The Talisman of Odan

By Vic James





Copyright 2013 by Vic James

All Rights Reserved


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Chapter One

Tig the goblin hid in the bushes and watched his love go about his daily chores. His love's name was Erin and Tig thought him the most beautiful being he had ever seen. Each day Erin milked his father's four cows, fed the chickens, goats, and pigs, and tended the vegetable patch. Erin was a fair-faired youth entering manhood. Tig watched the boy all day. At night, he snuck into the house and watched the youth sleep. To Tig's continual delight, Erin slept nude and Tig could feast his eyes on his love's beauty all night. A sprinkling of hair had started developing on Erin's chest. Tig thought it very becoming. Occasionally, Erin slept on his stomach and Tig stroked himself while he gazed at those two rounded melons that were Erin's ass. Tig imagined pulling those apart and feasting on the hole that lay hidden between them. Once he had the hole soaking wet, he imagined burying his prick in it and finally achieving union with his beloved. At times, Tig whispered words of love in Erin's ears as he slept. Each morning, Tig was treated to the sight of Erin's erection. He watched him grow erect as the night passed. By the time morning arrived, the head of Erin's prick was peeking out of his foreskin. Once when Tig was feeling dangerously bold, he lightly kissed Erin on the lips as he slept. The boy moaned and Tig never did it again.

Goblins had a little magic, including the ability to blend into their surroundings. Human eyes would tend to look away from a goblin when he used his magic to conceal himself. A human aware of his presence could force himself to look at him, but he didn't have to worry about that. Thus, it was easy for Tig to follow his love. Goblins didn't need much sleep and Tig took short naps under his bed while Erin slept above him.

Tig groaned as he watched his love rub his crotch while he stood next to the chicken pen. He hoped he would begin stroking himself. Tig loved watching that more than anything. Seeing sexual passion on his love's face was Tig's greatest pleasure. He always stroked himself in time with his love and they usually came at the same time.

Erin looked around. He was horny again. He decided to go into the barn to drain his balls. He walked to the barn and let his pants drop. He leaned on a pile of hay.

Tig was delighted. He was certain Erin would beat off. He followed Erin to the barn and hid in his favorite place. Erin started stroking himself. Tig pulled his prick out and matched him stroke for stroke. Tig looked at Erin's delectable cock. He wished he could lick it and see the joy in his love's eyes. As a matter of fact, he would like to spend a while licking every inch of him. Tig closed his eyes briefly and took in Erin's scent. He opened them again. He cherished each glimpse of his beloved.

Erin closed his eyes and pictured his dream man. He was tall, dark-haired, and had green eyes. Today Erin pictured him with a short, black beard. Erin pictured him stripping. His dream man pulled his shirt off, revealing his hairy chest. Erin longed to run his fingers over the hair on his chest and feel the man's muscles. Then he imagined running his hands through the slightly curly hair on his head. In his mind, he lightly bit one of the man's nipples, making him groan. His dream man pushed his pants down and Erin sighed at the sight of his fantasy lover's large, erect cock. He pictured it as it began dripping. Erin's mouth watered. Oh, how he wanted that cock inside him! He longed to taste it. To feel it press at the back of his throat before sliding into his throat. He imagined the man holding Erin's head while he fucked his throat. Just as often, Erin fantasized about being under the man as he fucked him. In his mind, he loved looking in the man's green eyes as he took his pleasure from Erin's body. But today, Erin wanted to taste his fantasy man.

Erin had never had sex. At least two girls wanted him, but he had no interest in girls. He wanted a man! His friends weren't so picky and they talked about their exploits. Erin knew what to do. More specifically, at least in regards to cock-sucking, he knew what not to do.

Tig watched his love stroke himself. He longed to slide his prick into his love's tight little hole. To thrust slowly into him while he told him how much he loved him. Tig tried not to think of Erin's reaction to being fucked by not only a goblin, but by a male who was less than three feet tall.

Both of them approached their orgasm. Erin decided to have his dream man come in his mouth.

