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Everything was a haze. The fog descended fast and I was lost in the night. Somehow, I was in the woods. I was running now and passing tree after tree until my body stopped moving. Unlike a lot of my dreams lately, I could control myself. Coming to a stop, I could hear a low growling. 
I walked towards the growling and put my hand out towards the growling, moving bush. I recoiled my hand took a few steps back as the bush stopped moving. I turned to run and came face-to-face with Lucas, who stared at me with a menacing expression on his face. Another growl caused us both look back.
My heart sank as a claw popped out of the bush. And then another. And soon a very large, canine figure stood a few steps away from us. 
Lucas pulled me behind him as the wolf loped towards us. When they collided, it was like a sonic boom and it threw me back to the ground. I stood and realized that I was now alone in the woods. I looked around, this time my eyes fell on a rather large house. The Domus Cecidit. I walked towards us, seemingly gliding towards it.
Upon entering the house, I was bombarded with a feeling of inner calm. I could also hear whispering, some voices I recognized.
"Even a candle casts a shadow." 
I looked over to see Finn. He stared at me as I tried to catch my breath. Nothing seemed greater right now than my confusion. An unseen force lifted Finn and tossed him through the door. I went to his side but Grandmother appeared before me.
"You cannot let the shadows diminish your light." Grandmother said as she grabbed frantically, "We will be here when you need us. We always will be. And you will." 
"What? Grandmother, what are you saying?" I asked.
"Answers will always come to those who seek them." 
I jolted up, looking around the room. My dreams were getting more intense as time went on. I needed to tell someone about these dreams, someone who could help. I doubt Porter had answers.


Chapter 7: Friends with the Monster


"You look tired." Finn said as he, Eva and I walked down the hallway. 
Finn seemed genuinely concerned about me, whereas Lucas had completely disconnected from me. He was, however, connected to more than a few of the students (and teachers), some of whom had gone missing. Finn was kind enough to enlighten me about his brother and bullet I dodged. Apparently, Lucas was a psychopath with homicidal tendencies.
I'd been spending more time with Finn and Eva. Charlotte was back to talking to me but refused to be anywhere with Lucas or Finn, which I couldn't blame her. They're vampires. I was a little fuzzy on how they could be out in the daylight but, of course, the answer had been simple. Rings. Bewitched jewelry.
Go figure.
"I've been having these intense dreams." I said with a sigh, "I can't sleep anymore without having them. It's like they're trying to tell me something." 
"Maybe they are." Finn said.
Eva and I exchanged puzzle looks, "What do you mean, babe?" Eva seemed more interested than I was.
"Your brother is a seer, right? Who's to say you're not the same? What if your dreams are trying to tell you something?"
"Yeah, to avoid the creepy house and not go through bushes that growl." I shrugged. We sat down in the courtyard. Eva and Finn sat on one side while I took the other, "Finn, what do you know about werewolves?" 
"Werewolves?" Eva asked as her attention turned to Finn, "Werewolves exist?" 
"You saw a werewolf in the dream? What did it look like?" Finn asked. I explained what I saw and his eyes widened, "You've described a werewolf without ever seeing one. I don't think your dreams are just dreams."
"Of course they aren't. No offense, but since you and your brother and that psycho sister of yours showed up, my life has been nothing but a hot mess." My eyes landed on Lucas, who was obviously hypnotizing some girl. He seemed to be listening intently, though the girl was compelled into a fervor. "Can vampires hear from really far distances?" 
"Yes." Finn followed my eyes. When Lucas realized what I was getting out, he began speaking to the girl and they moved away from the courtyard.
"Do we really want to open that can of worms?" Eva asked.
"Not today. Or tomorrow. I have a history final next period and I've been spacing all day." I said as I pulled myself off up, "Wish me luck."
"Can't you just wave a wand or something?" Eva asked.
"I'm not Sabrina and even if I were, would you really want her to wave a wand?" I asked.
Eva and Finn chuckled as I walked off. I headed down the hallway by the gymnasium and was not surprised at all to see that David leaning against the wall outside the locker room. I stopped for a second, trying to decide if I wanted to open that can of worms.
He looked as if he was in pain. I walked up and he snapped to attention.
"What are you doing here?!" His voice was strained and coarse. It sounded inhuman.
"I do occasionally go to class." I said staring at him, "Dave, are you okay?" 
"I'm fine. Leave." 
"Yes, master, is there anything else I can do for you?" I asked.
"I mean it."
"You're so dramatic." I said taking a step towards him. He quickly moved back and threw his hand up at me. My eyes grew wide in shock to see that his hand had become a claw, complete with fur running the length of his forearm. "Dave...what's going on?" I asked.
"I told you—"
"You're a werewolf?" I asked.
David's eyes lingered on me, "How do you know about werewolves? The vampire teach you that?" He sneered at me.
"Are you going to be two or are you going to let me help you?" 
"Help me? How can you possibly help me?" He asked.
My mind began recalling what I knew about werewolves. While it was true that there was no known cure, there had to be some way to stave the transformation. I quickly realized that I hadn't freaked out enough when he told me. I should be more surprised. Somehow, I wasn't.
