The Talisman of Odan

By Vic James





Copyright 2013 by Vic James

All Rights Reserved


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Chapter Four

Erin drew a square with his finger in the air. He took Tig's hand. With a finger from his other hand, he tapped three times inside the square and thought of the Four Trees Inn while he thought the word.

Erin and Tig gasped as they appeared next to the inn.

"It will be great having her as a stepmother!" Erin said.

"Triesse is very powerful! I suppose she must be quite old." Tig said.

"I suppose she must be. She changed a man into a Siren! Well, I'm not complaining!" Erin said. "I want to get my new mate on top of me and inside me. I mean, if he wants that," Erin said, grinning.

"I have often thought that might be nice."

"Have you?"

Tig whispered, "Of course, now I am afraid I will split you open."

"What a way to go!" Erin said, laughing.

There was a tailor's shop not far from the inn.

"Let's get you some pants."

Tig spoke his concealment spell and they walked down the street. He waved at a man he knew.

"How is Lars?" the man called.

"Much better! Thank you." Erin called.

They walked into the tailor's shop. Erin realized that Tig was just a little taller than his father. He could buy a pair of pants for his father and give them to Tig to wear."

"May I help you?"

"Yes, Andrew. My father needs a new pair of work pants and a shirt."

"How is his leg?"

"Healing. I think he will be walking soon."

"That is good."

Lars was a common size and Andrew had pants in his size already made. He got a shirt.

"I think he has put on a little weight, Andrew."

"Well, lying in bed will do that. I heard you are trying to do everything yourself, Erin."

"We got two helpers today, so I am taking a couple of days off."

"Oh, that is nice."

Andrew got a larger shirt.

"Will these do?"

"Those will be perfect, sir."

Erin held out his hand behind him and felt Tig place a coin on it.

Erin gave the coin to Andrew. Andrew gave him two smaller coins in change and they turned to leave.

"Tell your father hello for me."

"I will, Andrew. Thank you."

They left and Tig put on the clothes. He cancelled his concealment spell and Erin smiled at him.

The pants were a little short. Erin decided to try to see if Triesse's magic could fix that.

Erin looked at the pants, wished they were two inches longer, and thought `Nado'.

Erin smiled as he watched them slowly lengthen two inches. After he did it, he felt a little guilty. Was he misusing Triesse's gift? He decided to not mention what he had done to Tig.

"You look wonderful, Tig!"

"Thank you, my love."

They walked arm-in-arm to the inn.

"I love being tall!"

Erin chuckled.

They walked into the inn. Erin had never been there before. He lived close by, so there had been no reason. The dining area was in the front, and Erin recognized Henry, the smith. He was eating. Erin thought he was very attractive. He was incredibly muscular and Erin had fantasized often about him. Next to his dream man, the smith was his favorite fantasy. If he closed his eyes, he could still picture Henry shirtless behind his anvil, with a big bulge in his leather pants and his sweat causing the hair on his chest to stick against his skin. But Erin had Tig and he was enough.

"Hello, Henry!"

"Hello, Erin. Who is this?" he asked, referring to Tig.

"This is my—mate, Tig."

Erin grinned at Tig who smiled back.

"Mate mate?" Henry asked.

"As soon as we can find a bed," Tig said. Henry laughed and slapped his thigh.

"Congratulations! I'm pleased to meet you, Tig. My daughter will be disappointed to know you are taken, Erin!"

"Thank you and I'm sorry."

Henry chuckled.

"Are you hungry, Erin? We can eat first," Tig said.

"I am!"

They sat and Tig was pleased to see Erin sat as close to him as he could. Tig placed an arm around his love.

"Is that the Henry you sometimes imagine when you stroke yourself?" Tig asked Erin. Erin blushed and Tig chuckled. "I think that is my answer."

Tig looked at Henry. He could understand why Erin found him appealing.

"You don't need to be ashamed, my love. You didn't even know I was alive."

Erin smiled at him.

"We have stew and soup," a girl told them, as she stopped at their table.

"I will have stew," Erin said.

"We both will," Tig said.

Just then two green goblins walked into the inn. A male and a female.

"Do you know them?" Erin whispered.

"No. I've never seen them before."

"Can we get a room?" the male goblin asked.

"Yes, I serve all here," a woman behind the bar said. Erin knew her name was Galina and it was her and her husband's inn, but he didn't know her. He saw her haggling in the market, often.

