The Talisman of Odan

By Vic James





Copyright 2013 by Vic James

All Rights Reserved


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Chapter Five

The door of the tavern opened and a centaur with a long golden beard walked into the room. His head and chest were covered with curly golden hair, which changed into shorter, honey-colored, straight horse hair at his waist. He had amber–colored eyes. His mouth was wider than a normal human, but Erin thought him unbelievably beautiful. He had a fairly large gold ring hanging from each ear. They were partially covered by his hair.

The centaur walked over to a nearby table and stood next to it.

Erin tried the potatoes. They were just as delicious as the meat.

"What would you like Eneo?" the server asked the centaur.

"A large bowl of potatoes and another of greens."

Tig noticed Erin was very interested in the centaur.

"Would you like to join us?" Tig asked the centaur.

"Why not?"

He walked over to their table and Tig introduced them.

"This is Erin, my mate. I am Tig."

"I am Eneo Farsight."

"I've never met or even seen a centaur before," Erin said.

"You must be visitors, then. There a quite a few of us here."

Eneo was amused by the younger human's interest in him. He could smell his lust. It gave Eneo an erection. He thought both humans were attractive. He decided to play with him a little.

"Erin, will you do me a favor and look under me. I would like your opinion." Erin got up, looked under Eneo and gasped. Eneo and Tig both chuckled. Eneo's erection was the length of Erin's forearm. It looked like a human penis, not like a stallion's, but it was the size of a stallion's. It was about as big around as Erin's upper arm. The foreskin almost covered the head. Eneo's cock began dripping while Erin admired it. Eneo had a pair of balls that were as impressive as his prick. Erin gulped.

"Uh, very, very nice," Erin said. Then he blushed and Tig laughed.

"I hope you don't mind," Eneo said to Tig.

"No. I have a feeling this is something Erin will remember for a while."

"Are all centaurs as handsome as you?" Erin asked. Then he was embarrassed. He hoped he didn't make Tig angry. He was relieved that Tig didn't seem to be.

Eneo looked amused.

"Not in my opinion, but I am glad to know you and I are of like minds on the subject."

Tig chuckled.

"Do you wish to have sex?" Eneo asked. "I am certainly willing. I find both of you attractive, as well."

"We are on our honeymoon. I'm not certain that would be a good start to a marriage. Or good at any point, really." Erin said. He looked at Tig, who agreed. Tig took Erin's hand and they smiled at each other.

Eneo chuckled. "Maybe not."

A large basket full of potatoes and a large bowl of greens were placed in front of Eneo. He began eating.

"When were you married?" Eneo asked them.

"We didn't have a ceremony. We are married in our hearts."

"You should have a ceremony. I will marry you, if you wish," Eneo said. "Many humans have a problem with men loving men. We do not."

"Are you able to perform a marriage?" Tig asked.

"Yes. I would not have offered, if I could not."

Tig looked at Erin who nodded.

"Let's do it!" Erin said.

"You are sure about me, Erin?" Tig asked. "About us?"

"Yes, of course!"

"You haven't known me long."

"Long enough for you to save me from Elgath."

They heard a gasp.

"Is he near here?" the human man asked.

"No. I believe he is dead. A Siren ate him."

Eneo stared at them. "According to the stories, he had powerful magic protecting him."

"I guess it wasn't powerful enough," Erin said.

"How certain of this are you?" the man asked.

"My stepmother is a fairy. She saw the Siren eating him."

The man grinned and then yelled.

"How did you come under his power?" Eneo asked.

"He was looking for a virgin and—" Erin trailed off.

"Erin was kidnapped. Before Elgath could drain Erin's blood, I rescued him."

The man walked up to their table.

"Many people will be happy he is dead."

"I believe you. While he was tying me up he told me some of what he had done. I don't want to think about it."

"I am sorry," the man said.

Erin looked at Eneo. "Tig helped me become a former virgin."

Eneo laughed, loudly.

"That was very considerate of you, Tig."

"I know. I travel, I save virgins. It's a good life."

