Volume 3

DISCLAIMER: This story contains adult content.

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            Cursed Names



                I remember the way Carter used to scare me in the evenings. He used to turn the lights off and when I walked inside, he would jump out and scare me. You would think I'd get used to it. You'd think I'd expected it. But there was something about the darkness that scared me each and every time. The idea of something jumping out of you from the darkness terrified me.

            And now it seemed like every where I went there was darkness...

            It was the little girl that attacked me. Roxanne. She moved with the same awkward movements as she did before that weren't as graceful ers but still extremely fast.

            "I DARE you to say it again," she cried out.

            Her voice was hoarse and full. It was completely different from the kind sweet and yet a little strange young bodied vampire that I met before. She was something else now. Her eyes were dark. Her pupils stretched.

            She had her hand against my chest at least in conventional terms. It didn't seem threatening how she laid it on my chest, but I could see it in my eyes.

            "Roxy stop," Arie stated.

She remained in her same position. Her eyes focused onto me. She was still threatening me. She still looked calm but I knew she would kill me. I could see where her hands lied on my chest.

I was horrified. I couldn't lie. The idea that she looked like a little girl didn't help. These things...these VAMPIRES were so strange to me.

            Then I noticed where her hand was. It was on my heart. I could see the cruel intentions in her as she did this in such a calm way.

"Please," I begged, my voice shaking all of a sudden.

"Roxy," Arie repeated.

Roxy backed off, moving her palm away from my heart. It was like the calm after a storm. She transformed from the beast back into the innocent little girl once again. And it seemed like all was well. She took steps backwards. Her mouth which was once full of fangs retreated

"I'm sorry. I lost myself for a moment," she stated.

Seeing her transform was just frightening. What was worse was that Arie was looking at me as if I was the one who had turned into an animal.

"I apologize for him," Arie stated, "I take full responsibility. I wanted to keep him. So it is my responsibility."
            She put her hand on her head.

"It's quite alright. Watch him around the others though. I'm afraid some of them may not have the same...control as I do."

Control! Control! She snapped out on me like a wild wolf. How the hell was that control?

She turned to me giving me a cold nod and then climbed down below.

Arie walked over to me. He threw me a pillow as though instructing me to lay down. I did what he was told. Then he came and lay beside me. He did it in a weird way. It reminded me of an angry mother. Even though she is angry and it is clear, she still manages to take care of her child regardless of the anger.

"You can't go around claiming things like that," Arie stated, "Some things aren't said. Some people aren't mentioned. Some things you just don't joke around with. Some names you just don't joke around with."
            "Lil—I mean...the name that I said," I replied, "Who is she? What does she mean to you two?"

Arie shook his head, "You should drop this obsession with the forbidden."

He wasn't going to tell me.

"I...listen I'm not trying to offend anyone."

"You are beginning to test my patience. Don't forget the type of creature I've been. It will not take much to kill a vampire of your age."

His threat seemed legitimate.

I laid down flat on my stomach on the pillow. I didn't say anything to him. An awkward silence followed his threat.

That was when I felt his hand, slowly climbing up the smalls of my back until they landed in the very middle of my back.

"You're still so young. You must learn to respect your elders," he stated, "Better that I tell you now before a vampire who doesn't care a lot about you and your worth gets disrespected by your jokes."

I wasn't telling jokes though. I remembered that was what the vampire said her name was. Lilith. I could have sworn. Maybe I made a mistake. He was trying to soften up and not seem so harsh. I could tell by the way he was still rubbing me.

"You care about me?"

I looked over at him but his eyes were closed, "Go to sleep young one. The warehouse is boarded up. The humans think it's an old abandoned mill. We won't get any sun or visitors. Go to sleep and don't be scared."

He rolled over. I hadn't been up long at all. Yet for some reason he knew that I would be sleepy. And he was right.

My body felt like a new born, where I was just so...tired from the stress of developing. He remained up however. I could feel him watching me, protecting me in a sense.




            I woke up to Arie not being there.

            Immediately a slight panic set in. He was the only thing that was making this whole transformation even slightly bearable. I jumped up to my feet immediately and started down the steps. Why had he left me? Was he mad about me asking about Lilith? Who was Lilith? Why had they been so offended by me mentioning her the way I did.

            I looked around, "Arie!"

            The warehouse was cold, very dry and very dark. The silence was everywhere around it. There seemed like there was no light coming from anywhere.

            I continued to walk until I felt like I was being watched.

            I never had much an instinct before about things like this, but now I felt like I was being followed. I was being traced. I looked all over spinning around in circles.

            No one.

