful sleep.
By night fall, Yolo emerged from our hiding place to find me asleep. 

He lay on me and we kissed and hugged. "You saved my life, I owe you a debt."

His body was warm again and the strange feelings I had for him hadn't changed. 

I turned my head to expose the bite on my neck that he gave me. "See how much I like you. I offer you my blood."

He just kissed me again and got up to his feet.
Yolo prepared to pee.

He said, "I've got a better idea."

His pee rose in a high arc and splashed down on the rocks, dark red.

I sat up and looked. "What's that, how come your pee is red?"

He continued his lurid urination and then said, "When I feed, I use the blood until it dies, then I have to get it out of my body so that it doesn't poison me."
I had never heard anything that strange before but I guess it made sense.

He put his penis away and said, "Remember that Shepard we saw last night? I know he must sleep out there every night to protect the sheep. Will you help me?"

He didn't say exactly how, but I knew what he meant.
We approached the edge of the field and then began to cross it heading for the Shepard. 
I carried Yolo in my arms as if he was injured. Yolo expected him to be wary and suspicious. He heard us and was up on his feet.

He called out, "Just where do you think you're going?"

I answered him, "I have an injured boy here. We need help."

He looked a bit older and bigger than me. His eyes were blue and peach fuzz covered his upper lip and chin.
Since we were kids he did not sense the danger that was about to befall him.
He came up to us.

With Yolo still in my arms, I said, "Have you ever seen anything like this boy?"

The Shepard looked into Yolo's face. His mouth dropped open in disbelief.

He said, "Look how beautiful. I never seen anything like him before."

It was the same charm that Yolo had used on me the first time we met.
He couldn't seem to stop looking at Yolo.

"Oh, god, can I hold him, he can't be that heavy. Let me hold him. I just want to hold him for a minute."

What ever pity I had for the Shepard boy had vanished. You might say I was jealous.
I reluctantly gave him to the Shepard. 
I got angry watching Yolo work his evil charms.
They both lay down on the grass together and feeling like a fool I sat and watched them.
With no protest from the Shepard boy, Yolo prepared to feed.

Yolo turned to me and said, "Look how big his cock is."

Yolo had his small hand around a long red cock that looked like it was about to burst.
Then he began feeding. My anger gave way to fascination seeing Yolo feed.
I was grateful that he didn't offer the Shepard his behind.
That would have made me see red.
Yolo remarked that the Shepard sure had a lot of seed.
We decided to stay in the cave one more day and then start back to the ruins just to be sure that the villagers would be gone. 
When he was done feeding, we got away and I fucked him over and over. 
When the sun began to come up we slept together in the small cave.

I thought to myself, "How could I love anyone as much as I love Yolo?"

On the next night on our way back to the ruins, we paid the Shepard another little visit.

Yolo looked at me and said, "He tastes strange, I think he fucks sheep."

IV. The Murder

The Journey back to the ruins was easier.
Finally a moon had appeared in the night sky.
We talked along the way. 
Yolo would run along with me and every so often, he would jump and climb up on my back to rest. 
He was so light that it was no bother. 
I enjoyed the feeling of his soft breath in my ear.

Yolo talked about the Shepard boy. "The Shepard boy didn't mind. You saw it for your own eyes. His seed got all over the front of his clothes. I'm sure he won't tell a soul"

The idea of him making sex with him still made me angry and jealous.

He continued, "That's how I do it most of the time, I mean, I have to survive. I would never feed someone to death unless I had no other choice. I must make them love me to feed.
If I can, then they are happy to let me feed on them. The danger is if they have heard of me or have been warned they will resist. If they look away and do not respond to me, I must run because they will try to kill me. I'm sure I could have fed on the Shepard boy on my own, but you helped by dividing his attention."

Even though I knew that I was still under Yolo's spell, I felt helpless.
I knew that my feelings of love and devotion were probably an illusion but I didn't care.
I looked at how delicate and beautiful he was, his glowing green eyes and ragged hair and pale warm body that always had the wicked scent of sex. 
I wanted to own him like a rare treasure but I knew that I was the owned one.
The only difference between me and the Shepard boy was that Yolo felt that he owed me a debt for saving his life from the villagers.