"We are traveling. Is this a friendly area, or should we stay hidden," the female goblin asked.

The woman thought for a moment.

"I don't know what to tell you. Most people here will not trouble you, but it would only take one troublemaker to ruin your visit."

Erin stood.

"We are willing to help you if you run into trouble."

He looked at Tig who was grinning at him.

"I am Erin, and this is my mate, Tig. We will be staying here."

"Thank you. That is most generous," the male said.

"I have goblin relatives," Tig said.

"Oh! How nice!" the female said.


Odan was able to see out of Erin's eyes.

He was quite pleased with the young man who possessed him. The boy had a kind heart that was full of love. He was actually eager to help the goblins, despite the fact that they were complete strangers. And the boy hadn't even thought of increasing his aura. He just wanted to help. His aura and Erin's both became a little stronger.

Erin's lust was having an effect on Odan, however. That had never happened before. He assumed it was because he was inside Erin's body. And not to mention, about four inches from his genitalia. Odan had only desired females in the past, and not that many, considering he lived over two thousand years. But Erin's lust for males was affecting him. Odan wondered what it would be like to have sex with a man. He knew he would find out soon when Erin and Tig had sex.


Tig and Erin were served their stew and warm bread. They ate while smiling at each other.

"I can't believe how lucky I seem to be, Tig."

"You were almost killed. Is that what you mean?"

Erin laughed.

"No. I meant meeting you. You saved me and you love me. That's lucky."

"The only person I have ever loved romantically, is mine. I feel lucky, too."

Henry overheard them. He had given a bit of thought to fooling around with Erin. Erin was a sweet, good-looking kid. He often stood and watched him work. Henry frequently flexed his muscles for him, putting on a little show. Erin was too straightforward to be subtle. He would look at Henry's crotch and lick his lips. Henry loved that. He loved the way Erin looked at him—like he wanted to lick Henry all over. And Henry wanted him to do it. He squeezed his cock under the table. Looking at Erin made him hard. Henry liked man-sex almost as much as sex with his wife. He had been waiting until Erin was a little older to proposition him, and finally bury his bone inside him. But he was happy for Erin. His mate was good-looking and clearly adored him. Maybe in a few years, Erin might grow bored and be open to the idea of an encounter...

"May we join you?" the female goblin asked.

"Certainly!" Erin said.

They ordered the stew also.

"My name is Heck and my wife's name is Beck," the male goblin said.

Erin grinned.

"It's all right to laugh," Beck said.

Erin chuckled.

"Are you just passing through?" Tig asked them.

"No. I have a distant cousin who lives near here. I have never met her, so I don't know what kind of reception we will get. That is why we are staying here," Beck said.

"What is your cousin's name?" Tig asked.


Tig knew her well, but he didn't know if he should say he did. Then he realized that when they met Prena, Heck and Beck would mention `Tig', the human with goblin relatives. He wasn't sure what to do. He decided on the truth. The man who knew Erin had left.

He said, softly, "I hope you will not be troubled by this, but I am wearing an enchanted shape. I am a goblin."

Erin turned and looked at him. Tig shrugged.

"I would appreciate it if you did not mention it."

"Are things so bad that you must pretend?" Beck asked.

"No. We decided to live in the human world, because my father needs me to work on the farm. It was just easier for us to both appear to be humans. I am human, mostly. If we were going to live in the goblin world, I would have wanted to look like a goblin," Erin said.

Heck and Beck looked at each other.

"I know Prena well. She is a lovely person. She has two little ones who were born four years ago."

"Oh!" Beck said. "How fortunate for her." Erin thought she looked sad, as she said that.

"I imagine sex is easier this way," Heck said.

"It is," Tig said. "The first time was more difficult because of the size difference."

"Well, as long as you are happy!" Beck said.

Erin smiled at her. Tig put his arm back around Erin.

They sat and talked about the weather and the lands they had passed. They had travelled quite a distance, all on foot.

"There is another reason for our visit," Beck said. "We have been trying to have a child for over seventy years. I had a dream that if we came here, a human would help me get pregnant. I know it is probably nonsense, but I wanted to try. We have tried everything else."