"That's it. Fuck my throat just like that. I want to make you come. I want to feel your cock throb in my mouth. Please come in my mouth," Erin said.

Rather impractical, Tig thought. If the man was fucking his throat, Erin wouldn't be able to talk at all. He knew exactly what Erin wanted. Erin spoke his wishes aloud when he was alone. Erin wanted to be fucked, but he also wanted to taste his partner's seed. Erin wanted to feel his lips wrapped around a stiff cock. Tig wondered how humans felt about goblin spunk. Did they like the flavor? Would Erin? Had a human ever even tasted goblin spunk? He would gladly feed his to Erin. Oh, yes! Tig imagined the unbelievable delight of spurting into his love's mouth. Unlike humans, goblin males could have as many orgasms a day as they wanted. He could fuck him and then come again in his mouth. They could do it all day and half the night. Tig wanted to fill Erin with his spunk. He wanted his spunk leaking out of Erin's hole and running down his chin. Erin continued to talk dirty, pleading for his fantasy man's release. This was going to be an incredible orgasm!

Just then, a horsefly landed on the top of one of Tig's large, pointed ears and bit him. Tig almost yelled. He grabbed the fly and crushed it between his fingers. While he was doing that, Erin groaned and Tig watched his seed shoot several feet to land on the dirt floor of the barn. He was disappointed that he didn't come at the same time, but Erin was a healthy young man. He would do it again before long. Tig sighed and pulled his loose pants back up. He wiped the dead fly off his fingers.

Erin went back to his chores and Tig went back to his favorite bush to watch.

Another goblin entered his bush. "Why don't you give up, Tig?" his friend Trellig suggested. "A human can never love a goblin. It is against nature. Find yourself a nice goblin lass. Erka is very fond of you. She has smooth skin and no hair on her back. If you smiled at her, her legs would be open so fast, it would scare the mice."

Tig gagged so loudly, he was afraid his love would hear. But the boy didn't seem to notice.

"Isn't he beautiful Trellig?"

"No. He looks like a human. An ordinary, gawky human. Look how long and skinny his arms and legs are. His arms must be three times the length of ours. They are like two snakes attached to his shoulders!"

Tig laughed. "They are nothing like snakes! He is perfectly proportioned for his race. And you should see his prick."

"No. I shouldn't. I assure you of that, my friend! I have no interest in pricks, except for my own. Besides, his torso is longer than a horse's." Tig wondered who Trellig was talking about. A horse? Snakes? "If you must have a male, Stisset the sprite would be a better choice."

"I'm in love, Trellig! How can you speak of choices?"

"It's those eyes of yours. I knew one day they would show you the wrong thing. Whoever heard of green eyes on a goblin? What is the human's name?" Strellig asked.

"His name is Erin. Erin Stormweather."

"That's an elf name. Who ever heard of a human named after weather? They like to name themselves after their boring professions. He should be Erin Farmer. Anyway, the only way you will ever win Erin Stormweather is through magic. I doubt you will find it in this bush. Please come to your senses, Tig! We have been friends for over three hundred years."

Trellig looked at his friend. He looked thinner. "When was the last time you ate?"

"What? Oh. I don't know."

"Was it today?"



"No—o." Tig thought. He realized he couldn't remember. "It's been a while. Maybe a couple of weeks."

"You need to eat."

Tig looked at his friend. Trellig was the epitome of good looks in a goblin. His head was smooth and shiny. His nose wide and flat. His ears rose to the exact same height as the top of his skull. His skin was a greenish brown and his eyes were an orange-red. Tig was considered attractive, except for his green eyes, although he knew many beings liked them because they matched the color of his skin. Tig clasped Trellig's stubby hand and rubbed the palm, sending his friend his feelings. Trellig felt Tig's love and despair. He gasped as he pulled his hand away.

Trellig studied his friend.

"I suppose for the sake of our friendship I should help you, Tig."

"I do not believe anyone can help me."

Trellig sighed.

"How old is he?"

