Volume 15

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The Vampire's Moses

I sat completely still, silently just waiting for something to happen.

"Where is he?"

"I don't know."

The Furious William had come looking for me. He came to get his revenge on William had repeated it again. The only thing though...the only difference was that I was supposing that he wasn't alone. Now all of a sudden because I was alert I could feel something else in the room. Why couldn't they feel me?

Why didn't they know that I was right under the bed?

"You are a stubborn little human aren't you," William stated and laughed, "I was told to specifically hunt you down. I was given your scent by someone. They said if I found you...I found Adamantine. Now don't be stubborn."

"Don't be stubborn."

There was a voice mimicking him. I leaned forward closer to the ends of the bed. My heart raced immediately. I wouldn't let anyone hurt my Carter.

My heart raced immediately when I heard that other voice.

It was a cruel...cold voice.

"I don't know where Adam is," Carter repeated his voice breaking. I wish I could see his face but I couldn't.

I couldn't help him and it was so painful. All I wanted to do was be there for him, grab him and let him know the monsters weren't real. However the monsters were real and that was the scary part. The monsters were real and they seemed angry.

"Do you know what we are?" William asked him.

Carter paused. He must have nodded his head or made some type of gesture from that point on. Maybe he had even spoken, but I couldn't hear.

"He loves him..."

Meeka was the voice. The voice was coming from right above me. The pressure on the bed let me know that she was probably, directly over me.

"Is that what it is?" William asked.

Carter paused, "I don't know how to answer that question..."

William seemed unconvinced, "I've been around for a very long time. Love seems the only emotion that hasn't changed."

"I..." Carter said listening to me, "I love him, yeah, I guess that's what you call it when you care about someone more than you do yourself. If love is that emotion then it is what I feel."

"You wear a cross."


"Doesn't your God, demote such feelings of affection between men."

There was a pause. I was confused on how Carter meant he loved me. If it was the way that I was assuming then that situation wouldn't matter. However I didn't know if it was the brotherly love that I knew. We had just done something. We'd done something that we both knew was...more...

"God will forgive me. I believe there is a God that is bigger than any religion or any set specific rule. His rules surpass those that can be written by any man. No prophet can visualize this God. The only one true God that has been forgotten and misinterpreted and scammed. That one true God will forgive me even when religion doesn't."

William paused.

"Why ARE you questioning him on such irrelevant details?" Meeka asked immediately seeming impatient, "The others are waiting. WHERE...IS...ADAM!"

The others?

What others?

William seemed unshaken by Meeka's persistence, "Humans and their emotions have always been a wonder to me. Vampires feel with such carnal desire. Either we love or hate and whichever is at such an extreme. The different volumes of human emotions have long been forgotten by me."

Just as I seemed to be more or less comforted, no...calmed down by William's wandering thoughts, I was again reminded that Meeka was there and she had a one track mind that seemed so impossible.

"He doesn't know where he is. There is no point in keeping him alive. I'm going to suck his blood from his head. Have you ever done that William? No...oh, you have to try it. Curious Furious William. You haven't had blood if you haven't had it from the brain."

"Really?" William asked all of a sudden amused, "Oh, I did want to talk to this human more. I like to talk to humans when they are in love. I guess it's not hard to find one in love though. Go ahead and kill him."

I felt the bed move.

Panic set in.

I didn't know how I had gotten from underneath the bed to be honest. My body had taken over before my mind had even gotten the chance to catch up.

"GET AWAY!" I screamed out.

My voice had followed behind my body as well, because even as I had screamed out the words, I had already stood between Meeka and Carter. Carter put his hand on his shoulder as he saw me appear. It was a comforting hand. It almost gave me some sort of extra confidence.

Meeka looked crazier than she did the last time I saw her, but William looked the same. He was still the same oversized man from before.

"Well, well, well," Meeka stated with a vengeful smirk on her face.

William was calm about me appearing. He crossed his arms quickly and stared at me. I could see his eyes digging through me as he looked at me.

"Under the bed the whole time son?"

"Just like a dust mite," Meeka belled in.

