The Talisman of Odan

By Vic James





Copyright 2013 by Vic James

All Rights Reserved


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Chapter Seven

Erin and Tig dressed and walked down the stairs to the dining area. They were surprised to see Alain and a woman with curly blonde hair eating together. Alain looked at them and nodded. The woman smiled.

"Will you join us?" she asked.

"Yes, that would be nice," Erin said.

"Triesse visited us last night."

"Really? Are you Eugene?" Erin asked the woman.


"She told me to tell you she changed her mind. I suppose about helping us," Alain said.

"I am glad for you. Truly."

"Thank you. Jean is convinced she is pregnant."

"That is wonderful!" Tig said.

Alain nodded. "I know it is Eugene, but I don't mind a bit. My wife is also my best friend, and that makes me very happy. I wouldn't change a thing, now, if I could."

Jean smiled and rested her head on Alain's shoulder.

"Erin, you, Tig, and Triesse have been so very kind to us. I really don't know how to thank you properly. We owe you so much. For our entire lives."

"You don't owe any of us anything. Help others when you can. That is the best kind of repayment," Erin said.

They ate warm bread, cheese, and tea for breakfast.

Alain and Jean left.

"What would you like to do today, besides sex," Tig asked.

"Triesse suggested we go visit different kinds of beings."

"When did you see her?"

"I called for her last night while you slept. I was worried about possibly helping a stranger when he could be evil. She gave me this ring and told me it would help."

After Erin said that, he worried who might have overheard him. But the room was empty. He was very relieved. He needed to be more careful. A thief might hear and steal the ring.

"That is good to know."


"Does that appeal to you at all? Visiting different creatures?"

"Yes, it sounds wonderful, actually," Tig said.

"Sex first, though!"

They headed upstairs to their room. Tig pulled Erin into his arms, as soon as they closed the door. He kissed his love while Erin unfastened Tig's pants. They fell around his ankles. Erin pulled away from the kiss and knelt. He took Tig's cock in his hands. He pulled the foreskin back and began licking the head. Tig sighed. He wasn't sure if the pleasure was so intense because he loved Erin so much, or whether it was magic. All he knew was he was addicted to Erin. As Erin licked the head, Tig's pre-cum began flowing. Erin slowly stroked the shaft while he continued licking and lapping at the head.


Erin swallowed the end of Tig's cock as he ejaculated. He sucked on the head while his lover's warm semen shot into his mouth. He looked up into Tig's eyes while he sucked. Tig's eyes were barely open. Finally, Tig's orgasm ended. Erin continued sucking. This time he took Tig's cock all the way into his throat. He began swallowing. His throat muscles massaged his husband's prick.

"Oh, that is nice, Erin! Aah—" he groaned as, He shot his spunk directly into Erin's stomach.

"Oh, Erin! How are you doing that?" Tig asked, breathlessly.

Erin wasn't doing it, magic was, but he was enjoying it as much as Tig. He felt an orgasm hit him when Tig had his. He wasn't sure if he ejaculated, but it was still intense.

Erin went back to sucking on the head. It just tasted so good to him. He stroked the shaft with both hands. Tig began moaning. Erin moved one hand to Tig's beautiful, low-hanging balls. Erin stroked them and Tig groaned as more of his cum shot into Erin's mouth. Erin trembled as an intense orgasm swept over him, as well. Erin swallowed Tig's offering. The taste had grown on him to the point that he thought Tig's warm cream was absolutely delicious. Maybe it was magic. It didn't matter. Erin just knew he loved it. He loved the taste and he loved making Tig feel good. He planned to continue sucking, but when Tig was done that time, he pulled Erin up. He picked him up, pleased again with his big body and carried Erin to the bed. Erin pulled off his clothes and Tig joined him in bed.

"I came all three times when you did," Erin told him.


"I don't have spunk all over me, but I definitely had them."

Tig grinned. "That's marvelous!"

"Tig, I really love your spunk. The taste, I mean."

Tig smiled. "You do?"

"Yes. I'm embarrassed to admit I really want more."

"Oh, Erin. Don't be embarrassed! I'm glad you like it! Do you want more right now?"


