Then and Now 6



"For now," I told it, "I have no intention of sharing you with anyone, and certainly not with a fat old man."

I admired its body, mentally drooled over its flesh. The words above its cock, its blue painted nipples and eyes, aroused lust in me and I wanted to indulge myself in that lust.

I lay down beside it, took it in my arms and placed my mouth against its lips, waiting for it to kiss me.

"Forget you are a slave for the moment," I whispered in its ear, "Behave as you would if you were still a real boy."

I should never have said that, it was wrong and probably immoral as well, but the thought of it being a real boy and not a slave in my arms was, for some reason I did not quite understand, making my cock go very, very hard.

Shyly I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his mouth on to mine. I never took the lead in our snogging as he was the master but as a free boy I knew I would want him urgently.

He seemed happy to oblige but grunted in surprise as I rolled him over so I was on top. That never happened when we were just kissing, and I tongued him hungrily forcing my mouth against his and pinning him against the bed.

His cock was hard and unbidden I grabbed it and started to wank him. I was after boy and wanted to feel it, so just did what I pleased.

I was shocked when it behaved as it did, rolling over on top of me and driving its tongue deep into my mouth, a hand grabbing and squeezing my cock without instruction.

I'd wanked and sucked and even kissed, illicitly of course, many boys, but I'd never experienced anything like the sexual urgency with which my slave was behaving. It was almost as though our positions in life had been reversed, just as the positions of our bodies had been reversed.

"Solon was right about one thing," I gasped, a smile I could not restrain on my face, "Slavery, at least in your case, is not only right, but moral as well. It has liberated you from a life of perversion."

That said, I offered it my mouth to kiss again.

I moaned only half aware of what he was saying and as he tried to rise shoved him back down. He looked shocked and I started eating his face again getting my tongue as far down his throat as I could.

I hadn't ever taken the lead in a snog before so was acting on instinct rather than what I thought he would enjoy, and grasped his cock hard and pumped it vigorously.

The kiss lasted forever and for only a moment. The philosophers were wrong when they said a thing could not be and not be at the same time. Its tongue was in my mouth until I stopped breathing and died, but it wasn't because I was still alive and it was rubbing my cock.

I owned it, but now it was as though I was the slave and it was doing whatever it wanted to me, careless of my pleasure, concentrating only on its own. A wild thought shot through my mind - what would I do if it took this further? Wanted it to whip me for its pleasure or, unbelievably, to fuck me?

Would I let it? Would I do more than let it, and welcome whatever it did to me because I wanted it to enjoy my flesh as much as I had been enjoying its body?

Far too difficult to answer, so I simply purred and wondered if it would taste other parts of me once it had finished with my mouth.

Hungry for more I pulled my mouth from his and got on his cock. He was rock hard as it entered my mouth and I tongued it hungrily, savouring the taste of his pre-cum.

'Why did you go straight for my cock?' my mind screamed, 'what's wrong with my nipples, or under my arms?' Both were places on its body where I often enjoyed the taste of its flesh, and when I nibbled its nipples it went into twisting raptures. I wanted to experience that. I wanted, and should have hated myself for wanting it, for it to treat me as I treated it, as a slave.

I sucked hungrily on his cock, wanting his cum in my mouth. In my desperation to get what I wanted it had never occurred to me to think about what he wanted, but right now I was thinking as Josh rather than the slave of Thelonikas.

It sucked me greedily and I understood how it felt and what it wanted and I wanted to give it what it wanted. It wanted my spunk and it could have my spunk.

No way I could stop it getting that anyway, it was sucking me far too well for me to want it to stop, and my cock stiffened and jerked, spitting my seed into its greedy mouth.

I moaned as he spunked in my mouth, gulping down his teen boy sized load. He tasted good as always, and afterwards I nuzzled back into his face trying to bury my cum tasting mouth back in his.

I was used to getting what I wanted now and insistently probed him, not thinking about what he might want to do.

Its body was on top of me once more, its mouth against mine and its hard little cock pressing against my stomach.

I had just spunked, but that didn't deter it; it wanted more.

"You can fuck my thighs if you want," I told it, not caring for one second that I should never permit anything like that to happen.

I moaned happily as he squeezed his thighs shut and pumped away as my cock was trapped between them. The pressure on my cock felt good and I humped him harder, moaning loudly.

Its body felt amazing, so much better in some strange way that when I was the one on top. It was using my body and I wanted it to use that as much as it wanted.

I ran my hands down its back as it rode my thighs, relishing the slender curve of its spine and the wonderful mounds of its arse. Hard, firm mounds of flesh that I stroked and squeezed as it pumped its cock between my tightly closed thighs.

I moaned in delight as he squeezed my bum cheeks and with a specially hard hump spilled my seed between his legs. My cock seemed to spurt for ages, much longer than usual, and when I finally got the energy to rise and look at what I had produced it seemed thicker and more like Master's cum than my usual watery jizz.