            My heart raced. And it wasn't the normal racing. This new body was different. It exaggerated everything. My heart was beating so hard and so fast that I thought it would jump out of my chest.

            Then the shadow.

            It floated past me! I let out a loud scream immediately.

Another shadow!

It felt like I was surrounded. My heart raced faster. Why did the darkness seem to grow? What the fuck was in the darkness? I could see it in the side of my eyes. I quickly ran to a corner. It was a dark corner. It seemed like the corner formed by a wall of the warehouse and yet another room.

Laughter. Laughter was forming all around me. Someone was amused by this.

I held onto my chest. It felt like my heart would explode.

"You could be dead now..."             

"The Lord is my shepherd," I started again. Look at me...PRAYING AGAIN! It hadn't worked when the female vampire Lilith had attacked me. It made him laugh even harder. The voice was soft and interfering. That was when I felt it. It was a soft hand scaling the sides of my face. It was very interfering.

I turned, but it was gone just like that!
A shadow appeared again. It slid across the room very serpent like. I had seen it before. The movement was the baldhand handsome man. He was the one with these romantic eyes and strong build. His shirt was thin and had an extremely low v-neck. I could see his pecks underneath this v-neck. He was built like a model. Maybe a little more muscular then one. His face was very model-like. Smooth and silk. He had the same piercing eyes as I saw before. A woman could fall in love with such a man ten times over. He was the type of man you expected to break your heart but still allowed him in because until the inevitable happened...it was beautiful.

"You frightened me," I told him.

He shook his head, "The young ones are always so...frightened. My name is..."

"Giovanni," I finished.

He nodded and smiled. His voice was full of this untrusting tone. He sounded sneaky and suspicious. As though whenever he was human, he was some kind of deceiver. Yet charming couldn't describe him. When I thought of vampire in the more stereotypical type maybe he was the type that came to mind when it came to personality. He seemed so layered and so intense.

"Who turned you?" he asked me.

I looked away. I saw the way the little girl snapped when I told her that Lilith turned me. There was no way IN HELL I'd make the same mistake with someone so different. No he seemed like he probably would have enjoyed killing me...

"I don't know. I can't remember?"

"Anything? How strange," he stated and laughed in amusement, "When Roxanne turned me, I remembered everything. I remembered the way she leaned close to me. She pinned me down like an elegant tiger cub. The sparkle on her lips. The romance in her fangs. I orgasmed when she turned me...cum oozed from my penis like a fountain. My legs trembled underneath the weight of my heavy crotch. I was drenched in the stuff."

He was closer to me.

His eyes were glaring at me. I had to admit, his voice was appealing. I found my body reacting to it. My dick beginning to turn to a stone. He was so...appealing. And his eyes they just seemed so warm. He was inviting me.

"Please stop," I begged without meaning to seem so defenseless.

"Are you afraid?"


"Good," he stated and smiled, "Let me bite you just a little bit. It is not the same as a human. It won't kill you. Human's can't survive the bite. They either die or turn into one of us. Depends on their will to survive. You survived. That means you are strong-willed. Besides you are vampire now. You can't die from another vampire's bite. It feels like a sexual experience. Do you find me attractive?"

He didn't wait for his answer. Giovanni was over me. I tried to get up but he pinned me down. He was much stronger. His body weighted heavily on me.

He started to lick me.

He licked at the side of my neck in soft circles. I tried to struggle, but fuck it felt so good. There was something so dangerous about it. The softness in his tongue. The way it was warm and wet.


The voice was loud and demanding. I could see strong footsteps. It was something that I didn't really remember. These creatures usually moved so quickly, yet these footsteps were apparently stronger. They were the closest thing to normal.

It was David. He had on his strange angry eyes like before, "You want that one? Is that it Giovanni? You sneak off and you want that one?"

There were tears in his eyes. Actual tears. I hadn't seen someone get so jealous so quickly without even completely analyzing everything. It was clear to me that this couldn't have been the first time.

Giovanni smiled. He was amused by this, "David, I was just...aiding our new child. It's not every day a new vampire is born. Especially now with all these rules."
            Giovanni turned away from him and gave me a look. It was an intense stare. One that kind of scared me, intimidated me and turned me on all the same time.

"Aiding...aiding?" David stated, "Decadence! Wake up! Decadence! I have a complaint!"

His voice was booming through the warehouse. Through the darkness I could see movement. More shadows from everywhere and then torches. I saw the young one, Roxanne who had almost attacked me the day before first.