Tig grinned and straddled Erin. He brought his cock to Erin's mouth and he sighed as Erin began sucking him. Tig let his head fall back as he was pleasured. Erin brought him to orgasm and Tig entered a sort of daze. His orgasm went on and on and on. He could hear Erin swallowing, but the pleasure was so intense he couldn't react. All he could do was moan.

Erin was delighted as Tig's prick kept shooting and shooting. He swallowed after every spurt. He should have realized that when he wanted something, in this case, Tig's milk, the magic would help him get what he wanted. As Erin swallowed, he looked up at his husband. Tig's mouth was open and his eyes were closed.

After several minutes of Tig's continuous orgasm, Erin had enough. As soon as he decided that, Tig's orgasm ended.

Tig came slowly back to his senses. He looked down at Erin.

"Can we do that again, some time?" Tig asked.

"How about in a couple of hours?"

Tig whimpered and Erin laughed.

"Did you enjoy that as much as I did?" Erin asked him.

"Are you joking? It was the most pleasure I've ever experienced! By far!"

He fell onto the bed. He pulled Erin to him and kissed him.

They held each other as they kissed. They were both completely happy. After a few minutes, Tig decided he wanted to be in Erin again. Tig pushed Erin's legs up and began eating Erin's hole.

"Oh, Tig! I will never, ever forget when you did this in Elgath's tent."

Tig pulled his mouth away. "Now, I can take my time."

"Yes, please! Take all the time you want!"

"Oh, you like this?"

"Oh, Tig!"

Tig grinned and began eating him again. His tongue slipped inside Erin and Erin came. He groaned as his cum shot over his belly and chest. Tig pulled Erin's cock down and swallowed it. Erin cried out as his orgasm went on and on. Just as Tig's had. Erin continued shooting. After the tenth or eleventh spurt, he realized Erin's spunk tasted better. Was it magic, or was he growing to love it? He suspected it was magic. After several minutes, Tig pulled off him and grinned at his husband as he moved back to Erin's hole. Tig gave Erin two more lengthy orgasms while eating his hole. Then he climbed over and pushed his dripping cock into the hole he just finished eating. He slid in easily and began fucking his lover. He pressed his mouth to Erin's and they kissed while he fucked him. It didn't require any special effort to concentrate on the kiss and keep up steady strokes with his prick. He assumed, once again, that magic was helping. Tig didn't have all that much sexual experience, himself, considering his age. What experience he had was in another body, with a male goblin. He ejaculated into his love while they kissed. He didn't stop thrusting and he had several more orgasms fairly quickly. They weren't continuous, and he was glad. Being continuous dulled the impact a little, he thought.

He pulled out of Erin and lay on the bed next to him. They smiled at each other. Tig leaned over and kissed Erin, tenderly.

"I love you so much, Erin."

"I love you."

The two spent a while in bed, caressing each other and kissing. Erin wrapped his hand around Tig's erection. He stroked it slowly, watching the head appear and disappear in the foreskin. It began drooling pre-cum and Erin leaned over and licked it. He began licking the head again as Tig sighed in satisfaction.

After they had both come a few more times, they decided to get out of bed. Tig took Erin in his arms.


Odan wondered why he was agonizing over sex. It made him feel like a teenager again, and he didn't like it. He decided it was time.

Galen smiled broadly when Odan appeared in front of him. He was still sitting under the oak tree.

"I was just thinking of you, Odan."

"I have thought of little else than you. Why didn't I want you when you were alive? If I wanted you half as much then as I do now, I would have never left your side."

Galen chuckled. "And yet you still do it! You had an erection that I gave you. You wanted me. I wanted you, but you still left."

Odan sighed. "I never claimed to be good at relationships. That is your strength."

"Will we have a romantic relationship?" Galen asked him.

"Is it possible when I have so little romance in me?"

"Maybe we can make what little there is grow."

Odan smiled.

Odan sat next to Galen.

"It is beautiful here," Odan said, looking around.

Galen reached out and took Odan's hand.

"It is. I have trouble imagining what sphere five is like, if sphere four is nicer than this," Galen said.