"Seventeen. Soon he will find someone and marry." Tig sobbed and Trellig patted his friend on the back.

"What will you do if he becomes your mate and dies in sixty years?"

"I will remember our life together and cherish my memories of him."

"Two years ago, I would have told anyone who wondered that you did not have a romantic bone in your body. Now romance is all you care about." Trellig shook his head. "Imagine you, skipping a meal!"

Trellig pulled a leave from the arkat bush. He wandered around in the field next to the farm gathering the other things he needed for a summoning spell: a feather, the leg of an insect, flower petals of pink, blue, red, and yellow, and lastly, an empty snail shell. He took them back to the bush. He placed the arkat leaf, the leg, the petals, the feather, and the shell on the dirt.

"Elerra, I need you. Please come," Trellig announced.

He muttered a spell in the old language. He waved his hand over the items. Then he picked up the feather. He stuck his head out of the bush and blew on the feather. Then the feather flew away.

"She cannot help me, Trellig."

"She may have advice."

While they waited, Trellig looked at the human. Trellig was sure his friend Tig had human blood. His green eyes proved he wasn't pure goblin. He supposed it could be possible that this human was part goblin. That might explain Tig's attraction. Hours passed, and as evening came, Tig wanted to follow his love into the house.

"I will wait for Elerra. Go, if you must," Trellig said.

Tig got up, brushed off his pants and snuck into the farm house. Erin was helping his father bathe. He listened at the door.

"I hate that you have to do everything, Erin," Lars said.

"I know father. But your leg will heal soon. How does it feel? Does it hurt?"

"No. Not a bit. It stopped hurting two days ago."

"That has to be a good sign, father."

"Yes. I suppose it is."

Tig smiled. Erin's father, Lars had broken his leg and it was healing, but slowly. Tig had uttered a couple of healing spells over the man as he slept. That was three nights ago. The spells seemed to be working. There was too much work for one person. Erin and his father had decided to give up on their barley and rye fields for the season. They were planted before Erin's father broke his leg, but they had been untended since then. Caring for his father and the animals took up all of Erin's time. Tig hated that Erin had to do everything as much as Erin's father did. Tig had wandered around the fields, wondering if he could help, but he knew nothing about either crop. Now, if they were potatoes! There was a crop! Like all goblins, Tig adored potatoes. And with good reason, as every goblin knew. Erin and his father had a patch of them in the vegetable garden. Tig kept a close eye on them. He removed insects and muttered growing spells over them. One spell, in particular seemed to work well. The potato patch was three times the size it had been, and it had expanded into the yard. He smiled every time Erin looked at them and shook his head. He decided to try that spell on some of the other vegetables. The squash plants responded particularly well to it, but all the plants were growing very well. Tig decided he might keep a small potato for himself when they were harvested.

Erin and Tig continued their normal routine. One day, Erin went to the market to sell some of their squash and lettuce. Tig wanted to go with him, but it was not safe being in large groups of humans. If any were on the lookout for goblins, and there usually were, they would see him. Tig waited impatiently in the bush with Trellig. Trellig was still waiting for Elerra.

"I've watched you farming, Tig," Trellig said.

"Potatoes are completely respectable!"

"Lettuce, Tig, lettuce!" Trellig chuckled.

"Humans like it."

"I told you they were weird!" Trellig paused. "I will admit, the boy is a hard worker. I get exhausted just watching him. I feel sorry for him."

Tig nodded. "There was too much work for two. Before, the father's wife tended the vegetable patch and Erin and his father handled the fields and the animals. Now there is just Erin to do all the work."

"Well, you are helping and I can't blame you. I saw his father through the window. What ails him?"

"He broke his leg." Tig sighed. "And his heart. His wife died a week before he broke his leg."

"Erin's mother?"

"No. She died giving birth to him. Erin's father remarried about two years after Erin was born."

"Was Erin saddened?"

"No. He never seemed particularly upset. I overheard a conversation between Erin and one of his friends. It sounded like his stepmother was seeing two other men. She died of the flu."