They all laughed.

"Yes, I do want you to marry us, Eneo," Erin said.

He nodded.

They continued eating. Eneo finished the greens and ate an enormous number of potatoes, but he had a large body to support. Erin and Tig were both very full when they finished.

"Follow me. We will have the ceremony in my home."

Eneo insisted on paying for their meal as a wedding gift. They left the Randy Pig. As they were walking down the street, another centaur came galloping up to them.

"Eneo! It is Enessa. The delivery is not going well. We sent for the doctor, but we has not come yet."

Erin wondered if he could help.

"Eneo, I have some magic. I may be able to help," Erin said.

"Will you ride me? We must hurry," Eneo said.


The other centaur picked up Erin and placed him on Eneo's back. Then he lifted Tig up.

"Wrap your arms around my chest, Erin. Tig, hold onto your mate."

They did, and the two centaurs galloped away.

Eneo's hair was in Erin's face. He had to keep it out of his mouth. But he was incredibly excited. He was actually riding a centaur! Eneo smelled very male and Erin's arms were around Eneo's hairy, muscular chest. His cheek was pressed against the base of his neck. Erin found himself getting an erection. He was terribly embarrassed, but there was nothing he could do about it. They left the town proper, and entered the countryside. About a mile beyond the edge of the town, Eneo slowed. They were approaching a small village.

The houses looked much like human houses, but one side of each house was open to the air. They approached one which had a crowd of centaurs around it. The crowd made way for Eneo, who walked into the house.

When Eneo stopped, Erin and Tig jumped off. A female centaur was propped up between two beams of wood. Her chest was supported on a cushion resting on the wood. She looked barely conscious. Her lower belly bulged from her pregnancy.

Another female, said, "I fear we will lose both of them, Eneo."

Erin ran over to the pregnant female. The other female started to object, but Eneo waved her away.

Erin placed his palm against her side. He closed his eyes, asked for help to save her, and thought the word, `Nado'.

The pregnant mare screamed and there was motion in her belly. Erin backed away. Had he made it worse?

Eneo walked up to her and pushed his hands inside her. He pulled out part of a foal.

"We should get her on her side," Eneo said. With assistance from other centaurs, they backed the female out and helped her down. More of the foal came out while they were lowering her. As soon as she was on her side, the foal slid completely out.

Erin watched amazed. He wondered if many of their pregnancies ran into problems. Centaurs had different body shapes from horses. They had two different bodies, in a way. Human and horse.

"Thank Streka!" the female said.

"Thank all the gods!" another said.

"How do you feel, Enessa?" Eneo asked her.

"Tired, but fine. Whatever you did, shifted everything around inside me. After that, the pain was gone."

Another centaur cut the umbilical cord. Eneo helped the baby up on its four feet. Two females with towels wiped the infant foal down. The human part of the foal looked like a young child, rather than a newborn human. If Erin had seen just the upper body, he would have guessed the child was about two years old.

Erin looked around the house. There was not as much furniture as in a human house, which made sense, considering their shape. There was an enormous bed, and large cushions scattered throughout. There was a long table that was not very wide. The walls were painted in attractive, colorful, geometric patterns.

The new mother stood and held her baby. She bent nearly horizontally to do it.

Odan was startled as suddenly his aura increased. He had been too lost in his own thoughts to pay attention to Erin. He began watching through Erin's eyes.

A human came running in, out of breath.

"Valquin, you missed the excitement," Eneo said to him. Erin could see Eneo was angry at Valquin.

Valquin ran over to Enessa.

"I am sorry it took so long! Enkez slipped on the way and broke his leg." Several centaurs gasped. "The bone was protruding and I had trouble stopping the bleeding. Once I did that, I had to run most of the way."

Eneo put his face in his hands. Then he turned to Erin.

"I am in your eternal debt. You saved my wife, as well as my baby's life."

"She is your wife?"

"Yes, one of them. I have quite a few."

Odan put an image of Erin helping the centaur with the broken leg in his mind.

"Eneo, I may be able to help Enkez," Erin said.