"Are there no visitors from sphere one?"

"None as far as I know. There may have been."

"If you could go back, would you, Galen?"

Galen smiled. "If I was suddenly to come alive again? I would imagine my body is in poor shape." Odan chuckled. "And why would I? If you were there, it would be worth considering. But you don't have a body, either."

"We could," Odan said.

"Are you speaking of possession? Are you eager to get to sphere one?" Galen asked.

"I would think only involuntary possession would be bad."

"Have you invented something new, Odan? Voluntary possession? If you did transfer yourself into a live body, what would happen to the Talisman?"

"It would retain some magic. But I was speaking of a golem."

"I would have no interest at all in inhabiting a man made of mud." Galen looked down at himself. "I think I look better now, although I guess I could have a really large mud penis."

Odan laughed. "I may lose interest if it is too big."

"Odan, are you telling me you are interested in my prick?"

"I have wondered about it. Is it wonderful?"

Galen laughed. "You have seen it several times."

"It wasn't erect."

Galen took Odan's hand and kissed it. Galen smiled at his friend. "It is now."

"Why do you ask about returning? What is the advantage?"

"When I decided to enter the Talisman, I learned methods to leave, should I not like it."

"And do you want to leave it?"

"Not necessarily. I was thinking of you?"

"I am happy here. Who wants to start worrying about dying again?" Galen asked.

"Maybe we could end up on sphere four."

"Oh! I understand. You wish to advance to four and you want me with you. Is that it?"

"Yes. If Erin spends as much time as I think he will helping others, I might end up there. If I do, I want you there."

"And I thought you were just thinking about sex! Are you so certain you are even interested in me?"

"Galen, I loved your company when I didn't want to have sex with you. I am fairly certain. We could spend eternity there together." Odan chuckled. "Although I expect you will tire of me after a few million years."

"Oh, I expect it will take a billion years, at least! But seriously, we don't know that we will be here for eternity. This sun that the four spheres orbit could die. The universe could end."

"Could it?" Odan asked.

Then Odan remembered a question he had for a while. "Are there very ancient residents here?"

"I don't know. Despite how many people have died, this world seems uncrowded. When you think of someone, you see them, but you don't see strangers unless they want to be seen. I never saw an elf here for a very long time. When I thought of one I wanted to see, I appeared in front of him. He was with his entire family, several hundred of them. They are here, but I don't know where they—or we—for that matter, are."

"On the question of returning to the land of the living, why don't we wait to see if your aura is ever strong enough to get there? If you achieve that, I will go back with you."

Odan smiled. "That is just fine."

Instantly, they were in Galen's house. Galen had Odan in his arms again. Galen pressed his mouth to Odan's and they kissed. It was the most satisfying kiss Odan ever had. Galen realized Odan was passive. That delighted him. Odan held his mouth open for Galen's tongue. Galen hoped he was passive in every way. Galen was willing to allow Odan to fuck him, but he preferred to be the fucker.

Odan wrapped his arms around Galen. Galen couldn't see that as anything but encouraging. Galen rubbed his erection against Odan's leg. Odan reached for it. He felt it and rubbed it briefly.

"There it is. What do you think?"

"It is very nice," Odan said. He began stroking it.

"Are you going to fuck me, Galen?"

"I would love that. May I?"

"Yes. I want it. I want you. I finally get to use some of my sex magic. Don't ask me why I studied it when I never felt inclined to use it."

Galen grinned. "It will make it easier your first time."

"And there will be other times."

"Yes, Odan. I love you. I hope that someday you will love me."

"I already love you as a friend. Maybe romance will follow."

They found themselves in bed.

Odan ran his hands over Galen's chest and shoulders.

"Why did I never notice how beautiful you are, Galen?"

Galen smiled. "At least you eventually did."

Odan felt one of Galen's nipples through the hair on his chest. He felt it stiffen.

"Where is Argel?" Odan asked. "I just thought about him."

"I haven't seen him in ages. He has a lover. Our time on Earth was more than enough for both of us. I was probably not the best lover. I mainly wanted him because he reminded me of you."

