Volume 2

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Give to Me Forever


Well oh, where am I?

I remember when I was young, I'd have to go to school during the weeks. And sometimes on a Saturday morning I'd wake up early in the morning preparing for school. There was this feeling that I got when I realized that I didn't have to wake up. That I could sleep in the Saturday morning glow. And I didn't have to worry anytime soon. I could just sleep and live so peacefully.

That was the feeling that came over me right now.

Where am I?

I woke up...

Water was everywhere around me. Where the hell was I? I looked around, thinking maybe I should panic. The water splashed. My body got up for me as though controlled by itself.

This person was looking at me in the darkness...

Or at least what should have been the darkness.

I moved backward.

"Don't be afraid," he stated, shaking his head, "I...I am not going to hurt you."

He was handsome. I had to admit. He was mahogany with very very curly hair that was tied into a ponytail. His eyes were a green that reflected the little moonlight that was sinking.

I looked around. It wasn't long before I realized where I was. I was in the sewers. I was below the city. I could smell the area. The stench was something that I had never imagined before.

I couldn't pay too much attention to what was around me for long however. My body felt so different. I had this...feeling deep inside. They were cramps in my stomach. It was an unimaginable pain.

I clutched onto it, finding it hard to close my mouth.

"Oh my fucking god...what am I doing down here?" I cried out, "I need a doctor. Please. Help me."

"Too late," he replied, "It'll feel uncomfortable. The pain won't go away however. It's usual, you'll get used to it."

"What the..."

"Your gumbs will begin to hurt soon. Don't think about it. You'll feed soon. Not too late though. It's almost morning."

What he spoke was almost prophetic. The pain shot in my mouth. I put my hand on it. His green eyes stared into me. His brown hands held onto his elbows as though he was really interested in watching me but feeling a little sad for me all the while.

This boy couldn't be much older then me. He had to be in his early 20s and he was handsome. Why the hell was I so worried about him staring at me while I was in pain? This was embarrassing however.

"Why am I here?"

"You answer me first...who turned you..."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked him.

"Who turned you?"

He wasn't making sense. I looked at him in his eyes. Turned me what? What the fuck was he talking about? My mouth was so painful it was hard to concentrate on what he was saying. Then there was the cramps...again.

It felt like my body had turned on itself. As though instead of trying to self-preserve itself, it was trying to rip itself apart.

"Please, I need help."

"You will tell me who turned you or else I'll leave you here," he stated, "You won't last long. The sun will come up. And even if you survive in the shadows, you'll probably starve. Like an animal. Do you want that?"

"What? Where's Carter? Fuck did you do to Carter!"

"Suit yourself."

A smile spread across his face. It was a funny smile. It didn't make sense completely. He started to take a step back. And then something happened.

He started to move away in this way...in this motion that was really unrealistic. It was almost as though he was gliding across the water.

It happened so fast.

That wasn't what surprised me though, my voice belted, "STOP!"
And all of a sudden I was after him. All of a sudden the basic desire in my mind that stated followed him caused my body to do something strange. How can I explain it for you? Imagine wanting to block a ball from flying at you. You raise your arm because you see the ball coming. Your desire for self preservation causes you body to react.

It was the same as this. Only I wasn't blocking a ball.

I was running. I guess you could consider it running. I wasn't exactly sure what it was considered. It felt as though my feet did not even touch the ground.

And around me space moved so quickly.

And I could see in these dark tunnels and I could sense him. I knew every direction that he went. And I knew he could sense me.

But then all of a sudden I was stopped, dead in my tracks.

"How come you're so fast already?" he asked me.

Green eyes stopped me. He stopped me literally dead in my tracks with a hand to my throat. I hadn't even realized he had stopped running. Now he was holding me, several inches above the ground with just a hand. So strong...so...beautiful.

He looked at me with his beautiful stare. I was so aroused by him, I had to admit.

There was something so SEXY about him, even while we were surrounded by darkness and a damn disgusting smell of the sewers. I would make love to him right here right now if he would let me.

"Where is Carter?"

"Who is Carter?" he asked me, "I don't know who you are little boy. I don't know why the fuck I always get involved in things. They are going to be so mad when I found out. Who turned you? You should get back to them. It is that person's responsibility. Not mine. Why would they abandon you..."