"The men in your country are fortunate indeed," I whispered to it when its spunk was sticky between my thighs, "To have boys like you to take as their lovers."

"If a man did that to me in our time he would be the worst sort of criminal. If he even looked at me naked without touching me he would guilty, so there is no way I could do that with anyone back there." Thelonikas looked at me in shock, and I stared at him to let him know I wasn't joking.

"Even if the boy loved the man it would be wrong. In my world the boy doesn't get to chose like he does here."

"And that is why," I said slowly as understanding dawned, "You were so slow to take my cock in your mouth when I first got you, so slow to kiss. I beat you for that, thinking it defiance, but it was ignorance, not defiance."

I nodded. "I never even thought of these things until you bought me." I snuggled into him reverting slowly back to our normal relationship.

"We do not have slaves in my world either Master, but I think that it is maybe right I am your property. Giving you pleasure also gives me pleasure."

"And you do, and no more so than you just have," I told it, "And you were not being my slave then, were you."

Despite the after-glow of superb sex, my mind was concerned about what had happened, and more about how much I had enjoyed it than the event itself.

Yes, I now understood that to properly enjoy the flesh of my slave, it must also enjoy the ways I used it, but did morality permit me to allow it to behave as though it was not a slave, even if I was taking pleasure from it behaving that way?

I snuggled into him. "I like being your slave Master," I confided, "but I also like acting like a real boy sometimes."

I lay in his arms thinking more. "But I think I like being a real boy because it feels naughty for a slave to act in that way."

"And, perhaps, as you say there are no slaves where you come from, it feels naughty for you to be a slave now?" I smiled at it and kissed it gently on the cheek.

I liked the way it was snuggled into me, its warm flesh against mine and its body open and available for my use and pleasure.

"What we have done, and said, and will say and do, is our secret," I told it, and made sure I sounded serious so it understood the importance of what I was saying.

"Just now you behaved as though I was your slave and not you mine. I enjoyed that, perhaps because I find I want to give you pleasure as well as take pleasure from you.

You must understand," I emphasised to it, "That I am not allowed to think like that."

I kissed its shoulder, partly to underline my words and even more because it had shoulders that demanded to be kissed.

I nodded seriously, I definitely would not want to get Thelonikas into trouble.

"I know Master, and I know that really I am your slave. If it gives you pleasure to do other stuff when we are together then that is what I will do, but I would never tell anyone about it."

"When we are like this," I tried to explain, "I like it that you are ........ " I tried to find a way to express my thoughts, "A slave and not a slave. You are on my bed because I own you and can tell you to be here, but at the same time, you are on my bed, I think, because that is where you want to be.

I would like you to be a real boy, but if you were I could not enjoy you as much as I can because you are a slave. If you were real I couldn't beat you, and I would not be able to fuck you. I, being the older boy, could never have you on top of me, fucking my thighs, or even," and I hesitated a long time before daring to say this, "Actually fucking me for real. You say boys where you come from cannot choose what they can do in bed; well, boys here have a similar restraint on them as well."

I nodded understanding what he meant. "That's what I like as well Master. Being your slave seems kind of right, I don't think of you as my Master because you hit me but because that's what I feel you are."

He fondled me a bit and I purred happily.

"And if I was a real boy we couldn't be friends because you are older. And even if we were friends we couldn't give each other pleasure like this."


It was amazing how much it had come to enjoy sex; the timid creature that had tried in vain to cover itself when I first viewed it at the dealer's establishment had completely disappeared. Now it revelled in its nakedness, in exhibiting its body for me to look at. And I suspected, it didn't mind the other boys looking at it either.

"You liked my friends admiring your body, didn't you," I smiled into its shoulder and stroked its silky smooth thighs.

I giggled. "I did Master. And I liked that it gave you pleasure to show me off."

His hands felt good on my shaved body and I started to grind against him, semi stiff as always.

"Will you share me with them Master?" There was a hint of eagerness in my voice as I rubbed against him.

"I suspect that you may enjoy that too much," I teased it and moved my hand up its perfect thigh until I cupped its balls in my hand. Its cock was growing again - it had a cock that never seemed to tire no matter how frequently I used it. "Slaves are not supposed to enjoy themselves," I said, gently juggling its balls.

I giggled. "A good slave should please its Master, and I think that you like me enjoying this Master, so I must be a good slave." It was cheeky and probably not what a good slave should say to its master but I was interested to see how far the boundaries of our relationship could be pushed.

"That you like it increases my pleasure greatly," I moved from balls to cock. "Increases my pleasure as well that your cock has started to grow and that there is more of it for me to enjoy."