Odan stroked Galen's handsome face. He leaned forward and they kissed again. Then Odan examined Galen's erection. He held it in one palm while he ran his fingers over it.

"Thanks to Erin, I find this beautiful. I also have some idea of male-to-male sex."

Galen smiled. "Thank him for me."

"Maybe I will. So far, I am enjoying this a great deal."

Galen nodded. He was, too. He never thought there would come a time when Odan told him his penis was beautiful.

Odan leaned down and licked it. Galen sighed and Odan was encouraged. Odan took Galen's prick into his mouth. Galen moaned, loudly. Odan began sucking him. Galen soon had an intense orgasm which Odan shared. Odan knew Erin liked semen, so he thought he would give it a try. It was—different. But swallowing was much less messy. That appealed to him. Odan pulled off Galen's cock and chuckled.

"What is it?"

"I just decided I would always swallow your semen because it was less messy."

Galen laughed.

"I suppose that is a good reason. I can suppress it. We can control things like that here. It's one of the advantages of being dead."

"I don't know. It doesn't seem like sex if there is no semen. How would I even know if you had an orgasm?"

"I agree, but I want you to be happy."

"I am. This is fun!"

Galen grinned.

"It is wonderful seeing you enjoy yourself, Odan."

"It's almost enough to make me want to join you permanently."

"You don't need to die to do that. This is just perfect. Besides, you can do more good on Earth. Maybe you will make it to sphere four. I've heard it is very beautiful, with waterfalls around every corner. Then I will have to increase my aura as a golem in the land of the living. That should be interesting."

Odan stroked Galen while he asked something he had been wondering.

"Does anyone already dead ever get promoted to a higher sphere?"

"I have heard it has happened, but it is extremely rare. There really isn't any need, at least on spheres three, four, and five, so it is difficult to help anyone. I know of one individual from sphere two who worked their way to sphere three. I would imagine they were probably on a cusp when they died. Not quite good enough for sphere three."

"That makes sense. And there are probably more in need in sphere two."

"Yes. But most people on sphere two are content. They aren't happy, but they aren't miserable."

"Have you heard of anyone being demoted to a lower sphere?"

"No, but I would imagine it can happen both ways. If someone who barely makes sphere two causes misery, I would think it could happen."

"You told me there were murders on sphere one."

"Yes. I saw one, actually. It was very odd. A man strangled a woman to death. She lay there dead, briefly, before reappearing standing up. She jumped on him and tried to strangle him. I don't suppose it occurred to either one of them to simply walk away from each other, but I had had enough and left at that point. I am fairly certain that no one from sphere one has ever been promoted. Everyone I've seen there is irredeemably evil."

"You said sphere one is a featureless plain?"

"Yes, dusty, cracked, dry soil is all you can see in any direction. There are no buildings, no plants, and no animals. The only things there are people and their demon tormentors. The demons can create other landscapes as part of their torments. Volcanoes and cliffs are supposed to be popular, with demons pushing individuals into lava, or over cliffs over and over. The demons presumably enjoy hearing them scream, although I have been told demons are as different from each other as people."

Odan nodded. Then he took Galen back in his mouth. He looked up into Galen's happy face. He sucked him again while he held Galen's balls. He had to admit to himself that he loved sex with Galen. There was no longer any question that he wanted a sexual—no, romantic—relationship with him. Odan was no longer troubled by his lust for Galen. He had come to the conclusion that Galen was right. Odan probably always preferred males, he just never tried sex with a male and didn't realize he would enjoy it more. Galen was amazed at how enthusiastic Odan was about sucking him. He groaned as he came a second time in Odan's mouth. He listened to Odan swallowing his seed without a bit of hesitation.

Then Odan lay on his back. "Fuck me, Galen."


Galen pulled Odan's legs up and pushed inside him. Thanks to Odan's magic, it was incredibly pleasurable for both of them. Galen began fucking him while they kissed

The stimulation of Odan's prostate with Galen's cock caused Odan to shoot over his belly and chest. Galen sighed as he ejaculated inside Odan.

