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The sounds of night invaded my ears. Without any effort, I was moving through the forest. I came to a complete stop outside of an abandoned house deep in the woods. I knew the house. It was called the Domus Cecidit or the house of the fallen. It was home to a long line of powerful witches. It was further in the woods than most people dared to go.
As I came to a stop, I realized that I was staring through the window of the house at a Caucasian woman with long, curly strawberry blonde hair. She was adorned with a dark blue hood robe, though the robe was pulled back.
The woman waved her hands in the air, chanting something that sounded an awful like a spell. "Mali repellere a sanctis nostris". The phrase stuck in my head. The meaning was right beneath the surface of my mind. I could almost see the meaning in my head.
Before I could make it out, I moved with lightning speed around the side of the house and broke through the door. I could see the woman's eyes grow wide as she lifted her hands, causing me to fly to the side! I stood again and stared at her.
"He sees through you." The woman said with a bewildered look.
In her shock, I moved like a flash and appeared beside her. My hand reached out, to reveal a small tattoo of Chinese tattoo just above my wrist. I could feel my mouth extend and bite down onto her neck. She screamed out.
I quickly sat up in my bed, drenched in a cold sweat.
"Holy balls." I said breathlessly.


Chapter 3: All In your Mind



"I'm telling you, there is something very crazy going on here." I said as I walked with Eva and Charlotte towards the school. Both girls looked at me as if I were yelling gibberish at them. To be fair, my dream was pretty crazeballs. If I told myself, I'd probably think I needed to see someone, "Maybe I'm stressed out."

"You dreamed you were a vampire." Charlotte laughed, "And you killed a witch in the most infamous witch house around here. I think we've hopped right past stressed into `Oz'. Seriously, I can get you a straightjacket."

"That's not funny." Eva said trying her best not to laugh, "It isn't! But maybe she's right. Your dad left and David dumped you..."

"David did not dump me!" I said angrily.

They jumped as I raised my voice. I sighed and shook my head, prompting Eva to put her arm around me. As we entered the hallways, neither girl knew quite what to say. As we arrived at Charlotte's locker, I was becoming aware of how crazy I was sounding.

I leaned on Char's locker, "I don't know. I know you guys don't like David..."

"Nope." Charlotte said as she pulled books from her locker. Eva playfully jabbed her and Charlotte frowned to her.

"But I did. He's a total jerk. Scratch that, asshole. But he's got some kind of good in him." I realized how I sounded when I saw that they were both staring at me, "No! I'm not defending him. I'm just justifying what I saw in him."

"Doesn't matter now. He is a jerk, was a jerk and now he's dead to you, right?"

"Char!" Eva scoffed.

"Oh, come on. This is how it starts. `He's not such a bad guy' but he did sleep with you and not call. And then you saw him a two days later and he was making out with Sherry on the beach." Charlotte said with annoyance, "Face it, the guy is a loser. Why can't you have a crush on somebody decent?"


"How about one of the twins?" Eva asked, "More specifically Lucas. I kind of like Finn."

"Yeah, I got that." I smiled, "And Lucas freaks me out."

"Are you sure?" Eva asks, "Because I think he likes you."

"How? Did his brother tell you that?" I asked.

"No, they're not close." Eva said quickly.

Char and I looked at each other.

"They're twins, what exactly do you mean they're `not close'?" Charlotte asked.

"Because Finn is the good twin and Lucas is the spawn of evil?" I asked.

"Not exactly. And you haven't met Finn, how do you even know he's the `good' twin?" Eva asked.

"A guess." I said as we began walking again. I noticed as we walked along towards our only class together, each of them seemed to be entranced with their phones. I felt like the odd man out. Eva was no doubt texting Finn as Charlotte could be texting anyone. She was very popular with the boys. I sighed as we headed into class.

I was officially a loser.




Due to my stunning lack of extracurricular activities, I was roped into planning the school's fall carnival. The carnival itself had always been a fun event and on the philanthropic side, at least half of the proceeds go to a local charity. The charity changes every year.

I wasn't keen on helping to plan or execute the festival. At the moment, the only thing I wanted to do is to go home and sulk. I was becoming less and less like myself under guise of `growing up'. After school, we met in a classroom just off the gymnasium.

The meeting was pleasant enough, despite Lucas' appearance. He seemed cordial, despite looking bored the entire time and putting forth little input. He did occasionally say something very sarcastic, which made him more endearing, but otherwise, his presence was unnecessary.

After the meeting was over, Sherry adjourned the meeting and everyone headed to the table. I, however, pulled out my keys and left the classroom. As I was walking, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see that no one was there and I turned to continue to my car. I was shocked to see Lucas standing before me with a devious smirk on his face.

"Geez!" I jumped. I stared at him impassively before trying to pass him. He put his arm out to the side and stopped me, "Can I help you?"

"You're always so grouchy." He smiled, "You're not even going to ask how I did that?"

"Did what?"

"Nevermind." He said quickly, "I was going to ask you something. Would you like to have dinner with me?"

"Dinner? With you?" I chuckled, "No. I would not."

"A lie. You can do better than that."

"How are you so sure I'm lying?" I asked.

"I'm beginning to suspect that it's whenever your mouth is moving." His smirk widened, "Come on! There are worse people to get stuck with."

"You can't take a hint, can you?"

"I've got nothing but time." He said walking past me.

"I do have two questions," I called, causing him to turn to me, "How did you get behind me? There's no alternate route out of that classroom. And why were you even here?"

"I guess if you agree to go out with me, you'll find out."

"The festival. I'll have to be there." I said with a sigh.

Lucas looked as if he were the cat that swallowed the canary, "I will see you then, Perry Bennett." He said as he rounded the corner and disappeared from sight after giving a brief wave. I saw black marking on his wrist.

Not wanting to chance a run-in with Lucas again, I turned to walk the opposite way and caught sight of David standing at the entrance of the gymnasium. I'd never seen that particular look of malice on his face before. He let out an angry chuckle and turned back into the gymnasium.

I was not in the mood.




After leaving the school, I met up with Charlotte and Eva, who seemed to have a lot to talk about. Most of it had to do with cheerleading but some of it had to do with another murder. Apparently, a young girl's body had been found in the girl's locker room.

Charlotte obsessed over the corpse, about how there was no distinguishing marks. She said that the body was so pale, as if someone had drained the blood out of it. Charlotte, despite her dysfunctions, wanted to be a doctor. She said that she'd seen bodies that had bled out but never anything like that. Her comment struck a chord within me.

To describe how I reached my conclusion, you must first know my thought process. My grandmother on my mother's side had always told stories of magical theology. I was quite aware that, dating back to the witch trials, my family was thought to be bastions of magical energy. Witches, to be exact. I'd always dismissed her until I began having dreams, such as the one where I killed a witch with my bare hands.

I'd never experienced a dream so lifelike. The dream seemed to suggest two things: the woman I killed was a witch and whoever I was, was a vampire. Getting to this conclusion was an easy feat, the real feat was coalescing this conclusion with reality.

My mind also jumped back to the school, in the hallway when Lucas waved. It was the tattoo. The Chinese tattoo. I wasted no time researching that exact tattoo. It meant `the Madman'. Our meeting in the hall had been strange before that. He'd been behind me and appeared in front of me. There was no other exit from the room. Lucas wasn't human.

"The police say that it was an animal attack, but there were only two puncture wounds. There should be teeth marks." Charlotte said angrily.

Vampire. It was always a vampire.

"Char, I'm sure the police know what they're doing." Eva said with a smile meant to conceal her true feelings, "I hope they catch whatever it is that's killing people."

She looks to me and I give her the same smile. She knows.


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