The echoing vibrations are steadily dying away and in the silence Katte and I stare intently at one another. It is unbelieveable. Katte dead, but here. My wonderful and most beloved friend. But he is shining, inwardly luminous and his eyes are so beautiful that it almost hurts to look at him.


"Darling, you have returned..."

The place is humming as he moves towards me, arms outstretched, his mouth half open, his head held back with the long hair at the nape falling in thick tresses across the silken material of the shimmering multi-coloured robe that he is wearing. I am young, masculine, naked, the body of a muscled athlete, a hard erect cock throbbing towards my friend, my beloved Katte. He stares at me and I can see he loves me still. He is here, I am here, in this echoing magical cavern.

We embrace and his warm large hand is on my throbbing member and his open mouth is against my own mouth and his eyes are boring into me, gazing down into the hidden places of my mind, hidden from me but not from him.

I slip the multi-coloured robe off his shoulders and two ripe female breasts, those of a young and well-endowed girl, spring out and into my hands. They feel so good beneath my hands and I press them eagerly which makes him sigh and hold his head back. There is no sense of things being other than as they should be and the masculine face and the female mammaries complement each other perfectly. His chin has a slight and very attractive stubble but the creamy warmth of those beautiful shoulders and tits are without blemish, smooth and warm. I lean forward with his hands on my shoulders and put my mouth to the tits, one after the other, licking and biting gently until he is moaning in ecstacy.

Knowing that the mind is that of a man and that the body, although feminine, is being used for the extra pleasure of this male presence, so that he may the better enjoy my own masculinity. The robe slips down to his feet and he stands there in all his glory, a most blessed and true hermaphrodite. The body is hairless and formed on the grand scale of voluptuousness, large limbed and wonderfully shaped for the most intense of sexual pleasure. Our arms are around each other and he presses his hairless female pudenda towards my erect throbbing cock.

"Master! Master!"

The boys are at the door, peering fearfully into the vibrating room. Katte opens his eyes and smiles, at me and at them. Feresh and Ahshawn edge their way into the room, each attempting to hide behind the other's impressive body. What do they see? I cannot tell for all here is touched with illusion, but then they too begin to smile and step more certainly towards the spot where Katte and I are lustily entwined.

My cock enters my beloved in a cruel and painful thrust and his eyes half roll back in his head. I thrust hard again and again, out and then deep inside his warm wet vagina which holds me firmly and only reluctantly lets me go, like a wet deep mouth clamped against me as of a too eager boy who demands the cum he knows is waiting for him, sucking until he is satisfied with the thick warm liquid gurgling down his throat. Katte's mouth against mine, his stubble beard tickling my smooth cheeks.

The boys come closer, smiling and holding onto each others athlete body, touching each others rising cocks as they watch Katte and myself making love. Now they are standing one on either side of us, pressing eagerly against us, and Katte takes an erect cock in each hand as I continue to push deep into his pulsating and sucking womb, turning my hungry mouth now towards Feresh, now Ahshawn, now Katte.

Katte draws us towards a huge and magnificent bed that I had not noticed before, hung with diaphanous multi-coloured sequinned draperies. The flesh of his magnificent thighs rubs silkily together as he pulls me with his arms and the oil from his yoni is bountiful and sweet smelling. He lies back on the bed and Feresh kneels behind him and supports Katte's head and upper torso against his own swelling muscled smooth chest. Feresh's brown hands gently rub and squeeze Katte's semi hard nipples. Katte smiles up at the boy and, lifting his-her arms, pulls the boy's head down that they might hungrily kiss.

Katte's thighs are open and the hairless scented valve of the cunt is available to my lips and tongue and as I sink my face into the mound he slightly closes his thighs so that I am entrapped in sweetness. I tongue the slit and feel it opening and I drink the sweet tasting juice, gently lapping like a cat. My arse is in the air and Ahshawn is behind me, his strong hands gripping my waist as he rubs his cock against my melons and against my balls.

I disentangle my face from the lovely pudenda and stare at Katte as he looks at me, his mouth open since he is deeply aroused by Feresh's kneading fingers. I lean forward and sink my mouth upon his, relishing the rough feel of his stubble against my face. My hands are resting on Feresh's muscled thighs and with one hand I start to stroke his erect cock which produces its own juices. I can feel Ahshawn growing harder as he starts to invade my arse.

Katte lies voluptuously and abandonedly back, her arms above her head around Feresh's neck and his-her magnificent and glistening thighs open to the probing of my eager member and as it sinks once more into her gasping inner thighs I feel as if I am about to explode with pleasure. But at that moment Ahshawn thrusts cruelly and painfully into my arse which gives me pause for thought.

Katte lies back more but with his thighs still elevated toward my deep thrusting cock and he turns his face and licks Feresh's massive tool and I too suck and lick the dickhead with the lovely foreskin half-drawn back and we pass it from mouth to mouth and sometimes suck it together.

The bliss of the deep yoni engulfs and pulls at me and has its own pulsing rhythms and these in turn pass through me so that my hole is closed and vibrating around Ahshawn's massive cock that is pushed into me as far as it will go.

"Darling, darling..." sighs Katte as I pleasure him and his legs open to their limit to allow me access to his-her deepest parts. His grey-blue eyes are shining with lovelight as we give and take pleasure with each other.

The very peak of this pleasure performance and gratification is that Katte's male mind is the masculine bowl into which pour all the manifold exquisite titillations of this ripe and gorgeous female body. My hands and mouth upon his-her firm and swelling tits and my cock deep inside his-her hidden places. My mouth upon his still-masculine mouth.

