Then and Now Part 5


"I do hope you are not spoiling it Thelonikas," my Master held out his arms so I could slip his tunic over his shoulders before kneeling down to wrap the belt around his waist and clinch it closed.

Dressing Thelonikas was one of my duties and I busied myself preparing him for his day while he talked with his father. Neither man nor boy included me in the conversation, but that was normal and understandable. I was just a slave so it would not be proper for me to start addressing the master of the household without instruction.

"And you are keeping it clean I hope my son?" Thelonikas' father wrinkled his nose in distaste as I walked near him and I stared at Thelonikas' feet as I got his sandals on. Without deodorant I knew I smelt a bit, but I couldn't help it. I was coming up to thirteen and suddenly my body seemed to have started giving off a strong smell of damp feet. Thelonikas hadn't really noticed but one of the other slave girls had laughed about it while I was fetching water for him.

"I do not want the house smelling of slave Thelonikas, once you are finished with it in the evening keep it outside."

"No, father," I replied, "And though you will rightly beat me for disobeying you, I will not send it outside for the nights. It sleeps with me now, in my bed, and gives me great pleasure. You bought it for my pleasure, father, can you now forbid me to use it as I wish?"

Father looked blackly at me for a moment before he smiled. "Indeed, it is yours and it is right that you should gain full enjoyment from it," he said to my relief. A beating from my father always hurt a lot, but it seemed that, this time, I had escaped the lash for my impertinence. "I suggest then," he said, "That you have it washed and cleaned by the bath slave. That one at least keeps you smelling acceptable, perhaps it will be able to do the same for your slave boy."

I breathed a sigh of relief. My slave was giving me far too much pleasure at night now for me to have any wish to sleep without having it beside me to fondle and kiss when the mood was on me, and, to be honest, at fourteen, the mood was always on me.

"Keep clean," I grinned at it when father had left, "I think the smell of spunk lingers on your body."

I giggled and blushed a little. "I don't know why it happens Master, I do wash myself." That was true, but unlike where I came from they didn't have shower gel, shampoo, deodorant and showers to keep you from smelling bad.

Not that they were dirty, there was a big bath house in the villa, but still it wasn't as easy to be clean as it was back home.

I still missed home sometimes, especially my parents and friends, but getting back there seemed so impossible that I was beginning to think of that life as over. And in a strange way being Thelonikas' slave felt natural. He was older and more self assured, and doing what he said never felt strange.

"Come," I said to it in a moment of inspiration, "I have to go to the bath and be cleaned and shaved before school, so come with me and I will get Hyacynthus to deal with you as well."

Hyacynthus was a slave father had obtained after a little war with Corinth, I explained to my slave boy. "Father killed the man he was holding a shield for and then knocked the boy senseless, taking him for a slave. That was years ago, when Hyacynthus was fourteen, and, being from Corinth, knew exactly why he had been spared and taken. Father said he welcomed slavery with an open arse," I giggled.

I giggled as well but a bit nervously. Thelonikas hadn't fucked my bum yet but he talked about stuff like that a lot and I knew he would. And probably soon.

One of his favourite things seemed to be to put his cock in my thighs and spunk over me. I didn't really get this but it seemed to excite him so went along with it anyway.

Thelonikas stripped back off in the bath house but as I was naked anyway I could just follow him inside. As soon as he appeared the slaves got busy washing his body, and Hyacynthus appeared with the long curved metal strigil which was used to shave the men's bodies. Thelonikas, and all the other men, seemed to like all their body hair shaved off and I watched with interest as the blade was run over the contours of his body. Of course staring at my master's body gave me a little stiffy, but no amount of willing would make it go down and I tried to concentrate on something else.

I still hadn't sprouted hairs on my cock but my arms and legs did have a downy blonde fluff on them, and I watched with interest as the small amour of growth was removed from Thelonikas' body.

I grinned to myself as my slave watched, open-mouthed, as Hyacynthos tested the smoothness of my skin with his tongue. I knew he didn't really need to do that, but it gave him pleasure to run his tongue over a boy's body, and why should I deny him that.

He'd been a slave in our household for almost twenty years and had earned the right to be called by a name and to be regarded as almost a real person, and he was excellent at his job. He kept me, and the boys my father kept for his pleasure, clean and smooth, and was skilled in applying the make-up I needed.

He outlined my eyes, reddened my cheeks and lips and stood back to admire his work.

"You'll stiffen a cock or two today, young master," he smiled appreciatively at me.