"You're the oddest person I know." 
"Thanks." I smiled, "You do know that despite what an ass you are to me, I'm still going to help you." 
"That would be my nightmare." David smirked, "I'm still not sure how you can help me." 
"Come to my house after school." David stared at me and I didn't need to hear him say what he thought I meant. My face felt warm as I continued, "To figure this out."
I walked over and yanked his hand towards me, looking over his claw. I looked around quickly before putting my hand on his. The hair began to recede and disappeared quickly, except for his normally growing hair. He looked at his hand in silence before staring up at me with utter shock.
I pushed his hand towards him and smiled up at him, "Viola. Good as new." I smiled.
He chuckled and back away from me. He confirmed that I would see him later at my house and I just smiled. I useful for the first time in a long time, though I wasn't sure what I could do for him. I would have to suck up to Porter to get him to help me.
Before heading home, I stopped off at Byars, a local bar/restaurant that people of the town tended to flock to. They had the best coffee this side of Salem. My father used to bring the family here on Sundays. The memory seemed almost lost in the shuffle of new ones I was creating. The moment passed quickly as I spotted Zachary having a beer while I waited for my coffee and cinnamon bagel.
When the waiter, Ty, brought back my bagel and coffee, I tried to leave before Zach saw me. I made my way through the parking lot, I was hauntingly aware that it was empty. There were many cars, though no one seemed to be walking by or through the parking lot.
When I got to my car, I could hear footsteps. I quickly unlocked my car using the button and opened the door, only for a hand to reach out and slam it for me. I dropped my bagel as the same hand grabbed my shoulders, forcing me around and slamming me into the car door.
Zachary stared down at me with fire in his eyes. I could feel the anger pulsating from him. With little effort, he tossed me to the ground. I looked at him, the setting sun almost blinding me.
"You killed my sister." Zach said angrily, "Now I'm going to beat a confession out of you." 
He moved towards me in a very menacing way. His intent was very clear and for five seconds, I was terrified. Only seconds into his assault, Zach stopped and his neck bent to the side as far it could go. I stared up, wide-eyed, watching as he slumped over to the ground. Lucas stood behind him with a bored expression on his face.
"Am I going to have to put you in a box?" He said jokingly. I was silent and rolled his eyes, "Thank you. Say it with me, `thank...you'." 
"You killed him." I said softly.
"Yes, catch up with me. If you don't tell, I won't." Lucas said looking around. He bent down and pulled Zach onto his shoulder with ease, "I'll dispose of the body."
My brain, for whatever reason, began work in way that most other `logical' people didn't. My mouth moved before I had a cohesive thought.
"He'll be missing. Everyone knows he had a problem with me, they probably saw him come out here." I said frantically.
"I'll handle it." He scoffed, "You're such a human." He said disappearing in a flash.
"I'm the last sane person in this town." I said quietly.
I slide into my car and headed home without another word to anyone, including myself.
When I arrived home, I deduced that my mother wasn't home. I also deduced that David was already inside. I wasn't surprised when I entered the house and found his jacket hanging on the coat rack. 
I journeyed further into the house, frantic to find them. As I came up around the corner, I heard David say, "So, we're in agreement." But I didn't wait for Porter to reply. I rounded the corner and both men looked to me. Porter was leaning back on the counter top while David was sitting in a chair at the dining table. Each of them had a different type of worried expression on their face.
"What happened to you?" Porter asked as he made his way to me.
"Something bad just happened." I said looking between them, "Zach is dead." 
Porter's face lost all color, "Did you..." 
"No!" I shook my head, "He attack me outside of Byars and—"
"That bastard!" David said angrily.
"How'd he—what happened?" Porter asked.
"Well, as he was about to pummel me, his neck snapped." I explained. Porter opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off, "Lucas. Lucas snapped his neck." 
"Where is he now?" Porter asked.
"Lucas? I don't know!"
"No, David." Porter frowned, "He's dead but where is he?" 
"I don't know. Lucas took off with him." I said as I tried to put the events in chronological order in my mind, "Lucas took him." 
"We need to get you cleaned up." Porter said as he left the room.
David walked over and guided me to a chair. He walked over to a drawer and fished through until he found a cloth. He turned the faucet on and rinsed the towel with water before walking back to me and kneeling down in front of me.
"This isn't—you shouldn't have to deal with this." David said sadly. He began to dab the cuts on my arm and ended up pushing the towel towards a cut on my forehead. Before the warm cloth could touch, I grabbed his hand. He chuckled and dabbed the cloth on anyways, "You're not invincible." 
"He killed him. No remorse. No hesitation." I said slowly, mostly to myself.
"He's a monster. He's killed before. A lot, as it turns out." David said with disgust, "I know you were...having a thing with him but he's dangerous."
"People keep saying that." I frowned as I looked down at the floor.
"They're right." David said as he pulled my chin up to meet his eyes, "He won't hurt you." 
We gazed into each other's eyes for a second. As if by magic or sheer attraction, we were being pulled into each other. He was close enough that I could smell his breath. I could almost taste him. Before we could meet, Porter entered the room again with a first aid kit. We both glared over at him.
"What?" He asked.
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