“Take it...look me in my eyes...take it...”

He rode on top of me. I hadn't known who he was. He was just a white guy that I had seen at the beach that morning when I was going for a run. He was the tan surfer. A lot of these guys came as tourists and ended up liking the waves on the island so much they stayed.

Now he was riding my dick.

“It hurts so bad.”

He was so tight. He had to be straight. It was amazing as he wrapped his thighs around my waist and forced his ass cheeks down on me.

I could feel my body tensing.

I grabbed hold of both of his ass cheeks.

“Get your mouth...”

He did as I said.

I could feel myself releasing into his mouth.

I let out the command almost immediately after, “Swallow.”

He swallowed.

There was that look in his eyes as he looked up at me. He was mine. He had that willingness to please. He would do whatever I said. It was rare to have someone completely give themselves to my control with no hesitation.

I finally let go of my hold, “Get dressed...go home. Rinse out your mouth before your kiss your wife...”

I'd done this for years. I sat outside of the motel room and smoked a cigarette as he got dressed. The sun was so hot on the island. It was the one thing I didn't really miss. I loved the palm trees though. The palm trees were high in the sky. They were like parachutes.

I looked over at the sand and the beach that we had just come from. This fucked up place had swallowed my entire family whole.

I was the only one left.

And I was so fucked up it didn't really matter much anyway.

“I figured I saw you...”

I turned to see Jacoby there. He had on his same cute little smile. He had on a little wife beater and some board shorts.

“What are you up to...”

“I have actually been staying at this motel. It's kind of hard to get housing and the motels really cheap. They do extended stay. I promise I'm not stalking you. I was sent to look for you earlier though. You missed your lawyer earlier at the resort. People were looking for you.”

I completely forgot about that.

“That was today wasn't it...”

All of a sudden the man walked outside of the room. I looked at Jakoby's face was he saw the man walk outside of my room. He had on that 'are you serious' face. The guy looked at Jakoby and then looked at me. Then he walked away.

It was fucking embarrassing.

Jakoby stared down at the ground, “Didn't know you had company...sorry?”

“That's not company,” I said shaking my head.

“Oh you want me to walk you over to the resort?”
I knew where the resort was but I didn't mind playing dumb. I liked Jakoby. I still felt so comfortable around him.

The resort was down the beach. It was the second biggest resort on the Island. The 5 family resort had everything and was one of the main attractions of the island when I was growing up. I remembered the big pillars that stood outside the front when I walked in. I watched immediately as a few cars pulled up into the front and valet ran over. The beach front was right outside and there were a few people out but not a ton.

I remembered growing up how crowded this place used to be.

Now the valet attendants just stood out front not doing much. The beach was pretty empty too. The huge pillars out front didn't seem as grand.

To the right was the bar. It was a classic bar with a huge pool area in the back of it. My parents never let me go out there but they'd take my brother a few times because they knew he wouldn't steal any of the alcohol. The main building was the actual hotel area where people slept. It stood about 12 stories high and was still in pretty good condition. The restaurant was a part of the hotel and right next to the restaurant was a small casino that I remembered attracted all the shady characters on the island.

“This place isn't as busy as it used to be,” I said shaking my head.

“Business has been slow,” Jakoby said as we walked through the front door, “That's what your brother Exo used to say. He was talking about renovations but I think he owes some people...that is what rumor was...not that I believed it. Exo was a great businessman.”

Exodus and Genesis. That is what our parents named us. As if it wasn't shouting 'Witch doctor family who worships Wican religion over here.'

“Where do you work?”

“The front desk. I'm off today though luckily. I can introduce you to everyone...”

We walked up to the front desk and I smiled as I saw a group of guys there. They all had on the gold uniform that I knew so well with the 5 family logo on it. The logo was a huge 5 written in cursive and circled 5 times. I had no idea who made the stupid logo but it probably was one of the damn Atwoods or something. It definitely wasn't a Bah.

“This is Marky, Andy, Johnny and Allen,” Jakoby stated.

“Good afternoon Mr. Bah.”

They almost said it in unison. It was kind of creepy how they had these fake smiles painted on.

“Good work guys...keep up the good work.”

I didn't know what resort owners said. I remembered how nervous I was when a manager walked in on my first job let alone the owner. I gave them a slight smile and a wave. I could see the look on their faces as they forced the smile over them.

“I should show you your office.”
“My office.”

“Well your brother's office. You are taking over as the owner right.”
“Right but like...aren't the three Graces the managers? What the hell do I have to do?”
“Three graces?”

Damn. I forgot the term was something that only people in one of the five families used. I shook my head completely forgetting. I could already hear Massie's voice in my head telling me not to say terms like that around normals.