"Why didn't we feel you?" William asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I want HIS brain," Meeka cheered walking towards me, her eyes gleaming, "I want to suck at the veins in them. That's WHAT I WANT TO DO!"

She was serious. I took a step back, my chest thumping faster than it had done since I was human. She was moving at me fast as well, her footsteps trying to get past William to get to me. She was like an animal. She didn't seem to have any type of grace about her or any sort of discipline. She seemed to just for whatever tasted good.

I hoped being a vampire wouldn't one day lead me to such a primitive state of being that Meeka was in. I knew she would rip me open if William hadn't stuck out his hand just in time.

"No...you know the plan," William stated immediately and turned back to me, "I assume you will follow us without any hassle. We are stronger than you and now that we've picked up your scent running from us is inevitable."

"Carter goes free."

Meeka shook her head furiously, "Carter tags along. I want his lover to see him die."

"NO, there is no damn way you are going with them," Carter continued, reaching over to me and pulling me close to him.

His arms surrounded me. It made me remember when we were younger. He would grab me every time he walked in from playing basketball. There was that same smell of sweat. Only now the sweat wasn't from exercise.

"You plan on killing me?" I asked William.

He seemed levelheaded. He was calm, where as Meeka seemed like she would fly off the hinge at any moment and go for my neck.

William nodded, "Nothing against you but yes. The remaining vampires have gathered in Lower Manhattan. They want to know that they are hitting Lilith where it counts. This is the vampire's revenge."

"Carter lives and I'll come without a fight."

"You'll lose IF you choose to fight," William stated.

I knew that. I looked at them. They just looked beyond powerful. They may have been the most powerful remaining vampires alive. They HAD to have been the oldest. Now that Emporio was gone, these two were the vampire power source. They were the top of the top.

"I'll kill myself."

"What makes you think that would be a problem for us?" William asked.

I smiled, faking some type of false confidence, "I'm not an idiot. I heard what you said. You've come all this way looking for me. You want to make this a spectacle."

William did at least, but Meeka there were other intentions in her eyes. They were cold and silent but that didn't mean she was trying to hide them in any dormant way. Her facial expression seemed sketched with malice.

William laughed, "Fine. He comes however and you have my word that he leaves unscathed."

"How do I know your word is good?"

"A vampire as old as me has forgotten the point of deceit. My word is the best you have now. Your future sir does not look blessed. You have no choice."

I felt robbed.

He marched me out of the room at that point. Carter came close to me as we walked out of the hotel room. He didn't say anything but I knew he was scared. My hearing was so sensitive that I could hear the breaks in his breathing. I could hear him almost gasping for air. He was afraid again and it seemed like he had the right idea.

I just kept thinking about a way out. I kept wondering if there was some way that I can get away from these people.

We walked into the street and I felt Meeka's cold breath against my neck.

She whispered to me, "I'm going to suck your blood, Adam. I'm going to suck every last bit of your blood."

No one else heard or at least I thought no one else heard. I didn't say anything about it. I didn't even turn back to look at her. What was the point? I wasn't giving up hope but I was in a way realizing that unless I was saved there would be no way for me to get out of this predicament.

I found myself wanting to scream out for Arie.


I need saving once again...


It didn't quite hit me that I was walking to my death until Carter started to talk.

They took us to streets unfamiliar to me. It was an old junk yard in the center of the city that seemed like it was abandoned long ago. We had walked. It was almost hours into the night. No...the sun wouldn't act as a savior this time. We still had so many hours until the sun rose.

"Don't be scared," Carter told me.

I found it cute that he would tell me not to be scared. He was the human. I was the thing that had become more than human but yet he was still trying to be that "big brother".

Carter put his hand on my shoulder.

Meeka and William were walking up ahead. They knew we wouldn't run. We probably wouldn't have even had a chance. They were older...faster...stronger. They knew and even without Carter being a vampire he knew these vampires were different from what he's met so far.

I shook my head and put it down, "I'm not scared. Shh...they may be able to hear us."

I was sure they could hear us, especially if they wanted to.

"Good...you should tell them."

I looked over at Carter. What the hell was he talking about?


"Tell them about the place...tell them about paradise. They won't hurt you if we took them there. They won't be mad anymore."

