The Red Fox, A tribute to Beatrix Potter
by Larkin, .... jet2larkin (at) gmail (.) com
July 2011, copyright

The red fox had visited me before and since I was always penned in my cramped hutch, I welcomed the company.

He leaned up close to the cage wire so we could just talk about things.

He whispered, "The problem with chickens is that they are so stupid, I mean, you just can't reason with them."

I looked into the Fox's expressive eyes.

He continued, "I mean, Rabbit, you can't blame me if I give into my primal urge, I mean, a fox has got to eat, doesn't he? I must confess that the stupidity of the chickens makes it very easy."

The Fox was over here with me because the family dog was laying there asleep next to the chicken coop.

The Fox went on with his pleasant conversation. "Now if I went over there, the screaming of the chickens would be terrible and it would be sure to wake that old stupid dog. Then he would have to get up and patrol just to shut them up."

The Fox looked back at me and talked in quiet confidence. "Now you and me understand each other because we are both mammals, I mean, have you ever tried to reason with a chicken?"

The fox comically rolled his eyes. I confessed that I hadn't. I was enjoying this friendly conversation with the fox.

He went on, "We aren't so different, you and me. We both have fur, we both are warm and cuddly and are perspective on the world is much wider than some stupid chicken, don't you agree?"

I didn't quite understand but I nodded yes anyway.

I asked him, "Where do you live when you are not here?"

The fox smiled showing all his pointed teeth. "Oh, Rabbit, you'd love it!"

The fox was excited at the opportunity of telling me all about it. "I have my very own den on the side of a bluff with a perfect view of the sunset every evening. I can come and go when I please and it is spacious because my family have all grown and moved away and I have it all to myself. Inside the ceiling is littered with beets and potatoes sticking down from the ground above all ready to eat."

My eyes widened at the thought, but then I looked at the rough wood on top of my hutch.

"Above my den are cool thick grasses and a multitude of berry bushes. Even a fatso like you couldn't possibly eat them all."

The thought of all that food was making me dizzy.

The fox said off-handedly, "You must come and visit with me sometime."

The idea appealed to me.

The fox went on, "However now that my family has grown up and moved away, I get very lonely. Sometimes I really wonder if life is worth living."

He looked into my eyes and said, "You know, I have even considered ending it all..."

I said, "Oh no, you mustn't do anything like that. Who would come to talk to me?"

"Thank you Rabbit, you are very kind. If I kill myself, you will be in my thoughts."

"Please Fox, don't do such a terrible thing."

I noticed a peculiar side-glance on the part of the fox but since I didn't understand those things, I promptly forgot it.

He leaned closed to my hutch pushing his nose in a bit through the holes in the wire. "Did you know that you have a lovely scent.. It is a beautiful scent, I would say that it is an intensely sexual scent."

His tongue hung out in a way it hadn't before.

"Rabbit, turn your bottom a bit in more in my direction, would you please?"

I did but afterwards I said, "Fox, we are both males and this exercise is pointless, isn't it?"

The fox looked astonished. "Rabbit, must you be so provincial? I don't have a problem with superficialities, why do you?"

Fox's arguments are so convincing that I am unable to contradict him.

The fox went on. "Rabbit, I think I am falling in love with you and I know that it is a deep and meaningful love, just look at me."

I saw his red and moist fox cock rising up out of its sheath. A large knot formed at it base and it dwarfed anything my tiny penis could ever match.

The fox's scent was becoming overwhelming and more intense than ever. I watched while the fox jerked-off in front of me. I was so envious because this was something I was not able to do because of the cramped conditions of my hutch.

"Oh Rabbit, Your ears are so floppy and you eyes are so warm and under that fluffy tail is a treasure that I must have. I know that this is an impossible situation but I think I am in love with you."

I really didn't know what to think. Perhaps I'm am not as smart as Fox thinks I am. Just then he squirted foxy juice into my cage covering me with his scent. I was surprised more than anything.

His panting went on and on until his angry red cock finally withdrew back into its sheath.

I said, "Wow, that was something. I've never seen anything like it before."

"Forgive me Rabbit but I couldn't control myself. You're a mammal, you understand, don't you?"

After a while Fox regained his composure. "Rabbit, What do you think about the idea of you and I living together? My den is big enough for us to share and to be honest, I really don't eat much in the way of roots and berries so they're all yours."

I had to think real hard about what he was offering me. "I like that idea, but how?"

Fox became sly. "Rabbit, I have a secret would you like to know what it is?"

Of course I said yes.

He got up close and whispered in my ear. "I can open your cage."

I looked at the fox in disbelief. "You mean I can get out?"