“Um...Shi Shi, J`adore and Micki.”
“Oh yeah. They managed their individual sections but it was Exo who was the general manager. He signed off on everything. We just figured you would be taking over that role as well as owner.”


More work.

“I guess. Where's the office?”

The office was not too far from the main area. There were a ton of pictures. It smelled like my brother. He had that whole proper...great than thou theme going on. All gold everything. I looked at all the papers and pictures around the office. It was a huge office but really kind of stifled with stuff. There were stuff everywhere.

I looked at the picture on the desk. It was a picture of my brother. It was Exo...looking exactly like me in the picture. He had our dark brown eyes and bushy hair. He had our slim build and corny smile. It was kind of weird seeing him. What was more weird however was who he was standing next to. It was one of the Graces. I knew it but they had changed so much I didn't even know which.

“Which one is this?” I asked.

“That is Micki Boss,” Jacoby stated, “You were talking to her mother at the reception...I figured you knew her.”

“Oh I know them least I thought I did...”

“She was dating your brother...for about 2 years.”

“Micki Boss dating my brother. Hilarious.”

I couldn't get over it. Micki Boss had a crush on my brother forever. She was always a hag though and he never paid her any time of day. Now they had been dating for two years. How things changed!

What the fuck had they messed with to change themselves so much and from the looks of it this wasn't a minor trick that lasted an hour or two. This was permanent. This was one of the darkest magics out there.

There was a knock on the door.

A man walked in. He was dressed in something like a tuxedo. He was an elderly man. He didn't look at all familiar.

“Mr. Bah sir.”
“What is it?” I asked.

“I'm sorry to interrupt. Ms. Boss asked you to meet her in the assembly room upstairs. It seems there is some paperwork that you need to fill out.”

They knew I was here the moment I walked in the building. I guess Jakoby wasn't lying about the fact that they had been waiting on me. I had to admit I had a few nerves pile up in my stomach for actually meeting the Three Graces. They were the last ones to know what happened to my brother. The fact that they had been involved in some sort of magical transformation when I was gone interested me as well. I figured I was so strong but this kind of thing was different. This kind of thing was a lot bigger than anything I was capable of.

“Jakoby, what position did you have again?”
He looked confused as he stared at me, “Desk clerk...why?”
“How about I give you 15k more on top of whatever you are spending and make you my personal assistant.”

His face lit up a little bit. It actually felt good to see him smile like he was smiling now.

“You're joking right.”


“Sir,” the uptight gentleman at the door stated, “Maybe we should get this approved by finance before you start...”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“My name is Tony Butters...” the idiot off of South Park. How fitting.
“Listen you know who I am?”

“Genesis Bah, sir. Everyone here knows who you are.”
“My position Butters. You know what my position is?”

“Owner sir. 70% shareholder.”

“Exactly now you can wait outside my office, I'll be out there in a minute.”

I didn't want to be rude to the guy. I really didn't but I hated when people cut me off like that. He nodded agreeably and walked outside. Shit it didn't even take any magic to get him to do what I want. Maybe this whole power role wasn't that bad after all.

Jakobi looked at me, “People are going to hate me here. I don't deserve this...”

“Jakobi stop thinking about what people think of you,” I stated, “I need someone I can trust and you are the only person I trust. So will you take it or not?”
“I mean...hell yeah. I'll take it. HELL yeah!”

He laughed a little bit.

“Good,” I stated shaking my head, “First thing I need you to do is unclutter this office. Can you take all this stuff out of here...especially the pictures.”

“Sure definitely.”

“One more thing.”


“Find me a spot here. I'm going to need a place to crash while I'm home. The Luxury sky suite exactly. I want that one. Have it cleaned out for me.”

“Sir...your brother stayed there. Ms. Boss still has a lot of her things there.”

“She can move to another room.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Ok Mr. Bah.”

“Good. And no more Mr. and Ms. Bullshit. Not with anyone. Spread the word around. Fix me up my place. And oh yeah find you a place here too. Charge it to the house. I can't have my assistant staying too far.”

“Oh my god, Gene you are...oh my god!”

I walked out of the room after giving him a little bit of a hug. Hell there was no way that I was going to get a little bit of power and not bring one of the only friends I had from my childhood with me. I didn't care what the Graces or Butters had to say about it.

Butters lead me to the conference room. I could tell by his quiet stern demeanor that he wasn't a fan of me at all. I guess shutting someone down wasn't a great way to make friends. I was only nice to sexy guys that I wanted to have sex with anyway so I could care less.

“Right through here sir. The board is waiting.”

The board?

I shook my head knowing exactly who he was talking about. I walked through the door and he shut it me in from the outside. I looked over at the huge table in the center of the room. At the main seat was Micki Boss. I could tell her from the picture. The other two graces were on each side of her. I knew almost immediately that Micki was always the leader. She had always been the one that they listened to. She stood up to her last name of Boss and tended to Boss everyone around all the goddamn time. It was kind of annoying really.

