The Talisman of Odan

By Vic James





Copyright 2013 by Vic James

All Rights Reserved


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Chapter Eight

"There is somewhere I have always wished to go," Tig said to Erin.


"Cascus Island. It is supposed to be very beautiful, with pure white sand and a blue-green sea."

"That sounds wonderful! Let's go!"

Erin took Tig's hand. He thought of the island and thought the word, `Nado'. As he did it, he wondered if he could just ask Nado to take them there. Before he could complete his thought, they were there.

They were alone on a beach with sand as white as Tig had described. Strange trees grew almost to the water. It was warm, almost hot.

"Can you swim?" Tig asked Erin.

"Yes. Can you?"

"I couldn't as a goblin. We sink in water. I may be able to do it in this body."

They both undressed. Tig took Erin's hand and they walked into the water.

"Oh, it's very nice," Erin said.

"It is!"

Erin looked down and saw colorful fish swimming near them. They stopped when the water was about the level of their knees.

Tig pulled Erin into his arms and kissed him.

"That is my favorite part!" Erin said, afterwards.

Tig chuckled. Then he sighed as Erin took hold of his cock and began stroking it. Erin bent over and licked the head.

"If you keep that up, you will make me shoot."

"Oh, no! Not that!"

They both laughed. Erin swallowed Tig's erection and began sucking him.

"Let's wash ourselves and then have sex on the beach."

They washed each other using the sand instead of soap. Tig took Erin's hand and they walked back to the beach.

"Lie down, Tig."

Once he was on his back, Erin got between his legs and began sucking him. Erin stroked himself while he sucked his husband. He held his erection and licked the head thoroughly before taking him all the way until Erin's lips were against Tig's body. He bobbed on his husband's prick until Tig groaned as he shot into Erin's mouth. Then Tig had Erin lie on his back. Erin groaned as Tig swallowed him. He glanced out at the sea and saw a man's face not far from them. Only the man's head extended out of the water. He was watching them and smiling. He had dark hair and a black beard. Erin groaned as he came.

"Let's walk for a bit."

They got up and walked along the beach. They found a path leading into the forest at the center of the island. They saw many colorful birds, but no other people.

"Do people live on the island?" Erin asked.

"Yes, but they must live on the other side of the island."

They came to a beautiful pond that was filled by a waterfall. There were ferns growing along the rocks next to the waterfall. They sat on a grassy area and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.

Tig spotted a fruit tree and picked some fruit for them to eat.

"What are these?"

"They are called Tikel fruit."

Erin ate one of the small red fruits and smiled at Tig.

"They're good!"

They each ate a couple. Then they got up and walked back to the beach.

When Erin looked out at the water, he saw the man again. The man swam closer to them.

"Hello!" Erin shouted, waving.

Tig looked and saw the man.

"Come into the water!" the man called.

"Why?" Tig asked.

"I would speak to you, if I could."

Tig looked at Erin who shrugged.

"It's all right with me. Keep close, in case he is dangerous."

Tig nodded.

They got up and walked into the water.

"Hello, I am Tig and this is my husband Erin."

"I am Elos."

Erin looked down and gasped. The man had a fish tail, not legs. The scaled tail began just below his prick and balls.

"You are a merman!"

Tig looked down and saw.

"Yes, I am. You are not a human, though you appear to be," he said to Tig.

"No. I am a goblin."

"I could tell you wore a false shape. Who gave the form to you?"

"My stepmother. She is a fairy."

"Do you think she might be willing to help us?"

"What help do you need?" Erin asked.

"A group of mersharks have moved into our area. They have eaten two of our children and killed an adult."

"What is a mershark?"

"They are merfolk, but are about thrice our size and they have much bigger mouths. They stay hidden and attack the unwary."

"Do they normally eat people?" Erin asked.

"No. They normally eat fish."

"Have you tried capturing one to find out why they are attacking?" Tig asked.

"We lost Drios, a friend of mine when we tried it."

"Nado," Erin thought.

Odan appeared in front of Erin. Erin chuckled because Nado appeared to be standing on water.

"You find that amusing?" Elos almost shouted.

"No. I am sorry, Elos. I was thinking of something else. I am asking someone if we can help you."