I spoke up. "Yolo, when we get back, I want to stay with you. I am cast out now, like you. I can't ever go back."

Yolo was silent. Haltingly, I went on with my plea. 

"I want to stay with you and protect you. You can feed on my blood and I will even give you my life."

He came on to me in an embrace. We kissed and lay on the cool grass. Sliding his hand down my pants, he took hold of my cock. He licked the side of my neck and prepared the place where he had bitten me before. I felt his wet tongue tickling and the sting of his bite. The chills came in waves that stiffened my cock completely. 
I held him tight so nothing might interrupt him in drinking my own blood. 
I came and came again before he had finished.
Then, as if nothing had happened, we were up and continuing our journey.
We would arrive back at the ruins just in time because the sunrise was close.

Yolo was in a giggly mood. "I didn't take much. Remember I fed off of the Shepard boy when we started out. Just make sure you hunt some rabbit to replace the blood I took. I will not be hungry again until tomorrow night."

We both crept up to the edge of the embankment and looked down onto the ruins. There were traces of several large bonfires that weren't there before. They were cold and black.

Yolo, who could hear and see far better than I, said, "They're all gone."

He stood up and ran down the embankment onto the floor of the great Relic. I followed him. The villagers had knocked down numerous columns and overturned many ancient slabs of stone.
Yolo stood silently at the edge of the black fire pit. 

After a moment he looked up at me and said, "Here is where they would have burned me alive."

There was a charred stake in the center. "They would have gotten pleasure doing it too. They would have done it for their god, thinking it was the right and proper thing to do.
It's what they always do to the few of us that are still alive."

He came and buried his face in my breast. I held him in my arms. He looked up at me. His face had the solemn look of defeat. 

I whispered in his ear, "I will protect you with my life."

Yolo's lair had been miraculously undiscovered. It was a small crack hidden by one of the massive floor slabs, once again, hidden under dead vegetation. 
Many, many men would not have been able to move it and as small as I was, I had difficulty getting in. I guess Yolo could see in total darkness because he had to lead me.
It was a long scary walk for me until we found his hideaway. I could see nothing as we crawled into a pile of warm animal furs. Together, we undressed each other, played and then cuddled ourselves to sleep.

I don't know how long I slept other then to say that I must have what I needed.  My sleep was filled with dreams. They were wonderful dreams of adventure and exploration. 
I awoke in the blackness to feel him stroking me. Then pulling on me and prompting me, he positioned himself so that I would penetrate him as deeply as I was able. 
When I accomplished this, I held him tight and we kissed. I rode on him fast and hard until my seed filled up his bottom. 
When I did, I heard him giggling. We kissed again. 

We emerged from the darkness into evening that seemed almost as bright as day. The moon was almost full and lit up the whole countryside. I suddenly realized that I had become a night creature like Yolo.

The two of us headed out to a junction between three villages. Off to the side of the path was a hill that commanded a moonlit view in all directions. We lay in wait because it was time for Yolo to feed. The paths were deserted because no sensible person would travel at night. Lying on the side of the hill, we talked quietly and waited. 
I took out his cock and played with it just to pass the time. It was always so stiff and just touching it made me feel good inside.

Yolo hopped up to a squatting position, "Someone's coming."

Off in the distance approaching us was what looked a village messenger. He was the sort that went from village to village carrying news. Yolo ran down onto the path. 
The messenger turned to see Yolo's stark black little figure in the center of the path. Very different from the other times, a climate of cold frightening fear filled the air. 
In perfect concert with Yolo, I ran down onto the path behind the messenger and got on my hands and knees. When he turned to run from Yolo, he tripped over me and fell to the ground. 
Yolo set upon him and the messenger howled with fear. I moved in and defeated his attempts to get away. I held him in place while Yolo began to feed. 
I was behaving like an evil partner in a terrible crime. The messenger's body quaked with terror and he seemed to be paralyzed. Yolo behaved like a vicious animal cutting several large wounds in his neck. He lapped loudly and bit again. The messenger's body went limp and then we ran.