"Odan!" Galen moaned, as his orgasm went on and on. He began thrusting slowly during his orgasm. When it finally ended, Galen smiled at Odan.

"I love you, Galen."

"I know, Odan. It shows clearly in your eyes. I love you, as well, but that is nothing new. I've loved you my entire life, and I love you still. It is a relief that I no longer need to hide it from you."

Galen pressed his mouth to Odan's and they kissed as Galen resumed their fuck.


"Where would you like to go first, Erin?"

"I don't know. I have never traveled. You would know better than I."

"Hmm. We could go see the Siren. I doubt she would be a danger to us. But you can use your magic to bring us back here any time we are in danger."

"Let's do it!"

Erin concentrated and they found themselves in an open field in front of a naked woman with more than a little blood on her.

"Who are you?" she asked. Then she recognized him. "Oh, the boy! You escaped. Are you magical?"

"I have some power now. I had none when I was with Elgath."

Erin saw a man was there. He was sitting on the ground. He stood up and walked over to them.

"I am Driggor. I was one of Elgath's men. But not willingly."

"Oh. I am Erin and this is my husband, Tig."

"Hello," Tig said.

"That is all that remains of Elgath," Driggor said. He pointed at a bloody patch of grass. "I am very glad you escaped, Erin."

"Thank you."

"How did you end up in his company?" Erin asked.

"I was following my cousin who wished to join Elgath. I promised his mother to keep an eye out for him. My cousin did not have a great deal of sense, although he had a rare talent with weapons. He thought Elgath was admirable. My cousin was an idiot, and after he joined Elgath, a very evil idiot.

"But delicious!" Sani added. Driggor shook his head and Erin laughed, nervously.

"I will be travelling with Sani. I plan to help the victims of the men she eats. I need to help people to wash the stink of Elgath from my soul," Driggor said.

Erin grinned. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. He made so many people suffer! We were in Musteffen yesterday, and we spoke to several people who were delighted to know he is no longer a danger."

"How did you know yesterday? He didn't die until today?"

Erin wondered if he should admit why. He decided it was safe.

"I know the fairy who changed Sanit."

Sani walked over to them. Erin got a little worried. He took Tig's hand, ready for a quick escape.

"Good grief! You smell much worse than Driggor. Please thank her for me."

Erin was surprised.

"I will. You are glad she changed you?"

"I am glad. My life before was awful. I am coming to realize that. When I saw Elgath's victims take him away after he died, I realized no one really gets away with anything. I am certain I will have to face my fate, eventually. Even immortals must have to accept fate at some point. But with Driggor's help, we will do some good first. Maybe a lot of good. Triesse told me I would be hungry always. I have found that when I focus on doing good, on helping the victims of evil, the hunger pains ease. I owe that to Driggor. It would have never, ever occurred to me to help others on my own."

Sani had discovered a way to circumvent that portion of her cursed existence, although she was not aware that she was doing it. Most curses had a way out—an escape route. Elgath discovered that the death curse placed on him by an elf could be delayed by drinking virgin blood. And Sani could escape an eternity of hunger pains by helping others.

"What exactly did you see when Elgath died," Driggor asked Sani.

"Every one of his victims showed up to take him away. Vengeance showed on their faces and they had complete control of him. Who knows how or for how long he will suffer? He will suffer, and for a very long while. I am certain of that."

Erin grinned. "You sure have changed, Sanit!"

She laughed. "I know!"

"Goodbye, and good luck," Erin said. He took Tig's hand and they travelled back to their room at the inn.

As soon as they were there, a man appeared in the room. Erin was startled, but the man was smiling.

"Erin, I am Nado."


"Yes. Tig can't see me. This conversation is taking place in your mind."


"Now that I am in your ring, I can assist you more directly. I am the one who gave you the feeling of dread when you were asked to help Altus Tigmore by his wife."

"Thank you. Did Triesse tell you I was worried?"

"Yes, she did. But I knew before then. I want to let you know that I can now communicate freely with you. If you have been wearing the ring yesterday, I could have told you plainly why you should avoid helping him.

"I can also offer you advice about many things, both magical and non-magical. I know you wish to see different creatures. I can tell you where to find them and what to avoid."

