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I'd known very little before this and was sure I'd know much after. My family had a lot of skeletons in its closet. My grandmother was the kindest, warmest woman I'd ever met. She didn't deserve to die like she did.
After I found her, I called my parents as well as 911. The EMT's made it in good time, though if you were to ask me anything about the night I wouldn't remember much after finding her. I was told that I screamed and sobbed for hours. I was told I still do it in my sleep.
I wake up in cold sweat.
A week had passed and life crept forward, bringing me into this exact predicament. The guidance counselor had come to my parents and they had all decided I should see her for a while. The guidance Counselor, Nora Laureen, had gone above and beyond for me. 
Nora was a pale woman with dark, cascading hair with auburn highlights. She wore a pair of stylized spectacles and always wore a very sultry, red lipstick. Of course, she was thin. She also had bright turquoise eyes. She always wore something on the verge of being too sexual for school. It was tasteful, though.
"Perry." Her voice was soft but concealing something. As if her sultry lipstick didn't stop at her lips. She seemed to be staring at me with curiosity, "You said that you were coping. I said that it was a tragedy and you got quiet." 
I shifted in my seat.
"It's been a week since you returned to your home and found your grandmother...how exactly are you coping?" She asked.
"Witchcraft, of course." I watched as her face tried to process what I'd just said. I chuckled, "I am, of course, kidding." 
"Of course you are. There is no such thing as witches." She said scribbling something down in her notes, "How is your home life? I hear that your father and brother returned home." 
"You met my father." 
She nodded.
"It's nothing special, I guess." I shook my head, "My brother has a `God complex' and my father thinks he's father of the year. I don't have the heart to tell either of them that they..." I stopped and looked up at her. She was watching me intently, "Life goes on." 
"I wanted to ask you before school and I'll want to see you after school just to make sure you settle in alright." Her voice took on a concerned tone, "My door is always open. No matter what happens." 
I felt something scary from her. I felt a sense of danger. Worse than Lucas.
I smiled and stood, "Thank you." I said leaving as quickly as I could.


Chapter 5: Evil has a face



Seeing Nora made me laugh for class. I was already the new topic of discussion and walking in during a lecture would most certainly arouse people's suspicions. I found myself walking the halls, trying to find some kind of comfort.

My mind was going too fast. I could feel myself spinning out of control again. I felt something strange pulling at me, like an invisible string and a bench began to slide across the floor. I said nothing, did nothing, just stared at it.

"It's only going to get stronger."

I turned to see Finn standing a few feet away from me. He was staring at me, not surprised by my show of telekinetics. I looked back at the bench and to him again.

"I'm sorry about your grandmother." He said softly.

"Are you?" I asked, "Some psycho broke into my house and killed my grandmother. Why would you be sorry?"

Finn swallowed and stared at me.

"I don't have the energy to fight whatever all this is. I know what you are." I shook my head, "I don't care."

"You know what I am? What am I?" He asked.


"Say it! Say it so I don't have to lie about it anymore." He frowned.

"Vampire." I said forcefully.

His face softened and he looked around before his eyes found me again, "What else do you know?" He asked.

"What else?! You and your brother are vampires. Don't you think that's enough?" I asked.

"I know this must be jarring."

"Jarring? Jarring." I nodded, "I just buried my grandmother. Her death wasn't natural. No person could do that! Did you or your brother do it?"

"I didn't."

My eyes flickered for a second as his words marinated in my mind. I took a few steps forward before stopping. I turned from him, my mind coming to a logical conclusion. The deaths started when they showed up. They continued to this day. When I turned to him again, He was still staring at me.

"This is my town. These are my friends. And no one else that I love dies." I said angrily, "If I were you, I'd get out before I learn how to set things on fire." I said as I turned and walked away from him.




When I arrived home, I slammed the door to signal my arrival. My mother and father came around the corner from the kitchen and stared at me as my brother descended the stairs. I stared at them.

"Family meeting. Now!" I shouted, heading into the living room.