What Yolo did was cruel and violent. I heard him laughing as he ran alongside of me. For the first time, I saw this dark demonic side of him. As horrible as it was, I found it preferable to the charm that he had shown the Shepard boy. I was glad that he had shown the messenger no mercy. I think, maybe, I could adjust to cruelty more easily than I could tolerate Jealousy.

V. Yolo

I'm beginning to have feelings for Brent. Well as much as I am able to have feelings for anyone considering that I am self-centered by my very design. His devotion to me has practically made him into a slave. Normally, this would be a nuisance to me and I would bleed him to death just to be rid of him. He is so cute and although he is taller than me, he does not tower over me like most grown people. He smells and tastes so pretty. Maybe if I drawn just the right amount of blood from him every so often, he will stop growing and stay the size that he is now. 
That would be nice. He gives himself to me so completely that I can't seem to turn myself against him. His cock is just the right size so that I can feed on his warm blood or even just kiss while he fucks my bottom and fills it with his sweet seed. He was very gallant in saving me from the Villagers. They would have caught me for sure and burned me alive.

Surely I owe him a debt for that?

But, I have to ask myself, why did the Villagers come in the first place? They came looking for him, that's why. I don't owe him a thing. But then, he can never go back and I suppose that is my fault. Well I guess Brent can be with me and help me, at least, ...for awhile.

How can I apologize for preying on human blood? It is how I was born. Do birds apologize for flying? Do moles apologize for tunneling in the earth and eating worms? The humans don't apologize for slaughtering their sheep and feeding on unborn eggs. Considering that Human blood is the only blood I can ingest, I think I have been pretty civilized. For the most part, there are exceptions of course, I no longer use violence and no one who encounters me needs to fear for their life.

For a long time, my kind and humans preyed on each other. It was bloody violence that set the world against us and now there are only a few of us left. We don't even know where the survivors are. That's probably a good thing. Too many of us in the same place brings out the mob and the firestake. I use the spell of lust to feed on someone. 
I think it is a fair trade. Often my prey is so overwhelmed and strangely guilty afterwards, so much so, that they never tell anyone else of the experience. It is humans like this that I can visit over and over again. 

Occasionally, I can have this effect on women, but is different. I must allow them to nurture me before I can feed on them. 

Men are both easy and extremely dangerous. Men have that ever ready urgent desire to release their seed. That is so easy for me to inspire. I appear to them as a harmless child. I look innocently into their eyes and tug at them where it counts. Once aroused, I climb into their arms and the rest is so easy. My saliva contains an intoxicant that can instill sexual intensity or paralyzing fear if need be.

A dangerous man is a man that has set himself against me because of peer awareness or predatory intend. It is then that I am in grave danger. Even if the sex spell works at all, at the end I am his victim. In these cases I must either instill intense fear or flee as fast as I can. Maybe it's not so bad having Brent around as my guardian. I must be careful because I can become reckless like last night. I shouldn't have murdered that messenger. I think I was just showing off for Brent.

In the dark, cuddled in the soft fur skins, he begins to wake. I love to have someone stroking my naked body. My little boner is perpetual. My scrotum is neat, sending waves of shivers throughout me. I know it is Brent, but it could be anyone, I don't care. He lifts my legs and pushes them back, exposing me. He licks my bottom in the same way I prepare his neck to feed.
This time, when he penetrates me with his cock, I will feed on him.

Part VI. Jealousy

The Darkness is so complete that Yolo must still lead me from where we sleep to the ruins above. Like a blind man, I hold onto his patchwork. I am learning to see better in the night, but down there it is impossible. On this night as we prepare to hunt for his prey, Yolo is full of self confidence. Even dressed in black his little image just seems to glow. His beautiful smile fills me with feelings of happiness. We kiss and then set out towards the isolated junction between the three villages.

I said, "Yolo, what about what we did the other night? Wouldn't they be out looking for who killed the messenger?"

Yolo was untroubled. "I'm not worried, you didn't see them, but I did."

I answered, "See what?"

Yolo was acting like he didn't want to talk about it. "The wolves! They moved in as soon as we left. They will cover my actions for sure."