Erin wondered if it was possible his magic could help them. If he, a male, could have a baby, maybe he could. While he was wondering, an image came into his head. It was of Heck having sex with Beck while Erin held his hand over her stomach. Then Erin had a sense of happiness. He had never had such an image appear to him. He was inclined to think it wasn't his imagination. He thought about how to present his idea. He decided to present it as a dream.

"You will think this odd, but I once dreamt that I helped a goblin female get pregnant." Erin could feel Tig's eyes on him. In the dream, two goblins were having sex and I placed a hand on the female's stomach." Erin smiled. "I had my eyes closed."

Heck chuckled. "Thank you for closing them."

"I had no idea why I was doing it. But after I left, I thought she was pregnant. In the dream. It was a very odd dream."

"You had the magic to change your mate's appearance?" Beck asked.

"My stepmother-to-be is a fairy and she helped," Erin said.


"She is a very powerful fairy," Tig added.

Heck and Beck were looking at each other.

"I think, if you keep your eyes closed, that we would really like to try it," Heck said. "Beck is convinced the dream was more than mere imagination."

"It would make me really happy if I was able to help," Erin said.

"Let's try it!" Beck said. "Now! Please!"

Erin could understand her eagerness. Seventy years was a long time to get disappointed every month.

"Do you mind, Tig?" Heck asked.

"No. I hope it works, but if it doesn't, I hope you won't be even unhappier."

"We will still meet Prena," Beck said.

They finished eating and got two rooms.

Beck wanted to try right away. Tig suggested a blindfold for Erin and Heck was grateful.

Erin, Beck, and Heck went into their room. Erin tied his handkerchief around his head. He heard them moving around. Then an arm led him across the room. His hand was placed on what he assumed was her stomach. It was skin, anyway. Erin felt motion. He assumed they were having sex. He had a feeling it was not the right time to say the word. Heck and Beck were both quiet.

Please let this work, Erin thought.

The movement stopped and Erin knew it was time. He thought the word, `Nado,' and wished that Beck would become pregnant. He heard a gasp. His hand felt very warm.

"I can feel it, Heck! I can!"

Erin's hand cooled down. He knew it was done. He pulled his hand away.

"Will you show me to the door?" Erin asked.

"Wait, please, while we dress."

Erin stood there. He heard someone walking and the door opened.

"Come in, Tig," Beck said.

"Erin you can remove the blindfold."

Erin pulled it off. Tig walked over to Erin and put his arm around him.

"Erin, Beck's belly glowed a brilliant yellow. Something definitely happened."

"It's a baby! I know it," Beck said.

Erin had another image pop into his mind. It was Beck with two babies. One looked different than the other.

"I think you will have two," Erin said.

Beck gasped. "Do you really think so, Erin?"

"Yes. I just saw an image of you holding two babies."

"Oh, Heck!"

"For some reason the two did not look exactly alike. The ears were different somehow."


"I can't believe it!" Heck said.

"Believe what?"

"Heck is half forest goblin. One of the babies, evidently will have more forest goblin blood than the other," Beck said.

"Is that good?"

"Well, it means your vision is not nonsense. How would you know that it was possible they could be different?" Heck said.

"But Beck, please don't get too excited. We know something happened, and it is probably two babies, but things can go wrong!"

Tig nuzzled Erin behind the ear.

"Now, I want you to hold me while we have sex, Erin," Tig whispered.

"We need to go to our room. We are on our honeymoon," Erin said.

"Please, let us pay you, somehow," Beck said.

"No. We did not help you for money. I helped you because I thought I could. That is all."

Beck whispered to Heck. Heck smiled.

"We would like to name the baby, or one of the babies, Erin."

"Thank you, Heck," Erin said. Erin wiped a tear from his cheek. "That would be very nice."


Odan smiled. He liked Erin very much. He liked Tig, as well. Odan sensed his aura getting noticeably stronger. After centuries of seeing little change in it, he was really quite pleased. He decided to visit an old lover in the Afterlife. Odan wanted to lose the desire to get fucked by Tig—or Henry, the smith.


Tig and Erin walked to their room. Erin looked around the room. There was a large bed, a table, and chairs.

Erin locked the door and Tig grinned at him. Erin unbuttoned Tig's shirt. He ran his hands over Tig's chest. Tig pulled his face up and kissed him. They wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed. Erin pulled away and knelt. He undid his lover's pants, and they fell to the ground. He swallowed Tig's cock and was amazed when his lips were pressed against Tig's body. He swallowed him completely! He began sucking as Tig groaned.