"Truly?" Eneo looked desperately eager.

"Yes. I would like to try."

"Climb aboard, again," Eneo said.

"Talum, take Valquin."

"Yes, Father," a male centaur said.

"He is your son?" Erin asked as soon as he was seated on Eneo.

"Yes. All the mares are my wives or daughters. The stallions are my sons."

"You have a really big family," Erin said. He saw at least thirty centaurs.

"Yes. Today it has increased by three."

"You had two other babies today?" Erin asked.

"No. One foal and two humans."

Erin grinned and turned back to Tig, who kissed Erin on the cheek.

They galloped back to town. They found Enkez on his side alongside the street. His leg was wrapped, but he was obviously in a lot of pain.

"Father!" Enkez moaned.

Erin jumped off Eneo before he had even stopped. He twisted his ankle, but Odan healed it instantly. Erin held his hand over the bandaged leg as Eneo comforted his son. Erin made his wish and thought the word. Enkez cried out.

"The pain! It's gone!"

Erin smiled. He loved magic! He loved helping people and magic made it easy!

Eneo picked Erin up and kissed him on the mouth. Erin laughed.

"You should never laugh when a sexy male kisses you. It ruins the mood," Eneo said, grinning.

Erin laughed. "Sorry. I was a virgin until very recently. I am still learning about sexy males."

Eneo laughed.

Tig hugged Erin.

Erin saw an image of Enkez standing and doing a little dance.

"Enkez, you can stand up," Erin told him.

Eneo helped Enkez to his feet. Enkez gingerly took a step, then another. He grinned and did a little dance. Erin recognized the dance immediately as the one from his vision.

Odan smiled. Erin was a wonderful young man. He had given Odan a wonderful gift by acquiring him. His aura had increased, and Erin had him only a short time.

Eneo turned to Erin. "I am so grateful to you. I wish you weren't married. I would gladly take you as a mate, and cherish you for the rest of my days."

"Thank you, Eneo, but I have the love of Tig. That is enough."

Eneo nodded.

A woman pushed through the crowd.

"My husband is very ill. Can you heal him? We will pay any amount!"

Erin had a funny feeling. It was a feeling of almost dread. He would have automatically said yes, if he hadn't had it.

"I will look at him, if you wish."

Tig frowned. He was surprised by Erin's choice of words.

"This way. Please hurry!"

She turned and walked quickly away. They followed her.

Tig looked questioningly at him. Erin realized Eneo was following them.

"Her husband," Eneo said, softly. "Is not a good man. And she is not a good woman."

Erin nodded. "I had a feeling something was wrong. When she asked me for help, I had a feeling of dread."

"It is a feeling her husband has caused in many," Eneo said. "And he has done worse. Much worse. He is not quite as evil as Elgath, but they are two of a kind."

The woman headed for a large house at the end of the street. The street ended at the house. She walked into it and Erin, Tig, and Eneo followed. Erin gasped when he entered the house. He couldn't breathe. He tried, but he couldn't take air into his lungs.

"I have to leave!" Erin said.

He had a vision of an angry boy drowning a little girl. He saw a man stab and kill another man who looked very much like him. A brother, possibly. He saw a different man's throat cut. The man grabbed his throat and blood spurted out between his fingers. A man behind him was smiling. He saw someone drink from a glass and fall over dead. Erin knew they had been poisoned. He watched a series of deaths, each one lasting about a second.

He had to breathe! Erin turned around and ran out of the house.

"He is in here!" the woman said.

"I am sorry. I cannot help him. My magic doesn't work in the house," Erin said.

"I will bring him out, then!" she called.

Erin had an image of the woman trying to pull the man out of the house and being unable to do it.

They waited outside while the woman went after her husband.

"What happened, Erin?"

"I couldn't breathe in the house. I got visions of murders. A young girl, a man who looked like the killer—"

Eneo nodded. "Crimes he was suspected of committing, but there was no proof."

"There were many deaths, many murders. I lost count."

"Will you help him outside?" Tig asked.

