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Fog overtook the sleepy town of Endor Hills as a white SUV sat in the deserted parking of Thebas High School. The SUV had a little fog of its own, primarily from the friction coming from within. Two teens were entangled with each other, pleasure emanating from the SUV. Neither teen was aware of the darkness about to overcome them. In fact, neither noticed that sinister silhouette loomed closer and closer to the car.

With a resounding smack, the teens parted lips and stared at each other. The teen boy, David Gilbert, frowned at the girl. She looked out of the window, a look of bewilderment written on her face. She turned back to the boy and explained that she heard something.

"You're crazy." David said as he sighed and rocked back in his seat, "You brought me all the way out here to tell me that something's out here. Are we going to make out or are you going to annoy me all night?"

"You're ass." She said peering out of the window, "I want to go home."

"Come on. I'm sorry."

"You know, I really don't understand why I even—" A huge black bird suddenly crashed into the window of the car, causing both teens to jump.

"What in the Hell is that?" David asked stared at the crack in his windshield, "Is that a bird. Don't birds sleep?"

"You're not a complete idiot." She said, "I guess people will have to stop thinking you only think with your dick."

David sneered at her and looked around, "What in the Hell is going on?" He asked.

"And there goes the smart." She sighed, "Maybe we could get you hooked-on—"

Before she could say another word, the door to the SUV was thrown open and the girl was pulled out and tossed to the side. David hopped out of the driver's seat and looked around for the perpetrator. He walked over to the girl and reached down to try to help her up. He heard footsteps and then the sound of running on the hood of his car. He looked up in time to see a shadow diving towards him.



Chapter 1: Jerks



Two things are always certain:

There's always a beautiful girl stuck between two unbelievably beautiful men.

Also true is that the world never, ever is how it should be.

The world at large wasn't as devastating and dark as people would have you believe, especially living in a small town in Salem, specifically the small town of Endor Hills. Of course, my viewpoint was that of a sixteen year old. With friends and consistency. Though I find myself wavering, trying to find something real to hold onto.

Unfortunately, at sixteen, no one told me that things wouldn't be consistent for long. The only truly consistent thing in my life was my best friends. Eva Gentry and Charlotte Foster. Eva was a wispy enchantress with flowing brunette hair and smoldering dark eyes. She could almost certainly be found jogging through her neighborhood at any time. I don't know who she was kidding, she'd always been thin.

Charlotte was a blonde and a cheerleader, though she bore no resemblance to anyone that's ever been called such a thing. She was much the same in terms of being thin and a cheerleader, but her soul was one of an artist. In all honesty, she detested cheerleaders but continued to serve after her mother and father split up.

On that front, I could relate to that. My father left us, my mother and grandmother, a while ago. He took my brother with him. He occasionally writes, though he never really visits. My name is Perry Bennett and my only real achievement is my ties to the Salem witches. But that only went so far.

To describe myself, I couldn't even start without saying that I'm basically a tooth pick, but in a healthy way. I was never good at working out and keeping track of working out, my metabolism is to thank for that. Unlike my two friends, I am African American and a male. My eyes have been described as dark and somewhat mischievous. I liked the term `spirited'. My skin, though darker than most you'll find in Salem, was only a caramel color.

After arriving for the first day of school at Thebas, Eva, Charlotte and I were greeted by the police tape and one hell of a mob. We quickly fought our way to the front of the group, only realizing afterward that we should have stayed in the back.

The word was that David Gilbert and Annalise Carrolton were attack in the parking lot, as evidenced by the bits and pieces of Anna that were strewn about the parking lot. The gruesome sight brought many questions with it but the case had been ruled an animal attack. After we were unceremoniously told to leave, we all headed inside.

"Poor Annalise." Eva said softly.

"Yeah. Who knew being a total hoebag would get her killed...this quick." I said as we made it to my locker. I opened the locker under their gaze, "Oh come on, you were totally thinking it."

"And that comment wouldn't have anything to do with David?" Eva asked leaning on the locker beside mine. I glared at her, "He's an ass. You deserve so much better."