“Long time,” I said walking into the room. I didn't take a seat with them.

“Too long,” Micki stated, “I'm sorry about your brother.”

“From what I hear he was your boyfriend.”

“Fiance. It's only natural that the five families intermingled. You should know why...”

Fiance? Wow.

I guess my brother always had this sense of duty to the family. He always believed in keeping the five families pure and increase the chances that we stayed that way.

“Well seems like we will be working together now,” I stated.

It was awkward.

It was awkward as FUCK!

Micki was giving me this look that seemed to burn a hole in my forehead. She was very intimidating. She had short reddish-brown hair. It was a very short haircut that was almost shaved but it didn't take away from her femininity. She was wearing a dress and had pearls dangling from her neck. She was beautiful. Full sulky lips and a haunting presence was what stood out the most about Micki.

“We will be. Then let's get down to business...Shi Shi...hand Genesis his paperwork so we can get out of here. I'm sure we all have other things to do.”

Shi Shi was the one with the boyfriend that I cast a spell on. She smiled a little to me and walked over and handed me paperwork.

“Your boyfriend was the one who was getting a little snippy at my brother's reception.”

“He thinks you did something to him. He's an idiot though,” Shi Shi stated, “I convinced him that he made it all up in his head. He said he had to. What else could make more sense?”

“What else indeed?” I said.


I turned to the last of the three graces. J`adore. We called her Dore for short growing up. Dore hardly spoke growing up. I could have probably counted the amount of times I had a conversation with her. She hung in Shi Shi and Micki's shadow.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Coercion. That is your magic ability isn't it?” Dore said shaking her head, “You can make people do what you want.”
“Dore, this probably isn't the time to bother him with things like that.”
“No one's listening,” Dore said, “Isn't this why we are coven? To have people we can talk about things like this to?”
“I don't mind,” I stated and half smiled.

“Good I'm interested too,” Shi Shi stated sitting down all of a sudden, “What can you do? I've heard things but I want to hear it from your mouth.”

“I guess coercion is the name of it,” I stated shrugging my shoulders, “I can make people do what I want.”

Shi Shi and Dore were listening intently. It was Micki who seemed a little irritated sitting there though. She had crossed her arms. Still even beneath her irritation I could tell she was interested in what I was trying to say. I knew she had a bitchy attitude. I could tell by the way Jakoby had even mentioned her name that she was a bitch. Since we were younger I could tell immediately when Jakoby didn't like someone.

“I'd rule the world with something like that,” Dore stated.

“There are limitations,” I explained, “It doesn't always work. It only works with men. The more I do it on the same person the more they resist it and it stops having an effect.”
“See...girls...he isn't a god after all,” Micki stated.

There was something in the way that she said it that told me that they must have been having conversations about me. They must have been having conversations about my ability. That seemed interesting as I never wondered what their involvement in magic was...until I saw them in person. Now that they had transformed I may have just been as interested in them as they were in me.

I smiled, “I'm sorry to disappoint. So I was interested however in how you guys changed.”

They looked at one another.

I shook my head.

“What you going to make me spell it out? Your physical appearances changed. I know enough to know this wasn't normal. Did my brother do it to you?”

I wasn't sure what my brother all could do. A better question is what my brother couldn't do. He was...very talented at things.

“He helped us,” Shi Shi stated, “But most came from us.”

“We found out that magic is strong sticking together,” Dore explained, “Three witches are a lot better than one.”

“Witches...” I said almost wanting to laugh.

Micki was burning her eyes into me.

“Isn't that what we are?”

I shrugged, “I guess. I'm not here for labels. I just want to run this resort a little, make some money and get the fuck out of Dodge.”

“That'll be ideal.”

Now I could see where the irritation was coming from. Micki didn't want me here. By the way she said that I could tell that she was very irritated with my presence in general. I was making her uncomfortable being her. I wondered what it was.

“However if we did mention magic,” I stated, “Since you guys are witches that spell must have been awfully dark. I don't know much as you three probably do but I do know darkness breeds darkness. All of a sudden my brother dies to.”

“It wasn't all of a sudden after the transformations,” Micki stated, “Are you saying we had something to do with your brother's death.”
“ not at all,” I stated shaking my head, “I just heard from your mother Micki that you three were there when my brother died. I want to know what happened.”

Dore was the one who started speaking, “Well it's just, it's ---”

“Heart attack,” Micki cut her off.

I shook my head, “At 23?”

“Do I look like a doctor?” Micki asked.

“That's exactly what you are. A witch doctor. It's much different. I don't know what you guys did but I know there are