I was still troubled by what had happened. "Are you going to murder someone tonight?"

Yolo stopped dead in his tracks. He turned and looked up at me. "I can't tell you because I don't know. I probably shouldn't have done what I did but I did it. If it wasn't for you I might not even be sorry. If I kill, it's mostly in self defense and because I need to be able to protect myself, sometimes I have to practice."

He turned and continued not looking back to see if I was following. The fact that I had irritated him was unsettling to me.

At the place where the paths converged, Yolo chose a hill above the path that had a small stand of trees suitable for hiding. It was an excuse for me to cuddle with Yolo but he was unresponsive and occupied in distant thought. I went to embrace him and he moved away. He scanned the paths that led to the villages. I began to fill with self-doubt and worry.

Yolo came back and whispered in my ear."Someone's coming."

Little by little the shape of a boy a bit older than me came into view. Yolo was up on his haunches as if he was ready to spring. He could be very frightening when he wanted to.

Instead, he rose to his feet and said, "You stay here, I know him."

He walked down to the edge of the path. When the boy came up to him, they embraced and kissed. The sight filled me with fear and rage. All I could think of was that I was going to loose him. Yolo had taken the boy's cock out of his pants and was stroking it. Both Yolo and the boy turned and headed towards the small hill on the opposite side of the path. Together they climbed to the top and disappeared on the other side. What was happening panicked me and filled my body with an aching pain. I had to go and see what they were doing.
I ran around the other side of the hill and saw them lying out in the open. I was careful not to alert them to my present. They were both naked. Yolo was on his hands and knees and the boy was just beginning to penetrate him from behind. Once he got started, the boy fucked fiercely.

I thought to myself in horror, "Yolo's not even interested in feeding. He's getting fucked by someone else and it's not me!"

I got up and ran as fast as I could. Where was I going to go? I ran towards the ruins. I had already come to the conclusion that I had lost Yolo forever. The pain in my belly was intense. When I got half way between the ruins and the village paths, I sat down and cried. I stayed there for a very long time, longer that Yolo had ever spent with any of his victims. I continued to cry unable to stop. I closed my eyes and the image of him from when I first met him came into my mind.

Then it occurred to me. I'm supposed to be his guardian, his protector and I have ran away. Suppose something happens to him? There are many dangers out there and I let him down! I ran back as fast as I could. When I arrived, no one was in sight anywhere. I ran wildly back and forth across the hills. I knew it was going to get light soon.
What if something has happened to him and he can't get home? This is all my fault. I ran back towards the ruins. I crept into the entrance of his hideaway.

It was only here that I could safely call his name. "Yolo, Yolo."

No answer. I started down the pitch black path towards where his nest should be. I felt my way along by touching the walls. I thought I was on a sure way when I suddenly fell. I dropped down maybe six feet but before I could get up, I fell again, this time much further. The last thing I remember before passing out was I was lying flat on my back on the rocky ground in total and complete darkness. I remember feeling millions of creepy crawlies moving around under me.

I thought to myself, "Now I've done it."

VII. The Hunters

Yolo did feed on the boy he met on the path. The boy knew Yolo and he came out that night just to find him. They both knew that they would meet again then went their separate ways. Only then did it occur to him that he had not seen Brent for the longest time. From above the old ruins, his little figure could be seen climbing over the fallen columns making his way to the protective hideout beneath the great floor slabs of the relic. The little figure disappeared into the opening to the tunnels. Soon after, the sun came up.
In the darkness, Yolo made his way to his nest of furs. When he climbed in, he was alone. He could smell Brent, but he wasn't there.

He thought to himself. "It's hard enough for me to survive; I can't be worrying about everyone else."

Yolo closed his eyes and thought about the Shepard's big cock. Yolo's sleep was usually deep and profound. He rarely woke up and if he did he would be hazy and unable to focus.

What woke him was a sound from far away. He went back to sleep. When he finally did wake up he sat up and listened. Whatever it was it was in the tunnels with him. In Yolo's mind, that meant danger. He listened. It was a moan of some sort and it was coming from the pit that was near way to his nest. Yolo's vision in total darkness was like a human seeing at night. He could see some things and not others. There was a way down into the pit and he knew how to get there. As he got closer he could see a figure on the floor of the pit. It was Brent.