"I agree." Charlotte nodded, "He's a closet case with a horrible attitude. On the other hand, Annalise was a total slut."

"Char!" Eva warned.

"But—" Charlotte said quickly, "She didn't deserve to die."

"You guys. I haven't seen him all summer. I think I'm good." I said slamming the locker shut, "There was that one time at Byars, but after about an hour, I was fine again."

The girls exchanged nervous expressions. After about a minute, I rolled my eyes and moved past them. I stopped when I saw Parker Lansing. Parker was a good friend of mine and also the ex-boyfriend of Eva. They broke up a short while ago and I wasn't entirely sure why.

Parker is a jock but a kind-hearted one...with killer abs. I'm not sure why anyone would leave him. His hair is cute in a fade and he has honey colored eyes and that mixed with the charming smile made me wonder exactly what about him was so bad. I guess I rooted for him. He was African American, too, albeit darker than me. But that's not really important.

I knew that if Eva saw him, she would bolt faster than Kim Kardashian when she sees a rich black man.

I turned as Eva was about to turn the corner and pushed her back, "Don't go that way." I said carefully.

"Why?" Eva asked, looking past me.

When their eyes met, I felt the awkwardness tear through the hall. It almost knocked me off my feet. He smiled at her and she politely smiled, waving. He quickly crossed the hall and disappeared into the locker room.

"Thank God for athletics." Eva said as she exhaled.

"That's all I've been saying." I said, "Do either of you have classes with me? Please do not tell me I'm going to be braving Mrs. Winters class alone."

They both fished their class schedules into their hands. They both read them and looked up at me with a grim expression.

"Jason said that he had Mrs. Winters. Thank God he's getting his life back together." Eva said with relief, "After last year, I wasn't sure if he'd end up in jail or..." She trailed.

"Well, he's better now, right?" Charlotte asked.

"I guess. Mom and Dad are on pins and needles with him." Eva looked between us, "I'm still really worried about him."

"Well, you have us and we'll keep an eye on him." I said taking her arm in mine. Charlotte took her other arm and we began to walk down the hall, "This is a new year! It's Junior year! Nothing can touch us this year."

We only broke apart when I had to go to my advanced class with Mrs. Winters. I relished the time before class. She had a reputation of being a real hard-ass. I couldn't say I was too prepared to deal with her brand of crazy, but I could say that about myself too. But I look on the bright side. At least I'll have one person in my class that I'm not totally loathed.




I felt so prepared going into Mrs. Winter's class. That was a massive mistake on my part. The fact that her class relied heavily on essays was worrying, though I had gained a reputation as one of the best writers in the school. The year was beginning to become a disaster. The only consolation in the day was that it was almost over.

That and the good show I was getting.

A girl named Sherry and her boyfriend had been on and off all summer and apparently they were half and half today. Every once and a while, I'd look over to watch them furiously passing a note, which was a very dated notion. Their friends took turns passing it back and forth. I stared at Sherry, who seemed to be on the verge of tears.

Sherry wasn't an altogether dumb girl. In fact, her GPA was probably higher than mine. She was just a total girl when it came to anything that wasn't academic. I guess it didn't help that her boyfriend, Kevin, was a total ass.

The majority of the class was spent doing introductions and explaining the curriculum. After the fifth person, I all but lost interest. It wasn't until I heard a name I hadn't noticed before that I actually looked up from sending Eva a text.

A new student was standing before the class. The guy was attractive beyond any person I had ever come in contact with. With striking raven hair and luminescent blue eyes, he seemed more graceful than anyone I'd come in contact with, even when he was just standing. He wore a grey v-neck shirt with a black leather jacket with white and brown stripes down the side. He wore these things over dark jeans and what looked like an expensive pair of brown patent leather boots. Even with the jacket, I could see that he lean but muscular. His hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail.

Apparently his name was Lucas Pascall. He moved back to the Hills with his brother and parents. His parents had been called away after they arrived to take care of his ailing grandmother. He explained that he'd moved from Virginia.

I could almost literally feel the hormones surging through the room. The girls stared at him with wanton lust, a feeling I was getting acquainted with myself.