"Oh. Thank you."

"Nado, they said mersharks are attacking and eating them. They aren't sure why. They haven't been able to capture one to ask why they are doing it. Can I help them?"

"It is possible we can help them capture one. We can't kill them magically. That would change you into a demon," Odan said. It would actually change Odan into a demon, not Erin, but he didn't plan to reveal his true nature to Erin any time soon.


"That is what happens to those who kill using magic."

"I didn't know that."

Odan suppressed a smile. There were an awful lot of things Erin didn't know.

"Can you let us breathe underwater?" Erin asked.

"Oh, yes. Take Tig's hand."

Erin did. He suddenly felt strange.

"Submerge yourself completely and tell Tig to do the same. You should be able to remain underwater without discomfort."

"Dunk your head under the water, Tig. See if you can still breathe."

"Are you sure?"


Erin submerged himself briefly. He had no urge to breathe air. He came back up to the surface.

"Elos, I may be able to use magic to help you capture a mershark. I can't kill any, though."

"That would be wonderful. I suppose we could kill them once you help us capture them. We would prefer to make them stop, rather than killing them."

"That would be our preference, too," Erin said.

"Follow me!" Elos said.

Elos descended underwater and they joined him. He swam very slowly, but Erin and Tig found they could swim very well. They swam past Elos and he grinned at them and swam faster. As they swam, Erin and Tig looked around. It was exciting for both of them. There were many fish swimming around the rocks below them. Neither felt any need to breathe air. The seabed became much further below them. After they had been swimming for about fifteen minutes, the seabed began to rise and they approached rocks which rose up from the seabed all the way to the surface. The wall was about one hundred feet tall, Tig guessed. Rather than slowing, Elos sped up and looked all around as he did so. Then he stopped and pointed. Erin and Tig looked and saw a very odd looking creature of person, evidently a mershark. It looked like a merman from the waist down, but instead of arms, it had long fins with hooks on the end where hands would be. It had no neck, and the head was almost the width of its body. It had small eyes. The mouth was enormous. The mershark was swimming around the rock wall. It didn't seem to have noticed them. Elos sped up again. They headed towards one end of the wall. When they reached it, they saw that there were two rock walls forming a V. They were swimming in the opening of the V. They passed a group of mermen carrying spears. Tig looked down and saw a partial wall rising from the seabed. While he looked, he saw a swimming merman add a rock to the new wall. There were two mermen with spears guarding him. That wall would close the V, Tig realized, making a triangular enclosed area. There were many buildings on the sea floor, between the two rock walls. Erin guessed around thirty. They were whitish-blue and looked somewhat similar to homes one would find on land, except that the roofs were made of the same stone as the walls. There was one very large building in the center of the community. There were large seaweed plants where trees would be around the buildings. Fish swum around the seaweed. They swam toward the large building. Elos called out and a great many merfolk swam out of the building. They stopped in front of it. Erin saw only adults. He wondered if the children were all hiding. It seemed like a good idea to him, if they had lost two.

"These people have offered to use their magic to help us capture a mershark for questioning," Elos said to an older mermaid.

"You have our gratitude," she said.

"Come. We will go to my house," Elos said.

Erin wondered if he was going to offer them something to drink. He almost laughed at the thought, but he knew now that they were in no joking mood.

They swam into one of the buildings. A young mermaid was inside.

Erin looked around. There were glowing blue and yellow rocks scattered around the room providing light. They made it impossible to tell what color anything in the room was.

Tig was fascinated by the furniture. It consisted primarily of poles stuck into the ground. Some had netting spread between them. He supposed those were chairs. There were two small tables. On one of the tables was an empty cage. There were colorful creatures or plants composed of waving tentacles arranged in spiral patterns on the floor.

"Deleosa, these people have offered to help us with the mersharks. This is Erin, and Tig."

"I am pleased to meet you both. It is terrible not being able to leave the house," Deleosa said.

"The children are the primary targets of the mersharks," Elos said. "They single them out."

"Oh, that is terrible," Tig said.

"What are you?" Deleosa asked Tig.

"I am a goblin wearing an enchanted shape. Erin is my husband."