"Hyacynthos," I begged him, "I wonder if you would do me the favour of cleaning my slave as well?"

He obliged instantly, having it placed on the couch and running his strygil over its legs and testing the need for any shaving around its cock and on its balls in his usual manner.

"I'm taking it to school with me today," I told Hyacynthos, "Do you think some make-up on it would improve it? Make other boys more jealous?"

He beamed in delight, making a boy look like a tart was his special art and he did it with the minimum of paint. "Blue above and below its eyes," he suggested, "In the Persian style. And, dare I suggest, blue nipples to match?"

The result was perfect! I rose to hardness with my first look.

I was pouting as Thelonikas led me along on the walk to school. In my opinion I looked ridiculous, make-up was plastered all over my face and worse still my nipples had been painted blue!

Thelonikas thought it looked marvellous and attached a delicate silver leash to my collar rather than the usual rope. I knew he was planning on showing me off to his school mates, and while I knew that I was his possession the fact that he wanted their attention on my body still annoyed me. I wanted him all to myself, something I knew wasn't going to happen as he was older and a free boy, and that knowledge made my sulk worse.

I thought it may be interesting if it saw the other side of our education. It knew well enough now that we learned facts, like writing and reading and mathematics, with the help of our tutors' canes, but it had yet to see how we learned to think.

"We're going to Solon, today," I told it, "That's why I wanted you to look nice."

Solon was one of the favourite philosophers amongst the boys of the city. No matter what Solon started talking about, the movement of the stars or if the earth was round or flat, we were always able to lead things to talking about sex. We claimed, naturally, that we were interested in moral behaviour, but in truth we all just had dirty minds.

Solon held his classes always under the same cork oak tree, and we arranged ourselves on the ground around him. As none of use wore anything under our tunics, poor Solon was awarded frequent glimpses of what we all possessed, and, once his eyes were hooked, someone like Glaucos would casually draw up a knee so a full and proper view was on show. Then we'd change the subject to the one we all wanted to discuss.

I crouched down near Thelonikas' feet. As soon as we had arrived he had flopped down next two other boys who were his friends and started chatting, and because they were all free boys I was not included in the conversation. One of the other lads had a slave, but he was older and allowed to just be by himself caring for the ponies.

On the other hand I could not stray any further than the length of the leash attached to my collar so had to keep close to Thelonikas and his mates as they giggled and joked. I wanted to be included but knew that any attempt would probably get me a whip with the cane so stayed silent. I knew that was correct of course, as I was a slave, but not being able to join in the boy's jokes and games was sometimes hard.

"So as we see boys the celestial bodies orbit around...." the old man droned on and Thelonikas whispered something to his mate who suddenly gave a loud yawn and opened his legs wide so everything was on display under the hem of his lifted tunic.

And that was where my plan went horribly wrong! Glaucos showed off what he had under his tunic, and we all knew that he had plenty there, and Solon's eyes, as planned, homed in on Glaucos' cock. But instead of us turning the subject to sex, Solon beat us to it!

Solon was no fool, he was a very highly regarded philosopher, and we all should have known that, at some point, he would beat us at our own game.

"Thelonikas," he said, his eyes never straying from Glaucos's cock. "I see that you have brought us your slave to admire. No doubt it gives you pleasure in your bed?" It was a rhetorical question, and even before I had a chance to make any reply, Solon continued. "I believe, boys, it would be instructive to our minds if we were to consider what the slave thinks about the pleasure it is obliged to give."

We were shocked! Solon had a reputation for verging on the immoral, but to involve a slave in a discussion was surely going too far!

"You are concerned, boys," Solon droned, still feasting his eyes on Glaucos's cock, "That what I propose is immoral. But how can you possibly understand moral if you don't also know immoral? You," he said, pointing at my slave, "You will answer my questions so that these boys may learn."

I panicked a bit and looked over at Thelonikas. He didn't look too happy about this but as the teacher had insisted he didn't have much choice.

"Err yes Master," I called most free people Master, though Thelonikas was of course, my Master.


Never again would I underestimate that old goat! Though that, I realised, was the first part of his lesson to us.

"You were not always a slave," he said to my slave boy, "So it is logical for us to suppose that you were once a real boy. Is that not so?"

"Yes I was a real boy once Master." I looked for the trick in the question but could find none so answered honestly.

"And as a real boy, you had a mind and could think. You behaved like a real boy I have no doubt. Tell us, so that we may understand, what was it like to be a real boy? What things did you do when you were real that you can no longer do? What things do you do now that you did not do when you were real?"

