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I sat in a chair in the corner, staring blankly up at a very elegant crystal chandelier hanging above the room.

I could hear a discussion going on. I could hear voices speaking, but was unable to comprehend what they were saying. In my haste, I'd left my brother and friends vulnerable to Nora's attack. She'd come here, to Charlotte's account, and snapped Micah's neck during the ritual. Charlotte said that Porter held her off until drained his the blood from his body and left him.

Charlotte had gotten off easy, it seems.

"What do we do? There are two dead bodies here." Eva panicked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Lucas asked, "We ditch the bodies and—"

"Luke!" Finn said casting a concerned glance over at me, "There aren't just bodies. We can't just—"

"Well, big brother, what do you propose we do? Make a grave for them?" Lucas asked. He looked to Eva and Finn before his eyes landed on me. He chuckled, "You're serious?"

The room went silent.

"He's dead! He's a body now! We should just chuck him—"

Electricity crackled through the chandelier and shot light through the room. As the chandelier crashed to the ground, Lucas ducked left, narrowly avoiding it. Lucas' eyes returned to me, rage building slowly. He stormed over to me, giving me just enough time to stand. Finn sped over between us and held his brother at bay.

"You could have—"

"Killed you? You're already dead." My face was concrete, serious and sad at the same time, "You're just a body."

Lucas was about to say something but his eyes went wide. Finn wore the same expression as they turned to look at Porter's body. I followed their gaze, trying to see what they were seeing but I couldn't.

"Do you..." Finn asked Lucas, who nodded. Finn's eyes landed on me, "He died with vampire blood in his system. He's turning."




Chapter 10: Dying Words



At present, I stood beside Porter's bed, stuffing clothes into a duffle bag. My house had become a veritable dead zone. Dad no longer lived here, Mom was at work and Porter and Grandmother...

As I finished packing the bag, I heard the front door close. I picked up the bag and turned to the door in time to see Eva appear at the doorway. She gave me a pitiful smile and looked around, opting to be silent. I was grateful for her silence. Anything she said now would be punishable by flaying.

"He was always like a big brother to me." Eva said softly as she ventured to his dresser. She looked up at a corkboard filled with pictures of Porter and his friends and family. She turned to me, "I'm sorry he—"

"Eva, why are you here?" I asked.

"We're friends."

"Are we?" I asked.

"Come on, we may be fighting but—"

"But? I asked, "But nothing's changed. As a matter of fact, a vampire did this. She did this and she will pay."

A look of rabid anxiety ran across her face, "What are you planning?" She asked.

"The end." I said pulling the duffle bag close and heading towards the door, "Let yourself out." I said as I disappeared through the door.




Skipping school was the best option, though, how I ended up back at the school is beyond me.

I walked in with the duffle bag and immediately found Nora. She was talking to a couple of teachers and looked up the minute I sat the bag down. The hallways was empty, save for the two teachers. Tonight was a football game and most people had already left for the pep rally.

Bu sheer force of will, the teachers left the hallway, leaving only Nora and I. Nora watched the teachers leave and chuckled as she addressed me. She walked towards me but stopped a few feet away, again by force of my will. Her smug face caused an anger deep within me.

"The itty bitty Bennett...I guess I don't have to ask if you got my gift." Nora said with a smirk.

"I got it. I have one of my own." My hand floated over the duffle bag and the bag unzipped itself, "You do know, here, they used to hang and burn witches. They would put them on trial. This, Lenora Laureen Christianson, is your trial. How do you plead?"

"Fashionable." She said trying to move towards me. It was as if she was stuck in place, "Let me go!"

"Okay." I said gesturing towards her, causing her to fly back against a couple of lockers. I watched her stand again and dust herself off, "I find you guilty. Punishable by death."

I put my hand over the bag again and the clothes scattered as three of my father's ceremonial knives lifted into the air. A distinct look of excitement and fascination came over her. The knives launched at her and she caught two, but the third stuck in her stomach. With a rather ferocious growl, she dropped the knives and pulled the third from her stomach.

"This wasn't a waste of time." Nora didn't seem the slightest big angry, "You're the one he's looking for."

I stared at her, not the caring about the man she was referring to. It wasn't the first time she alluded to a mystery man. It wasn't about him. She killed my grandmother and my brother. She has to burn. I pulse of energy flew towards her, opening all the lockers down the hall. Nora flew off her feet and rolled to a stop. I walked towards and knelt down, taking one of the knives in my hand.