"You see, father!"

Tig and Erin looked at Elos.

"Deleosa is in love with a fisherman. Fisherboy, actually. She wants to get an enchanted human body, so she can live on land with him."

"Aren't you young to be marrying?" Tig asked her.

"I will be of age in two years. It may take that long to find someone to help me."

"Deleosa, this is much more important," Elos said.

"I know that. I haven't been outside in a week!"

"We are building a rock wall around our village, but as you can imagine, it will take a long time."

"It will also be a cave!" Deleosa said. "Dark and dreary."

"But safe!" Elos said. "Besides, you know very well that we will be safe as long as the walls are above water. It won't be dark. It may be cramped, but it won't be dark."

"Is that just because of the mersharks?"


"Why are you not able to fight them? Are there a great many of them?" Tig asked.

"No, not many. There are six. We have no weapons except spears and the mersharks swim very fast. They are faster than us, which is why they are so dangerous."

"What can you tell us about them?" Tig asked.

"Well, they are very simpleminded. If you ask simple questions, they will answer you. Otherwise, they stare blankly at you. We have never had trouble with them before, but there have been rare cases in the past where mersharks ate other merfolk, including other mersharks. But there are bad individuals of most kinds of people. Normally, if you wave at one, he will swim up to you and say hello. These six who are attacking us act nothing like normal mersharks."

"Nado," Erin said. "What do you suggest?"

"Ask Elos if you may touch him. I need to check to see if he is cursed. The whole community could be. Or it could be the mersharks who are cursed."

"Elos, may I touch you?"

"You may. Would you like to have sex?"

Erin chuckled, or gurgled. "No, thank you, although you are attractive."

Elos smiled and Erin held his arm. He waited for Nado to say something.

"I don't sense any curse. Ask if you can touch his daughter."

"Thank you, Elos. May I touch Deleosa's arm, also?"


Deleosa swam up and Erin held his forearm.

"There is a curse on her. I suspect it is on all the children. That is why they are the primary targets," Odan said to Erin.

"Can you help?"

"Almost certainly, but we need to know a little about the curse. We need to know why it was done to remove it completely."

"Elos, I believe the children are cursed." Deleosa gasped. "Do you have any idea why?"

"The children? No. I can't imagine. We need to ask Elossia. She is the one who greeted you. She may know."

Tig tried to remember something. He knew he had heard of a curse on human children once. It was centuries since he heard about it, though. He struggled to remember anything about it.

They swam out of the house. Erin looked back and saw a frightened Deleosa.

They swam back to the large building. This time, they entered it. They swam down a corridor into a large room. There were about ten merfolk in the room. They swam up to the older mermaid.

"Elossia, Erin believes there is a curse on our children," Elos said.

Several of the merfolk gasped. Elossia just looked sad.

"It is as I feared," Elossia said to them.

Tig remembered the curse he was trying to remember. A witch helped the people in a village whose crops were being devastated by insects. She killed all the insects, and the townfolk refused to pay her. She told them, "Before two days pass, you will beg me to take twice the money we agreed. It will not be enough." Then she disappeared. The children all fell into a deep sleep and could not be wakened. She spoke the truth. She ended up getting four times their initially agreed upon price. Tig didn't think the story would be of much use, but it was possible a witch was involved.

Like the merfolk, Erin and Tig hung onto poles that extended from the ground. It kept them from moving in the slow current that was flowing through the chamber.

"There is only one among us who is obsessed with magic. Send for Fellus!" Elossia said.

A merman swum out of the chamber.

"Do you have any idea why the curse was placed on you?" Tig asked.

"None at all, but Fellus was probably involved. He has always been fascinated by magic. He studied it. He once told me once that it was foolish to catch fish by netting or chasing them when magic could be used to bring them to you. I reminded him that magic always has a price. Since his son, Nebus died, he has acted very peculiarly. At first, he spent all his time on the beach talking to humans about magic. Then he disappeared for a month. Since he returned, he swims around muttering spells and praying. He draws patterns on the ground and drops pebbles on them, staring at where they fell for hours."

"And he talks to the wall," Elos added.

"What do you mean?" Tig asked.