"Thank you!"

"You are quite welcome. I can tell you how to meet demons without danger. I can tell you how to safely meet trolls—almost any being. At some point in our journey through your life, I believe I will even be able to give you a tour of the Afterlife."

Erin's eyes widened.

"What about using up Triesse's aura?"

"When Elgath died, his victims were so grateful to Triesse, that her aura became incredibly strong. It is not something you need to worry about. I would imagine she is trying to get rid of some right now."

"Is that hard to do?"

"No. It is extremely easy. All she needs to do is convert some rocks into gems or gold. She is a practical woman, though, so I would imagine she is working on the farm. Fixing it up, making the crops grow like weeds."

Erin smiled.

"She is a wonderful person."

"Yes, she is. So are you. I expect being around her so much has caused some of her goodness to rub off on you."

"I wasn't around her that much."

"She has been close by your entire life. You just didn't know it."

"I do remember once when she was visiting my grandmother, she asked if I had done anything for anyone else that day. I was shocked. It was a surprising question. I thought and I remembered putting a baby bird back into its nest. I asked her if that counted and she said, `It counted very much to the bird.' I wasn't sure whether that was good or not. Then she said, `On behalf of the bird and its parents, thank you.' I felt really proud."

"And you remembered it. You see, she did have an effect on your life and your thoughts. And all she did was ask one little question. She is a wise person," Odan said.

"I spent a lot of time wondering about whether to try to help Alain and Eugene."

Odan nodded.

"Not all questions have easy answers. That's life, I'm afraid. You are young. You will come to understand that as you spend time in the world. You will come to accept the fact that you can only do your best. And that sometimes you will be wrong. You learn from mistakes, as well as successes. I have always learned more from my mistakes."

Erin realized something was very wrong. Nado wasn't an extension of Triesse's powers. He would bet money on that.

"Who are you? You aren't Triesse. And you aren't her magic."

Odan smiled at him.

"If everything goes well, we will have centuries to get to know each other. I may need to ask a favor of you and Tig."

"What do you need us to do?"

"Find out where clay for making pots can be found."

He disappeared.

"When you have a question, just ask. I will hear you," Odan said to him.

"Do you know where you want to go first?" Tig asked him.

"We could go meet some demons."

"That isn't very funny," Tig said.

Erin chuckled. It wasn't. But he wanted to meet some, anyway.

Nado was a person, Erin was sure of it. But what was a person doing in a ring? Was that even possible?


Triesse followed Lars out of the house.

"What needs doing, Lars?"

"We planted rye, but after I broke my leg, Erin didn't have time to tend it."

"Let's see it."

Lars led Triesse to a field. It was the first time Lars had seen it since his accident.

"It doesn't look too bad. We may be able to harvest it."

"Shall I remove the weeds?"

"Yes, and it needs to be fertilized."

Triesse closed her eyes. She said a spell as she walked down one of the rows. Lars gasped when the weeds started moving.

"What are you doing?"

"I would rather not kill magically. Even plants. I'm sending them elsewhere."

Lars stared open-mouthed as the weeds wiggled through the soil, on their way to—wherever they were going. It made him wonder once again why Triesse agreed to marry him. She was so incredibly powerful, and he was no one.

"You are not no one," Triesse said.

Lars groaned. She could read his thoughts.

"I can only read your thoughts about me. If you think of Erin, or anything, or anyone else, I can't. It's not deliberate on my part, Lars. I have no wish to intrude on your thoughts."

Lars sighed. Could they be happy together when they were so different? He was doubtful, but he wanted to try.

Triesse wondered whether she should have used up her excess aura creating wealth for Lars and Erin. It went against her nature, though. She had never valued wealth, and she didn't think Lars or Erin did, either. This was definitely more fun. And making several hundred thousand plants mobile used up a good bit of her aura.

The two of them watched the plants move slowly through the soil. Lars shook his head and laughed.

"If someone described this scene to me, I would have thought they were completely out of their mind." He smiled at Triesse. "But I am very glad I got to witness it. Thank you, my dear."

He pulled Triesse into his arms and kissed her.