There are other presences in the chamber now, watchers, as if the paintings on the wall had come alive and the sacrificial victims followed with bleeding eyes the holy rite enacted on the bed. Singing, murmuring, and the scent of precious incense.

Feresh is moaning and swaying as he kneels beside us, his cock sliding first into my mouth and then into Katte's, the sweat glistening on his huge black muscled torso. Ahshawn reaches out an eager hand and begins to wank the boy hard even while he is pushing deeper and deeper into my open arse. Feresh kneels back on his heels, his cock thrust out straining before him, eyes shut, giving himself up to Ahshawn's ministrations. Soon he is pumping sacred cum all over Katte's breasts, anointing the blessed hermaphrodite and I lean forward to sup at the cum-wet mammaries.

Katte's yoni pulls even more insistently at my cock in his excitement and Ahshawn is ready to release his flood into my orifice. The service nears its summation and with one tremendous thrust I disperse my swimming seed into the heavenly body of my friend and the contractions of my arse make Ahshawn finally come. He yells with delight and holds on to me with a fearsome hard grip as he pumps soma into my beloved cup, my chalice which receives his fecundation.

Katte is bent half forward and is shaking with great spasmodic jerks of pleasure. Feresh slumps on the bed dribbling the last of his cum from the enormous flaccid cock that lies against his muscled curved thigh flesh. I fall into Katte's open arms as he smiles and pets my face, all passion spent.

* * *

The light begins to fade. I have been sleeping and now find that I am back in my house where the boys are preparing a meal and pouring wine for me. The three moons grow luminous in the evening sky.

I go out into the garden and smell the exhaling scent of the huge yellow blossoms banked beside the house wall. Katte is nowhere to be seen and when I mention his name the boys seem puzzled. I make no further comment and drink the delicious pink wine from the jewel encrusted golden goblet once given me by my friend. My dead friend?

I know that I am being tested, that this is a sort of trial, but I am too exhausted to think the matter through. Also I am aware that there is no logical sequence here, here where so many worlds have come together.

Only through our lusts can the living and the unborn seek any sort of communion.

The most far is near now, is here, summoned by desire, his for us and ours for him.

"Master, please come and eat," whispers Feresh, touching my arm tenderly.

After supper I retire to my couch, alone. My mind is weary with questions that I cannot begin to answer. A dim light burns in an alcove and the purple hangings of the room provide the perfect backcloth to my thoughts.

Katte, whom I had seen die, was still living but in what sort of world? He could still access this world, that I had witnessed this day. And his form could be variable, its fluid transformations delightful. Was he now in the realm of the inner gods? The old love flashed anew in flood down the dried water channel where it had once run so deeply.

Feresh came in to see if I was all right. This service was performed in silence, since now my boys and I can read the others moods by the merest gesture and look. He was naked since the night was warm. He stood with his back to me, adjusting the window drapes and reached up to loosen a fold or two of the silken material.

Slim waist; massive thighs and buns, meat and brown-black muscle; the semi-clenching of the buns as he reached upward forming a perfect round half melon from the darker slit of the arse; the centre of the back flat, just the place to rest one's forehead as one probed the lovely slit; wide shoulders, strong arms; delicate hands.

"Feresh," I said in a low and husky voice, knowing as I spoke that he had been waiting for my summons, willing me to speak.

He looks over his shoulder and stares at me with a serious expression. The lovelight in his eyes is reflected in my own and neither is less than the lovelight in Katte's face that glows across the whole inner horizon.

Feresh, sensing my mood, comes and lies beside me, his left shoulder and thigh just touching my right. We both stare up into the canopy of the bed. I begin to doze. Waking for a moment, I find that I am lying on my left side and that Feresh, erect, is inside me, his right leg and arm lying over me gently. He seems to be half dreaming too and his breath comes slowly and evenly against my shoulder where his face is nestled. A slight spasm moves through his member when he sighs or trembles in his sleep.

It is so comforting to lie like this that I do not move for fear of awakening him. I just lift my hand to take his hand to my lips and slowly kiss the paler inner palm that is like purest ivory. His cock stirs inside me and he inches his thighs closer against my hot moist buns. After kissing his palm again I guide it down to my own hard member and lay it against myself, his hand nestled in mine, a living codpiece.

Again, I am thinking of Katte, of the many nights when we lay together like this, slowly burning with intense loving, perfected moments, eternal nights.

And I think of the Katte I saw again today, transformed into a glowing man-woman of wonderful beauty and proportion. I imagine him lying against me now, those ripe breasts touching my chest, the open hairless yoni awaiting my entrance, quivering to engulf and welcome in my eager manhood. He-she before me, lips locked in love; Feresh behind, quivering with sleepy automatic desire.

My lips upon the yoni, parting the moist and fragrant curtains; my hands upon the open thighs, drawing back the flesh; the appearance of the glowing rose of the world, the carnation-blossom of desire; my honey-bee, bird of paradise tongue probing deeper into the heavenly blossom.

I begin to masturbate my cock with my hand over Feresh's hand. Still half asleep, Feresh's hand closes over my member and begins to wank me slowly as he pushes his own thick cock deeper into my willing opening bowels. His other hand slips under me and begins to stroke my hard nipples. I push back upon his hardening and lengthening stiffy and feel it deep inside me. We both start groaning and thrashing about, entering the electric zone, the vivid blue twilight of desire.

I hold his hand still against my cock, knowing I am about to come. Waiting until he too is ready to explode. And as I start to feel him come I rub his soft strong sinewy hand a few more times against my ready randiness and slowly I explode, in slow motion, as he thrusts inside me and spurts ramming cum into my hole.

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