"He swims up to the wall and asks it to forgive him. He begs it to leave."

Erin looked at Tig who shook his head.

Elossia shook her head. "If he is the cause, I just don't know what we should do. Two children have been eaten! Three barely escaped, with injuries. Drios died of injuries from an attack!"

"Mother, we all know the penalty. There is no point in belaboring it," Elos said.

"We don't need more death. But you are right. I hope he is the reason, otherwise, I have no idea who could be the cause. We will have to call an assembly to ask everyone."

"And a quarter of them have fled," Elos said. "I wonder if they are safer."

"Probably not, if it is a curse," Elossia said.

"Nado, wouldn't whoever did this turn into a demon. Those people died."

"The curse isn't killing them. It is probably making them smell good to the mersharks. Or else confusing their minds, so they think they are eating fish. Of course, it could be a demon who cursed them." Erin decided he no longer wanted to meet any demons, even if Nado could do it safely. "It is clearly black magic, and that limits who could have cast the spell. I can locate practitioners of black magic easily."

They waited, and Erin could see that Elos was paying quite a lot of attention to Tig. He wondered if it was because he was a goblin, or perhaps he liked the way Tig looked. Erin put his arm around him and Tig leaned over and kissed him.

"I have never seen a goblin," Elos said.

"We look like humans but we are half their size and have much larger, pointed ears. Our hands and feet are the size of humans', so they look big on us. I am a green goblin. I have green skin. Not all goblins are green, though."

Elos smiled and nodded. Then he swam over to a mermaid and began talking to her.

"This is a strange honeymoon," Tig said to Erin.

"Are you sorry we came?"

"No. It's just unusual. We can tell our kids about it, if we have any."

Erin forgot all about kids. But despite all that had happened, they hadn't been married long.

"What do half goblin-half human kids look like? Will they be green?"

"Usually not. I've seen two and neither was green."

"I hope they wouldn't have trouble with other kids."

"They can tell them about their stepgrandmother, the very, very powerful, Triesse. That will scare them into being nice."

Erin chuckled. He thought Triesse would be protective of them.

Elos swam back over to them. The mermaid followed him.

"This is Sista. She is Deleosa's mother," Elos said to them.

"We are pleased to meet you," Tig said.

She nodded and smiled.

"Elos worries too much. If Deleosa's heart is broken, it will mend. Mine was broken twice!" she said.

Erin smiled at her.

"Did you know Tig was a goblin when you married him?" Elos asked.

"Yes. He was in his natural shape the first time we had sex."

"I wonder if she can be happy in an enchanted body and living in a world so different from ours," Elos said.

Erin nodded.

"In my opinion, you should make sure it is love before allowing it. At her age, it could be infatuation, or a romantic fantasy that doesn't quite match reality," Tig said.

"Yes, but how do you do that when the boy lives on the surface and Deleosa lives underwater?"

"Let Deleosa live her life. If she doesn't like it, she can come back to us," Sista said. "She isn't likely to listen to your opinion on the matter anyway. A young girl thinks her parents are immune to romance. I was one. I remember."

Several mermen swam into the chamber tugging another merman along with them.

"That is Fellus," Elos said.

The mermen brought Fellus to them.

"Erin, touch his arm, if you can."

"May I touch Fellus?" Erin asked.

"Yes," Elos said.

"What does he mean?" Elossia asked Elos.

"He is checking for a curse," Elos sad.

"Ah," Elossia said.

When Fellus was close, Erin swam over to him. Fellus cringed.

"I won't hurt you," Erin said.

He grasped Fellus arm.

"Oh, dear," Odan said to Erin. "This is not good. Not good at all."

"What is it, Nado?" Erin asked.

"He is surrounded by black magic. I can tell a necromancer was involved."

"What is a necromancer?"

"An evil wizard or witch who raises the dead. I suspect Fellus wanted to bring his child back to life."

"Can that be done?"

"Oh, yes. They are not the same, though. The person they were is gone, replaced by a demon. The demons have the memories of the deceased, but they are not them. They are always evil. Sometimes they are extremely evil."

Erin realized he was really out of his depth. He thought when they offered to help that this would be a simple matter like helping Eneo.