He grabbed onto my hand. It was like Carter was all of a sudden begging me. I had never seen Carter like this. He was...scared.

"Shut up Carter. Ok? Just be quiet right now..."

Meeka turned around. I could see hell in her eyes. Maybe she was just checking on us to make sure we were still there. Or maybe she was heard what he had said. If they were paying attention of if they cared, they would be able to hear. The ears of the older vampires were more sensitive.

What if she heard?

"No I'm not going to shut up," Carter stated his voice breaking up a little bit, "Please tell them, I'm begging you. I can't lose you. They are going to kill you. Don't you understand that? I promised I'd take care of you..."

"We can't even get inside if we got there. You saw it. Nothing was going past that door. We couldn't break it."

"I have to tell you something...something...important."


They walked into the lot in dozens. By the way they began to surround William, it was obvious who had gathered them all around here.

Just as he was about to tell me we saw the stream of vampires entering the lot. It was easy to tell these people were vampires. I could tell by their energy. It radiated around each other. There faces were dressed with the same look of predator that I had seen before. Now they seemed different.

Lilith had stripped them of all their confidence. Their sense of immortality was completely stripped away from them.

Carter was crying.

I didn't turn to him to see but I knew. For some reason, I found myself dwelling in the past, trying to think about the things that comforted me when I was human. I had to admit fear was dwelling in me.

I was a vampire. I was cursed. When good people died, they went to heaven. When bad people died they went to hell. What happened to a vampire?

William gathered them around and put up his hands, "Brothers, we have lost so much to her haven't we? Our mother has turned against us. She's burned us and lain us to waste. We are children not loved anymore and left in the darkness. She's ripped us...torn us a part."

I could see the vampires agreeing with him.

He continued to talk, continued to lament in a way. I stopped listening. The words were harsh. Yet as he said these things I realized one thing that was clear. Whatever Lilith did seemed to be turned to me.

As he spoke these words, it seemed I got angry glances as though I was the one doing those actions. It was as if I was LILITH. It was as if I was killing of all the vampires myself.

I didn't hear anything to Meeka interrupted, "I want his blood. Hell is alive somewhere you know. Let's bring it a little closer..."

She was serious.

I could see all the intention in her eyes. I watched Carter all of a sudden stand in front of me, as if he was real any sort of protection against these monsters.

"No one's touching him."

He attracted laughter, mostly from Meeka and a few other vampires who had formed a large barrier around me. I felt like a child being bullied in school. I was being surrounded by my bullies and I was being belittled. I felt like Carter was that one kid trying to stand up for me. He was the one kid that would just be pushed aside anyway.

All of a sudden, it felt like a bigger kid had come along when I heard the voice.

"What is Adam to do with the rapture?"

It was Caesarian.

I hadn't been so glad to see anyone in my life. I wasn't so glad to hear anyone's voice in my life. He had seemed to evaporate from no where. I hadn't seen him approach. I guess the older ones aren't really so traceable. He looked different from when I last saw him. He didn't have the same elegant presence. He seemed...beaten and bruised, emotionally at least. It seemed like Lilith's "rapture" as he called it had taken a complete toll on him and all the others.

William was the one who addressed him, "He is her favorite. It's obvious that hurting him will hurt her and that is our goal."

Ceasarian didn't seem to be addressing the crowd. He looked right at William. I think the crowd knew as well as Caesarian who was important. William needed convincing. He was the older one. Meeka would probably be stuck in her ways. Either way, she just wanted blood. William seemed more approachable. It wasn't like humans. Numbers didn't matter as much. Age meant the most here.

"We jailed Belial in the beginning. He was her favorite as well. Why not just jail Adam. Why kill him? The furious are the oldest and being the oldest we have the responsibility of protecting our own."

William turned to me with disgust, "Caesarian, he is NOT our own. He is her new vampire. Let's show her the old ones still have more bite."

"And she will just choose another human to turn and if we kill that human, she'll choose another...and another..."

"And we kill them all, just like we did Belial," Meeka continued.

"You aren't killing Adam, witch," Carter stated.

He was ignored.