Slowly my thinking began to return after terrible dreams.  When I opened my eyes I saw a golden glow. It was a fire. Yolo was sitting there quietly roasting a rabbit. I lifted my head and he looked towards me. I was in a nest of furs. Yolo came over to me and got me to drink some water.

I spoke to him as I was able."Who made the fire?"

Yolo looked at me and said with sarcasm, "I got your flint. It took me forever. You already know how much I hate fire."

My body ached. "Where am I?"

Yolo went on. "You're still down in the pit. I managed to get you up on this ledge away from the worms but there is no way I could drag you up out of the pit, I'm too little. You were covered with worms. It'll have to wait until you can get back up on your own. I got down here just in time. I figured, if you die, I don't want you to go to waste on worms. I moved the furs down here and I'll stay with you so you won't be lonely."

Then he laughed. He climbed on top of me and put his face up close to mine.

He kissed me and said, "Ain't that human of me?"

Then he laughed again. He fed me poorly cooked rabbit and I fell back to sleep. Yolo was used to being alone. He was alone before Brent came along and he could manage now just fine.
It was evening and he set out in hopes of finding easy prey. Maybe the boy might be out looking for him.  The thought really appealed to him since Brent was still getting well. Making his way to the paths that joins the three villages he thought about how the boy had taken him to the other side of the hill and fucked him so hard. Being penetrated in that way was so gratifying that he would have gladly fed on someone else but the boy liked being fed on as much as Brent did.

Yolo sat, hidden in the trees by the path.  He was thinking about Brent. It was so unlike him to develop attachments but he had grown so used to his smell and he really did like his company. 
Off in the distance he heard sounds of someone approaching.

He continued thinking. "I hope Brent gets well soon. I should have introduced him to the boy. He is just a beggar boy and he means no one any harm. I think they would like each other."

The figure appeared in the distance. It was a man. Yolo was still thinking about the boy and Brent when he walked out onto the path. The man carried a short sword.

He said, "Who might you be then?"

Yolo suddenly knew he was in danger.

A voice from behind him said, "It's the parasite, that's the one we've been looking for."

Yolo turned to see an archer beginning to draw his bow. The swordsman moved closer. He turned and ran. Behind him he heard one of them yell, "Get him!" An arrow wizzed past him and hit the ground in front of him and then another.

He prayed, not to any god, but to himself, "Oh please, if they get me, let me be killed here and now. I don't want to be burned alive with people watching me."

He got far enough to hide off to the side. He did not want bring them into the ruins. Then he ran back in the opposite direction in hopes of loosing them. He came down onto the path only to almost run into another hunter.

"It's because of the murder that they all want to kill me."

Yolo took the longest way around past the embankment to finally get into the ruins. Then he disappeared into the crack in the floor of the great relic.

Yolo went down into the pit and onto the ledge where Brent was sleeping. He crawled into the pile of warm furs and clung to Brent's warm body. Putting his face in his breast, Yolo sobbed. 
Brent slowly woke and then kissed him.

He softly spoke to Yolo. "What happened?"

Yolo told him the whole frightening tale about the hunters.

Brent asked him, "Were you able to feed?"

Still sobbing Yolo said, "No."

Brent was silent for a moment and then he said, "Take your off your patchwork so that you are naked and feed on me. You can hunt me a rabbit tomorrow."

Yolo cuddled up to him and began to suck his warm blood.

Brent's cock erected and came, his seed squirted and pooled in his belly. Yolo collected the gooey mass in his hand and licked it up.

Looking at Brent he said, "When you think about it, it's a lot like blood."

VIII. Beggar Boy

Because there was no sun, I lay on the ledge just above the bottom of the pit for what seemed like an age. Yolo was kind to me and devoted himself to my needs. He brought me rabbit, made a fire and cooked it. He gathered berries for me to eat and made sure I had plenty of water. He made me a collection of torches that I could make light if I needed them and then, he cuddled with me and gave me company.