"Erin! Oh, Erin! That feels incredible!"

Erin thought it was wonderful, too. His throat was able to take Tig's cock with no effort on his part. He stroked Tig's balls as his lover moaned in pleasure. Tig pulled his cock out of Erin's mouth.

"I don't want to come too soon." Erin grinned at him. Tig pulled him up. "I have never felt anything so good! How did you take me into your throat like that?"

"I think it is Triesse's magic."

"We owe her a lot!" Tig said.

"Well, she is family."

"That's true! She's my stepmother-in-law!"

They both laughed.

"I bet your cock fits easily into my ass."

Tig grinned. "That's where it's going!"

They both got undressed and climbed into bed. Tig began kissing and licking Erin. He moved down his chest and bit one nipple lightly, then the other. He briefly returned to Erin's mouth as they kissed again. Tig pulled away and ran his hands over his lover's soft skin. He had seen Erin naked many times, while he hid watching him. But he had never had the luxury of touching him. He enjoyed it thoroughly. Erin was his!

"Tig," Erin murmured, bringing a smile to Tig's face.

He moved to Erin's prick and began licking it. Erin moaned and Tig loved the sound. He was curious whether the magic would allow Erin to have more orgasms than he was normally able to have. He sucked Erin's balls and then took his cock into his mouth. Erin moaned as Tig sucked him.

"Oh, Tig! I love you!"

Tig smiled as he continued sucking. He felt for Erin's hole. He found it and pressed a finger into him. It slid in easily. He fucked Erin with his finger while he sucked. Erin's moans grew louder and louder until his semen shot into Tig's mouth. Erin cried his name as he found his release. Tig continued sucking and Erin's erection didn't soften. He pulled his finger out and pushed two into him. They both slid in easily. He decided to try three. They slid in easily, too. He stopped sucking him.

"Does that hurt?"

"No! It feels incredible!"

Tig grinned and began sucking him again. Soon, Erin came again. After Erin's fourth orgasm, Tig pulled his fingers out of him and lay beside him.

"I think it is safe to say the magic is working. Your cock is still stiff."

"I know! I could never have had four orgasms quickly, even with you!"

They kissed more. Then Tig needed to be inside his love. He pushed Erin's legs up and placed his cock at Erin's hole. He pushed in as easily as his finger had.

"Oh, Tig! You feel incredible inside me. It feels different than before."

"It is incredible!"

He began thrusting. He wondered if it was possible Erin's magic from Triesse would affect him. He decided to test it the same way he did before. He began fucking Erin. They grinned at each other.

"How is it?" Erin asked him.

"I feel like I'm home."

Erin smiled. "Where ever the two of us are, is home, Tig."

Tig nodded. He was getting close. He sped up his thrusts.

"Breed me, Tig! Fill me up!"

"I will! You are mine!"

"I am! I am yours forever!"

Tig groaned as his cock spasmed and shot his seed deep inside his mate. The orgasm went on and on. Finally he fell on top of Erin.

Erin looked at his sweaty lover. He kissed him. He pictured Tig as he saw him in Elgath's tent. He tapped the picture and thought `Nado'. Tig shrunk. The green goblin was on top of Erin.

"What did you do?" Tig said, alarmed.

Erin pulled his mouth to his and they kissed.

Tig was very angry and very happy at the same time. When he realized that, he began laughing and broke off the kiss to laugh.

"I'm sorry, Tig. I wanted to see the real you."

"You did?"

"Yes. I also wanted to see if Triesse's magic would let me do it."

Erin looked into his face. He smiled and Tig smiled back.

"Do you want me like this, Erin?"

"I think sometimes I will. Do you mind?"

"Oh, my love! How can I mind?"

"The other guy is cute, and fun to have sex with, but he isn't my mate."

A tear fell from Tig's eye and landed on Erin's cheek. Tig wiped it off. He fell over onto the bed.

"Thank you, Erin. Now, change me back. I want to fuck you with my big prick, not my little one."

Erin grinned and turned Tig back.

Tig fucked his love. Erin was an amazing person. He realized again how lucky he was. An hour later while he was fucking him after his seventh orgasm, he realized he was even luckier than he thought. His cock was still rock hard, and his last orgasm was as intense as his first.