I could tell he was ignored because he was no threat to any of them. They didn't even know who he was. He was just a regular human. Most of them were probably confused on why he wasn't killed and sucked dry by now. I'm sure some of the younger ones had plans of doing so just after this meeting was over.

"Caesarian, the decision had been made. He dies..." William stated.

"What decision? You are not the dark pope. You are NOT Emporio!" Caesarian stated.

I saw them face off. I wondered now which one was really stronger. They were both older...they were both ancient. William wasn't backing down though. There was no simple answer for this question. That was obvious.

"And NEITHER are you," William barked back.

"Enough talk."

Meeka was tired of talking I assumed. She lunged to me quickly. I could see her fangs out. The look of blood in her eyes. She jumped on me quickly.

It wasn't long before I felt her teeth penetrating my skin. It wasn't long before I heard the rip in my neck as she tore into my flesh. She was gnawing at me.


I couldn't even struggle. It was as though she had some sort of spell on me. I did scream though. I called out a loud sharp scream that bellowed through the parking lot.


The voice had came from a distance. I recognized it immediately even as I felt as though I was on my deathbed.

Somehow she was pulled from me.

I fell to the floor, noticing I wasn't the only one on the floor. Carter had tried to get her off of me and she had lunged him away. He quickly huddled over me though, trying to heal my wounds, by taking off his shirt and pressing it up against my neck.

I felt weak. My entire body was damaged.

"Let me at her!" Arie screamed.

Yes, Arie. I had missed him. I didn't know where he had come from but I assumed it had taken Arie, Roxy and Giovanni to get her off of me. They were all there. They had gotten past the stream of vampires who were now acting as a sort of audience to this crazy performance.

It felt like they were acting like an audience to my death.

"He's dying," Giovanni stated looking over at me.

They all looked over at me. Was it true? Was my injury so bad? I didn't even realize. All I knew was that I was losing a lot of blood.

"How dare you interrupt? Do you know who I am?"

"You touch him again Meeka and you will have the fight of a lifetime on your hands," Caesarian quickly started.

He had moved to the aid of Arie and the others. They now formed a barrier between me and Meeka. I felt so weak though. None of that stuff seemed to matter.

Arie was fuming, I could see.

Carter was crying.

The only one who seemed somewhat grounded was Roxanne.

Roxanne looked over at William, obviously understanding that Meeka was far too gone to reason with.

"Let's talk about this. We are too fragile to be fighting amongst ourselves. We should be turning this hostility to the person who is the source for our pain."

William laughed whole-heartedly, "That is exactly what we are doing. Stand aside or you'll be laid down with Adam."

"He's dying anyway," a vampire said from the crowd, "Finish him. Let the darkest see who we are!"

A couple people in the crowd started to clap.

They were supporting William. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't understand how they were cheering for him. He was the hero. I felt so misplaced. I felt like I was one of them until now. Until now I felt as though these vampires were my people.

No...even in the afterlife I was still the outsider. Even in the afterlife, I was still different.

Meeka didn't wipe the blood from her face. It seemed like she liked it. She was swaying back and forth. Arie and Giovanni were swaying with her. It was obvious she was just waiting for a weakness to jump back in.

She was probably stronger than Arie and Giovanni together. Roxanne would probably be a little work if she wanted to come through but we all knew Roxanne was no real threat to her either.

The only thing that was stopping me from instant death was Caesarian.

"I guess if Adam dies today, we all are dying today...because the Darkest won't be the only one hunting vampires," Arie threatened, clearly looking amongst the crowd at the vampires who were cheering for William to kill me.

"Save your threats, child," William said laughing, "Caesarian, are you willing to die for him?"

"No...but I'm willing to kill for him. You ready to die?"

William laughed.

The two of them stared each other down. I knew this was what William wanted. In a matter of seconds, I could see William coming forward.

At first I thought he was running, but it must have been the loss of blood that made me think such a stupid thing.

He came GLIDING along the floor, his hands stretched out like long talons of a eagle reaching into a rat hole in an attempt to rip away life. I could see the passion in his eyes. He was a hunter and that was no doubt to any of us. It seemed like all of the world had come to an instant halt.

