Then and Now Part 4



Pericles continued its lessons, some very interesting cane marks on its waist and shoulders demonstrating that the tutor had been innovative in his teaching methods, but, innovative or not, they were very successful and within a week it was speaking almost as well as if it had known about language before.

I followed the advice I was given and took it with me to the gymnasium and even to school, partly to show it off, naturally, but also so it could get used to hearing language spoken and become more familiar with it.

It seemed a bit surprised that we did all our exercises naked, as all civilised people do, and that we were not at all concerned that men gathered to watch us when we wrestled and jumped and threw.

Of course some of the boys took the opportunity to make sure that what they had was always on full show, those boys making it clear that they were in the market for a lover.

"Master, those men are watching you!" I was washing Thelonikas down after his school PE lesson, pouring clean water over his outstretched limbs and rubbing him clean with a sponge. As usual Thelonikas made no move to do anything himself, I was his slave and my duty was to attend to him so I knelt down and rubbed his long legs clean.

As usual after his exercises his cock was semi and I tried to ignore the fact that it was inches from my face. I sucked that cock every morning and every night, and usually a few times in between, and I was becoming familiar with what he liked.

I didn't like to admit it but I was also coming to like the taste and feel of it in my mouth. More than that really, I needed his cock and wanted to suck on it, something I wondered if he realised.

But right now I wasn't interested in getting a taste of his spunk. All through his PE lesson a group of old men had been watching him and his friends do their exercises, and now two were watching the boys being washed! I couldn't believe they would just stand there and pet on the boys, surely they would be arrested.

"We should get your father, Master!" I guessed, thinking the men would need to go to the police.

"What on earth for?" I asked it and then laughed myself silly when I realised it was talking about the men hanging around and admiring our bodies.

"We're good to look at, aren't we?" I asked it, "So why shouldn't men look at us? It's about all the older ones can do now, apart from their slaves if they own any. It's the younger ones you need to keep a look out for," I whispered to it, having an inside laugh at my joke, "They are really looking for a boy to get in their beds."

I looked shocked but Thelonikas just laughed and turned round so I could wash his back and bum.

Wrinkling my nose I worked the sponge down his back and with a look of distaste on my face cleaned his bum crack.

"Don't you mind them looking, Master?" Sometimes Thelonikas didn't like me asking questions but usually he was happy to answer, as long as I didn't bug him too much. He tolerated this up to a point, wanting me to learn, before getting irritated with my lack of understanding, and I was learning when to stop pushing him.

"In my country men aren't allowed to look at boys," I told him quietly. Sometimes he liked to hear about the strange place I came from, finding even stuff like what I learned at school fascinating.

"What sort of strange place do you come from?" I asked it, and as I walked home, holding its lead in my hand slackly, I told it about the ways of Sparta, Corinth, Thebes and Crete and even what I knew of Persia.

"Perhaps you come from somewhere absolutely filthy, disgusting and perverted," I said, and thought of the most perverted thing my mind could come up with, "Perhaps where you come from, men and boys have sex with girls!"

As usual I had to carry all Thelonikas' school stuff and was labouring under the weight of two cloth satchels as he strolled along with just the leash attached to my collar in his hand. The weight was causing me to lag behind and without looking round he gave a quick tug which was the signal for me to stop dawdling.

"It's normal to fuck girls," I snapped back at him as he gave the leash another tug without even bothering to look round. "And you're the perverted one, keeping me as a slave and forcing me to do that stuff!"

I was hot and irritated but instantly regretted the words as he stopped to look at me.

I should have dragged it home and thrashed the skin from its arse for talking like that! No slave should dare say such things to its master, but instead of doing that I looked at it quizzically. There was no doubt from the look in its eyes that it hadn't just said those things in the heat of the moment, it actually believed them!

I had enough schooling with the best philosophers to know that an opportunity to learn must never be ignored and this slave clearly had things to teach me about the strange world it came from, and I would be a fool not to listen to it and learn, however distasteful its thoughts were.

"I should beat you senseless for saying that," I told it, "But I'm not going to. Do you know why?"

I shook my head, scared of what he was going to do. Thelonikas was like the world's most terrifying older brother, able to not just give you sly punches and nasty names but beat you with a stick and make you suck his cock.

Not that I totally hated the sucking part, but still I knew it was best not to anger him.

"No Master," I answered, trying my best to sound meek.

"Because you have something to teach me," I told it. "Strange ways and customs, perverted though they are, I would learn all about them."

I led it home and took it to my room, stripped off my tunic and laid down on my bed with it naked beside me.

"Tell me," I ordered it, "Why where you come from, boys don't enjoy being boys."

I took its little cock in my hand as I said this and fondled it while I waited for it to speak.