"Does the father know?"

"No. Erin looks impatient when his father speaks of her lovingly, but he keeps his tongue."

Trellig nodded. "He is wise for his age. It is better for his father to have good memories than bad ones."

"I cast a healing spell on his leg, but they do not realize it, yet. I expect his leg is healed by now."

The following day, Elerra flew into the bush. She was a sprite about a foot tall with bluish-green skin and she was wearing a dress made of pale blue flower petals. Her brown hair was worn up, piled in coils on the top of her head.

"Hello, Trellig. Hello, Tig."

"Thank you for coming, Elerra. It is Tig. He is completely besotted with this human." Trellig pointed to the youth. "It is all Tig can think about. He cannot bear to be away from his human, so he follows him from hiding place to hiding place. It is so bad, he had stopped eating. I have watched the human and he seems almost worthy of Tig."

"Do you wish my help, Tig?" Elerra asked.

"I don't want to forget him, if you are offering forgetfulness. I love him with all my heart. If I cannot have him, grant me a quick, painless death."

"You are still a child, Tig."

"I'm three hundred and seven!"

She chuckled. "I do not plan to give my age! Do not throw your life away so easily. Will you allow me to examine you, Tig. I will not speak for you if I do not approve of what is in your heart."

"Yes. I want you to know how I feel!"

Erella expended her powers. Tig was part human. That was why his eyes were green. He didn't seem to be aware he had a human ancestor, which was odd. His heart was pure. He was full of love. He was devoted to Erin and even to Erin's father. She approved of him completely.

"I will examine the boy."

Elerra flew about of the bush in the shape of a red bird. She flew in front of the human who stopped to stare at the beautiful bird. She circled the human who put out his hand. She landed on his finger.

"Oh, you are very beautiful!" the human said. Elerra chirped agreement. She extended her powers and examined the human. He was not pure human. She saw that immediately. He had three races in his makeup. His heart was pure. She saw no malice, no anger, and no greed. He had plenty of lust, but that was to be expected. After all, he was a healthy young male. She entered his mind.

"My name is Elerra. What is your name?"

"Erin Stormweather. You are not a bird, then."

"I can be a bird. I would like to ask you a question. I mean you no harm."

"Very well."

"If you could have anyone at all for your love, who would you choose?" she asked him.

"Why do you want to know?"

"Please tell me. Perhaps I can help."

"Why would you help me?"

"As a favor to a friend. Not you, another friend."

"I am ashamed."


She saw in his mind why he was ashamed. He wanted a male for his love, not a female.

"Only humans worry about things like that, and not even all humans care. Does a bird care if two males love each other? Does the sun? The love is the important thing. It is always better to love than not to love. It is far better for two males to marry than to have them live separately in loneliness."

"I have always believe that was true."

Erin thought for a moment. He pictured in his mind a tall, handsome man. He had dark hair on his head, a chest covered with more hair, and a sizeable manhood.

"Not bad for a human," Erella commented. "But that prick looks painful, even dangerous!" She laughed and Erin joined her.

Erin refined the picture. He gave the man balls that hung low, a mustache, and green eyes. Elerra grinned when she saw the eyes. Those were Tig's eyes. That was curious and it would definitely help. Bewitched eyes could cause all sorts of problems. They could not always be trusted to show the truth. She explored him while she was inside his mind. She saw that Erin was under protection by a fairy. Erin was not aware of it, so Elerra thought he probably inherited the protection. She cast a revealing spell to get the fairy's name. It was Triesse.

"Tell me Erin. If you could have a mate who looked exactly the way you picture him, but it was not his true appearance, could you still love him?"

Erin thought for a moment.

"Would he have a good heart?"

"Oh, yes! My friend is a very fine individual and he loves you. He has been secretly helping you with your vegetable patch."

"That is why everything is growing so well!"

"Yes, it is. He has also cast a healing spell on your father's leg. But he doesn't look anything like the man you pictured. Or like any human. I could give him the appearance of this man you desire. He would have the heart and soul of a kind, loving person and the appearance of your fantasy man."