"Erin, I have many questions I must ask before I can help. May I speak out of your mouth?"

"Yes! That would be best. I am getting scared just thinking about this."

"Fellus, you hired a necromancer," Odan said, speaking out of Erin's mouth.

Elossia gasped. Fellus looked down and nodded.

"Your wanted your child brought back to life."

Fellus nodded again. "Magic killed him. It was only fair that magic bring him back."

Tig looked around. All the merfolk were in shock.

"But it wasn't your son, was it?" Odan asked.

Fellus began crying.

"It is Nebus, but he is different! He craves death. He wants to play with children. Dead children, like himself."

"How could you do that?" Elossia asked. "You knew why the children were being killed, but you didn't say anything? Are you as evil as the demon who inhabits your son?"

Fellus looked at the ground. "The children aren't really dead."

"What are you saying? They were eaten!" Elos said.

"Not their heads," Fellus said.

"I don't understand," Tig said.

"I believe Nebus is reanimating the children's heads," Odan said.

A mermaid screamed and went limp. The other merfolk were crowding around Fellus. They clearly had violence in mind.

Elossia's face was in her hands. It was the most horrible thing she had ever heard.

Erin felt sick.

"Is Nebus directing the mersharks?" Odan asked.

Fellus nodded.

"We must destroy Nebus," Odan said.

"No. You cannot. He is my son."

"Your son?" Elossia screamed. "Nebus would never kill! He was one of the gentlest souls I've known!"

"Take us to him," Odan commanded.

Erin didn't want to go. It was too horrible.

"Would you like to go to sleep, Erin? I can do it while you sleep."

"I don't know." Erin sighed. "I've seen the good magic can do. Maybe I should see the bad, as well."

Odan smiled. "You are wise for your years, Erin."

Fellus didn't move. He would not help them kill his son a second time.

"Touch his arm again, Erin," Odan said.

Erin did. Odan searched Fellus' mind. He found that what was left of Nebus was inside the wall they had built.

"I know where Nebus is."

"Let's go," Elossia said. "Trios, Jastus, Bellos! Tie Tellus up and bring him."

The mermen swam over to a large earthen jar and took rope out of it. They pulled a pole out of the ground and tied Fellus to it. When that was done, Erin, controlled by Odan, swam out of the chamber. They left the building and swam toward the wall. They headed towards one section very close to the sea floor. Odan stopped when he reached the wall. He pulled five rocks out of the way, and there were the remains of Nebus. Erin wanted to close his eyes. It was a horrible sight.

"Who are you?" Nebus asked.

"I am Tigglast," Odan said.

"Why did you say that?" Erin asked Nado.

"I don't want him to have either of our true names."

Elossia looked at Nebus and grew ill. She threw up and the slow ocean current drew it away from them. The upper part of Nebus body was lodged into the rocks. It was his head, and his shoulders, with part of one arm. Flaps of skin were loose and waving slowly in the current. Its skin was bleached white, as were its eyes.

Odan began chanting.

"Father! Help me! He is trying to send me away! I love you, Father! Save me!"

Erin could see the calculation in Nebus' eyes. He was manipulating Fellus.

Fellus struggled, but he was securely tied up.

Odan's chants became louder. Nebus tried to call the mersharks, but Odan was able to block Nebus' spell. Erin heard another child's voice coming from another section of the wall. He could hear some of the merfolk sobbing behind him.

Nebus screamed and was silent.

Odan swam toward the other voice and began chanting again. That entity was released, as well. He repeated it for the third child, and they were done.

"They should be buried," Odan said to Elossia.

She nodded.

"It is done?" she asked.

"Yes. They are all released. The demon in Nebus' body was controlling the sharks. He wanted all your children to be like him. What will you do to Fellus?"

"I don't know. He deserves death, but I saw how that demon was using him. If I was in his place—I just don't know. He said magic killed Nebus. I need to find out how. I will need to give this a great deal of thought before I decide what to do."

"That is good. Allow some time coming to your decision."

"I will."

"How can we repay you?" Elos asked.

You can't, Erin thought. "It isn't necessary," he said.

"But we owe you so much!" Elossia said.

"We helped because we could."

Erin took Tig's hand.