As Mom and Dad took a seat on the couch while my brother, Porter, stood behind them. I paced in front of them, even after their protests and questioning. When I finally stopped, I stared at them angrily.

"What is it, Perry?" My mother's concern piqued, "Has something happened?"

"Where is grandmother's grimoire?" I asked.

They exchanged puzzled glances before their eyes landed on me again.

"Grimoire?" Dad asked.

"Yes, as in magical book." I said loudly, "And don't give me any crap about it. I know what we are. We're witches."

"Say we are witches," My brother said behind them, "Why would we give you our most prized magical possession?"

"Because I'm going to solve my grandmother's murder and save the rest of us." I said looking between them, "I know we're witches and I know we're not the only supernatural beings that exist. I also know that grandmother's death was supernatural."

My mother and father exchanged looks again before my father stood. My mother began trying to calm him but he shushed her and looked to me.

"Listen to me, dammit, not only are we not giving you Patricia's grimoire, you're going to forget everything you learned. If you don't, I swear to God, I will have your mother wipe your mind."

"You're not a witch?" I asked.

"What? What does that matter?" He asked.

"I am." I said angrily, "You don't live here anymore. You left."

His face grew pale but his eyes grew evermore dangerous, "Don't talk to me like that! Ever!" He said angrily.

"Both of you, calm down. We need to be calm about this." Mother said as she stood.

I looked to my father and brother, "That's why you both left, isn't it? You're not witches." I passed them and headed to the stairs.

They followed and my father asked, "Where are you going?" to which I stopped on the stair and looked down at him.

"I'm going to find the grimoire and end this." I said angrily.

"Honey, stop! You've never done magic. It's dangerous!" Mother shouted, "Just come back down and have a discussion with us."

I looked between her and dad, "No. The longer we sit around her, the more people are endangered." I said turning back to the stairs.




As I rummaged through my grandmother's things, I would occasionally come across pictures or letters. I realized while looking that my grandmother had met a great many people and done a great many things. Her life played out in black and white seemed to soothe some inconsolable part of me.

"She was incredible." I looked over my shoulder to see my brother, Porter, "She was a one-of-a-kind type of person."

"Why didn't we ever know about this?" I asked. Porter shrugged and I looked down at the pictures, "She told us this stuff when were little but we put it off as stories and those idiots downstairs don't want us to know the truth."

"He's trying to protect us." Porter said calmly, "He didn't know about any of this for a long time. Mom never told him until after they were—"

"He lives in Salem." I said bluntly.

"Say you married a vampire or werewolf...and you learned afterward." Porter asked, "What if you married them and somehow had kids? Would you do absolutely anything in your power to protect them from others?"

"It didn't work." I muttered, "All that denial and it didn't do anything."

"I'm not going to debate the morality of our childhood. I'm just going to warn you...the world is a dangerous place. Magic is dangerous. You don't say a spell and it just happens. There are consequences and repercussions. Everything has its price."

My eyes narrowed on him, "You practice, don't you?" I asked.

Porter was silent but nodded to me.

"And you know where the grimoire is?" I asked.


"But you won't tell me where?" I asked.

"Nope." He said, "I love you too much. Be a kid. Don't let this into your life."

"Then I will go after them without magic." I said as I stuffed my grandmother's belongings back into the box and stood, "I'll kill them with my bare hands."

"And you'll die." Porter frowned, "You're not listening, which isn't a surprise. Whatever or whoever killed grandmother...let it go."

"No." I said angrily. I walked past him and turned when I got to the door, "The fact that you can `look past it' is startling. This was our grandmother. She helped raise us."

Without another word, I marched out of the room, leaving Porter there. He looked around the room and moved to the fireplace. He tapped the ledge above it and a secret compartment popped open. In it, was a glowing book.

"I need your help grandmother." Porter said into the emptiness, "He's going to die."

The book began to shake in the drawer before the glow and shaking abruptly ended.

"Of course." Porter nodded.