To put it in his words, "You know, I'm not used to thinking about anyone else except myself, so consider yourself lucky".

Then he would kiss me. I lay asleep. I awoke to hear bits of rock tumbling down into the pit. The sides of the pit were lit up with the golden glow of a torch. I thought that's strange, Yolo doesn't use a torch to get down here? It was then that I realized I saw two figures. I sat up. I had become like Yolo, afraid and suspicious of anyone. As they got closer I realized that one was Yolo and the other was the boy he met on the night I fell in to the pit. I was glad to see Yolo back safe and sound but I was apprehensive about seeing the boy. He was the one who fucked Yolo from behind and sent me into a jealous panic. I ran back here and tumbled into this terrible pit. They came up and sat down around my nest of furs. The boy was dressed in rags.
I looked into his face. It was dirty and his hair was tangled and in his eyes. When he brushed it away I could see that he was sweet and defenseless.

Yolo spoke and introduced me to him. "This is Billy, he's a Beggar Boy. Me and him are gonna get you out of this pit."

I looked and saw that he had a warm smile. With that, Yolo crawled into the furs with me. He began taking off his patchwork and exposed his little boner to me. Billy followed and both of them embraced me. Soon we were all naked and playing with each other. When the beggar boy kissed me, my fear of him lifted and I realized that we could share each other. I watched him stroke me and then take my cock into his mouth. Yolo moved between us, first cuddling Billy and then cuddling and kissing me. Although I would guess that Billy was about my age, his cock was much bigger. He was up on his knees as I lay before him. I was fascinated and I handled his stiff cock. Yolo clung to his back and was preparing to feed. When Yolo bit him, Billy began to squirt his seed all over me. I didn't avoid it and I didn't find it at all unpleasant. I rubbed it all over me and tasted it. I got up and embraced him while Yolo fed at the wound on his neck.
Yolo purred as he often did when he fed. We held each other close.

Billy whispered to me softly so that Yolo could hear. "Please fuck me. Fuck me like you fuck Yolo. He told me about it."

The boy lay on his belly and I got on top of him. I penetrated him while Yolo clung on him and continued to feed. He was breathless and moaning. I suspect, considering the commotion we made, that we all came together. Yolo doesn't cum. Well he does and he doesn't, he just doesn't make sex juice. Afterwards, we sat around the fire and talked. Billy and I shared the rabbit. 
Yolo would have none of it since he had just filled up on the Beggar Boy's blood.

Then Billy spoke up. "All three villages were out looking for you after they found the Messenger dead. They was out mostly in the daytime but they was out in the night too."

Yolo appeared unconcerned. He looked at me.

"They think you're one too, ya know. The Elders had a meet and they swear to rid the world of all demons."

I had a cold chill inside and I feared, not for myself but for Yolo. They helped me to my feet and slowly led me around the side of the pit and ever carefully, upward. It took almost two hours but we all made it back to our nest. I was still weak but at least now I could go outside if I had to. Yolo went back into the pit and got the torches and the rest of the furs. 

All three of u played sex games until it got close to morning. Billy was so nice. He said he wanted to be brothers to us and hoped that we felt the same. I was glad I had met him and I felt the same. He kissed both of us and headed out into the dawn. Happy to be out of the pit, Yolo and I cuddled and soon fell asleep.

IX Yolo's Blood

As usual, by early evening we began to wake up. Wrapped in the nest of warm furs and cuddled up close, we kissed and stroked each other. 

I love everything about Yolo.
I love how little and cute he is.
I love his spit and even his snot.
I love his musical voice.
I love how he smells. 
I love how he cuddles with me.

I got up and together, we crawled out into the evening. It was the first time since I had fallen into the pit. There was the brightest full moon and it was just like daylight. It lit up all the columns and broken arches into a ghostly white. The old ruins almost looked new again. I was still very weak and could not move without a limp. Yolo was energetic and impatient to get going. 
He came up to me and putting his arms around my neck, he kissed me.

Then he said, "See you later."