I eased its foreskin up and down, a little tight, but I didn't mind that, though my mind was wickedly wondering if it would be able to get inside me and whether I would like it in my arse.

As a well taught Athenian boy I knew I must always be honest with myself and I was now. "I think I'd like you to fuck me just as much as I want to fuck you," I whispered.

I giggled. "I think I would like that, and I would like it more if it pleased you master. But isn't it bad for a slave to want to fuck its Master?"

"It's more than bad," I told it, "It's a death sentence, and not a quick and painless death either. You would be impaled, sat on a sharpened stake and it would probably take you a day or two to die.

And I would be outcast, exiled from Athens because Athenian boys are never fucked. You still want to fuck me?" I asked it.

I gulped. "I don't know master, if someone caught us it would be...."

I snuggled into him more wanting to feel safe. "Can you just fuck me Master, until we are sure you want to and it is totally safe?"

"It will never be safe," I sighed, "Even if you were a free boy it would not be permitted. I want you to know of the dangers, that's all. Now, go and get some oil," I ordered it, "I will need some, I think, if I am to get my cock in your arse."

As soon as I asked for a jug of olive oil in the kitchen the slaves started laughing.

"So the young Master has finally decided to take his new pony for a ride!"

"Best get plenty of oil in the jug, a boy that age will want to fuck all night!"

"Wonder how long it will be before you can walk straight again? A week? A month?"

I was bright red by the time I returned, bearing the small jug of oil in my hands.

I could tell by the colour of its face that it had been ruthlessly teased by the slaves in the kitchen. No doubt they'd all be listening out for any noises it made when my cock slid into it, but those thoughts only made my desire to fuck it even stronger.

We had no lessons in fucking, no-one told us how to go about it, and, innocently I thought getting my cock in its arse would be no more difficult than getting it in its mouth.

I knew that some oil would be needed because a mouth is wet but an arse is dry, but I believed that all I would need to do was to put my cock against its hole and the hole would open, just like a mouth, for my cock to go inside.

I decided I would do it with it on its back, legs wide apart so I could see both my cock going into it and the expressions on its face as I went in.

To my surprise, its hole did not just open up and I had to push, and still it didn't want to let me in. So I pushed harder, felt something begin to open and then the slave screamed.

It felt like I was being split in half and I screamed and thrashed about as Thelonikas forced his cock inside me. He had coated it with oil but my hole didn't seem to want to let him in, and I had no idea how to tell it to.

Not that he seemed interested in waiting for me to help him! He thrust hard and forced a bit inside me making me scream more and I felt the pressure build and build as he put his weight behind the push to enter me.

It wasn't the same sort of scream as it made when I beat it. Those screams started as choked cries and built to a crescendo as the pain increased; this one started as a full-blown scream, much higher in pitch than any I had whipped out of it.

Then I forgot about its screams because amazing things were happening to my cock.

First the tip pushed past whatever it was that had been resisting it and was engulfed in a hotness and wetness that was somehow not wet at all, and then the rest of my cock slowly followed it as though it was going into some sort of tightly gripping sheath that was made of hot velvet.

It was beyond description and utterly compulsive, and, once in, I started to move, fucking at this sheath that gripped me so tightly.

"Please Master!" I screamed again and thrashed about which only served to make the pain in my bum much, much worse.

Having Thelonikas cock inside me did feel amazing and my own cock was rock hard as he got more inside me. Problem was it also hurt more than anything I had ever experienced, and I desperately tried to pull away as he began to push in and out of my hole.


I was fucking a boy! My mind was in two places at the same time; the unbelievable feeling of having my cock in this hot, velvet sheath that was so unlike anything I had ever felt before. It was something like being sucked but utterly different as well, so much stronger, so much more intense.

And there was, at the same time, the knowledge that my cock was in a boy's arse, that my cock was actually inside a boy's body.

Slave or not, it was a boy and the wickedness of actually fucking a boy made the intense feelings grow even stronger. I had to fuck, to move my cock in and out, to drive it deep and to pull it back slowly so I could squeeze every little bit of pleasure from it.

That the slave still screamed, though more moans than screams now, mattered not at all, all that mattered was that I was fucking it and would shoot my spunk inside it.

Thelonikas got into his stride and started pumping in and out of me as I cried and screamed.

I tried to push him off, to stop the pain in my bum, but he was bigger and stronger and shoved me back down before thrusting in again. I had sucked his cock often enough to know big it was but inside my bum it felt enormous, and I cried that I was being split in half.

Despite the pain my own cock was still hard, and as I writhed underneath him he seemed to find a special part of my insides with his cock. A touch to that made my back arch and a long, high pitched, squeal emit from my lips as a watery jizz filled my belly button.

I collapsed, exhausted and sweaty from my labour. My body felt as tired as it did after a long session wrestling and the silly thought that fucking a boy is at least as good exercise as we have to do each day in the gymnasium crept into my mind.