Nora laughed as I came upon her, "Go ahead, you'd be doing me a favor." She said with a smile.

I paused.

"If he finds out I failed again, he'll just kill me anyways." Nora said as she spat blood at my feet.

I bent down next to her, "I won't kill you. I'll give you the gift I promised." I said placing a hand on her face, "The gift of not knowing." I said as energy shot from my hands.

Once the shining stopped, she slumped over to the ground and I stood again. Without much thought, the knives and clothes flew back into the back and it zipped itself. I picked the bag up as I turned the corner, heading away from the house.




When I made it back to the Witch House, I walked into an argument. Apparently, David joined Eva, Charlotte, Finn and Lucas. David seemed very agitated, even more so than usual. He was shouting at the top of his lungs, asking where I was. I believe he was under the impression that something had happened to me...and he was right.

At my entrance, everyone grew quiet. David moved to me, asking if I was injured. I shook my head, opting to stay quiet. My eyes landed on a very still Porter. Charlotte stood in the corner, seemingly shell-shocked. I hadn't heard a word from her since all of this had gone down.

"I think it's time for everyone to go home." I said softly.

"But—" David started.

"Get out." I said quietly. When no one moved, I screamed, "Get out!" and gestured to the door, which flew wide open.

They all seemed a bit frightened and reluctant to leave. Eva convinced Finn to leave. Finn dragged Lucas out and David followed them. Charlotte also left, citing a binding headache. Eva stood behind me, watching as I sat down next to Porter's body.

I was glad she stayed.

"What—what are you going do?" She asked.

"That is entirely up to him." My voice was surprisingly calm, even for me. I looked up to her, "You can go, if you want."

"I'm not going anywhere." Eva said as she put her hand on my shoulder.

We sat for a moment, enjoying silence. I was petrified of what would happen when Porter woke up. I wondered if he would be Porter at all. I wondered would he want to be undead. He wouldn't be a witch anymore.

With a sudden breath, Porter sat up and stared around. His eyes found me quickly and I pulled him into a hug. I couldn't feel a heartbeat or his breath. I ignored that and savored the hug.

"What happened?!" He asked.

"You tell us." I said pulling away, "What happened when I left?"

Porter's brow furrowed and he thought back, "Micah...she was working for Nora." His face went a bit darker than I liked, "Nora snapped her neck...but we did the spell...or she did. But it—" His eyes went wide.

I could practically read his mind, which is why I wasn't surprised when he threw his hand up at the door. Nothing happened and he pulled his hand back, looking at it. I could see the cogs turning in his mind. I could see tears welling up in his eyes and I took his hand.

"She killed us." I nodded to him. He took a deep breath, "I'm so hungry. I feel like—I'm a vampire."

I nodded again.

"I can't live like this." He said I have to...you have to let me."

"We can work with this. We can deal with this! Finn—" I begged.

"No! I don't want this!" Porter raged, "I have to."

Within two seconds of saying these words, he sped over to the chair in the corner and broke the leg off. He pulled it to his chest and I stood, Eva holding me back. I watched him, trying to temper his movements. He stared at me and Eva, his mind already made up.

"There's a way to resurrect the dead. It's in the book. The book is in plain sight, where the horses roam. I would only wish that you find the entry on finding. Only then will I live." Porter said softly. His eyes went wide, "I remember. I remember how it happened. Micah didn't die. She hopped."

"Hopped? Hopped where?" Eva asked.

"Into Charlotte." Porter said jamming the chair leg into his chest.

He went white and dropped to the ground, his words still running through my mind.




Nora sat in a chair by the window in Goode Mental Asylum. She babbled absentmindedly as she watched the world go by. Every three minutes, she would give an involuntary jerk. She only looked away from the window when someone sat down beside her. She looked over at the blonde girl and her eyes flickered.

"I know you! You...You! I know you!" She said growing more and more agitated.

Charlotte smiled and ran her hand down Nora's face, "Poor Nor, that's some spell." She said softly.

Nora grabbed the girl's hand roughly, but studied it before bringing it back up to her face and rubbing against it.

"Your plan worked." Charlotte smirked, "Don't worry, Nor, I'll break this spell, one way or another."

Nora smiled at the girl before breaking into a maddening laughter. The two women stared at each other, unaware of a figure watching them from a far.



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