Caesarian didn't react to the oncoming assault until William was in arm's length. Then almost like a flash of lightning he brought his hands up to counter.

They clashed into one another like raging bulls. I hadn't seen anything like it in my life. The force was so immense that my heart skipped a beat.

"Roxy!" Arie screamed out.

I knew why he was screaming out. It was because Meeka had attempted to make another mad dash to me now that William had Caesarian busy.

"MURDER, bloody murder!" I heard Meeka screaming.

I realized then that there was no soul in Meeka. I had thought there was a soul in all things but when I looked at her...I saw no soul. I saw evil. It was almost as though something had been born out of the depths of hell and come alive.

It was at that moment when she came at me. She was gliding as well, but her hands weren't stretched out like William's were. Her mouth was open and all her fangs were dripping with blood and saliva.

I figured then it would be the end.

Above us William and Caesarian had taken their battle to the air. If I could hold my head up long enough to see the entire fight I would be just as mesmerized as all the other vampires who were looking in. I was sure it was rare to see vampires of such old age fighting one another. The clash of these titans was something that would probably be legendary.

I couldn't hold my head up though. Giovanni was right. I was dying. Nothing could seriously save me. Carter had his hand over me, he was trying to help me, but it wasn't helping.

"I want his blood," Meeka repeated.

I saw Roxy put up some sort of defense. She attempted to mount Meeka and take her down. Her sharp fangs sank into Meeka's arm, but Meeka shook her off like dead weight.

That was when Giovanni and Arie were there. They went at Meeka together, both of them trying to use the same technique as Roxy. They jumped on her, both their bodies much bigger than Meeka's body was.

However weight was not an issue to vampires. It didn't work that way. Roxy probably weight way less than even one of these men but Meeka tended to shake both of them off even easier than she shook Roxy off.

Nothing was in her way now.

She took a couple steps to me her eyes glowing.

I could hear Carter crying.

So this is the way I died. I assumed being a vampire was known as being still alive, but I guess here I was again, dying to the hands of a female.

"Wait," Carter started looking at Meeka, "He's everything I have. Please I thought I lose him once, I can't lose him again. If you have any humanity in you, please don't hurt him."


He did not see the creature I saw before me. There was no such thing as humanity in Meeka.

"Goodbye Carter," I stated, "I...I love you."

It was the last thing I could think of saying. I didn't know what else to say. It had just come into my mind. It was a last minute thing I assumed. I guess it was necessary for me to say it.

"Don't give up," he stated, still crying and then immediately turned to her and started out, "Wait...I can take you some place where Lilith can't hurt you."

"Silly human," Meeka stated.

She bent over me, her mouth already beginning to suck my blood once more. I had even less will to survive from last time. Now I didn't even scream. I just closed my eyes, completely accepting the fact that I had no power in this situation. I was going to die.

"NO...please please, please, please!" he screamed hysterically, "I'll take ALL of you there. There is enough room. God trusts the location of Eden to one human every generation. I am that human. I will take you to EDEN!"

The name Eden had taken off attention. I could tell it was Caesarian who had first stopped fighting with William. They had fought to a complete standstill. Caesarian had now somewhat retreated and was immediately interested in what Carter was saying.

To my surprise William walked over to him and was the first to actually speak after what Carter had said, "Eden?"

"That is where we were on the way to," Roxanne started up, "Belial told us about Eden. We were going to go. She can't find us there."

A few of the vampires began to whisper amongst themselves.

The whisper progressed into loud talking...soon everyone seemed more than excited about this idea. It amazed me how quickly people became interested in an idea when their backs were up against the wall. You start to realize anything is a better option than just giving in.

"The darkest was had no power in Eden," Caesarian stated, "We can go...all of us..."

"No...there is no death in Eden," Carter continued, "Why fight each other? I can take you to a place where there is no fighting. There is no violence. There is only happiness. You eat the only finest fruit and you never have a want. You never want of anything...ever...again..."

"Meeka release him," I heard William demand.

Meeka got off me only for a minute, "What? How do you believe this bullshit? They can be lying to us."

