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"Can we go already, you've changed four times." Eva said as she flipped through a Cosmo magazine she'd taken from downstairs.
I stared at myself in the mirror, almost expecting myself to look better. I'd let myself go a little since my grandmother's death and the subsequent attack from Nora. I'd definitely been thrown off my game. There was also the little remembered fact that I kissed Lucas. Little remembered everyone but me and Lucas. To be honest, since the kiss, I'd heard little from him. He kept his distance. 
A lot of people keep their distance. Charlotte, for one, was avoiding Eva and I. Eva said that she was getting used to her friends ducking her. I, on the other hand, wasn't exactly at that point yet and I felt really bad for not talking to both of them for so long. David seemed to have changed his stance on me, probably because of the kiss. 
"Get your cute ass out here!" Eva yelled.
"If you ask." Porter's voice called.
There was a conversation going on between them as I walked into the room. Both of them stopped and stared at me. I looked down and realized that I'd cycled through so many clothes, I actually forgot what I looked like. I had a black v-neck shirt with a black and white sweater. My dark jeans seemed like a good choice, even though it was a last minute choice and leather boots.
"Whoa, bro, what's going on? Is it college day?" Porter asked.
Porter's face took a definitive turn for the worse, "This is about a guy, right? I'll see you at school." He said slipping out of the room.
"Typical straight male." Eva said closing the magazine and standing to face me, "Now that you're full on Kardashian, can we go now?" 
"Kardashian? I should change." I said turning. She grabbed my shoulders and turned me back to her, "He's a psychopath. I'm attracted to a psychopath and a dickhead." 
"You have a type." She nodded.
"Thanks." I frowned.
"Let's go." She said pulling me out of the room


Chapter 6: The Devil You Know



Did I forget to mention that the principal was murdered the night of Nora's attack? I didn't need a lightbulb to go off over my head to tell me that she was involved. Much like everyone else in this time, his time was limited.

The whole in staff left the position open and in my father's infinite wisdom, he took the position. His overbearing nature drove me to hide most of what I was doing. Because he left, he wasn't exactly welcomed back into our house. Porter, of course, was still welcomed.

My mother had been very suspicious of him, especially when I began spending more and more time with him. And because Charlotte was MIA, Eva was always with me or Finn. Neither Finn nor Lucas was welcomed in my house, by mother and father's decree.

Nora had become more intent on getting me into her clutches, though I convinced my parents I did not need to meet with her anymore. I convinced them that I was stable enough to work things out myself. They reluctantly agreed.

Walking into school these days was an act of congress. I have to admit, I always felt stronger with Eva there. The whispering I could deal with and even the staring was okay but the fact that people were starting to spread rumors. I heard one rumor that I attacked the girl in the forest and everyone was covering it for me.

As Eva and I made it to my locker, I watched as someone marched through the hallway towards me. The girl in the forest had been named Sarah. She was a small, mousy girl in the class below us. Her brother was friends with Parker, which accounted for why she was with him that night. I wondered how she had come to be in the forest that night.

"You!" Her brother said rushing towards me. Eva stepped in front of him, "Move, bitch!"

"What do you want Zach?" Eva growled, standing her ground.

"That lunatic should be locked up! He killed my sister!" He pointed his finger at me in a very menacing way. His eyes seemed to centered on me, "He's not going to get away with it! If they won't lock his loony ass up, I will break every bone in his body!"

A pale hand took his hand and bent it back, causing a small yelp to escape his lips. Eva and I stared at Lucas, who seemed to be exerting very little energy. To the others, it must have looked odd that the large man was being held by the smaller man. To be honest, he wasn't much smaller.

"I think you should take a walk, sparky." Lucas said pushing Zach away from us.

"This isn't over." Zach said as he retreated into the crowd.

"Party's over. Move!" Lucas said causing the crowd to disperse. He turned to me and smiled, "No need to thank me."

"Why'd you do that?" I asked angrily.

"Excuse me?"

"I could have handled that." I said quickly.

"Or `thanks for not letting the jock use me as a football'." Lucas said dismissively.

"I'm a big boy, I can handle things." I said brushing past him.

Lucas looked to Eva, who shrugged, but quickly mouthed, "Thank you." Before following him.

"Awww, baby brother's got a crush. Doesn't look like your crush feels the same." Nora said as she walked up and stood beside him, "Then again, you've never had much luck, what with being pretty insane and arrogant. Not to be gross but I've dated you before."

"That was, indeed, gross." Lucas said as he arched an eyebrow, "What are you up to, big sis?"

"Amazing things." Nora crossed over and stared at him, "Stay tuned."

Lucas watched as his sister sauntered down the hallway, turning young men's heads as she went. A piece of him wanted nothing more than to see her insides on the outside...but another part was glad she was here. It had been too long.




"What is wrong with you, Lucas just saved you from getting your head smashed in!" Eva asked as I stopped walking, "Okay, I'm not sure what to say here. I could probably tell you how dangerous he is. You wouldn't listen. To be honest, you're already in this sick circle you call falling in love."

"What circle?" I asked.

"The one where you deny your feelings. This part comes right before you jump over the cliff of crazy." Eva said quickly.

I took a look around and finally noticed that we were in the courtyard now. It was a beautiful day out and I found myself looking around at the students. Most were walking to the cafeteria or going towards the building to class. A group was sitting by the water fountain and I couldn't hear what they were saying. One student was pacing in front of them, speaking. When I realized I was staring, I looked back to Eva.

"Okay, since you're the one with expertise in relationships, tell me, what exactly am I supposed to do?" I glared at her. When she was silent, I nodded, "Nobody knows how to pick them better."