"Goodbye!" Erin said.

"I have to get away from here," Erin said to Tig.

"I understand."

Erin asked Nado to take them back to the beach.

They reappeared there and Erin hugged Tig. Tig could feel Erin trembling. He rubbed Erin's back until he calmed.

Odan was pleased by the increase in his aura, but he was concerned about Erin. He could tell how upset he was. An animated, partial corpse was something for nightmares. He took them to a place almost guaranteed to bring peace of mind.

"Nado, did you bring us here?" Erin asked.

"Yes. I thought it might improve your frame of mind."

Erin looked around. The ground was covered with wildflowers. Brightly-colored butterflies and small birds with long beaks flew from flower to flower. There was a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The water was so still, the reflections of the mountains were perfect. Unusual looking animals with elaborate horns browsed in the field.

"This is nice. Thank you, Nado."

"You are welcome. You had a rough day."

Erin sighed.

Tig hugged him.

"This is beautiful, Erin. How did you know about it?" Tig asked.

"I didn't. Nado suggested it."

Odan created a blanket using magic and spread it on the grass. Then he created baskets of food and drink.

"I didn't know you could do that!" Tig said.

"I didn't, either!"

They sat and looked in the baskets.

Tig laughed. It was beef and potatoes from The Randy Pig. There were also carrots and radishes. There were bottles of ale in another basket.

Erin leaned against Tig as they ate.

"This is a lovely place. We should come here often," Tig said.

"I agree. Now, this is more of a honeymoon spot!"

Tig nodded.

They watched a flock of ducks flying north.

After they ate, Tig asked, "Do you want to take a nap?"

"That would be nice."

Tig lay down and Erin lay next to him. He pulled Erin into his arms and they fell asleep. Once it was getting dark, Odan transported them back to their bed at the inn.

Odan travelled to the Afterlife. He wanted to speak to Nebus. If he was on sphere four, he wouldn't be able to go to him. He appeared on sphere three next to Galen.


Odan wrapped his arms around Galen and they kissed.

"I didn't expect you back so soon!"

"I need to find a merman child."

"I know where to go." Galen took Odan's hand and they appeared on a beach.

"Hello?" Galen shouted.

A group of mefolk surfaced a few moments later.

"I am trying to locate a young male named Nebus, son of Fellus," Odan said.

"I know of them. He and his grandmother are on sphere four," a mermaid said.

"Is there anyone from sphere four among you?"

"No, but I believe I know where you can find someone. Ask for Nerilla, wife of Nargel. She is of sphere four, but her spouse Nargel is sphere three. She spends most of her time here."

"Many thanks!"

"Why do you seek him?"

"His father has lost all hope. He was deceived by a demon into thinking his son has turned evil."

"Good luck!"

Odan thought of Nerilla, wife of Nargel. He and Galen appeared in front of a small cottage. Odan walked up to the door and knocked.

Galen put his arm around Odan and they smiled at each other.

The door opened and a young woman smiled at them.

"Are you Nerilla?"


"I need to get a message to a young merman on sphere four. Would you be willing to give it to him?" Odan asked.

"What is the message?"

"Your father Fellus despairs. A demon convinced him he was you and he killed two other young merfolk in your name."

Nerilla gasped.

"How horrible!"

A young man joined her.

"Please come inside," he said.

They went in and Odan explained the whole story.

"It would be a kindness if Nebus could speak to his father in a dream. I fear Fellus will kill himself soon, if he isn't executed for the murders the demon committed. He blames himself for his son's death, although it was an accident."

"I will go at once. It won't take long. Goodbye, darling," she said to her husband.

"I love you," he said to her.

"I love you.

"Do not worry. I promise I will get to him and make sure he visits his father. Losing a child is terrible enough as it is."

The three men nodded.

"Thank you, and goodbye," Odan said.

Odan and Galen traveled back to Galen's house.

"Can you stay a while?"

"I want to, but I am worried about Erin."

"Yes. What you described is horrific."

Odan nodded. "He has been exposed to a great deal of evil. I will return soon."

Odan shocked Galen by taking his hand and kissing it.

"Now who did you say was unromantic?" Galen asked him

Odan smiled at him.