"I was attacked. All my friends...everyone I knew...was killed in a few minutes," I told him and I felt the tears rolling down my eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that, I really am. But you have to find whoever did this to you ok," he stated, "It wasn't me."

"Help me."

"I can't. I mean I shouldn't. Listen. I really don't know you. I found you. I could smell death from a mile away and you were crying out to me. I came and I found you, drenched in your own blood."

He was serious. I could tell a liar. It seemed like at least that much was still with me, but everything else from before seemed so foggy. It seemed so distant. What the fuck had happened in that room? Why did I wake up in the sewers?

"You found me dead?"



He rolled his eyes and finally after all this time loosened his grip around my neck. I fell to the ground. His power was only matched by his sexuality. His shirt was a ripped v-neck with the neck drifting all the way past his strong muscular chest.

"It's not my responsibility to tell you anything," he stated, "I just...you were crying and I heard. I couldn't just leave you there. You sounded so...sad..."

He turned away from me.

I felt nausea as though I wanted to throw up all of a sudden. It wasn't from him. It was from this body of mine. What had been done to me? I looked at my body. I was still somewhat bloody but I didn't have any open wounds.

"I'm so fucking scared right now. Listen man, you're really scaring me."

"I didn't do this to you. Damn you are a handsome guy too. It's so fucking sad. It's so sad to see someone turned. "

He kept on looking at me with this pity. It was like you would look at someone who has cancer. You just pity them so much. I didn't understand what it was that was wrong me, but for him to look at me with those eyes, I knew that it had to be something extremely serious.

"Please tell me what is wrong with me?"

"The problem is that I hate being the one to explain things. It makes me look like I'm responsible. I didn't do this to you. Fuck, I should have just left you when I heard you cry. I should just leave you now."

"Wait..." I stated immediately before he had the chance to even think about acting on his words.


"I'm afraid. For some reason...you have all the answers. Please don't start running or trying to get away again. I don't have the energy to pursue you. Please...please...don't leave me like this. I'm in so much pain."

"Fuck see...we are sitting here talking. The sun...fuck. Close your eyes."

Just as he said that I felt the rays of the sun softly against my skin from the surface. They weren't full contact but the rays that swept through my skin touched me. I could feel my body growing so fucking weak so weak that I could barely stand. But I was caught. Green Eyes caught me and for some reason he supported me into his arms.

I felt so fucking lightheaded.

"Go to sleep little one," he stated, rocking me in his arms like some strong protector of sorts, "You must be so tired. I won't leave you..."



I woke up to a something rather soft. I hadn't known how long I had been unconscious. I looked around to see where I was. It was some place different. The place was still dark, but my eyes were already so used to the darkness immediately.

The place smelled like strong castor oil. I looked to my left and I saw a large cross. Among the pillows were scattered all this literature. Literature in Italian. There were all sorts of strange artifacts laying around as well.

Fuck was this guy some type of scholar or something? Maybe that is why he seemed so prophetic. Maybe that was why he seemed to know so much about whatever disease I had.

I was laying on pillows when I woke up. They were large red pillows.

I realized by the planks underneath me that where I was wasn't exactly stable. It was a room built almost with no roof. The only roof was a huge cathedral roof that domed way over head.

I could see a ladder in the middle of the floor.

"Green eyes?" I called out.

There was no answer. I felt just as confused as before. My mouth felt just as sore as before. My body was still cramped but the pain was becoming, bearable. It was still there and I assume it didn't get better or worse but it seemed like my mind was becoming accustomed to it.

I walked towards a mirror that was hanging on the wall.

I felt like shit. I expected to look like shit, but instead...I was surprised at what I saw. The bags underneath my eyes were gone. My eyes seemed so...focused. It was amazing really. The reflection staring back at me resembled me but it was so different.

And that was when I started to open my mouth, wondering ...

"DECA! Listen to me!"

I stopped looking in my mouth all of a sudden and turned around to see what the hell was going on. The voice had come from below me. It had come from below that ladder. The ladder was the only way to get out of where I was.

I went to the ladder and slowly began to climb down. It was hard to climb down normal. It seemed like my body was trying hard to just jump down but I wouldn't allow it. There was something about my body. It seemed so against itself. As though wanting to kill itself. It was strange really.

I could see Green Eyes...the hero, the sexy kind man in the distance. He was completely shirtless now. He was looking at a tall white woman, who seemed probably in her early 30s. There was also a little white girl girl there and two other guys both of them tall, black and slim.

