The Tiger's tails 01
The first time

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Lets see, the first time I ever had sex with a male I was pretty young. I can’t tell you my exact age then since I never kept track. I lived on the streets at the time, surviving as best as I could by stealing, I wasn’t very experienced at that yet, but I’d learned to stay one step ahead of the Guards, and the Guilds.

I was homeless primarily because I couldn’t manage to stay in a city. It wasn’t because of anything I did. I’d simply wake up one morning outside the city walls, terrified of going back there. So I’d move on to the next one. This had been happening for as long as I could remember.

I had been in this particular city for almost a month. If the pattern held I didn’t have long left in it. The pickings had been rather poor. There had been no carnivals, dignitaries or any other event that might have distracted the people from the tight hold they kept on their purses. At that point pick-pocketing was the only way I had been able to get any money. While I could survive in the wild without any problem, even then, I preferred having at least a few coppers in my pockets when I arrived in a new city.

So I had to make a choice; try something new, or be copperless. I didn’t like being without money, so I decided to break into a house. I found one that looked promising; a house built on three floors. The canid couple living there only had one guard, a bear, who looked like he might die at any moment.

That night I climbed the wall to a window on the third floor. I wasn’t surprised to find it unlocked. I noticed that most people assume that everyone else is like them; they can’t climb a wall so no one else can. And it was especially true for people who, like this couple, thought themselves better than most. I sent silent thanks to the Nameless One for that fact.

The room was dark, with just enough starlight coming through the window to reveal that it was a bedroom, and the dusty smell told me it was unused. I looked through the chests, wardrobe and dresser but I only found a small brass medallion with something indistinct depicted on it.

I listened at the door.


I opened the door slightly. Luckily, the hinges were well oiled. A candle showed me a hallway leading from one end of the house to the other. Directly in front of me was an archway with a large room behind it. Careful to make no noise, I crossed the hall to it. I recognized it as a place where cubs were taken cared of. This room also had a smell of disuse, and contained nothing of value.

I poked my head back in the hallway, looking left and right. I chose to go right, for no particular reason. After a few steps, I came across another door, but it was locked and I had no way to unlock it. After passing the locked door, I noticed some stairs at the end of the hall going down to the next floor.

When I reached the stairs, I carefully peered down, and listened. I didn’t see anyone, but I could hear some indistinct sound. Fortunately, it wasn’t close. I looked at the stairs themselves trying to decide how I would make my way down them. I had heard from other thieves that stairs had the nasty habit of being noisy.

I did manage to reach the floor below without any noise. The sound became a little clearer, but I still couldn’t determine what it was, so I moved in its direction. The sound resolved itself into giggling. Now my feline curiosity was peaked. As I reached the, slightly ajar, door it came from, I could tell it was a female giggling, but all I could see as I tried to look inside were moving shadows. I smelled the hinges and determined that they were well oiled.

I carefully pushed it, about the width of my paw. Now I could see the male of the house playing with a female, one much too young to be his mate.

I was somewhat transfixed. I’d never seen people having sex before. I had been to busy trying to survive to think about taking one to bed too. Watching them proved surprisingly exciting; the way she would literally shove her breasts in his face so he’d lick and suckle on them. The way his cock would suddenly raise, rubbing her tail. The way he pushed her on her back and placed his muzzle between her legs, making her moan. And the way his balls would dangle between his legs while he was doing that. At the time, I couldn’t understand why my breath seemed to catch in my throat and my heart beat loudly.

I was enjoying the show when a powerful paw clamped down on my muzzle and pulled me from the door. He held me tight until I stopped struggling.

“Don’t make a noise, understand?” He whispered in my ear. I didn’t move. “If you make a sound and attract the master’s attention I’m going to have to beat you up to explain why I’m here. Now do you understand?” I nodded. “You will be quiet,” he stated. I nodded again as he put me down. Keeping his paw on my muzzle he looked in the gap.

I moved so I could also see. She was still on her back, but in their play they had moved and were now sideways to us. He was sitting on her, pushing his cock between her breasts. She licked the tip every time it came within reach.

The bear let go of my muzzle and I heard him playing with his clothes, I took a look. He’d taken his cock out of his breeches and was stroking it. I watched it become hard, finding it strangely attractive. I also got hard from looking at him stroke himself, but I didn’t dare do anything about it. What went on in the room lost it’s attraction until he whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear “I wish I was doing that.”

I looked back in the room to see that she was hungrily sucking on the cock. I found myself wondering what that would be like. I looked at the bear’s cock, which was now glistening. “He must taste wonderful.” He whispered again. I found myself thinking the same thing, but about the ursine shaft I was admiring.

Before I could stop myself, I touched it.

The bear let out a gasp of surprise, which sounded extremely loud to our ears, and moved away. We were both frozen after that. Me in fear of what he’d do to me, him probably waiting to see if we had been heard.

The female gasped and I looked. She was now on her knees, her head in the pillow and he was slowly fucking her. Watching his cock go in and out of her made me feel strange. I wanted so much to know what that would feel like that I got really hot under my tail. I looked at the bear’s cock and, if I hadn’t been scared to death of him, I would have jumped on it. That’s how much I wanted it.

The bear relaxed. It was obvious that the master hadn’t heard anything but his own panting. He looked me over. The state I was in easy to notice, after all my clothes didn’t do much to hide my erection, and if that hadn’t been enough my smell had to be quite strong. He motioned me to be silent and to follow him.

It took me several seconds, but I eventually managed to get myself to move. I caught up to him in the stairs and he led me to a room, his room.

He barred the door behind us.