"Oh. He is not human." Erin thought about it. "Still, my many times great-grandmother is an elf. I was told that further back, there was another elf, a male, and even a troll in my ancestry."

Elerra laughed. "Not a troll. You are part wood-nymph. You better never mention to a wood-nymph that you confused one with a troll! No, Erin, you are mostly human with some elf and very little wood-nymph."

"How could I repay your debt?" Erin asked.

"Are you considering it?"

"Yes, definitely. But I want to meet him."

"Of course! I don't expect you to marry the person without getting to know him! And you won't be in my debt. As I said, I am helping a friend. I owe him two favors. This would allow me to pay one back. There is someone I must see first. I will see you again, very soon."

The bird flew away and Elerra changed back to her true form. She flew high in the air and looked down. She spotted what she sought. She flew around a willow tree not far from Erin's farm. Fairies were partial to willow trees and if the fairy was protecting Erin, she would be in the willow tree closest to the farmhouse.

"Triesse, if you can hear me, please speak to me," she said.

A fairy flew out of the tree. She looked like every other fairy. She was pink with white hair and white, gossamer wings. She wore a simple dress made of white silk.

"Hello, did you wish to speak to me?"

"Yes. My name is Elerra. You are protecting Erin the human?"

"Yes, and his father. His great-great-grandfather saved my life."

"A young goblin of good character and intentions has fallen in love with Erin. It is true love, and the goblin is suffering. I am considering placing a spell on him to make his appearance pleasing to Erin. I asked Erin if he could love him, knowing it is not his true appearance. He thought he could. I would have your permission first, though. The goblin is a friend and I will help him, if I can."

"I have seen him following Erin. He is constantly around. He seemed to be no danger to Erin, so I ignored him. You say he is in love?"

"Yes. He wishes to die if he cannot have Erin."

Triesse thought for a moment. Falling in love with a false form was never a good idea. Erin would love the shape and not the content. Still, she was concerned about Erin's future. There were no men who were worthy to be his husband for hundreds of miles in every direction. And there was a dark cloud, probably black magic, in Erin's future which was alarming her. She didn't know what was causing it, but it wasn't the goblin. That had been her first thought. When the goblin was closest to Erin, the cloud receded.

"I would like to help, but I do not think it is a good idea. Erin will always wonder what his love looks like. If he finds he is unable to love him once he knows his true appearance, they will both be more miserable than they are now."

Elerra could see how that might be true.

"Maybe if the two met first, before Tig was enchanted, Erin would accept the change," Elerra speculated.

"Yes. I am quite willing to allow you to change his shape after Erin sees his true form. Let me meet your young friend."

Elerra smiled. "He is close."

Triesse laughed. "He is always close to Erin."

The two flew to the arkat bush. Tig had left. They flew into the barn where Erin swept the hay and Tig hid, watching him.

Triesse changed into a human woman. Elerra remained in her true form.

"Hello, Triesse!" Erin said.

Erin looked at the small creature in the blue dress made of flower petals. "Are you Elerra?"

"Yes, Erin."

"You are even more beautiful as yourself."

Triesse laughed as Elerra obviously enjoyed the compliment.

"Hello, Erin. A friend of Elerra is in here hiding. May I speak to him alone for a moment?" Triesse asked.

"Yes, of course."

Erin assumed it was the person Elerra spoke of. He was very curious. After all, this male could be his mate!

Erin walked out of the barn and shut the door. Then he peered in through a crack.

Triesse knew Erin was peeking, but she thought that it might be best if he saw Tig.

"Tig, this is Triesse. She is a fairy," Elerra said to him.

Erin almost gasped. He did not know Triesse was a fairy. He thought her a friend of his grandmother.

"Why is she here?" Tig said from hiding.

"She wishes to meet you."

"I will not come out. Erin is on the other side of the door. He will hate me and I cannot bear that."

Triesse knew Tig was hiding behind saddles.