It was the strangest little group I'd ever seen.

"You need to get rid of him," the tall skinny woman stated, "The last thing we need are others coming into our territory challenging us for someone that belongs to them."

"Please Deca, you aren't listening to me," Green Eyes stated.



"He is different because no man is supposed to be turned without careful delegation from an elder. There is some rouge idiot going out there turning people. It's not your concern."

"Deca's right," the little girl stated, "Let the infant go, for his own good."

Infant? Was this little ass GIRL calling "Me" an infant? I looked around at the two men. They were both handsome in a way. One of them had long hair where as the other was bald. The one with the long hair, swung it around in an extremely feminine way. In fact his whole demeanor seemed to be extremely feminine.

"Or we can kill him," the long haired man stated, "That way his maker can't track him down here. His maker won't think we stole him."
Kill me?

He was a killer. I could see it in his eyes. They lit up even at the mention of it.

"You want to kill him David, you'll have a fight on your hands," Green Eyes stated almost immediately snapping completely out of character.

"That sounds a little enticing," the long haired man, David stated.

He giggled like a little school girl and started to walk forward. He was stopped however by the tall woman. I believed her name was Deca.

She held out her arm and for some reason it seemed all that was necessary to stop what seemed like a real brawl between the two.

"Enough," Deca stated, "There will be no fighting in this coven. Especially over a stranger? What are you thinking Arie?"


That was his name. Arie. It was a beautiful name. It was strong and decisive almost like he knew what he was doing. Damn. I could feel my blood boil just from hearing his name said in such a way.

The little girl came forward and stated, "Well explain further Arie, how did you find him?"

I listened in closely trying to be as still as possible. I needed to know this for myself.

"I was walking and I heard him scream. I knew the people couldn't hear him. He was dying. He was surrounded in death all around him and he was the only thing still moving. It was beautiful. His struggle for life was beautiful. By the time I got up to his loft, the one that had attacked him had disappeared. I dragged him into the sewers before the police came ."

David shook his head, "Bullshit."

The ballhead guy beside David laughed steadily. He was more handsome then David and also seemed younger. His bald head had to be intentional because he could have passed for mid 20s.

"Arie is always so...artistic. Everything is about the visual. You want a new lover Arie?"

Deca raised an eyebrow, obviously bothered, "Is that what this is Arie?"

"No," Arie stated, "I'm not attracted to him. He is special. You haven't even seen him. You'll feel it. Just like I did. You'll see."

"Have you told him?" the little girl asked.

"Told him what?"

"That he had been turned into a vampire of course."


My heart started to thump hard. Immediately I saw all the faces turn. It was almost as though they could hear my heart. Then all of a sudden my eyes glanced on the one...David. His mouth opened wide and I saw them.

I saw those...hideous FANGS grow immediately from his normal teeth and turn into an extremely long point. It was almost as though he did it to frighten me. And it worked. It worked better than anything else.

I was having a dream. That had to be the truth. I was having a dream.

Or maybe...maybe I was dead and this was hell.

I turned around.

Run away...Adam. Let's run away. Let's get as far away from here as possible And never look back...EVER!

"Giovanni...stop him," Deca stated in a loud commanding voice.

It was clear by now that Deca was the one in charge. She was the one calling the shots. Almost immediately when I heard her voice, I saw the bald head handsome one take a step towards me.

He moved faster then I had previously imagined. I wasn't ready for it. I wasn't ready for him sliding across the floor like a serpent and then wrapping his arms around me, pinning me up with my hands behind my back.

It was inhuman how fast he was. It was inhuman how strong he was.

And then his fangs.

"Decadence," he stated looking at the tall skinny woman, "I felt it. Something different."

I didn't know what the hell they were talking about. I could feel the bald headed man take a long draining sniff of me. He got very close to me. He was smelling my skin.

The skinny woman turned to the little girl who nodded as well almost as though confirming what the bald head man was saying.

"There's nothing different there," David stated and laughed, tossing his hair from in front of his face yet again, "He's a new vampire. He still smells like human. It's disgusting. Don't get too comfortable Giovanni."
I could see David's eyes watching Giovanni extremely carefully. The little girl had the most emotionless eyes out of all of them. She took a couple decisive steps forward. She was so young. She had to be 8 or 9 at most, yet her walk had the poise and elegance of a grown woman.