"Belial knows things about this," William said, "I talked to him many times. This...this is a possibility."

"REVENGE is a possibility. I am tired of running," Meeka continued.

"Meeka, release him," Caesarian stated.

I could tell Meeka felt like she was back against the wall. Now she didn't have William on her side to outweigh Caesarian. She backed off away from me, more slowly than I would have liked.

"When will we go to Eden?" William asked immediately, "Everyone goes. All the vampires go."

Meeka laughed, "Idiots. We gather all together and make a march to paradise? You think she will let us. You think the darkest will just stand aside. She's watching us now. She may not hear what we are saying, but she is watching. Why not let me have my blood. I WANT MY BLOOD!"

"Even if she doesn't let us," Roxanne argued, "Some will make it. Some will get past her and will make it to Eden."

"When. I want to know when."

To my surprise Carter came forward. He stood on top of a junk pile and he looked down at the vampires. I was so surprised. All of a sudden the guy who didn't have a voice at all was now talking. He wasn't only talking but he seemed to be commanding.

"Tomorrow night as soon as the sun sets you are all to meet me at this spot. I will march you to Eden. Take nothing with you but your hopes and dreams. It is not a long way from here but it is important that we all get to Eden together. I know the way in and the gate only will open one time. Leave from here now."

There were a million questions that sprung up from the crowd of vampires.

How could they trust him?

How did they know Lilith couldn't get into Eden?

How did he come to know about Eden?

It wasn't until William came up and spoke that they were all quiet, "Leave here now. Depart and meet here tomorrow at sunset. We are the last of the vampire race. She had taken everyone else. We will not be destroyed so easily."

They listened to him and all the questions died down. I watched as Meeka herself backed off, but she was pissed. I didn't even see where she went. She just sort of disappeared, taking all of her cruel intentions with her.

I watched as William came up to me, "The boy will die anyway. You realize that don't you?"

Caesarian shook his head, "We will deal with our own."

William nodded, "This had better not be a lie. I will return at sunset."

He left immediately disappearing into the night.

All of a sudden now that William and Meeka were gone with most of the other vampires, all attention had turned onto me.

I felt faint. I watched all of a sudden Arie over me. His face was fucking handsome. I had to admit, if it was the last face that I saw before I died, I would have been happy to have it at least.

"He can't die. Roxy. What do we do?"

"He needs blood," Roxy stated completely unnerved like everyone else, "He needs...to feed."

They all of a sudden took turns looking at Carter. He was the only human.

"The amount of blood he needs may kill the human. No the amount of blood he needs may turn the human into the vampire," Caesarian stated.

That is how it went. If you sucked a lot of blood from a human you could either kill them or turn them into a vampire. I was weak. By me sucking him the way I needed to he'd probably be turned into a vampire.

"No...I'd rather die."

"That isn't an option," Arie stated walking over to Carter, "If I have to kill him and make you drink his blood myself."


I had screamed out with all the strength I had in me. No one could touch Carter, now while I was still alive and kicking. I wouldn't let anyone around him.

"Oh...Adam seems like you have a new toy," Giovanni laughed, "Sorry Arie."

I could see Giovanni words stinging Arie. I couldn't believe he would say something like that. The words were strong I knew it. Arie just didn't understand though. He didn't know the history that Carter and I had. I felt like a savage. I felt horrible, but Carter was just always...something...different.

"Adam, you are protecting him?" Arie asked confused.

"Arie, stop being emotional," Roxanne stated immediately, "You don't know what they've been through together. They have an attachment, besides we need the human. You heard what William agreed to."

"He'll be a vampire, he can still tell us."

"He is holy now, blessed by God. He may not have those visions as a vampire. We cannot take that risk."

"I don't give a fuck about an agreement. I don't give a fuck about those vampires or pleasing William. I won't have Adam die."

"We have something in common," Carter said surprisingly stepping forward, "I'll give myself up freely."

I don't know how Arie felt in that situation. All of a sudden Carter was giving himself up. He bent over me leaning over me.

"Kill him," Arie stated.

They weren't stopping him. They were just going to let Carter do it. I knew Roxanne didn't agree with this situation. She was shaking her head. Giovanni had a huge smile on his face. It was clear he was amused by all this .