Above us I could hear the female’s muffled moaning. So could the bear. He shook his head.

“Every night he does this,” he sighed, “with his female, or another’s. He has no idea what it does to me.”

I didn’t think he was talking to me so I didn’t say anything, instead I looked around. The room was rather sparsely furnished; a bed, table and a chest. On the table were papers, and charcoal sticks. I moved closer to the table, and saw drawings on the papers, many drawing, of the bear and the master. One drawing had him sucking the master’s cock, another was of him being fucked by the master, and the reverse in another.

He cleared his voice and I quickly turned around, feeling like I had been caught prying into something I shouldn’t have. He was sitting on his bed, naked. Looking at him now I realized that he wasn’t that old, the gray in his fur was part of his natural colouring. He spread his legs, showing me his invitingly hard cock. I didn’t move. I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know what he’d let me get away with,

Seeing my hesitation, he motioned me closer and then helped me out of my clothes. “We must be careful of the noise. If the master investigates and catches us, it will be very painful. The master doesn’t approve of males laying together.” It didn’t sound like he was threatening me, simply explaining how things were, so I nodded.

He sat back and looked at me. I was nervous; the last time I had been looked at like that I had ended up beaten.

I looked back at him. His fur was dark brown, with streaks of silver/gray running down his back and sides. That’s what made him look older.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. He didn’t do or say anything, simply looking at me.

That caught me off guard. I had expected him to take control of the situation, or at least tell me what he wanted me to do. After all, he was the one who knew what came next

Maybe he thought I knew what to do, and that wand sticking up between his legs did look inviting. Taking a chance I moved closer and went on my knees. I sniffed his mighty staff; the aroma was like nothing I’d ever smelled before. It was somewhat pungent, but also very enticing. My eyes traveled along its length and balls while I worked up the courage to do anything. I placed a paw on his balls. I needed to know what they felt like.

He sighed as I ran my fingers over them; the fur was shorter there, it felt almost like velvet. Without realizing what I was doing I lowered my head and licked them. They tasted salty, like sweat, and so very male. I rubbed my cheek against them, savoring the way they felt against my fur. I would have been happy to continue doing that for the rest of the night, but then the bear whispered something.

“That feels so good master.” His eyes were closed and his voice soft. “Let me feed you. I beg you my master, let me show you how much better my seed tastes than those females”

His words made my eyes travel up his cock, and my mouth started salivating. I moved up until my muzzle was almost touching the tip. I wanted so much to . . . to . . . . well, I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I had this urge to do ‘something’ about this meaty staff, but I couldn’t really figure out what.

My body must have gotten tired of the indecision. Before I could stop myself I was licking the mushroom head. I got my first taste of cum, well precum actually.

I liked it.

I wanted more of it.

I licked the head again, then moved to lick the shaft, making him moan and shiver. When I was done I still wanted something more.

“Eat me my lord. Eat me that I can feed you ... Please…”

His words of pleading reached my ears. I looked at his shaft again. I knew he couldn’t mean it the way the males in the taverns described eating females. Remembering what the female had done, I realized that it did look like she was eating a sausage.

I tested it by pushing his cock in my muzzle, until it almost made me gag. Somehow I thought the taste would have been different taking it like that.

“Suck me my master. Make me cum so you can taste the deepest of me.” He whispered.

I had no idea what he meant by that, except for sucking. So that’s what I did.

“Yesssssssss . . .” He moaned. “That’s so wonderful. Faster my master, harder.”

I tightened my muzzle around his cock and moved up and down on it faster. He started panting, his body spasming here and there. This was fun, I could keep on do this for a long time and not get bored. Then the bear tensed and his cock spurted cum in my muzzle. I was so surprised that I nearly choked on it, then all I could do was swallow, as much of it as I could, and even then some escaped my muzzle.

Once he relaxed his cock stopped trying to drown me, I took the time to actually taste his cum. I immediately knew that I loved it, but I couldn’t find anything to compare it to. Over the years I’ve heard it compared to many things, chicken, almond and others, but to me there’s nothing that comes close to describing it.

I was still savoring the taste when the bear whispered “Take me my master. Let me show you how much better a fuck I can be than those females.”  He moved on his belly, knees on the floor. He raised his tail, showing me his asshole.

I have to say that I was reluctant to put my cock in there

“Please,” he begged, “don’t deny me this, my master, not after all those years of serving you. Make me scream like you do those females.”

I was tempted to smack him and point out he had the wrong person, instead I smelled his ass. It smelled clean enough. I kneeled behind him, aimed my cock at his hole, and pushed in, hoping he wouldn’t end up screaming. He gasped and bit down on a pillow. It hurt a bit initially, but my cock was coated with enough precum to be as slick as if I’d used oils. I didn’t move once I was in. It was comfortable warm and tight.

I started moving in him, slow and steady, giving me a chance to enjoy the sensations for a while. Then I moved faster and faster, losing myself in what I was feeling to the point that I didn’t care if he was enjoying it or not. When I came it was with a violence that I had never experienced before; my claws were digging in his sides and I barely remembered not to roar. With each passing spasm of my orgasm I pounded myself deeper in him. When it was finally, an eternity later, over I simply crumbled on his back, utterly exhausted. I remember thinking that I’d have to avoid doing this too often, otherwise it would kill me.

When I was finally able to pull out of him he turned and held me tight, whispering thanks for having accepted him after all those years of silent wishes. I was tempted to smack him again, but I was just too tired.

Reality must have intruded quite brusquely when he realized I was gone the next day, and his master came to him with some interesting questions. When I woke up I went through the house and took quite a few of their valuables.

I wonder if he was ever able to explain things to him.

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