Well, he was right to run off since there would be no way for me to keep up. I stayed around the ruins and visited the stream to wash up in the cool water. Eventually I became exhausted and decided to go back to the nest. I wasn't worried because I knew I would soon be well. I wasn't worried because I knew Yolo really did love me.

When I woke up, I was still alone. I made my way towards the entrance and to my horror, I saw sunlight.

It flashed through my mind! "Where's Yolo!"

There is no way that he would be out in the daylight. My whole body filled with panic. I had been a night creature so long that the sunlight blinded me.
I thought what it must be doing to Yolo. In spite of my limp, I hurried through the ruins to search for him. Something must have happened to him. As I approached the path between the three villages, I saw many huntsmen. They all looked and saw me. One came up alongside of me and took hold of my arm.

He said to the others, "This'll be the other one!"

It was then that I saw Yolo's body. People were standing around looking. Yolo's was laying face down, his black patchwork marked with red and pierced with many arrows. My legs gave out and I started to cry. Some guards came and dragged me away from the sight of Yolo's small body. I was so stunned that I stopped crying or even speaking but tears continued to fall from my eyes. They took me to the village to the north of my village and put me into a dark enclosure with a locked door. I lay motionless in a pile of hay. I could not get the sight of his body surrounded by people that didn't know him like I did. I kept remembering his last kiss and words before he left me. Finally I remembered the first time I saw him. But then I knew that he was gone forever. My soul had been ripped from my body and I was filled with a dreadful emptiness. I no longer cared for my own life. If I could have died by just wishing it, I would. Days past by and I didn't even count. A guard came in to take away my uneaten food.

He said, "You're the lucky one. Your Village Father is here and he wants you back. Imagine that? I think they should burn you. That's what we was planning. If he gets his way, there'll be a lot of disappointed people around here."

I didn't care. I just stared off into space.

The door opened and Merlow my Village Father walked in. "Come on boy, get up, you're goin home with me."

He pulled me to my feet and I followed him out into a courtyard. His horse was there and it was ready to go. He mounted and pulled me up with him and we quickly rode off. I put my arms around him and held on tight.

I lay my ear against his broad back and I could hear him talk to me as we rode. "Brent, you are very lucky. I had to do some serious negotiations to get you out of there.
They was going to burn you alive for sure. They was actually looking forward to it like it was going to be a carnival. Can you imagine, a small boy like you, what kind of people are they? Since our Village is four times the size as theirs, I threatened them with war. I told them we would kill every last one. Don't worry, everything's gonna be alright from here on out."

It was unlike him to try to comfort me like that and I did appreciate it but I didn't say a word. At first my parents were happy, but I had changed. I never spoke or laughed. I never looked directly at anyone and was locked in my own world.  They were convinced that my mind had been stolen by demons or devils. My mother took me to the Forrest Priest who confirmed that my mind had been stolen. She said it was by water demons.

I didn't sleep very well at night and one night, I got up and prepared for a lonely trip to the ruins. It was a full moon when I arrived a day later. I felt at home and I sat and thought of Yolo.
Sitting there in the ruins, the images in my mind were so vivid and my longing was so profound that I began to cry. It was the darkest despair.

I heard a soft voice but thinking it was my imagination, I continued to cry. Then I heard it again, I looked up and standing before me was the Beggar Boy. He was dressed in the same rags and his hair was longer. He came close and put his arms around me.

He smiled at me and said, "You're the same as me aren't you? I wander around here at night lookin and lookin and wishin and I know I'll never never will see him again and I miss him so much. Now I see you're doing the same thing."

He shook his hair and continued, "So you liked him as much as I did and you must feel as bad as I do."

We hugged each other and then I knew that Yolo had linked us together for life. He asked me to call him Billy. We couldn't bring ourselves to go down into the nest so we slept out in the open. The next morning we washed each other in the stream. Slowly, I began to come back to life and I was grateful to Billy. A lot of people wouldn't notice because of his rags, but he was pretty when he was naked. His cock got so big when it was stiff. He was very gentle with me and when he fucked my me and I was at ease with him. 

I looked into his warm brown eyes and his sweet smile and said, "Maybe we could take care of each other?"