I moaned in pleasure as Thelonikas fondled me, lying in the crook of his arm. Sometimes he liked to do this and be almost affectionate, and those times confused me more than when he forced me to do stuff.

"What do you mean being boys Master?" I moaned and started to try and hump his hand, excited as always to be played with.

"You are, at the moment," I told it, "Being a boy, and, unless I am very much mistaken, you are enjoying being a boy. Yes, I know that you're a slave and no longer a real person, but you are still boy enough to find pleasure in having your cock fondled, are you not?"

"Yes Master but, but," I let out a little squeal and released a little puddle of watery liquid into his hand. My cock didn't go down much despite the spurt and Thelonikas went on fondling me anyway.

"Yes but .... but boys can only touch boys if they are gay and girly and men shouldn't touch boys because it's wrong." Thelonikas seemed to have no understanding of what gay was, and no matter how many times I tried to explain it he didn't seem to understand.

"You make no sense," I told it. "Always you use this word 'gay'. Gay means happy, does it not, so it must follow, even in your barbarian language, that if what I am doing now with your cock is making you happy and it is also what you call 'gay', it must be good to be gay and happy."

"No, gay is a person who only fancies men," Thelonikas looked at me not understanding 'fancies' and I sighed as he fondled more.

I liked it when he was like this, affectionate and kind, and could almost think of him as a sort of big brother.

"You're gay Master because you like boys, but your father isn't gay because he likes your mother. Where I'm from a father might not like his son being gay, and he definitely wouldn't like those men looking at you after school."

Slowly I began to understand this strange creature, and appreciate how confused his thinking was. Whatever land he came from must be a very peculiar place indeed.

"I like boys because I am a boy and it is natural for boys to like boys. My father also likes boys, there is nothing at all wrong or perverted about him.

Tell me," I had a thought and started to behave like a philosopher teacher, "What is the most important part of your body?"

"Umm my head Master?" I was always a bit confused by these guessing games Thelonikas sometimes played. I got the feeling he was trying to teach me stuff but sometimes the language barrier between us was too much for me to understand.

"That has a use, certainly," I agreed, "But if you were to lose it then you would be dead and it would matter not a bit if you had it still on your shoulders or not. You may lose an arm or a leg or even an eye in battle and still live and be thought of as a hero for your exploits in war. But what would you be if you were to lose your cock?"

"A gir..." I started before realising this wouldn't be true. Girls had other bits as well which I wouldn't have even without a cock.

"I wouldn't be a boy anymore Master," Thelonikas gave my balls a tickle and I giggled into his shoulder nuzzling close.

"Because the bit that makes you a boy has gone," I squeezed it affectionately, which I knew was wrong, but it felt good to do it, "So the most important part of your body is your cock.

So why do boys, in your strange country, wish to seek for pleasure with creatures that have no cocks?"

"Because....". I had never done anything with a girl so couldn't explain why it was important.

"It feels good," I finished half-heartedly, having no way of knowing if it was true. I sometimes liked the way Thelonikas made me feel, even if he could be mean as well, but also couldn't shake the idea that boys must like girls.

"Some boys do like to do things with boys where I'm from," I told him as he squeezed more, "But if we were at school together we would have to keep it a secret."

"That is even more stupid than anything I can think of," I was almost stupefied by his thinking. "If, let us pick a boy at random, Heraclitus shall we say, wished to have my cock I would be delighted to allow him to do so and would be just as delighted to have his. I would boast that Heraclitus, the greatest young athlete in our city was pleasuring my cock, and feel proud that he was doing so."

"Won't all your friends hate you for liking another boy Master?" I was confused by the world Thelonikas seemed to live in. At first I had assumed his family were simply crazy but everyone who lived here seemed equally mad.

"All would be jealous and, perhaps some so jealous as to wish me dead so they could have the cock of Heraclitus instead."

I knew I must be careful because I was beginning to think of this creature as a boy and not a slave. Somehow I knew I must find a way to combine the two, but that was not easy. Feeling more than a little wicked, I gave it a tiny kiss on its cheek. A full kiss, my tongue in its mouth kiss, would have been quite normal, but the little one I gave it may well be thought of as a sign of affection.

I giggled as he gave me an affectionate peck on the cheek and rubbed my body against his. Like most older boys Thelonikas had a stronger body odour than me, not exactly stinky but strong and musky, and I was coming to like it.

Nuzzling in close I rubbed my groin against his hip, sort of humping his leg in a fit of excitement. Since coming here I had found myself somehow hornier, and my cock was not giving me wet dreams most nights. This didn't seem to stop my need to jizz, if anything it seemed to increase it, and I was now almost always in a sense of permanent semi excitement.