"No. I don't think she will be able to get him out of the house."

The woman came to the door, followed by a man carrying another man. She opened the door and came outside. The man carrying the other man could not pass the threshold.

"Well, bring him! Hurry!"

"I am trying. Something is stopping me!" the man said.

"What on Earth are you talking about? Bring him!"

"I am trying!"

Erin could see the strain in the man's face. His face turned red.

"Let me try!" the woman said. "Put him on the floor."

The man was lowered to the ground. The woman went back inside the house. She took her husband's arms and tried to drag him. She couldn't do it, either.

"Is this your magic?" she cried to Erin.

"No, Britta's," Erin called.

The woman gasped and looked scared.

"Who is Britta?" Tig asked.

"I have no idea. I didn't intend to say that. I think—"

"I am Britta," they heard a girl say out of Erin's mouth.

"I have waited a long time to see my brother delivered to his just fate," Britta's voice said. "There is a special place prepared for him. We wait to take him there."

"I am Emden. I wait," a man said, out of Erin's mouth.

"I am Dellen. I wait. Roggesse. I wait. Ellan. I wait."

Tig looked at Eneo. He didn't know whether to worry or not.

"Britta was the man's sister. She died when she was a child," Eneo said.

"Drowned." Erin said in the girl's voice.

"Yes," Eneo said. "The other names were people who were murdered, too."

"I had a vision of him drowning her," Erin said, in his own voice.

"No one ever proved it!" she called out.

"I don't think Britta or any of them care whether they proved it or not," Erin said.

"Are you all right?" Tig asked Erin.

"I am fine. Britta asked if they could use my voice. I said yes."

The woman began sobbing as she tried to pull him out of the house.

"Let's go," Erin said.

They turned and left.

"I am very relieved that you did not help him, Erin," Eneo said.

"Me, too. He would bring more misery, I am certain."

Eneo nodded.

"A great many people will be happy when he dies. Everyone, actually."

"What about his wife?"

"I expect she will kill herself. He was protecting her. She is only slightly less evil than him. Without protection, she will be tried and hung."

"I am very tired," Erin said to Tig.

"I am not surprised. You've been a busy boy!" Tig said.

"Eneo, we are leaving."

"Erin, please let me repay you somehow. I would at least like to marry you. To Tig, I mean." He grinned. "Although I would rather take you as my own."

"We could sit and rest for a while," Tig suggested.

Erin grinned at him. "You really want to marry me?"

"I do."

Why don't you climb back on me and I will take you to my home. You can rest and when you feel better, I will marry the two of you."

Erin nodded.

Enkez picked Erin up and put him on his father's back. Then he lifted Tig up.

"Thank you, Erin, for healing my leg," Enkez said.

"You are very welcome. I am happy I could help."

They rode back to Eneo's land. He took them into a large house in the center. He left them on a very large bed.

"Take a nap, Erin."

"I think I will, Tig."

Tig pulled Erin into his arms. Erin quickly fell asleep. Tig stayed awake and wondered what exactly was going on. Was Triesse really this powerful, or was something else involved? He had no idea what that would be. He had to assume it was Triesse. But the dead speaking through Erin? That was not something he had ever heard of and he was over three hundred years old. Erin said so matter-of-factly, "She asked if they could speak through my mouth." If a dead person asked to speak though Tig's mouth, he wouldn't have been able to be so casual about it. Eventually, his mind stopped spinning and he slept, too.

Erin woke from a touch. He opened his eyes and looked into Eneo's. Eneo smiled at him and stroked his cheek.

"How old are you?" Eneo asked him.


Eneo grinned.

"You amaze me. When I was sixteen, I had done nothing."

"The magic isn't mine. It was loaned to me."

"The effort was yours. You looked completely drained when we got back here."

Erin smiled.

"How is your baby?"

Eneo grinned. "Beautiful. Wonderful."

"And the mother?"

"Fine. Completely recovered.

"My leg is wet," Erin said.

"I am sorry. I looked at you and you were so beautiful, I just—"

Erin looked down. There was spunk all over his pant legs. A lot of it.