Erin felt a hand on his shoulder and then a cloth was stuffed in his mouth. His arms were pulled back and tied behind him in a quick movement that seemed well practiced. Another rope was wrapped around his legs. He tried to move away but he was grabbed from behind and thrown over a horse. A man jumped on the horse and they galloped off.

As that happened, Triesse said, "I command you to appear!" Tig started walking against his will. He struggled so hard he was unaware of Erin's predicament.

Sanit had the youth. His mercenary company's commanding officer had ordered Sanit to retrieve the boy. He assumed it was because of his commander Elgath's curse and lust. The boy was almost too old, however. His horse sped to their camp. He waved his hand at a guard as he passed him. His horse cantered to his commander's tent. When they got there, Sanit jumped off the horse. He picked the young man up and put him on his feet. He pulled the cloth from his mouth.

"Who are you? Why am I here?" Erin asked the rough looking man.

Sanit looked at the attractive youth and understood completely. This one might be a couple of years too old, but he was very pleasing to the eye. If he had seen him before he got to their camp, he might have had a go with the boy, himself. Of course, he knew his commanding officer required virgins. Sanit got an erection looking at him. Sanit grinned when the boy looked at Sanit's crotch and his eyes widened. Sanit had a very large cock and now both of them knew it.

Sanit whispered in his ear. "If you are good, maybe I will give you what you want. I bet you have never seen one so big." Then Sanit grabbed his erection through his pants and laughed. The boy blushed which Sanit thought adorable. "Feel it."

"No. I would rather not. Besides, my hands are tied behind my back."

Sanit walked into his commander's tent.

"I have the boy, sir."

Elgath was sitting at a desk, writing. He looked up.

"Very good. Allow him in."

Sanit picked the boy up and threw him over his shoulder. He carried him into the tent and put him on the rough bed.

Erin stared at the man he had met in the market two days earlier. They had spoken briefly and Erin had thought the man attractive and friendly. He looked around. There was a table next to the bed covered with knives and an ornate goblet. There was a large, curved metal pan on the other side of the bed.

Elgath looked at the lamp at the head of the bed. It glowed blue. That meant the boy was a virgin. He smiled with satisfaction. "You are probably wondering why I had you brought here."

Erin nodded.

"I liked the way you looked and wanted to fuck you. I also need to you stay alive."

"When can I go home? My father needs me to stay alive!"

"You won't be returning home. You had better make the best of your current situation."

Erin watched appalled as the man began undressing. He glanced over at Sanit, who had freed his erection and was stroking it. Sanit grinned at Erin. The boy was looking at his cock, not at Elgath.

"Do you see that blue light?" Elgath asked, pointing.

Erin nodded.

"You are a virgin," Elgath said with satisfaction. "An odd curse was placed on me. I require the blood of virgins to survive. The curse also only allows me to become erect with virgins. So I use the same virgin for both. I will drink your blood and then fuck you until you are dead." Elgath smiled. "The curse bothers the virgins I use up far more than it does me. I am not sure it even is a curse, I enjoy it so much. There is always an unending supply of virgins, you know."

Erin struggled frantically and Elgath smiled.

"You are very beautiful, Erin. I am so pleased that I will be the man to whom you give your virginity. I plan to enjoy you for a while. We will spend many, many hours together. I liked you when I met you, so I will make the blood-letting as painless as possible. I very much enjoy inflicting pain, so you should count yourself fortunate. As you lose blood, you will be aware of less and less. Sadly, you may not even know when I begin fucking you. There is nothing I can do about that. By the time I find my release inside you, you will be dead."

Sanit grinned and began masturbating.

"You better not get any of your spunk on him!" Elgath said to Sanit.

"He would still be a virgin if he swallowed gallons of my seed."

"He is mine! Remember that! My seed will be the only to enter his body!"

"Why is he here?" Erin asked about Sanit.

"Sanit is my first officer. It is a reward for his efforts."

"Please let me go! My father needs me!"

"Are you worried about your father?"