"I love Triesse!" Tig shouted. Erin laughed.

"I think I have had enough fucking. I want a snack, Tig," Erin said.

He pulled out of Erin and wiped his sweaty face.

"Of course. Let's get dressed."

"We don't need to get dressed for the snack I want. You just need to wash it off."

Erin grinned at him and he realized what Erin meant.

"I hope my enchanted balls can satisfy your hunger, my love."

"Oh, I am sure just sucking on that big piece of meat will help!"

Tig got off the bed and walked over to a water basin. He sighed as he thought of Erin's comment. `That other guy is cute, but he isn't my mate.' It just made him smile. He couldn't stop.

He washed his cock off thoroughly. Then he climbed on the bed and offered it to his mate. He let out a deep breath as Erin swallowed him completely. He remembered Erin's fantasy of having his throat fucked, and who would do it, if he didn't? He held Erin's head and began fucking. Erin moaned and groaned around his cock. Tig knew he was happy. He could feel it. He kept thrusting for about a minute when he groaned and came again. His cock was buried deep in Erin's throat, so his spunk went directly into his stomach. He kept thrusting, but Erin backed away.

"Let me taste the next one."

Tig grinned. "Of course! Would you like to taste all of them?"

"How about every other one?"

Tig grinned and pushed his cock back into his mouth. He fucked Erin's throat again. He planned to give Erin about ten or twenty orgasms after his next. They would be able to spend the next few days this way. Tig grinned. When he was close, he pulled out, except for his head. Erin stroked his shaft and Tig moaned as he came one more time. He let his head fall back as his orgasm fed his mate.

He pulled out of his mouth and fell onto the bed. He pulled Erin into his arms.

"I love you so much, Erin. More that I would have thought possible. When I was watching you and hiding, I thought I could never love more than I did. But I do."

"Speaking of hiding, thank you for the potatoes."

Tig chuckled. "They are doing well!"

"Yes. We should have plenty to sell. Although, I guess we won't have to worry about money as much. Triesse must be powerful enough to create wealth."

Tig began kissing his lover's body. He moved down slowly to his groin. He examined his love's cock. It was beautiful. Even more beautiful that the one Erin imagined for him. He swallowed it, and Erin cried out, "My love!"

Tig was completely happy. He sucked Erin through six orgasms before Erin pulled himself forcibly out of his mouth.

"Hey! I was eating that!" Tig said.

Erin laughed.

"I'm hungry for food!"

"Oh. I suppose that is a good reason!"

"Do you want to eat downstairs?" Tig asked him.

"We can travel anywhere. Can you think of anywhere better?"

Tig grinned. "I certainly can! Let's get dressed."

They did and Tig said, "Think of a restaurant called The Randy Pig—"

"The Randy Pig? That's disgusting!"

Tig laughed.

"OK," Erin said.

Erin took Tig's hand. He drew a box in the air, thought of it as The Randy Pig, tapped it, and thought, `Nado'.

They appeared next to a building.

"This is it," Tig said.

He took Erin's hand and they walked around to the front. They walked into it and seated themselves. Erin looked around. He saw a group of four goblin males. There was a human couple, and one being he didn't recognize. It looked a little like an elf. Erin assumed it was a kind of elf he had never seen. There weren't many elves in the area around their farm. He could count the number he had seen on one hand.

A serving woman walked up to them.

"The specialty," Tig said. "And two ales."

She turned around and walked away.

"Friendly, isn't she?" Erin said.

"She doesn't need to be. Wait until you taste the food."

She brought them their ales and walked away again.

Tig and Erin smiled at each other.

"Would you like to be green?" Erin asked, grinning.

"No. I like this body. More than you do, apparently!"

"I love it. I want to remember the real you, though, too."

"That is just fine, Erin."

Tig took Erin's hand and kissed it.

Plates were placed in front of them. Each held a pile of beef and an equally large pile of small potatoes. Erin sampled the beef.

"Oh, my! This is wonderful, Tig!"

"I know!"

They both ate. The meat was so tender, it almost melted on the tongue. It was also heavily spiced. Erin stopped just to sniff it on the plate.

"We should come here often!" Erin said. Then he whispered, "Where are we?"


"Wow! I've never been here before! Are we close to the ocean?"

"Oh, yes. We can walk there easily after we eat."