She had on a little peacoat and had her hair in a bang and ponytail. Her small face came in front of mine and she seemed to be looking on me for something.

"His bite marks are so...precise," she stated all of a sudden, "I'd lived for 300 years and I've never seen anything like it. It's as though the fangs of whoever turned him were more like needle points."

"Listen, can I go home now?" I stated.

I didn't know what else to say. I didn't want to be here. Maybe I made a mistake following Green eyes. He was looking at me now. He was still so...welcoming. The rest of them seemed different. The rest of them seemed so cold and calculating.

Deca shook her head, "His smell is so pure. I've smelled it only on the much older vampires...never on the new ones. Arie, who turned him?"

Arie shook his head, "I don't know. But you see why I had to bring him?"

At that moment they were all looking at me like I was some kind of science experiment. They seemed quietly deliberating in their own minds. The only one who didn't seem to be doing much deliberating at all was David. I could see by the look on his face that he had made up his mind.

"We could be in danger if we keep him here," the little girl advised with her hands behind her back.

"He's beautiful," the bald-headed one stated, "Let's keep him for a bit. He'll start to remember more about who turned him when he eases into his new form fully."

Beautiful? They were speaking about me as though I wasn't even there. The lack of respect was so clear. It was how adults would talk about a child as though he had no opinion of his own and no voice worth really listening too.

"What is your name?" the tall skinny woman asked me with her lips barely parting as she spoke.

"Adam," I stated.

"I am Decadence. I am sire of this brood. In other words these are my vampire descendents. Adam go upstairs, to the room you woke up in. It is for Arie. We will send you a verdict on our decision sooner or later."

She assumed I wanted to stay. No. I had a home. I had to find Carter. I had no idea where I was. I didn't even have the slightest idea where we were. Were we still in Harlem? Hell...were we still even in New York?

I looked around at all of them watching me as though I was so unknown to them. It was clear that it had been just them for a long time by how they examined me so closely. It was like their eyes were dissecting me...even Arie who gave me a slight smile...fangs showing all the while.

I walked away listening to her and watched as then moved in closer into one another, like a pack of mischievous wolves planning to pounce on pray.



I looked in the mirror when I got back to Arie's room. I was afraid. So fucking afraid of what I saw in the reflection. I had changed.

I had changed and every part of my mind and soul acknowledged something different in me. It didn't feel like something had died however. Actually, it felt as though something was awakened. It felt like some deep force had been awakened in my body.

And the limits that I once had were...blurred.

Then I saw them. They came almost as though second nature. The sharp fangs in my mouth had transformed from my canine teeth. They shined a sparkly white.

I took off my clothes until I was naked.

My body was more...rippled.

My abs were toned, pulsing in my body.

My ass was rounder, tighter.

My skin not pale like you would assume, but actually richer...almost glowing.

No this couldn't be death...I couldn't be this `undead'. It was too beautiful to admit that I was something so wrong.

"The verdict is you stay," he stated.

I grabbed for my clothes, pulling them up, draping everything around my pubic area as I saw Arie standing there. How the hell had he gotten up so quietly. It was almost as though he had just floated into the room or something.

"You don't have to cover up," he stated, laughing, "You still have that human embarrassment. They are so ashamed of their bodies."

"I am human," I retorted immediately trying hard to put my boxers on without him getting too much of a glimpse.

I didn't know what to do. If I turned around, I'd have to bend over and my ass crack would be visible. If I stayed this way, he would probably get a glimpse of my dick. He wasn't looking away either. He was staring with no shame as though this was the most normal thing in the world.

"Oh you are?" he stated, "Haven't you looked in the mirror? You are still such a new beast but it already is starting to eat away your mortalitity isn't it. It takes away all the little imperfections first..."

"Listen, I'm still human. This is just...I don't know what it is..."

I was so confused.

"The vampire that bit you will give you a part of herself. That blood in you is what works. Us vampires have actually studied the art. It begins to turn you into another species. One capable of doing things humans can't."

"Like what."

Suddenly I felt something like a gust and I could see the little girl climbing up. She moved quickly. It was a nervous movement as well, which was not as elegant as Arie.

"The physical senses are nice," she stated, "But what is best is the senses. Go ahead, make love to Arie and see..."