"And, I see," I smiled at it, "You are finding that your cock is important and a source of pleasure for you. Now, tell me truly, would you rather be in the arms of girl, her soft saggy flesh against yours, than here with me, two, firm, hard boy bodies close together?"

"With you Master," I had nothing to compare it with but still thought I would enjoy this more somehow.

Thelonikas was cool and little by little I had come to look up to him. If we were back at school the two of us would never have been mates because of the age difference, and I knew we weren't friends here. Instead I was his slave, but somehow that seemed less weird because he was older and the unwritten laws of school said you couldn't be mates with an older boy anyway. So being his slave meant I got to be with him, even though sometimes he whipped me with the stick. And usually that was because I was being bad or stupid, or to teach me something, though I knew it was also sometimes because he liked to do it and it excited him.

The thoughts swirled around my head confusing me. Part of me still wanted to go home, and part of me hated a Thelonikas for keeping me as his slave and being mean. But another part was in awe of him and looked up to the older boy.

He was strong and fit and clever, all the things I wanted to be, and seemed so confident and self assured.

"I asked my father to buy you for me because I admired your body," I told it, probably saying far more than I ought to say to a slave, "I admired it because, for your age, you are strong and muscular, obviously used to exercises. You may have made a fine athlete, even a warrior of note if you had not been taken into slavery, and I confess that I wished you for my bed when first I saw you.

My father bought you, not just for my bed, but for my education as well, hoping that by owning you I would come to know myself. In that, I believe, he has been successful, in part at least. You are mine, your body is mine, your flesh mine to enjoy in any way I please, and already I am gaining pleasure from it.

There is more pleasure to come, of that I am sure, but the one big lesson I have learned is that to really enjoy your body I have to lead you to enjoy being so enjoyed."

Far, far more than I should ever have said to a slave; things I would undoubtedly be whipped for saying if they ever became known, but I had said them and meant them and I hugged my slave close.

"I was a famous athlete," I told him a little sadly, "one day I might have gone to the Olympic Games." He looked surprised at that, and a little sceptical as if I was lying to impress him, and I tried not to look hurt. I supposed it didn't matter what I had been before anyway as now I was the property of Thelonikas, his slave, and I stretched out my body on his comfortable bed. Usually I slept on a mat on the hard floor at the foot of his bed so being on the straw filled mattress felt like a treat.

Nuzzled into his chest I smelt in his musky aroma and purred happily. "Shall I please you now my Master?" His bigger teen boy cock was hard and I stroked it experimentally.

Pleased more than I could say by his words, I lay back, my hard cock in his small hand. "Please me with your hands and your mouth," I whispered, "And my mouth will take pleasure from your cock at the same time."

We arranged our bodies so we could both feast on cock and my slave whimpered as I sucked him, not as he had whimpered before, but with what seemed to me to be whimpers of pleasure.

This night he would share my bed, not sleep on the floor.

I moaned happily as I sucked on my Master's hard cock. I was lithe and flexible so maintaining the position over Thelonikas was no difficulty, and I could put all my attention to his cock.

Swirling my tongue around it I heard him moan, and he tickled my own smaller boyhood with his tongue in return. It felt amazing but I was totally focused on his cock, making him feel good and providing him with pleasure as a good slave should. I was his property and wanted to please him, and in return for my swirls I felt his cock twitch.

"You were magnificent," I told it when my spunk had shot and been eaten, and his watery shot had coated my tongue. "Now I really know it was right to buy you, the pleasure you will bring to me will be endless."

I moved in to kiss it then, the sort of kiss a boy is supposed to reserve for his lover when he finds one. My face against its, its sweet young breath in my nostrils, I willed it to open its mouth.

I gasped as he put his face into mine. For a moment or two I was too shocked to do anything but then his nibbling at my lip made me open my mouth and his tongue slipped in.

It was like electricity had been shot through my body and my own tongue forced its way hungrily into his mouth in return. He moaned and I squealed in delight as he found a new place in my mouth to tickle me and he rolled my body round so he was on top of me.

His arms were around me and I ground my body against his, rubbing my hard boyhood against him until another little load jizzed out.

I had spunked in its mouth, but I was hard again now! It had opened its mouth and kissed, a tongue swirling kiss that was even better than the ones I had wickedly done with a boy after gymnasium sometimes.

Then it rolled under me and I was on top, my hard cock between its firm, young thighs, and I fucked its thighs in the way we Athenians were supposed to fuck boys, spurting between its closed legs.

I moaned as he lay on top of me panting, his thick teen boy spunk drying on my thighs. Another longer kiss and I snuggled happily into his sweaty body, his smell filling my world.

'You will only get full pleasure from your slave if it enjoys giving you pleasure' those words from the philosopher echoed in my mind as I slipped off to sleep, its flesh warm against my own.