And, Thelonikas, the purpose of my question is so you may discover the difference between real and not real," Solon said to me and I ground my teeth in anger at being used as an example for the other boys.

"Well when I was a real boy I was free to do as I pleased. Well, I had to obey my parents and teachers and adults but if I wanted to do something I could."

"Which tells us very little," Solon sighed and looked at me.

"You may as well tell Solon everything," I told my slave, "He'll get it all out of you one way or another so it would be much easier for you if you just told him."

Easier for me if it didn't, I thought, the other boys would laugh themselves silly at hearing what it had to do for me, but Solon would get it all from it anyway, so it may as well get things over with.

I blushed in embarrassment. "Well now I do whatever my Master instructs me. He purchased me because he liked the way I looked and wanted me to give him pleasure, so I suck on his cock and always eat his cum. He takes a lot of pleasure from me so I have to suck on him a lot." The other boys all laughed and I didn't dare look at Thelonikas, in case I had made him sound bad in front of his friends.

"I didn't do those things as a real boy because where I'm from is different to here". It was difficult to explain how different, even Thelonikas struggled to understand sometimes.

"Only suck?" Glaucos grinned evilly, "I'd have thought that arse would have tempted you in,Thelonikas."

I glared at Glaucos, murder in my eyes, but I knew I wasn't going to get away with things this easily.

Nor was my slave, Solon would see to that.

"And when you were real," he said charmingly, "You did what instead of sucking a cock?"

This was just the dirty sort of talk all the boys had been hoping for, and they forgot me for a moment in their eagerness to hear my slave's reply.

"Well boys where I am from don't suck each other." The boys around me laughed loudly and I blushed.

"Well some do, but not many, so I just used to wank my cock." Wank wasn't a word they understood judging by the puzzled expressions.

"Make it spurt. But in private so no one could see."

"And in so doing deprived yourself of pleasure," Solon commented dryly, "But, no doubt, you attempted to compensate for that by thinking, when you did that, of the boy or boys you wished to suck."

"Sometimes I suppose," I squirmed a bit as the boys laughed. Mostly they were older than me and they were clearly enjoying my embarrassment.

"But where I'm from you shouldn't have those thoughts!" The boys all laughed even harder.

"It is clear to us all, is it not," Solon asked his class, "That Pan visited this thing when it was a real boy? Perhaps, Thelonikas, you may be able to enlighten us a little as to how well it had learned the God's lesson?"

Since I had brought it to the class hoping to get our discussion round to sex, as well as for showing it off, I could not complain that Solon had turned the tables on me and intended to make me the centre of wherever his lesson was now going.

"Not that well, Solon," I answered truthfully, "It seemed reluctant to have its cock felt and kept its mouth closed when offered mine to suck."

Hoots of laughter naturally greeted this and I blushed with some embarrassment.

"I believe," I ventured, hoping to turn attention back on the slave, "That it may have had thoughts that were not of cock when it pleasured itself."

"I did Master." The boys all made gagging noises giggling at the very idea and I went bright red. A few were whispering about what a barbaric place I came from and I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

"But now I just like cock, though I've only had my Master's."

"A valuable lesson, boys," Solon clapped his hands in delight and gave us all a lovely smile. "Nobody questions the rightness of keeping slaves, but there are some who wonder about the morality of it. Here we have a clear demonstration of that morality. This creature, when real, had vile, disgusting, perverted and immoral thoughts. Now, thanks to it being taken into slavery and sold to young Thelonikas, it has those thoughts no longer. Sexually at least, it now thinks and acts like a proper boy.

It must be a relief, must it not," Solon asked my slave, "To behave in a moral manner at last?"

"I like giving my Master pleasure," I admitted, "But sometimes I think that if I was a free boy we would be friends and give each other pleasure anyway." I wasn't sure if Thelonikas and I would have been friends even if I had been free as he may not have hung around with a younger boy, and it sort of felt natural being his slave. Still, sometimes I did miss being free.

"And that raises another question of morality, does it not?" Solon pounced on my slaves answer. "Thelonikas has, I believe, yet to fuck his slave. Some, like Glaucos, may regard that as a foolish failure, a lapse in moral virtue by Thelonikas who is not following closely to the creed of hedonism and properly indulging in life's pleasures.

Be that as it may, Thelonikas will fuck his slave, and let us suppose that he and his slave enjoy that act fully and that the slave becomes the most wonderful fuck that Thelonikas could hope for. May he not then, be tempted to reward his slave for the pleasure it has given by freeing it from slavery?"