"Oh don't worry. Humans always limit themselves, which is why they can't move as fast as we can. They can't see as far as we can. They can't hear as clearly as we can. They can't feel like we can. Make love to him."

Arie looked at the little girl and laughed, "He just turned. He doesn't get it yet."
She shook her head, "Fine. Kiss Arie. He's a good enough kisser. Aren't you Arie?"

Arie looked at me, "We can try if you want to."
Where the fuck was I...in the twilight zone or something? First she wanted me to make love to him and now she wanted me to kiss him.

"I don't know you...like that," I excused. What the fuck was wrong with these people. It wasn't that I didn't want to. God knows I wanted to kiss him...but it just seemed like some regular practice...as though nothing weird would come of it.

"Are you afraid because you are straight?" the little girl asked me, "You see sexuality in every way is expressed with vampires. We welcome homosexuality...you'll learn..."

"No, I was gay even before," I stated.

I was afraid to tell everyone else in my life but I was just blurting it out to these people with such disregard.

"Roxy give it up. If he doesn't want to do it, it's ok," Arie stated.

Roxy nodded, "Suit yourself. I haven't introduced myself. I am Roxanne. I am the second oldest behind Decadence. I was actually her child when she was human. When she was made a vampire...she turned me. I turned David and Giovanni who were two lovers and still remain so even after death. Then Decadence turned Arie recently in her search for a lover."

"You are her lover?" I asked Arie.

He smiled and nodded, "Yeah. I've been her lover for about four decades now. I'm the youngest in the brood...except for you."

4 decades? He looked so young. He looked my age. He was beautiful though. I could see the perfection ooze from his pores. He had to have been an American Indian or at least have it mixed in his blood. I could see it in the texture of his hair and the color of his skin. I could see it in his the structure of his face. He was rare and beautiful.
Roxy looked at me, "Arie and I are the more social of the group. The others seemed to have forgotten a lot of the more human ways. They are very animalistic."
"Like drinking blood?"

"We don't hunt as much as you assume. Vampires have become organized. We get messages from a higher power telling us who to hunt and when. We hunt about once a month. Take enough to last us."

"And it is also a process to turn a human into a vampire...a long application must be filled out. Only high ranking vampires may do so," Arie added in.

"Which is why your case is so weird. It has been unheard of for over a century."
I was confused.

"Vampires are supposed to be cold, savage and not organized."

"Those who didn't calculate were killed off. Have you noticed humans and their technology. It makes it harder for us to survive. They know about us and some believe in us. We had to organize."

They were nodding as each other talked. I could tell Arie and Roxy were close. The way they explained things was so strange though. It was almost an accepted fact. It was almost like this organized vampirism made complete sense to them.

"Wow like a mafia?"

"A what now?" Roxy asked.

Arie shook his head, "It was after your time Roxy. He means organized crime. But no, Adam, we are not organized. We are more like a church. In fact the structure of the new vampire movement is based off the Roman Catholic Church. We have a Dark Pope. He is in charge. He is usually older and very wise. He lives in Boston which is the center of the Dark Church."

I started to laugh.

He was so serious. It was funny actually. All the hypocrites in the church and now there were vampires who based themselves off of what was supposed to be holy and good.

Roxy didn't seem amused by my joke but instead her eyes were scoping me again.

"What is it about you that is so different?" she asked, "Arie, don't you see the aura. It is all around him? What is it?"

"Who made you?" Arie stated "Try your hardest to remember. We just need a name."

I couldn't remember for the life of me.


"Try to remember," Roxy stated, "We won't report your maker. It's nothing like that. But makers tend to be very protective of those they create. It is in our best interest to be aware."

"Her name was..."

"Try, dig deep," Arie continued, walking to me and putting his warm, tender hand against my skin. They were wrong...vampires feel quite warm indeed.

"Her name was Lilith."
By the look on their faces it seemed like I had said the worst thing that could have possibly said. Both of their fangs came out.

Arie and Roxy both seemed all of sudden in a state that I'd never seen them. They seemed ready to kill all of a sudden. I felt like I had crossed some line with them by mentioning the name of Lilith.

Who was she? Why were they both about to pounce on me in such a way?

My heart raced. My skin that was once glowing in a golden tint was becoming dim from fear I was surrounded. All these questioned lingered in my head as I sulked in a corner, knowing I had no place to go now that these two vampires had turned on me.


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