I have to say that I was more than ready to be away from my family, so I was happy when I remembered that the festival I helped create was being held tonight. Finally, after all that planning, we were here. Despite more than a few deaths, everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was a full-fledged carnival. There were parents, kids and teenagers all having a good time for the sake of having a good time.

It wouldn't last.

After doing search after search, I finally came across what couldn't be described as wooden bullets. I took them and a pistol and headed to the carnival. I had knots in my stomach upon reaching the carnival.

Porter was right. I was going up against a vampire with no magic. I would either fight and die or fight and lose. Somehow I didn't care. I spotted the two brothers early on, speaking in private about something. Eva and Charlotte seemed to be chatting with Parker and David. The conversation seemed to be quite pleasant as far as I could see. I waited for them to take their conversation elsewhere before I attacked them.

When they ducked off into the forest, I followed. They seemed to have gone deeper into the forest than I thought. As I walked deeper and deeper, I began to think about my plan and the past couple of weeks.

Lucas had known from the minute they got here that I was a witch. And he probably guessed that I knew he was a vampire. When he realized I didn't know, it became a game to him. He would die for that.

A branch cracked behind me and I turned quickly, aiming the gun at whoever was following me. David jumped and threw his hands up in surrender. I scoffed and tucked the gun back into my waist.

"What the hell!"

"Why are you following me?" I asked looking around, "And did anyone follow you?"

"No. Not that I know of." David pointed to my waist, "Why do you have a gun?"

"I asked you first." I said quickly.

"I wanted to talk. I texted you a couple of times after your...grandmother died. She was a nice woman. Always treated me nice." He spoke with sincerity I wasn't use to seeing in him, "Eva and Charlotte are worried. Eva says you're in some kind of fight and she hasn't heard from you in a week."

"It's nothing. Look, I'll explain everything to you, but right now you have to go back."

"Why do I have the feeling you're not out here to shoot bambi?" He eyed me with an accusatory expression, "And since when do you like guns at all?"

"They're effective." I said softly.

"Right. I'm going to go back to the carnival...come with me." He asked.

"I'll be right there." I nodded.

He stared at before nodding and walking back towards the carnival. I waited until I heard leaves cracking further out towards the carnival and ventured forward. I began thinking out loud that I missed my chance and they're gone.

"Sucks," I looked up to see Finn and Lucas standing in front of me. Lucas wore a smirk on his face while Finn looked positively pained. Lucas laughed, "What was your big plan? Shoot us to death? Been done and it didn't work."

"You have to listen to us—" Finn started.

I pulled the gun and aimed it Lucas, "I really don't." I said clicking the bullet into the chamber, "I knew you were dangerous but I did not know just how dangerous."

"Very, as it turns out, but I didn't happen to break your grandmother's neck." Lucas said nonchalantly.

"Is this a game to you?" I asked

"Sometimes." Lucas frowned, "But this isn't my game."

"Lucas didn't kill your grandmother, Perry." Finn said with frantically, "He's killed a lot of people."

"And itching to kill more." Lucas added.

"But this wasn't him." Finn asked.

"Who did?" I asked.

A hand grabbed my arm. I looked over at the person the hand was attached to and was surprised to see Nora smiling over at me, "My brother couldn't have done something so perfect." She said tossing me over at their feet.

Finn bent down to help me while Lucas stared at Nora, who seemed pretty pleased with herself. I felt as if she was taunting me when she was just standing there. She'd gained my trust in the little time I'd met her, killed my grandmother and pretended to want to help.

"Elnora. Love the frown lines. But I thought aging wasn't going to be a problem for us." Lucas never too his eyes off her, "To what do we owe this complete displeasure?"

"My dear brothers, it's been ages. I've got to say that I haven't missed either of you in the slightest." Nora's eyes found me, "You always were messing up my games."

"Are you all insane?" I held my arm close to me, "Son of a bitch. Exactly how many of there are you?"

"Three...four if you count..."

"We don't." Lucas and Finn said together.