"Sanit. Kill the boy's father. Bring his body back with you, so Erin will know he doesn't need to worry about him. I don't want him to worry about anything but me."

Sanit laughed and left.

Erin struggled to get loose as Elgath smiled.

"Erin, struggling and screaming excite me. You can do as much as you want of either. I would actually prefer it. Don't hold back." Erin struggled and screamed for help. Elgath closed his eyes and sighed.

Erin gave up on that. This was an armed camp. He was sickened when he saw he was giving Elgath an erection. He closed his eyes. "Help me," he said, silently. "Somebody, please help me!"

Sanit put his cock back in his pants outside the tent. He was disappointed. He wanted to watch his commander drain and deflower the virgin. He enjoyed the screaming even more than Elgath did. His father had taught him that. There was always much more blood than his commander could drink, and Elgath always got some of it. Virgin blood was said to extend life and be a potent defense against illness, but only if drunk while the virgin lived. He drank some from each of his commander's victims. Maybe he would find the father quickly.

Sanit jumped on his horse and took off for the farm. He and his men were always allowed to play with the corpses and tonight, they would have two bodies to enjoy. He would keep the boy and let his men have the father. Maybe he could make it back to camp without missing much of the fun.


"He's gone! Erin's gone!" Tig said.

Triesse had been distracted by her spell to force Tig out of hiding. She extended her senses. Erin was getting further and further away. He had moved inside the dark cloud.

"Oh, great evil! Close! So close!" she said. Erin was in mortal danger, and so was Erin's father! They were both under her protection. Triesse cast a spell quickly to see the futures. She spun around in a circle and watched the futures as she changed back to her natural shape. She studied the various futures and picked pieces of each to determine her actions.

"Tig! Seek out the boy. Only by having sex with him will his life be saved. He cannot remain a virgin and live. Black magic ensures that. Most of the futures show this to be true. He will know. I must stay to protect his father. Elerra, you must go with him!"

Triesse showed Elerra where Erin was. "Let me see the appearance you wish to give Tig." Elerra sent it into Triesse's mind. "I will cast the appearance spell. It is important that I do, rather than you, it in one of Erin's futures," Triesse said. Elerra nodded.

They left the barn quickly.

Elerra changed herself and Tig into hawks. They flew to Erin.

Triesse sat in the farmhouse waiting for the evil human to arrive. She had seen what she would do in one of the futures. She used magic to gather the things she would need from outside. The items landed on the table next to her.

Sanit kicked down the door. He saw an elderly woman seated at a table.

"Welcome. I offer hospitality," she said, insincerely. She was struck by the overwhelming evil that exuded from the man. She couldn't end evil, but perhaps she could make it feed on itself.

"I offer you a pleasant death. It is a shame you aren't younger. I could offer you sex before death."

"Yes. That is what you and your master like, isn't it?"

"What? How—Oh, what difference does it make?" Sanit drew his sword.

Triesse changed into a beautiful naked woman. Sanit gasped. She was the most gorgeous, desirable woman he had ever seen. He fell to his knees.

"I am your servant! Your eternal servant!"

Well, you have the eternal part right, Triesse thought.

Triesse spread her legs. She couldn't kill him. That would have made it so much easier. Physically, she was no match for him. If she used her magic to kill, used black magic, she would become a demon. Still, what she was about to do was in the gray area between white and black magic. She would give him the power to kill. But only those who were completely evil like him.

Sanit pulled his clothes off. Triesse closed her eyes. She felt his erection enter her and once he was completely inside her, she bit it off. Sanit screamed.

"Did I forget to mention the teeth down there? You will have them soon." Triesse said, as his cock fell out of her opening and onto the floor.

Sanit clutched his crotch as blood poured out of him. He continued screaming.

Lars, Erin's father was asleep. She placed a spell on him to keep him sleeping until this was over.