The fox said, "I cannot believe how intelligent you are. it's just unbelievable."

He went on, "Now listen. I will come back just after sundown and I will let you out. It is important that the chickens are all asleep because those big mouths will tell everybody what' going on. When I let you out, you must follow me closely or you will get lost, do you understand? None of that zig-zag shit, ok?"

The excitement began to build inside of me as I watched the fox disappear into the wooded thicket. I peed in the bottom of my cage for what I hoped would be the last time.



I heard him from behind the hutch. "Rabbit, are you ready?"

Then there was rasping noise and the whole back end of the cage suddenly opened up. "Come on Rabbit, don't waste time. Follow me."

I felt so naked and vulnerable out in the open so I ran after the fox as fast as I could. We ran across the field and into the woods, through a meadow and across a stream, and into more woods. I was having trouble keeping up. I felt a dark shadow over me and I saw a large bird of prey coming down on me. Fox turned and jumped into the air after it and the bird flew off.

The fox called after it. "Fuck you too, Owl. Just wait till you have a nest full of eggs, I get you!"

He dusted me off and said, "Come on, let's go."

By the time we got there I was exhausted. I followed the fox up the embankment to his den.

The Fox said to me, "Go on, get in, I haven't got all night!"

With the fox behind me, I crawled through a tunnel that opened up into small den that was warmly lit by a fire. It looked perfectly comfortable and far more spacious that my cramped rabbit hutch. Of course the first thing I looked for was the potatoes, beets and berries but there weren't anywhere to be seen. In the center of the den was a warm nest piled high with fur and feathers.

Fox said from the middle of his nest, "Rabbit, come over here there is something I have been wanting to do to you."

There was a large pot sitting above the fire. Always thinking of food, I looked into it only to see simmering water. "What's this for?"

I sniffed the air. "I think smell another Rabbit? Fox, did you share your den with another rabbit?"

The fox said, "Yes, several. Perhaps you don't realize it but I am very popular."

The fox seemed awfully impatient. "Now would you please get over here before I drag your fat ass here. There is something that I want put up your tight little rabbit butthole and it won't wait."

There were no carrots or potatoes on the roof for me to nibble on. "Fox, you said that there was lots to eat here and I don't see anything."

The fox had a toothy smile. "There is plenty to eat here, you just don't see it."

I was looking back into the pot when suddenly the fox grabbed me by my ears and dragged me kicking and struggling into his nest. He grabbed and punched me into a position where my butt was up and my rabbit nose was buried in the feathers and fur. I saw that his fox cock was long, hard and fully knotted.

Bearing his all his teeth and with his long tongue hanging out, he said, "There is only two things that stupid rabbits are good for and this is one of them!"

I remembered that the fox said I was intelligent and now he is saying I'm stupid.

Just then he mounted me and I felt his foxy wet red cock going up my butt hole. My squeaks and high pitched yells were nothing compared to his growls, barks and continuous panting. His fucking motion was rapid and hard. Fox pulled my head back by my ears so I could see what was happening to me.

"Rabbit, I am going to fuck you until I use up every drop of my foxy cock juice and then....."

I said, between grunts, "And then what?"

"Umph!, Well what do you think foxes, Umph! do when they get their, Umph! hands on a furry fatso rabbit? Umph!"

"I'm not fat!"

Umph, umph, umph, umph, umph, umph, umph, umph, oh yummy!

"Speaking of yummy, just what do foxes do with rabbits?"

I hadn't really thought about it before, "I don't know?"

Fox start up his fucking again, "Umph, you really are stupid, umph, do you know that? umph, as soon as I am done fucking your ass, I will start gnawing at your furry and fluffy ears and chew my way down and then start on each of your fuzzy rabbit paws. After I have had my fill, only then, do you go in to the pot for soup."

Just when he was going for his foxy nut he bit down on my ear. I screamed. got free of him and ran from one end of the den to the other with Fox chasing me, springy boner and all.

"Help! Please someone help!"

I suddenly saw how cruel and mean the fox was and how I had been misled. "Help! Someone, help!

"Rabbit you are so stupid, just as stupid as a stupid chicken only you taste much better."

Fox was cornering me and coming closer. He grabbed me by my ears and held on to them tight.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Yummy, yummy, yummy!"

Just then I heard scratching outside and then the familiar baying of the family dog. Dog was digging howling his way into Fox's den.

Fox gave me a mean and pissed off look. He said, "Just remember, I know where you live."

He dropped me and ran out a back passage way just as dog came in to save me.

Dog was so kind. He guided me all the way home and helped me climbed back into my hutch.

Before going back over to the chicken coop he looked at me and said,

"You're an idiot."

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