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The cave was a good hide out I was lucky just to find out hidden by the bushes and since it was already dark the hunters could not see it. I decided to mark it too throw off my sent, I was surprised that my sent and mark did not smell alike so I guess that helped, I heard the hunting dogs run past the cave. I was tired and just wanted to sleep. I padded around the cave to see whether it had an occupant but the sent that was there were a couple weeks old. I walked to the entrance of the cave I liked to breathe in the fresh air as I slept, it took a while but I finally fell asleep to the sound of nocturnal creatures screeching and hooting.

The morning sun bathed my cave with an eerie warmth that awakened my senses, the bristle ghast of wind though sharp with a chilling breeze wafted with it the beautiful aroma of dew drenched soil, a smell so fresh and relaxing it had me closing my eyes and lifting my snout to the sky to smell I tried my best to ignore what had transpired the night before that could possibly my end.

Last night had been a wild one, with me barely escaping with my life; the cave had been my only solace lest I would have been dead at the hands of the hunters. The bark of the hunter dogs and the shouts of enthralled hunters still lingered in my mind but the enriched earth and the warm sun rays hitting my back, it all wiped my memory and gave me peace and no matter how short lived it was it was peace none the less.

I stayed at the very spot until I felt the sun beginning to climb higher in the sky, I needed to find something to eat before I set out to find a place to stay, with all the buildings these humans were making it was imperative to keep moving from one habitat to another, Gaia only knows when all habitable forestry ends.

I had of course yesterday stumbled into the dark zone. It's an area marked off by prior predators as hunting zones, but I had no choice I could no longer stay hidden in the city without causing a ruckus which would do me no good, I needed to find a safe place to stay, preferably silent with nature's beauty for solace.

I made my way around the cave, tasting the air with my sensitive taste buds, listening to my surroundings for danger and smelling the environment for prey, over the course of years I had conditioned myself to being able to survive on something as small as a rabbit for a week, only downside to that was I would be weak and vulnerable to attack, good thing was that being in a hunting zone meant that in as much as it was dangerous it was also abundant with game meat like deer.

The scent of deer was strong in this part but sadly it was a couple days old no thanks probably to the presence of hunters in the area; I followed the sent tentatively as I enjoyed the morning sun and the smell of trees and their sap. It all brought back both good and bad memories for me, but for most part it was good. I thrived in memories; after all I was fairly very old, too old actually. Most animals that met me had heard of me, and offered me the respect, not that I asked for it. Very few humans knew of my existence and it was better of that way. Humans were self –driven, sadly they had been the ones gifted with knowledge.

It did not take me long before I found a stream hidden by the thickets and bushes, I felt giddy and happy for finding water, with yesterday's running and all the adrenaline I had pumped tried to escape the hunters I was in dire need for a good swim and long drink to quench my thirst. I made my way towards the stream goal in mind to refresh myself only to come to an abrupt stop as I saw a human lounging on the stream bed, he seemed deep in sleep enjoying the morning sun.

The human seemed at peace with his surroundings which was strange since with all the predatory animals in the forest, this was the most dangerous place for him to be sleeping. I could smell his scent from here, furthermore his emotions as well, humans did very little to mask their emotions, so animals especially predatory ones like myself could easily analyze their threat level. This one was simply content, and surprisingly his scent was everywhere if my sense of smell was something to trust some of his traces were as old as a year old. I watched him sleep before letting instinct take over.

My first instinct had me turning away to go back into the forest and come back later, I did not need this human telling the rest of his kind he had spotted me, but something kept me from going back into the forest perhaps it was the thirst and dehydration in my body that had me turning around and heading into the water as still as possible, and my oh my did it feel good, sadly I felt so good I began to purr, yet I was not even feline.

I dove into the water eyes closed as I cursed myself for making myself known, this would not end well, I needed now to head out of the stream without alarming the human.

I began to think if his scent was all over the place it only meant that he was a hunter, of course this had me in a frenzy of thought after all I did not want to be caught, I could not be killed but it still would not be a good idea to be captured by a hunter. I was already in the water, it was cool despite it being morning, I guess it had been under the sun for a while now, my senses were once again filled with refreshment and that drowned out all my worries as I contently submerged myself in the water.

`Maybe I could swim down the stream and come out of there without him noticing,' I thought to myself.

I came up for air in order to swim downstream only to come face to face with the human man peering at me from where he was sleeping. He seemed calm; in fact he was too calm for my liking. His emotions showed no fear, I guess it helped that all he was seeing was my head, but even yet most humans ran at the sight of me. I decided to see what his game plan was, indeed he was alone there was no scent of other humans around for miles of which I guessed was the town, I began to swim towards him, he sat there, still and expectant which to me was strange, no one stayed that calm in sight of a predator. As my body came into view I sensed his emotions he was now getting afraid and what... curious, this was indeed a very interesting human.

I decided to take a moment and sniff the air around the man and check if he was intoxicated with that fermented filth, or whether he was on a different thought plane thanks to the very famous cannabis plant, but with all my expertise he was as lucid as he should be. This was truly intriguing me. Maybe he was those forest people, who had learnt to co-exist with nature, I studied his aura, and no he was not one with Gaia. Then what was this man thinking, maybe he is crazy, I have come across a lot of humans who were crazy, no this one was in every sense not crazy. No this man just had a death wish, maybe suicidal. Of course I was not going to harm him; I wonder what he would do with me.

As I stood in front of him, my fur clung to my body. I'm sure if I was looking at myself I would be laughing silly at the sight of me wet. The human sat there seemingly petrified, I looked into his eyes trying to see why he did not flee from my sight. Slowly the human began to stir in front of me looked at him at he began to stand. First he was naked, two he was tall with mild bulging muscles he looked like he took care of himself. I sniffed him from where I stood and he seemed healthy to me, he smelt like the morning wet soil which to me was refreshing.

He began to walk towards me, he seemed unsure if I would let him but if I were to let a human touch me, this would be the one. He seemed peaceful and unafraid. Fear in man meant uncertainty, and uncertainty meant untrustworthy. Why would you trust someone who feared you, his purpose would be detrimental to you, if fear is not existent then only two things form friend and foe. This man was clearly not about to gut me and take my hide as souvenir. No, this man I could trust, well at this moment I could, after all he could just be mesmerized and all other emotions blocked from perception. So yes for now I will trust him, as I figure out where the deer are.