Triesse closed her eyes, looked up and chanted for several minutes. She arranged items on the floor around him in a circle; a rotten egg, a flute, a rose with thorns, an hourglass, a knife, a piece of rope with a knot, a grape, and a piece of bread. She crushed the grape and bread with her foot and ground them into the floor. She closed her eyes and spun in a circle as she chanted. She bit her tongue and spit blood onto him. Using blood from her tongue, she drew lines on the floor between the items, closing the circle. She held her hands up and cried, "Tirrosa elba lec."

She stopped and opened her eyes. Triesse looked at him/her. She had changed him into a woman. A virgin, of course, for Elgath. She was a seductress, a Siren.

"Oh, you are pretty!" she said to Sanit.

He had stopped bleeding. He felt between his legs for his missing prick. He now had a cunt. He looked at his pale, slim arms and legs. He saw his large breasts. I am a woman, he thought. She had long, glossy brown hair full of curls. Sani moaned. Her cunt was hungry. It was a ravenous hunger. It needed meat. And not for a fuck. It needed to eat.

"You can only eat through that opening, I'm afraid. You cannot swallow anything through your mouth. You have no throat. You will have to eat and drink through your vagina. It is now your lower mouth. You will eat the way I ate you. All you can eat are completely evil men. Men who are beyond redemption. The more evil they are, the better they will taste and the more of your hunger they will satisfy. Once you run out of them, you will be, oh, much hungrier than you are now." Sani groaned. The hunger was so intense, he, no she thought she would lose her mind.

"I'm so hungry! Help me! Oh please help me, kind lady!" Sani blinked her eyes and acted her role of seductress. She sang softly to the old woman.

"That act won't work on me, Siren. Or any other female. Or even men who have even a tiny spark of good in them. Only your potential victims will find you irresistible. If you try to eat anything that doesn't come gladly to you, you will wish you were never born. The pain will be so intense, you will long for the hunger cramps. Do you understand?"

"Yes, yes! But I'm so hungry! Can I not eat evil women?"

"No. But there's a snack on the floor."

She grabbed her old penis and shoved it up her hungry cunt.

"Oh, it tastes so good!"

"That's because you are so wicked. Hmm," Triesse said, as she thought.

"What is it?"

"I was just wondering if you are still a virgin after that. You may need to be a virgin when you see Elgath. Oh, well. If Elgath can't get an erection, eat his hands first. In any case, Elgath may taste even better to you, Sani," Triese said. "As I said, no evil man will be able to resist you. One glimpse of your breast or the sound of your song and they will be yours."

Sani's eyes widened. Food! Oh, Elgath would be delicious. He was so incredibly evil. All those people Elgath had tortured for his amusement! He had tortured babies! Sanit always wondered why. What was the point? Babies cried when they weren't being tortured!

"How will I eat the big parts?" she asked in a simpering voice. "How will I get them in my cunt?"

"I would prefer that you not kill them," Triesse said. "But that is up to you. If you must, I suppose you will have to chop them up. Eating the penis and testicles first will be easiest. They will be desperate to get them in your lower mouth. That will stun them enough to decide what you wish to do next. Hands would probably be best, or feet so they can't run." Sani nodded.

"One more thing, Sani." Triesse looked at Sani's mad eyes. "Since you are a siren, you are no longer mortal."

"I will never die? Thank you! Thank you!"

"Don't thank me! There are a limited number of evil men. If you somehow manage to make a good man completely evil, you still won't be able to eat him."

"But new ones will be born!"

"True enough. But you will spend most of eternity very, very hungry."

"But alive!" Sani said as she ran out of the house. She jumped on the horse from behind. The horse threw her before she was seated and ran off. She landed on her padded rear. She was stunned for a moment and then got up to walk back to the camp. After a while, she ran. She was so very, very hungry.

Triesse could feel her magic fading. It would take an awful lot of good deeds to fully restore her aura. Well, there was always a need for them and she enjoyed doing them anyway! She just needed to figure out a way to keep protecting Erin and his father while she was doing them. Maybe she could have those needing them come to the house... She thought of one very good deed she could do that would not take long at all. She flew out of the farmhouse to do it.