My balls, having emptied inside the slave, felt drained, empty and shrivelled; surely I had pumped out far more spunk than normal?

The slave's face was still crumpled, its eyes watery and its cheeks tear stained, though there was something other than pain etched into its face as well.

Exhausted though I was, I was also wonderfully happy. I had fucked a boy's arse! How amazing was that! True, it was only slave arse, but slave boy arse was all our society allowed me to fuck, and, I wriggled in content, smiling to myself, I owned a slave boy to fuck.

When at last I had enough energy, I rolled off it but made no attempt to rise from my bed. It, of course, remained also on the bed. I had given it no instruction to move and it would stay where it was for as long as I wanted it to.

I liked having its body warm beside me, and, sated though I was, I began to idly stroke its flesh.

Naturally, as my senses returned to me, I did what any Athenian boy would do after being presented with a new experience, I began to think.

At first my thoughts were entirely carnal; what was the real difference between being sucked and having a fuck? Being sucked was most enjoyable, one lay back and allowed a mouth to do its work and the feelings were entirely pleasant. Fucking, I understood, was different; in a fuck one had to do the work oneself. True, sometimes when being sucked, one did in a way fuck the mouth doing the sucking, but it was very different from driving your cock up inside an arse. And that was also very different from making those same movements when the cock was gripped between thighs.

All the sensations were ones of pleasure, so why was a fuck better than any of the others? I wondered if any of the philosophers would be able to give an answer to that. Perhaps Solon?

And why was it, if fucking was so pleasurable, and it most certainly was, were we boys not allowed to fuck each other, or even allow a lover, if we had one, to fuck us?

I had no idea that I was now thinking out loud, but even if I had realised that, it would have made no difference; there was no-one to listen or hear me, only the slave flesh I was still stroking and enjoying.

I lay next to him sweating and moaning when he was finally finished. My bum felt like it had been ripped in half and I continued silently crying for a while afterwards as what I guessed was his spunk trickled out of me.

Thelonikas didn't seem to notice, or if he did not care, and idly played with my nipple as he lay in a sweaty heap next to me. I supposed I was just his slave so he was not worried if I had enjoyed the experience or not, he had wanted the pleasure of fucking me and I had given him that pleasure so he fulfilled my purpose.

And if I was honest I wasn't sure how I felt about it. The fucking had hurt like crazy, and I was scared what would happen next time, but strange way it had also felt good.

"Of course!" I said, still believing I was only thinking. It was so obvious if one allowed thoughts to grow in the mind as we had been taught to do.

I was an Athenian boy, and that meant I was, even if not fully grown yet, an Athenian. We were the most civilised people in the whole world and our lives were dictated by reason. Life in Greece, and I supposed everywhere else as well, could be short, painful and bloody. The next war was only ever a day away, whoever it might be against. As an Athenian citizen of some wealth I would, naturally, fight in that war when I was old enough, and even now, at fourteen, I could march off with the hoplites as a messenger or shield carrier. And I could be killed.

Being killed by a blunted, jagged, bronze sword was not, I suspected, the nicest way possible to be killed, but nice or not, I would still be dead.

Life expectancy was short. True, some men survived till they were ancient, but a lot more did not. So we took our pleasures while we could, and, as life's greatest pleasure is sex, we found sex where we could. Boys, naturally, found sex a lot. Boys are like that. A boy of my age is really nothing more than a walking cock with a mind.

So, since fucking is the ultimate sexual pleasure, why could we not fuck each other? And the answer was simple. The fuck I had just enjoyed showed me that as plain as day. When you fucked you owned the arse, and thus the boy who presented you with that arse, totally and utterly. More even than if he were a slave.

All the citizens of Athens are equal, some may be rich and others poor, but all were supposed to be equal. You can't be equal with someone who has fucked you, he is on top and you are underneath.

That's why we are only allowed to fuck slaves, because they are underneath to start with. I was so pleased with my reasoning that I gave the slave's nipple an extra hard tweak, and grunted with satisfaction when it squealed.

I yelped and tried to twist away from him but Thelonikas wrapped an arm around me and went back to fondling my nipples, giving them the odd hard pinch or tweak making me squeal each time.

Only in Athens did men not fuck their boys. Spartan boys took cock inside then from the age of ten, and were fucking boys themselves by thirteen. Theban boys gave up their arses to their lovers and the boys of Corinth weren't even that fussy. As for Cretans, well, they were a perverted lot and liked their boys to look like girls, but they fucked them relentlessly. That's why Athens was so superior.

"You said that where you come from, men were not supposed to have boys," I said to the slave, "Did you mean that they cannot fuck them, or that they can't do anything at all with them?"

Perhaps my slave had come from somewhere almost civilised after all.