"I want you, Erin. Just looking at you did that. If you were in my arms—"

Erin sighed.

"I like you, Eneo. But I am in love with Tig." Tig listened to their conversation. "I have a full-time mate. What could you give me? A thirtieth of the love?"

"I give all my love to each of my mates. I don't hold any back from them. When you were with me, you would have all of it. There is a great deal of love in my heart. It is best shared."

"Yes. But Tig is all I want or need."

Tig smiled.

"I would take Tig to be my mate, too," Eneo said.

Tig chuckled.

"I don't want to share Tig, Eneo."

"I don't want to share Erin," Tig said.

"It is a shame."

"Don't tell me that with all those wives, you are still horny!" Erin said.

"Right now, you are who I want most."

"I can't disbelieve you, but I think I would die if you fucked me with that thing."

"I would be careful. Only push a foot or so into you."

"Thanks for the offer. If Tig were not around, I would seriously consider it. But Tig is all I want."

"Maybe if you saw my prick, again—"

Erin chuckled.

"You would just scare me!"

"I smelled your lust when you looked at it. I know you liked it."

"You should smell my lust when I look at Tig's cock!"

"Erin designed it," Tig added.

"What?" Eneo asked.

"It's a magical prick. My original was much smaller."

Eneo laughed, boisterously.

"So Tig could have my prick, if you wished."

"That is exactly true. But I like his just the way it is. Actually, his original is very nice, too."

Eneo smiled.

"Now that I think about it, Tig could look like you," Erin said.

Tig chuckled. "That's true!"

Tig was actually relieved. He would be happy to take on different shapes to keep their marriage exciting.

Eneo grinned. "I would be honored if you made your mate look like me and let him mount you. It would be almost as good as having me do it. The offer is always open, if you ever change your mind."

"Thank you. Do you have any male mates, Eneo?"

"Yes, three. They are sons of mine. My son Enkez is one of my mates. He has only been my mate for three months. I love them all very much."

"I know that is not the human way, but we are not humans, Erin," Eneo said.

"People who aren't human don't live by human rules," Tig said.

"Do goblins ever do that?"

"No. We are more like humans. But as we travel and meet different creatures, you should expect them to act as themselves. Not as humans, or goblins."

"You are a goblin?" Eneo asked.

Tig hadn't realized he had let that slip.

"Yes. I asked Erin's stepmother, who is a fairy to change me to this shape."

"I like his goblin shape, too. But it is easier to do it this way."

"I can see that," Eneo said. "You don't have to explain to everyone why a human loves a goblin."


"Let's get married, Tig!"

They got out of bed. They walked into another room while Eneo stood in front of them.

"I feel a little odd getting married with my leg covered with—" Tig and Eneo laughed.

"A sexy male's seed?" Eneo finished for him.

"Yes! Especially the male who is performing the ceremony."

"You can pretend it's part of our ceremony."

Erin laughed.

"Tig, would you like to coat the other leg?" Eneo asked.

They chuckled.

Eneo performed the ceremony. It was simple and short.

"As the leader of this community, I have the authority to marry you. Do the two of you wish to share your life?"



Eneo kissed each of them on the forehead.

A few more words were shared and it was done.

"Thank you, Eneo," Erin said. "I hope we see you again."

He smiled at them.

Tig took Erin in his arms and kissed him. While they kissed, Erin used magic to take them back to their inn. They appeared in their room.

Tig pulled away from the kiss.

"I bet Eneo is surprised!"

"I think he really loves you," Tig said. "But that doesn't surprise me. You are very loveable."

Erin sighed. Tig was wonderful and he was the only mate he needed.

"I need clean pants."

Tig chuckled. "I think so."

"Let's go home."

"If you go home, your father will want to talk. Trellig will want to. They will ask about Elgath..."

"That's true. And it would be rude to go there without saying hello. We might be there hours."

Tig nodded.

"Let me try using magic."

Erin touched his pants and thought the word. His pants were clean again.

"That is much better."