"You're loud, David," Roxanne stated coldly, "You have to be so loud when we all are resting. The sun just barely dropped."
            "Yes I have to be loud!" David stated rudely, looking around, "DECADENCE!"
            Decadence still didn't come. This time it was Arie. He had books in his hand. He looked tired as he yawned. It confused me. Why hadn't he been there when he woke up? Wasn't that his room? Why hadn't he slept with me?

"Adam, are you ok?" Arie asked.

He seemed naturally concerned. He moved in closer to me but didn't approach me. He stayed back for whatever reason.

I didn't answer. I didn't really have a chance to.

Decadence had appeared. She looked the most concerned out of all of them. She shook her head as she made her appearance. No one seemed too bothered that David was making such a scene really.

"Decadence, that little brat is seducing Giovanni!" David claimed immediately, "This is an outrage. He is overstepping his bounds. He doesn't belong. He wasn't sired by anyone of us. He isn't a part of our bloodline."

Roxy walked forward, "David, do you always have to be such a queen? WE WERE TRYING TO SLEEP!"

She was annoyed and it seemed the more attention David got the more he spun around, twirling his long feminine hair, flowing hair. He wasn't all feminine. He was in fact quite masculine but there were little things about him that made him androgynous at the oddest times.

"Well then he needs to go," David explained.

Arie rolled his eyes, "He's too young to seduce anyone David. He wouldn't. Would you Adam?"

"Then what the fuck is this?" David asked.

He walked over to me. He picked me up off the floor and pointed down toward my crotch. I hadn't noticed it. I hadn't noticed the wet spot.

I had an orgasm. My pants were soaked and as I was stood up I realized how much of a mistake that I had made. It must have been when he was licking my neck.

Giovanni seemed amused by this, "I'm better then I thought."

Arie shrugged, "See it was him. Now leave Adam alone. He had nothing to do with it. Check...your partner."

Roxy rolled her eyes, "I'm going back to rest. I'm too old for a stupid lover's quarrel."
            She turned around and made her way to the other side of the room. Deca just stood there looking and she wasn't looking at the rest of us.

David turned to Giovanni, "Do you want him?"

Giovanni smiled, "And if I did?"

He was amused. He was very amused. Giovanni was crying still. He was stepping up and down and looking at David and then at me, then at David again.

I was just silent. I didn't know what to say. It seemed like I was out of my league with these people. These...strangers...

"Arie won't always be around to protect you," David stated, "Giovanni is mine ...forever...mine."

He walked away angrily, this time not stepping but moving gently like the rest of them did. It felt like his strides were elongated and you could barely hear him. It was like he never touched the ground at all. He walked with his head down the entire time as though trying to hide the tears that he had already exposed to everyone.

Deca had been standing there watching. She seemed to be letting us squabble among ourselves but now that Giovanni was gone her eyes turned to David.

"You play with him," Deca stated to Giovanni in a real demeaning way. "If it is over then let it be over between you and him . Adam is not for your amusement Giovanni. You are becoming too unruly."

            "I was just joking."

            "We have rules."

            "Fuck these rules," Giovanni stated, "The humans have rules. We are stronger. We are faster. Yet we live by these rules."

            "Order is everything that matters," Deca stated, "Would you like to be hunted? You are too young to remember Giovanni. I was hunted. The vampires of our bloodline before me were all destroyed. You don't know how it is to be hunted."

            "Right and centuries later you are still in hiding," Giovanni stated.

            "Respect your elder!" Arie stated immediately.

            I could see the tension as Arie took another position that was very...defensive. He stood in front of Giovanni. Looking at it from my eyes it seemed like two animals. Arie's fangs were showing. It was so weird how they just transformed and became so angry.

            Giovanni didn't respond like I thought he would. He didn't grow angry but instead just laughed it off amused like he was before.

"I guess I'll take off like everyone else. Some people love to be seduced."

Giovanni looked at me one last time with his haunting eye before he left. He blew me a kiss. It was frightening. Completely frightening.

            Arie looked pissed. He didn't seem as cool as these people usually did. He was pacing angrily back and forth.

            He was mad.

            "We must be careful with him," Deca stated immediately, "Arie follow him. We all know what Giovanni is capable of. Make sure he doesn't get in any trouble. Leave the boy. His body still needs to do a lot of healing."

            She disappeared into the darkness.

            Arie looked at me and I looked at him. My heart was still beating.

            "You tired?" he asked me.
            "No. I want to come with you," I stated.

            It was more than just healing or anything like that. I didn't feel safe. It was Giovanni. It was David. Hell it was even Roxanne. They all seemed so unstable. I wasn't used to it. I didn't know what to expect.