Arie looked impatient, "Adam, baby...kill him."

I refused to.

"Wait," Caesarian stated, "Look at his wounds."

They turned to me.

"I don't see anything," Roxanne stated.

"They are healing."

They all turned to me again. I didn't feel like they were heating. It felt like I was fucking dying. I was sure of it.

"I don't see it," Giovanni added on.

"I can see because I am older. They are healing. I am sure of it. My eyes don't fail me. He is healing very slowly but he is healing. I've never seen anything like it. Usually an attack from an older vampire like Meeka would be a death sentence, but...it's different..."

"The new vampire?" Roxy asked.

"Most likely. The Darkest had made sure to keep her new creature...prepared," Caesarian stated, "Let's split up and go hunting and bring him some fresh blood."

"I'll stay with him," Arie stated.

"Me too..." Carter replied.

Fuck. I didn't feel like I was healing. I hated the fact that Caesarian, Giovanni and Roxy were going `hunting' on my behalf. I watched as they walked away. I knew trying to stop them wouldn't do anything. They were probably hungry anyway. They were probably going to kill someone anyway.

That was my thing. So if I needed the blood why object?

Arie leaned over me and hugged me tight, "I missed you."

"I missed you more than I you know," I replied.

I did. To feel him and touch him was everything to me even in the state I was in. I watched Carter in the background. He didn't say anything but he was watching. He was disappointed. I could tell.

We both remembered the hotel room. Whether it was destiny or a mistake was what we didn't know.

Arie seemed to realize me staring, "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"What do you mean?"

He stared back at Carter and then back at me again, "Nevermind man. Just Giovanni had been telling filling my head with all kinds of well...thoughts. I guess, I guess I'm just being an idiot. Never mind. I just love you so much."

He hugged me again and this time he kissed me.

It was a long, wet kiss.

I watched Carter watching us. He turned away this time.

"We should probably find a place underground to go," Carter stated, "If you guys want to be safe for the trip tomorrow."

He was interrupting us. I knew, he knew and by Arie's face I'm sure he knew what it was as well.

"What trip? Remember the door. We can't get past it. Why the hell would we go back there?"

"I...I know how to get past it."

Both Arie and my mouth dropped at the thought of this.


"I didn't want to let you guys past the door," Carter stated, "See the garden is such a holy place. I am its protector. I didn't want to let you guys in because well, it would be a great consequence to let evil into that garden. People cannot come in with bad intention."

"I knew you were a little sneaky ass guy. You think we are evil?" Arie stated.

"You are demons..."

"We are vampires," I told him, "Not demons. We are good. We have pure intentions. I know Roxy. I know Arie."

I didn't know about Giovanni though, I had to be honest.

"Evil is not supposed to enter that garden. In any situation."

The way he said it. I knew he meant it. The way he had said consequences, it was like he meant it as well.

"What are the consequences."

"I'd fall out of grace with God. Just like those other people who have fallen..."

Now I remembered something very slightly. Lilith had said something about Carter falling away from God...because of me. She had foreseen it. Was this what was going on? In order to save me, he was going to let evil into the garden of Eden.

"Well you don't got to worry about that," Arie stated, "I know my intentions are good. I just want to be with MY baby. There is no evil here."

Arie had said it in a smart way. I couldn't blame him. Carter had lied to us.

"I have to admit, I didn't have plans of ever opening it up. After Adam told me that he was exempt from whoever is hunting you guys down, I was willing to let you guys...die away."

Carter had said it back in a smart way.

Arie had walked up to him, standing dead in his face. For a moment I thought Arie was going to attack him but he didn't.

"You have no choice now huh?"

"Guys...we can't do this," I stated immediately, "I saw Meeka...she is pure evil. We don't even know all these vampires. They can be just as evil. You said evil can't enter into Eden. You were right to keep us away from Eden the first time Carter. Now you would be even more right to try harder. Your soul is at risk here Carter. This may be the biggest mistake since Eve took the bite of that apple. Eden is a sanctuary. I can't allow you to take us to Eden..."