As Lucas took his seat, he stared directly at me and smirked. This small action caused a ripple of disaster to spike through my body. I quickly looked away and faced forward as Jason Gentry stood in front of the class. He seemed quite a bit more stand-offish than he usually did. He'd always been a personable guy until the end of last year.

His best friend had been brutally attacked, not unlike Annalise. However, this victim's throat had been torn out by something. Jason had never truly gotten over this and had been spiraling since it happened. His latest blunder had been getting caught with ecstasy and marijuana. He got community service, it being his first offense, and couple of weeks in juvie. Eva says he's been nothing but confrontational since he came back home.

I watched as he recited what I can only describe as an "eff you" to the whole of the class.

"I guess it doesn't really matter what I say. Most of you know what happened over the summer break and you know who I am. Telling you the truth won't change anything. Nobody in this freaking town care about the truth." Jason said angrily.

"Break out the tissue." Sloane, Sherry's boyfriend, laughed.

"Bite me, meat for brains." He spat.

With a swift movement, Sloane was out of his seat and headed towards Jason. Before I could even think, I wedged myself between them. Mrs. Winters joined me, telling Jason that he needed to go to the principal's office.

As he was leaving, she said, "That, students, is an example of why pride and drugs comes before a fall."

Her comment made my blood boil. Without thinking, I said, "And I guess even a degree doesn't make a good teacher." It was a stupid comment that gained me nothing but a distasteful look from Mrs. Winters and a small rumbling from the rest of the class.

"Well, Mr. Bennett, you may join him in the principal's office."

"Gladly." I said grabbing my backpack and marching out of the room but I stopped at the door, "Now you can talk about me." I said as I slammed the door




As I rounded the corner to the principal's office, I saw that Jason had already arrived and was sitting on the bench outside his office. The Principal's receptionist gave us a disapproving look to which I smiled defiantly at her.

I walked over and took a seat beside Jason. He gave me a quick look before looking back down at his shoes. I chuckled and sat my backpack down beside us.

"Quite a show. I mean, I don't have roses to throw at your feet..."

"I don't need a lecture." Jason said angrily. I could tell that he was trying to contain whatever anger he had. I showed through.

"Of course you don't. Who does, right?" I asked. When I didn't get a response, I nodded and continued, "Eva is worried. Your parents are on edge. You are super angry, that much is apparent."

He looked as if something I said hit him but he quickly shrugged it off.

"I think I've always been fairly up front with you. I never treated you like a kid." I said as my eyes landed on him again, "Cut the crap."

He stared at me, shock apparent on his face.

"I get it. Angry teenage guy but you're smart. The average idiot would say something to the kin of `drugs'll do that' but people who know loss can spot it a mile away." I let my voice get low and dare I say a bit dangerous, "To be a little cliché, you are not alone. I'm not just Eva's friend, you know that right?"

"So, if Eva wasn't your friend, you'd be my friend? You can honestly say that?" Jason asked.

"The way the world works, this reality we live in, I know and love you. You're like a little brother to me." I said pulling him into a hug.

The door opened and the Principal, a portly Hispanic man in a tweed suit, ushered Jason into his office. I smiled and stood, grabbing my backpack. As I was about to move as far away from the office as I could, I noticed that Lucas was standing at the corner, staring at me.

His eyes seemed to bore through me. I felt uneasy for several seconds before he moved towards me and then I felt this overwhelming urge to run in the opposite direction, as well as an undeniable urge run to him.

"Nice speech." Lucas said with a golf clap. He smirked at me, "Too bad all that was a lie."

Anger forced the words out, "And how do you know that?" I asked.

"Call it intuition." His eyes jumped with some kind of joy, "Don't get me wrong, lying to him was a noble effort. But what happens when it comes down to it?"

"Comes down to it? Who are you again?" I asked.

He moved in close, "I think you know who I am." He said as he leaned in close, "Don't worry. I'll keep this between us." He said as he turned and walked away from me.

I stood there, watching him walk away. When he'd gotten a few feet away, he turned and chuckled, shaking his head. He left me standing in the hallway as the bell rang and students clamored into the hallway.



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