"I don't know what to say, sweetie." I moved away and sat on a bench. Eva sighed and took a seat next to me, "It's okay to not be okay. After finding out all this and losing your grandmother, no one would blame you if you—"

"I'm fine." I smiled, "I just really need for things to be like they were."

"Sorry to tell you this, but things have changed." Eva said with a weak smile, "You still have me. And I'm sure Char will come around."

"And if she doesn't?" I asked.

Eva's sadness came to the surface for the first time. I could finally see that she was doing about as well as I was. She let out a chuckle and took my hand in hers.

"This could be us. Just us." Eva's voice was sure and unwavering.

"Just us, then." I smiled.




Porter waited.

He'd been standing in this place for an hour, just waiting. The downtime gave him time to think his current predicament through. If his parents knew that he was teaching his little brother witchcraft, they would have his head on a pike.

Perry seemed so determined after the woods. He had a natural gift, as did most of the Bennett witches, according to his grandmother. Porter hadn't been nearly as good. He could remember setting drapes on fire and turning his cell phone into conduit to the netherworld. He'd almost torn down the walls of the netherworld without even knowing.

Porter couldn't help but see a change in his sibling. Perry had always been sort of strange, preferring to become his own person. Not to lead or to follow, but embraced his...uniqueness. Lately, Porter noticed that Perry tried to become more normal. Witchcraft aside, he began to do normal teenage stuff that he'd shied away from. He'd attended football games, was reluctant to do homework and had a strong aversion to both parental figures.

Make no mistake, Perry and Eva had always been inseparable but she watched them do mundane things. She could usually be found texting the vampire brother. Perry seemed less enthused about his vampire suitor, which gave Porter a feeling of relief, until he saw the display in the hallway earlier. Porter was ready to flatten Zachary but Lucas stepped in to save him.

Porter was of two minds about it.

Porter saw two different outcomes and neither of them was pretty for his little brother. Porter could see the future in bits and pieces, a rare gift. He'd tried to see his brother's future but there wasn't one. It was as if his destiny wasn't like others. That worried Porter.

The class bell snapped him out of his thoughts. He watched as person after person exited the class and his eyes found a blonde girl. When the blond girl's eyes found him, she rolled her eyes and continued on her trajectory. Porter jogged along beside her.

"Go away, Porter."

"Charlotte, hear me out."

"If he sent you here to plead his case..." Charlotte asked looking over at the elder Bennett brother, "Of course he didn't. He doesn't know you're here."

"It's not because he doesn't miss you." Porter assured. Charlotte scoffed and Porter continued, "Eva misses you, too. They both do. And it's not his fault."

"He lied. They both lied to me!" Charlotte frowned, "So, here I am, oblivious to all this supernatural crap. You know, I watch enough TV to know that I look like an idiot."

"You really think either one of them thinks that of you?" He asked, "What was your first thought when you learned about vampires?"


"I can't speak for Eva, but Perry didn't have that luxury." Porter frowned, "To be honest, I don't think he ever had a chance. And to be frank, I think he needs you."

"Despite being blonde, I'm not Buffy." She snapped, "Nobody ever said there'd be vampires in our friendship. Vampires are so—"

"Done to death? Yeah, you're not the only one with that opinion." Porter chuckled, "The thing is...I think he needs you."

"You keep saying that..."

"My brother and I aren't exactly non-supernatural." Porter said causing Charlotte's eyes to widen, "I see things. I can see a lot of things and I don't see his future. I never have."

Charlotte stared at him with confusion.

"You saw what happened in the forest. He never asked for this. I'm not even sure he can handle this." Porter shook his head, "This is so much bigger than him."

"You have always underestimated him." Charlotte said with a sigh of resignation, "How is he?"

"On a scale? Self-destruct."

Charlotte took a minute to let his words sink in. Porter was always the sensible brother. Charlotte knew him and she also knew Perry. He wasn't the type to keep a secret from her, which is why it hurt her so much. But had he spared her?

Charlotte began to think about her life since she found out about vampires. She was afraid every day and paranoid that they would come for her. When she thought about her life before, her naïve view, she wondered had she screwed herself out of an actual life.

"Where is he?" Charlotte asked.



When I finally found Lucas, he seemed watching someone. I took a seat behind him and followed his view to see the girls' volleyball team. I rolled my eyes. I know he's a vampire but this is stupid, even for him.

"Really?" I asked.

"Oh, so you've decided to speak to me?" He asked, not taking his eyes of the team, "It's fun watching them. They're like tantalizing little juice boxes."

"They're not juice boxes." I said indignantly.

His eyes now found mine, "They are food. I don't know what fantasy you had about us...maybe you thought I'd be your dark knight and ride up to sweep you off your feet...not happening, kid." His voice took on a cold tone, "You were fun when you didn't know about what we were. Now you're just annoying."

"So, why'd you save me?" I asked.


"Before, in the hallway. And back in the woods?" I asked.

"My sister wants you. I want to spoil my sister's fun." Lucas seemed unmoved, "Once I figure out exactly what my sister wants from you, I'll kill you myself."

"Okay. That's kind of what I wanted to hear." I said as I stood and turned away from him.

"I was right about you, from the moment I saw you. You love yourself. You like everyone else." His voice was starting to grate on me, "Everybody used to like you. Good for you, bad for them."

I didn't say a word, I didn't even turn to face him. Instead, I left him sitting there. The less attention I gave him, the better.




I went home and sat on my bed. Eva was with Finn and Porter called and cancelled our session for tonight. I clicked the light off and placed my phone and keys on the end table beside my bed and swung my feet onto the bed. I curled up in the middle of my bed and pulled my pillow into a hug. I began uncontrollably sobbing.



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