"So, you're the one killing all those people?" I asked.

"No cutie pie, I've only been here for a week and a half." Nora said as she smiled toward Lucas, "My bets are on my little brother. You see, he's always had this rage that, quite frankly, on endears him to me."

"What's going on!?" Eva asked as she stepped through the clearing with Charlotte, Parker, David and some girl.

They stopped as they reached us and Nora's attention turned to them. The girl began to scream as Nora appeared in front of her and snapped her neck with no hesitation. I made to move to her but Lucas put his hand out in front of me. Nora went to strike Parker but suddenly flew off her feet. Porter moved through the brush with his hand out in front of him.

Nora stood and hissed at us, her face becoming paler and less human. It was as if her face was distorted and fangs popped out of her mouth. She stood and fired a shot out of the gun but Lucas stepped in front of the shot, which clipped his arm. She quickly disappeared from our sight, leaving Charlotte to scream out. Porter passed all of them and made it to me.

We were safe...for now.




I watched as the ambulance took the girl, Carrie's, corpse away. Everyone seemed shaken up. I wasn't sure what I believed anymore. We'd been questioned about what happened here and interrogated but none of us were telling exactly what happened. Porter left me with the EMTs to call home. After the EMTs were done, I watched Finn with Eva. They seemed to really be in love.

When she saw that I was alone, walked over and sat beside me on the back of the ambulance. For a second, we sat and watched as everyone flitted around us. After about three minutes, I felt her hand on mine. I pulled my hand away and looked forward.

"I didn't tell you because it wasn't safe." Eva said softly.

"Sound reasoning. How'd that work out?" I asked.

Eva shook her head, "I'm sorry but would you have believed me?" She asked.

"I told you about my dream! I told you what I saw..."

"And I was terrified. Lucas isn't the only one with that tattoo. Finn has it too, just different lettering." Eva said with a sigh, "I wanted to tell you. I just didn't want this."

I chuckled, "You're every girl in every vampire movie." I said quietly.

"You're right."

"Even after my grandmother died, you said nothing."

"You didn't give me a chance!" Eva argued, "I know things are going to be different now...but I have to warn you...stay away from Lucas. He's dangerous."

"In the interest of fairness, so is Finn." I said as I stood on the street. I walked away from her and ended up with the brothers. They both seemed surprised to see me, "Finn, can I talk to Lucas?"

"Are you going to shoot me?" He smirked.

Finn nodded, "Sure." And left us.

"Look, I know what you're going to say. `You're a vampire. You're dangerous. You're—"

I pushed myself forward and kissed him, catching him by surprise. When he pulled me in to continue the kiss, I pulled away.

"Thank you." I smirked, "And you talk too much."

He stared at me with utter confusion as I turned and left him there. The last thing I needed was a vampire boyfriend. Especially one that seemed more dangerous than most. But there he was. I'm usually not attracted to dead guys but he did protect me when he had no reason to.

I walked to Porter, who ushered me into a car before glaring at Lucas. He quickly climbed in the other side and started the car, pulling out of the fairgrounds.




Nora paced back and forth in front of a desk. The man in the chair, the principal of Thebas High School, sat in the chair, leaning on the desk with a look of horror on his face. Nora stopped pacing and looked to him.

"He is going to be pissed." The Principal said calmly.

"Pissed? If he comes here, he's going to be more than pissed! I didn't survive all these years to die at the hands of teenager or my idiot brothers and definitely not at his hands." Nora raged, "Which is why when I told him, I made it all your fault."

"You did what?"

Nora came around and sat on the edge of the principal's desk as she took the letter opener in her hands and began to file her nails, "And he feels that your failure deserves more than just a smack on the hands."

"You deceitful bit—"

Nora quickly jabbed him in the neck with letter opener and took a few steps back as blood sprayed everywhere on the desk and floor. She flipped her hair and tucked the letter opener in her sleeve.

"I'm told the severance is to die for." She smirked as she pranced out of the office.


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