            He looked into the darkness as though looking for Decadence. I could tell he wasn't used to being disobedient. He has this look when he stared at her. He loved her. I saw the passion in his eyes.

            "What is it about you..." he stated looking at me.

            "What do you mean?"

            "You get me in so much trouble. You put me in this weird predicaments. There are rules for a reason. One reason is to keep you safe. To make certain that vampires still exist."

            I smiled.

            "So that means I can come?"

            He nodded grabbing me by the hand.

            It was weird how comfortable Arie was walking into the middle of the street with me. He didn't mind holding my hand as he pulled me out.

            I realized for the first time...we were still in Manhattan. It was closer to lower Manhattan however and away from Harlem.

            A part of me hoped this wasn't true. A part of me hoped that I had gone somewhere different, somewhere near. Somewhere that wasn't Manhattan. I felt like memories would come up. I would miss things.

            "You ok?" Arie asked me as I took my first step into the dark street.

            I nodded, "I'll never see sunlight again will I?"

            He shook his head...silently.

            It a scary thing to think about. Arie seemed to know how I felt. He put his arm around me and held me close for a second. He was helping me cope with it, I guess.


            The car stopped immediately to his calling and Arie offered me his hand. I took it too. He knew that I would. I smiled as we got into the cab.

            "Thought we would...I don't know turn into bats or something," I stated as we got into the cab together.

            "Sh..." he stated, signaling the driver.

            "I'm sorry."

            It was a big secret. We were supposed to be scared. I looked over at the driver. He looked in the corner of my eye. He was the first...person I saw after whatever happened to me happened. There was something about him.

            I was...I couldn't understand what I was. No, I got it. I was aroused. That is the best word to use. My penis frenzied in my pants. It wasn't the fact that he was attractive. It wasn't sexually at least. Or maybe it was. I don't know.

            All I know was my hand was moving closer to his neck without me even thinking.

            "Wait!" Arie stopped it.

            The taxi driver fixed his mirror to turn around as Arie grabbed my hand. He didn't catch Arie withdrawing my hand onto our laps. It was so hard not to touch the man.

            I couldn't control it, "Just a little."

            "No, Adam. Look at me. No."
            The taxi driver turned around, "Hey...what you guys talking about? I'm not with all that funny business."

            I just wanted to feel his skin. I just wanted to...lick his ear. Maybe have sex with him. Maybe not have sex with him. I wanted to take from him...everything. I wanted him to be mine...forever.

            Arie pinned my hands down hard, "It's nothing like that. My friend is a little...intoxicated. Take us to the Temple nightclub up on 7th please."

            I remained silent all the way through the cab ride. It was taking everything in my mind and soul not to push Arie off and grab this cab driver. I didn't understand quite what I wanted to do to him after I grabbed him but I wanted to. It seemed like the rest would just be instinct. I would know what I wanted to do.

            We drove for what seemed like a long time. The only thing that kept me calm was Arie. He was humming something or another. I guess he was trying calm down whatever feeling I had in me. It worked for the most part. It gave me something to think about besides that primitive desire that I was feeling.

            My eyes seemed so focused. What was happening to me? It was scary.

            I was swaying back and forth...back and forth.

            And that was when it happened. I had stared so long at the vein's in the man's neck. They seemed magnified. They seemed so enlarged. I couldn't stand it. My mouth was dripping. Fangs formed from over them.

Don't judge me. What is the longest you have gone without having sex? Imagine what you would do then if the sexiest person came into the room, removed all his clothing and offered to have sex with you all night. What would you do?

Imagine the limits of morality when you know having sex would be `wrong'. Yet it didn't feel wrong. You just wanted a little bit...just a little bit. And it's becomes an obsession. A 20 minute drive to 7th Avenue seemed like an eternity.

Arie was humming...but no...no more. I couldn't take it any longer.

My head jerked forward instinctively and I bit into the man's neck. It was everything that I imagined it would be. Some sweat warm cream of blood exploded into my mouth.

You ever all of a sudden get a taste from childhood. You can't remember exactly what it was because it was so long ago and you haven't had it in forever. Imagine someday just stumbling onto that taste. Imagine how you would savor it. I had flashes as I took that bite. They were flashes of something from before. Memories that I was already trying to get flooded back into my head.

Images of Carter.

Images of my adopted parents.

Damn...images of my real parents.

It was needless to say the man lost control of the wheel as my fangs bit into his neck. Arie had tried to grab me, restrain me, but it was much too late for restrain. Far too late...

The car went swerving into what I was sure was a wall. All I saw the man's face blush and a loud scream as our car flew into the hard brick.