Solon looked me in they eye, challenging me to deny that such a thought would not enter my mind if indeed, the slave were as good to fuck as he was saying.

"But would this be a moral act?" Solon asked. "Thelonikas may appear to be behaving in a moral way and rewarding his slave by making it a real boy once more. But would he not also be behaving in an immoral way at the same time? Would he not be depriving himself of more pleasure, because, surely, he would no longer be able to fuck the creature if it were no longer a slave."

I was glad to get out of there when Solon dismissed us and I knew my slave was glad to be away as well. I had been pondering for some days about when I should fuck it and now Solon had brought the subject up I was thinking about that even more.

I followed along behind carrying the satchel as Thelonikas ambled his way back home. He wasn't travelling quickly for once so I wasn't struggling to keep up, but I was worried about his mood.

He had been silent since we had left the teacher's lesson and I wasn't sure if he was angry. I had been a bit confused by the questions and hadn't wanted to annoy him, but I thought my honest answers were what had caused the silence.

"You must never say anything about this," I eventually said to it as we neared my villa, "And do not get any foolish or wrong thoughts either. What I am about to do is wrong, So wrong we could both be whipped, you worse than me, of course. I'm going to talk to you, just for a little, as though you were real and not a slave."

I couldn't work out how to start what I wanted to talk about, so I began at the end. "Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked it.

I gulped and looked at the floor. "Yes I do," I told him, "Not just because you're my Master but because I love the way you make me feel." It was the truth as well, though I was still a bit embarrassed to admit it.

Its words surprised me. I had never given a single thought to how it felt, it existed for my pleasure and to satisfy the needs of my cock. I had been told, and thought I understood, that real pleasure would only be obtained from it if it also enjoyed the sex, but I had never done anything to it or with it with its pleasure being uppermost in my mind.

Now I wanted to fuck it and, so it seemed, it wanted to be fucked by me because I made it feel good!

"Talk as though you were real," I told it, "No punishment from me for doing so or for what you say. You really want me to put my cock inside you?"

"I do yes," I gave him a shy smile, "I mean I'm a bit scared that it hurts but your cock feels so good in my mouth I want to see how it feels in my bum."

"And I want to be totally yours," I added shyly.

"You are mine," I said, but I knew it meant something else when it said it wanted to be totally mine. "I own you. I can do anything I want to you."

"I know Master," it felt natural to call him that so I wasn't hurt by his words, "I just mean so you've enjoyed every part of me. I think I'll like it because it feels good in me, but also because it gives you pleasure and that makes me feel good."

That sounded to me like slave talk, not something a real boy would say. "I like whipping you," I said, "I love the way your arse flesh quivers and clenches when the willow lands; I adore the way your face scrunches up when I strike your thighs and it makes you howl, scream and cry." Pain and hurt were an everyday part of our lives, part of our preparation for the horrors of war. When we wrestled in the gymnasium our aim was always to hurt the boy we wrestled against, and making my slave scream and cry made me feel good. Powerful and good.

"I know Master," I wasn't sure how I felt about the whippings he gave me. They hurt like crazy but the painful welts he left on my skin were a reminder that he owned me, and somehow that was reassuring. Plus in my mind if he enjoyed whipping me he should be able to, it was the same as him being able to touch and fondle me whenever he chose.

"It was a mistake, taking you to Solon," I said slowly, almost thinking out loud as we neared the gates of my father's villa, "It has made me think too much. I like it that I can hurt you. Surely you, if you were a real boy and not a slave now, would not enjoy the whippings I give you?"

"I don't enjoy them Master," I wrinkled my nose while trying to think how to explain.

"Well I do a bit, Master," I had to admit, "but I enjoy that they remind me I am your slave and that lets me know that I am yours. I suppose that means at heart I am a slave and not a real boy."

"And if you were not my slave, but had been bought instead by an old, fat merchant?" I asked it as I led it into the villa and directly to my room.

"I don't think I would feel the same way, Master." I had no way of knowing it but couldn't imagine it would be as pleasurable as being owned by Thelonikas.

"So you are a slave for Thelonikas only," I mused as I gestured for it to place itself on the bed and stripped off my tunic. "And what if I wished to share your body with my friends, say allow Glaucos to fuck you?"

"I would do it because I am your slave Master." I thought for a moment as he arranged me on his bed.

"But I don't know if that means I am truly a slave master, because all your friends are young and attractive. If you decided to share me with a fat old man I might feel different."