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It was good to be feeling myself once again, with the divorce and the job debacle; my life had once again lost meaning. I had spent my days lounging in the house wallowing over my job and my ex. I was on the brink of suicide with all the negative thoughts that ran through my mind from the depression of unfulfillment. Having always been a loner since I was young and our dog Scooby was my only friend with having busy career parents and being an only child feeling neglected was but a small part of the sadness in my life.

Having Scooby helped me both psychologically and emotionally, with my nights filled with nightmares and my days oppressed by bullies who found me an easy prey he prevented me from going insane and feeling totally alone. He and I shared my little adventures in the woods behind the suburb estate with him. Unfortunately Scooby died of old age when I was 17 and lucky for me I was just about to join college on the other side of the country so it worked out for the best.

Due to my relationship with Scooby I got drawn into animal care I felt I could get more fulfillment if I found another person to share my life with of course when joining college I was an ultra-geek so I still had no friends, not because I was a geek but rather I just simply did not click with people aside from the usual banter of study work and school events. When I saw veterinary doctor being offered at the college I attended I decided to drop my initial course work of being an accountant and boy was it worth it.

Through it all I found my husband who was also studying veterinary medicine. we dated for about a year before he got down on one knee and asked me to be his life partner, I also in the span of our five year marriage got to work in a very good corporation so in as much as it was short lived I still I'm happy for the choices I made for without those choices I would not have been able to be here in Bedder with an ultra-state of art animal center.

This was the life I had dreamt of, but my heart still yearned for something more, something else. The great big question was: what?!

I had moved to Bedder a couple of months back and had quickly become acclimated to the lifestyle here.

Bedder was in every sense a town, alive and bristling with designer shops to designer coffee houses, but even with all that it was the most country ass place I had ever visited, the people here wore Dior as if it just some regular ass jeans, in easier words it was as simple as it got, well dressed and educated but heartily rural, which was what had me so happy to be here, I was born and raised in L.A I was as town folk as they came, but here at least I got both the town life and rural aspect.

The town of Bedder was set up in the middle of the red forest where trees seemed to touch the sky, to get there was a scenic view and majestic to say the least. The forest was alive with animals and for that the town dwellers were always at war with them, leading to ironically casualties from both sides.

Now the people of Bedder in as much as they appreciated the forest with the animals that habited in it, were getting tired of the killing spree that had been going on between the hunters of Bedder and the animals, of course the animals were losing and that was becoming an issue with the town folk as the animals was part of the charm of Bedder, how the animals ventured into the town in broad day light from the like of deer and bucks to coyotes and wolves.

A truce had been made between the hunters and the citizens of Bedder to only go after the predators that posed a threat to the town folk. But even with the truce a lot of animals seemed to be getting injured from the hunter's occasional expeditions and with no proper form of medical service catered to the wild animals they began dying which led to more backlashes towards the hunters.

During all this scuffles I lost my job as chief medical examiner at the LA Animal Protection Agency due to different goals between me and my superiors. They were focused more on the monetary aspect of the organization and ignored the primary focus of it; the animals. So I packed up my bags after they felt that my future and there future were not working together, and there I was lounging in my backyard one Saturday afternoon when I received a phone call, from some woman from a town called Bedder asking if I wanted a job. Of course after back and forth correspondence I agreed to a trial period of 3 months.

It's been 8 months now and this has got to be the best decision of my life ever. The trial period allowed me to develop and execute a medical program geared towards healing and sheltering wounded and orphaned animals in the forest. With a hefty initial capital I was able to build a center at the edge of the town closest to the forest with enough grounds for recuperating animals to re-introduce themselves to the wild without the predators in the wild.

I loved the place, especially its proximity to the forest and after it finished being built, it took 6 months, and the hired movers were packing up the supplies and equipment from the temporary clinic I had, I was also packing my things and moving into one of the extra 3 rooms that were meant for storage, it was bigger than most houses, so for me 3000 square feet was going to be a great space and a new beginning, to say I was excited was just miniscule to the bundle of joy that was within me.

In the center I have been able to house two wolves, one buck a coyote and some other small creatures here and there all very beautiful. My favorite were the wolves they were grey wolves coincidentally a male and female, meaning they were mated but where were their cubs, when I ran a body scan on the female it revealed that she had only recently given birth, but seeing as she is injured I'm guessing they are dead since the alpha wolf does not seem to be too eager to leave.

I was in awe of the view from the deck of the room I had taken for myself, being secluded from the town folk I had free reign of the forest on this side and the nature it provided it was simply majestic and according to google maps there was a river not too far from here. I would go hiking there in the morning for now I would get some sleep.

For the past eight months I had some help from volunteers because the place we had rented in the city was hard for me to ensure the animals did not just up and leave, but here with vast space and more than adequate equipment, well, I was flying solo which was awesome for me. With me being gone tomorrow I decided to prep the drop zone, when the center was built I had a section of it put for animals who have been caught by hunters to be put, the zone had small cages where one simply put the animal and closed then I would get it once I returned it was much better than having to keep coming back with an animal you have no idea how to take care of.

I packed my bag with food and warm clothes before heading out to sleep, tomorrow would be an awesome day. It was around 2:20 A.M when I heard the barking of dogs, I was worried at first that the center had been invaded by wild dogs when I heard the firing of guns from afar, jostled by the obvious close proximity of the guns and barks I began to wake up fearing that the noise would also begin to make the animals recuperating in the shelter become antsy there was already tension with the two wolves and bucks together in such close proximity I did not need there to be more problems. I had just bit worn my pair of work jeans when silence once again reigned I was still sleepy and with the return of calmness in the night I saw no reason to go down into the shelter. I undid my jeans, got back into bed and slept soundly to the lulling sounds of the nocturnal life of the redwood forest.